A Summer Day

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We are at your house and have the place to ourselves; your kids are out with friends and not coming back until late. It’s hot and we’ve been out most of the day working on the garden and shopping. As we enter the house you call to me, “Honey, why don’t you relax for a little while I take a shower. With sudden inspiration, I take your hands.

“Jen, we need to have an important talk.” You look at me with uncertainty, wondering what I am up to.

“Do you remember the water restrictions from a couple years ago? Those are becoming more and more common around the country. Water is a precious resource that must be conserved. I don’t want to preach, but maybe you should try to think of ways to conserve water more? Any little step you, we, can take could be important over time.” I am able to get most of this out with a straight face.

With only the slightest grin you ask, “Should we conserve water by showering together?” “That’s a very intriguing idea, you have, Ms. Jones,” smiling as we walk hand in hand to the bathroom.

As we enter the bathroom I begin to unbutton my shirt, but you stop me.” Allow me!” You unbutton my shirt, and slide it off my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. You then grab the bottom of my t-shirt and pull it over my head, your red nailed fingers running thru the soft, dark hairs on my chest, trailing along my middle aged belly, you place your hands on my chest stroking and pulling at my hardening nipples. I moan, ‘my turn!’

Pulling your shirt over your head, I place it on atop of mine. I turn you around and unhook your brassiere, sliding the straps down over your shoulders, joining the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Pulling you back to my chest, I reach around you and begin to massage your breasts, the weight and firmness of the olive toned orbs filling my outsized hands, the thick sepia toned nipples pushing into my palms. I reach down, unsnap your shorts and pull them down your curvy, supple hips. You kick them off and into our pile.

You turn around, kiss my chest, undo my belt, my shorts and unzip me…being careful of my growing erection. Biting your lip and looking up at me with a sexy alluring smile, you slide my boxers down exposing my thick erection to the air, your red nails trailing along its length making me shiver with anticipation. With a growl, I reach down and grab the waistband of your silky smooth panties and yank them down.

As I straighten up I say, “We’d better get in the shower before we get carried away.” You agree and you turn on the water, waiting while you adjust the temperature. I move up behind you and rub your bum, my caressing and spanking of your pliant yet yielding derriere causing you to jump and let out a yelp while adjusting the shower. Finally the temperature is just right and you hop in and turn esenyurt escort to me and ask, “Aren’t you coming?”

I put your head under the stream of water and find the shampoo. While I’m getting the shampoo and just beginning to lather up your hair, you are stroking my turgid cock. I realize that I will have a hard time concentrating on shampooing so I turn you around pulling you back into my chest, my fingers shampoo and massage your head.

I know I always find it somewhat luxurious to have someone else shampoo my hair and finger my scalp. There’s something erotic and relaxing about the feeling of fingers massaging the scalp. So I try to treat you to that luxuriousness and work on your head massaging around your temples, all over the top and then around the back of your head concentrating on working my fingers over your scalp. Your moaning in delight and rubbing your sexy bum against my cock is keeping it, (and me), at attention. After I finish, you get back under the water and we rinse the soap out of your hair.

You turn me around and have me sit on the bench in your shower. You bring the hand held part of the showerhead over and wet down my hair returning the favor by giving me a shampoo and head massage. It’s wonderful and at times you pull my head to your chest and I’m able to lick your breasts and tease your nipples while you’re massaging my head. Eventually you finish and rinse the lather out of my hair.

I start to get up and you push me back down onto the seat. Grabbing the soap you lather my chest, rubbing my nipples. After rinsing you put your lips on my wet nipples and kiss and lick and start to bite using your teeth to pull on them, making me moan. As you are working on my nipples with your teeth, your hand picks up the soap and you begin to wash my still erect penis. The lazy stroking motion of your soap slick hand makes me moan and start to breathe faster.

After working up some suds, you wash the length of my straining member. You seem to pay particular attention to its head washing all around from front to back, my hips rocking back and forth in time to your stroking. You take one of your hands and gently soap and massage my balls. After I’m good and clean you take the showerhead and rinse me off. I again start to rise and you again push me back to the seat.

You grab a towel from outside the tub and toss it on the floor in front of me. With a devilish, seductive smile you kneel down. Taking my cock in one hand and my balls in the other you gently massage my balls and you stroke my penis with your other hand and then lower your head to the tip. Using your tongue you soak up the precum gathering at the top. You look up and smile as you wrap those full sexy lips around my cock, causing me to let etiler escort out a gasping moan.

