Chauffeur The

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If I was going to finish college, I needed to work for a year and earn some money. Their card on the employment board said they were looking for a chauffeur. Most students took jobs in related fields to their studies.

I shaved, got a haircut, put on my suit and went for the interview.

His office was on the top floor of a downtown high rise. He was a bit taller than me, handsome, black hair with a rising tide of grey around his ears.

“You’re resume’ looks good, and you seem well spoken, Thomas. Let’s go for a practical test.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Call me Arthur. Let’s go.”

We went down the elevator to the underground garage. Directly across from the elevator door was a big parking space with a sign over it. ‘Reserved For Mr. Rosenfeld’.

There was a seventies vintage Shelby Mustang sitting there. A uniformed man appeared and opened the driver’s door.

“Get in Thomas. This isn’t the car you’ll be driving of course. Turn right out of the garage.”

Well, even if I didn’t get the job I could brag that I once drove a real muscle car.

Two weeks later I got a call from Mr. Rosenfeld’s secretary.

“I’d like to offer you the job. It includes room and board. Here’s the hours and what it pays. How soon can you start, Thomas?”

“Anytime. The semester ended last week, and Friday I have to be out of the residence.”

“Good, lets start right now. You can drive me home.”

This time in his parking space was a Maybach limo. The only one I’ve ever seen in real life. The uniformed man, again magically appeared and opened the back door.

“Thank you Bill. Turn right and proceed to the 410 Thomas. It’s programmed into the onboard nav. system under ‘home’ naturally.”

The ‘Bitch In The Box’ led me to an area of rolling hills with stately well separated homes.

What nice people to work for. Arthur and his wife, Didi, insisted I address them by their first names, and although the job was theoretically 24/7 unless I was actually driving most of my time was my own. I soon settled into the routine. Drive Arthur to work at 0830, go back ‘home’, drive Didi if she wanted to go anyplace, then back downtown to pick up Arthur at 1730. Sometimes they would go out in the evening and I’d drive them.

One afternoon I drove Arthur to the general aviation terminal at the airport, then carried his bags to his private jet.

When I arrived back home Didi summoned me. She’s as tall as Arthur. Very elegant. Shapely body. Ash blond and beautiful. Her age could be anywhere from forty to sixty. Today she was wearing a knee length yellow and grey wool skirt and a pastel yellow long sleeve pullover cashmere sweater, and cream flats.

She got into the back as I held the door. The partition was down. “Thomas, turn right out the drive. I’ll show you where to go.”

I realized we’d gone around to the other side of the concession levent escort when she directed me up a lane through a bush. It opened to a clearing.

“Thomas, come back here with me.”

I sat beside her.

“Thomas, do you like working here?”

“Yes Mam.”

“Didi. Can you be discreet?”

“Yes, of course.”

“No girlfriend or boyfriend you’d be tempted to tell about your work here?”

“No ma- uh Didi. I’m not in any relationship. That’s why the hours don’t matter.”

“Not even an internet relationship?”

“No,no, nothing like that.”

“Actually, I know. Do you know we had you investigated?”

“Huh. Well, I guess that only makes sense.”

“Thomas, do you find me attractive? Pretty?”

Before I could answer she leaned over and kissed my cheek. Then my lips. She looked me in the eyes as her hands unbuckled my belt and pulled down my zipper.

“I want you to enjoy working here, Thomas.” She pulled my woodie out of my boxers.

“Pull down your pants Thomas.”

She slid across, ducking to clear the low roof. She lifted the hem of her skirt. No undies. She was crouched with her back to me as she lowered herself onto my cock.

“Mm, Thomas. Such a big boy.” She reached down and lifted my hands to her sweater.

I groped her breasts through the soft cashmere. She rolled her hips. It was so good. She picked up the pace. It had been so long. I couldn’t hold on.


“Sorry Didi, sorry.”

“That’s OK dear, lots of time to practice.”

She handed me a handful of tissues. “Time to get back to the house, Thomas.”

A few days later Didi said to bring her nineteen sixty nine red Mercury convertible with the white interior around. I wasn’t sure if I was driving or she was going for a drive alone.

“You drive, Thomas, and put the top down. It’s a beautiful day.

She was dressed a bit over the top. Like a sixties pinup girl or something. A pink knee length sundress with big white polka dots and a full skirt that flared out when a gust caught it. Her hair was wrapped in a red silk scarf that wrapped around her throat and tied with a little bow on her right shoulder. On her feet were pink open toe spike heels. Her sun glasses, earrings and necklace all matched. Wide pink plastic with rhinestones. The sunglasses were heart shaped with rose lenses. Her lipstick and nail polish were bright red. They matched the car. She sat in the front seat.

She directed me to a paved road that wound north around and over hills

and past farmland and forests.

“In the next village, let’s find a coffee shop, or local diner.”

Before we went inside she handed me a small pile of tens and twenties. “You should pay, Thomas.” Everyone turned and gave a quick appraising look at Didi when we entered. We sat in an old fashion mahmutbey escort booth with red vinyl benches.

We had coffee and fresh cinnamon buns. We chatted. Didi was an easy person to talk with.

“Ever wonder about our last driver?”

