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The Wedding Deal

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Chantelle and Sam were a perfectly ordinary couple, saving up for a perfectly ordinary wedding. They had met in a club a few years ago; Sam had nudged Chantelle, resulting in her spilling her drink, and, ever the gentleman, he had offered to buy her another.

Of course, his motives had not been entirely innocent. Chantelle was a very attractive blonde, nice big tits, curves in all the right places. Her outfit that night left only a little to the imagination; a short skirt and a tight top, with extremely high heels adding to her otherwise small stature and pushing her body forward in that way guys like.

Chantelle, just out of a relationship, had never been one to refuse a drink offered by a guy, especially a guy like Sam. He was handsome, well built, his body evidence of plenty of time spent in the gym. He had an accent she couldn’t quite place; at first it sounded like your typical local accent, but the more she listened the more she could hear something exotic underneath it.

Just like her, he had grown up and lived in the area, but she was right that there was a little something foreign in him; his father was Moroccan, which accounted not only for the slight accent, which he had picked up when his family had moved to that country for a few years, but also that beautifully tanned skin.

Chantelle and Sam could have both gone to different clubs that night, one could have left early, or Sam could have been more careful at looking where he was going and thus avoided the collision. But on the basis of that mishap, the two got talking, and arranged to meet for a proper date the week after. On such coincidences relationships are built.

The date went well, and was soon followed by another and another. Whilst neither were virgins, they were also not the type of people who jumped into bed with someone too hastily, and their relationship evolved, as relationships do, with the pair growing ever closer, spending more time together, falling in love.

Their relationship eventually became sexual when Chantelle invited Sam back to her flat after a blissful day spent together some months into their dating. It was a mutual decision, one that neither had explicitly discussed with the other, but one which had been hinted at for the last few weeks. After a couple of glasses of wine and some heavy petting on the sofa, they retired to Chantelle’s bedroom, where their relationship was taken to the next level.

After that the couple’s relationship continued to go from strength to strength, Sam and Chantelle regularly staying over at each other’s places, getting more familiar with each other’s bodies and preferences. Neither were particularly adventurous in the bedroom, but both were good at what they did, and their sex life was fulfilling and satisfying for both of them.

In time there came the moment where Sam sank to one knee in a restaurant following a romantic meal, and asked the question every girl hopes to hear at some point in her life. Sam received the answer every guy hopes to receive to that question. They were going to get married.

Chantelle went out and bought every wedding magazine on sale, planning her perfect ceremony, the most special day of her life. The list of things she wanted for the wedding grew and grew, much faster than the wedding fund that the two were saving up. Chantelle got a promotion at work, which meant she could put more into the fund each week, but her ambitions for the ceremony grew accordingly, so the deficit expanded faster than ever.

Her friends and family tried to talk to her, encourage her to rein in her plans. They told her that she could still have a special day without the fire breathers and the dove release, without the diamond encrusted wedding cake and top of the range wedding dress. But Chantelle was not prepared to settle. Sam did not care so much for the massive ceremony, but was prepared to find a way to give Chantelle whatever she wanted.

It was then that Barry, better known as Baz, approached Sam. The whole wedding had become a soap opera amongst the friends of both groups, with the spiralling cost and the rather more modest budget a topic of frequent conversation. Baz was more a friend of a friend than anything, though Sam had met him from time to time and knew a little about him. Everyone knew about Baz.

Baz was wealthy, that’s what everyone knew. How he had become so wealthy was not as clear. Some said that he had inherited the money from his father. Others said that he was a .com millionaire, had developed some extremely clever piece of software that was so complicated nobody understood it, which had been snapped up by one of the big internet companies.

Baz asked Sam how much the current wedding plan would cost, and how much Sam and Chantelle had already saved. He let out a low whistle when Sam told him; the difference was much more than he expected. Nevertheless, he went ahead with a proposal.

Baz told Sam that he would book everything that Chantelle wanted, even the fire breathers. He would cover the whole cost of the wedding; he wouldn’t even ask for Sam and Chantelle to contribute illegal bahis the money they had already saved up, they could use this as spending money on the honeymoon.

Sam was delighted, but sure he must be misunderstanding. Was it just a loan, he asked. They could never afford to pay Baz back. But Baz reassured him no, there was nothing to worry about, they did not have to pay anything back, he would pick up the full bill himself.

However, there were three conditions to his offer. The first was simple enough: he wanted the fact that he was paying for the wedding to be kept a secret. He did not want to be deluged with similar requests for help from everyone else he knew. Sam was more than happy to agree to that and immediately started wondering how he could explain to family and friends that the fact that the extravagant wedding was suddenly funded.

The second condition was a little more unusual. Baz insisted that Sam and Chantelle must refrain from sex for a month before the wedding. Neither were allowed to stay over at the other’s flat, see the other undressed, or have any physical contact with the other of any kind during the month. They could masturbate, but they had to do it in private: no phone sex, no even talking about sex.

Sam was about to protest that Baz had absolutely no right telling him what he could and couldn’t do with his fiancée; whether they had sex or not was completely up to them, and Baz was totally out of order to even suggest otherwise. But then he remembered what Baz was offering – to pay for the wedding in full. Chantelle could have her perfect wedding, and they could get on with their lives without even having to see another wedding magazine or taste another sample of wedding cake.

“How would you know?” Sam wondered aloud.

“The morning of your wedding you will take a lie detector test,” Baz said without missing a beat. He’d obviously thought this through.

“If either of you fails then the whole wedding will be cancelled, and it will be up to you again to arrange your own wedding, just like it was before we had this conversation.”

Sam thought about it for a few seconds. No physical contact at all. For a whole month leading up to their wedding. Still, unless he agreed to it there would be no wedding.

“I’ll have to check with Chantelle,” he said.

“Fine,” Baz replied.

“And the third condition?” Sam asked, hoping it wasn’t as bad as the second.

Baz smiled.

“I will tell you the third condition when I am ready,” he smiled.

“But… how can we agree to a condition until we know what it is?” Sam asked, confused.

“You don’t have to agree to it now,” Baz said. “When I tell you what it is you can agree or disagree. If you disagree, I’ll cancel the wedding, but you’ll be no worse off than you are now.”

Sam considered this. It was true. If he turned Baz down now, there was no wedding; him and Chantelle would never be able to afford the wedding she wanted by themselves. What harm could it do to at least find out what the condition was?

“OK, deal,” Sam said.


Chantelle was convinced Sam was joking when he told her about Baz’s offer, but he eventually managed to convince her he was serious. After that she got incredibly excited and started pulling Sam’s clothes off, impatiently tugging at his cock so she could get him an erection and mount him.

When she calmed down a little she thought through the second condition a bit more and was indignant: “what, we’re not even allowed to kiss and cuddle? In the month before we get married?!” She phoned Baz to try to negotiate, but he wasn’t moving. That was the condition: take it or leave it. She agreed. Nothing was going to get in the way of her wedding.

Chantelle sent the list of everything she wanted for the wedding over to Baz, and between them they agreed a date for the wedding, in the middle of the summer, only six months hence. Baz spent a busy few days booking everything, then sent Chantelle an email to let her know. It was going to be her perfect day. She sent out the invites, delighted that she could invite everybody she wanted.

As the final month approached, Sam and Chantelle spent most of their time in the bedroom. If they were going to go without for a month, they might as well get in as much action as they could now. Then finally came the deadline. Baz dropped them an email to let them know. The sex ban started at midnight.

The couple had sex as close to the deadline as they could, cuddling up until minutes before the clock ticked over. Then they had to get dressed. They took a last long look at each other’s naked bodies that they were not going to be seeing again for a month, then reluctantly got dressed with seconds to spare. Both had discussed just ignoring the ban, but they couldn’t risk being caught out by the lie detector test and having the wedding cancelled at the last minute.

The next month was incredibly frustrating. Many times they went to kiss or hug each other then realised at the last second. Both were paranoid that even the slightest peck on the cheek could catch them illegal bahis siteleri out on the test and lead to the wedding being lost. Both still masturbated in private, but they weren’t even allowed to talk about it. Even discussing the wedding night was off the agenda.

They did their best to be a couple without the physical side of the relationship. Both knew it was only for a month, that on the wedding day the ban would be lifted, they would be free to do what they liked with each other again.

The day of the wedding came. In the morning both the bride and groom made their way to separate venues for their lie detector test. They were both asked personal and very specific questions about their activities – or lack of – over the last month. Chantelle blushed at some of the questions – it seemed like the questioner was enjoying the rather unconventional questions he was being required to ask to this attractive girl and taking advantage somewhat.

“Have you engaged in any sexual activity with your fiancé over the past month?” he asked.

“No,” Chantelle said truthfully.

“No vaginal penetration?” the questioner said, looking at her.

“None,” Chantelle said, feeling herself getting hot, hoping her embarrassment was not read by the machine as stress indicating she was lying.

“No oral penetration?” he asked, looking down his list of questions.

“None,” Chantelle said again.

“No anal penetration?” he asked, looking back at her.

“Anal? No… no, we’ve never done anything like that, no,” Chantelle said, surprised it was even a question. Did anyone really think she and Sam were the kind of couple who had anal?

After some more probing questions, the questioner told her she had passed the test. Although she knew she had followed the rules, it was still a relief for the machine to confirm it. She text Sam to confirm she had passed and he text back saying “me too”.

After that the two retreated to their separate hotel rooms to prepare. Sam couldn’t stop thinking about the wedding night: how amazing it would be to be in bed with Chantelle again, to get to touch her, kiss her, fuck her. He just wanted to get through the day as quickly as possible and get her into bed. He just hoped he didn’t get an erection during the ceremony.

Chantelle’s mind was on the day itself, every little detail she had planned out and that Baz had planned, every guest that was going to be there, the fire breathers – she’d always wanted fire breathers at her wedding for some reason. Her mind was so full of the events of the day that it did not even cast forward as far as the night.

Both had been told to be at the venue – a large castle that was now a tourist attraction, hotel and venue for events such as weddings – at least half an hour before the ceremony. Chantelle thought about being fashionably late, but she couldn’t risk it messing something up. Baz had been very insistent about the arrival time. Maybe there was some paperwork to complete or something else that needed doing to get everything set up.

Chantelle arrived exactly at the specified time. She walked up to the entrance, chief bridesmaid by her side. Rochelle had been her best friend since they were at school, and she could not think of anybody else she would want here today. Sam’s brother Aaron was welcoming guests and smiled when Chantelle approached.

“You look amazing,” he said, admiring her beautiful wedding dress that, as with everything else, had been paid for by Baz.

“You too,” he said, smiling at Rochelle. He had a massive crush on Rochelle, but it was not reciprocated.

Rochelle smiled back weakly, not wanting to encourage him.

“Baz wants to see you in the garden room,” Aaron told Chantelle.

Chantelle thanked him and headed off to find Baz. She had been to the castle a number of times over the past few months – not to plan anything, because that had all been left to Baz, but just to have a look around, visualise how everything would be on the day. She knew exactly where the garden room was.

The garden room was a small room on the other side of the castle to where the ceremony was taking place. As she walked in it was exactly as she remembered it: tiled floor, comfortable chairs, lots of greenery. It normally had a view out over the gardens, as the name suggested, but today the blinds had been closed.

When she walked in Baz was waiting for her. He smiled at Chantelle and seemed particularly pleased to see Rochelle.

“OK Chantelle, there isn’t long before the ceremony starts, so I’ll get straight to the point,” he smiled.

Chantelle started to feel nervous.

“You will remember that there were three conditions if I was to pay for this wedding,” he said.

“You look surprised, Rochelle,” Baz continued. “That’s good: it means Chantelle has complied with the first condition, which was not to tell anyone else I am paying for the wedding.”

Chantelle nodded.

“And the lie detector test this morning proved that you complied with the second condition.”

Rochelle looked even more confused.

“It’s canlı bahis siteleri OK, Rochelle, she can tell you about it some other time,” Baz said.

“Now, I haven’t told you what the third condition is yet,” Baz continued.

Chantelle felt even more nervous. She’d forgotten about the third condition.

“Whatever it is, I’ll do it,” she said quickly. “But can I do it after the ceremony?”

“No, I’m afraid not,” Baz smiled. “The rule is that you fulfil all three conditions before the ceremony, and if you don’t, I cancel it.”

There was a pause. The silence was unbearable. Chantelle said the first thing that came into her head.

“Is it that you want to see my tits? Is that it?”

Rochelle now looked like she thought she’d stepped into a parallel universe. But Baz just smiled.

“Pussy? You want to see my pussy?”

Whatever it was she just wanted to get it out of the way so that she could get on with the ceremony. If it meant lifting up her dress and showing him her pussy she’d do it.

“You’ve had your fantasy of this perfect wedding for a long time, yes?” Baz said, not responding to her directly.

“Yes,” Chantelle said impatiently.

“Well, I have a fantasy too, and if you fulfil my fantasy, I’ll fulfil yours,” Baz said.

“Oh… no… I’m not… I won’t have sex with you!” Chantelle said. She’d thought about it for a split second, but that was it. Even her perfect wedding wasn’t worth that.

“I’m not asking you to have sex with me,” Baz smiled. “I want you to have sex with Sam.”

That didn’t sound too bad. Chantelle had been planning on doing that anyway.

“I’m sure I can manage that, tonight,” she smiled.

“No, before the ceremony,” Baz insisted.

It was unconventional, but hardly a massive sacrifice.

“OK,” she said, tentatively, sensing there was more to come.

“Sam is waiting in the next room,” Baz explained. “If you agree, I will go and get him, bring him in here, and he will take you on that sofa.”

Chantelle looked where he was pointing. Sam and her usually had sex in a bed, but it would serve a purpose in the circumstances.

“And… how are you going to know we’ve done it?” she asked. “Another lie detector test?”

“No,” Baz smiled. “Me, Rochelle and Adam are going to watch.”

Rochelle spoke up at this point.

“No. No! I’m not watching Sam fuck Chantelle!” she complained.

Chantelle looked from Baz to Rochelle and back again. As good a friend as Rochelle was, Chantelle didn’t really want to have sex in front of her. She’d never had sex in front of anyone before and had no inclination to change this. And add to that two guys she hardly knew – Baz and Sam’s best man Adam. It sounded incredibly embarrassing, and not something she’d volunteer for, but if it was a choice between that and the ceremony being cancelled…

“Rochelle, it’s going to be way more embarrassing for me than it is for you,” she pleaded. “Please, for me, so I can have my perfect wedding?”

Rochelle looked at her friend, weighing up whether to agree. Eventually she nodded.

“Thank you,” Chantelle smiled.

“OK, bend over the sofa, lift your dress up and drop your knickers so he’s got nice easy access,” Baz instructed. It was clear from his tone of voice that he was enjoying this, and a bulge in his pants confirmed it.

Chantelle couldn’t believe she was actually going to have sex in her wedding dress in front of her best friend and two guys she hardly knew. Still, she could feel herself starting to get tingly between her legs. She was actually getting excited by this. She knew now why Baz had denied them both sex for the last month – even though normally she would have been too embarrassed to get aroused in front of people, her desperation for sexual contact with Sam was overriding her embarrassment. She knew it was traditional to have sex after the ceremony, but fuck tradition, she wanted him now.

Chantelle knelt on the sofa on her hands and knees, then asked Rochelle to help her lift up the dress. When she had been picking the dress she had never envisaged this situation, so had no idea how easily it would lift to expose her below the waist. It was certainly not easy, and the two of them struggled with the dress to get it lifted up sufficiently so that she was sufficiently exposed. It didn’t look its best all scrunched up like that, but it got it out of the way.

Chantelle had to ask Rochelle to remove her knickers for her. She could feel herself blushing as she asked; it was after all a strange favour to ask from your friend. Rochelle didn’t object though, and her knickers were soon on their way down her legs, leaving her feeling very exposed. Once Rochelle had pulled Chantelle’s knickers over her shoes Chantelle was aware that she was now naked from the waist down and completely exposed.

Baz was not in a hurry to go and fetch Sam, taking a long look at what she had put on display. The most embarrassing thing of all was that Chantelle knew her pussy would be betraying her arousal; that Baz would know his plan had worked and that she was desperate for Sam’s cock. She wondered if Baz had filled Sam in on the plan, or if he was still completely innocent of Baz’s plan, completely unaware that his bride was now knelt on a sofa with Baz staring at her exposed pussy.

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Becoming My Wife’s Bi-Fuck Toy Ch. 02

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I thought waiting to meet my wife for lunch had been painful enough, but having to wait until clocking off time was almost unbearable. The whole journey home was just a blur, as I was playing scenarios of what lay in store for me when I arrived home over and over in my mind.

