Craving Cole Ch. 03

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“I don’t remember…” Ugh! What the fuck possessed her to say that?! But she’s so tight and the girls keep following her and she hasn’t had a single second to herself since she got off the bus and he’s standing there, so close and he looks so fucking good… his cock is right there, almost at eye-level…

“Excuse me?” Cole’s voice, slightly incredulous, rips through the thoughts racing through Lacey’s mind.

Fuck! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!! She knows he heard her, she heard herself… She practically threw herself at him and she can feel herself start to blush. He can’t honestly NOT know what she meant… Can he?

But what if he didn’t hear her? She’s so wet and he was so fucking big. She wants to feel that again. Badly. She doesn’t care that he’s her cousin. Doesn’t care that its wrong. It just felt. So. Good. So amazing. So intense. She wants to feel that again.

“I said,” she drops her voice just a little, just in case, so the girls don’t hear. “I don’t remember how to untie these knots, Cole.”

There. Its done. Lacey feels her nipples tighten and her stomach drop with dread, realizing that this can’t be explained away by a simple ‘I was just teasing’ like it normally can with other guys. There is no mistaking the intent this time.

“If you ever lie to me again, I’ll drag you out into the woods…” Lacey hears Cole’s whispered threat run through her mind again. She’s never wanted anything more.

Why isn’t he saying anything?!

Lacey gasps as Cole’s fingers slide into her long, dark hair and rips her head back. In this position, held like this, she has no choice but to look straight up into Cole’s heavy-lidded eyes.

Green eyes, she thinks distantly. His eyes are green and right now, they are dark and full of the kind of driving lust that takes your breath away.

“Liars get punished, Lacey. You know that,” Cole’s voice is like velvet covered steel. Soft and thick on top but hard. Brutal underneath. Its also her last chance to back off. She knows this. She can hear it in his voice. But she wants this.

“I know.”

Cole lets go of her hair abruptly and turns around.

“Get one of the girls to help you,” he says, over his shoulder as he walks away.

Lacey feels like she’s been punched. She couldn’t possibly have been more clear about her intent. She might as well have simply said ‘fuck me’ and he’s walking off? What the fuck! She was so sure when he grabbed her hair, it felt so fucking good, and so fucking bad! So dirty! But he didn’t do ANYTHING! He just walked off. How could she have possibly been wrong?? He was just buried inside of her a few hours ago! Why isn’t he dragging her into the woods?!

‘Because you are surrounded by family,’ the practical side of her replies.

As if summoned by this thought, Uncle Don canlı bahis and Aunt Kim come strolling down the dock. Lacey goes back to untying the knots in the two poles, trying not to gag at the smell of fish and lake. Without Cole so close to distract her, the smell is overwhelming. This is going to be a long, shitty day.

That night, sun-burned and sore, Lacey walks the half-mile to the showers. She knows this will be her only time alone, since her family always ‘rinses off’ in the lake when they go camping. Nobody wants to walk so far just to feel clean for a few minutes and then go back to smelling like fish and fire.

Normally, she wouldn’t bother tonight, either. She likes feeling clean, but on the first night she doesn’t really smell that bad and its a waste of quarters. Tonight, though, she walks up there just to get away. She needs to be alone. Besides, half of her is hoping that Cole will follow and make good on his threat. Will drag her into the woods and turn her ass red.

Lacey shivers at this thought. The one that’s been racing through her mind all God-damn day. The real reason she’s walking to those stupid communal showers by herself in the dark. She knows if she doesn’t get off soon, she won’t be able to think at all. She might even do something as dumb as crawling into Cole’s tent when she thinks everyone is asleep. That would be really, really stupid.

Especially since Cole hasn’t so much as looked at her since that fucking fiasco on that stupid dock with her stupid lie.

But its fine. She knows Cole isn’t coming because Aunt Kim even tried to get him to walk her up there since its dark. She could tell he didn’t want to so she said she’d be fine. And here she is. Just fine. So horny she can’t think straight and feeling stupid as fuck, but fine. In absolutely no danger at all whatsoever.

Even knowing they were there, Lacey feels a profound sense of relief when she sees the shitty pebbled plastic doors on each of the stalls. She’s been too wet and too tight for too long. She needs to get off. She’s grateful that she doesn’t have to know if she would have done it out in the open. She’s afraid the answer might have been yes.

Lacey puts in her quarters and turns the knob as hot as it will go. She knows she has a few moments before the water gets hot and she only brought enough quarters for maybe ten minutes. She wants to make sure its hot when she gets in.

While she waits for the water to heat, Lacey closes her eyes and takes her clothes off slowly, imagining Cole telling her to strip. She imagines the way his green eyes would look when she pulls her shirt up over her head. When she pushes her skirt down around her ankles. She turns around, imagining him behind her as she unhooks her bra. She runs her fingers through her hair, rubbing her scalp bahis siteleri and making her soft waves dance down her back. She turns around and opens her eyes… And he’s not there. Deflated she slips out of her thong and gets into the water.

‘Fuck him,’ she thinks. ‘I’m hot as fuck. He’s a fucking moron for not coming up here. For not taking me up on my offer. Fuck him.’

Bolstered by this thought, Lacey washes her hair slowly and then rinses. She puts in conditioner and decides to let it sit while she washes her body. She leans against the cold tiles as she pours body wash onto her loofah. She lets the steam and the scent of her body wash slough away all the tension and anticipation she’s been feeling all day. She works the lather slowly over her body, letting the rough feeling of the sponge arouse her. She leans back into the hot spray of the shower, rinsing out the conditioner from her hair and sliding her hands down over her body.

The feeling of her fingers on her skin makes her nipples pebble. She pinches one, loving the way the quick sharp feeling makes her head light. Her eyes flutter closed once more and, distantly, she hears another shower stall open and then close. She doesn’t care. She has one nipple between her fingers, pinching and rolling it while her other hand works its way slowly down the plane of her stomach to her smooth, waxed pussy.

The feeling, when it finally gets there is electric. Her thighs are so slick from being so wet all day in that skirt, with nothing to soak it up except a teeny tiny thong and the contrast between the water and her juice is extremely erotic. Incredibly dirty in a way she never feels. Sure she flirts, but she’s never been this wet. Never wanted it this bad.

As her fingers start to swirl over her clit, she knows it won’t be long. She’s going to cum. Right here in this public shower on a public campground. Lacey bites down on the hand that was pinching her nipples to try to keep from crying out. She falls to her knees, her fingers slipping down into her pussy, first one and then two, stretching her hyper-tensed walls, making sparks flutter down her spine. She’s going to cum. She’s going to cum! Cole’s face, looking down at her on the dock flashes through her memory and Lacy explodes. It’s the biggest orgasm she’s ever had.

Bonelessly, she stands and puts two more quarters in the slot. At some point, though Lacey can’t remember when, the water ran out. And the other girl left. Lacey rinses off, giggling a little at the thought that she was so wrapped up in making herself cum that she literally didn’t even notice the water shutting off. Who even does that? It’s like some ridiculous line she’d read in a sleaze story.

Despite her giggling, Lacey feels more relaxed than she has since she got on the plane to fly out here. bahis şirketleri She finally feels calm and in control of herself in a way she hasn’t since Cole came up behind her earlier that day. Was it really just earlier that day that he had leaned down to whisper that warning in her ear? That she smacked her head on the bus-top? Seems like a long and vivid daydream.

Lacey grins ruefully to herself as she dries off in the cold air of the women’s room. Half of her is embarrassed that someone might walk in at any moment, but most of her is comforted by the idea that, surely, if someone did come in, it would only be another woman. Its not like she has anything that they don’t. Still, the thrill of being seen so soon after she’s cum, with the flush still painted over her chest, is a guilty thrill that she can’t resist. Maybe because Cole was all talk.

Bolstered by this thought and the reckless feeling it leaves behind, Lacey decides not to wear anything under her tank top or sleep shorts for the walk home. Between her wet hair and the coolness of the air outside, Lacey’s nipples tighten. She likes the way they look, pebbled in the dark. She revels in the feeling of looking good in a way she doesn’t normally. The long line of her legs and the wide curve of her hips. The way her waist clinches in, her nearly flat stomach… She knows she’s pretty, but somehow, tonight, she feels stunning. Even if Cole didn’t take her bait. Fuck him. She’s beautiful and he should be drooling like all the other boys she knows. Family or no, he still has a cock, right?

She feels a rush between her legs at the thought of his cock. His thick, hard cock. She giggles a little and closes her eyes. This time, without the driving need to cum, the memory of his cock buried in her soaked pussy flushes her all over and only adds to the euphoria she feels. So what if she’ll never feel it again? SHE liked it and that’s all that matters.

Lacey is so wrapped up in herself and her memories that she literally runs into someone. Someone tall and well-built. Cole. Her heart rate ratchets up and her breath catches.

“Whoa, Cuz,” Cole teases. “Tryin to knock me over?”

“What are you doing out here? I told you I was fine.” She can’t help the vicious way it comes out. She’s blushing and it pisses her off. How dare he make her feel this way, threaten her and then turn her down! Who does he think he is, showing up after making her walk here alone?

The blush on her face, the way her words come out… She’s never that hateful when she’s not nervous. He knows.

His voice hardens. “You’ve been gone almost an hour, Lace. Everyone went to bed, so I came to see what kept my little liar gone.” He wants her to know he remembers. That he won’t let it go.

“Just taking care of what you left unfinished, Cousin,” How dare he bring that up?!

She’s waiting for him to grab her hair again. Jerk her head back. Make her apologize. What she’s not prepared for is the sting she feels when he slaps her. Or the tingle she feels when he does.

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I Want A Fat Babe

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There they were. The Barbie Dolls. The bleached-blond, silicon-enhanced, daddy’s-credit-card-endowed, anorectic airheads, aka the Popular Girls, aka the Cheerleaders. They took their seats at a table in the cafeteria, chittering loudly about the upcoming prom. Dresses, corsages, limos, dates…

Right on cue, a dark-voiced brawling by the entrance announced the arrival of the jocks. They joined their squeaking girlfriends to the sound of kisses and coos. They were too used to the attention to care about all the stares they got from the rest of the cafeteria. They were the Perfect People; the boys muscular and athletic, the girls slim with big tits, all of them with perfect complexion, white teeth, and thick, well-groomed hair. Barbies and Kens. The reason why people referred to Bartel Senior High School as Mattel High.

Paula forced herself to turn her attention to her history book and the political intrigues of Argentina in the mid 40’ies. She got so caught up in what she was reading that she didn’t notice the whole cafeteria suddenly getting quiet, their eyes following the figure approaching her table. Suddenly, someone pulled out a chair and sat down opposite her. Paula looked up.

“Hi Paula,” said Tony Johnson.

“Hi?” said Paula, frowning.

“Remember me?” he asked. “I’m Tony Johnson. We’re in the same chemistry class.”

“Yeah, I know,” she said.

As if she wouldn’t know Tony Johnson! Quarterback, elite pitcher, track star, the spitting image of Shawn Wayans… and the only one of the Popular People who had ever talked to her, although it was just to ask her to pass a flask of citric acid. What surprised her was that he knew who she was, let alone that he talked to her in public. He probably wanted to buy a copy of her chemistry notes, but she couldn’t believe he was stupid enough to ask her in front of the whole cafeteria.

“Would you like to go to the prom with me?” said Tony.

Paula wasn’t the only one who gasped for breath. All the eyes in the room were fixed on the two. Paula froze. So that was what this was all about, huh? The Perfect People were playing a game! Tony Johnson had been sent over to ask her out, so they could get a good laugh at her! She summoned all her dignity, stood up, and collected her books.

“No thanks, ” she said coolly. “I’m not going to the prom.”

She wished she’d been slim and graceful like the Barbies, so she could have swept out of there, instead of waddling off with a tray full of dirty dishes.


Paula muttered some bad words as she strained to reach the English-French dictionary on the top shelf. Why did she have to be this short? She jumped when someone came up behind her, reached up, and grabbed the book. She spun around. She hadn’t noticed Tony Johnson sneaking up behind her.

“Here you go,” he said, and handed her the dictionary.

“Thanks,” she muttered.

NOW what did he want?

“How come you’re not going to the prom?” he asked.

“I’m not interested,” she lied.

“Why not? It’s the most important party of our school years!”

“I don’t go to parties.”

“Yeah, I’ve noticed. Why is that?”

Whow! Tony Johnson had noticed that she didn’t go to any parties? No way!

“I’m not the party type. like you and your friends.”

He grinned.

“We’re not THAT bad,” he assured her. “Why not give it a chance? Come to the prom with me! I promise you’ll have a good time!”

“Oh, gimme a break!” said Paula. “Do you really think I’m stupid enough not to understand what’s going on?”

“What do you mean?” said Tony, looking confused. “I’m trying to ask you out, that’s all.”

“Yeah, right!” said Paula. “And how much are they paying you for that?”

“What are you talking about?” said Tony.

“It’s a bet, isn’t it?” said Paula bitterly. “Ask out ugly, boring Paula and see if she’ll fall for it? All your friends are in on it, right?”

