Let Me Love

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Rick and I have gone out one night to our favorite club. We’ve spent hours moving to the pulsating music; rubbing our bodies against each other; necking and groping in dark booths; taking breaks by going up onto the roof terrace where the breezes cool our overheated flesh. Then, right in the middle of “Let’s Get It On” without a word to me he takes my hand and heads for the exit. During the silent, 20-minute ride to my place, we allow our ardor to cool knowing that the slightest touch will re-ignite the passion between us.

I open the door, entering the living room first. Rick shuts and locks the door behind us. I’m putting my keys and purse on the table by the door when he wraps his arms around my waist and presses close to me. He knows how much I love it when he touches me like that. I’m wearing high heels, and I can feel his hard cock pressing against my ass. I lay my head back onto his right shoulder and raise my left arm to touch his neck. My blouse rises up and he takes the opportunity to slide his hand under it. The touch of his hand on my bare stomach makes me gasp and quiver. When his hand crosses my ribs and his thumb rubs the flesh just below my bra, my nipples become harder than they’ve been the entire night. He cups my breast through the lace of my pink bra, and pinches my nipple, sending ripples of delight the entire length of my body! His other arm is still around my waist, underneath mine.

I love the feel of his skin under my hands. We haven’t moved an inch from where we were standing. He starts unbuttoning my blouse, exposing my fair skin to his touch. All the while, kissing and nibbling on the side of my neck. When all the buttons are undone he rubs his palms over both breasts, teasing my nipples, keeping them erect and tender. I try to turn so I can kiss him but he stops me. He opens the clasp on the front of my bra, releasing my breasts from the cups, filling his hands with them. I can’t help but press my ass hard into him as I moan to let him know how good that feels. My breasts are so tender and have been canlı bahis aching all night for skin-to-skin contact. His hands feel so hot on my skin! This time when I try to turn he allows it. I pull his shirt out of his jeans and lift it up so I can press my breasts into his chest as we kiss. His hands explore the skin of my back, which raises goose bumps on my arms. I can’t wait any longer to feel the full weight of his skin on mine so I break off the kiss and start to lead him to the bedroom.

I flip on the light at the bottom of the stairs, and Rick is close behind me. About five steps up, I trip and fall forward. Rick tries to catch me with an arm around my waist, but it’s a short trip and he ends up falling on top of me, forcing me to my knees. He lifts off of me, and sees that my short skirt has flipped up, exposing my pink lace panties and ass to his view. He pushes my skirt up higher, caressing my ass in the process. Little does he know that the sudden pressure of his weight has made me even hornier. He uses his thumbs to lift the edges of my panties to get at more of my skin. He pulls the crotch of it to the side and rubs his thumbs over my outer pussy lips. When he slips one thumb between my pussy lips, he gets drenched with my juices. “Oh Rick, I need you now. I need you inside me right now!”

Obligingly, he drops his jeans and thrusts into me. “Oh yes!” I gasp as his rock-hard cock penetrates me. He pushes all the way in and holds it there, letting me savor the feel of him filling me completely. Then he lets loose and pounds me, hard! The force of his thrusts causes my breasts to sway against the carpet; my clit to rub against the edge of the riser, and forces gasps out of me. He moves faster and faster until we both shout out “I’m going to come!” at the same time! My orgasm shakes my entire body, and I swear I can feel every vein and ridge of his cock as his hot semen hits my cervix. After we catch our breaths, we finish making our way upstairs, undress and climb into bed. He spoons me, and just before I drift off to sleep bahis siteleri I realize that I’m going to have rug burns on my boobs in the morning!

Later that night, I wake to feel his hands sliding over my skin, from my hip up over my arm to my shoulder. Light, soft kisses follow his hand back down the way it came. I stir, and turn onto my back. He kisses me, lightly at first then deeper as I respond, then light again. I can see his shape by the moonlight through the window, so I know he can see me. My hands rove over his skin, from his shoulder down his arm to his hand where it rests on my belly. I pull him down toward me so I can kiss him again. I could spend hours just kissing him. Our tongues meet and wrestle with each other, then part again. I break off the kisses so I can taste more of him. I kiss his neck, and nibble on it a little. I suck a little on his Adam’s apple and his moans vibrate against my lips. I pull him closer just so I can feel some of his weight on me. He kisses my neck and bites it. Just a little. He knows how much I miss hickeys, but we’re adults now so it’s best not to leave visible marks. He kisses down my neck, and runs his tongue over my collarbone to the hollow of my throat. As his mouth works it’s way down over my throat, his hand makes it’s way up from my belly to my breast. They meet at the nipple as he sucks it into his mouth, his hand squeezing my breast so he could take more of it into his mouth.

“Oh Rick, that feels so good” I say, barely above a whisper. I can’t help but vocalize what I feel, but I don’t want to shatter what seems almost to be a dream. It seems he doesn’t want to break the mood either because he stops my words with a kiss. His hand moves down from my breast, across my belly to between my thighs. My legs spread a little to make way. He holds his hand over my sex, covering it for a moment. Then his middle finger breaks through the barrier my pussy lips have formed, slipping into my wet vagina. I arch up to meet it, trying to take more of it into me. He slips one, then two fingers bahis şirketleri into me, pressing up to rub my G-spot. He rubs it in a circular motion while the ball of his hand presses against my clit. He slides his fingers out of me, grazing my clit causing me to gasp. He slips his fingers into my mouth. I can taste our combined juices from earlier.

I spread my legs further and pull him on top of me. I still crave the feeling of his skin against mine. I hold him close to me, kissing him. He lifts his hips off of me, and before he can do it I reach down to guide his cock into me. I’m so wet that he slips easily inside. I tilt my hips and bring my legs up to take him deeper inside me. I hold him there, enjoying the heat and the weight of his cock inside me. He moves slowly, just rocking his hips back and forth. He rises up onto his elbows and slides his hands under my shoulders, holding me in place that way. I move my hands down his back to his ass. I squeeze it, encouraging him to move a little more. He does. He starts pulling further out with each stroke, plunging deeper with every return. The heat builds, the friction ignites a fire in me that only one thing can extinguish! I lift my hips to meet his every stroke, stoking that fire even higher! Our breathing comes faster, every one of my moans stopped by his mouth. He wants me to be silent. He moves faster, deeper with every thrust of his hips.

My orgasm builds slowly, starting as a tingle at the top of my womb. It moves in waves down to my vagina, where the spasms massage his cock with a rhythm as old as time itself. My abs clench with the force of it, lifting my upper body off the bed. I feel his cock swell, then his back arches pushing me back down to the bed. His cock spasms inside me, and I feel his hot semen spray against my cervix. Spurt after spurt of it. His cock jerks inside me as the spasms subside. His breathing calms as he lays his body down on mine. I wrap my arms and legs around him, and hold him inside me until his cock softens and slips out. Still I hold him close to me. He lifts his head, and lovingly kisses me, and brushes my damp hair from my forehead. He lifts off of me, and I cradle his head on my shoulder as he pulls the covers up over us. We drift off to sleep, content.

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Sunrise Sunset Ch. 01

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“Is this the little girl I carried? Is this the little boy at play? I don’t remember getting older. When…. did ….they? Sunrise, Sunset, Sunrise, Sunset…..” How many people have heard that haunting waltz? How many have listened to those melancholy lyrics, written by Jim Nabors of all people, and sung by the character of Tevye the Milkman in “Fiddler on The Roof”? I’m sure each has their own story about how those emotional words have affected them at one time or another. I’m no different. They have a special meaning for me, but the events in my life that make them especial heartfelt to me didn’t happen until about a year ago. For a long time I was just like a lot of guys who were firmly in the grip of a mid-life crisis. I my mid-century birthday was just over the horizon, and it was hard to believe that I was about to hit that milestone. Every morning when I’d look in the mirror expecting to see the 20-year-old that still lived in my head, there would be some stranger staring back. There was some guy with little pouches under his eyes, thinning hair on his head, and what there was of it was peppered with these gray interlopers multiplying like rabbits. Intellectually, knew I wasn’t different from many other guys in same boat with me. However, emotionally I wasn’t happy being one of those passengers being dragged along by the current of time, headed into the rapids of “second stage middle age”, and hoping not to go over the great eternal waterfall for at least a few more decades. I certainly didn’t “remember growing older”, but there I was, just another ordinary middle aged guy going to his ordinary job every morning, and coming home to his ordinary house every night. Rationally, I knew I had it pretty good. Hell, there were people around the world starving, diseased, and living in grass huts with no toilets. It wasn’t that I didn’t appreciate what I had, it was that I’d always wondered if it could have been better.

I’d often recall when I had aspirations, dreams, (more likely fantasies) of being a professional baseball player. I was pretty damned good in high school, and held my own in college. Unfortunately, my coach always had the same comment. “Mike, you cover the field like a blanket and have a catapult for a right arm. If you could just do a little better in the batter’s box. Struggling to keep your batting average over .250 isn’t going to have major league teams lining up to sign you. Now, if you were a pitcher with that batting average and a two-run ERA, they might be pushing signing bonuses and loose women at you.” The coach even consented to let me try pitching during batting practice. I could throw plenty hard, but I didn’t hit the strike zone often enough for it to matter. In fact, I think he was afraid I’d bean some of his key players. A few times, I thought a couple of them would punch me out after they had to pick themselves up out of the dirt. My dream never happened. I pretended about what might have been when I used to play ball with my two boys. But, that was when they were still kids and before they got too old to think that it was cool to play ball with dad. Now, all that was left of that dream was occasionally hitting balls thrown by the machine in the batting cage at the sports complex across town. It was embarrassing that every couple of years, I’d have to dial back the speed, and wonder when I’d end up playing tee-ball.

Fortunately, my life wasn’t a bust and now I’m doing pretty well with a company that does custom lighting design and installation for commercial and industrial facilities. Our clients around the country included restaurants and restaurant chains, museums, art galleries, auction houses, you name it. I’m always surprised that most people don’t even notice lighting. They think what they see in restaurants, hotels, stores, etc just happened because some guy put up few bulbs in a few fixtures. It’s an art. The right lighting can make customers believe that average food tastes great or make them spend more than they should in high-end stores. Hell, I heard that there was a woman who kept dragging her husband back to the same expensive restaurant, not because the food was good, but because she loved the way she looked in the lady’s room mirror.

One area of my life that had been eating at me for the past several years was my marriage to Ellen, my wife of 25 years. Here again, it wasn’t bad; not like we fought or were nasty to each other. It was just like the rest of my life; ordinary. Maybe all 25-year marriages are ordinary. Who knows? Overall, we got along well, but, it seemed like our sex life that had fallen to the ordinary (or perhaps even sub-ordinary) level. For me, it wasn’t the things we did or didn’t do, but her general attitude. Sometimes, I’d try to tell her what I fantasized about, but she didn’t like that “fantasizing” stuff. Some of the things I brought up caused real tension. She often made me feel like I was abnormal or weird because I’d talk about things like threesomes or group sex, or mildly kinky stuff. canlı bahis I’d sometimes want to watch videos along those lines. “What’s happened to you, Mike?” she’d say. “You never used to think about stuff like that. Don’t you love me anymore? You’re always looking at other women, talking about other women or about me with other men. It scares me that you seem to be a different guy than the one I married.”

I wasn’t different. I had just wanted to let out more of the inner part of me that I had always kept bottled up; some part of me that it seemed I should be ashamed of. I’d tell her I didn’t necessarily want to run right out and do all this stuff, but couldn’t we at least talk about it and maybe bring some the just slightly-off-the-wall stuff to our bedroom. I’d get this “look” or the silent treatment. She had this way of making me feel like things that turned me on were “just not what most people did”. There seemed to be some “normal” that she wanted me to live up to. I’d wonder if perhaps she wasn’t the one that had changed. My memory was that, she had been a lot less inhibited when we were dating and early on in our marriage. Maybe things just gradually changed during all those “sunrises and sunsets”, and we didn’t even notice it.

Occasionally, I’d remember something that I once heard from a significantly older married woman that I had the unlikely good fortune to meet over 25 years ago. It was a few weeks after I had met Ellen, and we weren’t really serious yet. I had gone to the beach to have a weekend of golf with Frank, a buddy from where I was working. We ended up with a couple of women who were there having a “girl’s weekend” to help one of them celebrate her 45th birthday. I was only 23 at the time.

Frank and I had gotten back from golfing, cleaned up, and were sitting on our balcony having a beer. He spied the “girls” on a balcony across the parking lot, and started flirting and joking around with them. After about 15 minutes of banter, we all agreed to meet down on the parking lot to go get something to eat. I’m not sure who was more shocked when we all saw each other up close. I don’t think they had been expecting “boys” and we hadn’t been expecting mature women. Frank and I would soon learn that they weren’t even much younger than our moms. Anyhow, we decided to treat them (Samantha to Barbara) to burgers and beer; or should I say beers. After the burgers, we ended up wandering to a few other bars along the boardwalk. Barbara and I hit it off pretty well, and the alcohol lead to us playing a little footsy under the table as well as letting our hands play around on each other’s thighs now and then. At one point, the women left to go to the lady’s room, and Frank was going nuts talking about how we were going to “get the wax blown out of our ears,” by these “horny old broads”. I thought he was nuts. When they got back, Samantha suggested that we all go to some place she knew of about ten miles down the road where they had a great band. Frank was hot to trot. Barbara said she wasn’t feeling that well, and wanted to go back to get some sleep. I thought my bubble had burst, but she took my hand under the table, squeezed it, and gave me a look. She also gave her girlfriend a look. Frank and Samantha took off while I walked my new-found friend back to her room.

I still wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but she asked me in, closed the door, and gave me a deep kiss that made her thoughts apparent. Our hands started roaming over each other’s body as we started undressing each other. She was faster than me, and had my jeans and jockeys down before I could do the same with her. When she got my pants and shorts to the floor, she took my already-hard dick into her mouth and launched into a super blowjob. This wasn’t like college when it seemed that getting head required 20 minutes of begging. Barbara had no hesitation about going down on me before I even had my shoes off. While she was working my cock with her mouth and hands, I was struggling out of my shoes and she was wriggling out of her jeans and panties. As soon as they were kicked aside, she was up on the bed with her legs spread pulling my face to her crotch for a little return action. Now, I have no problem admitting that I’ve always been a lover of licking pussy, but this was my first taste of married-mom pussy. She pulled my head into her crotch and was moaning as she humped my face. I was in heaven when she picked up my head, looked me in the eye, and said, “Honey, you can fuck me, but you’d better swear to God that you won’t cum in me. I mean it. If you do, I’ll get my state-trooper cousin on your ass.”

“You got it,” I said climbing up and sliding myself into her slick cunt.

“OH SHIT, YEAH,” she moaned as I pushed into her to the hilt and my pubic bone crashed into hers. “OH JESUS! Fuck it!” she said as I began thrusting into her. I’m sorry to admit with much shame that, in those days, I didn’t have what you’d call finesse. To me, fucking was just fucking. However, I suppose bahis siteleri what I lacked in skill I made for up in enthusiasm and stamina. Barbara didn’t seem to mind. At one point, she grabbed her feet and pulled them up and back, offering herself up completely.

I thrust into her like a stallion, but it wasn’t long that I knew my point of no return was about to hit. I exclaimed, “Oh Shit, I can’t hold on much longer! I can’t hold it.”

“Shit, take it out! Take it out! PULL IT OUT!” She ordered anxiously.

No sooner did I have my slick manhood exposed to the open air than she grabbed it and started jerking it off. Sperm shot to her tits and then ran down her hand as we both watched. She switched hands and brought the first to her mouth and licked my seed off of it. I was nearly spent when she looked up and said, “Man you sure must eat a lot of pretzels and chips. You are so damned salty.”

I collapsed onto the bed. She snuggled next to my neck, and spoke into my ear,” Come on, Mike, you can’t fucking leave me hanging like this. Finish me off, Sweetie.”

She lay back, spread her thighs, and directed my face between them. My tongue went to her still slick, soaked pussy. She humped my face like we were still fucking, working her clit with her fingers when my tongue was busy farther south. She had one goal, getting off on my face. Finally she grabbed my head and pressed my mouth hard to her pussy, hissing through her teeth like a wounded animal, “OH MY JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” She held my head between her spread legs for a few more moments, quivering and moaning, until finally releasing her grip. I lay next to her with my face soaked. My mind replayed the evening trying to make some sense of it. I finally had to ask her, “Tell me, do you do this a lot? Have you had sex like this with a lot of other guys when you’re away from your husband? How about Samantha? Do all of your married friends do this sort of thing?”