You again lower your head, wrapping your full lips around my glans. You use your tongue and swirl over the tip, moving your mouth and licking the length of my penis like it was a lollypop. I am moaning with delight all the while the shower is beating down on us. Your mouth is moving up and down over my penis and your tongue is adding texture to the movement adding a lick every once in awhile. I cry out, “Oh… “Ohh…Ohhh. OMG, holy shit… arrrrghhhhhh, don’t stop baby!!” You continue to move your mouth faster and faster, my hips thrusting up from the seat, hands wrapped in your wet hair. “I’m almost there, baby,” I cry out.

When you hear that you lift your eyes to mine, and I can see that they are glowing with lust. You look back at my crotch licking the head all around with your tongue, and then again engulf my swollen maleness. You move up and down faster and faster until I explode with a loud, satisfied groan. You continue to suck my cock and use your hand to milk the cum out of my body. As I begin to go limp, you lift your mouth off of it with a loud plop. Smiling and licking my seed from your lips, I pull you into my arms. We hug and kiss; I taste myself in your mouth, my tongue cleaning up what was left on your lips.

There is something very sensual about being locked in an embrace while we are both soaking wet. Your skin feels so soft and smooth next to mine. We are hugging and kissing, and not wanting to let go of each other. Then I remember that we are supposed to be showering and you still need to be washed. I grab the soap and lather your back, in doing so I keep your body against mine, my hands spreading the soap all over your sexy breasts and tummy.

Eventually I work my hands down to your bum, (mmmm the best part). I lather and squeeze your cheeks. I then run my soapy fingers up and down your crack. You shiver and pull into me even closer. I grab the showerhead and rinse you off. Then reluctantly I push you away (already missing the feel of your chest on mine) and have you sit on the shower seat. I begin to wash you. Washing, rubbing and touching you with my soapy hands. I move back up your arms to your pits and you kind of giggle with the light tickle… I then move to your breasts. I wash all around the left breast and then concentrate on your left nipple. Soaping it up and watching the light brown areola tighten and the nipple lengthen and thicken as I pull on it lightly. I lean in and give it a quick lick and suck. A shudder and low whine tell me that you are enjoying it. I repeat the process on your right breast. You lean down and softly kiss my forehead letting out a contented sigh.

I wash your belly, giving fatih escort special consideration to your cute scar and then your bellybutton. I move down your thighs going very close to your soft womanhood bypassing it…for the moment. I continue down your legs, find a spot behind your knee to pause and give attention…then down your calves finally arriving at your toes. I soap them up and wash each one individually.

I reach for the showerhead and rinse the soap from your body. Giving your squeaky clean toes a kiss, I take the soap and move back up to the top of your thighs. I rub the soap through your pubic hair and gently move down to your shimmering pussy lips. Using my soapy hands I rub all over them, the velvetiness of your lips becoming even more slippery from the soap.

You are groaning and your hands are now running through my hair. I reach for the showerhead and rinse you. I adjust the temperature of the spray, turning it up; making it as hot as I think you can stand it. I then turn the dial on the showerhead and turn it to a pulsing stream. I aim it first at your breasts. The water is throbbing on your nipples. I move it from one nipple to the other and back again. You are moaning and just repeating “Yes… yes… yes!”

I point the showerhead lower and you start squirming in the seat. Your legs are already spread wide and I open your pussy. With the other hand I direct the throbbing stream right on it. You almost jump out of your seat… I move the jets of water up and down the length of your pussy and now you’re screaming and pulling my hair. I move the showerhead closer intensifying the jets, still moving up and down slowly, your hips bouncing up and down on the bench.

I put the showerhead down and jam my face to your southern lips. I lick for all I’m worth, moving my tongue as far into you as it can reach. I replace my tongue with two of my fingers and continue to slide them in and out. I pull your outer lips with my mouth, licking and sucking on your swollen clitoris. My other hand is playing with your pubic hair moving past your scar to rest momentarily on your breast. I start to slowly massage your nipple while my tongue and fingers work on your pussy. I rotate my fingers in your vagina as they glide in and out. Rubbing your g-spot, my tongue, lips, and finally, gently, my teeth stimulate your clit. Moaning, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes baby, yessssss!!!! lick it… faster… harder! you pull my head even closer to you.

As I pull on your nipple, pulling it out, out, and out from your chest, your body begins to convulse, and you kind of snap your legs together. Or as close as your can get them with me in the middle. You lean down shakily and kiss my forehead, and then crumple into the corner of the shower seat. I sit at your feet, my head resting on your lap, feeling you tremble from your release with the shower spray still streaming on us. Eventually, we recover and stand and just hold each other in a long passionate hug. We rinse off and step out of the shower – clean but spent.

As we are drying, I notice that almost an hour has passed. “I guess we better start recycling cans.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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