Finally I was home and pinned on the front door was a note, Matt x. written in my wife’s hand writing. It read:

Dearest Matt,

Don’t bother trying to get in to the house as I have locked the door from the inside. This evening is all about me and my desires; you will be used to pleasure my desire and only mine. If you achieve this then I will give you the sexual release you will be certainly requiring.

But first there are a few rules you will obey tonight:

Rule one – no talking unless I begin the conversation.

Rule two – you will not cum until I am sexually satisfied or I command you to do so.

Rule three – We will not discuss any of my planned events tonight until I initiate the conversation. This also includes if you decide not to go through with tonight….sorry babe no ‘what might have beens’!

Breaking any of these rules will result in consequences and you will pay for this in a manner I deem suitable for the disobedience.

Now you have to make the decision to either let me dominate our sexual journeys from now on or return to our happy and content bedroom routines. Before you make this decision remember I love you, always have, even though our rough times and I will respect your decision. You have liberated me from my sexual inhibitions and for that I am grateful. Now I would like to free you from yours in return, but in the ways of my choosing.

Decision time my darling, will you take the blue pill and decide ‘no’ and take the spare key from under the plant pot and enter the house, sorry I lied about locking the door! Or will you go for the red pill and follow Alice down the rabbit hole by reading my next note under the plant pot with the key?

Key or note Matt?

Your loving wife

S xx

P.s. Either way, I AM going to ride that latex cock of yours tonight.

I am sure I just stood there, open mouthed, chin was probably on the floor as you see in cartoons. Cock was harder than ever with pre cum flowing around the latex housing. There was so much in the letter that had grabbed my attention, raised my curiosity and overloaded my imagination by their suggestive connotations. ‘Liberate me from my sexual inhibitions’, ‘free you from yours’, ‘I command you’ and ‘ride that latex cock’. There are moments in life when reality stops you dead in your tracks, excites or numbs your senses to comprehend what is playing out in front of you. Needless to say that this was one of those heart stopping moments and I was enslaved in canlı bahis arousal.

Without even noticing it, I had already begun rubbing the impressive bulge in my trousers. I could feel the veins of my cock protruding under the thin membrane of the shorts, the ripple of foreskin tightly pulled back to reveal the swollen head of my well-greased shaft. An afternoon of pooled cum began washing over my balls and gently lubricating the entrance to my own hole. The thoughts of this morning flooded back and I moved my fingers down between my legs, coaxing my fluid to an eagerly awaiting rear.

It took all my concentration to not open my zip, grab my cock and masturbate right there on my front door step. If a letter could do this to me, then I was sure as hell I wanted to follow the rabbit hole, her hole and my 8 ½ inches plugging that tight ass of hers. I reluctantly stopped fingering myself and moved the plant pot to take the letter. Before opening it I also looked around for the key, but could not find it. I don’t know why, as I had decided to ‘take the red pill’, I tried the door handle, I heard a faint noise, but it was firmly locked. ‘She knew I would take the letter.’ I thought to myself. She had already taken control of me from the moment she had pinned it to the door.

The 2nd letter was not addressed to ‘Matt’, which I had naturally expected, but instead a single word had been typed, obviously demonstrating that boundaries had been drawn. ‘TOY’!

Excited, nervous and with the release of another wave of pre-cum. I opened the second note.


‘By opening this letter you have agreed to my rules and are now committed to pleasuring me. You are mine, you are my fuck toy and you will fulfil your role to open our relationship.

To ensure you understand your purpose, you are now commanded to remove all of your clothes, a part from those latex shorts you are wearing. You will leave them where you are now standing.’

I undressed as commanded, removing my jacket and shirt and feeling the slight winter chill on my skin. Next came the shoes and socks and then I un-buttoned my belt, savouring the eroticism as I slowly slid my zipper down. My trousers fell to the floor and I could not resist another quick rub over my bulge.

‘You will now walk to the bottom of the garden and stand in front of the summerhouse. Once there you will caress that swelling you will certainly have. You will rub your ass cheeks, your cock and your hole. I want that cum of yours worked in to your skin. You will not put your hands in side your shorts.’

Only moments ago I was performing the same act, but this time I was almost naked, the touch of soft damp grass under my feet and the winter chill gently excited my nipples. I caressed and rubbed my shaft with bahis siteleri one hand and I fingered my hole with the other. With each stroke, pre-cum eased from the tip of my cock and I could feel with each push of my finger I was penetrating further and further inside. I gradually squatted to gain better access to my ass, the tightening of the latex around my balls began to squeeze the fresh cum in the direction of my widening hole. The gentle parting of my ass muscles as lubricated latex finger penetrated was far too much and I could not keep the growing deep orgasm under control. My muscles clamped around my finger and I looked down and watched the explosion beneath the latex and felt the warmth of my cum race down my cock and under my balls. I withdrew my finger and then pushed a fresh load of warm cum back inside.

I was shuddering all over, my calf muscles twitched, my ass and cock were in spasms; never before had I come with such intensity. I just stood there, out of breath and shaking as a couple more spasms followed originating from the anal depths. I bent down and picked up the note I had dropped, enjoying the spread of warm liquid as the latex stretched. ‘Fuck!’ I thought, ‘Did I just break rule number 2?’

‘Now you have finished playing with yourself you will shower with the garden hose. The cold water will calm you down. I do not want you to cum. You will not remove those shorts as you are almost ready to begin your purpose

Face away from the summerhouse and do not turn round. You will be summoned shortly.’


‘Fuck! There goes rule number 2.’ I muttered to myself. I turned on the hose. ‘Shit, it’s cold.’ I gasped as the ice cold water hit my body. I showered as quickly as I could to avoid getting too cold. I stood there for a while, shivering whilst waiting for my summons. It was quite dark by now and the moon was slowly passing the side of the house casting its silvery glow on the garden. I began to stamp my numb feet and blow in my hands to try and get some warmth. ‘Christ!’ it was cold and any excitement I still clung to was rapidly fading.

‘When would she appear?’ I asked myself, and as if in answer I heard he unmistakeable sound of high heel shoes on the terrace behind me.

As her footsteps drew closer my excitement returned. I wanted to turn and see her, I wanted to watch her walking towards me, bathed in moonlight and wearing the open crotch latex panties, suspenders belt and stockings she had bought earlier today. I wanted to lay my eyes on the woman who was now the sexually dominating one in our relationship. ‘I couldn’t break another rule could I?’ I asked myself.

She stopped behind me, and I could feel her rapid breathing behind me. I wondered if she had been watching. I jumped as two hands moved up bahis şirketleri the back of my thighs, rubbed my ass checks, gently pushing them apart as they moved around my waist and grabbed my excited cock. She began kissing the back of my neck, massaging my cock with one hand and balls with the other. I moved backwards, pressing her closer to my rear. I began to run my hands down her arms and found she was wearing long latex gloves which were smooth and delicately oiled. I let out a groan in excitement and pleasure as my hands met her latex fingers on my cock.

She responded by pulling me closer. ‘Thanks Matt for agreeing’, she whispered in my ear. I was just about to respond.

‘Shh’, she continued ‘there is no need for you to talk. I wanted to say how happy I am you chose to accept my offer. I love you and life will now be much more pleasurable with me in control.’

With that she pulled down hard on the latex sheath, her other hand tugging at my balls, forcing my cock to stretch to its maximum size and pushing my balls down and back between my legs.

‘But now TOY you are to be disciplined.’

She removed her hands from my body and took a step backwards.

‘Turn around and face me TOY’, she commanded, ‘but keep your eyes closed. For your disobedience for trying the front door to check if it were locked, you will not lay eyes on me tonight.’

‘How the fuck did she know I had tried the front door?’ I thought as I closed my eyes and turned round to face her.

‘Good, now hold still.’

I couldn’t believe how excited I was to receive my first ‘consequence’ for disobeying. She began to pull something over the top of my head. The now familiar smell of latex became evident as she slid, what I could only presume, a hood over my face. Once on she zipped the back and I felt the tightening of the latex on my skin and around my neck. This hood felt slightly thicker than the shorts and appeared to be fusing as it warmed to my skin. There were holes for my nose and my mouth was left completely open, but my hearing was slightly muffled and my eyes were covered.

She then kissed me, thrusting her tongue deep into my mouth. As soon as I tried to return her kiss she withdrew.

‘You also broke another rule tonight TOY and this one is more serious.’

‘Rule number 2.’ I admitted to her.

‘Yes, you are to pleasure me TOY’, she reprimanded.

She began to put pressure on my head and pushed me down.

‘Pleasure me TOY’, she commanded.

My face moved down her body, brushing past the suspender belt. I stuck out my tongue and licked her as I continued to move down. As I got to the top of her pants the scent of her pussy juices filled my nose and then the taste of her flooded in to my mouth as her latex lips opened and filled me with warm wet flesh.

As she pushed my face into her, so my tongue could penetrate further and drink her sweet juices, I could just about here what she was saying.

‘You will soon be my perfect fuck toy.’

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Hot Wet Canadian Summer Ch. 01

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The sand was cooling beneath her feet. The hottest May day she could recall was fading into early evening and the young brunette’s wide smile had hardly left her face since her feet had hit the floor that morning. For much of the day, she’d been sharing her good cheer with her crew, but they had long since headed back to their houses or cottages in and around Halifax to get set for the night out. Not her. Mother Nature had given her the type of afternoon that she couldn’t get enough of, and this was her favorite part of the day. There would be plenty of time later for shooters with the girls while inhaling their cigarette smoke. Until then, she’d be taking in fresh air.

She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath. This time of day, the air always carried with it the traces of salt water, diesel oil from boat engines and barbecuing meat; the smells of summer. She loved Long Lake Park both because it was so close to civilisation and because, with a little effort, you could completely remove yourself from it. The brunette dropped her sandals and stepped into them, hardly missing a step. She and her friends had spent the entire day at the populated end of the park and she just wanted an hour or so of seclusion before a night at the Lower Deck or the Dome or Reflections, or whatever other meat market was on the agenda.

As she walked toward the more remote side of the peninsula she checked her bag. Her “safety pack” consisted of a flashlight, her nearly fully charged phone, a warm change of clothes and a cosy blanket. She knew the place like the back of her hand, but she didn’t want to be stupid and get caught in the dark and/or the night’s chilly air.

After 15 minutes or so, the trail opened into a short stretch of pretty beach, wide open to the last of the day’s rays. The trees and thrushes created long, thin fingers of shadows reaching out into the water as if trying desperately to hold on to a day rapidly coming to an end. The young brunette decided she would walk the 500 yards or so to the far end of the line of sand and enjoy the view of the bay for as long as time allowed. As she approached the corner that signified a dead end, she saw a figure sitting in the sand hugging her knees to her chest.

From afar, it looked to be a beautiful young woman sporting a bikini. The brunette raised her eyebrows in surprise. She reached into her side pocket and groped around inside her make-up bag for a mirror. “No sense meeting someone interesting and regretting not getting yourself together first,” she thought. Peering into her reflection, she first made sure her hair was in place. It was straight, jet-black and chin-length and she was fond of her layered cut and how it framed her face. She boasted beautiful brown eyes and big full lips that spread into an unforgettable smile. Her high cheekbones and dark complexion gave her an exotic appearance that contradicted her purely Caucasian heritage.

Assured her face and hair were free of sand and seaweed,she straightened out her outfit and set off. Her black triangle bikini top hugged her perky breasts sitting up high on her chest. Over her bikini bottoms, she had thrown on her tight-as-second-skin, bum-hugging yoga shorts. She loved how they felt when she walked, but also loved the ego boost she got watching heads turn to gaze at her walking away. Someday, she even planned to wear them to a yoga class. As she moved toward the woman, she brushed sand off of her taut and toned upper body and her lithe, lightly muscled legs. She smiled to herself confidently and hoped the stranger was beautiful and receptive.

As she approached, the figure suddenly turned, obviously startled. She let out a short, high-pitched yelp, then fell back on her towel, laughing. “I’m sorry, you just scared the hell out of me! I didn’t mean to be so dramatic.”

The young girl stopped in her tracks. The voice was distinctive and familiar. “Mrs. Garraway?? Is that you?”

The blonde woman squinted in her direction. Then she dropped her jaw. “Kayla? Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in so long!” She just stared momentarily as if in shock, then gave her head a quick shake. “Well gosh, come here,” she exclaimed, popping to her feet and extending her arms. She embraced Kayla warmly….so to speak.

Kayla suddenly felt a chill all over. She pushed the older woman away and rubbed her arms. “Mrs. Garraway, you’re freezing! Did you not bring anything else to wear?”

Mrs. Garraway scanned Kayla from head to toe. “What, and you’re dressed for winter?”

Kayla laughed. “Mrs. G, I’ve been hiking, not sitting here letting the breeze turn me into an icicle.”

The older woman shrugged her shoulders and hugged her arms. “Guilty as charged. It was so nice today I couldn’t tear myself away, even after my friends took off.”

Kayla smiled and nodded. “Oh no need to explain that.” She gestured behind her, grinning. “Check out my posse that tagged along.”

Mrs. Garraway laughed. “Ahhh, let me guess. A night out at the Liquor Dome awaits?” The blonde was shaking and rubbing canlı bahis her hands together now.

Kayla laughed and set down her bag. “You got it Mrs. G. Now, sit down and take these.” She produced a fitted pink jacket and the blanket from her pack.

“Kayla, if that’s your jacket, there is no way I’m fitting in it,” giggled the blonde woman. “But I will take the blanket.” She bent over to straighten out her towel and sat back down. Kayla shook her head. Mrs. Garraway was being modest about fitting into her clothes. She did some quick math in her head and calculated her age to be roughly 45. Nonetheless, she doubted many women over 25 could get away with the bikini she was rocking. You couldn’t bounce a quarter off her stomach anymore, and there were some minor stretch marks, but Kayla found it lovely. Her beauty was all natural. Real. And real was always more attractive. She had an easy, comely smile and dimpled cheeks that made her look 10 years younger. Her light blue eyes and beautiful blonde curls added to her youthful appearance.

If there was a spot where Mrs. G. might have a point about the jacket, it was the chest area. Kayla’s perky 34Cs were no match for what the young girl imagined to be DDs at least. What little droop age had brought about was hardly visible and left her with curves a woman of any age would die for.

“What are you waiting for, throw me that blanket.” The older woman grinned up at Kayla and snatched it. “Brrrrrr!” she exclaimed, quickly unfurling the warm linen fabric and pulling it up to her chin. She patted the spot next to her, encouraging Kayla to sit.

Suddenly, Mrs. Garraway’s texting tone pierced the silence and both women jumped with surprise. Giggling, the blonde woman turned onto her stomach and grabbed it. The blanket was hooked on her feet and it rolled with her, exposing her body to the air once again. Kayla gazed at her lower half and just shook her head again. Mrs. G’s bum was still high and round, and her legs were long and slim. Throw in the tight bikini bottoms with the flirty ties on either side and Kayla was convinced she’d have a tough time telling her apart from most of her 19 and 20-something beach buddies from behind.

“Kayla, have a seat.” The younger girl was snapped out of her trance and saw that Mrs. Garraway was holding out her cell phone and covering herself once again in the blanket. Kayla quickly threw on her jacket, lay next to the older woman on the towel and grabbed the phone. The name on the text read “Favechild1”. Kayla laughed and turned to Mrs. G.

“So Kyle is Favechild2?”

“That would cause too many problems. No, he’s bestkid1.”

“If I know Jessie, and I do; she wishes that there WAS a competition and SHE was Favechild1. It would mean she was winning something.”

Mrs. G’s omnipresent smile only grew wilder. “You DO know Jessie. And you used to be such good friends! Talk to her!” She gestured toward the phone and mimed texting. “Oh, and since you’re a 19-year old lady and not a little girl at my house after soccer practice having pizza, can you please call me Kate?”


“Kayla, it’s my name and you’re an adult…..I’m sure.”

“Mrs. G……Kate, sorry…Jessie and me, we talk pretty regular, we’re just busy.” Kayla looked down at the phone as the tone sounded again. What she saw raised her eyebrows.

“Kayla there? Say hi 4 me! I miss her and make sure you watch out! She came out recently n she always teased me about my hot mom, lol!”

Kayla froze, unsure whether to make things uncomfortable with her friend or with her mother. She held out the phone for the older woman.

“Ummmm, here Kate. If I text Jessie now, she’ll feel awful.”

Kate furrowed her brow in confusion and read the message. A wide smile spread across her face. “Kayla, she’s not going to care. You know how easy-going you both are, just have a laugh about it.”

Kayla propped herself up on her elbow and turned to Kate. The older woman was still on her stomach, kicking her feet behind her like a teenager talking to a girlfriend. “And what about us? Can we laugh about it too?” Kayla asked.