She sat up and stared at me. “I’m not sure how to take that. It sounds a bit snide and condescending to me. What are you thinking; that I’m some sort of a bed-hopping slut; or worse? You think I’m going to ask you for money? Who the hell are you to ask me stuff like that anyway? Who are you to second guess my motives or actions? I should kick your ass out right now, but you have me curious. Let me guess, you’re engaged and afraid of what your wife might do someday. Is that it, are you contemplating marriage and wondering if you should back out? Why the questions? Most guys would just shut up and be happy as a pig in shit that they got laid.”

“No, I’m not engaged,” I said, “but I have met this girl. We aren’t serious, not yet at least. But, I really like her, and there’s something there that makes me feel like she might be ‘the one’. But then, I sometimes wonder if it’s all bogus and a bunch of bullshit. Does everybody ends up messing around and getting divorced. It seems like half the people I work with have gotten divorced or are getting divorced.”

She played with a few strands of my hair. “Listen, Mike. It’s not what you might think. Let me give you some facts of life.

She seemed almost a little sad while she continued, “I don’t hate my husband. In fact I still love him very much in many ways. You probably can’t see that given the past few hours. He’s good guy, and he’s the father of my children. But we’ve been married 20 years, and things just change. A lot of shit happens during a marriage of 20, 25, 30 years. Some good shit. Some bad shit. The best you can hope for is that there’s enough good shit to cover the bad shit. One day, you look at yourself in the mirror, and then at the person you’re married to, and you wonder what the hell happened to you. When did you change? Where are those two people that stood next to each other with stars in their eyes saying ‘I do’ all those years ago?”

“So big deal, things change,” I offered up. “Does that mean you just give up?”

“No it doesn’t. Remember, I, and hopefully my husband, won’t be giving up. We’re still together because we have a long term commitment and a family, regardless of whatever we do to survive. We actually do love each other. It might not look like it.”

“What about my other question. You’ve done this before? Were you and Samantha planning this when you came down here?”

“Hell no,” she responded a little miffed. “We came here to get together for a little girl-time to celebrate Sammi’s birthday. Did you guys come here to hunt girls or play golf? We all just ended up together, and here we are. Look, I won’t lie to you. I admit that I’ve stepped out (her term) on my husband a couple of times over the years, and I’d bet he’s done the same. About five years ago I had a thing with a guy from our church. Go figure that; a church friend. It lasted maybe four months. We were both at a bad spot in our marriages, and we each needed something. I had another brief thing with a guy at work, but that was more just curiosity. We got together a bahis şirketleri few times, and it was over. Tonight is new to me, Mike. Jesus, having a boardwalk quickie, with a guy that’s only five or six years older than my daughter; good Lord! No, I swear it wasn’t planned. Maybe, it was too many drinks. Maybe I was flattered by feeling desirable to a younger guy, and it made me feel like I was 20 again. Maybe you just seemed like a sweet, cute guy, and I started wondering what you’d be like in bed. Who knows? Earlier, when Sammi and I went to the lady’s room, I just blurted out that I wanted to take you back to the room with me. She thought I was nuts, but said she’d go along with it if I’d made up my mind. She’d get Frank out of the picture for a while if I wanted.”

“Yeah, the perfect wingman. Tell me about that? Is she going to bang Frank? Why would she let you do this with me if she thought you were doing the wrong thing? Has she messed around on her husband too?”

“As far as I know, she has no plans for Frank; at least that’s what she told me. Since we’ve already spilled a lot of beans here, I will say that Sammi has had a boyfriend on the side for about three years. Her husband doesn’t seem to be all that interested in her anymore, and turning 45 isn’t helping her feel any better. However, she wouldn’t even think about breaking up their marriage till all her kids are out of college, maybe never. Like I said, people do what they have to do to keep on keeping on. Marriage is a long journey, and it’s not always smooth sailing. There are fucking hurricanes along the way, and you can’t always run from them. Sometimes you just have to set into the waves and wind and ride it out till it gets sunny again. I laugh when I see old folks on TV, and some announcer sticks a microphone in their faces and asks, ‘What’s the secret for 60 years of wedded bliss’? Trust me; if they’ve been married that long, it wasn’t all bliss. I guarantee you they’re still together because they worked hard at it, and they had to forgive each other a lot of shit through the years. Maybe one or the other drank too much, or spent too much money, or maybe even took their pants off for somebody else. But they also recognized that, for whatever other reasons, they saw beyond the day-to-day shit and made a commitment keep it together.”

I sat in silence.

“Listen, Mike, you seem like a sweet guy,” she said almost motherly while rubbing my neck, “and I hope to hell that if, or more likely when, you do get married it all goes fantastically. I wish you all the best. Maybe this new girl is the one for you. Who knows? Just keep what I’ve told you in the back of your head. Look me up 20 years from now so we can compare notes.”

At the time, I remember thinking that she was awfully cynical, but now, after a lot of years in my own marriage, I began to see that she was a very perceptive person. I often wondered if she was still alive. She’d be in her mid 70’s. Her kids would be grown and she’d probably be a grandmother several times over. I wondered if she was still married to the same man, or maybe she took off with some other guy. Maybe her husband dumped her? Anyway, despite my own frustrations, I had not strayed off with anyone, at least not yet. I usually tried to keep my feelings and frustrations to myself, but that just made things fester in my brain even more. I often wondered what it would be like to slip under the fence and see how green the grass really was on the other side, but, I hadn’t. I can’t say why except that maybe it was my parochial school years and remembering one of few nuns still teaching at the time catching me at one thing or another, shaking their finger at me and saying, “Michael, you’d better think about what you’re doing, or you will end up burning in Hell.” I’ve long since given up believing in Hell, other than the one we can sometimes live in on a daily basis.

Now, on the other hand, Paul, my long term friend, confidant, and old fraternity brother was a different story. Paul and I have known each other since college. He and I were even best men at each other’s weddings. We still meet a couple of times a month for a beer. Sometimes it’s with a few other guys to watch the game at somebody’s house. Paul had indeed, slithered under the fence a few times, and has had affairs with a couple of married women. “Mike,” he’d say, “there’s a world of married women out there that are just as frustrated as I am, and they need a friend with benefits as much as I do. From what I know about you, you seem ready to learn that for yourself.”

Paul had never told me about his escapades until I actually saw him with a woman in a restaurant across town. I was there for a meeting with a client when I saw him across the room sitting with this woman. I could tell that it wasn’t some “business lunch” unless “monkey business” counts. They were laughing, holding hands, rubbing shoulders, and apparently rubbing other things because their hands disappeared under the table from time to time. When Paul saw me across the room, he looked like I had caught him jerking off or something. In some ways, maybe that’s not a bad analogy. The next day, he called and asked me to meet him after work for “a serious talk”.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Tits

*Author’s Note: All persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

**Author’s note: This is not a stroke story. (Actually, I don’t think any of my stories qualify as a ‘stroke’ story.) It deals with Father/daughter incest, cuckolding, and the reaction to these abominations.

Chapter 1

Ed Baggett sighed heavily as he dressed for the dreaded day ahead. It had been twenty six years since he had last seen Mickey Bernard and hoped he would never have to see him again.

But the Louisiana Department of Corrections as well as the Louisiana Department of Health and Human Services, in their finite wisdom, was actually considering releasing Mickey Bernard.

It was a four hour and forty minute drive from Bender Louisiana to Paulton, Louisiana, where Mickey Bernard was a guest of the North Louisiana Wellness Center.

Ed wondered when it had gone from being a nut house to a wellness center. Basically, it was a holding cell for the criminally insane. And Mickey Bernard fit the profile of the criminally insane.

He had murdered Jonathon Baggett, Ed’s father, and Kay Baggett, Ed’s sister, as well as Linda McCabe, Jonathon’s ‘friend.’

Ed smirked; even twenty six years later, he had a hard time admitting that Linda and his father had been much more than friends. Jonathon had left Beverly Baggett, Ed’s mother, for Linda.

“Be careful,” Daphne Baggett murmured from their warm bed.

“Sure you don’t want to come?” Ed joked. “There’ll be absolutely nothing to do and nothing to see and you’ll be bored out of your mind, I promise. Sure you don’t want to come?”

“Oh, gee, I’d love to,” Daphne lied. “But what would TeddiAnn do without me?”

“Go to school, then call us and tell us she’s going over to Sophia’s house and eating dinner there and is it okay if she spends the night because it’s Friday night and they can go straight from there to dance class and Miss Nicole and Mr. Fred say its okay and please?” Ed said.

“Yep, probably,” Daphne agreed, but did not budge from the bed.

Ed moved a hank of her long red hair out of the way and kissed her forehead softly.

“Love you,” he said.

“Love you too, coffee breath,” she said.

“Room to talk, morning breath,” he said and softly kissed her lips.

“Be careful,” Daphne urged.

“You too,” he said.

On the long drive, that took him through small town after small town, Ed had little to do but to think. His main thought was the same thought he’d had twenty six years earlier.

“Why?” Ed even said it out loud. “Why did you kill my baby sister? And my dad?”

The fifty two year old man stopped at a small diner that promised they had the ‘best chili in Stepping Stone, Louisiana.’

Ed ate a small bowl of ‘the best chili in Stepping Stone’ and a grilled cheese sandwich, along with a glass of flat cola. He wondered just how bad the second best chili in Stepping Stone had to be to lose to this bowl of chili.

A pharmacy a tenth of a mile later sold Ed a pack of antacid tablets and a can of cola.

“Bye now; y’all come back, hear?” the woman behind the counter intoned.

“Hope it’s not for another twenty six years,” Ed thought as he chewed three of the tablets and swished the soda around in his mouth.

An hour later, Ed pulled up to the building that housed forty seven of the criminally insane. The Building was a gleaming stainless steel and glass building and looked quite out of place in the thicket of woods. On either side of the facility were turkey farmers. As he approached the gate, Ed couldn’t help but think that his ten year old daughter, TeddiAnn would have loved to see all the turkeys running around, calling to each other.

The guard checked his name carefully, typed something into an electronic pad and had Ed sign with the electronic pen, then surveyed the grounds with a practiced eye before throwing the switch, opening the gate.

“Have a nice day, sir,” the guard said as Ed drove into the compound.

“Uh huh,” Ed said.


To Mickey Bernard, it was just another day. Another day of waking up in the sparse room. Of sitting up and putting his feet on the cold floor, then going over to the hole in the floor and relieving himself.

Prayers followed, and then he would sit and wait. Breakfast usually came an hour later, shoved through the slot at the bottom of the door.

Scrambled eggs, made from powdered egg, dry toast, two slices, and milk made from powdered milk, some watery juice and a mealy apple.

If it was Thursday, he would meet with Dr. Steven, no last name given, for an hour. If it was Monday, Wednesday, or Friday, he would go out into the yard for an hour, and listen to the non-stop cackling of the damned turkeys.

Then he would return to his room and sit.

“Bernard, coming in,” he heard one man call out.

“Okay,” Mickey responded.

“Against the wall, Bernard, kiss it,” the man said and Mickey heard the door click as a switch was thrown.

“Shower and a shave, Bernard,” one man said.

The other man stood back, hand resting firmly on his stun gun.

“Oh?” illegal bahis Mickey said, but no answer was forthcoming.

He blinked; the razor he was given was brand new, the can of shaving foam was full; the soap was still in its wrapper.

“Clean clothes, one of the men said, pointing to the coveralls hanging on the rack. “Put your old ones in the basket, hear?”

After he shaved his stubble clean and showered, he dressed in the coveralls. He smirked to himself; the new pair did not smell any better than the ones heed stuffed into the basket. They still smelled of the industrial cleaner the Center used to wash the clothing, the bedding, the floors and the walls.

“Come on,” one of the men barked impatiently and Mickey was led back to his cell.

He sat and sat and waited. To Mickey, this was the hardest part; the sitting and the waiting. The sounds, he had learned long ago how to tune them out. The smells were all masked by the industrial cleaner. There was nothing to look at; just pale gray cinderblock walls.

Lunch, a bologna sandwich with a slice of processed cheese, more powdered milk, a small amount of stale potato chips and another mealy apple was shoved into his cell. Mickey ate the sandwich slowly, chewing each bite twenty times, ten chews on the left side of his mouth, ten times on the right side. He did not look at the food; he had not liked bologna when he had arrived at the Wellness Center twenty four years ago, and still did not like it. He did not like sour cream and onion flavored potato chips twenty nine years ago, and still did not like it. He had not liked powdered milk then, and still did not like it.

“Bernard, coming in,” he heard and was genuinely confused.

Okay,” Mickey called, facing the wall away from the door.

His hands were cuffed behind him, and then his legs were shackled. He wanted to ask; he was sure it was not Thursday, and even if it was Thursday, he still had a few more hours before it was time to meet with Dr. Steven. But he did not ask, knowing he would get no answer.

“Come on,” the man said and Mickey followed him.

They went down a corridor, and then another, then the man stepped to the side and indicated a door.

There were five people in the room; three men in ill-fitting suits, Dr. Steven, and a fifth man that Mickey knew he should know, but could not place.

Dr. Steven said a few words, then the man in the ill-fitting brown suit said a few words, then the man in the ill-fitting blue suit said something. Mickey just tuned them out; they sounded too much like the man in the room four doors down; always talking about his business empire he was going to build when he got out.

“Mr. Baggett?” he heard someone say and the man that seemed familiar to Mickey sat up a little straighter.

Baggett. As in Jonathon Baggett. As in Kay Baggett.

Mickey swiveled his head and looked at the man.

“Yes?” he heard the deep voice ask.

“Would you like to add anything?” the man in the ill-fitting own suit asked.

“No, not really, I mean, y’all pretty much covered it,” Ed said. “What he did took a lot of planning; wasn’t like it was accidental and y’all already said he’s real smart so he knew what he was doing and how to do it.”

Ed turned and looked at Mickey for the first time since Mickey entered the room.

“Something I would like to know, though, is ‘Why?'” Ed asked Mickey directly. “Why’d you do it?”

“Why’d I do what?” Mickey asked, confused.

“Kill my little sister; fuck! She was only nineteen! Why’d you kill my dad? What’d he ever do to you?” Ed bellowed, startled by his own anger.

Mickey wrinkled his brow, concentrating.

“I’ll tell you, best as I know,” Mickey finally said. “Remember, though, a lot of this is just what your sister and your dad told me so it might not be totally right.”

Chapter 2

Robin Baggett smirked as she let Frank Jennings in. Her father hated the loud, arrogant twenty years old, especially hated that Frank did not work for him so he had no control over the man.

“Ready?” Frank asked, smirking in self-confidence.

“Oh yeah!” the pretty blonde laughed joyously. “I was born ready!”

“Come on, then,” Frank said, marching down the hall toward Jonathon Baggett’s office.

“Hey, old man!” Frank flippantly greeted Jonathon.

“Yes?” Jonathon asked, looking up from his Wall Street Journal.

“Listen, me and Robin? We um, we planning on getting married, hear?” Frank smirked.

“I don’t think so,” Jonathon said easily, putting his paper down and smirking at the youth.

Frank’s eyes flashed in anger; he had expected anger, raised voices, even violence. This calm refusal had not occurred to him.

“There is no way in hell I would let my daughter marry a loser like you,” Jonathon continued, getting to his feet. “But, you may go now; thank you for stopping by.”

“Fuck you, old man!” Frank bellowed. “Why don’t you suck my dick, huh?”

Kay gasped as she peeked into his father’s study. She couldn’t believe anyone would dare talk to her father like that… He owned the mattress illegal bahis siteleri factory, the primary source of employment and income in their small town. The crawfish ponds and farms had all gone bankrupt, unable to compete with the farms of Breaux Bridge and Butte La Rose and Henderson.

“I don’t work for you; you can’t tell me what to do,” Frank said, thrusting his chest out defiantly.

“That is true,” Jonathon agreed mildly.

“But,” Jonathon continued, sitting on the edge of his desk and smirking at his daughter. “Fred Jennings, your father does. Freddy Junior, your older brother does.”

Robin paled as she watched the entire swagger being stripped away from her boyfriend.

The main reason she had picked Frank was because he did not work for her father and said he was not afraid of her father.

“And your younger brother, Rickey?” Jonathon Baggett went on. “Such a fine young man; too bad he’s retarded. But let me tell you; that boy comes in every morning with your dad, doesn’t even need to be told what to do; just goes and grabs his broom and his dustpan and starts sweeping up the scraps.”

