Accidental Delivery Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Heated Exchange

Nick sat back in his chair with anxious tension, he wanted to know what she thought of his response. He had to clamp down on his urge to get out of his seat and go drag her into a dark corner and show her just how much she affected him with her letter. He rocked in his chair for a moment then bit back a groan his cock had remained rock hard.

It still strained against his pants, he knew he had to keep a lid on it there was no way he’d lose this little game. The male bathroom was conviently in eyeshot of Marie’s workstation, he wouldn’t be able to bear the embarrassment that she had driven him to such extreme. He waited what felt like hours and was about to give in and drag her off before his email beeped.

He grinned darkly as he opened it, he was a glutton for punishment he knew it as he dove into her reply. The sweat already beginning to bead around his neck and forehead once again


Now that you’ve had time to recover from my earlier assault it is now my turn, your thick meaty cock will fit just right inside me while I squeeze it with my pussy. Drag my walls against your hard throbbing flesh. Making you ache, making you need me. I purr at you.

Your eyes are dazed, fogged looking. I feel proud that I put that look there, it looks like you’re in your own world there. But of course it’s not over yet. What to do with you, I purr as I drag a nail up from your cock through the sweat on your still slightly heaving chest.

I think i’ll at least let you finish catching your breath, I don’t want you passing out on me.

Oh no that won’t do at all. I take my time drinking in your body, you’re all the more edible now your dark hair has plastered to your skin. It nicely outlines your muscles. I’m drooling over your taut skin, what it would feel like to have that hard body under me, pressed against me…

I can’t wait any longer to get your fat cock inside of me. I lick my lips and a finger as I lock my eyes on yours, I drag it down from my neck down through my cleavage down to my pussy as I slowly peal down my panties for you. I make a show of it as I toss them against the wall.

I flick my hair back over my shoulders and grin saucily at you as your cock begins thickening again. I’m impressed, I didn’t think you’d manage that on your own. I say to you cheekily.

I reach behind me and unclip my bra and peal it off. Your mouth falls open as you take your fill of my naked body.

But enough of that you can look later, I grab your hot cock again and stroke you tenderly. You moan and strain against the restraints, I think about letting you go for a moment… but no, you’d only wreck my plans if I did that. I slide your cock against my lips slowly making you groan.

To tell you the truth I would tease you further, make you beg me to fuck you but you’ve gotten me so worked up and heated that I can’t take it any longer. I grasp your hips and slide you inside of me. We both groan as I slide down your throbbing shaft.

You buck your hips trying to force me further down onto you but I shove your hips into the bed, you can’t move. You’re at my disposal, it’s my turn now. Soon I have you all the way inside of me. You feel so good, so deliciously hot and thick.

You’re at my mercy as I slowly slide back off you, dragging my walls against you, you gasp. Your chest and stomach ripples as you strain against the sensation. It feels so deliciously good, being the tease is not quite so bad after all. Maybe i’ll keep kartal escort you here like this.

You hiss in pleasure I slide back down on you and grind against you squeezing you inside of me. You’re groaning again, I know you aren’t going to say anything any indication of how you’re faring. You don’t want to give me any more extra power over you. You’re panting again, sweat beading over your chest, I lean over you and swipe my tongue across your pecs.

You taste good, your salt and primal male taste makes my tongue tingle. Makes me tingle all over in fact, you’re starting to drive me crazy and I know I can’t tease you much longer but I need to extract every last groan from you as I keep myself clamped over you as I drag myself back off. You curse at me hoarsely unable to bite back your words any longer.

I grin I know that i’ve gotten to you, smashed past your steely control. Your firm composure as you writhe underneath me. I love it, but time for teasing is done. I need you now, it’s burning me alive, which it also must do for you. I slam back down on you we both shout out in pleasure.

The handcuffs rattle again and I know you must be getting really tired of them. But I know what would make this much better, I want your hands on my back I want you pressing into me. I twist on you as I work my muscles on your cock while I reach over to the side table and grab the keys to the cuffs and unlock your wrists.

You curse as your arms spasm from holding the same position for so long. I lean down over you and kiss you hard as I slam down over you. Your legs stiffly wrap over mine, your arms wrap around me and push me down against you. Our bodies sliding together as I slam down on you and your hips rise to meet mine.

Your damp chest hair scraping over my chest and nipples send fireworks of sensation throughout my body, both of us panting harshly the pleasure rising sharply as we slam against each other. I keep kissing you through harsh breaths, our bodies woven together as we reach that peak together. With a shriek you swallow with your lips my orgasm absolutely shatters me. Dragging you with me, your hoarse yell swallowed by my lips.

I lay against your sweat drenched chest and panted heavily for sometime before I whisper to you. That was the most amazing experience i’ve ever had. You murmur something I can’t quite make out as you leave a kiss on my neck and wrap your arms around me before you slide off to sleep. Sleep… that’s a good idea I think as I rest into your arms and fall asleep.

PS: I attached the files, let me know if you need anything else…


If somebody walked passed his desk right now they’d think he was coming down with a fever, his face felt like it was burning. Heat burned throughout his body, his shirt stuck to his chest in places. He had to loosen his tie and unbutton the top of his shirt so he could breathe again.

He had to respond to it there was no way he could drag her off without firing her up just as much as she did him. He grinned and set to writing his response…


Marie was completely restless now, her eyes continually darting to the clock on the wall, 3:45 only an hour to go, she felt she could make an early get away. She couldn’t believe how forward she had been with her letter. She still wanted to die from embarrassment that her letter had been sent by accident.

Her email beeped again and she jumped with shock, he’d responded! Instead küçükçekmece escort of having her reported! She opened the file and her eyes rolled back. Maybe he did want her just as much as she wanted him she thought…


I sit in your desk chair and watch you intently, eating up your body with my eyes. You’re scorching babe, i’m so hot and hard right now you’re in for the ride of your life. The explosion you just felt will be nothing compared to what I give you next I say a crooked grin crosses my face as I stand up.

