Best of Friends Ch. 04

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She comes with fiery passion loud moans emitted from her, nipples harden breast swelling. Steve walks toward her then kneels, as if he was kneeling before a queen. His mouth locks on her quivering pussy, drinking in her warm succulent juice milking her making her body quiver and quake until she can take no more, she grabs Steve’s hair and pushes his face deeper into her pussy. His cock is so hard it feels as if it would explode he needs release. He rises up and Debbie reaches for his hard cock to help him, there before him she is open and wide and oh so wet. He slides into her feeling that smooth skin of her pussy wrapping around his cock. He stayed there for the moment not moving a muscle feeling her pussy constrict around him for he knew that if he moved that he would come too soon and he wanted that moment to last for a few moments more. Finally not being able to take much more he slid out his cock only leaving the head inside and slammed into her.

“Oh god fuck me Steve, harder I want it harder” He gives her what she wants more and more he slams into her, their bodies in perfect rhythm. His hands were on her shoulders holding her closer to him, afraid that one movement would be its last and at that moment he did not want that. Every thrust she met him her pussy crashing against him, he could feel his climax building all the way from his toes. Deep within him like it was coming from his soul and not his balls.

Sounds all around her skin against skin, moans cries. The smell permeates the room, cum sweat the smell of wood burning. More of an aphrodisiac it helps the senses. The feel of being alive of animals, the feel of one drowning gasping for air, wanting to scream to the whole world that you are coming not having a care in the world. Thoughts rush through her head as she hears Lorrie scream as she finally comes. She knows by now that Sam has entered Lorrie, grunts groans emanating from the couch.

She swears her hearing and her senses have heightened since having her orgasm. The music fills the room, like surround sound, every note amazingly clear as a bell. Bodies glisten from sweat but not only from the heat of the sex also from the fire. Like a sauna moist humid air filling the room. Would wilt the best of three-piece suits and dresses alike, a workout in its own right no one would have to go to the gym that is for sure.

Slowly breathing becomes normal again and hearts that were beating fast were now beating at a normal rate or as normal as it can be. They had set up a King sized air mattress on the floor in the living room, if it was needed. Showers would need to be taken before anyone retired for the night. Dusk was settling across the valley and soon night would be upon them.

As night settled the skies had cleared and the stars were shining brightly it was a good night to have pizza delivered and just snuggle together and watch a movie.

They decided that was a great idea to settle in for the night, for tomorrow they would be going their separate ways. Although they did not live close they kept in touch constantly, either by phone calls or my instant messages on the internet.

Both couples had met other couples in the lifestyle through the internet, some you become good friends with others you just do not click with. Each and every couple is totally different. But that all depends on each every ones personality or likes and dislikes and everyone has different likes and dislikes.

But ankara moldovyalı escortlar Debbie and Steve knew that as soon as they met Sam and Lorrie that the personalities click right off. They were the perfect couple they wanted the same thing that Steve and Debbie wanted friendship first then possible play. And from the first play date it has been wonderful. They have learned so much about one another and they have grown closer with each and every time they get together.

The weekend was a godsend for each one of them, time away from family and problems and the stresses of everyday things. Now was the time to see if they could find a pizza parlor and either go out to eat or to go get it and bring it back to the cabin. Looking through the phone book they found a pizza place just down the road a bit. And they were really excited when they found out that the place would deliver the pizza for just a little charge. They did not care about the charge they were starving and they just wanted to sit around and eat and relax.

The girls straightened the place up and took care of the bedding that was lying around in the living room. Making sure that everything was in the proper place and they did not leave the place in a shambles. The guys stoked the fire and waited for the pizza to arrive. As they searched the satellite channels they came across an old movie channel and decided they could settle in with an old movie.

They enjoy the old movies like the Dirty Dozen and other old war films. Steve liked John Wayne movies, even though it did matter to the girls what they watched. As long as it was interesting and kept your attention that is all that mattered.

Half an hour later the pizza arrived hot and smelling oh so good, opening the box you could see the pepperoni and melted cheese slathered all over that pizza. Of course the girls worried about their weight but at that time it had gone out the window. No one could resist a pizza. Unless you were lactose intolerant or had stomach issues then you would have to stay away. Pizza is one of the food groups or so we have been told.

When the pizza was eaten as much as one could eat, the guys had moved the air mattress so that it faced the television, it was pushed with the head up against the couch. Settling down and getting comfortable they all snuggled together for the night. For they would not snuggle for long, soon hands would roam for they could not get enough of one another. Lorrie and Debbie lie next to one another; they roll towards one another and embrace. Debbie brushes Lorrie’s lips with her own, lightly biting her bottom lip. Debbie knew that this drove Lorrie crazy with desire, actually no matter where you touched Lorrie it drove her crazy for she was a walking orgasm. Lorrie was easy to excite and very easy to bring off, with your lips or fingers or your cock, her climax was always strong and very intense. Debbie on the other side of the coin was very difficult to bring to orgasm, for it took her some time to get aroused and to climax.

That is why they incorporated toys into their love making, it helped in so many areas, Debbie’s favorite toy was the rabbit, it was purple with little white beads in the center of the bulk of the toy and on the front was this pair of rabbit ears that had two speeds, slow moderate and with the second speed the ears would wow.

With the rabbit her climax would be intense and they ankara ukraynalı escortlar would be multiple, usually one right after another. They were so intense sometimes that they would take her breath away and it would bring her to tears. Steve loved it when she came like that, her juices would flow from her pussy flow down her ass crack, he loved lapping her juice it tasted oh so sweet he would drive him wild with passion.

