A Shower Shared By Two

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The knobs are turned and the water starts to spray out. Cold and hot water fill the shower as its being adjusted for use. Reaching out for your hand, I pull you closer to me. Looking into your nervous eyes I smile lightly at you. My fingertips slowly touch the side of your face down to your lips where I rub them gently. I lick my lips and lower my lips to yours to kiss you gently then pull away.

Tilting my head back, I look to see your face with the anticipation of kissing again in your eyes. We draw near to each other as we kiss again with my hands rubbing down the sides of your body. Your hands wander around my back rubbing it softly. Our tongues touch and play inside of your mouth as my hands slide around to your stomach. While unbuttoning your pants, you decide to pull back from me but biting your bottom lip makes you stay.

You hear your zipper being lowered while having your tongue sucked on by me. I move aside the flaps revealing your black silk panties, breaking our kiss to peer down then back up at you. My hands grab onto the waist of your pants, and then slowly begin to pull them down. My lips begin kissing down your left thigh as I kneel down in front of you. Standing back up I look down at your long legs, then finding your lips again we kiss.

The steam from the hot shower is around us, and im aching to have my way with you. My lips trail from your lips to your neck licking it lightly while my hands reach around to your ass. Grabbing your ass tightly, I pull you against me letting you feel my erect dick inside of my shorts. You feel the tip against your panties wanting it to come out. I let your hands undo my shorts and reach inside to grab my dick. You begin stroking it on the top of my boxers while I make small red marks on your neck with my teeth.

Rubbing your thumb over the tip, you feel the precum oozing out and you wish to taste it. You try to bend down but I don’t allow you to, instead I begin to lift off your tank top to reveal your beautiful C cups. My tongue trails down your neck over the crescent shaped tattoo on your chest. Sliding my tongue into the front of the bra, you feel my tongue touch your nipple. Unclasping the back, your bra easily is taken off of your chest.

My dick is peeking out the top of my boxers, which you notice quickly. Your mouth waters as you reach in to pull it out, wishing to have me fuck your lips. I direct your attention back up to my tongue which is circling your nipples slowly. I pause for a moment to lift off my shirt for pendik escort you, leaving me standing in my boxers and you in your black g-string. My lips resume teasing your nipples by licking and sucking on them a bit. My fingers slide underneath the g-string material and slowly I push it down your thighs. Your panties slide down as you step out of them leaving yourself completely naked for me.

I stare at your gorgeous body and find myself slowly stroking myself for you. You decide to mount your hands onto the sink and bend yourself over for me. My boxers drop to the floor and I stand behind you with my hand around my dick. You wait for me to slide myself inside you, but instead I begin to rub the tip along your ass cheek. The precum rubs off makes your ass cheek glisten from it. I rub my hand down around your cheek, slightly squeezing it as I move it across. I place my middle and index fingers together and begin to rub down between your cheeks. Rubbing against your puckered ass, I rub further down to your pussy to feel how wet it is.

I feel your wetness is seeping out onto your thigh and I begin to rub your clit. You begin swaying slightly against the counter as I rub you slowly. My dick is rock hard resting against your ass cheek as I then slide my fingers inside of your pussy. I hear you lightly moan as I finger fuck you slowly. Your pussy grips around my fingers as I push them back inside. My hand wanders to my dick where I begin to stroke slowly. Retracting my fingers from you, I begin to kneel down behind you with you still bent over the counter.

My hands slide up to grab your ass, as I push my lips down against your pussy. My eyes stare at your asshole while I flick my tongue against your pussy lips. Slowly probing my tongue into you, I taste your wetness. You begin to sway your ass against me so that my tongue pushes deeper inside then back out. I hear your enjoyment through the tones of your moaning. I begin to slide my tongue off your pussy and up to the crack of your ass. My hands spread your ass apart for me, as I slide my tongue around your ass. You feel an odd sensation from my tongue playing with your ass and you continue to make your noises for me.

