A Strange Arrangement Ch. 09

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I heard a *clunk* downstairs in the middle of the night. Andrew falling off the couch, no doubt. A few minutes later, the toilet flushed, then heavy footfalls up the steps. I closed my eyes and hoped they wouldn’t come this way. They faded and Andrew’s door shut. He would sleep late, I imagined.


I had arranged for Moira to cover my shifts that day. It was Andrew and Penny’s anniversary, and though I still didn’t know what had happened to his wife (even after last night’s drunken revelations), I knew this was a rough day at the end of a rough stretch of days. He had asked me to be as available as possible for sex. It made no sense to me- if he was numb, why wouldn’t he want to stay that way? I used sex to forget, to drive away the pain. If his pain wasn’t even there, then why dredge it up? I would kill to have my confusion and pain buried like that.

But we had an arrangement, and I owed him at least two romps today- more if I agreed to his “special occasion” clause, which I was inclined to do that day if he wasn’t being an ass about it all.

I was up at a reasonable hour and I got my own breakfast ready. I considered taking Andrew breakfast in bed, but if he wasn’t going to tell me anything about Thursday (even if it was what I already knew), then I wasn’t going to go out of my way either. After breakfast, I got started on a long list of chores- deeper cleaning type stuff that needed to be done.

I was halfway through re-organizing the laundry room when I heard Andrew thumping about in his room. I expected any minute to hear him bellow my name and call me in for his first fuck of the day. But he was also probably really hung-over and not quite ready yet.

By the time Andrew came downstairs, squinting and holding his head, it was after 10 and I was done with the laundry room. I washed my hands and put some breakfast on the table for him, starting with a cup of coffee. He didn’t notice that we suddenly had coffee after its mysterious disappearance on Saturday.

He ate in silence, then went upstairs. I heard the shower running. I put a movie on, some action flick that had come out the year before. It was a few scenes in when Andrew came down the stairs again, visibly refreshed, but still not at 100%. I really didn’t like not knowing at any given point if he planned to just pull my pants down and do his business.

He joined me on the couch, and during a slow scene asked, “What happened last night?”

“Ernst called me to pick you up. You apparently showed up drunk to work. I drove you home.” While all of that was true, it only began to answer his question.

“You met Ernst?”

“Yeah. He said he didn’t want to report you.”

“He’s a good guy. So you saw my night job?”

“Yeah, though I didn’t get farther than the guard shack.”

“Did they tell you anything about it?”

“What’s to tell? Looney bin?”

“Something like that.”

“They didn’t say anything else?”

“Just that Ernst told you not to schedule yourself for work last night.”

“Yeah, I’m sure I’ll get an earful tomorrow. I didn’t puke in your car or anything, did I?”

“No. You were a perfect gentleman, right up until you tried to force me to spend the night with your drunk ass on the couch,” I tried to sound nonchalant, not bitter.

“Oh, God, I didn’t.”

“Yeah. Yeah you did. I said ‘no,’ but I’ll cash that in for a ‘yes’ whenever you’re ready today.”

“You working later?”

“No, I had someone cover my shifts,” I mentioned casually.

“You…you took off work? For…today?” He didn’t seem to know how to process that.

“Yeah. Maybe this is the point where I should say, ‘You owe me.'”

“Wow. So…you’ll be here all day? No date or interview or mysterious errands or anything?”

“Nothing on my calendar today except, ‘Open legs upon request.'”

“Could you do something for me now?”

“I wondered what was taking you so long,” I said, reaching down to pull unbutton my jeans.

“No…not that…yet.” He seemed unsure how to ask. “Could you just scoot over here and watch the movie next to me?”

I closed my eyes and tried to think of a delicate way to refuse him. I wasn’t his girlfriend or his wife. That was not in our future, it couldn’t be. There was one shiny reason on his finger and another dark one over my own heart. Two compelling reasons.

“Think of it as extended foreplay. We’ll have sex after the movie’s over, if that makes it better.”

“Oh, gee, it makes it so much better,” I said sarcastically. “Fine. Just remember that this is an act, and neither of us should be fooled by this. Just two warm bodies enjoying being next to each other.”