“No!” said Tony, looking like he had just bitten into something that tasted really bad.

“It’s nothing like that! I just want to go to the prom with you! My friends have NOTHING to do with this!”

Paula looked at him skeptically.

“Why would you want to go out with me?” she said. “Why don’t you go with one of the PRETTY girls?”

“I think YOU are pretty,” said Tony.

“Yeah, right!” said Paula angrily. “Like I’m gonna fall for that! You think I don’t know what I look like? I’m FAT!”

She bit her lip when Tony moved closer and forced her back against the bookcase.

“Yeah, you’re fat.” he said. “And I think it suits you. You look cuddly. You’re cute. I like big girls.”

“You’ve never shown any interest in me before,” said Paula.

“True,” said Tony. “But I’ve been checking you out for the past 2 months. Didn’t you notice that?”

Hmmm, come to think of it, she HAD caught him looking at her now and then, but she’d merely figured he was looking at someone sitting next to her.

“Besides, you’re smart and nice and easy to talk to,” said Tony. “I’d like to get to know you. Will you come to the prom with me illegal bahis – PLEASE?”

“Promise this isn’t some trick to make fun of me!” said Paula, locking his eyes with hers.

“I promise,” said Tony. “No tricks.”

“OK,” said Paula. “I’ll go with you.”


Rumor quickly got out that Tony “Tiger” Johnson was taking “Paula Plump” to the prom. The reactions varied from astonishment to skepticism, from jealousy to pity; and everyone speculated about what could be Tony’s hidden motive. No-one, especially Tony’s friends, believed that he could really prefer a fat bookworm over the sexy cheerleaders. Paula’s friends kept warning her that the jock was just playing games with her; either he was going too lead her on just to cancel their date just before the prom, or he was hoping to take sexual advantage of her. Whenever they mentioned the latter, Paula felt her heart skip a beat. Sex? With Tony Johnson? She began to secretly check him out properly. He was tall, and muscular from endless hours of sports, with broad shoulders and narrow hips, and a flat stomach where the toned abs were hugged by tight tank tops. He was not just cute, he was also sexy. He moved smoothly, like a dancer, and his voice was deep and dark.

“He’s just trying to get inside your pants!” Paula’s best friend Helen warned her.

“I hope so,” said Paula.


“Oh, please!” said Paula. “I’m 18, I can take care of myself! Besides, it should probably be worth all the bad rumors to get a hunk like Tony Johnson to deflower you! If he tries to seduce me, I’m gonna go for it!”


When the big night had arrived, Paula was a nervous wreck. Hundreds of pessimistic thoughts flew through her head.

5 minutes past. He’s not coming. I knew it. I might as well go and change into my sweat-pants again…


Paula went to get the door.

OK, he DID show up. But he’s got all his friends with him, and they’re gonna laugh at me all dressed up…

“Hi, Paula! Whow, girl, you look beautiful!”

She HAD made an effort. The dress (which had cost her almost all of the money she’d been saving for the past 2 years) was dark blue and had a simply cut model that made her look slimmer. She had put her hair up, too, and a had applied a discrete make-up. Tony – who had come alone, thank God! – was even more handsome than usual in a white suit with a slate grey vest. He looked simply gorgeous.

“Paula? Ask your date to come in, dear!”

Paula froze. Oh, no! This was definitely gonna freak him out!

“You don’t have to…” she started, but he surprised her again.

“Nah, I don’t mind!” he said, and walked into the kitchen. “Hi, mrs Norris… mr Norris…”

Paula felt rather dizzy as she watched the scene in front of her. Tony totally charmed her parents, promising to take good care of her and bring her back home by 1am – sure, the prom ended at midnight, but they were all going out for a midnight snack at McDonalds afterwards…

“Let’s get a picture of the youngsters!” said dad, waving a camera.

“Wait!” said Tony. “Before I forget…”

He pulled out a small box from his pocket and opened it.

A corsage.

A pretty corsage with white flowers. Paula’s throat felt thick. She couldn’t even say “thank you” when Tony put the corsage around her wrist. Her father took several photos of them, and her mother cooed and cried. Paula felt as if she was watching a movie, because this couldn’t really be happening to her, now could it? the dizziness lingered on as she got into the car with Tony and he drove them to school.

“Ready?” he asked.

“What did your friends say when they found out you’d asked me to the prom?” said Paula, suddenly nervous about leaving the safety of the car.

Tony frowned.

“Man, are you insane? You asked THE BLOB to the prom?”

“You’re not gonna show yourself in public with that thing, are you?”

“Cut it out! She’s a nice girl, OK?”

“Seriously man – you LIKE her?”


“Dude – she’s FAT!”

“I like big girls, OK?”

“Never mind,” he said out loud. They’re gonna like you once they get to know you.”

“You don’t know me.”

He squeezed her hand.

“No,” he said. “But I want to.

She gave him a shy smile, and he grinned back. Finally, she was beginning to trust him!

“Shall we go?” he asked.

It turned out better than she’d hoped. Even though Tony’s friends seemed rather clueless and shallow, they were curious to see what he liked about her, and actually TALKED to her, and the girls complimented her on her dress and her hair. Even though the phrase “you look less fat in that” wasn’t really tactful, Paula still appreciated it, and won their reluctant respect by jokingly remarking “in that case, I should wear this every day.”

She began to relax and enjoy herself, and actually scored an extra point with both the jocks and the cheerleaders at dinner, when the guys commented on how refreshing it was to see a girl actually EAT instead of merely picking her food. Paula illegal bahis siteleri explained dryly that she HAD to eat a lot – how else would she be able to keep her overweight?

Tony looked proud when he asked her to dance and lead her out on the dance floor.

“I think they like you,” he said, and put his arms around her.

He couldn’t reach all the way around.

“They’re nice,” said Paula.

“What did you expect, that we were monsters?” he grinned.

“No!” she said, but she was a bad liar.

“You’re a good dancer,” he remarked. “Where did you learn to dance like this?”

“My mum taught me.”

Paula relaxed and just enjoyed herself. She was fat and heavy, yes, but she had a good sense of rhythm, and whenever she danced she felt weightless. Tony’s arms were strong, his body was warm, and he smelled nice. He was nice. Nice and sexy and a great dancer. Could he…really…like her?

A couple dancing by behind them accidentally pushed her closer to his body, and she tensed up. Oh, yeah. He liked her, alright! He leaned in closer and whispered in her ear:

“I’m sorry. I was hoping you wouldn’t notice.”

His breath was warm against her skin, and gave her goose-bumps. Was this happening? Tony “Tiger” Johnson had a hard-on from dancing with her?

“Are you mad at me?” he asked.

“No!” she said. “Why should I be angry with you?”

He met her eyes.

“You’re so cool,” he whispered.

She felt her face turn red. He escorted her back to the table, where one of his friends asked her for the next dance. they seemed to have made a pact to make Paula enjoy herself, because she hardly sat down at all that night except for when she went to the ladies room with the girls. She had dreaded such a moment, but they too had agreed to the pact and behaved well.

“How did you get to know Tony?”

“We’re in the same chemistry class.”

“How long have you been dating?”

“We’re not really dating – I mean, he has never asked me out! Before now, that is…”

“He’s like, TOTALLY gonna ask you out again!”

“I don’t know…”

“Oh, he’s got the hots for you, it’s like, OBVIOUS!”

“Don’t you want to go out with him again?”

“I haven’t really thought about it.”

Paula blushed.

“Well, would you like to?”

“Yeah, sure, why not? He’s nice.”

“Are you going to the after-party at Stephen’s later?”

“I don’t know. Tony mentioned something about everyone meeting up at McDonalds after the prom..?”

“Yeah, right! That’s what we tell our parents!”

“What we’re REALLY gonna do is head over to Stephen. His parents are out of town, so we can have a party there all night!”

“Seems Tony’s already planning on bringing you along.”

Paula bit her lip. He’d lied to her parents? Tony looked at her intently when they came back to the table, and asked her to dance.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, as soon as they got out on the floor.

“The girls told me that they’re going to a party afterwards,” said Paula. “But you told my parents that we were going to McDonalds!”

“Yeah…sorry,” he sighed. “That’s what we tell our parents so they won’t make a fuss. I was going to tell you about it and ask you if you wanted to come to the after-party. “We COULD go to McDonalds, if you prefer that..?”

“No,” said Paula. “Let’s go to Stephen’s party.”


The select few who were going to the party were about 40, including Tony and Paula. She had been a little anxious that the whole scene would turn into “Carrie 2”, but again, the Popular People surprised her by acting human. Shallow and drunk, yes, but human. She noticed that Tony stuck to non-alcoholic drinks all night, since he was going to drive her home later. His consideration swept away the last of her worries, and when he discretely pulled her aside from the everyone else, she followed him without hesitation. He pressed her gently against the wall and kissed her. Paula put her arms around him and pressed herself against him. They made out in the dark. She could feel him grow against her thigh.

“God, you’re sexy!” he whispered in her ear, and squeezed her voluptuous butt.

“You really think so?” she said.

“Would I be this hard if I didn’t think so?” he said, and rubbed his hardness against her.

She reached down and stroke him through the fabric. His dick was long and hard and radiated warmth. She put her fingers around it, rubbed it up and down. He moaned.

“What are you doing to me?”

“Do you like it?”

“Love it..!”

He pulled her closer and kissed her again. She continued rubbing him while he kissed her neck and shoulders. Suddenly, he pulled away.

“Slow down, girl, I can’t take much more!” he said.

Paula smiled.

“Besides, I think we need to get going,” he sighed, looking disappointed. “It’s already a quarter to one.”

Her parents would be angry. The entire school would laugh at her if they ever found out. But Paula Norris was going to enjoy her prom night to the fullest! She pulled Tony back into her canlı bahis siteleri arms, and moved her large breasts across his chest.

“We don’t have to go quite yet, do we?” she said.

It wasn’t hard to convince him to kiss her again, nor to lure him into one of the guest rooms and lock the door and lie down on the bed. He turned on both of the lamps above the bed.

“No, leave the light off!” Paula protested.

“Please?” he said. “I want to be able to see you.”

“Why?” she said. “I’m so fat!”

“You’re pretty,” he said. “Yeah, you’re fat. I’m sorry, I won’t be false and call you chubby or anything. You ARE fat. But you’re also cute and sexy, and I like you just the way you are. And I want to see your sexy fat body naked!”

“Only if you go first,” said Paula.

“Undress me,” he smiled.

She took his jacket off and put it on the night stand table. She unbuttoned his vest and shirt; it was difficult because he kept distracting her with kisses, and his hands caressed her thighs. When his shirt was open, she reached out and caressed his washboard abs, kissed his cheek, and licked down his neck and chest.

“Mmmmm…” Tony groaned. “Bite me!”

She nibbled on his neck, and he purred like a big, black cat. She moved on to his nipples and sucked them, licked them, bit them gently. Tony whimpered happily.

“Harder!” he said.

She carefully bit harder on his nipple, put her hands on his thighs, and moved them up towards his crotch, her nails scraping against his legs. He grabbed her and pulled her on top of him, lying down on his back.

“Man, you’re hot!” he said. “Come here…”

He pushed the straps down, reached around and pulled the zipper down to her waist. She pulled her dress off, but covered her stomach with her hands. He gently pulled them away.

“Don’t hide,” he whispered. “I want to see you.”

“I don’t feel very sexy,” Paula complained.

“But you are!” said Tony.

He laid her down and pressed his lips to the large roll of fat on her stomach.

“You’re so soft,” he said. “Soft and smooth and pearly white. I want to squeeze you…”

He put his hands around her thick thighs and caressed them roughly.

“I want to taste you…”

He licked all over her belly.

“I want to bite you!”

He jumped down and playfully nibbled on her right butt cheek. Paula shriekes and giggled. He smiled at her.

“You’re all woman,” he said. “Soft, warm, huggable curves.”

He licked the lace on her cups, took each breast in his hands.

“All natural woman,” he sighed.

“It opens in the front,” she hinted.

Tony quickly opened the hooks in her bra and licked her lips. Paula didn’t have breasts, she had udders! He couldn’t hold one with just one hand, but he could squeeze them, lick them, rub his face against them…

“Your hot body makes me hard as a rock!” he moaned. “Touch me, baby! Please!”

She snuck her hand down inside his pants, grabbed the huge tool, but had trouble moving her hand inside the tight pants.

“Take it out!” he whispered.

He had to help her open the belt and the zipper, then he put her hand on his crotch. She pulled out his long, fat dick. It trembled and pulsated in her hand. She moved her hand up and down the shaft, amazed by the size of it.

“Fuck!” he muttered. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny! Paula, baby, you’re so freakin’ sexy!”

Paula beamed with happiness and pride. She still couldn’t understand that he really found her dough-like body sexy, but she loved the way he made her feel.

“I want to eat you out,” he said. “May I?”


“Can I lick you?”

She blushed. Did guys really LIKE that?

“Uh, OK…” she whispered.

