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Walking along the beach was a great past time for me & in the last few years I’d managed to make my pilgrimage almost every day, even during the winter.

Some of the sights I see could fill a book & most of them of a sexual nature, but by all accounts I’m no perve, it’s just that on some occasions some people don’t bother to cover up their ribald activity. I’d even been lucky enough to have been invited to join in on some of these activities.

I’m a pretty broad-minded guy & am hard to shock, even the day I visited the nudists beach & walked a little further than normal & happened upon a very erotic sight, on a grassy area just adjacent to an outcrop of large rocks, there was an old bomb shelter made of concrete & brick, the front wall had been decimated over the years & had allowed an unhindered view inside. A guy possibly in his forties was fucking a woman of about 25 or so & another younger guy was feeding his cock into the woman’s mouth. The young bloke was extremely well hung & the woman was having no problem deep throating him, the old guy was also well hung & upon listening to their copulating he had fucked his huge cock up the woman’s arse & by all accounts she wasn’t complaining. A very versatile girl indeed. The younger guy had a red crew cut hairdo & a thatch of red pubes to match. The woman had heavy pendulous tits and a slight paunch about her stomach.

Both guys had developed a rapid yet complimentary rhythm, the red head would shove his cock deep into the throat of the woman, while the old guy withdrew his, then visa versa, that would last for five strokes each then they would both change & have their cocks buried to the hilt at the same time. This went on for a good fifteen minutes, then they changed ends & away they went again. I’d been standing at the entrance for a good half hour before they noticed me, both men smiled & kept fucking. The old bloke started to shudder & I guessed that he was cumming, he didn’t bother to withdraw, just emptied his testicles deep into the woman’s rectum. When he pulled his spent cock out of her arse, she began to suck Red’s cock with more gusto. When he started to cum his body shivered & shook & she swallowed his load. My last vision of this trio was the woman licking the few dribbles of cum that had escaped her mouth off of her chin.

My continuance along the beach that morning produced my most memorable sexual journey & I must state for the record I’ve been on quite a few.

Now I have enjoyed watching lesbian sex, both on stage & screen, so it came as a bit of a shock to be involved in my very first lesbian threesome, a pleasurable one nonetheless & I must say that being personally & physically involved in the action was ten times better that watching it on a stage or on the tube or on the big screen.

After walking for more than an hour I had managed to come up to a pathway that would lead me back home, just after the entrance to this pathway ankara dansöz escortlar I heard some voices, so I left the track to investigate, after a short hike I found myself looking at two gorgeous young women reclining on beach lounges on the verandah of a house overlooking the bay, they could not be seen from the track or the road further up. Both were entirely nude, one rubbing suntan lotion onto the back of the other. I wandered straight away if there was going to be some action, I didn’t have long to wait, I can assure you!

Both girls were in their mid to late twenties, I guessed, the one on the right was a brunette & the other girl was a spikey blond. When they had finished applying the suntan lotion to each other, the blond turned over to lay on her stomach & the brunette reached under her beach lounge to grab a bag of something. I had positioned myself about fifteen feet away on an incline that led back to the track, if they’d both turned about 10-15 degrees to their left I could be seen. I just couldn’t quite make out their conversation.

The brunette rummaged around in the bag for a good 3-4 minutes before producing a rather large looking black phallic shape object that I no doubt guessed to be a dildo.

Then she produce something else but I wasn’t able to make it out as it was too small. My patience paid off in the end (it always does!), the second object she took out of her bag was a tube of lube. JACKPOT!

She applied some lube to the end of the dildo & began to smear it all over the knob & shaft. The lube dropped onto the floor & she spread her legs & guided the dildo towards her groin. As the plastic cock made contact with her cuntlips she reclined back onto the beach lounge & amazingly the whole length of the dildo disappeared into her cunt in one motion, now I would have to say that the plastic cock would have been at least 9 inches long & as thick as cucumber & she fucked it home like it was a hot knife into butter. She did moan loudly enough for me to hear though.

The fingers of her right hand pinched her right nipple & her left hand began to slowly withdraw the fake cock, when her right nipple was of satisfactory hardness, she slowly pushed the dildo back in while yanking on her left nipple. Another moan. She continued like this for an agonizing ten minutes or so, slowly fucking the big, black, plastic cock in & out of her cunt which I could see was glistening. At this stage I had cracked a monster of a fat & it took all of my will power to stop myself from ‘wristing the gristle’.

Now I don’t want to sound clichéd, but, doesn’t every hetro guy fantasize about this once in his life time?!. I know I do & here it is right in front of me & I don’t have to pay for it!

I must have lost track of my bearings, because I stumbled against a log that was under my foot & sent it rolling down the embankment right in front of me that I didn’t know was there. I managed to ankara saatlik veren escortlar duck back out of sight just as the brunette stopped her actions to look in my direction. She turned her head towards the blond & mumbled something. Then the blond sat up & twisted around to face the dark haired girl, leaned over to pull the two lounges closer together & reached down to take hold of the dildo sticking half way out of the brunette’s wet cunt. Getting into a more comfy position, the blond was now on all fours, her arse pointed directly at me.

