Called to the Boss’s Office

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Cum Swallow

Special thanks to hertsSub for taking time to edit and assist me with getting the story ready to publish.


I wasn’t sure why she had called me to her office. I had only been with the company for two days. Donna was my boss; she was everyone’s boss. She had a reputation as a real ball breaker from what I had heard. But, damn, she was hot! She had that look of a scorching woman who could really use a good fucking. Maybe her husband couldn’t handle her, or maybe he just couldn’t keep up. But, either way, she just oozed sexuality.

I made my way to her office, stopping for a moment to take a good long look at her secretary’s ass. Despite her conservative outfit, I could tell that she was hot. I gave her my sexiest smile, “Hi there, I’m Jack. I was told Donna wanted to see me.”

She looked up and returned my smile, “Have a seat. She will be with you in a minute.”

I asked if she knew why the boss wanted to see me. “Oh, she doesn’t need a reason.”

“So, I’m not in trouble?” I asked with a laugh.

This seemed to irritate her. “If you keep bothering me you will be!”

Dang, nice ass but no sense of humor. I sat there quietly, licking her with my eyes which almost seemed to make her skin crawl.

The inner office door opened and, without saying a word, the secretary just looked at me and then at the door. I heard Donna say, “Jacks, stop harassing my secretary and get your ass in here.”

I stood up and said as politely and contritely as I could, “Yes ma’am.” As I walked by her desk, I swear the bitch secretary smirked and giggled under her breath.

I walked into Donna’s office. She pointed to a chair and issued an abrupt “Sit.”

I was about to reply that I wasn’t her damn dog, but thought better of it. I just did as I was told without a word. Donna seemed to notice the slight hesitation on my part. I swear she was reading my mind when she said, “Good boy!”

Damn, what is it with the women at this company? I bit my tongue and looked her right in the eye so that she would know I was biting my tongue. She was enjoying this shit.

“You know you were making Sarah uncomfortable out there, what the hell were you thinking?”

“I was just trying to be friendly, I didn’t mean anything by it,” I replied.

“Friendly my ass,” she said with a look of disgust. “I was watching you, Jack. You were trying to flirt with her and when she didn’t melt at your feet you started undressing her with your eyes. You knew it made her uncomfortable but you just kept on. Just who the hell do you think you are, you arrogant bastard?”

“Whoa,” I stammered, “that’s a bit harsh, don’t you think?”

“Hell no, I don’t!” she shot back sternly. “You were totally out of line and I will not tolerate that kind of sexual harassment in this company.”

I really needed this job. I kept reminding myself just how much I needed this job. So I continued to bite my tongue and listen, trying to appear contrite. But the more she got herself wound up, the more I couldn’t help but think how totally fucking sexy she was. So passionate, so confident. I imagined her stretched out on her desk, her legs spread wide, rubbing her pussy with that same passion.

I worked myself up to my most innocent look, “Yes antalya escort ma’am, I won’t do it again, I promise.”

She almost looked disappointed that I hadn’t put up more of a fight. “You’re damned right you won’t. If you do, I will fire your ass on the spot. Do you understand me, Jack?”

I looked at her sheepishly in surrender with a soft “Yes ma’am.”

Her tone changed and softened just a little. “If you weren’t so damn good at what you do I would fire you right now. But I guess you know that don’t you?” I nodded without saying a word. “You have something of a reputation and you know that not all of it is good, don’t you?”

“Well I guess it just depends on who you ask I guess,” I replied.

“Do you know why I brought you into this company Jack?” As it happened, I really had no idea, but the chance to find out was too good to turn down. “I knew that you could be an asset to us. That much was easy. But I had more than that in mind…..” Now my interest was spiked.

“What exactly did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well,” she said after a long pause as she licked her pouty lips, “I have heard from someone I consider to be a very reliable source that, in addition to your work-related skills, you happen to possess some other, umm … ‘special’ skills that might make you of use to me…”

She raised her eyebrows and at that instant I was sure I sensed pure lust in her eyes. “Oh, er, special skills? What kind of special skills are you referring to?”

“Girls talk, Jack, and some secrets are just too good to keep to yourself. Janice Carden and I have been very close friends for years. We talk about everything, no secrets. We tell each other everything. And I do mean ‘everything,’ Jack.”

I knew immediately the exact “skills” she was talking about and I could feel the blood rushing to my cock as the reality of the situation hit me. I was going to get to fuck this incredibly hot woman—this woman that every man in town would kill to get a piece of.

She walked over to her office door, cracked it just enough to be heard, and told Sarah, “I am not to be disturbed.”

She closed and locked the door, turned and walked to the front of her desk. She stood in front of me and motioned for me to stand. I did. She looked me up and down.

“Damn you’re a big fucker. Get those clothes off and let me have a better look.”

I kicked off my shoes and began to slowly unbutton my shirt. I then unbuckled my belt and unfastened my pants. I swear she was already breathing hard just from watching me. I wondered how long it had been since she had gotten a good fucking. I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I just knew she was about to get a good one here and now. I looked her in the eye and gave her my best ‘I hope you’re ready for this’ look.

I slid my pants slowly down and stepped out of them, then stood up straight to give her the best view of my swelling cock. I slid my shirt off my shoulders. My undershirt and socks were off in a flash. I stood in front of my boss, naked. She looked me up and down as if inspecting a piece of meat. That’s all I was to her—and I loved it. I looked into her eyes and gauged her approval by the level of lust.

“No tan lines, I like that,” she said.

“Nope, lara escort never if I can help it,” I replied.