God he loved her so much, to have her back in his life again he never could imagine that it would happen ever. He loved making love with her, for she had found her passion again. Watching her brushing her lips against Lorrie’s was such a turn on. Her lips feathered lightly over Lorrie’s just enough skin touching it felt like a brush of warm air.

Debbie slides the tip of her tongue over Lorrie’s bottom lip, slowly lightly tasting her. The surge of sexual energy was felt on her lip as it rushed from Debbie’s tongue, she wanted that tongue on her clit, in her pussy licking sucking nibbling on her. Lorrie wanted to flood Debbie’s mouth with her juices, drinking them in.

Debbie’s tongue is still teasing Lorrie’s lip, sliding back and forth and then every once in a while flicking in her mouth seeking her tongue. Debbie pulls on her bottom lip lightly sucking. Then she pulls Lorrie to her, crushing her lips onto hers. Seeking Lorrie’s tongue searching her mouth, teasing her kissing her, warmth floods over Lorrie, she can feel it over her whole body. Her body softens in Debbie’s arms their kiss deepens.

Lorrie runs her fingers through Debbie’s hair grabbing at it; it feels like silk as it brushes across her fingers. The firelight shows the red highlights they shine land sparkle like diamonds.

Debbie places her hand on the small of Lorrie’s back and slowly caresses back and forth, feeling her soft skin against her hand. Lower she caresses until her hand reaches Lorrie’s ass, then she lightly pats one ass cheek then the other. Lorrie pulls back a little; a moan escapes from her lips but only finds the pressure from Debbie’s lips preventing that moan being heard.

She grabs a handful of ass cheek and squeezes feeling the firm warm flesh in her hands. Pulling away from Lorrie’s lips, she slowly rolls Lorrie onto her stomach and starts kissing her back working her way to her ass. Tender kisses light like a feather, sending little shivers over Lorrie’s body. Lorrie trembles underneath the touch of Debbie’s lips against her skin. Debbie smiles to herself, for she knows that she can turn Lorrie on, bring her almost close to that peak then slowly bring her back, she also can taker her over the edge, over and over again she can bring her off, just by that light touch of her lips or her fingers. Debbie likes being in control, almost being dominate and having Lorrie as her submissive.

But this also works the other way around, Lorrie could be the dominate and her partner the submissive, which ever way it works it is exciting and such a turn on.

Slowly Debbie works her lips over Lorrie’s back light touches like feathers over her skin, creamy white touched here and there with light splotches of freckles. Debbie takes her time not wanting to rush slowly wanting to bring Lorrie to release. These things should never be rushed they should be savored oh such a turn on. Working slowly towards her butt, kissing her ass cheeks one then the other, Lorrie rises slowly to her knees ankara minyon tipli escortlar spreading herself wider so that Debbie can get a better view and easier access to her pussy.

Debbie’s tongue works magic on Lorrie’s ass sliding her tongue up and down working her way to Lorrie’s hot wet pussy. The scent was musky, spicy and she could not wait to taste that musky scent, to have it fill her feed her.

She teases working her way forward to Lorrie’s clit, protruding out there like a little cock, as if it is waiting for her tongue to lick, suck and nibble at it. Her tongue licking slowly along the outer lips of Lorrie’s pussy, one then the other working her way to the clit, Lorrie spreads her legs wider, reaching for Debbie’s head trying to push her closer, deeper. She did not want to let go, Lorrie arches her back raising her hips to make it easier for Debbie. A sound like that of a kitten mewing flowed from Lorrie’s lips. This was urging Debbie on, but also to take her time, slowly bringing her to that peak. Debbie stopped for a moment, raising her head slightly she could feel the guys eyes on her, watching the action taking it in.

Sam was taking some pictures, these would be downloaded and copies would be sent to Steve so that they would have memories of the weekend. Debbie asked. “Do you guys want to join us or are you just going to watch?”

Both said that they just wanted to watch, taking in the scene that was unfolding before them. Steve joked about making popcorn and enjoying a snack as they watched the girls suck and lick one another.

Debbie snickered as she reached up to tweak Lorrie’s nipple pulling it taunt, but not to hurt her. “Oh yes that feels oh so good.” “You like that huh?” Debbie asks. “Oh yes I do, please some more.” Lorrie’s voice sounding as if she was begging wanting nothing else but to feel Debbie pulling on her nipples, one then the other.

Lorrie begged to feel Debbie’s lips on her nipples, feel her teeth rake across them, nibbling at them lightly, sucking as if she was breast feeding her. Debbie reciprocated twirling her tongue around the right nipple then licking her way to the left nipple, pulling it into her mouth, feeling it harden between her teeth. Debbie releases her hold on the left nipple, her tongue flicking just enough to have the tip touch the top on that hard nipple, and then slowly she trails her tongue over the dark area, until it reaches that creamy white skin. Freckles dotted that breast though they were light in color, it was evident they were there.

Still Sam and Steve watched, taking pictures for the physical reminder of the weekend away, and just how much it had brought them closer as lovers and as friends.

Lorrie ached for release, reaching between her and Debbie sliding her hand to her pussy, she could feel how wet she was, as her finger barely brushed her clit it sent a tremor throughout her body. Debbie pulled her hand away, looking at Lorrie as if she was scolding a child for getting into the cookie jar, that was off limits and only as a treat if the child had been good or not. Lorrie would soon be rewarded, she would get that release that she so craved. Just by how her body responded to that touch, Debbie knew that soon she would bring her to that peak and then finally she would have her release. But only when Debbie was ready to give her that release, and as for now she was not ready, it had to last just awhile longer.

The silence that surrounded them would be shattered once Lorrie’s release arrived, for Debbie knew that she would be able to make Lorrie scream with pleasure. Her climax would be an overwhelming experience, one that they all would share in. There would be pussy juice for all to share and revel in.

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