Kate glanced up, obviously confused. “Sweetie, I can take a joke. This would only be an issue if you were actually attract…….” She stopped and smiled. It was obvious that Kayla was staring at her breasts. The younger girl absentmindedly licked her lips and glanced up, suddenly aware of the silence. She saw Kate’s knowing smile and watched her as she looked down at her breasts pressed against the blanket and the acres of cleavage it created. As Kate lifted her head up and looked at Kayla again, all the young girl could do was shrug her shoulders.

“Caught in the act huh?”

Kate hesitated. She had always known she was a topic of conversation amongst her daughter’s male friends who so blatantly flirted with her, but this was different. She was close to this girl. She loved her. “So you just came out?” she asked tentatively.

“Well to some people. A few have known for a couple of years……like bahis siteleri Jessie.”

“Wow. Well she keeps secrets, good friend.”

“The best.”

“So did her text leave anything out that you’re comfortable talking about?”

“Well she skipped the part about you knowing and me being embarrassed.”

“Ok, well I think it’s silly to be embarrassed. Anyone who loves women would be crazy not to find me hot. I’m hot!” And she laughed that easy, all-is-right-with-the-world laugh.

Kayla relaxed a little and wanted to tell her it was more than innocent attraction, but fought the urge. “Kate, if you were my age you might JUST be a hottie. The fact that you look like that at…..” She paused and smiled, raising her eyebrows as if encouraging Kate to finish the thought.

The older woman sighed and shook her head. “I’m 48 you little brat.”

Kayla did a double take. “MY GOD, seriously?!” The younger brunette shivered at the thought of being so attracted to someone 29 years her senior. “I was going to be complimentary, but I think that the fact you look like that at 48 actually makes you some sort of alien.”

The older woman frowned and appeared hurt. She rolled over and pulled the blanket to her chin, staring out across the water.

Kayla smiled. “Kate, I’m joking!! I basically called you so hot, you’re out of this world. You know, a compliment? A cheesy one, but….”

Kate smiled sorrowfully in return. “Kay, it’s not…I…I was out here because….” And she sighed deep and long. She looked back at Kate and said but one word to make Kayla understand. “Ray.”

Kayla nodded in understanding. She and Jessie didn’t talk daily anymore, but her old friend had called for comfort when her parents had split. It had been more than 6 months and it just hadn’t occurred to Kayla that is was still an issue. She suddenly felt silly and selfish. “Kate I’m sorry, I should have asked how you were doing.”

“Oh don’t be so silly, but you’re sweet to say so. It’s just….when you called me a ‘hottie’ before……Ray used to call me that all the time.” She paused a long time. “He USED to.” She gazed out into the Gulf again. “He also used to bring me to this very spot from when we were first dating.” Kate grinned across at the younger girl. “We used to go skinny dipping like 3 times a week.” Kayla laughed, but Kate’s grin faded. “He hadn’t brought me out here in about 5 years.” Then almost inaudibly she added. “I should have known.”

Kayla wasn’t sure what to say, but felt deeply for this woman she’d known as long as she could remember. “Kate, I haven’t had the chance to fall, like, REALLY in love with someone, so I probably have no clue what I’m talking about. But from what I see now, and from what Jessie says about you, you’re doing amazing! You started your own business right? And you’re sitting here remembering good things about you and Ray? And you had friends out here with you today I’m guessing?”

“All true.”

“Well then, I don’t think you’re doing too badly.” She reached out and stroked Kate’s shoulder and the older woman grabbed her hand and smiled at her.

“You always were the mature one of the group. Sorry I laid all this on your lap.” Her face brightened. “Hey, how is university? I heard you made the soccer team? And does the football team call you ‘Minka’ like they did in high school?”

Kayla laughed as she shivered and pulled the collar up tighter around her neck. The breeze from the water was starting to cut through the humid day’s air. Kayla estimated another hour or so before the trail back was pitch dark. “Actually, pretty much any guy who plays football anywhere walks up to me and calls me Lyla; her name on the show. Then they laugh like they’re the first to say it. It’s SO entertaining.” The young brunette rolled her eyes. Kate was referencing her resemblance to Minka Kelly, something that had become equal parts flattering and annoying. She changed the subject. “The soccer season was amazing actually. I made the conference All-Freshman team too, so that was pretty unexpected.” A strong gust of wind off of the bay had her shivering again.

Kate pulled up the corner of the blanket. “It looks like it’s getting chilly out there, hop in,” she said, the joyful lilt returning to her voice.

Kayla hesitated. Her name was Kate and they’d been sitting having a mature, adult conversation, but she was still Mrs. Garraway and she was still lying there in a bikini looking all kinds of sexy. In the end, Kayla decided couldn’t pass up a cuddle with someone looking like that, no matter who she was.

She lay down, and Kate pulled up the blanket over their heads. Things were suddenly very dark. Kayla reached into her bag and switched on her flashlight. She stuck it a couple of inches in the sand. It propped up the blanket somewhat and illuminated everything; like a lantern being switched on in a tent.

Both women lay on their sides and shuffled closer together to prevent the blanket drooping down between them as a barrier. Kate giggled as she wormed bahis şirketleri her way closer and it was all Kayla could do to keep from pulling her all the way in. She longed to feel all that bare skin pressing into hers, warming to her touch. The young brunette was scared her desire would be obvious and thought it would be best to keep the atmosphere as 2 old friends catching up. “So all the moms thought I was the mature one of the bunch?”

Kate nodded. “Oh yeah. You were the only girl in the group we trusted when we knew you were all headed out drinking and the one we all hoped our sons would bring home.” She burst out laughing. “Wow, that sounded awful. No one needs drunk goggles to bring you home…not that you would let that….oh, can we forget I started this thought?”

Kayla laughed and nodded. She flashed to Jessie’s brother and worked unsuccessfully to suppress her smile. “You hoped Kyle and I would have your grandchildren?”

Kate laughed. “He would have had to have shown an interest in something other than Grand Theft Auto first huh?”

“Look on the bright side, I would have broken his heart and he’d have gone through life thinking he pushed me into lesbianism.” She paused as the women battled hard with a case of the giggles. “The moms might not have loved me so much if one of their daughters had brought ME home.”

Kate managed a deep breath. “Well some of them would have gone running to Bayers Road Baptist, but most would have been ok with it. It would have broken Tammy Reese’s mom’s heart though. She had a crush on you.”

Kayla flashed an exaggerated shocked face. “Kate, that’s quite a thing to say!” She laughed and continued. “Hey, Mrs. Reese is super-hot too! Is that why you picked her? To tease me?”

“I wasn’t teasing Kay; Rebecca Reese is my best friend. She is 100% in the closet but I know she thinks YOU are the cat’s meow.” She put her fingers to her lips. “Mum’s the word on that ok?” Kate’s face was still soft and welcoming, but she wasn’t smiling as big and she’d taken on a more intense look. “Now it wasn’t anything weird, don’t worry. As you grew into a beautiful young lady, she just talked about how much she admired what a woman you’d become.”

Kayla dabbed at her forehead with her sleeve. She realized how warm it was under the blanket with her jacket on. She reached out toward Kate. “Pull the sleeve please.” The 2 ladies worked her jacket off and a confused look spread across the young brunette’s face. “Kate, why are you telling me this?”

“I dunno. I guess randomly running into you here and seeing that you’re openly gay and still happy, it makes me sad for her. She’s still with her husband, waiting until the kids are all grown and out the door before she worries about being happy. It’s ironic that it’s you who’s doing what she never could.”

“She told you all that?”

“She’s my best friend, she tells me everything.” Kate flashed her widest smile yet and winked. “Plus we share a bond in this area.”

Kayla’s shocked look was genuine this time. “But you were just talking about Ray…..”

Kate waved her hand. “Don’t tell me that entire year in Toronto, you didn’t meet anyone like me? She smiled and paused. The young girl just gaped back at her. “Kayla, I’m not gay. I just like women…..also.”

The next few seconds felt like 10 minutes to Kayla. She was feeling a spread of warmth everywhere and her head was swimming. She didn’t know what to say and was thankful when Kate continued.

“When did you realize you were a lesbian?”

Kayla took a deep breath and tried to relax. Neither she nor Kate was moving. Their arms were glued to their sides as if afraid to touch the other. The younger girl took a closer look at her older friend. There was no chance she was cold at this point, it was a veritable sauna under the blanket; yet she was still shaking. Kayla quickly glanced between Kate’s legs and saw that the yellow fabric had a ring of moisture spreading from between her legs. The young brunette did a quick assessment of the situation in her head.

“She is bi, all alone with a much-younger, awfully hot girl that she’s known for years. It’s got to be taboo and exciting for her. Plus, being married, she has to have passed up on some opportunities to act on this over the years so she’s likely not much more experienced than I am. Plus, there is that connection with Rebecca she mentioned….”

She ignored the older woman’s question. “Kate, when you mentioned the bond you had with Mrs. Reese….?”

“Uh, yes?”

She slid over, closing the gap between them even more. “You bonded over me a little bit, didn’t you?”

Kate said nothing. She simply nodded slowly. Kayla flashed an assured grin, her suspicions confirmed. Kate was even more nervous at the moment than she was and it was Kayla who was in control of the situation.

“So you were neighbours and became friends,” Kayla continued, “and friends talk about their kids’ friends right?”

Kate nodded again.

Kayla brushed Kate’s hair back. “So there you were one day, talking about the girls. And my name came up. You both know the other one is into women; and one of you sees something while talking about little ol’ me; a gesture, a look, something…..how am I doing so far?”

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Becoming Melissa’s Cuckold Pt. 01

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This will be a multipart series that chronicles my descent into the cuckolding lifestyle with a girl named Melissa. Everything in these stories is absolutely true. These are my real life experiences covering my late teens and early twenties. Because these events took place over a two year period, rather than provide a strict narrative of events I will instead highlight key events during that time that symbolize turning points that lead me further down the path to cuckoldhood.


My name is Grey, I’ll withhold my last name for reasons that will become obvious as my story unfolds. I was a bit of a nerd in high school. I wasn’t really picked on or anything like that, but I was shy, kept to myself and didn’t have a lot of friends. In my graduating year I became close friends with a girl named Melissa. She grew up in the city, but her parents were going through a separation and they’d sent her to live with an aunt in the suburbs while they sorted things out. Melissa wasn’t just from the city, she was the epitome of a “big city” girl. She was mature way beyond her years, very cultured and far ahead of the rest of us in the suburbs. She was into things like art and fashion and knew about all sorts of cool underground music that none of us had ever heard of before.

Needless to say, Melissa stood out like a sore thumb in our quiet suburb and intimidated pretty much everyone. Some of the popular jock guys at school tried to pick her up, but she shot them down in a hurry. Her downtown friends were the in-crowd trendsetters, they were artists or in bands and hung out at the type of clubs that no one else could get into. There was no way that some high school football player was ever going to impress her. Melissa and I bonded over the most simple thing – people were too afraid to talk to her, and no one bothered to talk to me. We were loners for different reasons, but managed to find a connection because of that.

We became very close over during our senior year. Of course I was madly in love with her, but I knew that she was way out of my league. I was a decent looking guy, but didn’t have the confidence to match so I always considered myself to be average in every respect. Melissa was a stunner. She was petite, had blond hair and an hourglass figure topped off by breasts that only a girl that age could have and the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen in my life. I wanted more from her but knew that was never going to happen between us. I felt lucky just to be her friend.

As the school year came to an end, we started talking about the future. By then her parents had divorced and Melissa was preparing to move back to the city. She didn’t want to live with either parent and was thinking of getting a place of her own, but to make it work she’d need a roommate. I wasn’t sure what my plans were. I wanted to go to college, but I was one credit short of graduating high school. Melissa convinced me to move in with her and laid out a plan for me. She knew of an alternative school where I could go part time and get the credit that I needed to graduate and one of her friends was willing to hire me on at a printing press that he owned. She created a budget for me that showed even after paying rent and other expenses I’d have enough money for my first year of college as soon as I got the last credit that I needed. I didn’t realize it at the time, but this was an early sign of Melissa’s controlling ways when it came to me.

The first few months that we lived together was a blur for me. I got to know all of Melissa’s friends and started hanging out at all of the cool clubs. The high school nerd that I was just months ago was now walking to the front of the line at the most exclusive clubs in the city. I’ll never forget the first time that I walked passed a group of football players and cheerleaders from my high school who couldn’t get into the club that I was now a regular at. I just passed them by as I went to the front of the line and got waved in by the bouncer. The looks on their faces was priceless!

As much as I felt accepted for the first time in my life, there was always a bit of a feeling that these were Melissa’s friends – that I was who I was because of her. I was having too much fun to really be bothered by it, and I figured over time I’d make my own friends in this same circle and find my own way, while always being grateful to Melissa. I’d changed almost everything about myself – new clothes, new canlı bahis haircut, new confidence and I knew I owed it all to Melissa. I’d spent my whole life feeling ‘average’ and suddenly I felt like I was somebody. I left the old version of me behind in the suburbs and discovered a new me in the city.

As much as I learned about myself during that time, I learned even more about Melissa. She was far more wild than I ever could have imagined! I knew that she liked to party, but I had no idea to what extent! She was sex, drugs and rock’n’roll personified. I’d still been holding out hope that maybe I’d have a chance with her somehow, but it became more clear than ever that was never going to happen. I didn’t judge her at all for it at all, but Melissa had a lot of men in her life. I don’t want to sidetrack from my own story, but two members of Metallica came to blows over Melissa! That’s the type of girl she was. She’d often bring guys back to our place and I’d listen to her marathon sex sessions through the thin wall that separated our bedrooms. I knew that there was no way that I could ever compete with these guys.

Which brings me to my next point. I was 19 and still a virgin. I was really embarrassed about it and kept it a secret. None of my new friends were virgins. They were as wild as Melissa was, most of them had lost their virginities long ago. And that was my problem. I’d had opportunities to get with some of the girls that I’d met through Melissa, but I was too intimidated to do anything with them. They all seemed so mature and so experienced. Literally hearing how guys fucked Melissa and hearing similar stories about our other friends, I was not only afraid that I’d be a disappointment – I was also afraid that I’d lose part of the cool new image that I’d built up for myself.

Melissa was the only one of our friends who knew that I was a virgin, and felt sorry for me. When she found out that I had a crush on her friend Victoria she hatched a plan to get the two of us together.

Victoria was a little more modest than the rest of our group and seemed a little less experienced too, she at least spoke less about the men in her life than the others did. Maybe that’s why I liked her so much, but it didn’t hurt that she was absolutely gorgeous too. Victoria was tall, brunette and had a slender model-like figure, which worked out well for her because she was a model. Before I’d met her or even knew that she as from the same city as I was, I’d seen her on billboards and poster sized ads in the subway. I couldn’t believe it when I met her – it felt like I was meeting a celebrity – and really couldn’t believe that she was more beautiful in person than she was in print. I was incredibly intimidated by Victoria, but she was a really nice girl and because of that the most approachable of Melissa’s friends. I figured that maybe her looks scared other men away or something. When we went out as a group she’d often find her way over to me and we spent a fair amount of time together and had quite a lot in common. For one thing, she was a bit of a late bloomer too.

Melissa’s plan to hook us up was pretty simple – she’d talk me up to Victoria and open her up to the idea of dating me, while also coaching me up and give me the skills that I’d need to impress Victoria.

Knowing that I was a virgin, one of Melissa’s first bits of advice was to try to control myself when I masturbated. I was at an age when I still denied that I masturbated, but Melissa was having none of that. “I bet you jerk off every time you hear me getting fucked!” Although I didn’t admit it, she was right. She taught me about ‘edging’ – masturbating to the point of orgasming, but stopping before there was a release. She told me that if I ever got with Victoria, I couldn’t be a “two pump chump” and needed to learn how to control myself. It made sense to me, and I had a tendency to do whatever Melissa told me to do anyway.

It was very embarrassing for me at the time, but for the next few weeks Melissa spent a lot of her time focused on my masturbation habits. She wanted to know when I masturbated, how often I masturbated and how long I was able to delay my orgasms for. I’ll be honest, I was a 19 year old virgin living with an overly sexual beautiful woman so I masturbated a lot! I was doing my best to work on prolonging myself, but orgasm control wasn’t the easiest thing for me to learn. Melissa kept a chart of my habits, but I lied to bahis siteleri her. I wasn’t honest about how many times I jerked off and I exaggerated how long I could control myself for.

During this time, Melissa was subtly warming Victoria up to the idea of going on a date with me. She didn’t come right out and say it, but was always sure to say something nice about me to her and pointed out how I wasn’t like the other guys who’d let her down in the past. We continued to go out socially as a group and I made sure to talk to Victoria, make her laugh and feel comfortable around me – all tips from Melissa’s coaching.