He pulled her panties off, spread her legs, and lied down between her thighs.

“God, what a pretty pussy!” he said.

Pretty? She’d never thought about it like that. She jumped when she felt her lips being pressed aside with a light touch of his finger tips, then his warm breath flew over her wet skin – and then there was his tongue, lapping rapidly over her clit, exploring every crease of her skin, teasing her until her thighs trembled. She winced, closed her eyes, and felt her body shiver and shake out of control. It felt incredible. He put her legs together and straddled them. His dick hung down, its head oozed precum over her knees. He placed his dick between her soft thighs, pressed her legs together, and humped them.

“You’re so soft and cuddly all over,” he purred. “So many places I’d like to stick my dick in..! You make me so horny, baby!”

His words would have been offensive, if he hadn’t sounded and looked so sincere, so happy; and if the friction of his dick right next to her clit hadn’t been so arousing.

“Do you have any… protection?” she whispered.

He stopped, and stared at her.

“Are you sure?” he said. “Do you want me to..?”

Paula nodded. Tony pulled back and picked up his clothes. He fished out a condom out of his wallet, and rolled it on quickly, as if he was afraid that she would change her mind. Paula parted her legs, and he got on top of her. God, he was smooth and agile like a panther. And this hunk wanted to be her first lover? She must have saved some orphans from a fire in a previous life, Paula mused.

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Jamie – The Journey Begins Ch. 16 – Rest, Recovery and… Texan’s

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“Morning, Jamie… morning Lucas,” Ella smiled as she checked our charts and observations. “Going to miss you two when you finally leave us,” she laughed.

Chloe, her co-worker, walked over to assist in giving us boys the once-over. “They certainly kept us entertained, although a bit of a scare at the start-hey,” she commented as she looked at me. “Awwww…this one with his sweet Aussie accent…” Both nurses laughed. “That Ben, he’s some lucky guy… found his very own. What’s that guy’s name – the one that rides around in helicopters and catches crocodiles with his buddies in the outback?”

Chloe and Ella laughed. Apparently, I’m the instant Aussie ‘know-it-everyone’.

“Matt Wright – the Outback Wrangler,” I replied. “Wish I was as good looking or hot as him,” I laughed.

Ella and Chloe both rolled their eyes at that comment. Well, that made my self-esteem kick up a notch or two. Since being in here I’ve even noticed how much weight I’ve lost. Never have been thin… more well-toned I guess. Lucas and I hit the gym when we were teenagers to burn off the puppy fat and have maintained it… maybe a few pounds heavier these days after discovering beer, but even my boxer briefs are loose on me.

“But hey, thanks Ella-Chloe. You’ve made being trapped here with that adult child…” pointing at Lucas, who just scoffed that the remark… “okay, I guess, you-know, over the past weeks.”

“Hey! Where’s your friend that was here the other day? Hayley?” Lucas asked, with some interest in his voice.

Ella smiled cheekily back. “She’s was only relieving here. She’s over at the Austin Emergency Far West.”

“Oh, okay.” Lucas replied sounding a little flat. “Oh, speak of the paramedic… Jamie, your 12 o’clock is here… Hey Ben!”

I thought I was just going to die. My face lit up like a red beacon in seconds as Ben rounded the corner, smiling the biggest fuck-off smile you could imagine. So cute!

“Hey Lucas, hey James,” Ben waved as he walked up to Ella and Chloe and hugged them. “I brought some treats for y’all to help with these two,” Ben smiled and nodded his head over his shoulder towards Lucas and me.

“Aww, thanks Ben-shouldn’t have,” Ella smiled, looking in the bag and nodding to her offsider, then eagerly showing her the contents of the bag. “Can we trust y’all to behave while Chloe and I get a coffee to enjoy our treats?” Ella asked, looking between Lucas and me with well-founded suspicion.

“I’ll keep an eye on them. You girls enjoy, please.” Ben smiled warmly, then turned walking over towards my empty bed. “Good to see you out of bed, sitting up, James. You too, Lucas.”

“Oh James…” Lucas murmured

“Zip-it,” I shot back, giving him a death stare that would end life.

Ben started to laugh, “I’m guessing the road trip would must have been a load of laughs with you two,” he said while pointing between us both. “Non-stop bagging each other out, I’d guess.”

“Yeah, it was pretty funny, but we’ve always been like this since we were kids. Made it hard to head home to Australia every time I came over, or when Lucas came down under. It was just as bad, really.” My face grimaced a little with the memory.

I lifted slightly in my chair trying to get into a more comfortable position, well – to hide the half a hard-on I had going too. Twisting a little, my chest was instantly wrapped with pain. Involuntarily I put my hand to my chest holding it to try and lessen the pain. Why, I don’t know – it’s not as if that’s gonna help any – more, it will draw attention to me from the eagle-eyed Texan sitting almost on my lap, and it did.

“You okay?” Ben asked with a look of concern on his face.

“Yeah – just get a bit of pain in the chest sometimes when I try to move or twist around. Still feels like someone kicked me in the chest. Guess I’ll get over it in time.”

“In time,” Ben smiled a little. “It’s the combination of the manual compressions, defibrillator shocks and the procedure done on scene. It’ll fade in a few more weeks.” Ben patted my leg. I pulled the pillow over my lap to hide the hardon that his touch to my leg had just given me. God, am I a teenager again!

“I bought something for y’all as well,” Ben said brightly, trying to distract me I think. Opening his backpack and pulling out two cans of Coca Cola and some Hershey Kisses – I so love them.

Lucas got up out of his chair and shuffled over to my bed, sitting next to Ben, his eyes fixed on the Soda and Chocolates. “Jamie, if you don’t marry this guy, I’m gonna! Damn he smuggled soda and Chockies for us. Love you Ben.” Lucas smiled, and gave his worst best fluttering eyelids look at Ben, taking the can of soda from Ben and a few kisses.

“What’s Chockies?” Ben looked totally confused.

“Sorry, I’ve been hanging with this guy too long. Those weird Aussies shorten everything or just plain make shit up. God, it was so hard when I was a kid at their place for the holidays – it was almost like learning a new language.” Lucas laughed. “Chockies canlı bahis are Chocolates, not to be confused with Candy which are sweets or lollies…” Lucas rolled his eyes. “What sort of made up word is lollies, anyways?”

Ben laughed at the translation from Lucas. “Thanks for that, Mate!” he said in the worst ever Australian accent heard.

“You two, right? Don’t get me started on the way you Americans mangle English. Why the hell do you spell tyre with an “i”? Who thought of that?” Jamie fired back. “But thanks for the Coke and kisses. And eyes off, Lucas! Go find your own Texan.”

Our two keepers walked back into the ward. “See, Chloe – told you!” Ella smiled, “Ben was going to smuggle soda in for those two. He’s been doing it for the past two weeks!” Both nurses laughed while walking over to steal a couple kisses away from us.

“Ok, I’d better go.” Ben’s radio started up. “See you a little later, Jamie.” Ben leaned over and kissed me gently on the cheek. “Bye, James,” he said softly, pausing to look into my eyes, almost my soul, for a second.

Ben started to pull away. I grabbed his hand, tilting my head upwards to meet Ben’s lips. Gently our lips met – just-a short peck to strengthen the feelings that were growing between us. I pulled back a little, breaking the kiss, quietly breathing on to his beautiful mouth “Bye, Ben.”

Ben swept up his backpack, turning back to face both of us. “Bye, Lucas. See ya, Jamie,” he offered with a small wave and walked off.

I sat there silent for a few moments.

“He’s a nice guy, Jamie,” Lucas smiled, “and I like that he brings soda and chockies.”

“Hmm,” I replied, deep in thought. “I like that about him too.”


Nine days after the accident, we were being released into the care of our parents and extended families, with restricted movement for a few more days.

Janice, the physio, promised to call past each day and inflict pain on us both to regain our strength. “Oh well, guys, you’re stuck with me for another four weeks at least. Doc says I can’t fly till then.” I smiled at Uncle Rob and the swarm of cousins gathered.

Apparently, Lucas’ and my mucking around had been a welcome distraction to the hospital staff. Our combined sense of humour was infectious. They told us were going to be missed by the staff, but they were glad to see us making progress and leaving all the same.

“So, Dad,” Lucas asked, “how are we getting to the apartments?”

Before Reid could answer, “I’ve got us covered, Lucas.” I started to smile, perfectly timed as two guys walked up with wheelchairs. One of them smiled at me as he arrived.

Lucas grinned, “Ahhh.”

“Mom, Dad, Uncle Reid Aunty Ann-M, this is Ben Rush,” I stuttered a little. Where the hell did that come from? “And his offsider, Billy. Ben and his buddy here saved-” I pointed to them both, “-our asses at the crash.” I looked up at Ben and smiled.

The combined parent gallery stepped forward shaking hands with the two paramedics, thanking them. When Ben and Billy thought it was over, the moms came back for a second go, grabbing both men and hugging them.

Both moms shed a few silent tears of joy, thanking the men for their efforts in saving their boys.

“Aww, come on, Mom.” I whined. “Jeez… embarrassment plus here.”

Ben looked at me, pointing with a smirk on his face. “You be nice to your mom, James.”

I sat there and silently rolled my eyes, also smiling at his comment all the same.

Lucas wasn’t going to let that slip. “James, huh…” pulling a face at me.

Kate jumped in. “I like you already Ben,” she smiled at the paramedics.

“Oh, you’re going to love him, Aunty Kate. Ben doesn’t take any of Jamie’s shit.” Lucas happily added.

“Lucas – Language!” Ann Marie snapped back.

“Sorry, Mom!” Lucas looked totally embarrassed now.

Ben and Billy turned the wheelchairs, guiding us both out to their waiting buses. Ben put his hand on my shoulder as he wheeled me out the doors of the hospital. I’ve never been so happy to leave somewhere, plus the warmth of that small gesture from Ben. His touch radiated a connection spreading throughout me, gripping my shoulder gently in confirmation.

We’d grown close over the past few weeks, I think, starting with grabbing a permeant marker and writing on Ben’s forearm ‘mine – taken’ and my cell number in a drug addled state a few weeks ago might have been the key to where we were now. I laughed at myself.

Smiling inwardly, trying to hide it to the outside world but I couldn’t help it – it was an involuntary movement, as I felt my hand lift up and rest atop of Ben’s. It wasn’t lost on the Moms, damn it.

Within moments I overheard them talking as we climbed in to the buses. My mom turned to Aunt Ann Marie, “I think someone else likes Ben. First time I’ve seen Jamie smile that contented smile for a while, hmmm. And did you catch that sweet little reassuring gesture, Ann Marie?” They were both cooing and carrying on.



“Lucas, bahis siteleri for god’s sake, will you stop!”

“Jamie’s got a crush,” Lucas continued in a singsong voice.

“No, I don’t.”

“Yep, you do. But is it a hero complex or genuine…” Lucas giving an all-knowing eye.

“If I’m honest with you, can you not be an idiot for a moment please,” Jamie looked at Lucas all serious like.

“Okay, just this once, but don’t tell anyone right? I’ve got cred to maintain, Jamie.”

“Ahhh… I really like him, but I don’t know what it is. It’s like… not hero worship: I thought of that already, these past three weeks, well, plus the time in hospital. I’ve gotten to know him and you know…”

I stopped for a moment. I could feel my face flushing red with embarrassment and thoughts of how lame, lovesick, the only possible reply I was going to offer would sound. Looking up and coming out of my own thoughts, I quickly looked at Lucas. He was starting to pull a stupid face at me.

“Lucas, oh fuck… what’s the use?” I lamented, slapping my hands on my legs in frustration. “You promised, man.”

“Sorry, Jamie… promise now… won’t be like you.” Lucas crossed his heart like the five-year-old he is at times – okay, me too, I guess.

Blowing out a short breath in frustration, I continued, “Okay! I like him… I like…HIM, you know and we haven’t, you know…” If it was at all possible, I could feel my face burning redder. “Oh jeez!” I looked up to the ceiling trying to hide it and failed.

“Hey. Jamie… it’s me! Relax! There’s nothing we don’t know about each other, right? I get what you’re saying.” Lucas looked across with a compassionate smile.

“I’m just worried that if I go, you know, all out with him – Ben, and we… well, we like each other… that it could be all because I feel…” I could feel my despair, confusion, taking hold of my mood, “…you know, feel grateful or something.”

“Look, Jamie, we still don’t know who it was that released the pressure in your chest, right?” Lucas nodded at me. “We do know that Ben revived you with the defib. So did Billy. That’s nothing more than what you’ve done at home. Well…I mean at work in Australia too, right… on total strangers. Have they fallen in love with you?”

“I’m not in love,” I shot back.

“Okay, if you say so,” Lucas smiled warmly. “I’ll tell you this, though, if I were in the market for a hot thirty-year-old Texan, I’d be all over that guy like ants on honey.” Lucas smiled, hiding his frustration with my stupidity I’m guessing. “Hey, Ben’s a nice guy. Maybe you just need to relax a little… see what happens.”