Robin felt like throwing up; she could see Frank melting right before her eyes.

“Called him into my office two days ago; he was almost crying, thought he might have done something wrong,” Jonathon continued. “Did start crying when I gave him a ten cent an hour raise.”

“Yes sir,” Frank mumbled.

“Now, what you think would happen if I called him into my office and told him, gosh, I’m real sorry, but because your brother said ‘fuck you’ to me I’m going to have to let you go?” Jonathon said, getting to his feet and closing the door that Frank and Robin had barded though a moment earlier.

Kay watched from the crack in the second set of doors.

“Please don’t…” Frank mumbled, close to tears.

“I mean, Fred and Freddy Junior will understand, won’t they? Frankie’s a dumb ass punk, running his mouth, what can you do about that, huh?” Jonathon continued sitting on the edge of the desk again.

“Daddy, please don’t…” Robin said, tears running down her face.

“I’ll deal with you later,” Jonathon said calmly. “For right now, though, I need to deal with this piece of shit you dragged into my house.”

“Daddy I…” Robin stammered.

“Tell you what, Frankie,” Jonathon said. “You told me to suck your dick. Why don’t you suck mine?”

“What?” Frank stammered.

“What you say, Frankie? Suck my dick? I’ll let Rickey keep his job?”

“Please don’t…” Robin begged.

“Sir I’m sorry…” Frank mumbled.

“I mean, hey, seems to be a fair trade; you suck my dick, your dad and your brothers keep their jobs and everybody’s happy, right?” Jonathon smiled.

Kay clenched her jaw tightly as she watched her father unzip his trousers and pull out his cock.

Frank was sobbing as he knelt down in front of the powerful man.

Robin felt sick as she watched her boyfriend begin to suck her father’s cock.

‘Oh, come on!” Jonathon said gruffly. “Your family’s livelihood is on the line here and that’s the best you can do? Come on! Suck my cock like Robin sucks yours, huh?”

Robin turned and vomited into the wastebasket at the side of her father’s desk.

“Oh, that’s much better, yeah, almost like you like it, huh?” Jonathon encouraged.

He thrust his hips, driving his cock into the back of Frank’s mouth.

“That it, Frankie?” Jonathon taunted. “You like it? You like sucking cock?”

Frank protested around Jonathon’s cock as Jonathon kept driving it into his throat.

“And here you go, Frankie; some spunk for you to chew on,” Jonathon groaned as he pumped his seed into Frank’s mouth. “Swallow it, you hear? Better not spill a drop of it, you hear?”

“You go to your room,” Jonathon commanded his daughter.

“And, you,” Jonathon said, zipping up his trousers. “Get out. I ever see you around my daughter again, I’ll make this look like a walk in the park for you, you hear?”

Kay scampered away just before the sobbing Robin burst through the doors.

Kay ran to her bathroom, locked the door, and wiggled out of her jeans. Two strokes of her throbbing clitoris and the grossly overweight girl grunted in orgasm.

Jonathon calmly finished reading his newspaper, folded it and set it aside, then left his office.

“Daddy, I…” Robin stammered when he came into her room.

A sharp slap to her face silenced her.

“Off,” Jonathon said, nodding his head.

“Daddy, please, I…” Robin said.

Another slap to her face and she began to peel down her snug jeans.

“Please tell me you you’ve been using a condom while fucking that piece of shit,” Jonathon said, looking at her hairless slit.

Robin just sobbed harder.

“Ah, here we are; you know? Should have done this to Frankie; bet he’d just love that,” Jonathon said as he grabbed the jar of petroleum jelly from Robin’s dresser.

“Please, Daddy,” Robin begged as she got on her knees on her bed.

Later that night, Kay woke up to hushed, urgent voices. She stepped out of her bedroom, dressed in her canlı bahis siteleri flannel nightgown and tiptoed to the stairs.

“Yes, I went in to check; I check both my girl’s bedrooms before going to bed and saw that she wasn’t there, Jonathon said.

“Uh huh,” Sheriff Ronald Monroe said, scribbling in his pad.

“Please hurry,” Beverly Baggett implored the police officer.

“Yes ma’am, any idea what she might be wearing?” Ronald asked.

“Jeans and a black fuzzy sweater, what do they call that? Velour. A velour sweater what she had on earlier,” Jonathon offered. “They’re not lying on the floor of her room; swear she has no clue where dirty clothes go.”

Early the next morning, before the sun came up, Kay was again awakened by murmuring voices and her sister’s loud, drunken screams.

“He’s been fucking me up the ass!” Kay heard. “Huh? Isn’t THAT against the fucking law? Fucking your own daughter? Up the ass?”

Kay heard more murmuring.

“Oh, fuck you! Supposed to be a fucking police officer; can see you’re just another one of his cock suckers, fucking piece of shit, oh shut up mother! Sit by while he rapes me?” Kay heard Robin scream.

“I’m twenty fucking years old! If I want to leave this house, I can! I’m an adult!” Kay heard louder as Robin stomped up the stairs.


Kay knocked on Linda McCabe’s door and waited.

“Ah, come on in, Honey, how are you?” Linda smiled as she ushered the girl in.

“I’m fine,” Kay mumbled.

Kay was intimidated by the gregarious Linda, more used to her mother’s mild demeanor. Compared t Beverly, Linda seemed worldly, experienced, and sensual. Kay wished she could be more like Ms. McCabe.

“So glad you could do this,” Linda said as she slipped on her stiletto heeled pumps.

She leaned close to Kay.

“Boyfriend called at the last minute, says he’s about to bust he needs some pussy so bad,” Linda confided. “And I told him ‘Honey, I understand totally! I need some dick so fucking bad I’m about to bust!'”

Kay giggled nervously.

“Now, Sammy and Joey go to bed at nine, but you already know that, got to go,” Linda said, grabbing her purse.

“Love married men,” Linda confided. “I get the dick and someone else gets all the shit. Bye!”

She pressed her lips on Kay’s for an intimate kiss and then left.

“Hi, Sammy, Joey,” Kay said as she nudged the door of their bedroom open.

“Hi Miss Kay,” Joey, the talkative one answered.

They were good boys, playing quietly until bath-time.

“Mommy bathes us one at a time,” Sammy offered.

“Mommy’s a lot more used to this than I am,” Kay agreed.

She needed the money; Robin had busted into her piggy bank, stealing over two hundred dollars, two hundred dollars Kay had been putting toward joining the gym in DeGarde.

“Where’s Miss Robin?” Joey asked again.

His crush on the pretty woman was obvious. Kay was used to that; everyone seemed to be more attracted to her older sister.

“I don’t know,” Kay answered truthfully.

Robin had stolen as much money as she could from Jonathon’s office, Kay’s piggy bank, and Beverly’s purse, then drove away in Beverly’s car.

The car was located several hours later, a block away from the Lafayette Greyhound bus terminal. The clerk behind the Greyhound counter did not remember selling a ticket to a pretty blonde so the trail ran cold.

“She’s pretty,” Joey giggled.

“Yeah, she is,” Kay agreed.

“But you’re pretty too,” Sammy offered.

“Why thank you!” Kay smiled at the boy.

Linda breezed in at eleven thirty, clothes and make up a mess, smiling from ear to ear.

“Damn, I think I’m in love!” she confided to Kay. “Got time for a little wine?”

“Um, just one, then I got to go,” Kay decided.

“I mean, damn, he has got a cock!” Linda said, pouring them each a glass.

“And shoot!” Linda went on. “Fuck, stuff’s running down my leg right now!”

To prove her point, Linda lifted the hem of her skirt and showed Kay her pussy.

Kay stared. The hair on Linda’s head was a luxurious blonde, but the pubic hair she was staring at was a deep brown. Her pussy lips protruded from the thick mat of hair and Kay could see that there was a good amount of silvery looking stuff running down the insides of Linda’s thighs.

“Ever seen that much jizz?” Linda hooted.

“Um, no, no ma’am,” Kay confessed. “I’ve never…”

“Oh!” Linda chuckled. “You’re a virgin?”

“Um, yeah, yes ma’am,” Kay confessed.

“Oh Honey!” Linda said. “Oh, wait until I tell my man! Oh, he’s going to want to fuck you for sure!”

“What? You can’t…” Kay stammered.

“Oh yeah, my lover? He wants to fuck you, says he would kill to be able to sink his cock in that sweet young pussy of yours,” Linda went on.

“What?” Kay gasped, shocked.

“Told him, I get to taste that hot little box of yours first, though,” Linda said and planted a hot kiss on the stunned girl’s lips.

“Ms. McCabe!” Kay gasped.

“Oh, come on, Honey, call me Linda!” Linda enthused.

“Ms. Linda, what…” Kay protested.

“Shit, Honey, why you think I wanted you come over tonight?” Linda crooned, taking Kay’s face in her hands. “Little bitch next door would have baby sat for two dollars an hour, but it’s you I want; not that little slut.”

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Sun, Sand, and Sin

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“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Krissy sighed heavily and kicked the door shut to her bedroom. It seemed to be the only place that she could relax after a long day of confusing classes, merging text in books, long and boring speeches from professors. She wanted so badly to just give up but knew her parents would kill her. Nobody said that college was going to be easy. Krissy now leaned back in bed and was beginning to have second thoughts. She sipped on an iced coffee drink, the new “in” beverage and turned on the tv only to hear a loud knock on the door. “Ugh. Give me a break!” she whined to herself. She was feeling so lost and alone. “Krissy, you home?”

“Yeah Dad, I’m home.”

“Could you come down and help me with the groceries?”

“I just took off my shoes and I am real busy …” she looked around, thinking of an excuse ” I’m studying for this exam.” the pop music channel was muted.

“Please? It’ll take two minutes.”

“God, okay, okay! I’m coming.” Krissy jumped up and put on some cheap sandals. She opened the door to her smiling father.

“That’s my girl.”

“Bite me, Dad.” Krissy smirked while she ran down the stairs and out the door.

George watched his daughter run down the stairs in her barely there shorts and tank top, and had flashbacks of the little brunette girl who always wore pigtails and sun dresses. He shook his head and asked himself where THAT Krissy had gone. He peered into her bedroom and saw the tv on mute. “Some studying.” he muttered to himself. All the stress of the office, his company rumored of people being laid off soon, all the bitching from his ex-wife. Nothing a good hard drink wouldn’t soothe away….if only for a few moments. He met his daughter at the staircase, her arms were covered with plastic bags she could barely lift. “I was coming down, you didn’t have to grab all of that.” he pulled some bags off of her arms and they both went into the kitchen to load the fridge. “It doesn’t matter Dad, I don’t have all day! As a matter of fact I don’t have any free time anymore.” his girl rolled her eyes and sighed. “Not with all this fuckin homework.”

“Watch it.”

“It’s true.. I don’t even want to do this anymore. I can’t go out, I don’t even have time to date any guys. All of my friends are having so much fun, and I’m totally wasting my time with school.” she threw a hand up and shoved the milk in the fridge.

“Your mother…and I.. we both work so that you can go to school and have a good life…it’ll be worth it.. I promise. And, besides, what’s wrong with not being able to date? It’s an added bonus for your old man.” George grinned, trying to reassure Krissy, but wasn’t sure if what he was saying was really true. His ex-wife had took him for everything he had 4 years ago, and he was in a sense supporting her and her new boyfriend, who was young enough to be her own son. His job seemed to be falling apart. As was, appearantly, his car out in the driveway. George glanced out the window and frowned.

“All I want…is a break…please Dad?” She gave him her biggest blue eyes and a sweet smile. What a tease. “a…a vacation! on a beach, in the sun, with my tooooes in the sand” she laughed. “Summer break… I have to do something…maybe with the girls.” and just as quick as Krissy Benson had run down the stairs, she was already back up them, giving a loud slam to her bedroom door. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ George quickly poured himself a scotch and slouched into his chair. It was already dark. Where’d today go? Where’d his life ago, was more like it. He took a generous sip from his glass and grimmaced. Then, his mind went back to earlier that day, his daughter talking about all she wanted, sun, beaches, sand, friends. What did he want? Well…there were a few things he could think of. He looked around almost as if he didn’t recognize his own house, his own den. The retreat from his problems. The room devoted to the smell of cigars and alcohol. It was there he kept a stash of a few dirty magazines, to indulge in images of beautiful young women. Things he hadn’t been subject to in a very long time. It had been so long since George had a good fuck. The last time he felt a womans touch was just once after his wife, one of Krissy’s friend’s mothers. She’d die if she ever had found that one out. It had even been awhile since he had looked at these girls. All of these lovely young tits infront of his face. This was his vacation. This was George’s sun, beaches, and sand. These were lately – his only friends.

A tiny petite blonde with pert nipples was shown straddling a rugged mans cock. Her lips painted hooker red, and even the heels on her feet, though cliche, all fit into George’s head nicely, filling his mind with lustful, longing wishes. He felt his cock begin to stiffen. He thought of having a young girl to love himself. A dream that seemed unattainable at this point in his life. He took another big drink and slammed the glass down reaching for the zipper of his pants. He took his cock out into his hand and started to rub up and down, canlı bahis squeezing the top, pulling, thinking of getting fucked like the stubbly man in the book before him. George laid his head back while flashes of bouncing tits danced through his head. He began to run his hand faster up and down his now extremely hard cock. It wasn’t going to take long. “Ah, fuck.” he sighed. He thought of a silky wet pussy on him. A girl giving him all of her. A young, beautiful woman, loving him, touching him, sucking him. Thick white streams began spurting from his cock onto his stomach and he sunk into his chair. He began to pour another drink and heard a knock at the door.

Krissy walked right in with her book in hand and was talking a thousand miles a minute – but George heard nothing. He was in a panic. He was covered in his own cum, and his daughter had just barged in! “Krissy!” he yelled “What the hell are you doing, you know you are supposed to knock first! You can’t just come barging in here like that. Jesus. You’re going to give me a heart attack” he was clearly bothered by her being there.

She looked at him with wide eyes, he was covering his lap with an undershirt. Her face turned a bright red. She didn’t know what she had walked in on but she had a few ideas. In all her glory, she tried to act cool. “I did knock first. I just figured I’d be allowed to come in, too…you know like a warning or something.. Sorry, I’ll just come back later.”

George has calmed a little and shook his head. He was fully covered, but so embarrassed and red. “No.. I’m sorry, was it important?”

“I just had a question to ask. I can’t figure out this stupid math problem.”

“Uh…well just give me a minute, and I’ll be out to help you…just… going to finish this smoke.”

Krissy stared at the floor, thoughts swirling through her head. She was so embarassed. “Okay Dad. See you in a minute.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

George thought a long time the next morning about what had happened the night before. He had been so shocked and paniced when Krissy charged in. He felt guilt..remorse. He had tried to get his daughter to look up to him for such a long time. To respect him. Appreciate all he tried to give her for her entire life, and yet, he was now afraid that he was losing her too. He could only imagine she knew exactly what he had been doing, and that she was disgusted with him. But he needed her, more than anyone else in his lonely life. He thought of something he could do for the both of them…maybe it was time for some sun, beaches, and sand.

And as all the sinful air sank into the Benson house, George and Krissy began to let what had happened the night before consume them.

Krissy opened her sleepy eyes and looked to the alarm clock, giving it a good “smack!”. It was 8:00am. “Ugh…” she stretched out her long thin legs and rolled over out of bed slowly. Her mind went instatly to the night before. She had not gotten a lot of sleep. She couldn’t forget what she had walked in on. She knew what she had walked in on. It was more than anything to her – sad. She knew her Dad must have been so lonely. There was nothing she could say or do now though…not without making the both of them more uncomfortable.

After a hot shower and a change into a cute outfit, it was time for some breakfast. “Goodmorning, old man.” she grinned and bit into some hot toast.

“We need to talk.”

“What about?” She froze, the nerves were starting to get to her…some paranoia.

“Well…I have been thinking… about what you and I talked about. If you want, I was wondering if you would go away with me. A trip to the beach, like you said. Just curious… I know you really wanted to go with friends, but…who is kidding…we need a break from this.” he tossed a newspaper on the table. “What do you say kid?”

“So you’re telling me that I have an oppurtunity to blow off school for a week and swim and sleep in and you expect me to say anything but yes?! OF COURSE I will go!” she squeeled and smiled, hugging her father tightly. “When?”

