Bi adventures of Jim , Nick 2

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Hayley leaned back in her leather chair her bare butt cheeks firmly stuck to the seat cushion. Her long legs spread apart as her well-manicured finger traced the up and down her pussy lips teasing them as she watched her husband on the couch.

Jim’s body glistened with a thin layer of sweat, his muscles flex with every thrust. The only sound in the room was the grunts and groans of him and his friend Nick. Nick laid on the arm of the couch face down ass up as he took Jim’s cock deep inside him. It was just a week ago, that he did it for the first time, but Nick now had to admit he was no longer doing this just to get a chance with Hayley. Nick loved it; his own cock throbbed as it rubbed against the arm of the couch.

“Oh my Nick and here all this time I thought you were doing this just for me.” Hayley said playfully as she watched her husband and his friend.

Jim never even broke his pace as his wife spoke. His hands gripped Nick’s waist tightly as he pounded deep into his friend’s butt. Just a few hours earlier, he thought it was going to be a typical dull day until this series of events unfolded. Jim was just washing the car when his friend who usually only stopped by when business brought him near where Jim lived showed up unexpectedly.

“Hey Jim, what’s up?” asked Nick as he climbed out of his truck and walked down the driveway.

“Same old shit different day, the kids are out with friends and Hayley is out at the mall. What brings you to town again so soon?”

“Well man, I need to talk to you about something important, and well I just didn’t want to do it over the phone.”

Jim could sense that something was bothering his friend, as he shut off the hose. “Well come on in, and we can talk.” Jim motioned for Nick to head into the house as he followed behind him. Jim’s mind was racing as he worried about his friend he had never seen him look as frazzled as he did right now.

Jim took a seat in the recliner, and Nick sat on the coach. “Wow seems weird to be in here after last week.”

“Nick is this about last week. Look I am sorry things got out of hand and well you know…”

“No man don’t apologize it was fun, I am not sorry about it, but well yeah I do want to talk to you about last week.”

Jim’s heart thumped in his chest. In a few seconds he raced through a thousand things that Nick could possibly want to talk about. “Well, what’s up?”

“I liked it, and I liked it too much.”

“I don’t follow Nick.”

“Jim I can’t stop thinking about it.”

“Nick, I am sure Hayley won’t have a problem with you and her.”

Nick cleared his throat hard to interrupt his friend mid-sentence. “Damn it, Jim, it is not her I have been thinking of.”

Jim’s cock was instantly hard, he too had played out what had occurred many times in his head and was still turned on by every minute of it. “Well, what have you been thinking of?”

“The feel of it, the feeling of her being in charge making me do them things. The feel of your dick inside my ass. I think I am bi now, I want it again Jim.”

“Nick, are you saying what I think you are?”

“Yeah I am I want you to fuck me in the ass.” Nick felt as if a weight lifted when he said the words aloud.

Jim shook his head for a second as the words hit him like a ton of bricks. He had enjoyed what they had done also, and he knew Hayley would not care. “Well, do you mean like right now?”

Nick could see his friends bulge in the front of his camouflage shorts. “Yeah, I mean I guess is it okay without her here?” Nick bounced his leg nervously as he swallowed hard hoping he was going to get what he craved.

Jim smiled as he stood up and gave his shorts a quick tug. They fell to the floor with ease, and his hard cock sprang up pointing straight out like a missile. “Yeah, she will be good with it.” Jim said confidently as he reached down and gave his long thick cock a few tugs.

“Oh my god, I don’t want to like this, but I can’t help it.” Nick said as he dropped to his knees and scurried across the floor to his friend’s hard cock.

“Oh fuck yes!” Jim exclaimed as his friend swallowed his raging hard cock with ease. Jim held Nick by his hair as he started to thrust in and out of his mouth. ankara escort bayan “You like your mouth being fucked?”

Nick never stopped sucking as the massive cock pushed and pulled from his hungry mouth with increasing gusto. His mind raced as he pleasured his best friend, he really was not lying when he said he did not want to like this. He had been conflicted since it occurred, but in this moment, he knew that this is what he needed.

“You suck cock almost as good as Hayley does.” Jim growled as his balls slapped his friend’s goatee.

Nick pulled his head back as a long trail of saliva connected his lip to Jim’s cock head. “I need it, please.” Nick pleaded with his friend he wanted the cock inside him in the worst way.

“You want me to fuck your butt?”


“No say it, tell me what you need!”

“Jim please no I am already so torn up over even wanting this.”

“Tell me!”

“Jim, please fuck me in the ass.” Nick said with a desperation in his voice as he dropped his own shorts to the floor.

“I see no underwear just like me. You knew what you were coming here for today didn’t you?”

“Yes, Jim I came over to get your cock inside me.”

Jim thought he could cum right there on the spot as he heard his friend pleading to be fucked again. “Bend over the couch.”

