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I’ve always had a fantasy about being tied up and blindfolded. I guess because I live such a fast-paced life, I’ve always loved the idea of being completely submissive to someone, perhaps multiple people, perhaps both sexes. I picture being left naked and tied to a bed for other people to do what they will to. Perhaps one person runs a flower or a piece of ice along my skin, slowly teasing me as I grow more aroused. Another drips champagne along my pecs. The bubbles slowly roll down my skin before a soft tongue slides across my chest flicking up the drops.

Meanwhile, hands massage the insides of my thighs; then a long fingernail lightly runs against my balls. As this continues, light kisses tingle my abs, slowly moving down, to my waist, the edges of my hips, and the inside of my thighs. My body bristles with anticipation as I feel a soft kiss just below my ear, then along the sides of my face, before a tongue grazes the tips of my lips. I try to lean forward, to taste the lips I can only imagine, but they move back. A hand runs through my hair, pulling my head back against the bed, as a slight laugh drifts down to me. The lips return to my skin, pressing against my throat, my neck, and along my collarbone. ankara moldovyalı escortlar I try to reach out, but my hands are being restrained; then I finally taste the lips against my own, followed by a tongue sliding into my mouth. I return the sensation before the tongue is quickly removed, as a body glides against my skin, breasts pressing into my face, followed by hips, as a body comes to rest before me. I can smell the mix of sweat and perfume, like musty jasmine, as I feel a pussy grinding against my face.

I press forward and suck the inside of her thighs, then run my tongue around the edge of her lips, before slipping my tongue slowly inside her. I let my tongue luxuriously explore the inside of her body, allowing her juices to roll down the back of my throat. Then, I begin pressing my tongue in and out of her vagina, warm-up strokes of tongue fucking. I can hear moans coming above me. As I feel her body tighten, I move my lips to her clit, sucking it into my mouth and massaging it with my tongue, as I slip a finger inside of her, sliding it in and out in rhythm to her gyrations, as I explore every way I can pleasure her. Around me, I can hear other people moaning and ankara ukraynalı escortlar kissing, occasionally reaching out to caress my body, but I focus on the sweet frame in front of me, smiling as I feel her body stiffen and shudder.

Simultaneously, a fingernail runs along the under side of my cock. Someone spits on my cock. A soft hand wraps around it, then begins moving up and down, as my hips follow the strokes in rhythm. I feel the fingers gripping me tightly, jerking my penis to a full erection. The sensations surrounding me make me feel as if I’m about to explode. However, right as I’m about to peak, the hand releases. My hips continue to jerk, wanting to be touched again. I feel someone blowing against the tip and try to push toward the source, but my hips are being held in place. Instead, someone kisses the tip, then pulls back. I feel my cock being position just before a woman slides down on top of it. I press myself deep into her moaning. She begins to rise and fall against my body as I counter her motion, feeling her body wrapping and pulsing warm and tight around me.

I start to let out a gasp, but then a hard cock presses against my lips. I suck on the tip, then ankara minyon tipli escortlar run my lips down the side, smiling at the length. As I reach the base, I pull one of the man’s balls into my mouth and roll it along my tongue before repeating the process with the other one. I can feel his cock pressing hard against my face, so I run my tongue along the vein of his cock, all the way to the ridge, where I pause to circle his cock with my tongue. I can hear him moaning as I wrap my lips around his tip and gently suck. I take his cock fully into my mouth, burying my face in his pubic hair as his head hits the back of my throat. I continue bobbing as he starts to face-fuck me.

Meanwhile, the woman on my dick begins pressing harder against me, digging deep into my hips, as I try to slam hard into her. I can hear her gasping, as hands begin rubbing my abs and thighs, while other people kiss my neck and shoulders. I can feel the body against me begin to shudder, so I catch the cock in the back of my mouth in one deep thrust, and moan powerfully, letting the vibrations massage him. This is met by long, heavy streams of cum slamming into the back of my throat and sliding down.

At the same time, the woman on me also begins cumming, surrounding my cock in tremors that cause me to also explode deep inside her after a powerful thrust upward. I feel the bodies on top of me collapse in exhaustion as I relax. Suddenly, someone is running a hand along my chest and whispering, “We’ve only just begun…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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