Bed , Bath… and Babes Ch. 02

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Jane shook her head and reflected on her luck as she was giving a wax job to Pam. There were now two people who shared with her their need for sexual play and tension relief. First was Alice and now here was Pam laying on the table, naked, legs spread, ready for another wax job and more.

It all progressed so simply beginning with hand jobs with Alice that led to a threesome with Larry. It was Pam that was a nice addition with a new twist. Pam introduced her to the pleasure of cunnilingus. Jane loved having a man’s cock in her mouth but eating pussy was entirely new and something she enjoyed just as much.

Pam and her husband, Paul, had moved to Talkeetna several months ago. He was a big wig at the local cannery. His job often had him traveling, leaving a Pam alone in the “wilderness”. Pam came to Jane for a massage shortly after they moved to the city. After a couple of sessions, she began to relax and shared information about her life and the difficult adjustments from living in Seattle to now living in Talkeetna. “It’s good for Paul’s career but tough on me.”

Pam found the massages to be therapeutic and said as much to Jane. Her weekly visits were opportunities to voice her feelings and as she became more comfortable, even provided intimate details of her private life, including her sex life. Once she opened up, it was like a flood gate and the dialog made Jane horny. Often when Pam left, Jane would grab the vibrator or dildo and masturbate. One thing Pam made clear; she and Paul loved to fuck but what they enjoyed the most was oral sex. “I love giving him a blowjob as much as he loves receiving it. Ditto when it comes to him eating to my pussy.”

The conversation was often descriptive and graphic as both women shared their thoughts and experiences. Words like cunt, pussy, tits, and cock were the norm. “My husband loves to hear me talk like that and I find it a turn-on, too,” Pam explained. “When he travels our phone sex is pretty hot and with the new phones, he can also watch me masturbate. I especially enjoy it when he jacks off with me at the same time. His cock is beautiful but then he says that about my pussy.”

“How do you keep sex exciting?” Jane asked.

“I use lingerie, coded sexy notes in his briefcase and on his phone, plus we both are fortunate in that we love to touch and be touched. We agreed to the fact that there is nothing we won’t do with or for each other.”

“But I detect a problem.”

“You are so correct,” Jane replied. “It’s hard to be touched when your man is out of town. I especially miss his mouth on my pussy and the way his tongue plays with my clit. Not to mention, I love starting our day by giving him a blowjob.”

This sounded a bit familiar Jane thought. My technique worked on Alice so why not try it on Pam?

“Maybe I can help.”

Jane began to rub Pam’s breasts and lightly pinch her nipples. Soon those nipples were hard and her hips began to move up and down. Pam instinctively moved her hand and slipped it under the waistband of her panties. Jane took a vibrator and lightly placed it on Pam’s pussy. Her response was immediate. “Oh yes. Fuck that feels wonderful.” Taking control, she took Jane’s hand, placed it inside her panties and pressed the vibrator harder and moved it up and down faster.

Pam let out a loud gasp as her orgasm shook her body. She didn’t let go of Jane’s hand for several moments. Once she recovered, she reached down and felt her underwear. She laughed and said, “Damn, these panties are soaked.” She quickly removed them, revealing a trimmed bush. “Do all your clients get this kind of service?”

“No, they don’t. Only one other shares this.”

“Do they do something in return?”

‘Yes, they return the favor in kind.”

“Sounds delightful. I’d love to try it but I must warn you, I’ll probably get horny all over again.”

“We’ll just have to take care of that the best we can.”

Jane removed her clothes and Pam couldn’t help but notice her bare pussy. “I’ve tried shaving but I can never get it smooth enough, especially around the lips.”

“Waxing works better. I can do you sometime if you decide to try it.”

“Paul would love the look and feel of that. I definitely want to do it so put me on the schedule.”

Pam went to work on Jane starting with her breasts. She was used to fondling her own but doing it on another woman was different. She tried to duplicate what Jane had done with her tits and she found it was very pleasurable. She kept eying Jane’s bare pussy and how sexy it looked. Finally she took the vibrator and gently placed it on Jane’s pussy. Many times she had watched herself in the mirror or in a movie she and Paul had made. Touching someone else’s pussy and clit was very erotic. The ache between her legs reminded her just how exciting it was.

Suddenly on impulse, Pam stopped everything and moved between Jane’s legs and began to eat her pussy. She licked, sucked, and nibbled that glorious clit and had Jane squirming and sighing in ecstasy.

