An Awaited Arrival

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We stumble in through the door soaking wet from the downpour outside; you push me against a wall, and feverishly, you take off my shirt. I follow your lead and take off yours. You press your body hard against mine; I’m whispering all the things I want to do to you in your ear. Our hands are everywhere at once, touching, caressing, knowing, liking.

We’re kissing like it’s a form of clasping. Thunder booms outside, I shudder; you laugh softly, pulling me in closer. You press your lips back against mine, gently at first, slowly, passionately, applying more pressure moments later, and picking up the pace. We’re making out now, not like two sex-crazed teenagers; we’re kissing like we mean it. It feels like it’s the only thing in the world that matters, that we’re the only thing in the world that has ever mattered.

You bite my lip, and I smile, returning the favor a second later. You decide, a couple minutes in that you should try progressing. Our conversation now is purely motions, no words are necessary here, the sounds we’re making clearly say it all. You place your hand on my chest remembering the place that you had missed. You feel my heart start to race, I gasp. This is all moving in the right direction, perfect timing, perfect setting, and perfect situation. I break free from our lip-lock and start kissing my way down your neck, across your shoulder and down acıbadem escort your chest. Down, down, down. I trace your zipper with my fingers, I unbutton your jeans, and I make my way back to your face. I press my lips hard against yours; long pecks, random bites, and just the slightest bit of tongue.

I’ve got one arm wrapped around the back of your neck, while my other hand is working on your zipper. You take my hands off of you with one hand and pin them above my head while your free hand unclasps my bra and removes it. You start kissing your way down my neck, trying to find the perfect spot to give me a hickey. I love the way you have control. Your free hand cups my breast for a moment and then drifts down to my belt to remove it. You then unbutton my jeans and undo my zipper, clumsily, but quickly. You slowly begin to pull my jeans down and you let them fall crumpled to the ground.

I kick off my shoes and kick the jeans aside, completely exposed except for my thong. You take a moment to break free and take a good look at me before scooping me up and taking me to the bed nearby. You lie beside me and you start to kiss me again, this time more aggressively, hungrily, wanting. Your hands wander to my chest while I have one hand caressing your face and the other eagerly on your back, pulling you in closer. I let the hand on your face ataşehir escort drift to your waist to finish what I had started. I unzip your jeans and hook my thumb around your belt loop to pull them down. I slip my hand into your boxers and pull out your long, hard cock. Grasping it tightly, I begin to pump my hand up and down as I listen to your breathing speed up.

Your kisses become frantic, and your mouth trails to my neck, biting it lightly as I increase my pace. I feel your entire body tense up as you get closer. Your hand drifts to my stomach and you inch your way down to my thong. You slide your fingers inside, between the fabric and my skin. Your fingers glide down and suddenly stop as you reach my clit; you start to rub slowly and my breathing speeds up, matching yours. Your fingers stop your motions and drift downward again finding my wet, waiting hole. You shove one finger inward making me gasp and start pumping. Moments later, you pull out and add another finger, shoving them both in with the same force as the first one. You start pumping again, faster, harder; I increase my speed to match yours and you bury your face in my neck and moan as you release. I edge my face towards yours and kiss you hard, biting your lip as I finish.

I roll onto my back as we’re both panting and trying to catch our breath, but we are no içerenköy escort where near finished. Keeping up the momentum, I pull off your boxers and you pull off my thong, throwing it to the floor, before lying on top of me and entering me in the same fluid motion; I moan. You lean forward and kiss me softly, sweetly, and ask me if I’m alright. I reply, “I’m more than alright. Just go,” and you proceed. You sit up and begin slowly, pacing yourself, in and out, in and out, filling me with every inch of you. Your hands grope my breasts and I take my arms and put them around the back of your neck to pull you closer to me.

I kiss your chest and shoulders frantically. My heavy breathing matches your tempo. You start to accelerate and we both start to sweat and gasp. I can feel the ecstasy rising within your motions as you speed up again, pounding me with all your might. We both start to moan uncontrollably as your increasingly fast thrusts lead us to the perfect climax together. We clench each other tightly, my nails digging into your back as we’re both rocked by the same mind blowing orgasm. You collapse on top of me and we both exhale, completely satisfied.

We lay there for what seems like hours until we both catch our breath again. You roll off me and with a smile; you start pulling the covers down on the bed. We both climb under the sheets, still naked and totally exhausted. You wrap your arms around me, holding me tightly and I rest my head on your chest. We sigh again, completely blissful and completely content, falling asleep in a room with the smell of sex in the air. I reach up and softly kiss your neck. I whisper in your ear, “Happy Anniversary Love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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