I couldn’t help it. My face scrunched up with the weight of processing all that Lucas had said. So much of it made total sense, right? Maybe that’s the problem. I’ve got to know this guy before, you know, knowing him physically.

“Jamie, do you feel attracted to him? You know…” Lucas raised his eyebrows and nodding his head weirdly.

I didn’t answer. My face just flushed red again. Jeez, is my face on fire, because its feeling like it was about to flame out? “Well of course I do! Jesus, he’s hot as…” Feeling a little embarrassed, which was causing me to stutter a little, quietly the words rolled off my tongue. “The make out sessions we’ve had… oh my god!”

I pushed my face into my hands sounding like I’m back in high school. “The kisses we shared were, fuck me, mind blowing! I’ve got it bad, I think. Lucas. I can still feel his lips on mine twelve hours later,” I continued, as I slowly lifted my head from my hands, my fingers gently feeling where Ben’s had been, their almost ghost impression still there.

“Earth to Jamie – come in space cadet!” Lucas looked at me. “Hey, so what’s really wrong here?”

“You’re not going to believe me if I tell you, and …”

Lucas could see me struggle. “Buddy, what is it?” His voice was full of concern.

“Sean…” I looked up, my eyes were full of unshed tears. “I saw him at the accident. He was there! Like, how the fuck does that happen? He’s been gone for…” A tear slipped down my cheek. “I felt… whole again… something I haven’t felt since April 16, twelve long years ago.”

“Mate, the day Sean died, we all felt it, not as much as you obviously. I know it was almost life ending for you – I get that.” Lucas smiled, “Can’t tell you how happy I was for you when you told me about you and Sean? Do you remember when we were at the farm in NH? You jumped off the haystack and told me you were in love. That’s why you’d been a sad sack for two weeks – you were missing someone. Then you came out to me. What did I do?”

“You hugged me and then cried, saying that you were happy for me, and that you loved me always.” We shared a look between us, both letting silent tears slip.

Lucas wiped his face into his tee, trying to settle his emotions. “Jamie, you’ve been the biggest part of my life. We share a connection that I’ve never had with bahis şirketleri my own brother – and Aiden is a great guy! Don’t get me wrong. Mason, sad for you, I guess, but well, he’s always been a fuck-head. Don’t know what happened there – he’s like a bad standout in the family. No one is like him, right? Anyway, you don’t need him. You’ve got me.”

I couldn’t help but laugh for a moment, breaking the tension. Some home truths there. Imagine if the old man heard that – us bagging out Mason. “No one likes him, more like it.”

“Yeah, true, Jamie. Look, I can’t tell you what to feel. I know that losing Sean was the most painful thing you have ever gone through. I still remember Mom coming in and telling me that you were in the accident.” Lucas took a breath and pushed on. “I just burst into tears, begged Mom and Dad to let me fly out to see you. Having to wait three weeks till we could come down under was just murder.” Lucas got up off the lounge chair he’d been sprawled all over. He walked over to me and sat down on the arm rest of the lounge, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. “My brother,” he said softly, squeezing me closer toward him.

We sat there for long time, not saying anything – just Lucas holding my shoulder, while I relaxed. resting my head against his body.

“Jamie, you know.” Lucas continued in a quiet voice. “Shit happens for a reason sometimes. It all can’t be just random, can it?”

“Hmm… maybe. What… you’re going to say that Ben was sent to me like some godly act?”


“Ouch. What the…” I squeaked out. “You pinched my earlobe!”

“Don’t sass me, Jamie, else I’ll nipple cripple you next. Look – what I mean is that sometimes stuff happens for us to see what’s around us. Look, we both can be a bit stupid at times, right?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I agreed reluctantly.

“But maybe we, you – me – all of us – need a wake-up call to happen every so often to give us focus, perspective. Just maybe not so severe? Jeez, listen to me – I’m all grown up,” Lucas snorted, squeezing me again.

“So, we’ve completed our physio-rehab. The doctor says you can fly next week. Josh says the insurance is all settled and he’ll have a rental truck for you today.” Lucas pulled away from me a little, giving me a reassuring smile, “Josh even got the insurance company to pay for the rental at no additional cost. So, think about … Your full settlement, less deductible, will be through before the week’s out. It’s turned out okay right?”

“I know, thanks.” I shook my head in acknowledgement. “I just think maybe I should go home, back to Oz and…”

“What… sit at home and feel sorry for yourself for the next four weeks? Come on, Jamie! Snap the fuck out of it!” Lucas looked down at me, meeting my eyes. “Sean is gone. You loved him and you always will – hell I loved him too! He was a great guy – he is a great guy! But so are you, and you need to give yourself a chance, either with Ben, or Josh or Sam,” Pausing and taking a deep breath, he continued, “that’s if he – Sam – can forgive you – well, more Gav and me – for the photos.” Lucas looked a little uncomfortable for a moment. “Sorry about that, too, with the pics. It was stupid and hurtful of me. I didn’t think of how it would affect Sam or you when I did it. It was just a…”

“Spur of the moment thing right, I guess. I know you weren’t trying to hurt me or Sam. I know you wouldn’t do that. You’re not Mason, Lucas.”

“Yeah, but still, I’m sorry, mate.” He leaned down and kissed me on the top of the head.

“Anyways, it’s like a buffet of hot guys you’ve got going.” Lucas laughed at his own joke.

“I know, right?” Jamie smiled. “Thanks, Lucas.”

“For what?”

“Being the best brother and friend anyone could ever ask for.” I squeezed Lucas tight in appreciation, acknowledgement.

“Oh, oh, ah, ribs…” Lucas winced.

“Oh sorry, man. Fuck! Forgot.”

“All good, buddy. You just got me back for that slap on the chest I gave you last week,” Lucas laughed. “Thought you were going to pass out there for a moment – you went all pale and shit.”

“Man, it fucking hurt, like nothing I’ve ever felt before!” I laughed again.

“Jamie, love you too, buddy. I couldn’t imagine life without you.”


A knock on the front door broke our moment. “Did you order pizza?” Lucas tilted his head as he asked.

“Nah, maybe Aiden did. You know his random food deliveries he sends over. At least your brother pre-pays for the food. Fuck, mine would eat it and send me the bill!”

“James Spence!” my mom’s voice echoed from somewhere in the apartment. “Language please…”

“Sorry, mom.” I rolled my eyes. “Busted!”

Lucas let me out of the hug we’d been sharing, walking over to the apartment door, and finding Ben standing on the other side.

“Hey,” he said brightly.

“How are you, Ben? Come in, please.” Lucas said, stepping back and smiling like an idiot.

“I’m all good, thanks. What’re y’all up to today?” Ben paused for a second walking in. “Oh hey, Lucas,” he replied, offering a wave. “Hey Jamie? Is your Mom out back?” Ben replied, smiling while taking his cap and sunglasses off.

“Hi, Ben,” Mom yelled out from the kitchen.

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I Like to Watch

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Big Dicks

I like to watch, even if all she is doing is getting ready. Since the first time I met her I have found her incredibly beautiful, the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Standing in front of the mirror she had finished her make up and brushed her hair out. She is doing finishing touches. She is wearing only a tiny pair of black silk panties and they shine almost as perfectly as does her perfectly smooth long black hair. Her lips are dark red as are her fingernails. I could be hard already but it’s not my night and I fight the urge.

When she sits at the edge of the bed and pulls the stockings up her long legs I think again about taking her. I could cancel the whole night and just take her for my own; right now, right here. I won’t though. She is very grateful. I think she still thinks I let her have her date nights for herself. I think that is why she pulls on the stockings. I know she finds them uncomfortable but as she walks back to the closet and I watch her ass separated by the thin strap of black fabric, I know that her date nights are not for her. She has her date nights for me.

Jealousy is wicked and I feel it deep within me. There is sadness in it. There is anger as well. It is part of the thrill. There is guilt and remorse. I think these things come along with any perversion. I think masochists feel it even as they raise the whip again and again over the bare skin of their lover. I suppose this is masochistic as well. I will do it. I will watch. I will secretly love it.

I arrange her date nights. When the idea first came up it was agreed that it would be a stranger. When we discussed doing it again, the plan had been for it to be a different stranger. It had worked with Danny a long time ago and he was the perfect choice. He was younger than we were. He was athletic and good looking. That first night she had enjoyed him a great deal. The second night she enjoyed him even more. I could tell. It was about sex. I would watch them and when they talked I could tell he was not going to steal her away from me, but she was attracted to him and he was good. It was not a regular thing. It was her date night. Every third month I would arrange it.

We drove together but I would drop her at the main entrance to the hotel then drive around the corner and park. She had a room key as did I. Once I parked I took the escalator to the restaurant canlı bahis on the top floor. They would be at a table. I would sit at the bar. It worked well. I could watch them. I liked to watch.

She wasn’t much of a drinker but on date night she would sit next to him and sip down a couple of martinis. She didn’t like martinis either. I think she needed the alcohol. Typically, she might have a beer, never more than one. She just didn’t drink. Half an hour or so would pass and he would call for the check. I paid cash as I went so that I was free to leave as soon as he signaled for the waitress. I slipped out and away to the elevators. I wondered if she watched me leave but I never checked.

Once in the room I left the lights off. There was always a bottle, a glass, and ice waiting. I would poor a drink and find a chair. I sat down to wait. It’s funny how slowly time passes during moments like these.

Like I said, it was all arranged. I wasn’t hidden in a closet or behind drapes. They knew I was there but he was remarkably good at forgetting this. I would hear the card in the lock and then the door click open. She always entered first and the drinks were evident. She wobbled on her heels. She walked to the foot of the bed and stood there. She wasn’t facing me. She was looking at her reflection in the blackened window. He would undress her before turning out the light.

The black dress would slide off quickly; she would step out of her shoes. It was now that he would kiss her. They wouldn’t kiss very long and she didn’t kiss him deeply. It was a gesture, I believe. I could sit there watching his hands move over her bare breasts and down her back to the perfect curve of her ass. I liked to watch. I like to see hands on her. I like the look on her face as her eyes close and her lips part when his fingers first find her erect nipples.

The light goes out and she starts to remove his clothes. There is just enough light coming in the window from the city below. I can watch her drop to her knees as he stands above her. She takes his erection in her hands and works it slowly until he is long, and firm, and ready for her. She slides her dark red lips around it.

For the first time she will look for me. She wants to see that I am watching now. I signal back to her that I am watching by raising my glass to her, just a slight movement. With bahis siteleri my approval she closes her eyes and works furiously on his cock. She won’t let him come. She will work his shaft; she will grab his ass in both hands and pull him to her. He is harder with her, different than I am. I will sit there as she fellates him. He is different. He thrusts, surprising her as his cock pushes deeply into her mouth and throat. This is where it is different. This is what I am here to watch. She gasps a little but he doesn’t stop. He places his hand on the back of her head forcing himself deeper. I don’t do this. She resists a little but she is a good girl. She takes it. She grips his ass for balance and he thrusts more quickly. He backs away and presses his cock to her lips. He circles her mouth with it before pressing himself back into her. He reaches for her breast grasps it roughly. I don’t do that either. He pinches her nipple and her eyes press closed. Pain? She takes it. He thrusts more quickly and she gags on his head as it explodes. She would take it. She would take it all. She is a good little naughty girl, but he pulls it out and lets it spray down her chest a little. He leaves her that way.

She stands again. She looks at me with that look. I can’t describe that look. It is a smile, but it is more than a smile. It is hungry and lustful. It is powerful. She turns away from me and climbs onto the large bed, her ass exposed to me, and to him.

He works her over with his fingers. He is fast and hard. She gasps and moans. As he probes into her waiting sex she sighs and pushes back, swallowing his fingers. He uses his tongue on her. He licks her tiny asshole. It loosens and he slides yet another finger into her. Not like I would do it. He is hard and aggressive. She gasps a little as he works her. She is talking to him. “Fuck me! Oh yeah!” He works at her harder until she comes for him. I can tell she has come. She was tense and now she isn’t. I can see her head pressed into the comforter. “Oh… Fuck me now.” She tells him. He does.

He throws himself into her with an abandon I guess I don’t have. She is crying out as he works his cock into her. She raises herself off the bed and I watch her tits sway beneath her. This is where I want to help. I want to put my hands on her myself. I want her to take my cock as she is taking his. I want to make her bahis şirketleri make these noises. I don’t. I watch.

He turns her over and climbs atop her. He works her over. His speed is furious and I watch her face. Her head is thrown side to side as their bodies thrash around the bed. I look at her expression; her lips pursed together, her eyes pressed closed. “Does it hurt?” I would ask. He doesn’t ask. He does it harder.

They roll and she is atop him now. She is looking at me. It is blatant. I watch her long dark hair fly. I watch her breasts, her tits, bounce as she rides him. She is grinding herself down onto him pushing him deeper into her. With a start he pushes her off of him. He is stronger than I can be.

She collapses onto the floor at his feet and he takes his cock in his hand. He works it and she lies back, spreading her legs. “Come for me.” She implores and he obliges. She holds herself open for him and as it drips down onto her she rubs it, working it into her.