Soon, for the first time, ankara evi olan escortlar she tasted juice that was not hers. She enjoyed licking her cum from Paul’s cock or tasting it on his mouth after he had eaten her but now her tongue was in Jane’s cunt taking in every drop of nectar.

Pam gazed at Jane’s wet pussy with delight and satisfaction. “Wow, that was a first,” Jane remarked.

“For me too,” Pam replied.

“I liked it.”

“Me too. I liked it a lot.”

“Did it make you horny?”

“More than I imagined.”

“Well Pam, I think I know what to do.”

This time Jane didn’t spend any time with foreplay. She immediately placed her mouth on Pam’s pussy and pushed her tongue deep inside. She rimmed her cunt and then moved up the slit and started sucking on her clit. Pam was thrusting her hips as Jane licked and kissed. She screamed as her orgasm hit her like a shock wave.

“That was intense,” Pam said, still gasping. Then she smiled, “Paul’s going to love hearing about this.”

“Do me a bit favor and please keep this discreet.”

“Absolutely. I understand completely. This will be just between us. We’ll make the wax job a surprise for Paul.”

After Pam left, Jane headed for the hot tub. As she sat there, enjoying the bubbles and a jet directed on her pussy, she couldn’t help but smile at the day’s turn of events. She thought about Alice and wondered about oral sex with her. She felt pretty confident that Alice would enjoy receiving it and fairly sure she would return the favor. She reached down, placed her fingers around her pussy lips and began a gentle massage. She laughed out loud at the thought of having Pam and Alice join her, all naked and sharing vibrators, dildos, fingers, and all things oral. Then she said out loud, “Why not? I think I should see if we can have a threesome.”

Pam arrived a few days later for her waxing appointment. She was eager and excited about the finished product. Jane wasn’t surprised that Pam was already naked when she walked into the room. She smiled and said, “Something tells me, Pam that you were looking forward to this.”

“Oh, I was hoping there’d be some fun after the waxing.”

“I was hoping so, too.”

As Jane was applying the wax she asked, “When will Paul get to see this?”

“Tomorrow night.”

“I’ll bet you have a plan in mind.”

Pam laughed and replied, “You are so correct. Actually it’ll be very simple. I’m gonna be in a chair right in the foyer so when he walks in the door he will see me sitting there with my legs spread wide. I can hardly wait to see the look on his face.”

“What will he do first?”

“If I know my Paul, he’ll be on his knees and licking my pussy like a lollypop.”

“I can imagine how the rest of the night will go. I just hope for your sake that he comes home alone.”

“I never thought of that,” she said, laughing hard. Jane used that opportunity to give the wax a yank.

That interrupted Pam’s laughter. Then she rubbed her bare pussy and smiled. “Wow, kinda gets your attention.”

“It gets easier every time.”

Pam gazed down at the area that, until now, had pubic hair. As she lightly rubbed the skin she asked, “Do you provide this service to many other clients?”

“Only one; you are the second. You and she are the only ones who know I do this.”

“I’m surprised.”

“That’s because only you two have seen me naked.”

“Do you do the same thing with the other person as you do with me?”

“Not quite, we’ve never done oral, just used our hands with the vibrator. Now that I have experienced it with you I’m planning to try it with her next time.”

“Think she’ll like it?”

“I’m pretty sure she will. She’s willing to try new things. I find it an interesting coincidence that you both wanted a wax job; you for your husband, and she for her boyfriend.”

“I like her thinking.”

“I was wondering if maybe I could have you both here one evening for some shared fun.”

“It sounds totally decadent and definitely fun.”

“If she is agreeable, and I feel confident she will be, then we’ll do it. When is a good time for you?”

“Paul will be gone the last week of this month so anytime during that week.”

“Perfect, I’ll see if I can make this happen. In the meantime, why don’t I checkout my handiwork.”

She gently squeezed Pam’s vulva causing the lips to push up and separate. Covering it with her mouth, she lightly moved her tongue up and down each lip. Pam was soon sighing and moving her hips with Jane’s sensual touch. After a few moments and satisfied with her work, Jane looked up at Pam and said, “Paul is going to love this.”

“I already am.”

Jane slid her tongue between two very wet lips and inserted it into an eager cunt. Pam spread her legs wider as she pulled Jane hard against her pussy. Pam was panting and her hips moving up and down as Jane fucked her cunt with her tongue. Jane then moved Pam’s hand so her fingers were touching her clit. Pam quickly ankara olgun escortlar took the hint and started masturbating. Within moments her fingers were rapidly rubbing her swollen clit until she suddenly tensed and then screamed from her orgasm.