After a few weeks, Melissa convinced me that Victoria would say yes if I asked her out. It was the first time that I’d ever asked a girl out on a date and I was incredibly nervous. There was a band coming to town that I knew Victoria liked. I got a pair of tickets and casually mentioned to her that my ‘friend’ backed out and I needed to find someone else to go with. “I’ll go!” she said with excitement, maybe more for the band than me but it was a yes and that’s all I wanted to hear!

In the days leading up to our date, Melissa was drilling me with advice – what to do, what not to do, how to act, how not to act, where to go before the show, where to take her afterwards. It was like a crash course in dating. While I was absorbing everything that she was saying, it was also a bit of a reminder of how little I knew about dating.

As the day of our date approached, Melissa brought up the subject of orgasm control again.

“Your chart says that you can jerk it for 45 minutes without cumming now” – which was a lie – “that’s a huge improvement from when you first started”

“I’ve been focusing on getting better” – a semi lie, I’d been trying but was nowhere near that successful.

“Before I let you go out with Victoria, I need to know. I can’t let you embarrass me – or yourself for that matter.”

“Know? Know what?”

“How long you can last.”

“You do know – look at the chart, 45 minutes”

“No, I need to see it for myself”

“Are you saying that you want me to jerk off for you?”

“Yes, it’s for your own good. Even if you can wank it for 45 minutes – and we’ll see about that – you’ve never seen a naked woman before, never touched a girl, never shown anyone your dick before. All of your training is going to go out the window if you’re all nervous. Pull it out for me, show me what you can do with a woman in the room.”

“Melissa, I’m not going to do this.” I was trying hard to cover up the fact that her frank talk was giving me an erection.

“If you’re not going to do this, you’re not going out with Victoria. It’s as simple as that Grey. Don’t think I can’t call the whole thing off.”

I knew that she could.

“We’re going on a first date Melissa, we’re not going to have sex.”

“Yeah, but with everything that I’ve taught you this one date will lead to two, then three. It will happen faster than you think. I’m not going to let this get off the ground unless I’m sure that you won’t make a fool of me by cumming in your pants as soon as she touches you.”

I stood there confused, trying to think my way out of the situation.

“I can see your boner through your pants. I know that you want to jerk, just do it. Do it if you want to go on that date with Victoria. I’m going to count to 10. When I get to 10 I’m either going to see you with your dick in your hand, or I’m calling Victoria and telling her the date is off. 1…2…3…4…”

And in that moment, I made a decision that changed things forever for me. I quickly undid my pants, pulled them down and slid my hand into my boxer-shorts. I grabbed my cock and started stroking.

“Underwear too, I want to see it all.”

I was nervous, but already committed to this. I pulled down my underwear and stood naked form the waist down in front of a beautiful woman for the first time in my life. I saw a bit of a smirk and maybe a smile cross Melissa’s face as she looked at my cock – did she laugh? She looked me in the eyes and with a devilish look on her face she said “stroke”.

I stood there harder than I’d ever been and began stroking my cock with more intensity than I ever had before. I was ready to cum within seconds and struggled to distract myself. I looked down at floor knowing that if I looked at Melissa it would put me over the edge. She had no mercy.

“Look bahis şirketleri at me” she said and I slowly tilted my head up from the floor. Melissa was grinning ear to ear, clearly enjoying my predicament. “Tell me what you’re thinking about. Are you thinking about sliding your cock into Victoria’s tight little pussy?”

And with the image conjured up by that one sentence my cock exploded and I shot jets of cum all over the place, including on to the bottom of one of Melissa’s pant legs. I wish that I had more time to enjoy the best orgasm of my life, but I was shocked back into the moment with Melissa yelling “GET IT OFF OF ME, NOW!”

It became a bit of a comedy, me fumbling around with my pants around my ankles, hand still covered in cum trying not to touch anything and Melissa screaming at me.

“Don’t worry about your pants, get a towel and clean me the fuck up now!”

I stepped out of my jeans leaving them behind and half naked ran to the bathroom to get a towel. I came back to our living room with Melissa still standing there with a furious look on her face. I got down on my knees in front of her and began to wipe away my cum from her pants.

“The floor too, don’t let that shit stain the hardwood floors!”

With everything finally cleaned up and the towel in the wash, I sheepishly made my way back to the living room.

Melissa was now sitting on our couch with my pants and underwear at her feet. I bent over to grab them and she moved her foot on to them preventing me from picking them up. “Stand up” she said. I did, and instinctively use my hands to cover myself up.

“Do you think after a performance like that you’re ready for a woman like Victoria?”

“I hadn’t masturbated today…”, I tailed off sensing that she could tell that I was lying. “You’re making too much of this. It’s just a first date.”

“No it’s not, there’s no way you’re going out with her. I’m not going to let you embarrass me. Move your hands, I want to see your dick.”

I stood there frozen and somewhat humiliated.

“Move your fucking hands” she said with emphasis on each word.

As always, doing what she told me to do I moved my hands to my side.

“You know Victoria is a model, right?”

“Yeah…” I said not sure what she was getting at.

“I know that you’re a virgin, but I thought when you set your sights on Victoria that it meant that you had at least a decent sized cock in your pants.” Pointing at my dick, “That, that’s not enough for a woman like her. She’s not going to want that. She needs a real man’s cock, that’s a boy’s penis. Haven’t you noticed when she’s mentioned guys before that they’ve all been black?”

I hadn’t until now, but as soon as Melissa mentioned it I realized that she was right.

“I’ve spent nearly a month trying to convince her to try dating a white guy for once because I stupidly assumed that you knew what was up and had the goods. It was a challenge knowing that you were a virgin, but I was hoping that with a decent sized cock she’d have a little fun breaking you in. I can’t set her up with that” she said pointing to my penis with a sense of disgust in her voice.

All of my new found confidence that had been building up for months came crashing down around me, what was happening? I’d become aware of Melissa’s controlling side before this, but this mean streak was new to me. It was impossible to not realize that the nature of our friendship was changing in that very moment.

“Take your clothes and go to your room”

I did as I was told.

From my bedroom I heard Melissa on the phone “Hi Victoria? Good news/bad news. Grey can’t make the concert on Friday but I’ll be using his ticket. We can go together, maybe afterwards we can hit the club and pick up a couple of guys!”

I sat alone in my room trying to make sense of everything. It was a very confusing time for me. In the year or so that I’d known Melissa I went from being a suburban high school nobody to being part of the cool clique in the city. It was an incredible rebirth for me. And in the last half hour all of that felt like it had been washed away. My confidence had been replaced by insecurity – was my penis really that small? I’d never thought so but hearing it said out loud had me doubting myself. On top of that, I had no idea where my friendship with Melissa stood any more. Was she going to kick me out? Was she going to banish me from her circle of friends? Was I going to head back to the suburbs with my tail between my legs?

I barely slept that night with all of those questions running through my head, but I’d start getting answers as soon as the next day.

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A Night with My Alter Ego Ch. 2

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I am now at this point so hungry with; desire for my lover’s unique way of fucking me that as his hand comes down on my ass again my mind is spinning out of control. “Please I need to be filled, I need you to fuck me.”

He commands me “turn and face me, is that what you want or do you want me to eat you some more.” I smile and say, “No, I want to take you up to my room and let you fuck me.” I stand behind his wheelchair now and slowly lick his neck as I prepare to lift him up the one step to the other half of my house and to my web of passion, that is my room. He sighs his appreciation for my attention to his neck. He rolls his chair ahead of me as I walk behind him watching the muscles in his strong arms work his chair. I enter the room behind him and walk to my bureau and light a series of candles that light my room softly.

“What do you want slut, I am your whore just tell me what you need?” he says as my body feels the heat of his eyes. I crawl on the bed next to him on all fours with my tits hanging in his face so he can eat my nipples again. I feel them harden in his mouth as his teeth bite down.

“I want you to fuck me please,” as I beg again. Feeling my pussy drip and my clit harden knowing what is to come. I feel his hands as the push my tits together so he can take both nipples in his mouth at the same time. Waves of pure pleasure pour over my body I begin to moan and move my body to get closer to him. I feel his hand as it slides down and stokes my pussy and feel as his thumb enters in my pussy getting the wet moisture that his passion has created. I feel his thumb slide up as it puts pressure on the taint feeling it as it slides toward my ass. I arch my back, I feel his thumb slowly enter my ass feeling its pressure making my checks tighten taking his thumb in deeper.

He starts to stroke and I start working my ass as his thumb and picks up speed. “Oh it is so good please I need you to fuck my pussy, I need dual penetration.”

My body starts to cum again as his thumb still pounds my ass. “What do you want me to fuck you with my slut?” He asks as my body continues to shake.

I stop and reach out and get a Large Wooden stick that he had given me as a gift. This stick is so nice it is about 10″ long and 5″ in diameter tapering to 4″ in diameter and smooth to the touch. I take a roll of tape that is on the floor by the bed, “tape me up slut” I hear him say.

I take his hand and place the stick in his hand so about 6″ of the stick are sticking out the end, and his thumb is out so it canlı bahis will hit my clit as he fucks me with the stick. I grab the tape and tape his hand to the stick making his hand and the stick a toy that I know will make me cum hard and fast. “Get in position slut” I hear him say as I get on all fours letting my stomach lay across his chest, my knees pulled close to his side spread wide. I arch my back as I feel the tip of that sticks stroke my pussy my body is sweaty and on fire as he works the stick teasing my pussy.

“Fuck me know please, I can not stand it.” I am screaming at this point wanting to feel that hard wood in my hole filling. My lover knowing that I am on the brink of exploding slides that stick in hard and deep till his thumb hits my clit. So much pleasure as I feel my pussy tighten around that stick grabbing it holding it as his thumb hits my clit sending shock waves through my body.

“Oh, yes my that is great stroke me baby…” I left my ass and arch my back even further taking him in as my body moves in rhythm with his arm. My pussy is like a wild animal devouring the stick, fucking it like it was a thick hard cock. I feel my body as it shakes and comes with every third stroke of the stick, sweat coating my back and face as he continues to play my pussy like a master musician. I feel my body as it starts to straighten and my legs now shoot out and tighten as my body explodes with abandon and my lover keeps stroking my with that stick never stopping, making me cum harder and harder.

“Boom, Boom, Boom” I hear him say as he strokes that stick. “Cum, slut,” and my body responds to his thumb as it hits my clit on the third stroke.

“More I need more” I scream as he holds that stick right on a G Spot making me cum. harder still. I reach over as my body starts to relax and grabs my Vibrating Ben Wa Balls. Taking a bottle of lube, I lube each ball.

“Where are you going to put them slut” he asks.

I said “watch” I slowly take one and slide it into my ass and the other I take and put it on his balls so he can feel the buzz of the vibe. I then move one leg up to sit near his ear as I lit my tits fall on his face so he can suck and bite my nipples as he starts to fuck me with the stick again. The feel of the vibrating egg, in my ass makes my ass tightens as the stick starts to fuck my pussy again.

“Oh yeah that is so nice keep fucking my whore.” I scream to my lover. My mind at this point has started to spin again as I let go of all my fears and let him fuck me bringing my body bahis siteleri to life like a phoenix rising out of the fire. I feel his hand as it pushes on my back making me arch further and letting the stick in my pussy come in contact with the vibrating egg in my ass.

“Just cum slut, I am here to make you cum. I am your whore.” I hear him saying as he continues to chew on my hard nipples. I reach down and take the other egg of his balls and lift it and slowly slide it into my pussy with the stick.

“Wow is that great” as I arch my back feeling the pussy muscles as they grab the ball and the stick as juices stream out of my wet hot pussy. More my body demands wanting to feel more of this wonderful pleasure he is giving me.

“You ready to fuck my fist, slut” I hear my lover ask. I start panting and cumming ” Yes”… “Yes”… “Yes” “I want to feel you in my pussy, I want you to feel me cum.” I let him slid that lovely stick out of my pussy so I can take it of his hand so I can feel his hand buried deep in my pussy. The whole time I am unwrapping his hand I feel the eggs buzz in my holes keeping my body on fire as his other hand strokes my tits.

I take a condom out of it little package knowing what pleasures are about to come my way. I take the ball out of my ass and place it in my lover’s hand wrapping his fingers around it. I then take the condom and place it over his hand and pull it down, then I take the bottle of lube and pour it on his fist and rub the lub on good and thick. I now take a small amount and rub it on my wet hot pussy and my taint so we have plenty of slide.

“Are you ready for me?” He asks as I raise my body into position so he can place his fist in my pussy. I feel the pressure of his fist as he pushes it into my pussy. My hand on his arm I can feel the muscle of his arm as it pushes into me. My body starts to shake as it enters my pussy, feeling the fire of passion in my pussy as my body starts to orgasms from the penetration of his fist in my pussy.

“I feel you,” I hear him say as my pussy tightens around his fist as my body starts to fires up again. I lower my body back on all fours with my tits in his mouth as I rock on his fist vibrating against my clit from the inside. I feel my body as it starts to fuck his fist arching my back, working my ass so I pump his fist tightening and relaxing my pussy on his fist. ” You are squirting on the wall baby.” I hear him say as I start to cum again. ” I want you to fuck me” ” Please now” I scream as my body burns and my mind splinters bahis şirketleri from the orgasms that his fist on my pussy is producing. “Get in position” he tells me. I turn my body so one leg is on his chest and my head is in his lap, a slightly off center 69.

“You ready, slut?” I hear him say.

“Yes…. Yes…Please now” I pant as my body starts to build into another orgasm. I feel his whole body start to move under me as he start to pump his fist into my hot wet pussy faster and faster it goes all the way out now shoving it back in harder and faster.

“Cumming Cumming, Fuck me through the cum please” I am screaming now. My body in throws of such pure pleasure that I am shacking from head to toe feeling my pussy clamp on his fist as it enters and turns pulls out and reenters. I am now working my body with his feeling the sweat cover both of us as I start to experience what we call Brandy’s Fuck headache. I collapse onto my lover’s body, feeling his fist still in my pussy and the juices running out. I turn with his fist still in me and give him a kiss of thanks.

He removes his fist from my pussy, and I take the condom that is soaked off his fist. I wash his arm removing all the juices that have coated it. He takes me in his arm turning me so that my back is to him. Feeling his teeth as they start to eat my shoulders and the back of my neck, making me start to cum again. I am panting, so hard now, feeling my back and shoulders as the passion from his mouth makes me cum to life again.

“Thank you oh yes that is good soft” I say to my lover feeling his tongue as it licks my back. He then tightens his arm around my neck and I feel the pressure as he continues to eat my back branding me with his teeth and lips. He finally lets me rest as I continue to cum in wave after wave of aftershocks of pleasure.

“You were good slut,” he says and ” you were wonderful my whore” I say in return. I help him sit up and get into his wheelchair he watches me as I put on T-shirt so that I can help him get out of the house. He asks for a drink of water. I get him some water and he takes a mouth full and spits it at my pussy making me cum again as the cold water hits the swollen and ravaged pussy.

“You are a little devil!” I giggle. I walk him to the door and open it to the outside world letting the cold night air hit my hot skin and tender nipples rise to the cool air. He leaves in his chariot as I watch him leave. I return to my bed and say to myself ” All that pure hot pleasure and he never used his cock.” I know that in 5 days he will be back to ring in the New Year and he wants this to be bigger and better then tonight I cum again thinking of his magic ways.

Brandy will tell more of her hot tales soon to be continued…

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Confessing to Meredith

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Naomi followed closely behind Meredith as they made their way to the conference room. Meredith stopped at the door. She held onto the handle, her hand trembling slightly. Naomi had accompanied her to several such meetings before, but this time was different. The company had recently gone through a tumultuous crisis and she was at the center of it.

“You can do it, ma’am, everything’s going to be fine.” she smiled warmly.

It had only been a few months since Naomi became Meredith’s bodyguard, but their relationship was already very close. Unlike the several others she had before, Naomi’s personality was vastly different. Naomi saw her as a close friend, rather than as her subordinate. Naomi genuinely cared about her.

“Thanks, Naomi. A shame you couldn’t join me to see Anthony squirm.” Meredith said, trying to ease the mood.

Naomi laughed and gave her a thumbs-up. “Go get him, ma’am, show him who’s boss.”

Meredith nodded. She breathed in deeply and stepped into the conference room. As the door closed behind her, the red lights above them flickered to life.


Time ticked by slowly. Naomi rested against a wall and sipped her favorite instant white coffee that she’d bought from the vending machine a couple of hours ago. It was almost empty; She could see the brown residue clinging onto the bottom of the paper cup.

“Still thinking about Meredith?” A voice greeted her.

Naomi jumped and her eyes perked up. It was a big man, with a towering stature. He wore a grey business suit with the initials ‘S.E.B’ embroidered onto his right pocket. She huffed as she saw the familiar face.