She is on her knees again, this time facing me. She looks straight at me. He moves in behind her and slides himself into her yet again. I just can’t do this. He is slower this time but it is still hard. Furious, I call it. She looks at me the whole time. Sometimes, she till talk. “Oh yeah.” “Just like that.” She’s told me she would like me to touch myself when I watch but that isn’t what I am here for. I am here to watch.

When he is done he kisses her, this time on his cheek, never on the lips afterwards. It isn’t about the kissing. He grabs his clothes and slips into the bathroom. She always does the same thing after. She crawls over to me on her knees and loosens my pants. Sometimes I will have come while I watch her, usually not, but I will be ready. She takes me into her mouth.

She is always very nice. “I am so big. I am so wide. I taste so good.” It is nice of her. I come quickly and then she slips into the bathroom herself. He will have left already. She comes out dressed, usually with the stockings gone.

We’ve come to a few conclusions. After her date has left we will usually go to a movie. We don’t have to talk and we can sit there and hold hands. I think she worries about me afterwards. I always worry about her a little. That jealousy can be cruel. It passes with the night. The next morning I will make love to her in my way. It will be long and soft. I will touch her all over and never make her make that face. There will be lots of kissing.

I had a date night of my own once. I didn’t like it. Maybe if she would have joined us. After all, I like to watch

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Nova , Sabine Pt. 03.5

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***Sorry for the length (about 14 pages)

Recap: They both said their first ‘I love you’s to each other. Sabine surprised Nova with her best friend.


Sabine rose early, she crept to the bedroom, hearing the two talking she sat in the hall for some time enjoying Nova’s laughter.

They were quiet, Lucia broke it. “So…”

Nova eyed her. She smirked. “It’s sooo good. It’s amazing!” Lucia didn’t even have to ask.

“You got lucky with her…shes fucking hot.”

“Hey, don’t go stealing my woman.”

‘Her woman.’ Sabine thought to herself with a smile.

“Lucy…She said she loved me last night…”

“Did you say it back?”

“Of course I did!…” Nova filled her best friend in on everything that has happened including the threesome. “She somehow gives me earth shattering orgasms, I don’t understand.”

Lucia was clearly thinking.

“Spit it out, just ask.”

“So…do you like …make her cum at all?”

Nova smirked. “When I can…”

Lucia bit her lip…”Whats her ‘O’ face look like.”

Nova shot her a look.

“What?! I’ve seen yours, I’m just trying to paint a picture over here.”

Nova was nearly mortified. “WHEN???”

“Bitch you don’t think the showers drown you that much do you? And any time you would try to play if off when I’d walk in.”

“You bitch!” Nova yelled as she swatted Lucia.

“And I’d much rather have some pretty girls face burned into my brain than look at some guys when he cums.”

Nova couldn’t help but laugh. “Speaking of…”

“Stooppp you don’t want to know about my sex life.”

“I do.”

Lucia turned flustered, her bronze cheeks now into dimples with an embarrassed smile.

“He really cares about me…I think he gets his rough side out with Ward and comes to me as this shy little puppy.”

Nova shot her a look with a smirk.

“Would you prefer him to be?”

“Sometimes, I mean I LOVE the way he is now and he takes such good care and time with me but…Fuck me like you NEED to, pull my hair push me against the wall something.”

Nova sat staring into space, she thought back to Sabine holding her as they stumble around after their last encounter making out.

Lucia just sat staring at her. “Noves, hello? You horny bitch, come back to me.”

Nova started fidgeting with the fur blankets. Lucia leaned in, still not getting her friends attention she decided to kissed her.

As Lucia leaned back Nova’s eyes locked with hers. “What was that?”

“Just wanted to try it.” Lucia shrugged.

“Well don’t let that be your impression.” Nova leaned in she slowly opened her lips just enough to suck on Lucia’s bottom and graze it with her teeth.

Nova sat back awaiting her feedback. Lucia sat for a moment, “How are your lips so soft, what do you put on them?!”

In a more serious voice, “I mean I like it but you are my friend, I’m not romantically attracted to you.”

“I know…mmm we will get Sabine to.” Nova said biting her lip.

Lucia eyed her. “If I didn’t know any better Nova Lee, you WANT her to kiss me and you want to watch.”

Nova fidgeted some more. “Of course I do.” she mummeled. As Lucia nodded.


They heard the pitter patter of Doirne in the hall. She peaked in before entering. “Commander just wanted me to see if you two were awake before she came in so she didn’t disrupt you. Breakfast is ready, would you like it in here Ms.?”

Nova smiled to Dorine who blushed.

Lucia looked to Nova after Dorine left. “Ms. huh? What other titles do you have around here?”

“A few others.”


Nova blushed. “Ms. Nova…Whore …Slut…Pet…everyone knows why I’m here.” Nova said shyly.

“What do you mean?”

“When Sabine first brought me here…she made an announcement that I’m here as her sex servent…She clearly got a stir out of her village…Everyone stares when we walk. I try to remind myself its mostly because of her but…” Nova was red.

Sabine strolled in, she smiled to the two. She went to her drawers and rummaged through. “You two sleep well?” They both answered with a hum.

“Been up talking I see?” Sabine said as she shut a drawer. She turned around she studies Nova, who was keeping her gaze down. “What’s wrong? Why are you red?”

“I – I have a request…”

“Okay.” Sabine said as she leaned against the wooden structure.

Nova was silent… she took a deep breath. “I…would really enjoy it if you were to kiss…Lucia.”

Sabine sat for a moment. “Why?” was all she said. Sabine tried to act casual, she knew she were teasing Nova and wanted to prolong it as much as possible, she wanted to see how far she could push her lover.

“Because, I like to watch you affect other people.” She said irritated.

“Sooo you want me to kiss Lucia? Because you like to watch?”

Nova nodded her gaze on her hands in her lap.

“Lucia, are you okay with this?”

Lucia was surprised Sabine was considering it. She nodded.

“Okay, just a kiss?” canlı bahis

Nova nodded again watching as Lucia stood, she was about the same height as Sabine, who turned her head slightly, she leaned in gave Lucia a nice peck on the lips.

“Sabine, like you mean it…please… for me…”

Sabine glared at Nova. “Like I mean it mean it?”

“Please…pretend she is me.”

Sabine settled herself a little closer to Lucia, she pulled Lucia closer by placing a hand on her hip, Lucia fought the urge to jump. She felt Sabine slither her hand around to cup the back of her head.

Sabine leaned in once more, she slowly started with small kisses, she skillfully sucked Lucia’s bottom lip into her own. She slowly raked her teeth across it, all to suck her back in again. Sabine slowly slipped her tongue. Lucia’s eyes fluttered. Nova could see her melting at her Mistress’s touch.

Nova ran her hand against herself between her pants, the sensations traveling a good distance, she wanted so badly to play with herself. ‘I don’t have permission.’ She took her hand away.

Sabine kept at it, she pulled Lucia against her as she sucked on her lip once more. Lucia let out a light moan that they all heard. Her face turned beet red. Sabine pulled away looking at her. She went to Nova kissed her cheek and whispered. “You’ll pay for this later Pet.” Sabine nipped at her ear as she walked away.

Lucia followed Sabine with her eyes, she looked to Nova who looked very satisfied. Lucia didn’t know what to do. “Nova…I need Nyko, find him with me.”

Lucia grabbed Nova by the wrist and nearly drug her behind her. Lucia ran into the hut, Ward came around the corner completely naked unaware she were here. Lucia and him collide. “Lucia?!” Ward questioned.

Lucia eyed him, his chiseled body and lengthy member. Nyko hearing the commotion came in, his shirt off. Lucia looked to the two men and nearly let her groan turn to a whimper.

“I-I …I need to talk to you…now.”

Ward dried off and grabbed his pants, he put up a hand to Nyko and left.

Ward comes out to Nova standing there she turns around to Ward.

He just sighs and apologizes as he puts his pants on. Nova could hear Lucia’s moans, this added to her wetness.

Ward and Nova walk together for some time just enjoying each others company. “Why are the three of you so close?”

“Sabine Nyko and I?”

Nova nodded.

“We grew up together. Nyko had always had a fat crush on Sabine, I on him and of course Sabine didn’t pay him any mind. They were each other’s first kiss though. We did everything together. Always sneaking out, going on adventures.” Ward smiled to himself.

“So you have always liked Nyko?”

“Pretty much, even though he were chasing Sabine, he would get very jealous when I’d hang around with other guys and needless to say sleep around as well.”

“So you all knew what you liked at young ages.”

“For the most part yes. I mean Sabine took sometime, she’s very picky if you can’t tell.” They both laugh.

“Is it hard now having to share Nyko?”

“Um a bit but it’s fine. Gives me extra time to myself and i have other men here and in other clans to keep me company.”

Nova snickered. “Yeah I’m sure.”

Ward eyed her with a curious smile. “What do you mean?”

“I mean you have your social status of being close to the Commander, you’re very attractive, humble, I’m sure many women want to use you for breeding, and I noticed you’re um quite large so I’m sure that’s another thing.”

“I spend many days working out, thank you for noticing.” He said as he nugged Nova trying to make light of the situation.

“I mean, yeah I have many children but I knew from early on that I didn’t want to be a father someday maybe but not right now, besides they have loving mothers and are happy, I hope. Anyway thank you for the kind compliments Nova.”

Nova smiled to him, “So since it’s just been you three, one of you getting an SO, would that throw the balance off?”

“No, we adjust easy and help each other through our heartbreaks. Nyko and I have always had something going on, we actually kept it from Sabine for a while we didn’t know how she would take it but this was before we knew and she also kept her first relationship from the two of us soo I guess we are even.” he chuckled to himself.

“So she told me that she first fell for an older woman?”

Ward laughed. “Oh yes, that one…That one was rough… Sabine fell hard, we really had to help her through that one. We can go visit her if you’d like.”


They arrive on top a hill with a single hut on it, a herd of sheep and chickens outside. The homemade wind chimes made their music as the two entered. A little old woman sat on the floor in the middle of the hut her back to them. She spoke, “Ah, Nova, I have been expecting your visit, Ward thank you for seeing her through, you can wait outside.”

Ward looked to Nova and left. Nova sat, the woman turned around. She understood why Sabine found her attractive. Nova imagined her bahis siteleri in her younger state, she would have been strikingly beautiful. Now her face had clearly aged, her skin wrinkled, saggy, her hair almost white, but she kept a youthful look in her eyes.

“Now my child, why have you come?”

“To learn more about Sabine and her people.”

“Ah, Sabine, a force, she will protect you when time tells of battle.”

“Is there a battle coming soon?”

“I feel it in my ankles, her sister.”

“Her s-.”

Sabine knocked. They both look to her. She smiles to Nova. Salvia spoke again. “Ah our strong Commander. Please take what is yours.”

Sabine picked up a stone which had been set aside on a table, she slipped it into her pocket and reached for Nova’s hand.

Salvia nods as a goodbye. The two descending the hill.

Returning to the heart of the village, Ward played with some children in the dirt as a young warrior approached him. Sabine nugged Nova and nodded in their direction. “Looks like Ward has an admirer.”

“Nova what do you say to a little adventure back to your home tomorrow?”

Nova thought about it. “Sure.”

“You can think about it and give an answer in the morning if you’d like?”

“No, I’d like to go to see Nona.”


They walked for sometime, eventually making it back to Nyko and Ward’s hut. Ward was sitting outside carving a wooden figure. He looked up and met their gaze. He gave a crooked smile.

“Sabine they have been going at it for hours now.”

Sabine laughed. “Dont you remember the beginning of your and Nyko’s relationship? All the lust and passion.”

Ward rolled his eyes. “I know, the bright side is I think they are taking a break.”

Lucia emerged, she hugged and kissed Nova on her cheek.

Lucia looked to Sabine and Nyko who was now sitting on the step with Ward. “Can we go for a short walk? Not far.”

They both nodded. The two took off, Lucia whispering in Nova’s ear.

Sabine leaned back on her hands. The two men on either side of her questioned what she had on her mind.

“So uh, She wants you to be more aggressive with her. I overheard them talking this morning.”Sabine said looking out to the dirt.

“Nyko, more aggressive?” Ward asked surprised. “You’re nothing but aggressive with me?”

“She isn’t you is she?” Nyko said. He was quiet. “She said that you are much bigger than me.”

Ward couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry that she knocked into me fresh out of the shower.”

“She kept complimenting you …I think she would be okay if you joined us…”

Ward laughed again but grew quiet once he realized Nyko wasn’t joking. “The only threesome Ill ever be having is with you and another MAN… Ugh Nyko…Maybe a foursome, you with her me with another guy.”

Nyko reached across Sabine for his hand.

Nyko redirected his attention to Sabine. “So, you kiss my girlfriend and now are saying she wants it rough? What happened over there last night?”

Sabine sighed. She explained what had happened.

Sabine looked questionably to Nyko.

“I’m not mad, it’s kinda hot actually.” He said cracking a smile as he nugged her.