Nick took a position similar to what he had during their previous encounter as Jim reached into a nearby table and pulled out a small tube of lube to coat his cock. Nick’s bare ass pointed straight up as he awaited what he yearned for. Jim coated his cock up nicely and then took a position behind his friend. Jim pushed the head of his cock between his friend’s ass cheeks and just let the head rub against Nick’s anus.

“You want this right?”

“Yes, Jim I do.” Nick confirmed

It was at that moment Jim heard the all too familiar squeak of Hayley’s car door. She was home, and any second she was going to get her a brand new sex show. Jim, however did not care as he pushed himself inside. Nick’s ass was far easier to enter this time, but it was still very tight. Jim wanted to be entirely inside him but knew he had to give Nick a few moments to adjust as he inched himself in. He had finally gained full access and was balls deep inside his friend. Jim started his pelvic thrusting, when he looked up to see his wife staring at him from across the room with a big smile on her face.

Hayley’s bright smile was from ear to ear as she seen Nick’s head buried in a couch cushion and her husband behind him. She quietly placed her bags in the adjacent room before she returned. Hayley returned to the living but was now also naked herself to boot. She moved around the room as the sound of the men grunting filled the air. The horny wife of Jim stepped in close enough to watch up close as she took a seat on a nearby chair. Hayley threw a leg over the armrest and started rubbing a finger up and down her wet slit.

“Fuck, Jim it hurts.”

“I thought you wanted a dick up your ass?” Jim forcefully questioned his friend as he pushed into him harder and harder.

Nick’s face was buried in the cushions of the couch unaware that they had a spectator joining them. His ass was being stretched and abused by his friend’s throbbing hard cock. Nick’s own cock was rock hard as it rubbed against the leather armrest of the couch.

“Oh, Nicky baby you look so fucking hot taking that dick.” Hayley cooed.

Jim let up on his pace long enough to allow his friend to turn his head and see Hayley watching them. Nick was partially embarrassed and partially turned on having his best friend’s wife looking on.

“Keep fucking him babe.”

“Mmm you don’t have to tell me twice.” growled Jim as he continued to thrust into his friend with great vigor.

Jim’s body glistened with a thin layer of sweat, his muscles flexed with every thrust. Nick laid on the couch face down, ass up as he accepted the long thick cock into his now abused asshole.

“Oh my Nick, and here I thought you were doing this all just for me.” Hayley said playfully as she watched her husband and his friend.

Jim pulled his cock from his friend’s ass, as Nick collapsed from the armrest and onto the living ankara bayan escort room floor. As Nick lay inches from the couch, his chest heaved up and down as he struggled to regain his breath. Jim smiled as he looked down at his friend, Nick’s cock pointed straight up at the ceiling as a thick glob of cum rolled down his shaft.

“Damn Nick you shot off all over the side of my couch.” Said Jim, as he looked down while stroking his thick hard, dirty cock.

“Mmm, can I taste that?”

“Oh yeah, baby you want a taste?” Jim said as he looked at his wife.

Hayley playfully twirled her long blonde hair as she smiled and nodded yes. Jim walked to his wife cock in hand and rubbed the bulbous head against her lips. Hayley happily opened wide to accept the cock down her throat. Jim was not wasting time as he started fucking her lips, she gasped and gagged some at the combination of length, girth and from the taste of Nick’s ass.

From where he lay on the floor Nick looked up and could see Jim’s smooth muscular butt cheeks flexing as he pumped his cock into his wife’s mouth. Nick brought himself to his knees and moved across the floor coming up behind Jim he reached out and spread his friend’s ass open. Nick did not know what was coming over him, this was behavior only a few days ago he found disgusting but now here he was about to lick his best friend’s ass, and he loved it.

The tip of Nick’s tongue flickered against Jim’s tight ass hole, and it sent a shiver down Jim’s spine. Hayley continued to swirl her tongue around the cock as it invaded her mouth. She also started to rub her husband’s balls in her hands as now Jim was being pleasured by two people at the same time. It was not long before the actions performed were too much for Jim and he exploded in the mouth of his wife. He flooded her mouth as jets of cum poured from his cock. Jim pulled his exploding cock free from his wife’s mouth and gave himself a few more quick jerks as he emptied his balls on her face and large tan breasts.

Nick moved quickly to Hayley as soon as Jim took a seat on the couch to rest. Nick’s tongue and lips attacked the giant globs of white hot cum that covered Hayley’s tan skin.

“Nick, baby you need to cum again.” Hayley said in a mixed tone partially playful partially concerned. As she looked at his cock all swollen, “You want Jim to suck that cock like he did last time?”

“No, He already made me cum. I want to fuck you, please.”

Hayley wasted no time as her husband’s friend finished cleaning the cum from her chest. She pushed him back onto the floor and positioned herself to ride his cock. Nick groaned and flinched as her hot pussy enveloped his long cock. Hayley sat all the way down on him as she took him balls deep. She tossed her long blond hair back as she began to move her hips back and forth. Nick was nearly as long but not as thick as Jim was so Hayley could take it all from Nick right away she did not have to ease into it.

“Fuck yes baby, grab my tits!” She exclaimed as she looked down at Nick.

