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It was a perfect July afternoon on the Oahu’s North Shore. The sun was high, there wasn’t a cloud to be seen and the trade winds were bringing a steady, sweet breeze as only the Hawaiian trade winds can.

There was a pick-up volleyball game going on a few yards up the beach from my spot, so I split the better part of an hour between watching them and the surfers on the waves. I had brought some work to look over, but there was a stunning beauty wearing a blue and green bikini in the game and I had decided that work could wait.

I was watching a surfer perform a particularly fantastic thrown from the board-to-back flip-to-face plant, when suddenly I was surprised by a volleyball streaking by right in front of my face.


I retrieved the ball and threw it back to the beauty, “No problem!” I smiled, “I should expect that sitting so close to the game.”

When the game ended, the players parted into two groups. Five of them had left and the other five stayed to cool off in the ocean. Having given up on getting any work done today, I decided to go for a swim. The crystal clear water was refreshing as I submerged myself in it. I was headed back to my spot when I noticed that the woman I couldn’t tear my eyes away from was looking straight at me and smiling. I suddenly became very self conscious. Did I leave my shorts in the ocean? Was there something in my teeth? Was there something in my shorts? Did I leave my teeth in the ocean?

“Hey!” she waved.

I looked around and then back at her, “Me?”

“Yeah! We’re gonna play again, you want in?”


I trotted over to the court where the two guys and three women were and we introduced ourselves: Grettle, Mike, Carrie, Tom, and Bridgette. Bridgette was my amazon: long dirty-blonde hair pulled back in a pony-tail that ended just below her shoulder blades, standing a solid 6′ (the tallest of the group by several inches) and sporting a hard body, her bikini accentuating her long midsection and longer legs while highlighting the curve of her hips and full b-cup breasts.

Grettle was a petite platinum blonde with an enigmatic smile, a bubbly personality, and musical laugh that was almost contagious. Carrie was another stunner with close-cropped flaming red hair with a big chest and hips that called out to me as she sashayed along the beach. Mike and Tom were pretty much your generic-looking beach boyfriends. You could see that they worked out, but they weren’t as defined as I was, they both had short, dark hair and each stood at about 5’8″ to my 6’4″. I learned that before coming to Hawaii, the group had never previously met but were all staying in the same hotel. Grettle and Mike were from Houston, TX; Carrie and Tom were from Paradise, CA; Bridgette hailed from Minneapolis, MN.

The two couples wanted to be on the same teams so that left Bridgette and I heads up. Grettle and Mike may have been the shortest of all of us, but they certainly knew their way around a volleyball! I learned later that they had both were captains of their college teams and played as often as they could since they’ve graduated. Bridgette was no slouch either and played just as well as Grettle and Mike, but Carrie and Tom weren’t very good so the match wasn’t even close. Grettle, Mike and I won 15-2; 15-5; and 11-0. We all had a blast and were laughing and joking around like we had grown up together.

We went swimming again as the sun started to set, and afterwards, sitting on the beach and talking Mike lamented such a perfect day coming to an end. The sentiment antalya escort was echoed throughout the group.

“If you guys don’t want this to end just yet, my house is just down the beach a ways.” I suggested.

“Wait… You actually LIVE here?” Bridgette asked.

“For a couple of years now, yeah.” I replied.

We all looked at each other for a couple of seconds and then we all heartily agreed to go back to my place. We packed everything up and the two couples went to go get their rental cars and drove up the road to my house while Bridgette hung with me and we walked along the shore line.

“It’s so beautiful here.” Bridgette exclaimed, “It must be awesome to get to see stuff like this every night.”

“Well, not every night is as beautiful as this.” I told her.

Bridgette looked at me with a curious smile.

I stopped and turned to face her. With the moonlight shining in her eyes, and the soft breeze blowing in her hair, I have never in my life been blessed with a sight as perfect as this. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, anything.”