From my position I could see that her cunt was shaved & her outer labia visible, she made another movement & then I could see that she was working the dildo in & out of her mates cunt rather frenetically while strumming the girls clitoris at the same time. In no time at all the brunette began bucking her hips off the beach lounge to the rhythm of the blonde’s thrusting & strumming, moaning a lot louder now, the brunette threw her head back & thrust her hips one last time, half screamed as she orgasmed. It seemed to go on for a long time & the blond didn’t let up, she kept pumping that black cock in & out. Finally she removed the dildo & ducked her head down towards the brunette’s freshly creamed cunt to lick out the remaining orgasm remnants, thus doing so temporarily blocking my view of proceedings.

When the brunette eventually lifted her mate’s head up from her crotch, she mumble something to her & the blond then straddled the beach lounge that the brunette was on & placing her hands on her knees, the brunette brought the dildo up to the entrance of the blonds naked cunt & pushed it in all the way to the hilt. The blond hissed out a groan of satisfaction & began to move her hips back & forth as the brunette began fucking her, faster & faster their rhythm got until the blond announced that she was cumming.

I was now wanking furiously & I didn’t care if they saw me standing here with my shorts down around my thighs, eyes closed & my hand a blur on my straining cock. When I opened my eyes, the girls had finished their fucking & were preparing to get up, they stood & stepped of the verandah, spread their legs facing me, they started to empty their bladders right there into the sand, two streams of steaming piss pointed straight at me & man were they fountains. That was it for me, my cum was now heading for the head of my cock & I had totally given up caring if they saw me or not, my cum shot out the end of my cock & I squeezed my knob tight & the rest of my cum squirted a good two feet in front of me then trickled down my hand. When I stopped cumming & my body stopped convulsing, I opened my eyes to see the girls waving at me, then signaling me to come over, I shrugged my shoulders & raised my palms upwards as if to say how & the blond signaled to the road that went around to the front of the house. I pulled up my shorts & took off for the front of the girls ankara azeri escortlar house hoping that they weren’t teasing me.

When I got to the front door, it was open, I yelled out,

“Yoo Hoo, any-one home?”

“Yeah, come on through, ” a voice came back at me, “We’re in the sunroom, down the hall, then right at the end. “

When I got to the sunroom both girls were laying on a king sized futon in a 69er fucking each other with matching flesh coloured dildoes the same size as the black one they had used outside. Their movements on the bed indicated to me that there was some sort of plastic cover on the futon mattress.

“Grab a drink & settle in for a show, then we’ll get funky, o. k,?”

“No problem, ” & I looked for the fridge, found it & wandered over to grab a drink. Beer was all that was in the fridge, so I grabbed one & made myself comfy on the couch three feet from the end of the futon. Now this was more like it, within touching distance & all FREE. I didn’t take much notice of the decore in the room because my focus was on the action on the futon.

The blond introduced herself to me as Terri & pointing to the syrupy looking cunt with a dildo moving in & out of it she said,

“And this is Casey, say hello Casey, “. A head poked around from behind the right thigh of Terri to say hello.

“G’day, I’m Tony, “

They proceeded to entertain me with the most luscious lesbian fuck, suck & lick fest I’d ever laid eyes on, double penetration with an 18″ double ended dildo, strap on’s, vibes, anal & even mild bondage with a pair of furry handcuffs.

All the while I was getting stuck into the booze & sporting a massive hard-on that I was encouraged to whip out & wank, you didn’t have to ask me twice. I was naked in nothing flat, cock in one hand & a beer in the other & two gorgeous women performing just for me.

“Don’t waist another load, Tony, ” Casey said to me, “Come over here & cum down my throat, “

I tell you there is nothing better than having a woman deepthroat your cock while she has her cunt eaten by another woman, absolute bliss, if I died now, I would be a happy man.

Casey lifted her mouth off my cock to ask me why I was taking so long to cum & I said,

“All those beers, I’ve got a piss horn, “

“Did you hear that Tez? He’s got a piss horn, “

“Fucken shit hot, babe!” Terri said as she advanced on my straining cock. Taking my cock in her hand she said,

“I’ll suck the cum out of your ball bag then I want you to piss o. k,?”


“Down my throat, Sweety, I love the taste of piss & with all those beers you’ll pissing like a fountain in no time.

She was right you know, as soon as my cum finished dribbling down her throat she put both hands on my bladder & pressed, I had no hope of holding back & let it rip & she sucked every last drop not spilling any. It was the most mind blowing experience I had ever had. During the course of the rest of the day & part way into the next, we fucked, sucked & pissed our way to oblivion.

Not bad for an innocent Beachcomber eh?. Almost makes you want to go for a walk along the beach sometime in the near future, you never what you might find.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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