“Not so loud Sebastian.” Naomi shot him a nasty look. “You want the whole company to hear you?”

“Why not?” He exclaimed.

“Maybe they can give you some relationship advice,” he grinned.

Naomi attempted to kick his feet, but he anticipated it and skilfully dodge out of the way. Naomi nudged him lightly on the chest and he laughed. He strode to the vending machine and selected a canned soda. It fell with a loud thud.

“So, how did it go? With Meredith I mean.” Sebastian opened the canned drink with a satisfying sizzle.

“Not good I’m afraid.” Naomi sulked. “After everything that happened in the past few days, all my plans went to shit.”

She paused. “I don’t know what to do anymore Sebastian.”

“But it’s all over now, no?” Sebastian replied.


“So…” he trailed off. He dug his hand into his pants pocket and pulled out several snippets of paper.

“I knew this would happen, here take these,” he held onto them tightly offering them to Naomi.

“What is it?”

“Tickets, to the movie Samurai II. It may not be as grand as your original plans, but trust me Nao, she’ll appreciate it.”

Naomi reluctantly took the tickets off her friend’s hand. She had initially planned to surprise Meredith with an array of luxurious activities, but her plans fell through due to the incident that happened recently. She was doubtful it would work; After all, a movie was trivial in comparison to what she had planned before. Sebastian sensed her doubt and sought to reassure her.

“I’ve known her much longer than you have Nao. Meredith may look like one hard bitch, but believe me, she does have a softer side,” he took another sip of his can soda.

“How’d you know so much?” Naomi asked.

“Oh, you know, we used to do business together,” he smirked.

Naomi rolled her eyes. “But you sure this will work? What if she doesn’t like it? What if she thinks I’m cheap?”

“Just relax Nao. You’re overthinking again.” He placed his hand squarely on her shoulder. “Just believe in yourself. You got this.”

“You’re probably right.” She balled her hand into a fist and bumped it with his.

“Thanks again, Sebastian.” Naomi shook his hand firmly.

“Don’t mention it Nao, give her a good time you hear.” Sebastian winked.

Naomi shoved the tickets into her back pocket and hurried back to the conference room.


Meredith stepped out of the conference room looking thoroughly exhausted. Naomi was there to greet her with her usual carefree attitude, putting a smile on her dreadful face.

“Welcome back ma’am.” Naomi bowed. “Suppose everything went well?”

“Better than I’d hoped,” Meredith said. She curled her fingers at Naomi.

Naomi pulled out a cigarette and offered it to her. She placed it in her mouth and Naomi ignited it with a pocket lighter.

“And Anthony? He didn’t do anything?” Naomi asked.

Meredith took a puff of her cigarette and pinched it lightly. “He definitely did. Started to throw a tantrum too until the board called the guards and threw him out. He made my case much more convincing.”

She took another quick puff of her cigarette and tapped off the residue lightly.

“That’s good to hear,” Naomi smiled.

For a brief moment, their eyes met. Naomi instantly peeled away canlı bahis and fumbled out her e-pad. She pretended to look at it, trying to advert her eyes from Meredith’s soft gaze. Meredith chuckled silently to herself and tossed her unfinished cigarette aside.

“Let’s go home,” Meredith chimed. She moved towards the elevator and Naomi, still recovering from her embarrassment, trailed closely behind.


Meredith pushed the button on the wine dispenser and champagne poured into the small wine glass below. She held it lightly and sank back into the comfortable leather seat. She sipped the champagne and stare at the millions of tiny stars that dot the evening sky. Naomi glanced and at the rearview mirror and caught Meredith smiling. She slumped back into the seat and relax her stiff posture, turning back and focusing on the road ahead.

The highway was sparse. Naomi realized it was New Year’s Eve and remembered the huge celebration the city threw every year to welcome the occasion. She recalled the amazing performances by various singers and magnificent giant floats that would parade through the busy streets when she was younger. She smiled, hoping that maybe one day she could take Meredith there with her.

“What are you so happy about?” Meredith asked catching Naomi in the act.

“Just reminiscing my younger years, when my parents would bring me to see the New Year’s Parade at the City center.” Naomi pointed towards the brightly lit city over the horizon.

Meredith admired the view. “What were they like?”

“Just your usual parents. Caring, loving, Overprotective. I was the only child, and I meant the whole world to them.” She paused and continued. “Till this day, they don’t even know I’m working in a corporation, let alone your bodyguard.”

Naomi chuckled and her eyes remained fixated on the road ahead.

“So, what about yours, ma’am?” she gestured with one hand, while the other clutch the wheel.

Meredith took another sip from her wine glass and swirled it slowly.

“My mother passed away when I was barely nine and my father became an abusive alcoholic because of it.”

Naomi listened silently.

“He would come home every day, his breath reeking of alcohol. He’d beat me up any chance he could even when I did nothing wrong. When I turned eighteen, I just upped and left, never looked back.” She laughed and emptied her wine glass.

“At least he made me a stronger woman because of it.”

“I’m sorry ma’am.”

“Don’t be.” Meredith sat the wine glass back down.

The car came to a stop at the junction as the amber lights turned red. Meredith leaned in close and whispered into Naomi’s ears softly.

“Besides, if not for him, I wouldn’t have met you.” She pulled back and Naomi turned around. Their eyes met once again. This time, however, Naomi didn’t shy away. They stared longingly at each other and their faces slowly inched closer.


Their intimate moment was interrupted by a pair of blinding lights beaming down the other junction. They grew brighter with every passing second. The lights were rapidly approaching with incredible speed.

“Fuck!” Naomi flicked backed and floored the accelerator. She yanked the steering wheel with all her strength trying to move the car out of the way. But it was too late.

“Brace, Meredith!” Naomi yelled, valiantly trying to steer the vehicle away from the impact.

The oncoming vehicle smashed into their vehicle, spiraling it a couple of meters away. It collided with a streetlamp just at the edge of the asphalt road. The car was in a wreck, the door where the car rammed into had fully deformed, forming a jagged concave inward. A dark shadowy figure stepped out of the other vehicle; his hand firmly grasping onto a gun.

“Meredith, you fucking bitch!” He shouted as he strolled towards the wrecked car.

“Fuck me,” Naomi swore. She was still reeling from the pain from the impact. She looked around, her hand grasping her aching head tightly. She saw Meredith lying motionless in the back seat. She wormed her way towards her, past all the debris and soldiering through all the pain from the impact.

“Shit, Meredith are you alright,” Naomi stammered. She supported her with one hand and use the other to feel for any injuries throughout her body.

Meredith made an unrecognizable noise. Naomi closed her eyes and sighed. Meredith was largely unscathed but was still disoriented by the impact. She shifted her to a more comfortable position and peeked at the shattered windshield to see the commotion.

“Come out Meredith! I know you’re in there!” The dark figure demanded. It was getting closer to the car.

Naomi whipped out her gun and realized the magazine was missing. She scanned her surroundings, frantically trying to search for the missing bullets. They were all scattered around the car. There was not enough time to reload it.

“Damn it!” She slammed her fists into the bahis siteleri leather seat. Naomi glanced briefly at Meredith and then back to her gun.

“Don’t die on me yet Meredith!” The maniac’s laughter became audible.

Naomi balled her fist and breathed in deeply. She looked at Meredith again and stroked her face softly.

“Sit tight, Meredith.” She muttered under her breath.

Naomi opened the damaged car door and it creaked open. She stepped outside and pretended to cock her empty gun. She took aim at the dark figure who in turn raised his as well. The crooked streetlamp flickered, revealing a familiar face.

“Anthony!” Naomi shouted; her eyes still trained on her target. “It doesn’t have to end this way!”

Naomi discreetly inched forward, trying to close as much distance as she could while keeping Anthony’s attention away from her movements.

“Shut up, Naomi! This doesn’t concern you!” Anthony yelled. His hands visibly shaking as he aimed the gun at Naomi.

“Why are you doing this?” Naomi asked, continuing her slow advance.

“She destroyed everything I had Naomi. Everything!”

“You left her no choice!”

“I had no choice!” His fingers were on the trigger.

“Please Anthony, it’s over for you here. Go somewhere else, leave this city!” Anthony’s aim dropped slightly. “It doesn’t have to end this way. Put the gun down and leave.”

Anthony hesitated. “No, no, no. It’s not over. I just have to bring back your dead bodies, and they’ll give me another chance.”

“Yes, I’ll just have to-” As he raised his gun back up, Naomi was only but he few meters away from him.

She threw the empty gun towards Anthony forcing him to flinch slightly. Naomi charged at the opening, but he managed to fire off a single shot. The bullet grazed her arm. She fought through the searing pain and tackled him to the ground. They wrestled violently on the hard asphalt vying for control over the firearm, tossing and turning. Eventually, Naomi got the better of him and yanked the gun free of his grip. She took aim and fired a single bullet into his skull. Naomi collapsed back on the hard asphalt ground.

“Naomi!” A distant voice cried out.

Her image of the beautiful night sky blurred and faded into darkness.


Naomi opened her eyes. The sky was of a dim orange glow and her back felt like it was floating on clouds. The warmth washed over her aching body dousing the pain.

“Am I dead?” she asked.

The room was quiet, and the air was still. She was met with silence.

“Fuck me.” Naomi sighed. She had hoped it hadn’t ended this way.

Naomi gazed to the sky and paused. A wave of mixed emotions came crashing in on her at once. She closed her eyes, tears streaking down her face.

“I should have told her back then.” She mumbled, her voice shaking uncontrollably.

“How much she meant to me, how important she was to me.”

“But now, I don’t even have a chance anymore.”

“What did you want to say?” A voice whispered, but it didn’t register to her. Instead, she responded to it.

“I love you, Meredith.”

Naomi opened her eyes, and she was greeted with a pleasant sight. Naomi jerked up, holding her aching shoulder. She quickly wiped away her tears with her uninjured arm and tried to steady her voice.

“Holy shit, Meredith.” Her voice still shaking slightly. Her face was quickly turned red.

Meredith giggled. Meredith was by her side wearing a plain white singlet and simple matching panties, her long black hair draping on her back. She looked at Naomi and smiled.

Naomi blushed, “Oh, hi there, Meredith, I mean Ma’am.”

“Hi, Naomi.” Meredith greeted, still chuckling slightly.

“So, about what I said…” Naomi trailed off.

“Go on.”

“What I meant to say was, I love you, as my boss.”

“Is that so?” Meredith’s eyebrows raised. “Then why were you saying my name when you were asleep.”

“Oh uh that,” Naomi paused. “Just a dream.”

“Really? Wow, what about?” Meredith smirked.

“Dreams, you know, they’re difficult to remember.” Naomi twirled her hair.

“Oh Naomi,” Meredith pulled her face in for a quick kiss. She pulled away and they stared longingly at each other.

Several muffled explosions rang out from the direction of the city center.

“I love you, Meredith.”

“I love you too. Naomi.”

Meredith leaned in for a kiss. Their mouths collided and their tongue in each other’s mouths, wrestling for control. Naomi eventually gave in, allowing Meredith’s tongue to freely do as she wished. She enjoyed every bit of it, exploring and licking every part of her mouth. Their tongues were dancing like a majestic waltz.

“That was amazing,” Naomi whispered gleefully.

“There’s more,” Meredith whispered seductively. “Lay back.”

Meredith shoved Naomi playfully as she sank back on the soft cushioned mattress bed. The soreness of her arm bahis şirketleri did not affect her as making love to Meredith was the only thing she had on her mind. Meredith wriggled Naomi’s lace panties off her hips and tossed them aside. Meredith spread Naomi’s legs wide open, revealing an already moist pussy.

“Wow, what a pretty pink pussy,” Meredith licked her lips.

Naomi blushed and looked away. Meredith placed her hand on Naomi’s inner thigh and slowly traced her fingers down to her delicate outer folds. Meredith grazed her fingers over Naomi’s swollen clit, causing the young maiden to squeal slightly. She moved her fingers back and forth, teasing her endlessly.

“You’re so mean.” Naomi pouted, trying to keep a straight face as Meredith continued to torment her.

“I don’t know what you mean.”

Naomi gestured with her uninjured arm, pointing to her aching pussy. “You know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t.”

Naomi’s face was turning bright red. Meredith continued to tease her.

“I want to cum Meredith.”

“You do?”

“Please, Meredith.”

“Please, what?”

“Please Meredith, I wanna cum.”

Meredith leaned her face in and began licking her pussy. Naomi arched her back, surprised by the barrage of wonderful sensations. Meredith buried her tongue deep inside of her hole, exploring every bit of her. Naomi used her free hand and fondled her bare breast. She was reaching her limit. Using both hands, she pulled her deeper into her pussy, ignoring the pain from her other arm. Meredith had better access to her insides and was attacking her G-sport relentlessly. It was too much.

“I Cumming!” Naomi screamed. A torrent of liquid came gushing out of her pretty pink hold soaking Meredith faced with her love juice. Meredith got up and collected the squirt from her face. She moved beside Naomi and inserted her fingers into Naomi’s mouth.

“Mmmm,” She sucked her fingers, enjoying the taste of her own squirt.

“You’re such a slut.”

“Your, slut” Naomi giggled.

“Stay just like that.”

Naomi’s eyes trace Meredith as she got onto the bed. Meredith placed her hips over Naomi’s face, her pussy just above Naomi’s mount. Meredith pulled her panties aside. Naomi gasped and admired Meredith’s glistening pussy in all its glory. Feeling frustrated, Meredith lowered her hips, planting her pussy down into Naomi’s soft mouth. Naomi’s stuck her tongue out and licked Meredith’s pussy skillful.

“You’re making me cum.” Meredith squirmed and made a cute noise that Naomi had not heard before.

Meredith moved her hands over Naomi’s perfect round breast desperately fondled them. She was close now. She rocked her hips back and forth, allowing Naomi’s tongue access to her clit.

Meredith screamed and her body spasmed as Naomi’s tongue was still in her pussy. She fell back onto the bed and laid by Naomi’s side, panting and smiling at one another. They laid there in silence for a while, staring into each other eyes and pecking each other lips playfully. They eventually drifted off to sleep, in each other’s arms.


Meredith woke up to the smell of breakfast. The smell was tantalizing. It had been so long since she had a home-cooked meal. She walked outside and was greeted by the sight of a bare beauty with nothing but an apron on, making breakfast.

“Morning Meredith! Breakfast is almost ready.” Naomi exclaimed. She shook her butt excitedly.

Meredith moved towards the counter and leaned against it, admiring Naomi’s round butt as it swayed with every movement she made. Naomi turned around and transferred her freshly made eggs onto Meredith’s plate. Meredith cut a slice of the scrambled eggs and stuffed it into her mouth.

“So, how is it?” Naomi asked, nervously.

“Simply amazing,” Meredith replied, taking another bite. It was the best scrambled eggs she’d ever tasted.

Naomi pumped her fist into the air and silently indulge in her victory.

“So, what’s my schedule for today?” Meredith asked.

Naomi cleared her throat and straighten her back. “I looked into your schedule and saw that you had the day off, so I thought maybe we could-”

Naomi paused and took a deep breath. Meredith raised her brow.

“Go catch a movie and spend some time together.” She reached for the two tickets Sebastian had given her and placed them on the table.

“Oh, and where you get these.” She pointed to them. It was a guilty pleasure that Meredith had.

“A mutual friend.” Naomi’s eyes wandered.

“I see.” Meredith grinned. “Then what happens after the movie.”

Naomi blushed, twiddling her fingers. “Maybe we could do that thing we did yesterday.”

Meredith giggled and moved her hand towards Naomi’s face. She caressed her face and pulled her close. She kissed her lips softly.

“It’s a date then,” Meredith whispered.


Authors Note

Thank you so much for reading my story. This is my first-time writing erotica and I’m still learning and improving. I hope to get better in the future as I experiment with more ideas and styles. If you have any comments, feedback or recommendations feel free to leave them down below.

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Avalon Ch. 01

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Big Tits

All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.

September 11, 1992 Los Angeles and Catalina, CA


Periwinkle Halstead sat bolt upright in the middle of Dr. Carter’s king-size bed. Wide awake for unknown reason, she stared into the dim light furnished by moonbeams and starlight filtered through the room’s curtain sheers. She looked to her left, over Carter’s curled body facing the luminous digital clock flags. “Only 12:15 a.m.?” she wondered. “Man, I feel like I’ve slept way more than just three hours,” she said to herself. Her tummy rumbled softly. Silently she got out of bed, leaving Carter undisturbed, and walked to the kitchen.

“Maybe a quick nibble…” Peri mused, as she prowled randomly, opening cupboards and drawers. “Oh heck, I don’t know what I want…” she said quietly, but aloud, as she stretched on tiptoe to open the cupboard over the range hood.