I wanted to ask her how long she was going to stay, I wanted to know if she had someone waiting for her back home, what her favorite color was, did she have any pets, any one of a hundred questions, but I looked into her eyes and all the things I wanted to ask her disappeared. I could only think of one thing so, I went for it. I kissed her, lightly at first, then with slowly increasing passion as she returned my kiss. I held her in my arms and she held my face in her hands. My cock became engorged and I smelled a new perfume on the air. The moment was magical. When we broke the embrace, we both giggled and walked up the path to my house holding hands. We were greeted with whistling and cat-calling on my patio. We both blushed and laughed at ourselves along with the rest of the group.

We all headed inside where I got everybody drinks and we ordered pizza and talked and laughed some more. As the night went on, we all started getting a little tipsy and touchy-feely. Carrie and Tom were making out on my couch, Carrie was sitting with her legs across Tom’s lap, their arms wrapped tightly around one another, Carrie was starting to moan softly; Grettle and Mike were basically fucking on my easy chair. Mike was sitting in the chair and Grettle had straddled him and was grinding herself onto him, Mike had released Grettle’s breasts from her top and was pinching and twisting her nipples and was kissing her neck, much to Grettle’s delight.

Bridgette and I were sitting very close together on the love seat, kissing and caressing each other with increasing intensity. Bridgette leaned in and started nibbling on my ear at the same time her hand found my painfully erect cock. She started stroking the length of it and whispered in my ear, “I think you need to take me upstairs now.”

Without any hesitation, I got up and lifted her into my arms and kissed her. To the other two couples, both of which were currently in a 69 position, I said, “Guys, my house is your house. Knock yourselves out.” This was responded to with a bunch of moans, slurps, and an excited squeal from Grettle.

I carried Bridgette upstairs to the master bedroom and laid her down on my king-sized bed. I sat down at the foot of the bed and started massaging her right foot. I worked my way up to her knee and then back down at which point I massaged her left foot, from her graceful toes, to her proud arches, her calloused heal, her sturdy ankle, and up her muscled calf to her knee joint and back antalya rus escort again. I put her left leg down when I was finished and started to massage both of her thighs and hips. When I reached her waist, I hooked my fingers into her bottoms and looked into her deep blue eyes. Bridgette nodded and I slowly pulled them down, revealing her clean-shaven womanhood. I brought her panties up to my nose and inhaled her scent. Bridgette looked at me and I smiled my approval, my cock head poking out of the top of my shorts. I wanted to just dive in and suck up all of her juices and completely ravish this beautiful creature until we both passed out from exhaustion, but I refrained. I wanted to take my time with her.

I got up from the bed and stood in front of Bridgette and offered my hand to her. She took it and sat up facing me. She untied my shorts and, pulling the waistband, freed my throbbing manhood causing it to bounce in front of her face, mere inches from her mouth. Bridgette licked her lips at my freshly-shorn bits and stuck her tongue out to touch the head. I flexed the muscle and caused it to jerk away, teasing her.

“Soon.” I assured her.

Bridgette pouted, but said nothing. I sat down on the bed, spread my legs and patted the mattress inviting her to sit in front of me. Bridgette eased back into me, my balls resting on her bottom and my prick sandwiched between her back and my stomach.

“It’s so hot, and I can feel it pulsing!” Bridgette giggled. “Is that all for me?” She smiled devilishly.

“This,” I flexed again causing Bridgette to jump a little, “is ALL for you.” I whispered into her ear.

I slowly pulled her top off over her head, freeing her firm breasts. They hardly jiggled at all and her nipples were standing at attention a full half-inch raised from her light-brown areolas. I reached into my bedside drawer and pulled out some massage oil. I poured a few drops on my hands and started working it in to Bridgette’s neck and shoulders, down her arms, then to her hands and exquisite fingers. I scooped my arms under hers and massaged her breasts while she ran her fingers through my hair and scratched her short nails along my neck and thighs. I continued pinching and tweaking her left nipple with my left hand while I snuck my right hand down to play with her sweet-smelling pussy. Bridgette arched her back and turned her head to kiss me. We were both moaning and panting and touching as much of the other’s skin as we could.