Sabine smiled.

“Rough sex how?” Nyko asked after some time of silence.

“She specified that she wanted you to fuck her and pull her hair…”

Ward chimmed in, “Ny just fuck her like you do me but pull her hair.”

Sabine raised her eyebrows at Ward. “You’re a bottom?”

“Yes Sabine I am a bottom.” He said with a sheepish smile.

“Really?” Sabine asked.

“Yes, sometimes I want to be in charge but most of the time I like it in the ass.” Nyko paused, he saw his opportunity. “I mean its not like Nyko can really fill me anyway.” He said as he laughed looking at Nyko’s face.

“Im kidding I’m kidding.” Ward reassured.

Ward spoke again. “Uh Sabine, Nova also saw me naked today.”

Sabine shrugged. Then spoke. “We are taking an adventure home tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Ward answered. He looked over to Nyko.

“Your feelings hurt?”


Ward smirked to him, “Want me to make you feel better?”

Nyko got up and went into the hut. Ward leaned over and kissed Sabine on her cheek. ‘Night.”

Sabine slowly made her way back home. She checked out all the vendors.

The girls had come back to the hut, they notice no one was on the steps. Lucia stopped. “Nova what if they are fucking?”

“Ummm, go see?”

Nova waited in the dirt while Lucia went up close she could see the two, Ward on his knees as Nyko sat on the bed.

“Do what Dorine did last night?” Nova whispered.

Lucia nodded and kissed Nova on the lips before running into the hut.

Nova questioned it. But saw Dorine in the distance. She ran to catch up with her. “Oh Ms. Nova, where is your friend?”

“About to have a threesome.”

Dorine looked at her in disbelief.

Nova began taking things from Dorine for her to help carry.

Dorine objected, as villagers looked to the bahis şirketleri pair.

Dorine finally snapped. “Nova! You can’t do this in public.” She whispered. “Now throw these on the ground so that I have to pick them up.”

Nova put them back in dorine’s hands. The pair spoke as they walked in on Sabine bathing.

“Sorry Commander, stocking clean towels.” Dorine said with her head down.

“That’s fine.” Sabine said as she got out of the water. “Dorine, take the night off.”

“Yes Commander.” Dorine scurried off passing Nova as she left Sabine’s room.

Sabine came in as she dried her hair, Nova sat on the bed watching her.


Nova did so. Sabine brought in restraints and a blind fold.

“Lay on the bed.”

Nova slowly laid down. This didn’t seem like Sabine.

Nova’s wrists and ankles were tied down on all four corners of the bed. Sabine came close to tie the blind fold around her face. Sabine left.

Sabine ran into Dorine’s room. Dorine jumped at the sudden motion and the crack of Sabine’s demanding voice.

“Glad I caught you. I have a request.” Sabine started.

Dorine didn’t know what to do or how to act as her fully naked Commander stood in front of her stammering.

“Look, I can trust you that our activities don’t leave this hut right?” Sabine asked.

“Yes Commander of course.”

“Sabine…for tonight.” She said with a warm smile.

Dorine was taken back by this side of her Commander.

“Um, I need Nova to think we are alone. When I signal to you to join in, I need you to immediately go down on her. Okay?”

“Okay Com- Sabine. Might I ask what you two, well you have in mind and how the night should go.”

“Um…” Sabine began stammering, her face turning red from embarrassment.

“So I am going to be on top of Nova, I need you to stimulate her while I enjoy myself…” Sabine finally said.

Dorine smiled. “Nothing wrong with needing a night to let go. Where do you want me?” She asked as she put her things down and began undressing.

“Thank you.” Sabine said with a warm smile.


Back in the room Nova lie still, unsure of what was coming next. She tried pulling on her wrist restraints, there wasn’t any slack. She nuzzled her face against her shoulder trying to move the blindfold. ‘What if she left me… Nova she wouldn’t do that it’s just a mind game… It’s going to be okay.’ Nova took a deep breath to settle herself.


Sabine explained to Dorine that she wouldn’t be spending the night with them tonight. She could stay the night there but not in the same bed like the nights before. Dorine settled herself in the chair as Sabine began sliding her finger up Nova’s leg.

‘She’s back!… What did she go and get?”

Sabine traced her finger along Nova’s slit.

‘No warm up? I mean I’m ready but…?’

Nova tried to settle herself again. ‘Why hasn’t she spoken to me yet?’

Sabine climbed onto the bed. She let her hair down no braids, it flowed all the way down tickling Nova’s stomach. Sabine without warning took Nova’s left nipple into her warm mouth. Nova exhaled through her nose.

“I hope you can hold your breath.” Sabine said as she adjusted on the bed.

‘Hold my breath? Is she going to choke me?’

“Mistress?” Nova whispered.

Sabine came down to kiss Nova tenderly.

Sabine pulled back up, she moved further up the bed.

She kissed Nova’s neck, she bit, and sucked, marking her territory.

Sabine didn’t stop until Nova was moaning and there were visible marks, some already bruising.

Finally Sabine got where she wanted to be. Nove felt the bed moving and the weight being distrubed. She knew where Sabine was. Her strong thighs on either side of Nova’s head, right next to her ears.

Nova knew what Sabine wanted.

Nova stuck her tongue out eager to please her Mistress. Sabine reached down to spread her lips, she melted onto Nova’s warm soft tongue. She gasped and eased herself into a sound position.

Sabine and Nova soon found a rhythm. Sabine ground herself against Nova, sometimes suffocating her. She noticed Nova hadn’t quite figured out the breathing.

“Focus baby…breath through your mouth.” Sabine said encouraging her lover.

Nova wanted so badly to hold Sabine. She pulled on the ropes here and there. Sabine soon forgot about the world. She put her hands up on the wall for more balance. Sabine grinding, getting herself off against Nova’s beautiful face.

***Warning for ‘forced’ sex***

Sabine motioned for Dorine to move in. She slipped a finger inside Nova. Nova immediately began fighting it. “Nova!” Sabine yelled. Nova laid still. “You are okay and in trusted hands, now behave.”

Sabine slowly floated away again. She let out a gasp. Dorine tried again, she could feel Nova clamping down on her finger trying to obstruct any penetration. Nova was trying so hard to bring her knees up and together.

Dorine was growing irritated with this, she finally curled her finger and pulled up. Digging into the spongy skin. Nova gasped as her walls collapsed and opened, allowing Dorine’s finger to move further inside her.

Dorine managed a few thrusts, before Nova closed off again. Dorine pulled her finger out.

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In The Office Ch. 04

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Adrian was sitting by his desk, working as usual. As a result of his brief physical relationship with Janey, a coworker, a lot of his other female, single coworkers, as well as a few male ones, had been asking him out for casual sex. At first, he had been very reluctant to accept the offers, but after some pep talk from Janey, he had done so. For some reason, Janey had become the involuntary messenger between Adrian and people asking him out. Emertech did not have any policy forbidding its employees from dating each other, unless it was between a superior and a subordinate or if it disturbed work, but since Adrian tended to react in a hostile manner if approached socially by most people, Janey was the only person whom he liked personally enough. This day, not unlike others, she arrived at his table again.

“Hey there,” she said.

“We’ve got to stop meeting like this,” Adrian muttered.

“You know I’d like to invite you back to my place sometime, but now that I have a boyfriend, it would become a bit awkward. We still have lunches together, remember?”

“No, that’s not what I mean. It would probably be nice for both of us if you didn’t have to pimp for me all the time.”

“You make it sound so dirty.”

“‘Dirty’? Let’s see. People ask me out purely for sex. I’m always contacted discreetly through another person, that’s you, and I don’t have that many second dates and never within the same month. Just what type of relationship does that suggest,” Adrian asked sarcastically.

“Funny,” Janey said and smiled, “most people in your position would be flattered.”

“Quite possible,” Adrian said and returned to work.

“This may not be the best time to mention this,” Janey said awkwardly, “but you have another offer. Something new, but if you’re not interested…”

“Oh, I’m always interested.”

Janey leaned forward and whispered:

“Lobby, ten minutes, near the washrooms.”

She left. Adrian kept working for a few minutes before taking the elevator down. On the site, he met Kim, an Asian-American co-worker.

“Hey,” she said, “thanks for coming.”

“You do realize that this is just a talk, right?”

“Of course, but there’s something I wanted to ask you.”

She dragged him to a quiet corner and spoke very quietly:

“Have you been in a threeway before?”


“Was it you and two girls or you, another guy and a girl?”

“It was I and another man with his significant other.”

“Did you like it?”

“Was a bit crowded, sharing one person. All things considered, it was okay.”

“Anyway, my girlfriend and I have wanted to do a threesome for a while now. I told her about you, and we’d like you to be the third.”

“Your girlfriend? How are you…”

“I’m bisexual, she’s emotionally gay, but enjoys sex with men.”

“I remember the last time, and I feel obliged to warn you that watching the person you love have sex with someone else can be a bit strange.”

“Well, Mandy’s the one who suggested it and we’ve done it more than once before.”

Adrian didn’t need much more convincing.

“All right, count me in.”

“Good. See you on Friday, then. I’ll text you the address and time.”

Adrian arrived at their house at the scheduled time. When he rang the doorbell, he was greeted by a fairly busty blonde with an hourglass figure wearing high-heels and a robe, her cleavage exposed.

“Hey,” she said chipper. “Adrian, was it?”

“And you must be Mandy.”

“Yeah, I am. Come in.”

Adrian went in and took of his coat. All lights had been turned off.

“This your first threeway,” Mandy asked.

“No, but last time it was me, another guy and a girl. Got a bit crowded.”

“You don’t like sharing?”

“I didn’t mind that, but the other guy…”

“Didn’t like sharing?”

“Not really, no.”

Mandy smiled.

“Well, don’t worry about that this time. We’ll be sharing you.”

“Have you two done this before?”

“Oh, yeah. At least once a month.”

She grabbed his hand and led him into the house.

“Kim”, she called out.

“Yeah,” Kim called out from a bedroom.

“He’s here. Don’t go starting without us.”

Kim laughed delighted. Adrian’s heart beat faster the closer he came to the source. Finally, they came to canlı bahis a room with a few table lamps turned on to create a kind of mood lighting. Kim was lying on the bed on her stomach, facing the door, dressed in a robe. She got up and walked towards Adrian and Mandy.

“We’re so glad you could come.”

“Always glad to be of service.”

They rubbed up against him and started unbuttoning his clothing, occasionally stroking each other. He felt their breasts being pressed against his chest. They reached up to his head and kissed him lightly. His unbuttoned shirt slid down his arms and onto the floor. Kim and Mandy playfully pushed him onto the bed and crept up next to him and started unbuttoning his pants, occasionally touching his bone-hard cock and giggling together.

“Oh my,” Kim said impressed, “she wasn’t lying.”

Adrian removed the rest of his clothing, his cock standing almost straight up.

“You first,” Mandy told Kim, who smiled and moved her head towards it. She opened her mouth wide and licked it, her tongue sliding up the shaft, circling the head a few times before moving down and up again to repeat.

“It tastes good,” she told Mandy and grinned. “You want a taste?”

“No, thanks. I like pussy better.”

“Fine, more for me.”

She quickly removed her robe, exposing all of her nude, beautiful body and erect nipples. She gently stroked her freshly shaven clit and looked at Adrian.

“You want to fuck me,” she asked eagerly.

“Fuck, yes,” Adrian said and moved aside. Kim moved under him and spread her legs. He moved on top of her and started making out with her, to Mandy’s delight.

“Stick it in her,” she muttered to Adrian, “stick your huge dick into my darling and fuck her. She loves cock and I love watching her get it.”

Adrian raised his lower body a bit to get a clear sight and placed the tip of his dick just at Kim’s wet pussy. He looked at her face, her eyes just glowing with anticipation, and pushed it into her, causing her to gasp and close her eyes hardly.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she whimpered.

It had only gone in half-way, so Adrian pulled it out almost all the way before quickly thrusting it all the way in. Kim almost screamed out. Mandy placed her hand on Adrian’s back and moved it across it while squeezing her own tits through the robe.

“Fuck her, she loves it,” she told him. And he did. He fucked her hard as she lay below him and gleefully received, her arms holding onto him as his cock stretched out her pussy and filled it up, over and over.

“God, that’s so good,” she exclaimed. “It feels so good!”

Mandy patted Adrian on the shoulder.

“Hey,” she said sharply, yet excited, “you’re not gonna let her have all the fun, are ya?”

“You want some?”

Mandy responded by quickly letting her robe fall and standing with her hands on her hips and her legs apart in a cocky manner.

“Come and take it,” she said flirtatiously.

“You won’t mind,” Adrian briefly asked Kim, who was already approaching an early orgasm. She laughed and said:

“Fuck, no. I want to watch a bit.”

Adrian slid his cock out of her, got up and started stroking Mandy’s huge tits while Kim watched and stroked her body.

“You like my tits,” Mandy asked. “You like nice, big, soft boobs?”

“Yeah, I like them.”