Suddenly a pair of strong hands held her firm flattening breasts through the thin, soft, satin bodice of her pink, pearly teddy. At the same time, Peri felt something hard bump and press her bottom. “There’s nothing but an old crock pot and a few candlesticks up there, Sweetheart,” Carter said in a low voice. Pulling her with him, he stepped back and folded her against himself. “Restless? A little keyed up?” he asked rhetorically, passing his thumbs over her coins and flicking the nipples as they grew from their rising puffed halos. “Me too, actually.” He smiled. Spinning her in his arms, he found her mouth and gave her a deep ardent kiss. He loved her taste and smell. She moaned around his probing tongue and slid her palms up and down his ribs, finally resting them briefly on his naked hips before squeezing his taut butt and drawing his pelvis in to hers.

Carter lowered his right hand from cupping Peri’s full, slightly more round, left breast and scissored his first two fingers in the lacy open seam of her crotch-less teddy’s tap pants. Spreading, first the lace, then her wet, slick pussy lips, he inserted the plump, spongy, head of his swollen cock just inside her hot folds.

“Uhhn,” Peri cooed, as she suckled Carter’s tongue tip. She thrust her cunt forward, capturing his mushroom cap in her honeyed trap. “Uhhncle!” she groaned as he met her advance and pushed his prick up, past its mid-point, and then slowly pulled back.

Carter slid his right thumb up her juicing crease, hooking her hooded nub at the top of the seam, and pressed his spread fingers against Mickey hiding on her mons beneath the skimpy lingerie. He pushed his cock back into her hole, not quite all the way. Peri squished his tongue between her own and the roof of her mouth. Pulling on it, she whimpered as her pussy contracted around its fat guest. Carter won the tug-of-war and, for the second time, backed nearly out of her cunt. His left hand, crushed against her right breast, closed around the tit, his fingers pulling its compressed mass as he drew his squeezing hand up to its peak. He lunged his hips forward, driving again into her primed, aching pussy, this time to his hairy hilt. Peri yelped, still furiously latched onto Carter’s tongue. He milked her breast and massaged her clit as he pumped his piston the full length of her sleeve. Carter grunted with each thrust and groaned on retreat. Uhn! Nnnn. Uhn! Nnnn.

Peri’s legs curled around Carter’s like vines. She shinnied up his torso, as he fucked her, holding her arms tight around his neck, hanging for support. She rocked her self against him in time with his thrusts. She screamed in her head, the sound stifled by the thick flesh plug she held captive in her mouth, as she climaxed.

Carter kept up his steady pace. Uhn! Nnnn. Uhn! Nnnn. Peri’s first orgasm was overtaken by a second and then a third. Uhn! Nnnn. Uhn! Nnnn. Carter’s rhythm was unwavering. Letting go of his tongue and breaking their kiss, Peri tipped her head to the ceiling and howled. “UHNNCLE! OHH!” as she climaxed a fourth time.

Carter grinned with self-satisfied pride at his control and then discharged his load at the nadir of his penetration. Uhn! SPLOOT! SPLOOT! He squirted his seed into her womb. SPLOOT! SPLOOT! “Enjoy yourselves, boys,” laughed inwardly, “this whole weekend is going to be one, big, fucking, egg-hunt with no results but the fun of seeking!”

Carter released Peri’s breast from his clutched paw and slipped his left hand behind her back. He slid his right hand along her ass, rubbing and supporting her. She sighed and laid her head on his right shoulder as she calmed down from her ecstatic ordeal.

“Oh my gosh, Uncle!” She panted softly into the stubble on his neck. “How do you DO that? You are SO amazing!”

Carter bounced her gently against himself, as if she were a baby, and whispered disingenuously,” Do what, Sweetheart? I just try to figure out your needs and do my best to meet them.”

“Oh, man! and how!” Peri declared, sliding down his frame as his shrinking cock left her leaking twat.

Carter casino oyna smiled and kissed her sweetly, still holding her as she wobbled in his arms. “So, if you’re able, shall we go back to bed and finish our sleep?” He looked at the turquoise microwave clock readout over Peri’s shoulder. “The alarm goes off in about four and a half hours,” he observed.

Peri kissed him back. “Yeah, Uncle Bill,” she smiled weakly, “I think I’m good and relaxed now.”


When the alarm buzzed at 6 a.m. Peri awoke alone in the big bed. She was still wiping sleep from her eyes when Carter stepped, fully dressed, from the walk-in closet. “Good Morning, sweetie,” he said brightly, shutting off the noise and planting a wet kiss on her luscious cupid’s bow lips. Copping a quick feel of her right tit, as she leaned against the headboard, he continued, “Coffee’s ready. Grab a quick shower so we can pack and leave.”

“Mmmm,” Peri sighed, “I love how you touch and kiss. You’re already dressed. Does that mean no playtime for Peri?” she pouted.

“That’s right,” he answered, “We’ve got things to do, places to go and people to see.” Raising his hand to her cheek, Carter pinched and wiggled it. “Come on, now, get going!” He smiled and gave her another, briefer, kiss before leaving the bedroom.

Fifteen minutes later, Peri, terry robed with a towel turban on her wet, light-brown hair, poured herself a mug of coffee and joined Carter at the small table in the kitchen nook. “OK, what’s the plan, Stan?” she asked after her first sip of French Roast. “Do I need full-on killer make-up? Are we ‘grunging’ it?” she smiled over her mug’s rim at her 66-year old stud, staring distractedly into the backyard.

“Oh… something in-between, I imagine, Peri,” he answered casually. “We’ll be adventuring and also out in public in civilization. Nothing too fancy, and, of course, you look perfect under any circumstances,” He turned his head and looked into her beautiful, hazel eyes behind their naturally long, thick lashes.

Peri’s cheeks colored slightly under her scattered freckles. “You are sweet to say that, Uncle Bill,” she said, putting her left hand out and stroking his right wrist with her index fingernail, “But, I still don’t know what you have in mind. Can’t you at least give me a teensy weensy clue?” she wheedled sweetly.

“God damn, but she is a siren!” Carter cursed inside his head, feeling his cock thicken at her slight, scratching, touch on his arm. “Umm, Uh, a clue, eh?” he stammered, “Alright, try this on: A 1957 Gold Record by The Four Preps, called ’26 Miles.'” He grinned broadly, watching her perplexion.

“That’s, like, 35 years ago… How am I supposed to know that?” she mock whined, undoing her turban and vigorously rubbing her wet hair. Her breasts rolled and bounced under her loosely belted terry robe, nearly denying any attempt at modesty.

Carter figured he had better end the game while there was still a fair chance of leaving in 30 minutes. “OK, OK, maybe that’s too tough… I’m sorry,” he apologized. Scooting his chair back, he stood and turned toward the patio doors, blocking her view of his erection in his khaki chinos. “So the song is about Santa Catalina Island, off San Pedro. I’m taking you and Trish out there for a last ‘get-away’ before the semester begins. I figure we will all be pretty darned busy and it may be Thanksgiving before we have any real chance for quality fun time again.”

Carter was unprepared for Peri’s exuberance. She squealed and launched herself from her chair, across the five feet between them, and jumped on his back. Wrapping her legs around him and hugging him about his neck she clung piggy-back and showered his head, neck, ears and cheeks with rapid kisses, interspersed with exclamations of delight. “OH! Uncle Bill!” she cried, “That’s AWESOME! Thank you!”

Carter was torn and vexed. He loved feeling her breasts rub on his back through their clothes and he did not want to lose time or timing for the weekend activities. “You’re welcome, Peri,” he said, rolling and twisting his back and turning around to the kitchen. “Damn she is hard to ignore!” he chastised himself for his unavoidable responses to her attention. “Now, PLEASE, climb down and let’s get ready. We want to get there, right?” He queried with a gruff tone he hoped would motivate her, without making her think he was angry.

Peri dropped instantly to the floor, panting from her camel-ride, and stepped around in front of Carter. Her open robe revealed her heaving breasts. Carter successfully fought his urge to fall to his knees and worship her bald pussy beneath the three curly circles on her mons. “You’re right, Uncle,” she flatly stated. “I’m being silly, childish and counterproductive! I’ll go blow dry my hair and be ready to do whatever in a jiffy!” She stretched her neck and swiftly kissed him before turning and scurrying down the hall to the bedroom.

Carter watched her ass swing seductively beneath the flowing canlı casino robe as she disappeared. Whoosh! He let a stream of air out and cleared the table, singing the notable chorus to ’26 Miles’ as he loaded the dishwasher.

Twenty-six miles across the sea

Santa Catalina is a-waitin’ for me

Santa Catalina, the island of romance

Romance, romance, romance.

Back in the master bedroom, he made the bed and put a couple of open suitcases on the duvet. He tossed a pair of madras walking shorts, a couple of pullover polo shirts and another pair of khaki slacks into his valise along with a pair of brown closed-toe leather Italian sandals and a pair of Adidas. Boxers and sox completed his packing except for his favorite, iridescent blue-green guayabera shirt with the huge scarlet macaw emblazoned on its back. He folded this neatly, with the miniature breast-pocket parrot looking up at him, and placed it on top of the piled clothes. As he shut his suitcase Peri waltzed naked into the room and came up behind him. Wrapping her arms around his gut she leaned onto his back and buzzed in his ear, “I’m completely cooperative, Uncle, what do you want me to do first?”

“Ahem!” Carter coughed and straightened up. Turning inside her arms he kissed her and hugged her close. “What I want and what we have to do are different things, Sweetheart,” he rasped huskily. “You know what you do to me and we have all weekend. So first, I want you to put some damn clothes on!” he ordered decisively. SWAT! He underscored his statement with a firm spank on Peri’s bottom.

“OW!” she yipped. Rubbing her cheek she peeked around and watched the rosy imprint of Carter’s palm fade. “That really stung!” she declared, then kissed his chin and said, “Right away, Dr. Carter, Sir! Do you have a preference?”

Carter grinned and indicated the brushed denim, button-front, jumper with overalls-style shoulder straps she had worn to the desert last weekend. “I think that would be the ideal thing, but even more casual, no stockings or tights. You don’t need them for your wedgies, do you?” he checked back.

“No, you’re right,” she nodded. “That sounds great.” She looked at him and winked. “What about undies? Yes or no?” she asked, risking another spank by brushing up against his silk green and gold palm frond Hawaiian shirt.

“Good question. Yes panties, no bra.” He decided. “Pack some for options but for travelling today, I think the dress and a light cover-up will be sufficient.”

“Righty-o!” she replied perkily, picking up a pair of simple white cotton boy-cut briefs from the assortment on the duvet by her suitcase. Peri slipped into her panties and swiftly pulled the jumper over her head, sliding her arms through the straps. She shimmied and shook until it hung straight from her bosom to mid-thighs. Tightening the rope and leather belt, she pulled in its waist, raising the hem about an inch, then smoothed the denim over her butt and bust, adjusting the lined cups for comfort. Holding her arms out she did a torso twist left and right before Carter. “You like?” she asked.

Carter growled in the back of his throat. “I like. Now add that white linen wrap-around thing from The Gap, your black bikini, and the rest of the briefs, bras and crew socks from the bed, there, to the suitcase. “I’ll get your shoes.”

Carter retrieved Peri’s Reeboks from the utility room and brought her strappy flat sandals and hemp wedgies from the closet while she packed. When she finished and the case was shut, he turned her around and looked into her face. Reaching behind her head he fiddled with something at the base of her neck. Peri felt a lump drop onto her bare chest just below the hollow of her throat. “I want you to have this back,” Carter said quietly, as he lightly pressed the solitaire tourmaline, on its fine gold chain, against her skin. “I don’t know where it came from or how you got it originally, but I hope you will think of it as my gift from now on. I love you, Peri.”

Tears welled in her eyes as she looked at Carter’s sincere, kind face. “I love you too, Uncle Bill. Totally and forever.” she sobbed softly, “My mom gave me this for my 11th birthday, the fall before the horrid plane explosion. I had noticed my breasts were beginning to grow and show and felt self-conscious. She gave me this necklace and told me to wear it and whenever I felt like boys were staring at my breasts, I should think ‘They like my necklace,’ and not think they were leering at my body.” She took in a big breath and let it out again. “Of course I knew different, and Grandma said, ‘So what… boys and men like to stare and want to touch our knockers… It’s something you’ll get used to or go crazy. It’s how it’s supposed to be, anyway.'” Peri hugged Carter and continued, talking into his shirt, “I used to be a lot embarrassed and I was still, a little bit, when I came to University but since I found you my whole world has changed. Grandma was right. This is how its supposed kaçak casino to be and I lOVE YOU for showing me. Thank you for the necklace. I will treasure your gift forever,” she swore solemnly.

Carter was overwhelmed by her emotional response and caressed her as she leaned against him. “Thank you, Peri,” he managed to say, “Thank YOU.” Then he draped her cream lambs’ wool cardigan around here shoulders and said, “This sweater will be just right for the boat. Did you pack your kimono?”

“Oh, my gosh, NO!” she exclaimed, “Just the stuff that was on the bed. There’s room, though, I’ll put it in and be all ready!”


At 7:45 a.m. Carter parked the Taurus in the student lot at Trish’s dormitory. “Go see that our girl is up and at them. I haven’t told her anything except you were going to come around and we were going to do ‘something different,’ so don’t spoil the surprise by letting on too much,” he cautioned Peri. “Make sure she has casual nice clothes, like the ones you are wearing and brought, and of course, her swim suit, socks, Reeboks and underwear. Help her get it together as quick as you can and we’ll have time for breakfast before we sail.” Peri opened her door but Carter grabbed her left arm and held her in the car. “OH! and make sure she has her birth control pills. She just started them and this would be a bad weekend to be forgetful!” He winked and grinned as he let go.

“Absolutely,” Peri agreed, “You may count on me!” and then she got out and strode across the pavement to the dorm.

Moments later Peri was at Trish’s door. Rap! Rap! Rap! Rap! “Hey, Girl! Hey, Trish!” she called through the wood, “You awake?”

Trish opened the door a crack and held a finger to her lips. “Sshhh! Don’t wake the whole floor! C’mon in.”

Peri saw Trish was still in her green flannel chili-pepper pajamas however her bed was made and Doodle was now snuggled in among throw pillows on the coverlet. “It’s still pretty early,” Trish continued, glancing at the clock, “What’s the deal?”

“Dr. Carter sent me to get you,” Peri answered, “We’re heading out for a weekend retreat before semester starts. He’s got it all planned, we just have to come and have fun!” She smiled and wondered to herself if her friend got the double entendre.

Trish was tickled by the idea and laughed aloud. “I thought retreats were supposed to be restful… Do you think we’ll get much rest or will it all be ‘coming’ and ‘fun?'” She asked, winking her indication that she had, indeed, understood Peri’s not-so-veiled reference. Continuing, Trish said, “I don’t have a huge wardrobe… what should I bring?”

Peri laughed with and assured her “No problem there, Trish. Wear your safari skirt, but not the T-shirt, you must have a blouse or something. Throw some panties and bras in a bag with your new black swimsuit and that nice striped Lane Bryant dress I gave you.” She paused and scratched her chin in thought. “What shoes do you have besides your Reeboks? We’ll take them of course, but nice sandals or wedgies, like mine, would be great, too, if you’ve got them.”

“Heh!” Trish snorted, “My only sandals are some old flip-flops, they’ll have to do, I guess. I have a pair of rope wedgies, though, and a pair of low-heeled black flats that will look good with my dress,” she suggested.

“Super!” Peri exclaimed, “Let’s get it done. Dr. Carter is waiting downstairs to take us to breakfast!” She gave Trish a hug, pushing her breasts hard against her friend’s ample bust. “Don’t forget your protection!” she whispered conspiratorially.

At ten past 8 o’clock Carter saw Trish and Peri walking toward the Ford, swinging a suitcase between them while holding hands under its handle. They had big smiles and their heads bobbed and nodded in animated conversation. Carter watched with pleasure, noting how their unrestrained breasts bobbled as they approached. He also observed Peri was wearing a Levi’s jeans jacket he had never seen over her sundress and Trish wore Peri’s cream cardigan over a natural linen shirt tucked into her khaki safari skirt. “They must have swapped,” he surmised. Unsurprisingly, the cardigan was too small to effectively button across Trish’s 40DD rack and Peri’s smaller frame swam in the oversized jacket. “The sleeve lengths are OK,” he thought, “and they look pretty fucking sexy!”

He got out and stowed the bag in the trunk as Peri ducked through the front passenger door and slid to the center of the bench seat. Trish followed, closed the door and the teens were belted and smiling expectantly as Carter got behind the wheel. “How about pancakes?” he asked, starting the motor.

“I love them!” Trish said, as Peri echoed her enthusiasm with an emphatic “Me too!”