“If you say so. I won’t get attached if you don’t,” he teased. I almost walked out of the room after that remark. But instead I scooted myself across the couch until I was next to him. He was leaning on the side with his feet on the floor. I curled up on his other side, let him wrap his arm around me, and pulled my legs up onto the beyoğlu escort couch. Holding my head up was uncomfortable, so I rested it on his chest. It felt cozy, and I was happy to listen to his heartbeat when the movie got dull.

It was one of those movies with several fake endings- scenes that could have been the end until they resurrect a villain and have him initiate a new and greater crisis. On about the second of those endings, I slid my hand down into Andrew’s pants. I didn’t fondle him or anything, I just held my hand in place over his equipment. Because I had to twist a little to accomplish that, my back was more exposed. Andrew started rubbing up and down the outside of my sweater. It felt…nice.

When the movie ended, I started slowly pumping Andrew’s cock, which had been hard for a few minutes. He closed his eyes and enjoyed my ministrations for a few minutes, then said, “Get up.”

As I stood up next to the couch, he tugged at my jeans, pulling them down to my knees. I finished the job, looking around to make sure curtains were closed all around. While I did that, Andrew pulled his sweatpants down to his knees and sat back down. I looked at him questioningly.

“Sit on my lap,” he ordered.

With a shrug of my shoulders, I sat down on his lap, his cock sliding into my butt crack.

“I’m not ready,” I cautioned him softly.

“I figured,” he answered. Then to my utter surprise, he reached down to his pants pocket and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“You…are carrying that around in your pocket?” I asked.

“Not every day! Just…you know…today. Be prepared, right?” I rolled my eyes but inwardly appreciated the consideration it represented.

He rubbed some lube onto my slit, pushing some up into me. The motion of rubbing and the sensation of being entered helped add some of my own lube to the bottled stuff. It wasn’t long before I was ready. “I think you’re good,” he said softly. I lifted up enough to free his tool from under me, and we worked together to line it up. I sank down slowly, a lit bit at a time, pulling up a little, then sinking farther back down. I spread my legs and tried to reach the floor with my toes, but it was too far down.

Grabbing my hips, Andrew began moving me forwards and backwards on his lap. He wasn’t in very deep, so he pushed his hips up a little and continued moving me around. I put my hands in between my legs, on his knees, and used that leverage to help the cause.

Though I never would have mentioned it, Andrew had always impressed me with his staying power. We didn’t have many quickies, even when I tried to rush things along. There were times when I could tell he would have cum quickly, but he would stop and shift things around. We never had hour-long marathon porn sessions or anything, but sex almost always lasted long enough.

That day, however, it seemed like he had other plans, at least for that first time. After only a minute, maybe two, he started his tell-tale grunting, Still holding his hips up and still pushing me forwards and backwards, he started talking in between groans. His forehead was on my back, so I could tell he was looking down.

“Gina!…mmmmff…your ass…is…hnnnngh…amazing! Mmf! Mmf! I mean…damn!…nnngh…ohhh yeah! I just wanna…oooohhh God, Gina…aaahhhHHH!!”

And with one upward thrust, he came. Lowering his hips and pulling me down with him, he began pulsing near my entrance, unable to get much deeper. I sat still and caught my breath, looking around to plan my next chore.


It was almost noon and we were hungry. We made sandwiches and Andrew picked out another movie.

“Is that your plan for the day? Movies and me?”

“Pretty much,” he said plainly. “And food.”

“Are you gonna tell me what this is all about? What’s so…unique about today?”

He seemed to consider it. “No, Gina. I don’t want to unload that on you yet.”

“Whatever. Hey, would you want me to do some organizing in your office room upstairs? I’ve peeked in there and I think I might be able to help.” I tried to make it a joke.

Silence. Then, “No, but thanks. There’s some important stuff in there that I should probably be the one to deal with.”

Oh well, it had been worth a try.


The second movie was a sci-fi thriller, and after one particularly racy scene, Andrew paused it, found me in my room, and took me hard and fast on my bed. He had jumped on me so suddenly that I was glad he was carrying around a bottle of lube.

A few hours later, once dinner was ready, he said he wanted some release before we ate. I bent over a soft chair in the living room and he took me from behind, my pants around my ankles. My shirt had not come off me all day. Apparently he just wanted a hole, and that only for a couple minutes each time. I wondered how I would feel about our arrangement if this is all sex was for us. I think some ways it would be worse, but in some ways, it would bostancı escort be easier for me to handle.