“Too bad,” she teased him and turned around, placing her ass cleavage just by his cock, “’cause I like it from behind.”

“I like your ass too.”

“That’s the spirit.”

She grabbed his wrist and walked with him towards the bed.

“Move aside, love,” she told Kim, who, excited, obliged. Mandy got on all fours on it and spread her legs, exposing her pussy and asshole.

“Think you’re up to it,” she asked Adrian as she felt the tip of his cock preparing to enter her pussy.

“You want it?”

“God, yes!”

Kim got up next to her, facing Adrian, and grabbed her buttocks.

“Stick it in her,” she told Adrian eagerly, grabbed his hips and gently pulled him towards Mandy, causing his dick to slide into her pussy a bit and her to make a surprised yelp.

“Fuck you,” she laughed and smacked Kim on the ass playfully. They laughed together before Mandy spread her legs a bit more.

“Come on, now,” she said and braced herself, “fuck me!”

Adrian bahis siteleri pushed his dick into her pussy. She gasped with pleasure as it was filled up. Kim stood on Mandy’s right side facing Adrian, watching gleefully as he fucked her.

“Oh, God,” Mandy moaned as her pussy was stretched out.

“Oh, yeah,” Kim told Adrian, “that’s it.”

“You like watching,” he asked.

“Oh,” Kim said grinning, “I love watching my darling get fucked.”

“Like this,” he asked, grabbed onto Mandy’s hips and pushed his cock further into her, causing her to make a loud yelp with pleasure.

“Yeah, just like that.”

Adrian slid his dick out and pushed it back into her.

“Oh, shit,” Mandy whimpered, “Oh, my God…”

Adrian kept fucking her. She moaned every time he thrust while Kim stroked herself. He started thrusting faster, causing her to moan with every breathe she took. Eventually, she crawled forward, Adrian’s cock sliding out of her, and lay down on her back, panting and laughing.

“Fuck, that was good,” she exclaimed.

Kim lay down on Mandy’s side. They shared a brief look before giving each other a quick tongue kiss. Kim then stood on her knees, leant forward towards Adrian’s cock and started sucking it. He gasped as her lips slid back and forward across the head and shaft.

“She likes sucking cock,” Mandy noted casually. “Think she’s good at it?”

Adrian felt Kim’s tongue exploring every inch of his dick and nodded.

Kim stopped sucking, looked at Mandy and winked at her. They shared a brief smile before Kim got on all fours and Mandy lied down in front of her, legs spread and her pussy exposed and perfectly positioned for Kim’s head.

“Come on,” Kim said eagerly to Adrian. He immediately grabbed her hips and pushed his cock into her. She gasped and started licking Mandy’s clit.

“Fuck her harder,” Mandy exclaimed, “she licks more if you do.”

Adrian tightened his grip and started fucking her faster and deeper. She started licking Mandy more sloppily, almost savagely.

“That’s it, love,” Mandy cried out as she grabbed Kim’s head and started breathing faster. Kim kept making muffled moans with pleasure while Mandy moaned loudly. After a while, she, with considerable effort, pulled away Kim’s head from her and panted.

“Stay where you are,” she told Kim and assumed the doggystyle position in front of Adrian. Taking the hint quickly, he grabbed her hip with his left hand and filled her up with his cock, fingering Kim with his right. They both moaned, Mandy louder than Kim, as they were fucked from behind, side-by-side. Adrian groaned at the sight of them bent over, asses in the air.

“Oh, my fucking God,” he muttered. Mandy chuckled.

“This turn you on,” she asked. “Having two open, fuckable asses in front of you?”

“You bet.”

He kept fucking them both a while before they both looked at each other and moved forward, his limbs sliding out of them.

“You’ve been standing up for more than half an hour now,” Kim said. “Come here.”

They grabbed his hands and pulled him onto the bed.

“Lie down.”

He landed on his front, the impact of the fall greatly reduced by the soft mattress, and quickly turned around onto his back, his glistening, still rock-hard dick standing straight up. Kim and Mandy giggled with delight, stroking his body while he stroked their backs and asses.

“Dick or tongue,” Kim asked Mandy.

“I’ve just been fucked in the pussy, I’ll sit on his face. You’re the one of us who likes cum, anyway.”

She looked at Adrian and asked casually:

“You okay with that?”

“No problem here.”


Mandy knelt over his face while Kim squatted over his groin, preparing to stick his cock into her. Almost simultaneously, they lowered their bodies, gasping the moment Adrian’s member entered Kim and he started licking Mandy’s clit.

“Oh, God,” Kim whimpered as she was filled up. She moved up and started fucking him, her tits bouncing with every hump. Mandy, whose pussy was all over Adrian’s face, just moaned and started convulsing with pleasure as he hungrily licked her. They made eye contact, the sight of each other being fucked turning them on even further and making them hornier and hornier.

“You look so hot right bahis şirketleri now,” Mandy told Kim, her eyes flicking between her bouncing breasts and pussy. “Does it feel good?”

Kim simply nodded and made a shrill “uh-huh”. She then moved her legs in a way so she knelt instead of squatted.

“Come here,” she whispered between two moans. Mandy leaned forward as Adrian grabbed her buttocks and started making out with the Kim, their tongues swirling around each other in their mouths. Suddenly, Adrian started groaning. Mandy raised herself so he could speak unhindered.

“You feel like coming yet,” he asked, breathing deeply.

“Hell, yes,” Mandy said.

Slowing down, Kim said:

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

She lied down on top of Adrian, her breasts being pressed against his chest.

“Come inside me,” she whispered lustfully. “Fill me up with your hot load.”

“You got it,” he panted.

Kim smiled and assumed her riding position again while Mandy lowered herself onto his face.

“Okay,” Mandy said and braced herself. She gasped when she felt Adrian’s warm, wet tongue sliding into her pussy, exploring its insides. Kim took this as a start signal and continued riding him, moaning louder and louder. She and Adrian increased their paces, all three of them feeling a massive climax preparing to overwhelm them like a tidal wave. Mandy embraced Kim intimately, looking deep into her eyes.

“I love you so much,” she said.

“I love you too.”

They kissed. Suddenly, it was as though something exploded within all three of them, causing them to scream out. A massively powerful surge of pleasure flowed through their bodies as Adrian licked Mandy ferociously, shooting his load into Kim’s wet, stretched-out pussy. They rode out their orgasms together, as Kim slowed down before stopping completely and Mandy started sinking downwards. They then got up from Adrian, cum dripping out of Kim’s pussy, and helped him up. He gradually stood up as Kim and Mandy lied down on the bed in each others’ arms.

Adrian looked at them with a mix of happiness and sadness; happiness for them, that they had someone to love in their lives, and sadness that he didn’t and the one he could being taken. He picked up his clothes and snuck into the adjacent kitchen in order not to wake them. He drank some water straight from the tap and started getting dressed. When he was done, he heard a quiet voice in the doorway.


It was Mandy, dressed in her robe, her cleavage covered this time. She looked as though she felt guilty about something.


“Listen,” she said nervously, “I’m sorry if you felt left-out or even used. Did you?”

“Yeah, a bit. Guess I’m not cut out for threesomes, huh?”

“It’s a preference, Adrian. Don’t worry about it. You’re more comfortable doing it with only one person at a time. Kim and I love watching each other being pleased, you need more intimacy.”

Adrian put on his coat.

“Thanks for the advice. I really think I should head home now.”

He started leaving, but was stopped in the doorway by Mandy.

“Tell me something,” she asked. “Do you enjoy sleeping around like you do?”

“In a general sense, yes.”

“Is there anyone near you that you think you could, you know, get emotionally involved with?”

Adrian hesitated for a moment and then confessed:

“There is a woman I work with, but she’s taken.”

“It’s that Janey girl, isn’t it?”

Adrian was momentarily shocked.

“Kim told me,” Mandy quickly noted.

“She and I hooked up a few times and kept it casual. She then met a guy at the gym and they’ve been dating for maybe two months now.”

“I know how it feels,” Mandy noted sympathetically. “It’s how Kim and I met. We worked together at the same office. I had a big crush on her while she was dating a man. We became close friends and, for a moment, I considered settling with that. Eventually, they broke up. It took me three more weeks to confess my attraction to her. After that, due to office policy, one of us had to be transferred. She quit and took a job at Emertech and we later moved in here together.”

“Sweet story,” Adrian said sincerely.

“What I’m trying to say is, maybe you should, you know, get your priorities straight.”

“I know, I know.”

There was a moment of silence between them.

“Anyway,” she said awkwardly, “thanks for…everything and, well, good night,” she said nervously before going back to bed with Kim. Adrian left the building and headed home.

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Tekin, hiç `tekin` degilmiş

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Merhaba, ben adanadan yazıyorum arkadaslar… Bana Abdi derlerdi, ta ki lisedeki servis soforumuz Tekin ile yasadıgımız maceraya kadar.Tekin ile cok samimi bir muhabbetimiz vardı. Ben genelde son derse girmez, tekin ile sigara icmeye giderdim. Tekin`i tarif etmek gerekirse, tam bir turk erkegi, esmer, uzun boylu, insanı bir vurusta yere yıkacak kadar guclu kolları oldugunu da daha sonra anladım.Lise 1. sınıftaydım bu degisik olay basıma geldiginde. Yine dersten kacmıs, dogruca tekin`e gitmistim. Acıkcası ben de kasınıyordum. Yanımda hic sigara kalmamıstı, tekinden istedigimde bana etli purodan basla birsey olmadıgını ve onun da otobusun arkasında oldugunu, istiyorsam gidip almamı soyledi. Tabi ben de salak salak gittim. Arkalarda puroyu ararken, ilk kez etli puroyla tanıstım, ama tekin beni kandırmıstı, puro otobusun arkasında degil, tekinin onundeydi. Bir hayvan gibi gotume surtunmeye baslamıstı. Ben biraz celimsizimdir. Girdigim son ders de beden egitimi oldugundan aceleyle kılodumu giymemistim. Sanki kutsal kartal escort bir güc beni tekinin yarragına sürüklemisti. Nasıl oldu anlamadım, bir de baktım ki sortum bacaklarıma kadar sıyrılmıs. Tekinin yarragını gorunce gozlerime inanamadım. O an kendi kücük mintimden utanmıs, bu kadar büyük bir yarrak görünce acıkcası biraz heyecanlandım. Servis benzin istasyonunun arkasında oldugundan kimseye sesimi duyuramayacagımı biliyordım. Biraz mucadele ettikten sonra yedigim tokatla yere yıkıldım. Tekin fırsat vermeden ellerimi ve ayaklarımı birbirine sıkıca baglamıstı. götüm kabak gibi cıkmıstı. götüme yarak girecegini sanarken asıl süprizle karsılastım. Tekin elinde saddam bantı ve bir siyah kalemle beni kavradı ve minicik duran sikimin üstüne saddam bantı yapıstırıp, siyah kalemle bir cizik attı. Artık amcıgı da olan tam bir kadın gibiydim. Tekin icin sikilmeye hazır bir gottüm sadece. Tekin once tüysüz bacaklarımı yalayarak yapay amıma dogru cıkmaya basladı. Ne yalan söyliyim, sakallarını kasıklarımda hissedince ataşehir escort o an ben de tahrik oldum. Zaten tecavüz kacınılmazdı ve karsı koysam belki de beni oracıkta öldürecekti. İçimde vahşi ama dayanılmaz sıcaklığını hissettim…Bıcakla ölmektense, göt acısıyla yasamak daha akıllıca olacaktı. Tekin bu sefer gotumu yalamaya basladı. Hızla pantolonunu cıkarıp, basını itelemeye basladı. Bunu daha once kızlara yaptıgını anlatırken hep hayalini kurardım, bu sefer hayal acı bir yarrak seklinde gercek olmustu. Tekin biraz zorlansa da götüme girdi ve hafifce bastırmaya basladı. Degisik bir zevkti. Daha sonra adeta bir kobra gibi icimde dans etmeye basladı kıllı yarragı. Gotumun kanadıgını ama bunun beni seksi bir orospuya cevirdigini söyleyince, tekin beni gercekten delirtti ve artık onun bana delice sahip olması cok hosuma gitmeye basladı. Domaltma pozisyonundan kaldırıp önümü cevirdi ve basımı arkaya itip göt deligimin ortaya cıkmasını sagladı. 2-3 dakika da böyle siktikten sonra icimde vahsi maltepe escort ama dayanılmaz sıcaklıgını hissettim. Götümden sızan döllerini alıp agzıma sürdügünde önce tiksinsem de tadı cok hosuma gitti yutarken. Zaten sikilen götün davası olmaz deyip bari bir kez de o koca yarragını agzıma ver erkegim dedim. Tekin bundan cok etkilendi ve inmeye baslagan yarragı agzıma verdi. Dil darbelerimle hızla geri kaldırdım. Tassaklarından ucuna kadar delice somurdum ve bi süre sonra delice patladı. Yutuyordum ama bitmek bilmiyordu dölleri. Dölerden ölecektim sanki bogulup oracıkta. Tekin yasadıgı büyük zevkten sonra yanıma yıgıldı ve cebinden bi paket sigara cıkardı. Birlikte orgazm sigarası içtik. O halde serviste beni görmelerini istemedigimden eve götürmesini söyledim ona. O gün servis gelmemis olsa birsey olmazdı ama benim yarrak yedigimi anlasalar lise 3. sınıftaki abim okan ve arkadasları da beni sikmek isteyebilirdi.Ev yolunda tekin onu cok mutlu ettigimi ve istersem beni koruyup kollayacagını ve onun orospusuymusum gibi yasayabilecegimi söyledi. Hic de fena bir teklif degildi. Su an üniversitedeyim ve lise servisimi cok özlüyorum. Ama hala bazı dersleri ekip tekinle degisik zevkler yasamaya gidiyorum. Tabi artık sadece ikimiz degiliz. Yeni oglanları etli puroya alıstırıyoruz….Gönderen: Abdi