“Great,” Carter acknowledged. He put the car in gear and eased out of his parking spot with Peri’s left hand dangerously high on his right leg. Trish extended her left arm behind Peri’s head, stretched her thumb and forefinger and massaged Carter’s right ear lobe. “Oh Boy!” thought Carter, “Here we go… three days and two nights with these ‘eager beavers’… I hope I survive!” Grinning broadly, he said aloud, “Next Stop: IHOP!” to a chorus of “Yay!” from the young girls.

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Diary of a Cock Sucker Ch. 05

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In which our hero does new math.

A few weeks since my visit to the video shop. It took a week or so for my poor mouth and jaw to fully recover from the pummeling I received. This led to an often considered subject of the physical relations between men and women. Companion two made clear that he wanted to fuck me. Although my principal interest, and the reason I went to the video shop, was cock sucking, I somewhat seriously considered assenting to companion two’s request. After all, it is just sex and in the right circumstances, it would probably be fun. In the event, I was concerned about the overpowering size and strength of companion two and his more than ardent interest. So I declined for reasons of personal safety, not a lack of interest. Of course men are almost always larger and stronger than women. How must women feel all of the time?

And companion one’s enthusiasm for rough throat fucking. At least it seemed rough to me. Which of us has not wanted at some time to drive our cock down the throat of a woman? Companion one did not ask me, at least not directly. I suppose if I had objected, he may have taken it easy or stopped altogether. In the event, I actually rather enjoyed the experience, at least somewhat secure in the knowledge that I was strong enough to get free if that became necessary. What about a much smaller woman in the same circumstance who lacks such reassuring strength. I cannot imagine what that must be like.

An unexpected departure of my wife for an out of town family emergency has provided an opportunity for some recreation on a Saturday night. I am not able to get started until late and I decide that it will probably be too late for my preferred fare of married men cock sucking at the video shop. So I decide to go instead to the adult movie theater. I have been back now and then to engage in one of my favorite recreational pastimes, which is to strip from the waist down and play with my cock. I like to delay my climaxes as long as possible, riding along on a wave of keeping it on the boil right at the edge, timing my climax to an arousing conclusion in the video. I can usually enjoy four or five climaxes over the course of several hours with the supporting stimulation of good porn films. It has actually been a couple of days since I have climaxed, an unusual occurrence for me, so I am in full flood when I arrive at the theater.

I find the theater unusually full. Of course I am glad that they are doing well financially as for personal enjoyment reasons, I do not want them to go out of business. But on the occasion, it may be difficult to fully enjoy myself if I am constantly on the watch for being observed. I stumble around in the dark for a bit until I finally find a seat. I settle in to enjoy a film where an attractive girl is servicing five men. This is my favorite kind of porn and I begin watching with interest, caressing my cock through my slacks. Eventually an extended double penetration sequence begins. I am always impressed by the stamina of the girls who do these scenes, particularly with a group of men where the double fucking is constant for extended periods. I soon become very aroused and open my slacks to free enough of my cock so that I can touch bare skin. I am enthusiastically playing with my cock as I watch the video when I am joined in the next seat by another patron. I have my shirt out and I cover my bare cock so I am not really exposed. But I cease and desist playing with my cock while I consider moving seats for more privacy.

I begin scanning the theater for alternatives places to sit when my new neighbor touches my leg with his. Although unexpected, this is hardly a shock. This is an adult movie theater and in the far reaches of the corners of the place and in the men’s room, there are hookups and couplings going on. I consider what to do while taking a surreptitious look at my neighbor. If the neighbor is an unattractive prospect, then I will immediately get up and move. I’ll do the best that I can putting my cock back in place in the process. I may move anyway as my intent in coming here was to play with my cock in peace and quiet for several hours and thoroughly empty my balls. But I begin to consider again how lovely it might be to fondle and suckle a cock at my leisure. My review of my neighbor confirms that he is a reasonably attractive fellow, casually dressed, neat and clean, and ten years or so older than myself. I have not responded to him yet as I consider what to do. But I have no doubt that he chose to sit next to me because he saw me playing with my cock. Perhaps he has changed seats several times, making similar invitations.

I decide to explore this a bit and press my leg back against his. After a moment, his hand slides over to touch my leg. This is all expected and I relax to see where this may lead. His fingers caress my leg, eventually gripping the inside of my thigh for a squeeze. I am sitting in my seat with my zipper down and slacks open. My shirt is covering all of this but my cock is hard and throbbing under the shirt. I slide casino oyna my hand under my shirt and resume caressing my cock. My companion continues to caress and squeeze my leg with his hand, eventually sliding his hand up the inside of my thigh. Of course I have my slacks on but even so, the physical contact is arousing. Finally he slides his hand up between my legs so that the back of his hand presses lightly against my balls. He rolls his hand against my balls for a bit before leaning over to whisper to me. The invitation is to go to his apartment with him.

A short time later we enter his apartment. I am on my motorcycle so I have my riding paraphernalia to remove. His apartment is small and modest and gives all of the appearance of being occupied by a single guy, no doubt my companion. He is my size, reasonably attractive, and roughly ten or twelve years older than I. There is nothing aggressive about his manner or approach. He is all politeness as he offers me a beer and we chat for a few moments about motorcycles as I discard the riding gear. He finds out that I am discharged army attending college and I find out that he works at a bar. He asks me if I am pressed for time so I can only assume that he assumes that I am married. I reassure him that while I cannot stay the night, I am not pressed for time. We soon retire to his bed, each of us undressing.

We lay in bed together, both nude, both of us having a close look at the other. He clearly likes what he sees as he is aroused. His cock is lovely; I should think every gay man’s dream. He is a bit larger than average with an above average girth. But the cock is of the most beautiful classic rolling pin shape, a constant circumference with a blunt head. He is uncut. But the big surprise is that from the neck down, he is entirely hairless. That lovely rolling pin cock emerges from a completely smooth body, magnifying the beauty and elegance of the organ. While I am not heavily endowed with hair, I feel positively bushlike compared to his smooth body.

I assume he is going to want to kiss and neck as I anticipate that for him, this is going to be making love to another man. But he is not at all aggressive about his approach and eventually I reach over and caress his face. This seems to break enough reassuring ground that he embraces me and we press together and begin kissing and caressing. Both of us are aroused and our cocks press together between us. We go on in this for some time, both of us caressing and squeezing with our hands, both of us caressing the cock of the other. I am captivated by the feel of his rolling pin cock. It is full but not rock hard and I delight in playing with it at my leisure. And his smooth hairless body is delicious to the touch. I find myself aroused by the conflict of smooth and hairless, like a woman’s body, combined with the lovely full cock which I fondle with enthusiasm.

We are lying side by side facing each other. He rolls over on top of me. I part my legs to accommodate the new position, our cocks pressed together between us. He begins gentle thrusting of his hips, his cock pressing into my belly and of course my cock pressed between our bellies as well. He leans down to begin kissing me and he rolls his hips. This motion grinds on our cocks, sandwiched between our bellies. This is all pleasant and arousing but I know that I am soon going to be faced with the question of whether or not to let him fuck me. I am of decided mixed mind on the issue. In the interim, I lift my legs and hug his hips with them. We continue kissing and his arousal is more than apparent in the enthusiasm of his cock rubbing on my belly. He tells me that he will put on a rubber. In a flash I am jolted to again consider the dilemma of women who are faced with this very same question, not occasionally like now, but constantly. Do I let him slide his cock into my body and fuck his manhood and passion into me?

I want to have his cock in my mouth. If I let him fuck me and he cums, he may not have an interest in anything further or he may not be able to. I want to enjoy the full blooded erection, at least for a bit, not a halfhearted struggle when he is empty or uninterested. So I respond that I would like to but would like to taste him first. Confirming that he is okay with that, we roll over, disentangle, and I slide down to kneel between his legs. His cock jutting from the smooth bare skin is even more breathtaking up close. He is full but his cock lacks the rigidity to stand up straight. So it is full and lying on his smooth hairless belly. I lean forward and lick the bottom of the cock. His skin tastes remotely of something close to nutmeg. I explore and caress the underside of the cock with my lips and tongue. Eventually I pick the cock up from his belly lifting the blunt head of the cock with my lips and sliding my lips down over the head. I look up at his face as I slide my lips down over the shaft. His eyes are closed and he is completely relaxed, having surrendered to my mouth. I begin sliding my mouth up and down on the shaft, reveling in the taste canlı casino and texture of the skin. I am in no hurry and employ my usual feather light caresses of my lips on the skin of the cock. I employ a soft feathery caress, enjoying the feel of the cock in my mouth, and his occasional murmur of pleasure. His hips perform a modest strain upward as I blissfully suck on his cock.

Eventually he reaches for me and pulls me up off of his cock. He leans down to kiss me and caress my cock. He tells me that my mouth feels wonderful. We kiss for a few minutes and then without effort on my part, he lays back down and I continue my work on his lovely organ. I lift his balls in one of my hands and casually roll them in my fingers. The skin of his balls is also smooth and hairless. The texture of the skin is like velvet. I slide my lips back over the head of the cock and press firmly. His murmurs of pleasure increase. While I am working on the cock with my mouth, I realize that I do not care if he climaxes in my mouth. In fact, my modest efforts are for my enjoyment of his cock. If he asks me now to fuck, I am certainly going to let him. I can identify no reason not to. Meanwhile I continue my blissful sucking on his organ, sliding my lips up and down on the shaft, slowly but with enough pressure to receive a steady stream of encouraging sounds from him. I continue toying with and rolling his balls in my fingers. I sigh and moan repeatedly with utter abandon, such is my enjoyment with this wonderful organ in my mouth, warm and alive, leaking his essence into my mouth.

And then I hear him say that he will cum if I do not stop. I have observed a definite increase in the straining of his hips, rocking upward to match the motion of my mouth on his cock. But hearing this, I decide to let him decide. I release his cock from my mouth, gently returning it to its resting place, lying on his belly. I look up at him. There is a long pause and an unspoken exchange and then he reaches for the condom. He suggests that this may be easier for me face down. I ask how he prefers and he responds face to face. I lie down on my back. He slides the condom on and positions himself between my legs, which I lift to provide access. I provide some directional assistance with my fingers, and with some pressure from him, I feel him begin to slide in. He puts his arms under the back of my legs to provide some leverage and slowly presses his cock into me. I feel his cock slide into my asshole, a lovely filling sensation. A bit of discomfort follows that dissipates into a feeling of being filled and possessed as he lies on top of me, his cock in me up to his balls, a gasp of pleasure from him as his chest presses on mine.

So I am on my back with my feet in the air being fucked. His chest is pressed against mine, his head next to mine, I can hear him breathing. I cannot avoid the flashes of juxtaposition where I am on top of a woman with my cock in her, holding her legs up to gain leverage and depth. I feel him press into me, very slowly, again and again, something of a slow rocking motion. At once I realize that he is still being polite and is concerned about hurting me. My arms are around his shoulders and my hands on his shoulder blades. I tell him softly that he is not hurting me and that it feels good. The latter is a bit of an exaggeration although I find the close body contact more enjoyable than I anticipated. At my words of encouragement, he pulls almost out of me and then slowly presses back in. He repeats this technique of slow fucking, pressing firmly into me each time. I hear his breathing and soft murmurs of pleasure, particularly intense when he pushes in the last bit. I flash again to my own experience fucking a woman where I want to drive not just my cock, but my entire body into her.

His cock in me feels, if not ecstatically wonderful, then certainly like I am being fully possessed. Each time he drives into me he presses hard at the end and I am overwhelmed with the feeling, both physical and emotional, of surrendering to him. The flashes of role reversal are almost constant, comparing my current experience of being ridden and fucked with my own experiences doing the same with a woman. I decide I want to experience more, being ridden harder as I have done so many times. He moves his head and looks at me from inches away, his slow fucking continuing unabated. He leans down and kisses me passionately. I press my hands on his back to reassure and encourage. I whisper to him; ‘more’, ‘fuck me harder’. He groans and pulls his cock almost out, pauses, and then drives back in, harder than before, pressing hard at the end. He is watching my face for reaction. He repeats this, pulling almost out and then driving back in, a bit faster and with more force. And then repeats this again, again faster and harder. I gasp now, a combination of mild discomfort but combined with a growing enjoyment of being taken, of being possessed, of giving up one’s soul to another.

I begin murmuring, ‘more, harder, faster, fuck me, fuck me harder’. His thrusting into kaçak casino me becomes just that, harder and faster. Strong driving lunges into me. My body is being driven down into the bed under him with each lunging thrust of his cock into me. His hands are under my shoulders, grasping me close to him and supplying leverage for his lunges into me. The sounds of his body impacting mine fill the room. I feel his balls slapping on me at each forceful thrust. And I again flash to my own experience of fucking a woman in the same way. Holding her shoulders and driving into her, the room filled with the sounds of my belly smacking against hers as we fuck, my balls bouncing on her ass as I forcefully drive my cock into her.

I had not anticipated finding this experience physically arousing. My participation in the act was driven by curiosity and this seemed a relatively safe opportunity. I was also interested in experiencing my companion’s technique and in enjoying his enjoyment of the experience. But to my astonishment, I realize that my own cock is hard between our bellies. He is fucking hard now with steady driving lunges into me. He is moaning and groaning in clear physical enjoyment, the ecstasy of physical possession of another, his entire being in his cock that he is driving into me at will. His body motion is squeezing and caressing my cock between our bellies and I realize with a shock that I am very likely going to climax. My knees are drawn back and my hips arched up. I am hugging his hips with my legs and holding onto his shoulders as he rides me. His pelvis is slamming against my ass cheeks with each lunge of his cock into me. I begin moaning under him in real and unmistakable enjoyment, my cries of pleasure heartfelt and entirely genuine. I realize that it is not just my hard cock that is driving this rapturous pleasure. It is the act, his possession of me, the driving of his cock deep into my body, each thrust of his organ into me penetrating my very soul, reaching inside of me.

I am arching my hips with his thrusts to rub my cock against his belly. Whether he knows this or not, I don’t know, but his lunging into me continues and I am certain that he is going to climax at any moment. I find myself frantic to do the same and rub and twist myself against him, my cries of pleasure a reassurance and stimulant to him. I feel him begin to shake and his sounds of enjoyment increase into frantic grunts. I know that his climax is imminent. I have been leaking copiously and the slickness of my cock crushed between our warm thrusting bellies is frantically arousing. I am just on the edge. I feel him lunge hard, his hands under my shoulders crushing us together. He groans loudly and I roll and twist under him in a straining effort to reach climax myself. I feel him go stiff on top of me, he shudders, groans loudly, and he emits a series of staccato bursts as he climaxes inside me. I am twisting and thrusting frantically under him. I feel my cock swell between our bellies and my cum bursts out of me. It feels like a bursting dam and I groan loudly in his ear in sheer, unmistakable, rapturous ecstasy as I feel my semen squirt out between us.

With a long sigh and shudder, he collapses on top of me, driving his cock in as hard as he can. I feel the cock inside of me and I squeeze on it. He is laying on me in exhaustion and I feel the full weight of him pressing me down under him. We lay locked together for a long time. Occasionally he makes a motion to withdraw, but I use my arms to press him back down on me. Each time he does so, he presses his hips slowly and forcefully against me, driving his cock fully back in. Each time I clench down on his cock. The intensity of my climax is such that I want to continue the very pleasurable resolution, my cock and balls crushed between us, the throbbing and pleasure very slowly ebbing. I don’t know if he realizes that I also climaxed. I lay under him reflecting on the experience. During the act, I found myself frantically aroused but I could not touch my cock. I was being ridden by my companion and so the pace, body positions, touch points, everything, were out of my control. I was straining with every fiber of my being to reach a climax while having essentially no physical control. I reflected again about the act from a woman’s perspective and wondered if they often feel the same.

Eventually he pulls out of and off of me and we lay side by side. He has a small puddle of his semen on his belly and a smear of mine. His cock is lying on his belly, reduced in its magnificent fullness, but still lovely. I am quite shaken by the intensity of all of this. I had wanted the experience of the act and had anticipated enjoying his enjoyment. I certainly did enjoy his enjoyment which was clearly intense and fulfilling. For my part, there were constant comparisons during the act of my passive role in the act and my oft repeated active role with women when I was doing the riding and controlling. The pleasure I derived was a genuine shock. The feeling of him on top of me, pressing on me, the feeling of being possessed by him, I found exhilarating. But the real shock was my arousal and climax while he was riding me with intensity, driving into me, taking his pleasure, reaching his climax inside me.

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Destined Hearts Ch. 07

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Hello guys and welcome to the 7th chapter of this lovely story. I’m really happy and thankful because the previous chapter was received positively and the rates were really wonderful. It is currently on number 3 on gay top stories in the last 30 days. It is really good knowing that my readers are always out there, waiting for me to post something. I love you guys a lot and please, don’t forget to comment and rate this chapter.