By this time you’re mumbling words to me, wanting me to fuck you hard. I stand myself back up behind you and place my dick into my hand. My other hand reaches for the back of your hair as I tug on it to have you stand up as well. I turn you to face me as I begin to jerk my dick şerifali escort off for you. You whimper wanting me to cum deep inside you as I continue to stroke myself for you. I stop myself and release my hand letting my dick stand on its own. Your eyes watch as it throbs up and down in front of you near your thigh. Smiling at you I ask you to get into the shower and you quickly obey shoving the curtain aside. I follow you inside for the conclusion of our evening.

I step into the shower and pull the curtain back across the entrance. I turn and see your head underneath the shower head, allowing the water to run down your body. You soak your hair as my eyes are fixed to your chest. The warm water swirling around your nipples as it continues its way down your stomach. I begin to fantasize of things I’d love to do to you. You open your eyes to see me staring at you, with my dick standing out all hard for you. I reach out for your hands and pull you closer to me.

I bring my face to yours with our bodies touching closely. You begin rubbing your hips against my dick, making the shaft rub against your clit. Your mouth opens slightly allowing my tongue to slip inside. We rub our tongues together as you quicken your motion against my dick. My hands trail down your back to your ass. I love the feel of your smooth ass and it turns me on incredibly whenever I’m able to squeeze it.

After a few more moments, I spin you around to face away from me. Automatically you bend over in front of me so that I have easy access to fuck you anyway I want to. I grip the head of my dick in my hand and lower it down your ass slowly. You try to push back against me as I rub the head against your pussy hole. You hate to be teased, but you tolerate it knowing what the outcome will be. I slowly begin to insert my dick inside of you; feeling the warmth of your pussy the further I push in. Looking down, I watch my dick be engulfed by your body. You clench your muscles so that your pussy squeezes my dick tightly. Giving a low sigh reaction to it, I begin to pull my hips back out and into you.

Your pussy is hot and wet, and I love to be inside it. Quicker the pace moves as you start making your love noises for me. I know you long for your ass to be played with as well; so I bring my middle finger up to your mouth to suck on. Swirling your tongue around, you leave your saliva all over my finger. I pull it back to me and spread your ass cheek with the other hand while maintaining silivri escort pace with you. I slide my finger down your ass and begin to slowly push against it.

Your saliva on my finger proves to be sufficient for it to begin to push inside. The tip is pushed into your ass, while I continue to fuck your pussy at a steady rate. You reach behind yourself and grab my hand, making my finger push further into you. You love having your holes filled by me, making your body feel full. You place your hands on your knees, as I slowly begin to finger fuck your ass. Pushing your ass back against me, you make my dick and finger go deeper. I know how badly you want me to fill your pussy up but I have other plans.

You begin to scream as you approach your first orgasm. You clench yourself as you cum, while you’re bouncing your ass against me quickly. I feel my dick about to explore, so I attempt to pull it out of you. You don’t like the idea of me leaving just yet and try to keep me inside. You try pulling on the back of my thighs but I spank your ass to indicate you not to do that. You obey and remain bent over for me as I pull my finger out as well.

Soon after my dick is now pressing against your ass. I lean back and rest myself against the cold shower wall. I tell you to make me cum in your ass as I take my hands off of you to let you do the work. You spread your ass with both hands while pushing against my dick. The head slowly enters in as you slowly begin to push against it. More and more of it enters inside, you want to take the whole shaft. You ease your ass on my dick, slowly making it go all the way in til you rest against my thighs.

Now that you have me all to yourself, you begin to bounce off my hips. You love me fucking your ass, and you desperately want my cum in it. Harder and faster you push against me as I watch my dick disappear into you. You moan as you feel another orgasm coming over you. You feel so tight, and you love my dick being in your ass. I tell you I’m about to cum and how I want you to go faster. I feel myself about to squirt inside of you, when you quickly pull off of my dick. You turn your body around and drop to your knees.

You slide my dick into the back of your throat without washing it off. I’m incredibly shocked but turned on so much more. You rest your lips against me as my cum drains down into your throat. My mouth is open breathing heavy watching your throat swallow all of it. You lean your head back and stroke the remainder out with your hand. My dick begins to go soft in your mouth as I feel your tongue slide around it. Looking up at me, you remove my dick and smile. You’re such a sexy girl and you continue to surprise me. I stand you up and pull you close and plant a soft kiss to your lips. I love you I whisper, with you smiling and nodding back at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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