As we ate dinner, he looked at me and a bit of the old Andrew returned- the gentle, blushing guy I was used to, not the quickie king of today. “Gina, thanks for indulging me- you’ve gone, ‘above and beyond’ today. I really appreciate it.”

Not sure how to respond, I just shrugged my shoulders and pretended to be chewing something.

“I’ve got to go out for a bit this evening. I’ll be back around 8, I think. I’d like you to spend the evening with me in bed.”

“Well, that’s what I’m here for, I guess. Do you want me to go somewhere with you this evening?” I figured that wherever he went, it probably had something to do with Penny.

“No…no…that won’t be necessary. I need to patch some things up at work and make sure it’s all OK.”

“Alright, but how are you getting there?” Gotcha!

His eyes widened a bit, then he shook his head. “I guess I do need a ride to work, at least. You can leave me alone after that- I might be a while. Gina, I’ll add another fill up to your gas card this month- thanks for taking care of me last night.”

I planned on hiding around a corner and following him after he got his car. I really wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“You…you’re a good friend, Gina.” he was serious, thoughtful, pensive.

“Andrew, I can’t be your friend. You know that.”

“Well, you can say that ’til you’re blue in the face, Gina, but it won’t change the fact that you do a lot of nice things that you don’t have to do. Last night could have been a mess- I don’t remember anything from getting to work to waking up at 4am on the couch. I found water waiting for me, a blanket over me- you could have dumped me on the doorstep and no one would’ve blamed you. You didn’t even have to pick me up. You’re a good friend to me Gina. Sex aside, or maybe even more so in light of our…arrangement.”

I was tearing up, but not happy tears. “Andrew, don’t you see that that’s the problem? We can’t do both! The more we act civil and friendly and…like a couple…the more difficult it is to maintain our arrangement. I should be treating you like shit, and I just can’t bring myself to do it because I…I think we have a connection- we’re both dealing with the shadows and feeling in over our heads. But I can’t help you out of the hole, Andrew. I’m too deep down myself.”

“Then maybe we need to change the arrangement. Maybe we need to…”

“No. Don’t go there Andrew. You don’t know me, not really. You think I’m a decent fuck and a nice girl, but that’s only one little sliver of the story. If you knew…” I trailed off, not sure where to go from there.

“I just think you sell yourself short.”

“Well maybe if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have gone for this arrangement, now would I?”

He winced at that remark and looked up at the clock.

“We should go,” he said, “if you’re still willing to drive me.”

“Andrew, don’t be an ass. I’m not that petty.”

He raised an eyebrow at that, and I was forced to add, “OK…not usually,”


We drove in silence to The Institute. I avoided looking at the airport when we passed it, but Andrew looked longingly down the service road. Then he swung his head and looked at me in confusion. I clenched my jaw and tried to remain stoic. Andrew didn’t say anything, but I was afraid he remembered something about last night.

I pulled up to the gate, and Andrew climbed out. “You know your way back?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

I drove down the road until I found a turn-off with bushes at the corner. Perfect. In daylight, he would be sure to see me, but after dark…

Fifty minutes later I was regretting not bringing something to occupy my time. Then, I saw headlights heading up the road towards me. The car passed by- it was Andrew. I let him get a few hundred yards ahead, then started my car and followed him. He turned off the road at the airport, and though I was very, very tempted to follow him and sneak up on him on foot to hear what he would be saying to the stars, I knew I had to get back to the house before him, so I continued on my way.


I got back to the house, cleaned up the dishes, and took a shower. Andrew got back a little after 8 and came upstairs, standing outside my room. From his red, puffy eyes, I could tell he had been crying. “I’m gonna shower,” he told me. “Come to my room whenever.”

I was still in my towel and had been brushing my hair when he showed up. I looked down at my still wet body and thought, “Well, what the hell.” I waited until I heard the water running and then walked to his room. Dropping my towel at the bathroom door, I stepped into the shower with him.

Andrew had been washing his hair and was startled by my appearance. I reached for his bath sponge and soaped it up, moving behind him. With long, gentle strokes, I started washing his back. I turned him büyükçekmece escort to face me and started doing the same to his chest, shoulders, and arms. Andrew liked his showers very hot- almost painful to me. My skin was looking a little red.