“Huh? Actually I hadn’t thought about it.”

“He had a girlfriend. He talked to her, and she was not happy about the extra ‘bonus’ he was getting.” Didi chuckled and so did I.

“I can understand that.”

Back in the car I went to give her the change and the rest of the money back. “You keep that for times like this. Arthur and I don’t carry cash and you can pay from this petty cash. Just let one of us know when you’re getting low.”

Then she affected a very proper English accent. “Take me home now, Boy.” We both laughed.

As we drove, her hands reached across and pulled down my zipper. She reached in and pulled Mr. Happy out.

Why did bench seats ever go out of style? What a beautiful drive. The soft suspension of the big Merc. The sunshine and warm breeze. The beautiful scenery. And Didi, head on my lap with my cock in her mouth.

One hand on the wheel, one hand stroking her back, I kept to the speed limit. There was little traffic. A few cars and trucks overtook us. I came gangbusters. Didi licked me clean and tucked me back in. She sat up and leaning against the door patted her lips with a hankie. “Did you enjoy that, Thomas?”

“Very much Didi.”

She didn’t even smudge her red lipstick. Amazing.

Next day I got a text to have the Maybach at the front by eleven thirty.

At eleven forty five Didi came out. On her feet were maroon spike heel sandals. Her skirt was a burgundy mid calf length. She wore a pink long sleeve bow collar silk blouse. Her blond hair was down, flowing over the wide grey fur stole wrapped around her shoulders.

“The country club Thomas.” She rolled the smoked glass partition up. The ‘Bitch in the Box” told me where to go. At least the machine had a nice voice. “Turn right in thirty meters.”

After Didi went inside the parking valet directed me to pull around the circle and park behind the dark green Bentley. As soon as I stopped it’s chauffeur came back to me.

“Hi, I’m Ed. You must be the Rosenfeld’s new driver.”

“Thomas. Nice to meet you Ed.”

“I’m the Crawford’s. Oh, here comes Frank with Mrs. Byl.

After introducing freak and me, we went around to the employee’s cafeteria and had a light lunch. This is one fancy club. When I went to pay the waitress just asked who my boss was, saying it would be debited to their account. Wow. The rich really are different.

Almost home, the partition still up, Didi called me on the intercom. “Thomas, you remember how to find the lane?”

“Yes Mam!”

Before I could get around to the right rear door to open it she maltepe escort was out and standing. Her blouse was off and the fur wrapped around her chest. It’s tail down her back

“Like this look, Thomas?”

“Wow, yes.”

She let it slip to her elbows. That was the first time I saw her breasts uncovered. Wow. Just the perfect size. Not to big, but plump and inviting looking.

“There’s a blanket in the trunk, dear, we don’t want any embarrassing grass stains.”

By the time I fetches and spread the blanket Didi had thrown the rest of her clothes (except for her shoes) into the back seat. “Bit over dressed aren’t you Thomas?”

By the time all my clothes were on the front passenger seat she was laying on her side on the blanket. Her left side down. Her chin supported by her left hand. Her right hand stroked her right thigh. Her eyes wandered up and down naked me. I dropped beside her and we kissed.

“Thomas, kiss me where it smells.”

“You want me to take you to Sudbury?” (copper and nickle mining town in Northern Ontario.)

We both laughed at the old joke.

I got right down to it, kissing and licking, with a little fingering too.

“Very good Thomas. Very …Aah!”

I kept lapping and fingering her tasty treat, wanting to make up for our first visit here. She came again, her heels drumming on my back.

“Baby, get up here and bone me.”

“Yes Mam!”

What a wild ride that was. Didi must have scared all the wildlife away. “Yes, yes! Don’t cum yet. Hold on Thomas. Not, not. Now! Aagh?”

We came together and lay there smelling the woods and the grass and the sex.

“We better get home now, Thomas dear. Don’t forget to send the blanket with the laundry, and get it back in the trunk for next time.”

Two days later I got Arthur at the airport. I felt so guilty I could hardly look him in the eye. He rolled the partition down.

“Did you look after my Didi while I was away, Thomas?”

“Er, Yes Sir.”

“What, so formal? This car has five hundred horses Thomas. I miss my Didi. Flog ’em.!”

The next morning when I drove him to work he told me to come up to his office when I came for him at quitting time.

His secretary had already left. “Come in and close the door.”

Oh oh.

“Have a seat, Thomas.”

I sat looking down at my hands clasped on my lap. Would he yell a lot before he fired me?

“Thomas, a relationship is built in trust. We have to be honest with each other. Do you understand that, Thomas?”

“Yes sir, Arthur.”

Good. Now. Didi and I have been together for a long, long time. We have no secrets. Another thing about relationships is that envy can tear them apart. Do you know that, Thomas?”

“Yes Arthur.” I studied my finger nails.

“so, you wouldn’t want me to be jealous of Didi. Would you?”

“No Arthur.” Here it comes, unemployment.

“Didi and I believe in sharing.”

Where was this going?

“This isn’t the first time for you, is it?”

Arthur lifted my chin. His cock was out of his fly, hard, and inches from my lips.

I smiled up at him, then wrapped my lips around his purple helmet.

What wonderful folks to work for.

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