Afternoon Delight

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I just finish my shower.

And as I open the shower door. I find you standing there holding my towel.I ask what your doing home. You smile and say “lunch”. You hold the towel out and I step into it as u wrap it around me. Holding the towel, you pull me close to you. And kiss me long and hard. I extend my hands to your head. I love the feeling of your hair. It turns me on seeing the contrast of my pale white skin against your dark brown skin.

As we continue to kiss,your hands find my bottom.

And you lift me, sitting me on the edge of the sink. I spread my legs so that you can stand between them. The towel parting as I did. Exposing my shaved pussy to your eyes.

You undo the towel letting it fall onto the sink. And lower your head to my breasts. Lightly kissing them. Barely letting your finger tips touch the sides. You know that makes me nuts. As you kiss me. Your goatee rubs on my neck. And your hands start to go lower, seeking my wettness.

You slide your finger up my slit, taking time to dip it inside. Making me gasp. As my juices begin to cover your hand, you şişli escort use your free hand to place my foot on the sink. Pulling me closer to the edge. You get to your knees and start kissing, licking my inner thighs. You can smell how turned on your getting me. Finally, your tongue touched my lips. You begin licking, sucking. My hands find your head. I pull you closer. Grinding all over your face. My legs shaking as I cum. As I catch my breath, I pull your face to mine. And kiss you. Tasting my juices on your face. Licking and sucking on your goatee.

You break our kiss. Step back, and pull your zipper down. Let your pants fall to the floor. I can see your cock pressing against your boxers. I get off the sink and walk towards you. Placing my hands around your neck. I can feel your cock on my belly, your boxers wet from precum. I slide them off your hips. And take your shaft into my hand. Stroking you. You say you cant take it anymore. You turn me around. I place my hands on the sink. You use your leg to spread mine. You kiss my neck, and slide taksim escort your hand between my lips feeling how wet I am. I tell you “papi, please you have to fuck me. I want to cum on your cock.” With out warning you slide your hard brown cock into my waiting pussy. You reach your hands around and find my breast. Squeezing them. I open my eyes and look in the mirror, to see you looking at me. I smile. And you start thrusting hard into me. Pulling almost all the way out and them thrusting back in. The smell of sex filling the room. The sound of your balls hitting my thighs, take you over the edge and you begin pumping your cum deep inside me. We stay like this until your cock softens. As your standing behind me you kiss my cheek and say ” thanks for lunch”……..I say “wait until dinner”

After a long, hard kiss. You quickly dress. I walk you to the door, wrapped in just my towel. And watch as you walk down the street. As I watch you, I can feel your cum mixed my juices running down my thigh. I shut the door. Thinking about what just happened. topkapı escort My pussy starting to throb.

I walk to the Living room and make myself comfortable on the chair. Moving my bottom to the edge. Spreading my legs wide. Placing each one of the arm of the chair. My eyes closed, I slide my finger down between my pussy lips. Scooping your cum. Bringing it to my mouth. The smell of our cum mixed together filling the air.

I lick the cum from my finger and begin sucking it. Savoring the taste. I place my fingers back on my pussy and start smearing your cum all over. Bringing the wetness to my clit.Rubbing my index finger in a circular motion. My clit hardening. My lips beginning to swell. I slide my finger inside and begin thrusting it in. Wanting more I add another finger. Pulling them all the way out. Trying to imitate the way you were fucking me. I add another finger, but instead of fingering, I just begin rubbing my pussy. Using my fingertips to massage my pussy lips as my palm presses down on my clit. My juices streaming from me, running down towards my bottom. I begin thrusting my hips up to meet my hand. Lifting my bottom off the chair. Grinding harder and harder until I bring myself to a leg shaking oragsm.

As I sit there, regaining my strenght. I repostion myself on the chair. Licking my fingers. Thinking to myself. This does taste good. Now I know why you enjoy eating me so much!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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