“I think this is a prelude for what’s to cum tomorrow night, pun intended,” Jane said with a chuckle.

“Don’t I know and love it. I’ll be lucky if I can walk when Paul finally stops. He can go a very long time.”

Pam sat up on the table. “Before we change places, I’d like to try what we just did with one change. Straddle my face while your rub your clit. This way you can move your cunt around my tongue.”

“I like it.”

Just as requested, Jane placed her cunt on Pam’s mouth and began to rock forth and back against her tongue. Soon her hips were moving in every direction and she could control how hard or soft the touch.

She soon found a rhythm and began to match it with her fingers on her clit. The sensation was exquisite. Her tempo increased and she pushed harder against Pam’s mouth until her orgasm rocked her body. Pam held her in place as she lapped up her cum.

After a few moments, Jane sat back on her heels and sighed a feeling of contentment. Pam gazed at Jane’s pussy just inches from her face. “There’s something sexy about a bare pussy. Speaking of which I need to take this pussy home and get ready for Paul’s homecoming.”

Jane relaxed that evening in the hot tub, sipped her wine and felt the bubbles massage her body. Her mind was replaying the session she had with Pam a few hours before and wondered what was the best way to approach Alice. She let her mind drift to recall the sensation of having her mouth on Pam’s clit. She really enjoyed the way it felt and tasted. She could see Pam’s pussy in her mind’s eye and was starting to get turned on again when the phone rang. She picked up the phone and smiled. The caller ID said, “Alice.”

“Hi, Alice. What’s up?”

“Hi, Jane. I need a wax job and your special service. Can you work me in your schedule anytime soon?”

Jane couldn’t help but smile. “How about right now? You can join me in the hot tub, get relaxed, and then we can take care of business.”

“I’ll change clothes and be right over. A hot tub is a good idea, too.”

Jane got out of the tub long enough to get another wine glass and bottle. The last time Alice was in the hot tub, Larry was with her. What fun the three of them had. “What a stud,” Jane recalled.

Alice parked her car around back and walked to the deck. One pull on her zipper and the dress dropped to the floor. There was nothing more to remove so she quickly got into the hot tub. Jane noticed that Alice seemed to have a bounce to her step, and displayed an air of confidence.

“Is life treating you OK, Allice?”

“Life is wonderful. Things are really heating up with Larry.”

“How so?”

“Well you remember the last time he was here?”

“How could I forget? I have wet dreams thinking about that cock of his.”

“I know what you mean. Remind me and I’ll show you some pictures of my favorite new friend.”

“If I weren’t already in the hot tub, I’d be wet right now.”

“Anyway, before he left, we had a serious talk about our future. The plan is for him to finish the project he’s on, take his retirement and move up here with me. Hopefully by this time next year I’ll have a new last name.”

“Am I invited to the wedding?”

“Only if you’ll be my matron of honor.”

“Gosh, a year from now. That’s pretty short notice. I’ll have to check my calendar.” They both looked at each other and started to laugh. Jane gave Alice a big hug and exclaimed, “Of course I want to be standing up there with you! I am so happy for you. How are you dealing with a long distance courtship?”

“Actually we are in quite a process. Leave it to an engineer to solve a problem. Larry went to a marriage counselor and hired her to design a plan. She generated a series of questions we answer and share with each other and with her. So far we have touched on every subject important to a relationship and I’m happy to say there are no deal breakers. We both want this to work but I certainly don’t want a repeat of my last marriage. A lot of in depth questions that require some real soul searching. We spend a certain amount of time with that and then we have some play time.”

“Play time?”

“You know cybersex, phone sex, emails, erotic photos, fantasies; you name it and we probably do it. Which reminds me, Larry says ‘Hi’. The first thing he wants to buy for the house is a hot tub and you’ll be our first guest.”

“I’m honored. Now I’ll have even more wet dreams.”

“When Larry has a good internet connection, we turn on our cameras and treat each other to a porn show. I love to look at his cock and he likes to ‘jack off’ for me. I, in turn, do a striptease then ‘jill off’ for him. Last night I noticed I could use another wax job.”

“No time like the present. Step into my parlor, said the spider ankara sarışın escortlar to the fly.”