Bridgette abruptly broke our embrace and with look of pure, wonton lust she said, “If you keep petting my kitty like that, I’m gonna come all over your hand.”

“The problem with that is…?”

“I want to come in your mouth while I suck on that monster poking me in the back.”

With that Bridgette stood up, I slid down the bed, and she sat her succulent pussy on my face and went to town jacking and sucking my cock as if her life depended on it. I sucked her engorged clit into my mouth and then shoved my tongue into her opening as deep as it would go and growled into her. Bridgette responded by taking all of my 8.5″ straight into her throat with a guttural moan that almost made me come on the spot.

Bridgette started to play with my balls so I started massaging her taut ass cheeks. Bridgette took one of my balls into her mouth and I reamed her asshole. Bridgette’s squeal of delight encouraged me to venture further so I placed my finger at her puckered asshole and applied a small amount of pressure. Bridgette pushed back. I inserted antalya ucuz escort the tip and teased her clit with fluttering licks with my tongue. Bridgette once again took me directly into her throat and stuck the tip of her finger into my ass too. No one had ever done that to me before! It was weird at first, but it felt really good almost immediately. I showed my appreciation by inserting the index and middle finger of my left hand into her yawning quim, vigorously finger-fucking her while sucking on her clit, and I inserted the rest of my finger into her ass. Bridgette screamed her orgasm onto my cock and shoved the rest of her finger into my ass too. The combination of both of those made me lose it and I came directly down her throat. We were both thrashing about on the bed in the throws of passion, calling each other’s name, completely drenched in sweat.

After several minutes, we finally were able to speak again.

“That was…”


Bridgette put her hand on my cock and was excited to find it hard again. She looked at me and smiled her devilish smile again.

“Are you up for it?”

“Are you?” I challenged back.

Bridgette straddled me and after lining up her opening with my head impaled herself on me, eliciting satisfied moans from both of us. Bridgette’s vaginal walls gripped and milked at me with great force. The feeling was otherworldly. Bridgette squeezed her breasts in her hands as she ground on my cock. I had just put my hands on her waist for leverage when she released her breasts, pulled her own hair and started bouncing on my cock, my balls slapping her ass on her down-strokes. We were both lost to out passions grunting, groaning, calling each other’s names out. Her pussy felt so good bouncing up and down on my cock and I told her so. Bridgette was very vocal about how she appreciated my cock splitting her in half. After several crazy minutes, Bridgette slammed down on me, bottoming out and she came hard. It felt like my cock was in a vibrating vise, she clamped down so hard. I heard Bridgette call my name amongst a long list of obscenities before collapsing on my chest, my cock still buried in her to the hilt.

“Bridgette? You still with me?”

Bridgette slowly raised her head and looked at me with a blissfully content smile, “Wow.”

“And just think,” I said, flexing my cock inside of her setting off an aftershock, “I’m still not done!”

Bridgette brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked out my bay window.

“Oh my god, the sun’s coming up!” she cried, “fuck me doggie-style so we can watch the sunrise together.”

I was only too happy to oblige her and so, we watched the sunrise through my bedroom window while I slowly fucked Bridgette from behind. I could feel another huge load of come building up in my balls and Bridgette sensed it. “Are you gonna come for me now? I want to feel it inside me. I want you to empty those big-ass balls of yours deep in my pussy! C’mon baby, come inside me!”

I started fucking Bridgette deeper, harder and faster than ever and again we were both animals lost to our desires. I grabbed a handful of Bridgette’s hair and we came together. I came so much and so hard that I saw stars and almost blacked out. We both collapsed on my bed, our breathing ragged, completely spent. We didn’t realize that we had an audience until we heard the applause from the doorway.

The other two couples, Mike and Grettle and Tom and Carrie were watching us and had become so turned on that they started fucking too. Tom had Carrie bent over my dresser and Mike was standing holding Grettle in his arms and bouncing her on his cock. They came almost simultaneously and Carrie and Grettle cleaned up their men and then each other. Then they both came over and cleaned Bridgette together.

“So who’s up for breakfast?” Mike asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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