Her eyes sparkled. She was such a beautiful young woman. George thought he had done pretty well after all. He smiled. “This weekend to start…go ahead and pack, I’ll call the airlines for some tickets…I have to find a hotel on the coast, too.”

“Okay, okay. I can’t wait! So uh, okay. I’m going to pack! Okay?! Ha! I sound like a retard. I’ll be done in like, 10 minutes flat. I can’t wait to get the hell out of here.” She was gone.


“Krissy!” He yelled up the stairs. “You ready? We have to go if we want to catch that flight.”

“I’m coming! I just wanted to find this pair of sandals mom bought me. They’re new!” She grinned and flaunted her feet around to model them.

“Cute. How much were they?” He smirked. His ex was really something. He was sure it was probably money that she’d gotten from him anyways. He felt a sticky feeling in his chest. “Let’s go hon.”


“I know it isn’t much… ” bahis siteleri George began about a small hotel room next to the beach. Two beds. One bathroom. One window. “But we won’t be in here much anyways.”

“Dad, it’s fine. You think I don’t know how much Mom milked out of you? I know you’d have done better if you could. You’re right though, I am on my way to the beach right now. Wanna come?” Krissy was trying to lure her lonely handsome father out to the beach. She hoped that maybe, even if only for a day, he would find someone to have a little fun with. He deserved it. And she felt just awful about the other night.

“Uh… I don’t know, I mean – “

“Now.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him out the door.

“What kind of bathing suit is that? You really think it’s appropriate to walk around in something so…invisible?” He choked.

“Oh GOD Dad, really? I’m an adult now. I like the stares. ” she grinned. “Don’t I look good in it?”

“Of course. You’re very pretty. You know that.”

“Now everyone else will know too!” she joked.

The beach was beautiful. And it was such a nice day, the waves rolling, and the sun glistening on the water like a sea of diamonds. The sand felt hot under their feet and they each sat up their own chairs to soak up the sun. There were sounds of seagulls barking in the distance, and laughter of children, and adults alike. Bells and horns from the busy streets behind. All of the vendors giving a shout to get rid of their product. Finally, for the first time in so many years, George was on a real vacation. So far away was all of his problems now. Reality too, was miles and miles away.

“Oh, Krissy bell…” he sighed. “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

“Because you’re cheap.” she laughed.

“You should have persuaded me more.” he grinned. “I need a drink.” He got up. He was already starting to tan. He browsed the beach shore and sighed. If only he were 10, 20 years younger. All of those beautiful young women parading around. All in “invisible” bathing suits, barely there patches over their breasts, and bottoms. All of them probably easy to liquer up. George took a deep breath and headed toward the bar.

For the first time in years, George ordered a fruity iced drink, to go down smooth in the heat. To make him feel more loose. He closed his eyes and sank into the chair by the hotel pool.

“Mr. Benson!” a familiar voice shrilled. “Don’t you think it defeats the purpose of being on vacation at a BEACH when you are busy getting blasted at the pool.”

“Krissy, why are you back already? Go get your sand crab fix.” He was always openly clever and raunchy when he was drinking. How many had he had already? He couldnt really concentrate.

“Shut up.” Krissy sneaked down beside him and poured herself a glass. “Can’t a girl get a drink around here, too? I’m sure I could have asked anyone on the beach, but then what would you do with some old man groping at your daughter?” she smiled. “This is strong.” her face twisted at the first sip.

“It’s not meant for little girls.”

“You wonder why I turned out the way I did? I learned everything from you, Dad.” Krissy grinned. “All the humor and wit. And tit.” she poked at her Dads chest.

The sun was already settling in the sky above them. It would dissapear behind the buildings soon. George looked at his daughter, laying with a drink resting on her stomach. His memory flooded. She was…so beautiful. Her skin was so smooth looking, and her long hair she had dyed dark brown to stand out. She sure could stand out. Her eyes were a deep ocean green color and her curves…his mind drifted to her walking in on him, and his thoughts turned to shame. “I couldn’t possibly be thinking like that…not about her.” He knew he needed to cut back on the drinking. He retired to his room.


Krissy opened her eyes to find herself alone by the pool. Her ice had melted in her drink, and the first stars were showing in the dusky sky. “Mmm…” she stretched and sighed. “Way to leave me to the vultures.” She peaked at the men on the other side of the pool…they were drooling over her. She decided to give them a show. She slowly stood up and bit her bottom lip….she stepped into the pool and her nipples hardened in the cool water. Krissy slowly walked around to the other side, pulling her wet tresses back and asking in a soft small voice to an older man “Can I get a beer?” The man almost fell into the pool he was so excited to give her what she asked.

“You shouldn’t be drinking and swimming. You should come out…sit by me.” He smiled.

“I’m not that drunk, buddy.” Krissy swirled around and got back out of the pool, swaying her hips from side to side as she walked into the hotel room.

Her Dad looked to be sleeping. Already? She laughed. Passed out, maybe. She saw a new bottle of bahama mama by the bedside. The moonlight peaked in to the room and her fathers skin glowed underneath. “Oh Dad…” she sighed. “You deserve so much more….”she bahis şirketleri touched his shoulder softly and held him for a moment, thoughts swirling, she bit her lip, sinking into bed. Shower time, she thought. And so she turned on the hot water and stepped in. The new body wash they had bought earlier smelled so great, she couldnt wait to use it. As she stepped out and into a towel, she heard a soft knock.

“You about done Krissy?” George mumbled. He had woke from his mini nap.

“Yeah Dad. Go ahead.” She walked out of the bathroom, keeping a towel around her. She went and sat by the window looking out and brushing her hair. He stepped out and began to speak.

“You shouldnt be walking around in a towel like that in my room….could give people the wrong idea.” he laughed, half jokingly.

“Sorry…nothing you haven’t seen before though.”

“Well…” he choked. “I haven’t seen you like …this.”

Her lips were numb feeling and she took another drink of beer. “Do you ever wonder what I look like? If I look like mom? If I look like …a stranger?” she stared outside.

“Krissy…” he came and sat beside her patting her shoulder and smiling. “I think you have drank a little much for our very first night….you keep it up, you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of the time we have.”

“I haven’t had that much to drink. I am curious… I think…well… you know, what I mean is don’t you ever want to think of girls my age?”

“Girls your age are not ..you.”

“What’s different about them?”

“They aren’t you Kris.” He swept back and sat on the bed. “I think it’s time to get some sleep.”

“Don’t avoid me Dad…..Dad?..” she could tell he was sleeping. “Ugh..men.”


George woke from a dream he could not remember. Looked at the cheap alarm clock beside his stiff hotel bed. 3:00am. He looked out the window, and then over to the bed beside him where his daughter was lying. She slept so innocently. Thoughts swirled in his head. Bad thoughts. What was she getting at? What could she have been trying to insinuate? What did she know? Had she walked in and saw his magazines of all those young girls? Did she think of what she walked in on when he was getting off? How could she be so tempting. But most of all, was she genuine in asking, or was she accusing? He grimmaced and shook his head….and then.. he got up and sat on the side of Krissy’s bed. He shook her shoulder.

“Dad?” Krissy stretched sleepily and rolled to see her father looking at her.

“I think…every man… likes the idea of a younger woman to love. It doesn’t make me sick. I just… you have to know that Kris. I am a normal 45 year old. Maybe you could call it a mid-life crisis if you wanted. I’m sorry if that dissapoints you but -“

“I know how men are Dad. I wasn’t trying to upset you…I just.. I want you to be happy. You’re so damn miserable, all the time…and there isn’t anything I can do. I feel sometimes I am just too much trouble.”

“You aren’t trouble…you’re the only thing that I have to keep me sane Krissy bell…” George brushed her hair from her face and caressed her cheek softly. “You’re so beautiful and smart… and I’ll be losing you soon, when you find out it’s so much better when you flee the nest so to speak.”

“You won’t be losing me Dad..” Krissy felt so much emotion…it was overwhelming…the moonlight drifting into their hotel room, and placing a glow on her bed. She wondered why she had opened her mouth. She wondered what she was beginning to feel. All she wanted was to reach out and touch him, to hold him, and to nurture him, as he had done for her for so long. “I don’t even think of being away from you…” she softly placed her hand on his thigh and looked up at him. Her heart was beginning to race. What was happening? This was a turning point for her and her father, George.

“I don’t know…you’re so young…you have so much to see and learn…I certainly won’t hold you back.” George sighed.

And then, Krissy began to sit up and she touched her fathers shoulder and looked into his eyes, her eyes were sparkling with moisture as if she could burst into tears at any moment. “What if I wanted you to hold me?”

She spoke so softly in a whisper, her voice pierced George in a way he could not have imagined in his dreams. This couldn’t be happening. His will wasn’t strong enough to hold back his daughter….a woman…a beautiful young woman…who was, honestly, better than any magazine whore he had spent time with. “Kris….I don’t think that this is.. I don’t know.. I should be getting back to bed here..this… isn’t right…” He could barely speak. His mouth and throat were dry, like God was sending down miniature bolts of lightning into his chest. His heart skipped. He began to back away when Krissy touched his face and pushed her soft pouty lips into his. He didn’t really know what to do. He felt like some kind of virgin school boy, but at the same time, he knew this was his daughter, and he knew they were both lonely for a long time, and he didn’t want to take advantage of her, but he was such a broken man. Then, it came to him that it was her who had kissed him, and with that notion…he began to kiss back.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


I had known Leisel for years. She was my wife’s best friend. We had had family holidays together over the years. I felt attraction to her on and off over the years, but I suppressed that to keep things smooth and platonic. She was a blonde, about 5’5″, slim, with probably a 34″ bust.

She also always struck me as a bit bossy, and not all that interested in the physical. I had the idea that she probably decided when they would have sex [maybe once a month] and her husband followed orders.

Liesel’s husband Phil had been away for several months, with work. My wife had gone for an extended visit to overseas relatives with her sister, so we were both on our own, and the kids all away from home.

One weekend, Leisel dropped in to see me. I hugged her — more than the usual peck on the cheek — and could feel a slim body that would be nice to get to know intimately. We talked more freely and personally than ever before, and she opened up surprisingly about how she was missing Phil.

After a long chat, I decided to try it on a little and suggested we meet for lunch while our partners were away. I thought lunch would sound a lot more innocent than dinner. She readily agreed.

While I was getting ready to meet her, I felt really excited, like a teenager on a date. When we met up at the restaurant, I could tell she was also a little hyped up. She was also dressed more sexily than usual, in black slacks and a cashmere top that hugged things nicely. I gave her a hug again, and felt her arched back, promise of things to dream about. That got me even more excited, but I thought it best not to ruin the friendship by trying something on so soon.

We talked a lot through lunch, and had some laughs. I noticed that Leisel drank more than usual and was even a little flirtatious. I kept complimenting her on her looks, and touching her incidentally on the sleeve etc.

Were her eyes dilated more than normal? Maybe; I imagined so. As we were having coffees, I let my knee touch hers, and left it there. She pretended not to notice. My cock was at attention, but I held back, just flirting a bit. I didn’t know whether she expected me to suggest we go back to my place, but I couldn’t think of a way to do so without making it a bit obvious, so I settled for making another lunch ‘date”. She seemed very quick to agree.

Two weeks later, a similar script. Again she dressed as if for a date. If it had been less so, I am sure she would have worn one of her demure skirts, but she arrived again in black slacks and this time a black knitted top. I enjoyed the curve of her little breasts in that top.

Once more, Leisel drank well, and seemed simultaneously relaxed and excited. This time, I sat side on to her. This allowed for more contact under the table. I let my hand brush her thigh a few times, and again let my knee touch hers. She didn’t make any attempt to pull away. I cracked a few jokes and in doing so was able to brush her arm with mine and lean into her. She didn’t draw back.

This was a new flirty side to Leisel that I hadn’t seen before. I used the excuse of sharing a menu to nudge closer to her. Again, I complimented her on her dress, her hair, her lipstick even, to let her know I appreciated the effort she had made.

This time, I asked her back to my place. I suggested there were some photos on our computer that I wanted her to see. She agreed quickly.

I was nervous as a kitten. When we got there, I let her in, and watched her walk in front of me down the hall. I showed her the pics, leaning over her as she sat at the keyboard, drinking in her perfume, my cock taut, and offered her a drink.

I expected her to refuse, but she didn’t. I got her a white wine, and one for me. We drank, me searching canlı bahis for a way to progress this. If I had mis-read the signs, I could make a fool of myself, and ruin years of friendship. Fortunately, she gave me an opening. She suggested that she had a stiff neck from painting jobs she had been doing around the house. I quickly offered a massage, which she quickly accepted.

We moved to the family room. I asked her to sit in front of me on a stool, while I stood behind. I started slowly, concentrating on the neck. She closed her eyes, murmuring occasionally.

Gradually, as I felt her relax, I broadened my area of massage to include the whole of her lovely back. I kept saying how tight she was, but that she would be relaxed soon. “Good” she’d say. Now and then she would take a sip of wine.

I put on some relaxing music, and she commented how calm and relaxed she felt. I included her arms in my massage. She let me do what I liked.

Massaging her arms allowed me to make accidental contact with her breasts from the side. She made no effort to pull away. I wanted more of a signal, though. So I asked whether her legs were also sore from the painting jobs, and would they need massaging too. She readily agreed, and I knew I was on the right track, even though we had crossed no boundaries yet.

I asked her to lie on a couch, and I sat on a chair next to her, by her legs. The site of her bum made my prick engorge even more. Through her slacks, I massaged her calves and ankles, taking my time. She made appreciative little noises in her throat. Very gradually, I moved up to her thighs. Leisel made no attempt to stop me. My heart was pounding. I slowly massaged her thighs: soft but strong, in that way that women’s thighs can be. She had her legs open enough for me to massage around to the inside of the thighs, which I always considered very sexy. She would sigh occasionally. Otherwise, it was mainly soft music.

Since her eyes were closed, I decided to try a bold step. I stopped massaging and brought my face down to kiss the inside of one thigh through her trousers. She pretended not to notice. I kept massaging, then kissed her thigh again, then her calf, then massaging along the inside on one leg. I followed a track right up to her panties. When I made panty contact, I came back down, but there was no pulling away.

Then she turned her head to me and said “Oh Andrew,you do that so well. I feel so relaxed. I am like putty in your hands. You could do anything with me right now.” That gave me an opening. As she half-turned, I let my hand touch the breast that was facing me, and at the same time brought my lips to hers for a tentative kiss. She didn’t draw away. She let the kiss develop, and soon we were playing games with our tongues.

My god, this woman was more passionate than I had thought! In the meantime, my one hand was cupped around her little breast and the other was rubbing her arse. The line had been crossed and she had said “yes” all the way! My prick was bursting.

Leisel turned in my embrace and I let her sit up. Our mouths were still joined. I could now grasp either breast and she let me feel them all over. Her hands were on my head, through my hair, then one dropped down and stroked my back.

I decided to really test her out: I clasped her other hand and slowly brought it down below my waist. I fully her expected to draw back and refuse to go further, but she let me place it on my cock outside my trousers. I drew breath deeply as she started to stroke cock. I was so excited, I almost spent my load of cum right there. She kept her fingers there, playing with my grateful prick, as I got one hand inside her top and bra to tease her nipple. She made little groaning noises in her throat.

She bahis siteleri helped as I got off her top and then her bra [I noted in passing that it was a sexy black one, and wondered whether Leisel had planned that I would be seeing it today!] I could see her compact little boobs – very neat and perky for a 50+ woman]. I quickly lowered my mouth to her left breast. She loved it: was this the prudish woman I had always imagined? She growled in her throat, and held my head to her breast with one hand, while the other continued playing with my penis. My hands in the meantime found her pussy and began rubbing through her slacks.

She laid back against the couch and opened her legs for me, thrusting her hips into my hand. I was rubbing with one hand, licking one very erect nipple and feeling the other nipple with my other hand.

She broke away from my kiss to say “Oh god that feels so good, Andrew, don’t stop.”

I said, “I don’t intend to, my dear: I can feel that you are ready for me today.”

“Oh, I am, I am, dear Andrew”. I wondered whether I had totally misread Leisel all these years, and decided whether talking dirty turned her on. Such a seemingly prudish lady, but maybe that was all front?

“Leisel, tell me what you want.”

“You know what I want, Andrew.”

“I want you to tell me.”

“I thought it was obvious,” as she stroked my cock

“Maybe, but tell me,” I licked her nipple teasingly and rubbed lightly on her mound

“Well…I want you inside me…I’ve always wondered what you would be like in me.” She was still, not rubbing any more, maybe wondering how I would take this boldness.