Alice grabbed her purse and they headed for the massage room. After Jane applied the wax to her pussy, Alice shared her photos of Larry’s cock. There were several, showing it from limp to a hard erection. Alice watched Jane’s reactions as she looked at the pictures. She couldn’t help but smile when she heard Jane gasp and saw nipples get hard. “It affects me the same way, too. I know we girls aren’t supposed to be all that turned on by pictures but damn, looking at his cock makes me horny. Just seeing it again brings that familiar ache you know where.”

Jane handed the phone back to Alice and said, “I know exactly what you mean. I’m feeling that same ache at this moment, too. Shall we do something about it?”

Alice didn’t hesitate to move into position. She welcomed Jane’s hands applying warm oil all over her breasts. She closed her eyes and just sighed; how very sensuous it felt. When Jane started playing with her hard nipples between her fingers, the ache between her legs was increasing. She squeezed her legs hard together hoping for some relief but it didn’t help. She was just about ready to move her hand down when she felt Jane move in that direction.

Jane continued her foreplay until she saw Alice’s begin to squirm. She slid her hand down and held the vulva between her fingers. She squeezed it tight and then inserted two fingers deep inside. Alice let out a sigh, “Oh, yes. Fuck, I miss being touched.”

Jane put the vibrator on her other hand and placed it just about the clit. She rocked her fingers in and out of Alice’s cunt and moved the vibrator back and forth at the same time. Alice began to move her hips up and down to match Jane’s stroking. She was close to cumming but suddenly Jane removed her fingers and she moved the vibrator to rest on top of her pubic bone. Alice was just about to protest when she felt Jane’s mouth on her pussy and her tongue pushed deep inside. She loved the way Larry ate her pussy and this was just as wonderful. “Oh, my. That feels incredible!” she exclaimed.

Jane moved her tongue in, out, and around Alice’s love hole while keeping the vibrator on her public bone. She moved her tongue up between the labia and placed her mouth on a swollen and eager clit. Alice was panting and she held her hard nipples between her fingers. Jane slipped two fingers deep inside and within a few moments Alice arched her back and screamed from her climax.

“Damn that felt great!” she said after catching her breath.

“What did you think when I went oral?”

“It was a first and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I only hope I can do as well on you.”

Changing places, Jane smiled to herself thinking that Alice would be very receptive to include Pam in their special sessions. Right now she knew one thing, damn Alice made her very horny and her pussy ached for relief.

Alice was intent on duplicating the sexual pleasure Jane had given her. She loved touching as much as being touched and Jane provided a nice outlet when Larry was not available. She put some warm oil on her hands and began to fondle Jane’s breasts, brushing her thumbs over two already hard nipples. Jane’s eyes were closed and there was a big smile on her face. Her sighs were soft and purring. Soon she began to squirm and cross then uncross her legs.

Time to move to the fire, Alice thought, and she moved her hand down to insert two fingers deep inside. Jane’s response was immediate. She arched her hips up and pulled Alice’s hand in even harder. The deep penetration of Alice’s fingers was intense and both of them were surprised by the sudden and powerful orgasm.

Not letting her recover, Alice placed the vibrator on Jane’s pubic bone then withdrew her fingers and placed her mouth over a cum drenched cunt. She probed, sucked, and licked up Jane’s sweet juices, driving her to another climax. Remembering what Jane had done, Alice moved her mouth to suck an eager clit and reinserted her fingers. Jane was bucking wildly with each thrust until finally she grabbed Alice’s hand and shoved her fingers in deep as her orgasm rolled over her.

“Giving is just as good as getting,” said Alice, her face wet with cum.

“You like this, I take it.”

“Without a doubt.”

“Good. Let’s get in the hot tub; there is something I’d like to discuss with you. Something I think you will like.”

Once in the tub, Jane poured the wine and the girls settled into a comfortable position. “I have a friend, who like you, needs some sexual relief. She comes in for our ‘special sessions’ when her husband is out of town for several days. And, as with you, I also wax her pussy. You two are similar sexually and you both are comfortable with oral sex. The bottom line is that I think it would be fun to experience another first for all of us and do a girl threesome. She is agreeable and we picked sometime during the last week of this month. I’ll let you think about it and give me your decision in the next day or two.”

“I can tell you right now, hell yes! Let’s pick the day.”

“I was hoping you would say that. What I would like is for the three of us to meet over lunch and get acquainted before we do our little adventure. I know you and Pam will hit it off because you’re so much alike sexually.”

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