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Tavuğa Yazık Oldu

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O zamanlar 18 de var yoktum. Evimiz müstakil 2 katlı bir evdi. Bahçemizde bir kümes iindede 3 tavuk bir horoz vardı. hep merak etmişimdir. bir gün öce tavuk horoz tarafından sikildiğinde ertisi gün yumurtluyordu. bu kadar çabuk naasıl oluyor derdim kendi kendime. hatta horozun siktiği tavuğu takip eder ertesi günde gider götünü yoklardım yumurta varmı diye. Bu aradada tavuğun götüne dokunurken kendimi tarıfsız bir zevk deryasında düşünürdüm. sanki tavukta beni anlar gibi oda zevk alır gibi boynunu aşağıya uzatır ve kasılırdı. bir gün bu tavuk kocaman yumurtayı götünden çıkrdığına göre benim yarrağımıda alabileceğini düşünüp, fırsat kollanaya uygun zaman yaratmaya çalıştım ve beklediğim ertesi gün kartal escort gerçekleşmişti. annemler pazara gitmiş ben evde yalnız kalmıştım. Aylardan yaz ve pazar günü oluğu için mahallede boşdu. Yavaşça tavukları ürkütmeden kümese girdim. bir tanesini yakalayıp hemen yarrağımı götüne dayadım. Ama ne mümkün tavuğun götü kupkuru ve beton gibiydi. aklıma evin içine götürmek ve orada şampuanlayıp öyle yapmak geldi. tabi hemen uyguladım. Önce tavuğun ses çıkarmaması için gagasını batla sardım. sonra göt deliğine duşu tutarak şampuanla yıkayıp, temizledim.Artık o daracık sıcak tavuğun erkeği olacaktım. yarrığa azıcık şampuan sürdüm ve tavuğu iki elimle tutup yarrağımın üstüne hafifçe bastırdım. ataşehir escort sanki tavuk “kendimi siktirmem” dercesine götünü gevşetmiyordu. ama ben kafaya koymuştum da zadece incitmek istemediğimden sert davranmıyordum.çünkü sikim şampuanlanınca çok kaygan hale gelmişti. Artık benden günah gitti diye düşündüm ve biraz sert bir şekilde tavuğun götünü zorladım. aman allahım bu ne zevkti ne kadar güzeldi. Sanki sımsıcak bir mengene sikimin kafasını sikiyordu tabi erkek olarak bu sıkılık hep sikin bir an önce biraz daha ileriye gitmesini ister gibi erkeği uyarır bende aynen yaptım biraz daha bastırınca sikimin yarısı artık tavuğun götünün içindeydi ama bende dayanacak hal kalmamış maltepe escort be bolaşmıştım bile bu arada tavuk kafayı öne atarak uzatnış kasılıyordu. biraz rahatlasın diye sikimi çıkardım. biraz su içirdim. Az sonra tekrar tavuğu kucaklamıştım. bu kere sikimde dölleriminde etkisiyle iyice sert ve kayganlaşmıştı bir hamlede sertbir şekilde tavuğu kendime doğru sikimin üztüne bir bastırdım. bastırmamla beraber benim koca 22 cmlik sik tavun küçücük vücuduna coop diye giriverdi tavuk birden acı bir sesle boynunu büktü. Ama bende tavuğu görecek hal kalmamış girdiğim zevk girdabında uçuyordum çünkü hayatımda ilk defa cinsel münasebette bulunmuştum. Ancak tavuğu ogün kümese bıraktıktan sonra ertsi gün ölüsünü bulduk. halen üzülüyorum. ama arkadaşlar çok dar sıcak bir delik ile yapılan sikişin zevki gerçekten başka. Tavsiye ederim. Daha sonraları bir çok defa kadın götü siktim hatta bunlardan bir tanesinin ilkiydim ve yaşı 16 idi onunki bile tavuktan aldığım zevki vermedi. Hoşçakalın

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cd sanem

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Sanem cd – 2Merhaba ben adapazarından sanem size daha önce başımdan geçmiş tatlımı tatlı bir olay anlatmıştımBu yeni tatlı bir olay.. neyse uzatmayayım… Bundan birkaç gün önce yani 06.12.2003 tarihindeİnternette gezenirken bir kişyle muhabbete başladık.Muhabbette sardı işin açıkcası ve bebnimle sevişmekİstediğini dile getirdi bende şartlarımı söledim.tamam dedi ve ben adapazarından izmite gittim.Anlaştığımız yerde buluştuk neyse mercedes arabasıyla beni aldı..alış verişe gittik.. bir bayan giyimÜzerine bir mağazaya girdik ne istersen al dedi ve ben mağazayı gezmeye başladım.harika bir mini tarzında bluzla bütünleşmiş kırmızı dekolteli bir gece elbisesi beğendim aldık ve çıktık..sonra başka bir mağazaya gittik.iç giyim üzerine ordan kırmızı dantelli bir sütyen , tanga , jartiyer ve ince çorabını aldık ve kırmızı uzun topuklu bir ayakkabıda aldık ve evine gittik. Harika bir evi vardı.partnerim gerçekten zevkine düşkün biri idi makyaj malzemeleri ve yatak odasını gö ben başladım kartal escort giyinmeye ve makyaj yapmaya önce sütyenim sonra tangam ve jartiyer ve çorabım üzerine dekolte elibisemi giydim.Makyajımı yaptım. Kırmızı bir ruj ve biraz allık sürdüm ve başıma bir bone taktıntan sonra aynaya baktığımda harika bir dişi olmuştum..sonra odaya çağırdım.şok olmuştu bu kadar güzel olacağımı Düşünmemişti sanırım.neyse harika olmuşsun tam bir kadın gibisin ve benim şuan karım olacaksın Dediğinde ben se çok mutlu olmuştum.neyse öpüşmeye başladık uzun uzun vücüdumda elleri dolaşırkenİçin yanıyor aletini okşamak yalamak somurmak istiyordum.neyse öpüşmeden sonra yavaş yavaş aşağılaraİnmeye başladım ve o muhteşem alete gelmiştim ve amacıma ulaşmak üzereydim.Aletini olduğu yerden dışarı çıkardım yavaş yavaş dokunuyor öpücükler atıyordum.emmeye başldım yalıyordum dil darbeleri atıryodum. Ve her dakika alet devası büyüyordu. Gömleğini ve pantolonunu çıkardı çıplaktııVücüdu harika idi kılsız pürüzsüz ataşehir escort ve muhateşem bir aleti vardı bunlar beni azdırmaya yetmişti.neyseeYavaş yavaş dekolte elbisemi çıkarıyor ve iç çamaşırlarımla kalmıştım dakikalar ilerledikçe sen harika Bir kadınsın işini iyi biliyorsun ve beni çok mutlu ettin gibi güzel sözler sölüyordu ve benim çok hoşuma gitmişti.. neysee beni yatağa yatırdı ve her yerimi öpmye yalamaya başlamıştı göğüslerimin uçlarını ısırıyor beni yüz üzsü yatırdı beni arkamı görünce şok olduu harika bir kalçan ve götün var diyince ben havaya girmiştim bile. Kafasını getirdi ve arkamı başladı yalamaya ufak ufak dilini içeri Sokuyor ve beni azdırıyordu gerçekten işini iyi bende 69 yapalım dedim ve o aleti başadımTekrar yalamaya yalıyor yalıyor ve hoşuna gittiğini ince sesler çıkarıyırdu.bende işimi iyi yaptığımı düşünüyordum aleti iyice sertleştiğini düşündüğümde hadi artık istiyorum diyince gözlerinin içi gülüyorduVe arkama geçti maltepe escort yavaşca itmeye başladı zorlanıyordum acımaya başlamıştı arkam.ittiriyor çekiliyordumCanım çokta darmış diyordu .biraz uğraştıktan sonra aletiini sonuna kadar almıştım ve çok mutluydum..Artık acı çekmeden içime girip çıkıyor müthiş zevk alıyordum.. 10 dakika falan gidip geldikten sonra Geliyorum dedi ve ben hadi ağzıma boşal diyince hemen ağzıma getir di ve başladım vantuz gibi çekmeyeYalıyordum ve ansızın ağzımın içine boşladı çok sıcak bir menisi vardı onun bütün menisi ağzımın içindeydi bir damlası bile dışarıda değildi ve aleti dakika dakika inmeye başladı çok terlemiş ve yorulmuştu bana binlerce kez teşekkür etti ve berbaer bonyo yaptık ve evden çıktık beni adapazarına getirdi ve ben o gün çok mutluydum….işte böle arkadaşlar bu macaremda böle mutlu sonla bitti…….Benim gibi ap+cd ile olmak isterseniz düzeyli seviyeli ve şartlarımı(sexi kadın kıyafet,i ve sexi iç çmaşır Alırsanız ) yerine getiriseniz harika dakikalar yaşayabiliriz.Ayrıca evli olanlar eşleri ilede beni kabul ederse çok sevinirim bana yazmak isterseniz [email protected] adresine mail atınız mutlaka değerlendiririm Şimdilikl hoşçakalın bütün erkekeleri cd leri ve kızları seviyorum öpüyorum sizleri son..Gönderen: adapsanem cd

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Götüme Almak İçin Delirdim

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Merhaba ben şu an Anadolu Lisesinde okuyorum. O yüzden Lise adını vermeyeceğim. Henüz Lise iki deyim. Bu sene başında yaşadığım deneyimi anlatacağım. Lisemiz Bakırköy`e yakındır. Hep Tren Köprüsünün üzerinden geçerim okula giderken. Tren köprüsünün yakınında bir dönerci var, orada hem mahalleden arkadaşım K. çalışıyor. K. ibne ve bunu söyler, hiç bizim gibi çekinmez. Bir gün K. bana sex shop dan aldığı kocaman bir vibratorü gösterdi. Bak ben bunu kendime soktum dedi. Güldüm, acıdı mı diye sordum. Başta acıdı dedi sonra kartal escort hoşlandım. Akşam üstü onlara gittim. Odasında, çırıl çıplak soyundu ve götünün deliğini tükrükledi. Yavaş yavaş soktu. Ben bakıyordum. Bana sen de ister misin dedi? Ben de isterim ama aynı vibratörle olmaz dedim. Kolayı var dedi. Bir tane prezarvatif çıkarıp vibratöre geçirdi. Sonra benim soyunmama yardım etti. Ben tükrükle açılmayacağım için Krem sürdük. Uzun bir süre eliyle oynadı. Gerçekten çok güzeldi. Ama vibratörü sokarken ataşehir escort çok acıdı. Öyle acıdı ki penisim söndü. O gün ayrıldık ve ben eve döndüm akşam hala götüm acıyordu. Abim çok şüphelendi ve niye oturamıyon sen lan? dedi. Ben de bisiklete bindim dedim. Akşam uykumda rüya gördüm. Ve rüyada vibratörü içime alıyordum. Çok kolaydı.Ertesi gün gene K. lara gittim. Gene almak istediğimi söyledim. K. olmaz dedi. Seninki dar dedi. O açık götlere göre dedi. Ben de hayır dedim. Sonunda K. izin verdi. maltepe escort Bir daha denedik. Gene başta acıdı ama ses çıkarmadım. Sonra yavaş yavaş rahatladım. K. ayna getirdi. Bir baktım içimdeydi. Sene sonu oldu şimdi, üç ay soktuk o vibratörü. Şimdi artık kızlara hiç ilgim kalmadı. Ama büyük sikli erkeklere ilgim çok. Okulda belli etmiyorum ama Özgürlük Parkında belli ediyorum. Geçen bir çocukla yattım. Siki 21 cm dir. Çok güzeldi. Hem ağzıma aldım. hem de siktirdim. Çok hoşuna gitti. Ama ben de hoşlandım. K. kızıyor, ben çok Kezbanmışım. Herkesle aşk yaşıyormuşum. Büyük siklere aşığım ben sizinkisi de büyükse lütfen beni sikermisiniz.Boyum kilom yerindedir. götümün tüylerini alıyorum. Kaymak gibiyim. Lütfen bana mail atın eğer istanbulda genç birini sikmek isterseniz.Gönderen: Giver

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32