“Oh, so you want my cock in your pussy?” as I made a grab at that part of her anatomy.

She giggled nervously. I thought for a moment I had taken it too far, but I went for broke, choosing that moment to reach for her trouser zip, She helped me by twisting her hips and I had the zip of her trousers down quickly as she helped me get them over hips and down. As I pulled them off her ankles, I said, “Tell me what you want, Leisel!”

She stopped, looked at me and then pulled down her panties, revealing a neat little blonde triangle between her legs. Looking me in the eyes, she said in a low but clear voice “Andrew, I want you to put your cock in my pussy.”

As she said it, she reached out for my zip and between us we got my trousers off in record time, then I let her pull the briefs down over my engorged cock. She looked directly at it with big eyes and said “and he’s such a big one too!” She examined it,then stunned me by cradling my balls in he hand then drawing her fingernail along the length of my prick. “Lovely” she said “Now get him in me!”

I threw off my shirt and followed her directions as she lay back on the couch with her cunt open to me.

I pushed, she opened and I was in! I couldn’t believe my luck, or the way is happened: I was in Leisel’s lovely cunt and she was loving it. She raised her hips, then drew up her legs and placed them on my arse, inviting me deep into her cunny.

Now she let herself go, and I was stunned again with her language. Since I had invited her to talk dirty, she let herself go. “Oh, Andrew, your cock feels so good in my pussy…oh, yes, fuck me please Andrew, with your big cock…oh my pussy loves that dear…oh deep like that…it’s so nice to have you in me at last..”

I guess I should have known that someone with a bossy tendency like Leisel would be talkative on the love-nest, but the dirty talk coming from so prim a mouth was a real turn on, and I was pumping for dear life. Then I felt a change in her and she was talking less and moving more, moving in rhythm with me.

I said “I’m going to cum, Leisel.” She didn’t seem bahis şirketleri to mind, saying “Oh cum hard in me Andrew, give me your cum dear, fuck me,” then she seemed to concentrate hard and all of a sudden I was riding a wave as she came herself, rolling at first then stiffening and gasping “fuck, fuck fuck.” That of course set me off, and I spurted into her wet hole. We kissed breathlessly.

We lay on the couch, fondling each other. A major step had been taken. What next? I decided it was in for e penny, in for a pound.

“Stay with me, Leisel.” She would be in her best friend’s bed with her best friend’s husband. “We are both lonely, Leisel, stay with me tonight, instead of going home to an empty house.” She hadn’t said anything. I knew she was tossing it over in her mind. “We can kiss and touch and hold each other all night if we want. We can hop out for a meal or order a take-away, or I can cook you a meal myself and we can breakfast together.”

All the time I was saying this, I was stroking her body, her thigh, her hip, her pussy mound, her tit. Her nipples were responding, I noticed, hardening under my finger’s light tease.

“Oh God, Andrew, what have we done? I don’t know why I did it,but it was so beautiful. I sort of feel guilty, but I so wanted it. I wanted you inside me today. I’ve wanted you inside me for so long.”

I kissed her shoulder and twisted so that my half-hard cock could fit in the crack of her buttocks. Instead of answering, I grabbed her hips and manouvred so that we were both kneeling on the floor, me behind Leisel and Leisel leaning on the couch. I eased her forward into doggie position one, and placed my cock behind her.

“What are you doing, Andrew?” she asked. I considered for a moment that maybe she had never done the doggie thing. Were there people who had never done doggie? What were they missing out on?

“I am going to give you a right royal, beautiful, wonderful, rogering, Leisel dear,” I said. She giggled nervously. I pushed her thighs a little apart and felt for her opening. She was still sopping wet. I pushed my cock and it went virtually straight in. I let it rest there, let Leisel adjust to what was maybe a new position for her.

“How does that feel, Leisel?”

“Oh, Andrew, that feels wonderful,” she said. ” I can really feel his length in there now.”

At that, I started pushing. She gave a surprised grunt. I started slow, but deep. She was soon moaning. I reached around for some tit. and balanced my other hand on her arse. As I got into rhythm, I massaged her bottom. then I moved slowly down to her arse button. I reached around got some pussy juice to moisten it. She seemed to catch her breath, but by now seemed to to trust that I would only do what would pleasure her.

I kissed her back and said:

“Tell me how my cock feels like that.”

“Oh, Andrew… it ..feels.. so.. good!”

I was using my free hand now to pull her hips so that she came onto my cock on the stroke. Soon she got the hint and moved her hips herself, to get me deep in her. She was grunting now.

“Oh do it deep Andrew,” she said, back in bossy mode – not that I minded in the least “Fuck me harder”. I abandoned her arse button for now, since I felt an orgasm was nto far off.

Her rhythms became more urgent, and she was almost yelling “Fuck, fuck Fuck me. Oh fuck me hard.” Then she was rippling like a wave and cumming hard and long. She came and was almost inert, collapsed forward onto her arms on the couch, but I was not finished. I struggled to keep my cock in her, but then I too was cumming and I too was almost yelling

“Oh, Leisel, I’m cumming in your lovely cunt, baby, Ohhhh.”

I lost it, and more juice filled her grateful hole. We collapsed on the floor, panting and sticky. I put my face to hers and we kissed tenderly.

“Stay the night, Leisel,” I said

“Oh OK, Andrew, you talked me into it,” she giggled again.

…end of part 1, to be continued…

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Summer with Millie

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Jack sat at the breakfast table waiting for his eggs to cook a bit more. Since his divorce he’d learned pretty well how to fend for himself. He had read cook books and watched cooking shows and by the spare tire he was beginning to develop, he knew he was onto something. He stood and straightened his pajama bottoms and moved to the stove where he carefully plated his meal and headed for the table carrying his newspaper, cup of coffee and plate. He had just sat down when the door seemingly kicked open startling him into spilling his coffee on his hand. He jerked it away and cried, “Fuck!” He shook his hand in obvious pain as he made for the front door.

Jack round the corner to find his ex wife Carla pushing a very large suitcase in front of her as she battled the door. She was a mature woman of forty six, five foot five, and short brown hair. No real remarkable physical features could he determine other than from memory as she pushed through the door. She wore a blue slack outfit, with low black heels and a nice white top covered with a jacket. From the look of it, she was going to work.

“Jack!” She called as he rounded the corner. She saw him coming and she began,

“Jack, I need you to watch Millie for a few weeks. The firm in all of its infinite wisdom has temporarily transferred me to the Minneapolis office.”

Jack said, “That’s too bad Carla. Sure I’ll be glad to have Millie for a bit. We haven’t spent time together in a long time. How old is she now?”

Carla stopped in her tracks and said, “You know very well that she’s eighteen as of last week, you were at her party remember?”

To which Jack replied, “Oh yea…”

Carla said “This is one of her suitcases, the rest is still at my house, here is the key, help yourself but for the love of God, do not snoop. Just take her over there, give her the key and wait by the door, she can get whatever she likes. Oh and by the way Jack I know you’re out of work just now so here’s five hundred dollars to help with the extra food and expense.”

Jack took her money and slid it into the breast pocket of his pajamas. Millie came through the door wearing her usual shorts and tight pullover top that he’d bought her for her birthday. She rushed inside, “Daddy!” she cried hugging him tightly. “It’s so good to see you!”

Jack stepped back and said, “Well look at you! Aren’t you beautiful?”

Millie slapped him mockingly on the arm and said, “Dad!”

Carla butted in, “Now Millie I want you to feel free to return home and take whatever belongings you need before the twenty eighth of this month. That’s when the movers are coming to collect my things and deliver them to me in Minneapolis. I’ve given your father some extra expense money but remember he’s not working just now, so if you need any more for any reason just call me.”

With that she kissed Millie on the cheek and said, “A moment Jack…” as she walked back to the door. Jack followed her.

Jack shouted back inside, “Make yourself at home Millie, I’ll be right back.” He closed the door and walked Carla back to her mini van. She opened the door and sat down on the driver’s side and rolled down her window and said, “Now Jack, back there you looked at me as if to say something, what was it?”

“Well Carla, I do need some money. I hate to ask but everything’s due and I just don’t want to inconvenience Millie, after all it’s not quite what she’s used to.”

Carla popped open her check book and said, “How much do you need?”

Jack said, “Really Carla I don’t know without going inside and figuring it out.”

She said, “Listen, I wouldn’t normally do this but take this blank check and pay your bills for three months. No phone or cell phone however, I’m trying to break Millie from talking to those boys till all canlı bahis hours of the night. Hopefully with summer break here, you live far enough away from the city that they won’t just show up on your doorstep. If you can keep her away from boys for the summer, I’ll pay your bills for the entire summer. All you have to do is watch her.”

Jack took the check and said, “Carla you know sometimes you make me wish you were still together.” Referring to the check he had in his hand.

She replied, “Well Jack, we did have our fair share of problems, and I don’t know if I’m ready to go through all that again. Don’t get me wrong Jack I still love you but I can’t live with you. The fighting between our families gave both of us such pressure that it tore us apart. I suppose it’s my fault though I did not think of the implications of marrying outside of my social circle, let alone how my father and mother would react to me marrying a blue collar man, but that’s a conversation for another time. I really have to go Jack. Good luck, if you need me call my cell phone.”

He sheepishly raised a hand as she started the car and drove off. He stood there holding the check which he dutifully placed in his pocket along with the five hundred dollars cash and returned to the front door.

Jack walked inside and said “Millie?” she said, “Up here dad!” He trudged up the steps and found her in his spare bedroom that really only had a mattress and box spring on the floor. She’d taken the liberty of dragging the heavy suitcase along with her.

He entered the room and again hugged her and said, “I’m just so glad to have you Millie!”

All her life Millie had looked towards her dad for approval, even after the divorce she’d call him for praise on every assignment, activity, or school function she’d participated in. When her graduation neared she again asked Jack to help her pick out her class ring and tassels. He had always felt needed by Millie and that’s what he wanted the most.

She said, “Dad is this where I’m sleeping?” Jack somewhat embarrassed said, “Ya know there might be a problem with this Mil, You’re not used to sleeping on the floor and I cannot ask you to do that. It’s just that since my company went belly up I haven’t been able to find work at all.” She smiled and said, “I know dad, its ok really.” Jack said, “Well I’ll admit I’ve slept there Mil and it’s not all that comfortable, maybe I should call your mother and see if she’d mind if I got you a new bed to sleep in while you’re here.”

Millie said, “Don’t dad please. All she ever does is fret over how spoiled I am with money. So maybe this will be good for me. We can at least try can’t we?”

Jack smiled at Millie, she’d really grown up since he’d last spent time with her. He took only a faltering moment and noticed how beautiful she was. He gazed at her brown legs and upwards to her plump ass and then her swollen breasts. She had her hair pulled into the cutest dog ears. Her look was enough to give Jack all the red flags he needed.

He turned and said, “Well Millie I’m going to fix breakfast once again would you like some eggs?” She said, “Yhea dad that would be great. But first I need a shower; mom rushed me out so fast this morning that I didn’t have time for one.”

Jack said, “By all means dear, just down the hall to your left, I’ll yell when breakfast is ready.”

She stooped and rummaged through her bag and found all her necessities and left Jack standing and went to the bathroom.

Jack wandered downstairs in no real hurry to begin. He heard the shower running and thought how good it felt not to be alone. For the first time in a long time, Jack hummed and sang as he fixed breakfast for the two of them. He prepared Eggs, Bacon, Biscuits, Juice and Milk and sat it all out on bahis siteleri the table.

Millie bounced down the stairs wrapped in one towel, while drying her hair with another. Jack was somewhat surprised that she hadn’t gotten dressed before coming to the table. She sat down. The towel was bunched up at the top pushing her cleavage farther and farther out. Jack couldn’t help but stare.

She looked up and caught him, “What daddy?” He jumped back to reality, “Oh I was just wondering if you thought the food was good?” Millie said “Oh yea, tastes great!” The two ate and had a great conversation all the while Jack was beginning to notice that his little girl was not so little anymore. The towel in which she was wrapped only managed to cover her rear as she sat in the chair beside him, while the ample bosom she was blessed with poured forth demanding his attention. Once he even thought he’d seen a pussy lip but was uncertain. He felt an unusual stirring in him for his daughter that he’d never felt before.

He stood to leave the table unaware that certain physical changes had taken over and he of all people was not the first one to know. Per his usual Jack would eat, stand and stretch his hands high and then he’d grab his plate and go to the sink with it. This time however Jack had a hard on and when he stood; there it was for the world to see. Millie said “Dad!” Jack looked down her eyes big and staring. He looked down as well and said, “Oh….Oh my God Millie, I’m sorry! That wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m so sorry!” He turned away from her as she broke out laughing.

Jack embarrassed as hell took his plate to the kitchen and did not return until his erection had gone away. Millie came to the kitchen before Jack had a chance to come back out. She said, “Dad, It’s OK, it’s not that big of a deal. I’m eighteen now and I’ve seen one of those a time or two.” Jack said, “You mean you’re not a virgin Millie?” She said, “Yes dad, I am but I’ve seen a dick or two in my time. You cannot go to high school as a girl without seeing one. Seems every date I had some guy was showing me his and begging me to touch it, or he was too busy going for my boobs!”

Jack said, “I’m sorry honey. Boys can be mean that way…”

She replied, “It’s not all bad Daddy, I mean it’s not like you did it on purpose or anything.”

Jack confidently said, “Well Mil, it’s like this you’re a beautiful young woman, I’m an old lonely man, so sure when I get around you it’s going to do that.” Jack wondered if he’d just offered up too much information to his daughter when she said,

“Well Dad it’s like this, when mom and I are at home, I just usually wear whatever I want, when I want. Mom and I don’t really hide from one another when we change or are in the toilet for some reason it just feels natural.”

Jack said, “Do you think it’ll be like that for us Mil?

She wrinkled her nose a little and said, “No.”

Jack asked, “Why?”

Millie said, “Well dad you are a guy after all and although I’ve seen a few penis’s before it would take me a while I guess to get used to seeing you in different stages of dress and undress.”

Jack said, “Don’t you think It’d be different for me Mil? I haven’t seen a woman nude in about five years now since Carla and I divorced. I’m not even sure I remember where everything’s at.” He laughed easily.

She stared down at the top of her towel to her cleavage and said, “Oh I think you remember exactly where everything is…”

She stood and went upstairs and momentarily came back down wearing only a pair of G-string panties and a tee-shirt that was cut high just enough to cover her breasts. She plopped down on the couch. Jack watched her for a few minutes and if he didn’t know any better he’d guess she was testing him, but he was bahis şirketleri not about to test the waters just yet.

He walked to the living room and sat down across from her. He couldn’t take his eyes off his beautiful daughter. He felt himself getting hard and decided to just let it happen. After all they were both adults and they would be able to control the stares. Jack watched TV and kept looking back from the TV to Millie. His cock grew rock hard as he sat there silently watching TV. Millie caught a glance as well at how her dad’s cock strained against the fabric of his pajama bottoms. She said, “Dad, if it’s going to stay hard like that, why you don’t just let it out.”

He sat slack jawed he couldn’t believe Millie had said that. He replied, “Do you really think its appropriate Millie?” She smiled and referred to herself, as appropriate as dressing this way in front of your dad I suppose…”

Jack said, “Honey did you go upstairs and put that on to tease me with?”

Millie said, “Well, yes and no. No because it’s what I’d normally wear at home with mom and yes because I like seeing it get hard!”

Jack laughed a bit and said, “I thought you’d seen a few and weren’t interested?”

Millie said, “I’ve seen a few yes, but I’ve always been interested dad!”

Jack asked once again, “You sure you wouldn’t mind Millie?”

Millie stood from the couch and walked over and grabbed Jack by both hands and said, “Come here fraidy’ cat. She stood before him and dropped to her knees and undid the tie on his pajamas. She slid them easily off his hips and down to his ankles. His rigid member swung free. Jack had to admit it felt good not to be cooped up inside those bottoms anymore. She had him step out of them and stood and picked them up and tossed them on the bottom step of the stairs. “There now, you can rest easy, look all you want, get as hard as you want and not be uncomfortable.”

Jack sat back down and said, “Well Millie Thank you. But you know if I sit here hard for long periods of time it begins to be painful!” Millie said, “Tell you what, come over here and sit down beside me.” Jack did as she instructed. She scooted over to where they were arm against arm. She said, “Now daddy just relax and watch TV.”