Having washed his upper body, I moved in close to him and put the sponge on his crotch as my lips explored his chest. Rubbing around his balls and still-soft penis, I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed, and our height difference meant that I had to get on my toes to reach his lips. I stretched up and pecked his lips. Then I slowly got into a squat in front of him.

Reaching the sponge around behind him, I washed his butt cheeks, which tensed with my touch. Then I rubbed all the way down the back of his legs and up the front. I cleaned his inner thighs and then dropped the sponge. The whole time I was on my knees, his cock had been right in front of my face. I breathed out on it, making sure he knew how close I was to it, but I never touched it except to soap it up.

But once I dropped the sponge, I took his equipment in my hand and held it out from his body, letting the water flow over it and wash all the soap off. Once it was rinsed, I took his whole tool into my mouth and massaged it with my lips and tongue. He had gotten plenty of action that day, and so he wasn’t getting hard as quickly as usual. Andrew put his hand on the top of my head and groaned softly. I liked having a soft penis in my mouth- there was more I could do with it. And it was nice that it was completely clean and smelled good.

Inevitably, his tool hardened in my mouth. I pulled back as it did and started a slow motion, taking him in and out. One of my hands cradled his balls and rubbed them around while my other hand simply held onto his ass. After a minute or two of that very wet blow job, I disengaged, eliciting a disappointed groan from Andrew. I stood in front of him, put my hands on his chest, looked up at his eyes and whispered, “Are you done?”

“No,” he whispered back. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. His hands went up and down my back, lubricated by the water spraying on us. Then he turned me around so that my back was against him. He ran his hands all along my abdomen and breasts, even working his way up to my neck. His lips planted tender kisses on my head and ears. He reached a hand down to my slit and began working a finger across my clit, eventually dipping inside my opening. I leaned all my weight back against him and was pleased to feel him totally support me. After a minute or two of that attention, he raised his hands up to the water, rinsed them off, and said softly , “Now I’m done.”

I reached up and turned off the water. Stepping out, we each grabbed a towel and dried off. Andrew’s cock was still hard, bouncing with each step and with each motion of his towel. What a funny piece of anatomy, I thought, watching it move around.

While we were drying, Andrew grabbed a bottle of mouthwash and rinsed his mouth out. I followed suit, remembering the garlic I had put in our dinner.

Then I grabbed his hand in mine and led him to his bed. I looked up into his eyes and asked, “How do you want me?”

“It doesn’t matter,” he said with a smile. “Do you have a preference?”

“This is your rodeo, partner- it’s your special day.”

“Well, since you mentioned a rodeo…” And with that he got on his back and pulled me by the hand towards him. Catching his meaning, I started to straddle him. He stopped me and said, “No, turn around. I want to watch your beautiful ass at work.”

I jokingly rolled my eyes and complied, facing his feet. I started to rub my slit along top of his shaft. Slow, long rubs, tilting my hips to try to get some attention on my clit. Then an idea occurred to me. “I’ll be right back,” I said, dismounting and running down the hall. I yanked open my nightstand drawer and grabbed my small vibrator. Running back to Andrew’s room, I responded to his questioning look with a shrug and a smile. “No reason I can’t have a little fun, too, is there?”

I climbed back onto Andrew, reaching under me and pointing his cock at my entrance. A few wiggles of my hips and I had him inside me. Andrew rubbed his hands on my ass and pulled at my hips, guiding my motions. He gave appreciative moans and kept whispering, “Damn” under his breath.

Once we got a rhythm established, I turned on my vibrator and moved it along my clit. It only took a few seconds for me to cum, surprising myself and Andrew when my walls clenched around him and I squeaked with pleasure. I pulled the vibrator away and stopped moving for a few seconds while I recovered. Andrew commented, “Well, someone was ready,” tracing his fingers up and down my lower back and into the top of my crack. I laughed nervously, a little embarrassed.

I started moving again, slowly, but picking up speed. After a few minutes, I turned the vibrator back on and started rubbing around my clit. I slipped the toy down to where Andrew entered me, and I got a “Whoa, that’s weird,” from him. I couldn’t tell if he enjoyed it or not, but I knew what I liked, so I moved it back to my clit. My thrusts sped up as another orgasm built. I came again, still pushing Andrew inside me. I leaned forward and put my elbows on the bed while I spasmed around him. He squeezed my ass cheeks, which added to my pleasure.

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