Feel the passion…


“What have you done?” Ethan gasped, feeling as if air was being dragged out of his lungs.

“Ethan!” Antonio called, quickly grabbing a nearby towel. “What are you doing here?”

Ethan couldn’t believe Antonio had just asked him that question. He had seen his friend completely naked before but seeing him half naked there, he felt really disgusted.

“What am I doing here?” Ethan chuckled bitterly, pointing at himself. “Is that all that you can ask me right now?”

“Ethan, it’s…”

Antonio tried to explain himself but he got cut off by Ethan who was staring at him as if he had just killed someone.

“How could you do this?” He almost yelled at his friend. “I… I don’t even know what to think of you right now. You… You are a married man and… You are cheating on him right in the room where you and he are staying? How…”

“Ethan, please… Let me explain.” Antonio said, slowly moving to his friend but Ethan just took a step behind, away from his friend.

Ethan had never felt the way he did at that time. He took a deep breath, furiously turning to face Bruce who was playing with his hair

“And you…” He yelled. “…what the hell are you doing here? Are you not ashamed to be sleeping with a married man?”

All this time, Bruce had been quiet but Ethan was getting on his nerves and he didn’t appreciate it at all. He gave Ethan a confident look, rolling his eyes.

“Look, Antonio and I didn’t do anything… yet and you know why…” He paused, giving an evil grin. “It’s because you disturbed us. What the heck is wrong with you? What are you even doing here?”

Ethan wanted to give Bruce a hot slap but for only one thing that was stopping him, he would have sent him in a coma with a hot slap.

He turned and faced his friend. “I still can’t believe you did this after I begged you not to do it. What part of you are a married man don’t you get?”

“Ethan!” Antonio sighed. “Man, I told you already that…”

“I don’t wanna hear it.” He slightly closed his eye, looking all around. “It’s a good thing he’s not even here and…” He gave Bruce a cold look. “…I think Bruce needs to leave.”

“What?” Bruce chuckled bitterly, folding his arms on his chest. “I am not going anywhere because Antonio is my boyfriend and I have every right to be with him. He and I have been together for so long. Do you expect me to leave him just like that?”

“Can you hear yourself right now?” Ethan yelled, pointing at him. “Don’t make me angry because I am not happy right now. You and I need to leave before Praveen comes back and sees.”

But it was already too late. Before Ethan could even say another word, the door opened wide revealing the gorgeous boy who had just returned. The moment he saw what was going on in the room, his face just got blank, an expression that Ethan couldn’t read. He got really scared, his heart pounding deep in his chest. He hadn’t expected Praveen to find them in that situation.

Praveen on the other hand got really surprised when he entered the room. His husband was half naked and Bruce was only with a towel. They had probably been making out and who knew what else they had done. But that didn’t shock him. The most shocking thing was when he saw Ethan with them. His heart simply shattered and his body felt cold.

He took a deep breath and walked away, leaving all them in the room.

“Oh my God!”

Ethan shook his head and rushed out of the room to follow the boy and explain things to him. When he came out of the room, he found the boy rushing to the elevator. He started running after him and when he reached him, he gripped his arm and stopped him.

“Praveen, please, let me explain.” He breathed audibly, trying to find a way to resolve things. “It’s not what you saw back there. You’ve completely misunderstood things.”

But Praveen was standing there without even looking at Ethan. He was so disappointed that he somehow blamed Ethan for everything. He knew everything and yet didn’t tell him anything. His heart was on fire.

“What…” Ethan was failing to breathe properly. “…you saw isn’t what it looks like. You see… I… that was my boyfriend you just saw back there.” He lied which he regretted later. “We… we just came to give you a surprise before…”

“Surprise?” Praveen quickly turned and faced the hunk. “Ethan, I may seem naïve to you but I am not stupid. I know what was going on there because…”

“I seriously…”

“You don’t have to lie to me to help him.” Praveen felt tears building in his eyes. He felt like such a casino siteleri fool. “But you know what…” He chuckled bitterly, feeling himself melting. “You could have at least given me a heads up to let me know what I was gonna go through once I got married. But you just watched and played me for a fool. You even supported him in everything, smiling and…”

“What are you talking about?” Ethan frowned, shaking his head. “I swear to you that…”

“He’s Antonio’s boyfriend, Ethan!” Praveen fumed, yelling in the man’s face with tears following. “I know about him because that is the same man that has been trying to make my life miserable ever since he appeared.”

To say Ethan was surprised would be an understatement. “What? How…” He was scared. “How did you know that? I mean, did he…”

“I know everything because Antonio told me himself when he arrived.” He cried softly, not even bothering rubbing his tears. “You don’t have to cover for him and make me a fool. I know he is your friend but you could have at least told me what I was getting myself into. You could have said something but you just sat there, smiled and supported him through…”

“No!” Ethan shook his head, feeling tears building in his eyes. “I had no idea that you knew and I didn’t know that he was gonna come back in his life. I swear I just wanted him to settle down with someone who could make him happy. I never had any idea that Bruce would return or that Antonio would have an affair with him.”

“But you knew that he was in love with Bruce all along.” He slowly rubbed his tears. “Just leave me alone, Ethan.”

He quickly turned and started leaving but Ethan ran in front of him, blocking his path. He was trying to explain himself, probably bring the situation to order and try to convince Praveen that Antonio was a good man but Praveen wasn’t listening. Praveen simply turned and started rushing up the stairs, away from his troubles. But Ethan followed him there.

Meanwhile, back at the room, Antonio quickly took his jean and started putting it on quickly.

“What are you doing?” Bruce asked harshly, moving closer to him. “Don’t tell me you are gonna be running after that plain Jane?”

“What?” Antonio frowned. “No! I need to talk to Ethan. I need to explain some things first.”

“What?” Bruce gripped Antonio’s arm. “But for what? He saw us trying to make love and disturbed us. Why should you talk to him? In fact, he needs to apologize for what he did because…”

“Are you serious?” Antonio raised his voice as he zipped himself. “Ethan is my best friend and who knows what he thinks of me now?”

“And I am your love.” Bruce bellowed, pointing at himself. “Don’t you care what I think? Fuck Ethan because I am the one you love and not him. If he cannot understand then he might as well go to hell.”

“Ethan is my best friend who is like a brother to me. He is clearly mad at me and besides, I don’t want mom finding out about this.” Antonio said as he grabbed the shirt from the floor. “I don’t want him to…”

“Can you hear yourself?” Bruce was getting angrier by the moment. “Ethan is my friend!” He mimicked Antonio’s voice which made Antonio a little mad. “What about me? You’ve always let your family get in the way of our relationship. And now you want to leave me alone because of…”

“What’s wrong with you?” Antonio yelled, surprising him. “I love you and I keep telling you that.”

“But you don’t show me that love anymore.” He said angrily. “Please…” He moved seductively to Antonio, gripping his collar. He brought his lips down and kissed on them softly. “Let’s just finish what we had started earlier and forget about…”

“No!” Antonio walked away from Bruce. “I have to leave and look for him. I will be back later, okay.”

Before Bruce even had anything to say, Antonio quickly left the room.

“Fuck!” Bruce yelled, furiously gripping the sheets from the bed. “Fuck!”

He removed all the sheets and threw them angrily to the floor. Then he sat on the bed, feeling like he wanted to follow both Ethan and Praveen and then kill them with his bare hands. He was so angry that his breaths started coming out harshly. His entire body was quivering and his heart pounded deeper in his chest. He was just so mad.


“Please, try and listen to what I am saying.” Ethan pleaded as he followed Praveen who was furious.

They were now at the hotel terrace and Ethan was still trying to explain himself but Praveen wasn’t ready to listen to him.

“I am sorry but…”

“To what?” Praveen furiously turned. “You’ve already hidden things from me and now I am suffering.”

“But I already…”

“What do you want me to hear?” Tears went down Praveen’s face. “The lies that you are giving me or what? I already know everything in case he didn’t tell you so you can now go back and continue your party with him.”

Ethan remained dumbfounded, shaking his head. He could see pain and anger in his eyes, making him even more worried. He got really scared but he was canlı casino gonna remain confident and find out the truth.

“I am sorry…” Ethan softly apologized. “…I didn’t know you knew. You see…”

“You don’t have to explain yourself, Ethan.”Praveen chuckled bitterly, rubbing his tears. “It’s not you who is at fault. You probably did it because you love him so much, like a brother and want what’s best for him.”

“What are you saying?” Ethan asked softly.

“I am talking about Bruce.” He said in a tone he didn’t even recognize as his own.

“I didn’t know that Bruce would return.” Ethan nodded. “I agree that they were dating but I had no idea that they would continue after your marriage or that he would follow you here. I tried talking him out of this and I thought he understood. Besides…” He took in a deep breath, moving a little closer. “…I never intended for you to find out about this. I had no idea he would…”

“He made it clear to me the first day of our marriage.” Praveen sobbed softly. “He told me to stay away from him. I am only married to him because he wants revenge from me. He said i did somehing to him and his family and the reason why he agreed to marry me. He promised to make me suffer.”

Ethan felt really terrible. “I am sorry…” He apologized, his voice sounding like that of a stranger. “…please, forgive me.”

“For what?” Praveen chuckled bitterly, shaking his head.

“I didn’t know about this. I…”

“This marriage is just a punishment for me.” He said with a tear following. “I have already accepted what he told me and I don’t love him either. Everyone used to tell me that we were destined to be together. I thought everyone was happy with this marriage. I was ready to give myself to him completely, to give my marriage a chance but everything changed when I found out the reason why he married me.”

Ethan was really hurt by what Praveen was telling him. And here he had been rushing to come and save his friend’s marriage but turns out the boy was already suffering.

“I… I am sorry.” Ethan apologized, taking a deep sigh. “You don’t deserve to pass through all this. I swear I didn’t know this was what was happening. I knew that Bruce was back but Antonio promised he wouldn’t do anything against his marriage.”

He got closer to Praveen and looked at him. “But why didn’t you fight?”

“Fight?” Praveen laughed, wondering why Ethan had asked him that question. “Fight for a man that doesn’t even want me? No!” He shook his head. “Had he told me he loved me or even accepted our marriage then I would have fought Bruce to keep our marriage. But…” He paused and took a deep breath, pain taking control of his body. “…I don’t think I don’t have that right. I am not even sure if I am the one married to him or if it is Bruce. I am like a mistress to him. Bruce has been making things worse and… I don’t have that right over Antonio. Bruce is the one who owns him.”

“But you are the one married to him.”

“Yes!” Praveen yelled in Ethan’s face. “I am married to him but… but I don’t own him. He doesn’t love me and I know my boundaries when it comes to him. I am only in this marriage because of mother and granny. If my mother had still been alive…” He paused as he cried softly. “…I wouldn’t have probably been suffering like this because she would have understood.”

“But then…” Ethan sighed, shaking his head. “…why are you still iving like this?”

“Because I have to make a lot of people happy.” Praveen sighed. “I have to sacrifice my happiness to make other people happy. Maybe seeing them happy will make me happy and who knows…” He shrugged, raising his eyebrows. “…I might just be happy one day.”

Ethan looked at Praveen and felt really vulnerable. He had no idea what to say to him or what to do at that moment. He could see through his pain and wanted to help him. In fact, he promised to do everything to help him. He was gonna do it.

“You deserve all the happiness in the world, Praveen.” Ethan confessed, taking both of Praveen’s hands. He rubbed on them sweetly, trying to smile. “I am sure that the almighty will reward you one day.”

Praveen raised his face, staring into Ethan’s eyes. “Why does everyone keep telling me that?” He quavered, feeling a bit cold. “Everyone I meet always tell me that but maybe only the almighty can answer the questions I have. I know you’re Antonio’s best friend and you love him. You probably didn’t know this but please…” He put his hands together. “Whatever you do, don’t tell mother about this? She’ll be heartbroken if she ever found out about this. I don’t even know what granny will do. And please, whatever you have found out about Antonio, don’t ever let it get in your friendship because of me.”

Ethan opened his mouth to answer but before he did…

“I want you to promise me this.” Praveen pleaded. He didn’t wanna hurt Emilia and granny. “I beg you.”

“Okay…” Ethan nodded. “I promise you. I will be going back and I am taking Bruce with me. He won’t bother kaçak casino you while you are here.”

Not sure it helped but Praveen nodded and gave a fake smile. Ethan turned around and left him on the terrace. As soon as he left, Praveen burst into tears as the pain instantly came to him, making him feel as if it was blinding him. He was really so unlucky. He missed Victoria and her family so much.


“Get ready…” Ethan said hoarsely, furiously entering the room. “…you are leaving this hotel right now.”

“What?” Bruce laughed in mock, folding his arms on his chest. He was already dressed because he was pissed at his boyfriend. “Excuse me? I am not leaving this place because I didn’t come with you. First you interfered and now you think you…”

“I interfered?” Ethan laughed, pointing at himself. His anger was rising. “You should be ashamed of yourself, Bruce because you are fucking a married man.’

“What does it matter to you?” Bruce furiously walked towards him. “We love each other and that’s something that even you won’t ever break. Antonio and I are…”

“Don’t preach to me.” Ethan snapped, pointing angrily at him. “You have no sense at all, Bruce. You are a model and I expected you to have a little bit of sense. Don’t you know that sleeping with a married is a…”

“Shut up!” Bruce yelled, stumping his foot on the floor. “Don’t insult me, Ethan because I might just forget that you are my boyfriend’s friend.”

“Good!” Ethan clapped, angering Bruce even more. “It is good that you know I am his friend but what are you to him? You are nothing but a prostitute who…”

“How dare you?”

Bruce tried to raise his hand to smack Ethan but Ethan blocked him and gripped it, pulling him painfully. He looked in his eyes and then showed him nothing but anger.

“You don’t have such right.” He warned. “And you are leaving these two to have their honeymoon in peace whether you like it or not.”

“I am not…”

“This is not a request but a command.” He said, grating his teeth. “You might just force me to do something that we will both regret so don’t push me.”

Bruce had never seen that side of Ethan. He was always so sweet, kind and nice whenever they spoke. They had been fucking friends for goodness sake. What was happening now, Bruce thought as he tried to release his arm free but Ethan was really powerful. He got it! It was because of the stupid Praveen. Even Antonio had shouted at him once. The boy was truly a wizard.

Lucky for him, the door opened and Antonio came rushing inside. When he saw the scene happening, he just stood and watched. He had no idea what to say to his friend or to Bruce. He knew his friend was mad at him and so was his boyfriend.

“Antonio!” Bruce finally managed to free his hand. He ran to his boyfriend and stood by his side. But the guy’s eyes were on his friend. He had no idea what to say to him. “Baby, please talk to him and make him understand. Because of that stupid plain Jane, he is ready to hurt me…”

Antonio took a deep breath. “Ethan…”

“Antonio if you are gonna be talking about Bruce then I am not interested.” He said acidly, eyeing his friend. “All I have to say to you is that I am really disappointed.”

“Ethan, I didn’t mean to shout at you and honestly, I am sorry.” He apologized. “But you’ve got to understand what I am saying to you. Bruce and I have come a long way and I love…”

“Antonio, I don’t wanna talk about it.” Ethan brushed him before he even went further. “You’ve really hurt that boy so much and I could see it while I was talking to him. Where is your conscience?”

“I don’t love him.” Antonio screamed at the top of his voice. “I love…”

“Then why did you agree to marry him?” Ethan asked calmly. “Why did you take all those vows you are now breaking one by one?’


“You know what?” Ethan raised his hand as if he was surrendering. “I don’t wanna hear your answer but I am getting Bruce out of here even if it is to make that boy feel better.”

“I am not going anywhere.” Bruce argued, holding on to Antonio tightly. “I am staying here because I belong at the side of…”

“Wanna bet?” Ethan chuckled sinisterly.

“I ain’t going nowhere so if you want, you can go back but me…”

“Go with him.”

The moment Bruce heard those words, he felt a cold shiver run down his spine. He froze, his heart stopping in the process. His breaths stopped as he felt as if his chest was being compressed. He slowly moved his eyes, staring at his boyfriend.

“What?” He gasped, his eyes widening.

“Go with him.” Antonio said without looking at his face. “Just go so that all this drama could stop.”

“What?” Bruce yelled, suddenly letting go of his boyfriend. “I am not leaving you here with that…”

“Just leave…” Antonio said, clenching his teeth. “…Leave if this is going to end all the tension.”

“But Antonio, I…”

“Leave if you love me like you say you do.”

“What?” Bruce was really mad. He couldn’t believe Antonio was questioning his love for him. “Are you trying to…”

“If you love him like you say you do then come with me.” Ethan said with a mocking smile on his face. “And leave him alone forever…”

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