Jack began watching television trying not to be aroused at the fact that his daughters arm was rubbing against his and here he sat nude from the waist down sporting the biggest hard on of his life.

Millie reach down and grabbed his throbbing cock and began jacking him off as they watched television. She stroked his tool both calmly and professionally. She turned a little and cupped his balls as she jacked him off, faster and faster.

Jack blurted, “I’m goanna cum!”

Millie continued jacking her daddy watching the milky white cum shoot from the head of his cock onto the floor in front of him. She continued until he had gone limp and the sensations in his now dying cock began to get painful. She stopped and held onto his cock for long moments smearing the cum around the head of his penis. She let go and stood and walked to the kitchen. He heard the sound of running water and momentarily she came back in and sat down as if nothing happened.

Jack said, “Millie, you want to talk about what just happened?

Millie replied, “No, what’s there to talk about?”

Jack stated, “Well, you just gave your father a hand job, don’t you think that’s worth talking about?”

Millie responded “It’s like this dad, I’ve had to do that with boys before and I know it feels good to you guys and I enjoy doing it. I may not know how to do much else, but Richard my old boyfriend said I was the best at it.”

Jack said, “Yep he was right Millie.”

She stretched and her beautiful tits fell free of her top she said, “Think I’m going to take a nap now daddy. If you need a hand again, just yell.”

With that Jack watched her bound up the stairs and disappears. He looked at his cock and thought, ‘Damn it’s good to have a family.’

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House Sitting… Ch. 02

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Continuation of “House Sitting…”. Male perspective for a female reader. You become a bit more… submissive…

VERY rusty in story telling… may change this in time. But looking to get back into story telling, and this is step one…


Your mind is reeling at this sudden realization. I’m NOT who you thought I was. I’m NOT Scott. I’m his friend, whom you sorta know. And now, I’m balls deep in your ass, with your hands behind your head, your feet chained to a bar to each other, and me showing no signs of stopping…

Coming down from your orgasm, you say, “Tyler… you… you shouldn’t be… mmmm… doing this… you need to stop… I was… was… ugh!… was exp-p-peting Scott… He should be the oneOH! … fffffucking me right now…”

I continue to fuck your tight asshole, slowly, giving you time to recover. “You’re right, I SHOULDN’T be fucking you. It’s wrong, and immoral the way I tricked you. Fair enough.” I pull out of your ass, pulling a disappointed sigh from you, then toss you on the bed. “You were waiting for Scott, so I’ll leave you for Scott as you intended.” With that, I hook your hands back to the rope at the top of the bed. I blindfold you again and put the vibrator back into your pussy, only set on medium this time.

You moan at the medium setting. Then I say, “I’ll leave you alone until Scott comes back. He should be back in a week or so.” You begin to protest, but I’ve walked out and close the door behind me, leaving pendik escort you tied up and with a vibe stimulating you…

I leave you alone for what feels like days… the vibe and the lack of visible stimuli making time hard to track… (Unbeknownst to you, I’ve taken a shower, gotten some grub, drank some water, and have had more alcohol.)

After what feels like a week, you hear the door open again. “Who’s there?” you ask, breathing heavily. “T-Tyler? Scooooott?” You hear foot steps walk toward you, you feel your pussy gush in anticipation… you no longer know what you want…

You hear a whisper in your ear, “Are you a cock hungry slut?” You gasp at the question and in a sensual manor… you breath, “No… I’m just Scott’s…” With that you feel a sharp slap on your face, followed by another on the opposite side, followed by another of the first side. It hurts… but at the same time… feels right…

“Basic rations, then,” you hear. “Here’s some water…” You feel a straw at your lips, and after some time thinking, suck cautiously… You are rewarded with clean tasting water, so you drink greedily, it’s been forever since you’ve had a drink. The straw is pulled away from you. Something else is pressed against your lips. “Granola bar” you hear me say. You lick it, and yes, it seems to taste like granola as you remember. You take a nibble, and that checks out too. So you take big bites, it’s been so long since you’ve eaten. I offer you two more before you are full.

Once you escort pendik are sated, I turn your Vibe up to max and say, “Goodnight, bitch.”

With that, I walk out of the room, closing the door behind me, leaving you alone, all tied up, with a high intensity vibe in your pussy all night…

(I drink more, play some games, watch some videos, and fall asleep…)

After what feels like an eternity, you hear the door open again. “Good morning, bitch. Did you sleep at all?” Moaning, panting, and weak curses are all I hear. “So that’s a no, then?”

“F-f-f-fuuuuuck yyooouuuuu, T-tyyyyleeerr… uuuuuugghhh…” I chuckle to myself at your response. “Oh come now, I came here to help you. I could leave you here, all by your lonesome. Or have you forgotten the kindness I have shown you by giving you water and feeding you yesterday?” With that, I hear a halfhearted groan, before you relax a bit…

“Ok,” I say, “I’m to horny this morning for games… so here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to free your hands from the links chaining you to the bed, and we’ll see what happens…” With that, I undo the link of your cuff links and the rope tied to the bed, I then undo the cufflinks from each other, giving you full range of motion with your hands…

You hesitate… think… consider… You crawl to the end of the bed, toward the mirror… then stop… head down, ass up… “P…Please… Tyler… Fuck my ass… ” I move toward you… then slap your ass hard… “You want ME to fuck you? What pendik escort bayan would Scott think?”

You turn you head toward me and giggle, “Just think of that song, silly,” (and with that you sing the Eurotrip song… ). “Scotty doesn’t know, that Fiona and me, do it in my Van every Suuuuuuunddaaayyyyyyy…: with that I shove my cock in your ass again… pulling a long moan from your slutty mouth…

I reach down, grip you by the throat, and pull you up against me as I fuck your ass. I lean down and nibble on your ear before I whisper to you, “You will cum for me and continue to cum for me for as long as I see fit…” At this, you cum, and cum hard!…

I continue to fuck your ass. You come down from your high, but still feel me. “TYLER! PLEASE! GIVE ME A MOMENT TO GET MY BEEEEAAARINGSS…” you shout at me.

I stop, giving you a chance to catch your breath… But after a few seconds, I hear… “D…don’t stop… fuck me.. ravage me… claim me as your bitch!” With that, I backed off, allowing other women to try to make their mark… my local source exposing me to more chicks than I needed this week…

By now, I NEED to cum, and you happen to be the asshole closet to me… I grab your hips and pump for all I’m worth… I fuck you hard and fast, hearing you moan, feeling you clench… eventually… you cum… and I cum in your ass very soon after…

We cuddle as we feel our friends take the political heat off us from the possible allies wanting our sexual flesh…


Short story, waiting a revision or a part 3. Just a romp into getting back into writing after VERY long hiatus… please, comment your views, good, bad, how to improve, anything…


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House Guest

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It took a lot of planning, but my wife had worked on a 30 year reunion of her high school mates from when they had a large group that spent a summer in Italy. There were about 30 or 40 people spread around the world and their mentor had remained close but was in failing health. So my wife Ann and her friend Sue had planned for a year to have whoever could come for a weekend of parties in honor of their ailing friend. About 25 of those 40 people were planning to come and 3 of them were planning on staying at our house.

After months of phone calls, organizing and arranging, Ann’s plan was coming to fruition and I was just playing along and trying to play good host and good husband over the weekend. Some of these people I had met over the years and many I hadn’t. And even many coming Ann and Sue hadn’t seen since high school 30 years ago. So they were all excited to see some long-lost friends and once the party started with people Friday, there were tears of joy and screaming about their lives and recapturing the fun of their youth.

One of the women staying with us was Gwen. She was apparently rather wild at the time, given the stories I heard from others as they were remembering—some with different details than others—their experiences in Italy. There was some partner swapping and ‘hooking up’ with some of the locals, and by many accounts, Gwen was an active participant in many of these escapades.

She was still quite stunning now at 48 years old. Raven-haired, curvy and still exuding the sexuality that she must have had then, now with maturity and experience that made her even more sensual. I was vicariously enjoying some of the more bawdy stories the women told, of how they picked up some local guys and showed them a good time. And as the Friday evening moved on, the stories got more detailed and it was quite funny how each person recalled a slightly different version of some of the events.

They had planned on going out about 9 pm to a club near our house, and some of the 25 people who were supposed to come were going to meet the group there. I was not planning on attending this event to stay with our kids. So about 10 pm, the kids were asleep and I was cleaning up the kitchen. I didn’t expect people home until well after midnight, and by 11, I was up in our bedroom just lying on the bed watching TV in my boxers. I heard someone come in and come up the stairs and go into the guest room. I didn’t expect anyone to come home that early and then after a moment, I heard the toiled flush and then a gentle knock on our door, which was just ajar.

Gwen peeked her head in and asked if she could come in a moment. She was wearing a rather short night shirt/shorts combo thing…

“Hey Gwen…come on in. How come you’re home early?”

“Hey Bob…sorry to intrude. I just wasn’t feeling too well, and had to bail on the party just a bit early.”

“Can I get you anything?”

“No thanks…I’m ok…I just wasn’t feeling up to a late night and took a cab home. I can’t quite party like I used to, you know…I thought I might turn in early”

“Sure sounds like you used to know how to have fun, according to some of those stories I heard.”

“That was a long time ago…don’t believe all those things you heard.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and we were both quiet for a moment watching the news.

“Thanks for having all of us at your house Bob. I’m sure it’s a drag to have all these people invading your home for a weekend,” she said after a time.

“Oh sure…it’s really no big deal. Ann and Sue did all the planning. I’m just the hired help.”

“You guys have a lovely home. I’m glad to stay here rather than a hotel.”

“Thanks. Happy to have you here. Did you bring your husband?”

“No, I’ve been widowed for about 3 years now. He died from a heart attack rather suddenly.”

“I’m sorry Gwen…I had forgotten that. He was young then to die from a heart problem..”

“Yeah…it was quite sudden. He wasn’t sick or anything. I really struggled for a while. I still miss him, but I’ve been able to move on, as they say one should. Stages of grief and all that shit…”

“So you live alone then?”

“Yep…afraid so. It’s hard to be a single woman again, after years of having a partner and friend like I had with Bill.”

“I just can’t imagine.”

Gwen seemed sad all of a sudden, no doubt memories of her time with her husband coming back to her. I wasn’t sure if she wanted to talk about this or if she just wanted pendik escort to talk to someone about anything else.

“Yeah…we were life mates. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to move on after he died. But time does heal, as trite as that sounds and as many times as I heard that, it is true. One does move on and things get better. There are hard times though, still and I’m sure will always be.”

“No doubt…it must have been quite a struggle to get over the loss of your spouse.” I offered, still not really sure if she wanted to talk about this sadness, or what.

“There’s a lot I miss about him. And it is really a drag trying to get back into the dating game after all this time.”

“I’m sure things are really quite different than they used to be.”

“You got that right. Now there’s e-dating, texting, facebook, and all that tech stuff…I’m not real good at that. I’m still a bit old-fashioned I guess. I’d rather meet and talk to someone, normal like…”

“Yeah…we’re trying to understand how young people manage these days…”

It seemed like she just wanted to talk a bit, and the crowd scene from the reunion was a bit more than she was wanting to do in spite of being around lots of her friends.

“It’s doubly hard seeing all these old school folks in their happy lives now…makes me just a bit lonely even after all these years…” Gwen said, wringing her hands together.

“From what I’ve heard Gwen, there’s lots of folks from your old days that have their fair share of problems.”

“Yeah…perhaps you’re right about that. I haven’t been in touch with many people from those old days.”

“Have you met anyone else since your husband died? A man that is…” I asked, since she seemed to be lonely and wanted to talk.

“Not really…a couple dates. But that’s it. I haven’t been with a man, you know sexually, in three years,” Gwen said, plainly and without any embarrassment. It was just a frank statement. But as she said this, her hand wringing became more of an absent stroking of her thigh. Suddenly the ball game on television that I was glancing at wasn’t that interesting anymore.

“That must be a drag…”

“You got that right. We used to do it all the time…going from that to nothing ain’t fun.”

“I sure don’t want to imagine that scenario.”

The conversation was getting a bit more filled with sexual overtones and definitely in an interesting direction.

“Do you and Ann do it a lot then?” Gwen asked, looking at the tv.

“Yeah…I guess a lot…”

“What’s considered a lot these days?”

“2-3 times per week, I guess.”

“Bill and I would have sex about every day. Well, not always sex, but something…we used to do lots of massages. They weren’t always sexual but some kind of massage and touching was part of most of our days. I miss that touch…just touching another person can be so therapeutic, makes us connect as people.”

“Sounds fun…” I began to get a bit of a stirring in my loins.

“Sometimes when one of us wasn’t into it, then the other one would get the massage. It didn’t always turn into something, but it was our way of connecting with each other.”

“What else did you guys do?” I asked, now more interested in details.

“We’d sit and talk some days…drinking champagne…there wasn’t always lots to say, but we’d just be near each other without all the normal daily distractions.”

“Sounds like you guys had a special relationship…I am sorry for your loss Gwen.”


I was just absently stretching my feet and rolling my ankles as we were talking, and my toes cracked a bit.

“Your feet bothering you Bob? I can do a pretty good foot massage you know…”

“Wow…if you’re offering, I can hardly decline that.”

She slowly reached out and pulled one foot to her lap and started rubbing my sore arches. Deep, firm strokes across my feet with very strong fingers.

“Gwen…that’s awesome…my feet get so sore standing most of the day.”

“You’re welcome…you have very nice feet you know…”

“Thanks…feels great…”

“Got any lotion?” She reached up to the drawer of the bedside table and found the ubiquitous lotion I keep there.

“How’d you know there’d be some there?” I asked.

She just smiled and said, “most people have some lotion next to their bed…comes in handy for a variety of uses.” Her comment was punctuated by a sly smile and squeezing out the white, cool lotion onto her hand and escort pendik then resuming her massage of my feet.

“Wow…that feels incredible. You have great hands Gwen…”

“Feet can be very sensual, you know. The Chinese felt that there was a connection between the feet and the sexual energy.”

“You don’t say…”

“Sure…one of the body’s meridians runs from the feet to the chi…the body’s center of energy.”

“Interesting…sure helps the sore feet,” I said, trying to ignore the inkling of a stirring in my groin. I couldn’t deny how good her hands felt on my sore feet and the slick slippery motion of her hands on my skin were unmistakably like some other slick stroking I so loved.

Gwen then pulled my other foot up to her and then sat between my feet, rubbing the arches of my feet and reapplying lotion to her hands with slow deliberate motion, knowing full well I think that I was intently watching her hands’ every move. She kept one foot on the floor and sat Indian-style with her other knee bent.

I’m not sure from where she was sitting, but my boxers were getting a bit tight at the crotch and loose at the leg. I could imagine that she could see my crotch and balls from where she was sitting. And I looked up at her from the mesmerizing sight of her hands on my feet, covered with wet, slippery white lotion. She was really quite beautiful, raven hair hanging down her face and ending at the opening of her buttoned blouse. Her thighs were also spread apart and I couldn’t quite see between her legs, but my imagination was filling in the details of the parts I couldn’t see.

And with all this input, I just couldn’t stop the erection from bobbing along as it progressed its merry way to completion, pointing straight up towards my stomach. Gwen seemed intent on her task of the very pleasurable foot massage. I wasn’t sure if it was her suggestion of the connection with my sexual energy and the foot meridian or the incredibly sensual view of her creamy hands on my feet, but I was immensely turned on by now. I could just imagine her hands covered with lotion stroking my now very hard cock.

I caught a glimpse of Gwen looking up my legs, not sure if she was looking at my aching balls, or up at my cock tenting my shorts. But either way, she was getting a view of more than I was intending to show. I was just a bit embarrassed and said I was sorry, but I couldn’t help getting turned on by her foot massage.

“Don’t worry about that a bit Bob…it can be a very powerful connection…it’s bound to happen…” Gwen said, acknowledging my erection without any sign of embarrassment. But I could definitely sense more than a bit of arousal on her part too, with a glassy look in her eyes, dilated a bit more than one would expect in the lighted room.

She continued to rub one foot, then the other, softly pulling on toes, massaging the arches and finding sore spots that I didn’t know I had.

“I didn’t realize how sore my feet really were…”

“Our feet can take a beating standing all day…”

For another wonderful 10 minutes or so, she kept rubbing my feet and I kept willing my erection down. But it was not to be. Her touch so aroused me and the sight of her hands on my skin and her hair cascading over her shoulders and her bare thighs against my legs were just too much sensory input to overcome. I just couldn’t get the image of her hands stoking my cock so that my come were coating her hands instead of that lotion. That image persisted and surely contributed to my aching erection.