You lick your lips as your eyes fix on my cock straining my boxers, you want to see me don’t you? I grin at you, this is such sweet torture, you’re testing my own control lying there with your glistening skin. Your hungry eyes as your breathing turns back to normal. But we can’t have that now can we?

I slid my fingers into the sides of my boxers and drag them down ever so slowly teasing you. Your eyes are locked on me as you watch me as I slowly slide them down teasing you. A devilish smirk spreads over my face as I see the red flush spreading over you again. You’ll be more then flushed when i’m done with you…

A groan of relief I just can’t hold in escapes as my aching hard cock escapes its confinement as I push my boxers off and kick them to the corner of the room with the rest of my clothes. Your eyes widen at the sight of me, I know it’s egotistical but I know I look good.

But so do you, I could just eat you up, but I must make you a quivering mess again, i’m still not through with your punishment. Naughty girls can’t be let off lightly I say to you. I chuckle as you squirm slightly on the bed the handcuffs rattling as you pull on them. I slide on top of you pressing my throbbing cock against your stomach, I lean over you and kiss you deeply.

You groan and struggle against me, I know what you want. But you’re not getting it, at least not yet anyway. I break the kiss and chuckle at you again, you are so fiery and passionate right now. It’s making it hard to keep my control, I slide down slightly as I grasp my cock and stroke your lips with my cock making you moan.

You attempt to get me inside of you, but i’m too fast for you and get away. I leer at you, you’re hot and wet for me aren’t you? You growl at me, she has claws… maybe I’ll have to tame you. It’s time to stop teasing you… almost.

I slide back onto your hips and grasp your hips holding you down on the bed as my cock slides just inside of you. I have to bite back a groan as the sudden heat hits me hard, you buck against me and curse as I keep you down. This will be as hard for me as it will be for you I say. I’m going to wring every last drop of pleasure out of this.

You won’t be able to even stand, hell I shouldn’t be able to either, I lock on to your eyes as I start to slowly slide inside of you. I hiss as the pleasure zaps up my body, I know you’d be able to feel that torturous burn wrapping around your body and squeezing. I want to just slam into you, but I need this to last. To make you crazy with need.

You curse me again as I continue the very slow descent, you’re panting hard again and tug fiercely on the cuffs again. I smirk at you and growl at you, having fun? I finally slide down to the hilt and groan, you feel so good around my cock. Trying to trap me inside, you fold your legs over mine and try and trap me in place.

But you forget I don’t intend to move much, I don’t küçükyalı escort need to. I chuckle as I slowly draw back out of you. You demand me to fuck you, but no i’m not going to show you any mercy, you never showed me any. A wicked grin crosses my face as I almost slip out of you, surprising you I slam back down into you making the fire blast over my body. We both shout out from the sizzling burn.

I slowly drag myself out of you again as you curse me out again. Demand that I fuck you like a man, I chuckle at you why tigress that’s what I’m doing. I know i’m driving you crazy and I just love it. You’re going to be a quivering mess once i’m through with you. I reach over to the side table and grab one of your vibrators and switch it on and rub it over your nipples.

You groan and buck up against me sliding against me, I hiss at the unexpected motion. But you won’t catch me off guard again as you won’t be able to think properly I pull out of you and quickly replace my cock with the vibrator getting it nice and wet making groan and bite back a moan I know was coming.

Then I pull it out and then rub it around your ass as my cock slides back inside of you. I love torturing you, just as much as you enjoyed torturing me…

Quickly surprising me you tightly wrap your legs around mind and drag me in. I think it’s time enough on the games as I shove the vibrator inside of you keeping it pressed inside of you as I thrust hard into you making us both groan. My chest presses to yours as I lean down and kiss you passionately setting up a rough fast pace before I lean back again and continue your torture.

I drag the vibrator back out of your ass and slide it back in, back and forth alternating between the vibrator and my cock. Soon it’s too much for you as your orgasm thunders through you. I gasp against your lips as your walls tightly squeeze me sending fiery darts of pleasure throughout my body.

I have to bring you off again, make you mad for it I reach over to the table and collect your second vibrator and switch it on, I place it directly over your clit making you shriek as I shove the other vibrator in your ass. I thrust harder and more ruthlessly as the pleasure mounts.

Come for me I growl at you as its becoming harder and harder to hold back. I thrust harder and faster our slick skin, sliding and slapping together. You writhe beneath me and gasp as I drop the toys and grasp your hips and slam in home. That did it for you as you squeeze me tightly again.

I kiss you deeply our lips swallowing our cries as my orgasm floods over me, the tight squeeze of your pussy milking every last drop from me. I slide the vibrator from your ass and switch it off tossing it on the floor. I lie against you panting, regaining my breath. I reach over to the table and grab the keys and unlock your cuffs.

I rub your wrists and arms as they cramp from the tension, you whisper something to me I can’t quite hear are you roll onto my chest. I wrap my arms around you and pull the sheets over us. We can talk in the morning…

PS: I’m coming for you….


He slid out of his chair and stalked purposefully towards Marie’s workstation, he would give her time to read it then he’d pounce on her. He was certainly dragging her off, his cock was about ready to bust his zipper he was so hard. He looked around and noticed everybody still engaged in work activities.

At least they hadn’t seen his all too obvious arousal, which would have been hard to explain.


She was about to pass out from the intensity of the letter, she looked at the screen and noticed something she missed ‘I’m coming for you….’ she gasped and looked around. She almost fainted again as she saw Nick hungrily stalking towards her. She was so screwed, literally and figuratively.

Chapter 4 – The Closet

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