She sat on the edge of her desk and motioned me over. I stepped closer and reached out to touch her face. Her skin was soft but hot. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her as softly as a feather tickling a butterfly. I licked her lips softly and ran the tip of my tongue around her jawline to her earlobe. She wanted it hard and fast and she was hotter than fuck. I wanted to make her wait for it.

As I kissed my way lightly around her neck I began to massage her thigh with my other hand. As soon as I touched her she instinctively spread her legs. I swear I could smell her pussy. Damn, she was hot. As she spread her legs her hands ran up my arms to my shoulders. She pushed me downward. I licked her ear and whispered, “What? Where do you want me to go?”

“Don’t tease me dammit, you know what I want…”

“I’m not sure, you’ll need to give me some directions,” I teased. “Tell me Donna. Tell me what you want…..”

Pushing me down with force now, she turned my face to hers, “Lick my pussy. Lick it now!”

“Yes ma’am,” I said falling to my knees. I started with her inner thigh and licked my way up. She instinctively spread her legs. The emerald green lace panties she was wearing were already soaked. I softly licked at the lace and savored the aroma of her sex. I slid her panties down and off, brought them to my nose and made a show of letting her know that her smell was intoxicating to me. I playfully tossed them on the desk beside her and started softly licking and kissing my way up her other thigh slowly inching my way to her beautiful smooth shaven pussy which was dripping wet. Usually I like to tease a little and ease my way to a woman’s clit, but there was no warm-up needed for this one, she was a hot and as ready as any woman I had ever tasted. I wasn’t about to disappoint her. I reached around with both hands and grabbed her ass and pulled her me, I put my mouth over her pussy and used my lips to spread hers so that I could focus all of my attention on her clit. I zeroed in and attacked it with my tongue hard and fast. Almost immediately she began to cum and cum hard, her pussy was gushing and I could feel her fingernails digging into my head. I started sucking on her clit hard and she went off like a fucking rocket. I don’t know if I have ever felt a woman cum that hard. I could feel every muscle in her beautiful body tighten and convulse as her orgasms now came like waves. I could tell she was reaching the point where the intensity was almost more than she could take. But I didn’t stop. I alternated between sucking her clit and trying to set it on fire with my tongue. She couldn’t tell me to stop because she was way beyond speechless by now. She pushed my head away but I pulled her closer and relentlessly continued my attack on her throbbing clit. I wanted this to be an orgasm she would never forget and one that she would want a lot more of. She grunted and went limp.

She collapsed back onto her desk and I was afraid that she had passed out. As I looked up she was lying flat with her head on her desk and her arms open on each side. Her chest was heaving, rising and falling side escort with her breathing. Damn, she had a glorious pair of tits. I stood between her legs and reached up to unbutton her blouse. I pulled her bra down so that I could feast my eyes on her amazing breasts. Gazing playfully into her sexy green eyes I caressed each of her breasts with my open palms letting her stiff nipples slide between my fingers and tweaking them. I circled them with my fingertips softly watching her nipples grow even harder.

Still looking into her eyes without a word I slid my arms underneath her legs and raised them to my shoulders as I lined up my cock with her still pulsating pussy. Her eyes opened wide just as my heavy balls slapped her ass the first time. God I love that sound. I began to fuck her into total oblivion pulling her to me with my hands on her thighs each time I thrust into her. Her desk was the perfect height to give me just a little upward tilt so that my cock was hitting her G-spot on the way in and the crown of my cock-head hitting it on the way back out. I could tell she was getting into it and I could feel her squeezing on my cock with her inner muscles. I looked deep into her eyes; her face told me everything I needed to know. She was right where she wanted to be and getting what she had so badly needed for so long. I slowed my pace to let her catch her breath. I rubbed her legs massaging her calves, thighs, and feet. I rubbed her tummy and gently massaged those gorgeous tits, softly brushing her nipples which stood at full attention.

I fucked her slowly with long, slow strokes, telling her how beautiful she was. I told her how incredible she felt, how much I enjoyed being inside her, and how great she was making me feel. I could feel my own orgasm approaching and I picked up the pace of my thrusts. She could see in my eyes that I was getting closer. “Give it to me, give it all to me.”

I reached down with my thumb and began to rub her clit with firm circles as I got closer and closer. After only a few circles I could feel her pussy begin to spasm as she came again. I pushed deeper and deeper into her as I came, my cock pulsed and throbbed as I shot spurt after spurt of my hot cum into her. The feeling of emptying my balls into her hot pussy was breathtaking. I kept thrusting until I was shaking all over. Eventually, barely able to stand, I dropped to my knees and instinctively my mouth went straight back to her pussy. I absolutely love to lick a woman’s pussy any time but especially when it’s full of hot fresh cum from a good fucking. She seemed surprised, I don’t think she had ever had her pussy eaten after being fucked. Her legs were still shaking, resting over my shoulders, as I licked and sucked softly and slowly on her pussy, sucking as much of my sweet cum out as I could.

I wasn’t sure she could take another orgasm so soon, but I wanted to find out. I licked back up to her clit and flattened my tongue against it. She began to fuck my face. I had my answer. She grabbed my head and pulled me so hard I thought I would end up inside her. She came again, incredibly hard, squeezing my head between her thighs. When she stopped shaking I pushed my face softly into her tummy and wrapped my arms around her. As I enjoyed my favorite spot in the world, I felt her arms wrap around me as she rubbed and patted my head.

With a murmur as soft and sweet as any I have ever heard, she purred, “Mmmm, good boy.”

Damn! I think I’ve earned myself a raise. And it’s still only day


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