“How long has it been Bob?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, since you last had an orgasm?” she asked, still stroking my feet but now plainly looking at my raging cock.

“It’s been a few days now…with all the preparations you know…been sort of busy around here.”

“Poor thing…a man shouldn’t have to go long without some release…”

Her foot massage became more of a caressing and more along my ankles and calves. I’m sure if she even so much as touched my cock I would explode in seconds.

“Just a bit of a dry spell…happens every once in while…”

“Haven’t you even taken care of yourself?”

“Well…no, not really…”

“You can now if you want…”

I wasn’t sure what to say…I was so achingly hard and needing to come. It had been days with all the preparations, and I just didn’t masturbate to take the pressure off. Now some serious pressure had built up in the last 45 minutes…

“Really Bob…it’s pendik escort bayan ok…I understand…”

“You mean you want to watch?”

“Why yes…I’d like to, if you wouldn’t mind. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a man erect…I’d be most obliged if you’d let me watch you pleasure yourself…”

I thought for a minute…what’s the harm in that? I was still watching her hands stroke my legs and I was so hard and so turned on…

I lifted my hips and pulled my boxers up and over my cock and the Gwen reached up and helped remove them from my legs.

“Oh my Bob…that’s a wonderful cock…so big…so hard…” her voice took on more of a whisper than before. Just the sound of her voice and the word ‘cock’ out of her mouth was so arousing, as if I needed more than I already had. I was ready to burst and I hadn’t even been touched yet.

I took the shaft of my cock in my hand and just squeezed, so as not to erupt just yet.

I looked up at Gwen and she was transfixed to the sight of my now exposed cock, and in fact I was laying completely naked on the bed with her fully clothes sitting at the foot of the bed. Her hands now just on automatic and absently caressing my legs as I started to stroke my cock.

“Don’t come just yet Bob…I know you’re close…just let me savor this…it’s been so long since I’ve been able to see a lovely sight such as this…” her voice barely audible…her eyes now filled with lust.

I slowly stroked my cock still, watching her hands on my legs, inching a bit higher, now to my knees.

“I suppose this is only fair…” Gwen said, taking her hands from my legs and unbuttoning her nightshirt, pulling it off her shoulders exposing her lovely breasts. God, they were lovely…not large, but perfectly shaped and with only the slightest sag and topped with small, tight nipples, very erect.

Her hands cupped underneath her breasts and held them in her hands, feeling their weight and it was my turn to gasp a bit, wishing I were those hands.

“You look beautiful Gwen…so beautiful…you have lovely breasts…I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out…”

“I know…it’s been a while and you’ve been hard now for a while…just a bit more though, ok? Please…”

“I’ll try…”

“It’s so very sexy watching your hands on your cock…very private…very erotic…Bob…”

“Gwen…it’s close…”

“I can tell…it’s getting bigger…I can see it…” She put her hands on my thighs now, leaning closer to me, her breasts hanging down with such a tantalizing view. They were swaying softly as her body moved with mine.

Her hands were now massaging my inner thighs, close to my balls, tightly pulled in to my body ready for release.

“Oh god…I’m gonna come…Gwen…gonna….” I moaned, pulling on my cock watching her breasts and body leaning towards me.

“Bob…let it go…come now baby…let me see you come…”

Then come I did, with force to shoot the first spurt up towards my neck and cheek, and I felt it land there with an audible splat, followed by another spurt close by and then again to my chest, then to my stomach, until the flow ebbed, dripping down my hand and fingers.

“Oh Bob…that was unbelievable…that was a strong come, wasn’t it?”


“Wow…amazing…I loved that…I’m sure that felt good, didn’t it?”

“Holy shit did that feel good…”

“Long time between coming isn’t good for you, you know.”

“I know…”

“That shot so far…” Gwen said, reaching up to my neck and scooping up drops of come running down my cheek and neck and bringing them slowly to her mouth after inhaling deeply. “I love the smell of a man’s come…and you taste so good too…it’s been way too long…”

“That’s’ very sexy you know…”

“What is?”

“This…seeing you partly naked, tasting my come and hearing your sexy voice…”

“Yeah…I suppose it is…”

“What about you?” I asked, still holding my hard, wet cock.

“It was so sexy watching you Bob…people will come home soon…I’d better get back to my room. I’ll have to take care of myself later though. I’m so wet and I don’t want to do anything to hurt my friend.”

“You’re probably right…thanks though. This was a real treat. I didn’t expect this.”

“Neither did I. I hope you’re not mad at me…”

“No…probably a good idea to keep this to ourselves, don’t you think?”

“That’s definitely so…good night Bob.” She stood and leaned up to me and softly kissed my cheek that had previously been dripping with come. “Mmmmm….so good.”

“Good night Gwen. See you tomorrow.”

Quite the odd turn of events…but not as odd as what happened the next night…

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Hotel Surprise

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Is a looker. I have known them both for years. Long enough we can all sit and talk about nothing, share old stories, and banter for hours. I stay with them whenever I happen to be back in the old stomping grounds. They are great people.

She is five foot ten, probably one-sixty-ish. She is not a small lady but she has all the right curves. She is an active woman owning a muscular, defined set legs supporting a set of hips you just want to grab hold of. A thin midsection leads to a set of glorious tits. I have no idea what size they are but they must be 36C, maybe D. They are always supported by a Wonderbra and she keeps them high, slightly separated, with just even showing to make you stare. There rounded tops divided by a soft canyon hiding delicious nipples. But more about them later.

Her dark hair is cut short; hanging just to the shoulder with a slight inward curl. It frames a round face with deep dark blue eyes. A set of high cheekbones extends a smile across her face. Full lush lips give her mouth an inviting look, a look which makes every man wonder what they would look like wrapped around their cock. It doesn’t help she is meticulous about her appearance and loves ruby red lipstick.

But back to her tits. I have tried to see them. Yes I have tried but she keeps them under guard. Even her bathing suits are padded and supportive. When they were married in Mexico she padded around the hotel pool in a Bikini. It held up her tits, perfectly placed, and only showing what she allowed. Even stretched out on a lounge chair no nipples. I was forced to imagine them; smarties, probably light brown, and begging to be suckled and nuzzled.

The suit did show off her awesome ass and grab me hips. I had to be careful not to get catch ogling as she pulled the fabric out of ass or adjusted her tits. I spent lots of time in the pool nursing a raging boner.

The site of her lounging on her back; tits in the air, gentle crease of pussy lips, and the sight of a stray cunt hair poking out, gave me spank material for a month.

Sadly she is my friend and my friend’s wife. Off limits!

Or so I thought.

I was stuck in the city on business, over a weekend with nothing to do. My flight home had been delayed due to the weather and then canceled due to worse weather. Finally when I thought it leave the airport shut down. Seems airplanes can’t fly in blizzards, who knew?

So there I was hanging out in the big city with nothing to do but hide from a blizzard and watch my week long hunting trip vanish in the snow. I was supposed to be landing right now, grabbing my gear and heading out on an ice fishing trip. Well maybe the guys would wait; right and maybe the closet in my hotel room is really a teleporter.

At least the hotel room was nice. I ended up with a suite. King size bed, balcony, and an ocean view you couldn’t see. The airport closure had left a room shortage and I received the free upgrade.

What to do? It is only five o’clock and I am bored. I fire up the internet and check the email, send some notices about being stuck, check the news, confirm the horrid weather, and log into crack-book.

Up comes my profile and what do I see, those wonder tits are stuck pendik escort here in same blizzard, in the same city.

Profile reads: Flight canceled due to the weather, can’t find a place to stay. Hotels all full. Send from my mobile device.

Well only one option here. I grab my cell and punch in her number. Ringing, Ringing, Ringing;

“Hey, hows things?”

“Well sitting in a king size hotel room bed watching my weekend plans disappear with a blizzard. Hear you are looking for a place to stay?” I try and keep my voice calm, don’t want to sound too excited.

Insert invitation “Why don’t you come and share my room with me? I’m hanging my hat at the Regent on Main. Have you had dinner yet?”

She pauses before answering me; weighting options “Sure, let me grab a cab and will see you in a few. Dinner sounds great I’m starving.”

Next thing you know she is knocking at the door. She enters, dragging a small carry-on and tote bag. Dressed in a tight pair of jeans and blouse, her tits perfect as always.

“Thanks. I was starting to think I would have to sleep at the airport.” She said.

“No problem, like I wouldn’t share. Let’s go get some dinner.”

Down to the restaurant. As we share dinner, swapping stories, laughing at old stories. She regales me tales of her husband and our mutual friends I haven’t seen in a while. The whole time I try to maintain eye contact with those tits right across the table.

We end up sitting in the restaurant for a couple hours; dinner, dessert, and coffee. I grab the bill;

“My treat. I make more than you anyway.” I offer.

“No, let me get it. You already paid for the room.” The counteroffer.

“Nope. My treat. I insist. You can get the next one. Plus I stay with you guys whenever I head out your way.” Check paid.

Still laughing over some out story we head up to the room. Getting into the elevator she slips on the door track and falls into me. We end up against the back wall, her glorious tits squished up against me.

“Oops, sorry.” She looks embarrassed, face turning slightly red.

“It happens.” I reply, holding on to her to extend the feeling of her tits against me.

I release her as she gets her balance back but she stays close, looking up at me…

Ding! The doors open. Damn.

We walk to room.

“I’m going to grab a shower. Then I will take the couch.” She says opening her bags rummaging for around looking for something.

“Nay, you take the bed. And leave me some hot water please.” Came my reply as I flop onto the couch and fire up the TV.

“Well we can fight over the bed later.” She states, very matter of fact and closes the bathroom door.

I hear the water and glance over at her bag. I am tempted to look for her panties. Yes, I am a little perverted, but really what man isn’t? I resist, I don’t want to get catch rooting in her laundry.

The water stops and a few minutes later she emerges wrapped in a towel. Hair dripping, holding dirty clothes in one hand and keeping her towel up with the other.

“Your turn” She says, focused on digging through her luggage.

“You leave me some hot water?” I ask.

My answer is just a look; escort pendik a quick glare from under her hair. A half evil eye half sarcastic smile. One of those looks you get when you ask a good friend a stupid question.

I grab a hot shower; contemplate rubbing one out in order to stem the build up from staring at her tits all through dinner. But I resist. Why? I don’t know.

I get out; wrap a towel around my waist realizing I have no clean clothes in the bathroom. So much for a little modesty, not the first time I have been half naked in front of her. But the first time in a hotel room. My mind quickly fills with half dissolved images of scenes from cheesy porn flicks complete with the goof ball music. My cock obviously thinks this is reality and springs to attention; ready for action.

I open the door and walk out, turning my back quickly to her to hide my slowly easing cock. Down Boy, don’t embarrass me.

“Sorry. I forgot clean clothes. Give me a second” I say heading for my suitcase. I try not to look at her. Hard to hide a raging hard on with only a towel.

“Can I ask you a question? I need your opinion on something.”

Her question seems innocent enough.

“Sure let me throw some pants on first.” I answer digging out a pair of flannel lounge pants. With my back turned to her I carefully pull on the pants and toss the towel onto the floor. As I turn around my eyes fall out of my head.

She is wearing a silk nightie. In my hotel room.

It is red in colour and comes down to mid thigh. The thin shoulder straps barely look capable of holding in her tits. Her nipples are trying to poke through the fabric, her tits stretching the top hem. Lace trim at the top almost ready to unravel. Those glorious tits seemed to spring from her chest.

She was gently drying her hair by ruffling it with her towel.

Her nipples are the size of smarties and they are staring straight at me. Erect and straining against the fabric, jiggling with the motions of her drying her hair with a towel.

Her hair is still dripping and there are droplets of water making little rivers on the tops of her breasts. Leaving little wet spots on taunt fabric.

I was speechless. My cock was instantly back to raging hard, turning my pants into a circus tent.

Before I could react she smiles at my reaction and asks her question;

“I got my husband an early Christmas present and I want your opinion. I am not sure if he will like it.” She drops her towel and pinches the edges of her nightie with her fingers and slowly lifts it up to reveal her pussy, completely hairless.

“I got my pussy waxed today. Totally Brazilian and I am not sure if he will like it.” She pinched the hem of her nightie with two fingers and slowly raised it up; adopting a slight curtsy position. Her pussy lips moving apart still damp from her shower.

My cock was straining against my pants. The engorged head trying to sneak a peak out of the single button fly.

She was smiling at me while holding her delicate position. Waiting for my answer. I was dumbfounded. How do you answer this question?

My silence was mistaken for dislike.

“You don’t like it do you?” She said, lowering pendik escort bayan her hem and turning red. A look of rejection playing across her face. She sank down to sit on the bed.

I close the distance between us, “No I love it but I need a closer look. Please show me again.”

As I get closer she slides off the bed and kneels down in front of me, looking up with starving eyes and she deliberately lowers on skinny shoulder strap at a time freeing her tits. They bounce softly has they come free, her light brown nipples surrounded by perfectly circular areola. Absolutely faultless tits.

I try to say something, anything, but my vocal cords are frozen. Not even a grunt, a groan, a squeak, can get out.

She places her right hand on balls gently cupping them and uses her fingers to push my rigid cock to my stomach. She looks up and gives me the look again, the evil eye mixed with sarcasm. Only this time I see mischief and lust.

With her left hand she hooks the waist band of my pants and pulls them down over my cock. My cock tries to spring free but her fingers enclose it, squeezing, slowly stroking as she guides it to her luscious lips. Her lips plant a sweet kiss to the underside of my cock head while she pushes my pants to my ankles.

“Cum on my big beautiful tits. I know you love my tits. I see you staring at them all the time. Now cover them with your cum!” She grabs my cock with one hand and swallows it in between her lips. Pumping my cock she tucks her free arm under her tits and lifts them up, cradling them with the crook of her arm, forcing them together.

Soon I am pistoning my cock in and out of her hot mouth, her lips massaging my cock with each stroke. She lets go of my cock and grabs my ass, holding my hips still and deep throats me; her tongue rasping my balls.

She holds me in her steamy mouth for an eternity before slowly releasing me inch by inch. With each inch the suction around my head increases, her tongue swirls circles on my swollen head, the intense feeling of her tongue brings the pressure of my balls to boil. With practiced motions she uses her pouty lips to squeeze my cock while her tongue focuses on my over-sensitive cock head.

I feel the pressure in my balls building, my cock swells, entrapped in her hot mouth.

Slick with her saliva, her fist pummels me while she sucks my engorged head. She must have felt the sudden release, popping my cock out of her mouth she pumps my cum onto her tits.

One, two, three blasts of hot, sticky, pearly white cum lands onto her tits; her hand a flurry of motion, extracting every last drop. She stops pumping and squeezes, holding the last orgasmic contraction; my body tenses, ready to physically blow apart.

My white cream lays splattered on the tops of her tits, leaking down into the soft crevasse. Licking the last drop of sperm off my cock she moans and releases me from her grip. Still looking up at me she rubs my cum into her tits.

“You cum feels so nice on my tits. So warm, so silky. I love cum on my tits.” She purrs, rubbing cum into her nipples.

Slowly she gets up, still massaging cum into her tits. Looking into my eyes she uses her finger to scoop up a dollop of cum decorating her chest and sucks it off.

“Mmmm, you are so sweet. Get some rest while I go wash up. The weather is supposed to be bad all weekend and you still haven’t told me if you like the look of my pussy yet.”

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Saga of Littown Ch. 11

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Author’s Note: Anyone still reading should know the drill. This series is mainly about incest and jokes that only work some of the time, and a bunch of other fetishes strewn all over the floor to be accidentally stepped on when you’re not looking. Enjoy.


Emily’s eyes opened wide and bright as soon as she woke up. She immediately flung back the covers to check on spiffy new penis. Her ensuing cry of despair startled Jaime out of bed, and he crashed to the floor.

“What?” Jaime asked, his head poking back up over the edge of the bed like a ground hog. “What’s the matter? Are we under attack?”

“Worse,” Emily sobbed disconsolately.

“You’re pregnant?”

“Even worse!”

“You’ve been mind controlled to hate sex again?”

“Wor- no wait, not that bad.” Emily shivered at the memory.

Jaime pondered a moment. “You woke up and aren’t horny?”

“As if that would ever happen. No, Jai, my cock’s gone.”