Nick laid on the soft carpet his asshole ached but in a good way. His cock felt as if it was on fire from the hot wet pussy that was riding it as he reached up and grabbed a handful of her luscious size D breasts.

Jim who had now caught his breath sat back and enjoyed the show of his wife riding the cock of his best friend. Jim stroked his own cock softly as he watched, half tempted to join them he resisted the urge instead opting to let them have their moment.

The moment did not last long as the rhythmic thrusting of Hayley’s hips was too much for Nick he was soon cumming for the second time this time inside his best friend’s wife. Hayley could feel the cum splashing into her body as it sent her over the edge into her own orgasm.

The three laid in the living room chatting away for a few moments following their escapades.

“I am sorry Hayley that I came over like this.” Nick said as he thought she might have somehow been upset over what had transpired.

“Nick it’s okay I liked what I walked in on, and besides we told you that you may need to visit more often.”

The three wrapped their afternoon tryst up with a drink before Nick departed to head ankara escort bayanlar home. Hayley took her time cleaning up the living room as Jim showered.

“Jim sweetie, whose asshole feels better mine or his?” Questioned Hayley as she walked into the bathroom to throw her clothes into the hamper.

Jim exited the shower his long thick cock hung low pointing towards the floor. “Yours babe you know that. But he wanted it and well you know we talked about it after he left the other night.”

“Oh I’m not mad just curious is all.” She said with a smile. “But you know you have to be careful. The kids could have come home instead of me.”

Jim thought for a second as he looked at his wife’s still naked body. “Yeah I know I wasn’t thinking about that.”

“I know you weren’t you were thinking with this again.” She said as she reached down to grasp her husband’s cock. “If Wes or Autumn had walked in of that I am not sure what their response would have been.”

Jim sighed deeply as his wife’s hand grasped his cock. The images of his nineteen-year-old daughter ran through his mind as his wife jerked his cock. “You’re thinking of her again aren’t you?”



“No, I am not that isn’t right.”

“Okay baby, I understand. So daddy doesn’t want his dick sucked then does he?”

“Hayley Beth you stop that shit!”

“Oh no, daddy are you going to spank my naughty butt.”

“Fuck…” Jim growled as his cock was pointing straight ahead now.

“Oh, my daddy is that for me? Did that big cock get all hard for your little girl?”

The image of Autumn was now racing through Jim’s mind as his cock was being stroked. His daughter was nineteen years old, and it seemed like all her growing up had occurred instantly. She was a barely flat chested tomboy throughout her teens until eighteen hit and boom she developed seemingly overnight.

Hayley knew Jim peeked at her on occasions, but it was something they rarely spoke openly about. She occasionally liked to tease him about it, but it was never more than that. She like Jim did not mind him looking at others even if that other was their daughter. She found it a turn on that her daughter was so hot that even her own father was having issues resisting her.

Hayley leaned in and kissed her husband’s chest as her hand continued to work on his hard cock. “Come on daddy, mommy won’t know I promise.” Hayley said as she turned her back to Jim and leaned over the bathroom counter. “Daddy please just put it in me; I want to feel it is all.”

“Autumn no… I mean Hayley stop it!”

“Oh come on daddy I know it has to hurt, I know you only came once with Uncle Nick. I know you; I know my daddy wants to cum inside a tight young pussy.”

Jim could not resist any longer as he grasped Hayley’s hips and rammed himself into her pussy. He could feel it was still sticky with cum from Nick, but he did not care. “You like this? Is this what you fucking wanted?” He growled as he pounded into his wife from behind.

“Oh god, daddy it hurts it is so big!”

“You asked for this Autumn, and daddy isn’t going to stop till you make him cum.”

“Oh fuck me, daddy, it hurts and feels good.” Hayley moaned as her large D breasts pressed against the cold tile of the bathroom counter.

Jim gripped his wife’s waist tightly pushing into her bald pussy as he clenched his eyes shut picturing it was not Hayley on the counter but instead his daughter. Hayley could feel her juices flowing down her legs as she kept moaning harder daddy. Hayley orgasmed several times in a row as she played the role of their teenage daughter.

“Daddy is going to cum baby girl.”

“Not in my pussy daddy, you can’t.”

“Autumn, you don’t tell daddy what to do.” groaned Jim as his cock exploded into Hayley’s pussy. His jets of cum poured into her pussy just as they had her mouth earlier.

Jim’s heart thumped in his chest as he pulled his softening cock from his wife’s used pussy.

“Mmm, you are such a naughty daddy.”

“Hayley I am sorry we shouldn’t do that.”

“Oh please it was hot, wasn’t it? I loved it next time maybe I will wear her cheer uniform.”

“No, we can’t do that.” Jim said as he tried to be a voice of reason.

“Oh please honey, you loved it. So did I, besides if you can be here fucking your friend’s ass. Then I can pretend to be a nineteen year old hot for daddy.” Hayley said as she reached over to adjust the shower temperature before stepping in.

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