Breast Feeding Story

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This is a true story. I placed an ad on Craigs list for an Adult Nursing Relationship. That evening I received a message from Betty. She was interested and wanted to meet up the next morning. I gave her my address and she showed up at the 7:30 am appointed time.

She was about 30 and very pretty. She had a sexy southern drawl. It turned out that she was a 34D, later to grow to a 34 DDD. I asked her if she wanted to nurse and she said that was why she was here.

We sat on the couch and she raised up her top and undid her bra and I noticed that she was very engorged. She had been taking Dom (a Canadian Acidreflux Drug that makes you lactate). Her breast pump had not been able to empty her.

I began nursing and she had very thick creamy milk, very thick. I noticed flocks of butter in the milk from her being engorged. Had it gone much further it would have led to mastitis. I emptied her and she headed out to her beauty school appointment.

The next day I heard her pull up in my driveway. A sound that I would look forward to every morning. We talked and nursed again. Again she was full with rich creamy milk. I had nursed before but never had such creamy milk. After she left I would fall asleep with the warm milk in my stomach.

This continued day after day. I began to notice that her bra was getting too tight and so I took her to Nordstorm and bought her a 34 DD bra. This would be good for a while but not for long.

The more I nursed, the more milk there way. Her nipples were down on the front of her breasts. It was very cool. She had beautiful breasts and a cute southern drawl. When she said “Can’t”, (Kain T) I almost melted. I would nurse antalya escort one side and then the other and then repeat.

One day her hand went down and she began stroking the top of my head. Then she began singing a lullaby. She suddenly pulled back, unaware that this was happening at first. Apparently the automatic mommie part of the brain takes over at some point.

The next time the same thing happened. But the following time she just gave in to nature and stroked my head with abandon as she sang a baby lullaby.

Every morning as I heard her car pull up I would get so excited. She was losing weight and she looked great. I bought her calcium so her bones would get brittle. I bought her Bag Balm down at the feed store. It was a lotion for cows teats to keep them soft.

She would leave little notes on my windshield. Lots of hearts drawn on them and I LOVE YOU, WN which meant wet nurse. She was fascinated with the wet nurses in 1800’s London and read books about them. Apparently the babies grew up and became earls and gave their aging wet nurses a stipend for life.

She had a boyfriend who did not know about this. At night she would pump at home. He did know about that. But not her visits to my place every morning.

On Sunday she would skip and on Monday morning she had a ton of milk. I mean a ton. I always slept a lot on Mondays. Like 3 hours. One morning she let slip “Honey” and then seemed very embarrassed. We went to lunch one day after my nap. I had a steak and she automatically began cutting up my steak in small pieces like one would do for a child.

As the weeks went on we got closer. I went to lunch one day with alanya escort her and her boyfriend. For some reason this was a big deal to her. I as sworn to secrecy and the goof who was not nursing her had no idea about us. During the meal she began playing footsie with me.

She went up one more bra size, I guess it was to a 34DDD and we had to order it on line it was so rare of a size. I asked he if she was nursing some one else to get that big and she told me that is was all due to me. this sort of turned me on. To have this much power.

I had to fly to a convention and she went into a complete panic about me crashing. I had to call her the moment I landed. This became a pattern. If she would hear of a fatal car crash on the radio, she would be calling me to see that I was safe. She knitted a scarf for me that winter. She developed a nickname for me of Bickey. I have no idea what the meant but that was my pet name from then on.

She began giving little wrapped gifts. These were soaps, lotions and once a rattle. When I unwrapped the rattle she was embarrassed. I guess he was in some sort of a mommie blackout when she bought it and had it wrapped.

Her car broke down once and I had to go to her place as she was getting very full and the pump could only do so much. We almost got caught by the boyfriend several times. She would call him to see where he was but we still almost got caught.

He finally told me she had induced and was pumping milk every night. He could not understand why she did not have to pump in the mornings. He liked her lactating as she had bigger boobs and was thinner.

That winter alanya rus escort I noticed that while everyone else had the flu, I was unaffected. Breasts, if suckled and the baby’s lips are on the areola, know what antibodies to make to fight off the flu or colds or even allergies.

I went to the doctor and he was shocked at how low my PSA level was. I later found out that nursing cures prostate cancer.

We became very close and she would bare her soul every morning. She would complain about the boyfriend, the beauty school teacher, etc. He sister died of a drug overdose and I found her in my arms crying. Things were heating up.

She had lost about 20 points and her face was chiseled and she looked like she was all boobs. I got her a T shirt at Hollister company that said WITH THESE, WHO NEEDS BRAINS. She once wore it when we went to lunch.

And we went to lunch more and more often. I had to eat salads as her milk was really putting the weight on me. But she ate like a horse to get protein to make the thick milk.

She answered an ad to be a wet nurse at a prenatal unit in the local hospital. She would go there in the evening and nurse premies who’s moms had no milk. But she began getting attached to the babies and when they left the hospital she was distraught. So we just went back to her and me.

About this time she graduated from beauty school and got a job in a Super Cuts type place but it was dead over there. I would go by and see her and she always had on some low cut top. She was pumping twice a day.

Then she moved back to Texas but would call when ever there was a storm, earthquake, etc. near my home. I still had to call before and after flying. I was made to swear that I would do this. I got many little cards and notes in the mail on a regular basis. Eventually she stopped talking Dom and dried up. I was weaned for good.

This is a true story and a fond memory. All from a Craigs list post.

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