“Ah, yes, so it is.”

Emily stared sadly at her crotch where her beautiful, shiny new penis had turned back into her plain, boring old strapon. It used to be her favourite thing, but couldn’t very well compare to the actual flesh and blood version.

“That’s such a tease,” Emily muttered. “I had such plans for my cock.”

“By any chance, did all these alleged plans involve ruthlessly pounding my mouth and ass and filling me up with a ridiculous amount of girl-cum?”

“Um… probably. Let me check.” Emily pulled out her schedule for the next week. She traced her finger across line after line involving gratuitous, brotherly incest. “Hm, yep. Pretty much. That wasn’t very good scheduling, though. I really should have left room for fucking a few other people in there somewhere.” Emily tossed her planner away. “But I guess it doesn’t matter now.”

Jaime’s butt relaxed in relief at not being the target of an inhumane amount of luxurious fucking.

“You got your pussy back,” Jaime said, attempting to point out a bright side. “That’s pretty nice.”

Emily was unconvinced. “Is it though?”

“Of course it is. Your sweet cunt’s one of the top three things I love most about you.”

Emily bit her lip. She was swayed by her brother’s romantic flattery, but not yet convinced. “But I liked having a cock better.”

“I know, Em. It’s rough. Let me make it better for you.”

Jaime pulled off her strapon and lay down between her legs. He buried his face in her cute little pussy and licked enthusiastically. He, for one, was much happier eating out her tasty snatch that trying to accommodate her big girl-cock being jammed down his throat over and over. He was just weird that way.

Emily chilled out as she was licked to orgasm by her beloved brother. She relaxed even more when he shoved his cock inside her and began battering her uterus. It was so considerate of him to give her a nice, hard fucking when she was feeling so disheartened. He was always thinking of her.

The siblings had lovely incestuous sex for a while, and Emily gradually felt more and more like her usual self. She still longed for her cock, but getting to feel her brother’s dick all up inside her ovaries was nice too.

Jaime was doing his best to pound the shit out of his sister’s tight little cunt. Proper pussy destruction was the only thing that had a chance of consoling Emily. She needed to be reminded how much she loved her slutty girl body, and that she could still have just as much fun without her sexy, sexy penis.

It wasn’t until Jaime came that Emily was totally convinced. Feeling her uterus and ovaries become flooded with brother-cum reminded her of the joys of being totally girl-shaped.

After giving Emily’s baby factory a thorough cum-basting, Jaime pulled out and showered the remainder of his orgasm over her lithe, naked form. She giggled happily and rubbed his semen all over her body and massaged it into her hair.

“Feeling better now?” Jaime asked.

“Much better. Thanks, bro. You really know how to cheer a girl up.”

“I do what I can.”

Emily sat up with a gooey squelch. She patted her tummy. “You really filled up my ovaries this time. Good thing you have that magical cereal box ring that prevents pregnancy, or we’d be risking incest octuplets.”

“Oh yeah, I do, don’t I,” said Jaime. “We should probably mention that occasionally so the readers- I mean so we don’t forget.”

“Mmm. It’s so nice being able to have my little pussy and uterus filled up with brother-cum,” Emily said. “I personally would never forget that we can totally get away with that ever since chapter eight.”

The siblings shared a cummy kiss before Emily hauled herself out of the nice, warm, sticky bed.

“You should probably get cleaned up before school,” Jaime said.

“I know,” Emily said regretfully. “I was just on my way to the bathroom. I’d really like to stay and luxuriate in a nice creamy bed all morning, but unfortunately we’re responsible students who value our education and getting to school on time.”

“More’s the pity,” Jaime concurred. “I’ll probably have to throw out the mattress in the pendik escort meantime. Can’t have Mom stumbling upon it in this state while she’s still mind-controlled into thinking sex is bad by those cultists from chapter nine.”

“Nice recap,” Emily said. “But you don’t think we could maybe save our nice squishy bed for tonight?”

“I don’t. It’s too risky. Plus all the cum’ll get cold by then.”

“Oh yeah. Ew.” Emily made a face. “Sleeping in room temperature cum would be gross.”

“Yeah. That’s the part that would be gross. Definitely.”

Emily snuck to the shower while Jaime dealt with disposing of their sodden mattress in the backyard mattress incinerator. She tried to wash herself off quickly, but there was so much cum that she didn’t really get anywhere.

Part of the problem was Emily kept getting distracted playing with herself in her cummy state. She meant to rinse and scrub, but her gooey, slippery skin was so tantalizing. She rubbed her tits for a while, then played with her pussy in the hope of being able to cram some more cum inside. She couldn’t, though, since she was already packed full.

She then got some play time with BJ, her butt plug. He was growing so big, and she was such a proud mommy. She pulled him in and out of her bum, thoroughly enjoying the way he stretched her asshole out at his widest point.

Jaime finally had to join her in the shower and help Emily get cleaned up since she was taking forever. With their efforts combined, they were much more successful.

“There we go,” Jaime said with a celebratory spank on his sister’s tight ass. “All squeaky clean.”

“Thanks, bro,” Emily said. “Now how about a quick fuck?”

“We already had one. We really don’t have time for-“

“Oops,” Emily said as she ‘accidentally’ pulled her butt plug out and backed up into Jaime’s cock.

Her well practiced and extremely slutty bumhole latched on to her brother’s fantastic penis and sucked it in. Jaime was helpless against her butt-fu. He was drawn into her impossibly tight rear hole, nearly cumming at the initial feeling of loving snugness that only his sister’s body could provide.

Emily squealed with pure glee as her beloved brother, the love of her life, grabbed her firmly by the hips and set about wrecking her ass. Being used as her brother’s anal fuck toy-in a totally caring and respectful way of course-was her very favourite thing in life.

If Emily could have spent every second of her existence having hard, passionate, incestuous butt sex with Jaime, she wouldn’t have even had to think about it. She would have jumped at the chance and spent the rest of her days as a blissfully fulfilled sister-shaped cock toy.

Unfortunately, Christine was not currently aware of her daughter’s hopes and dreams, nor would she have been supportive like a good mother should be. She would have found the very notion of her sweet, innocent children having hot, sexy, teenage butt sex to be abhorrent and disgusting, and not at all the beautiful display of pure and holy love that it truly was.

Jaime and Emily both knew that their mother needed help with her cult-imposed mind-affliction, and also knew that it was kind of a bad thing when she started pounding on the bathroom door demanding to know who was taking so long.

“Emily?” Christine demanded. “Is that you hogging the shower? You’ve been in there far too long.”

Emily remained frozen for a moment with Jaime buried firmly up her bum. It was a cunning response, since there was a chance their mom’s vision was based on movement, just like the dinosaur from that one movie. Christine didn’t actually barge in, however, so they weren’t yet discovered.

“Yeah, Mom,” Emily called back. “It’s me in here. Just me. No Jaime.”

“I’m not here,” Jaime confirmed.

“Glad to hear it,” Christine said. “I don’t even want to think what sort of disgusting things might happen if your brother was in the shower with you.”

“Probably some lovely-” Emily started before having Jaime’s hand slapped across her mouth.

“She doesn’t want to think about it,” Jaime hissed.

Emily realized her mistake and nodded acknowledgement. She had a bad tendency to assume that everyone understood how wonderful incest was, and also to ignore any signal they might give that they felt the opposite.

“What I mean to say,” Emily said loudly, “is that if my brother somehow accidentally entered the bathroom while I was all naked and wet and totally wicked hot and shit, I would of course try to cover my naughty bits while also shrieking for him to get out.”

Jaime flashed her a thumbs up for her totally convincing lie.

“As is tradition,” Christine agreed. “I’m glad to see you’re learning something at school. I was beginning to wonder.”

“Oh sure,” Emily said. “Loads of things. Just please don’t ask me to name any of them.”

“I didn’t plan on asking,” Christine said. “All I really want is for you to get out of the shower already. Some of us have things to do today.”

“You do?” Emily asked with genuine surprise. “I mean, I know you had a business job back in the escort pendik earlier chapters, but lately it seems like you don’t do much of anything when me and Jai aren’t around.”

“Don’t talk to your mother that way, young lady,” Christine chided. “What I do is none of your concern. Now, I’m giving you two minutes before I come in there and pull you out of the shower myself.”

“Ah ha!” said Emily. “You can’t do that since I’m naked in here and if you came in you’d see my luscious girly parts.”

“I’m your mother and we’re both girls,” Christine said. “It’s totally not weird or sexual for me to see your tits or vagina. Or even your ass for that matter.”

“Aw shit,” Emily muttered. “She’s right. Girls are totally allowed to see each other’s bits in a totally platonic and not sexual way. Especially mothers with their daughters.”

“Yeah, it’s weird, but scientifically factual,” Jaime said. “I personally don’t understand how anyone could see you naked and not want to fuck you.”

“Aw, thanks. That’s so sweet.”

Outside the bathroom, Christine had started counting down their two minutes. They didn’t have much time.

With the quick thinking and excellent technical skills they were known for, Jaime and Emily grabbed some tools from under the sink and silently knocked a big hole in the wall. They then put on their hard hats and goggles, as well as a little safety vest for Jaime’s dick, and set about doing some swift and subtle carpentry.

They finished up installing a brand new picture window just in the nick of time. Jaime still ran into a problem when he tried to make his escape.

“Um, I don’t think this window opens,” he said. “Did we just install a non-opening window as my escape plan?”

“Yeah, I thought that might be what we were doing,” Emily said with careful consideration. “But I wasn’t sure until we were finished. I don’t really know that much about carpentry.”

“Me either,” Jaime said. “Still, a fully installed picture window in under two minutes wasn’t a bad effort.”

“We did good,” Emily concurred. “And luckily I had the idea to install a totally hidden and undetectable secret exit while we were working.”

“Wow,” said Jaime, genuinely impressed. “Where does it lead?”

“Outside. It’s literally just a doggy door.”

Emily held open the super secret exit door for her brother while he dove out just at the very last second. Despite having nearly a full two minutes to work with, the siblings had still almost dawdled long enough to get caught.

Christine burst in just as Jaime had disappeared. Emily smiled innocently amongst the debris of their recent construction job.

“Emily, what did you do?” Christine asked.

“I put in a window as a surprise for you,” Emily said. She spread her arms. “Surprise!”

“Why on earth would you do that?”

“I mean, look at all the natural sunlight in here now. It’s much cheerier.”

“Emily, darling, this is a bathroom. This is where we shower, or bathe, or… actually I’m not sure what the toilet’s for, no one’s ever used it.”

Emily remained undaunted. “Those things are true.”

Christine waited to see if her daughter would figure out her grievous error, then she remembered this was Emily she was talking to. “We get naked in here,” she explained patiently.


“And now there’s a great big window taking up most of the wall.”

“Uh huh.”

“People can see us, Emily. They can see in through the window and see our naked bodies. In fact, you’re naked right now, and anybody looking in would see you.”

Emily had grasped these things, she wasn’t stupid, but she had once again failed to remember that being seen naked wasn’t something she was supposed to enjoy. “Oh,” she said. “Right. Because those things you just said are bad things. Gotcha.”

“Exactly. Now, do you think you could possibly put the wall back the way it was?”

“Doubt it. I’m not much of a carpenter.”

Christine waved a hand at the professionally rebuilt wall. “You just did all that.”

“Yeah, but main characters can do basically anything when the plot calls for it and they’ve got a lazy writer. That doesn’t mean I can just do carpentry whenever I feel like it.”

“Fine, fine. I don’t know what any of that means, but maybe the window won’t be so bad. At least clean up all the tools and sawdust and bits of wire and pipe that look like they might have actually been quite important before they were ripped out.”

“Sure thing.”

Emily hummed to herself while ineffectively trying to shove all the mess under the bath mat by the tub. Christine silently despaired.

Emily made sure to bend over quite a bit more than necessary, and also show off her beautiful naked body from every conceivable angle, just in case it might turn her mother on. No such luck, but at least it was fun.

Christine stripped nude as well, thinking nothing of taking a perfectly innocent shower with her daughter still in the room. They were both girls, after all. And mother daughter relationships were absolutely capable of containing some shared naked time without pendik escort bayan it being weird or sexual. She couldn’t really think of any good examples or reasons why that was true, but she was sure it was.

After finishing her castle of debris with a bath mat thrown over top, Emily’s attention was firmly set on her naked milf of a mother. She fought her urges to jump in the shower and try to get some mother on daughter action going, but there was only so long that kind of internal struggle was going to last. Emily just didn’t have it in her to watch her sexy mommy soap up her big, juicy tits and plump, round ass and not try to get in on that.

“Need some help showering?” Emily asked, already stepping in behind her mother as she spoke.

“No, Emily,” said Christine. “I’m a grown woman. I can shower by myself.”

“Ok,” said Emily, who then proceeded to squirt some body wash into her hand and lather up her mom’s thick butt.

“I said no.” Christine swatted at Emily, but she may as well have been trying to kill a fly with an oversized comedy mallet.

“This will be excellent mother-daughter bonding time,” Emily said.

“That’s not what showers are for.”

“Why not? It seems like a perfect time to me. No distractions, no one to interrupt us, just you and me. A naked mommy and her baby girl, getting all wet and slippery together.”

“I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Emily was still rubbing Christine’s ass. She was getting so bold as to slip the occasional finger into her mom’s butthole. All under the pretense of cleaning, of course.

“Well I, for one, feel much closer to you right now,” Emily said.

Christine hesitated. It was very tempting to seize upon a chance to bond with her daughter, since she felt like she had very little idea what was going on with her children these days. However, she couldn’t help feeling like Emily was up to something more than just some innocent family time. The way Emily kept trying to shove a hand up her ass had something to do with that suspicion.

“Emily, dear, please stop trying to fist Mommy’s bum,” Christine said. “I know you’re trying to be helpful, but that sort of thing could be considered somewhat sexual.”

Emily was the picture of wide-eyed innocence. “Could it?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so.”


That didn’t stop Emily, so Christine was forced to physically drag her daughter away from her butt.

“Emily, seriously, please don’t stick your fingers or hand inside my bum or vagina.”

“Ok, Mommy. Sorry. Can I wash your sweet tits then?”

Christine frowned. “I suppose that’s fine. I wish you wouldn’t say it like that, is all.”

“Oh, right. I meant to ask if I could wash your breasts.”

Christine relaxed a little. “That’s better. As long as there’s no sexualization going on, there’s no reason a mother and daughter shouldn’t be physically close and intimate, such as in the case of you washing my sweet tits. I mean breasts. Shit, you got me doing it now.”

“Sorry, Mommy.”

Emily scrubbed, washed, and occasionally motorboated her mother’s breasts for as long as she could get away with it. When her mom wasn’t watching close enough, she pressed her slick little body close and rubbed their boobies together.

Christine was confused at how aroused she felt. She couldn’t understand why, since all the was happening was her super hot daughter was helping her shower and spending an awful lot of time and effort on her big, juicy mommy-tits. Nothing out of the ordinary, really.

“Maybe that’s enough breast washing,” Christine suggested. “You’ve been at them a while. I think they’re as clean as they’ve ever been.”

“Fine,” Emily said reluctantly. She immediately knelt down.

“And maybe not my vagina either.”

Emily pouted. “Alright.”

Christine stopped her before she could scoot around to the other side. “We’ve already discussed my butthole, Emily.”

“Oh yeah. Well then what else can I even help with?”

“Literally any other parts of my body except for my breasts, vagina, or bum.”

Emily pondered. “I don’t think that leaves anything fun.”

“Emily! If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you had a sexual interest in my body! Me! Your super hot and naked mother!”

“Preposterous!” said Emily. “I’m not a lesbian. You know that. It would have been on my birth certificate. Also that would be incestuous desire, which is illegal and bad and blah blah whatever.”

“Those are very good points,” Christine said. “And I’m now convinced that I was worried over nothing.”


“Now why don’t you wash my hair for me.”

“I’ve got a better idea. How about a kitten bath?”

“Kitten bath?”

“Yeah, you know, like when a mommy cat licks her baby clean.”

Christine, despite being thoroughly convinced by Emily’s logically sound argument, had misgivings about this new idea. “Umm…”

“Here, I’ll start. Though you should actually be playing the mommy cat. Since you’re my mommy and all.”

Emily started licking Christine’s soft, wet skin. She started high, around the shoulders and neck, and gradually worked downward. She was careful this time not too spend too much time on her mother’s tits and arouse suspicion. She only licked and sucked on them for a little while, then carried on down her tummy.

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