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“Have you finished your political assignment yet, Cheryl?”

Not the sort of question I wanted asked, especially as I hadn’t even started the stupid thing.

“Ah, no, sir. Not quite. I don’t have all that much left to do, though.”

“Just remember it’s required by Friday week. Your work is a little borderline right now. Quite frankly, a failure on this assignment will put your position on the cheerleading squad in jeopardy. The school rules are quite firm regarding this. Anyone who is not sustaining passing grades is dropped from the squad until they get their marks up.”

Bloody hell. I couldn’t afford to be dropped from the squad. There was a ton of younger girls wanting in. If I got dropped I’d never get my place back. I’d have to do something about making sure I handed in a good assignment.

– – –

“Simon, have you got a moment?”

I was startled. Cheryl, one of the cheerleaders was deigning to speak to me? She’d never even acknowledged that I attended the same school before. Now she was cooing sweetly and smiling. At me. She wanted something.

Man, that girl is good. Even though I knew she was having me on she still persuaded me, against my better judgement, to help her with her assignment. The assignment would be no problem. I’d done three different versions when I was doing mine, trying to get an assignment that would get up the nose of the professor and still get a good pass mark. I could rework one of my rejects for Cheryl.

It’s a joy to watch her operate. She’s blonde and beautiful, and she has a brain, even if she does seem reluctant to use it. At sixteen, she had all the boys on the campus watching her. Now that she was the ripe old age of eighteen she was leading them all around by the nose.

She cooed at me, and flattered me, and hinted at wild delights that would be mine. Without actually saying it the message came across loud and clear. If I gave her some major help with her assignment then I could expect a decent reward. The insinuation was a date and maybe some real quality time with her as part of the date. What could I do but accept?

Things promptly went the way I thought they would. She was sorry, but she couldn’t make the first appointment to start the assignment. Could I start it for her? No worries, Cheryl. Of course I can.

– – –

“I thought you had arranged to see Simon tonight and get your assignment started,” observed Jenny when I ran into her after cheerleading practice.

“Get real,” I said, laughing. “Simon will do the lot. I’ll just keep sweet-talking him and keep him on a hook until it’s done.”

“Not very nice. I assume that the date you insinuated will happen isn’t going to?”

“Fat chance. If he really thinks I’d go on a date with him, or do any of the other things he’s dreaming about, he’s an idiot. The guy’s a loser.”

“If he’s a loser, why have you conned him into doing your assignment?”

“Because he’s a very brainy loser. He’ll be able to produce a dry as dust assignment that will have old Eddings smiling at me and congratulating me for my rare insight.”

“Still, it’s not very nice to use Simon like that.”

“He can look on it as a learning experience,” I said. “After all, this is a school.”

– – –

The assignment work went on in much the way I’d envisaged. I’d suggest a time to meet, Cheryl would agree and then cancel at the last moment. Would I be a sweetie and just go on with it by myself? Of course. No problems.

After a week the assignment was complete and in Cheryl’s hot little hand. She actually had three days to spare. As soon as she had it her attitude changed.

Talk about the quick kiss off. A date? Was on earth was I talking about? She’d never promised to go on a date. It was all in my imagination. Thanks for the help. And she was gone, walking away, her bottom swishing happily from side to side.

I went home and relaxed, waiting for a phone call.

It came later that evening. She was crying and almost incoherent. It seemed that she’d finally got around to reading the assignment I’d prepared for her. I interrupted her wailing.

“Cheryl, I can’t understand a word you’re saying. Why don’t you come around to my place and we can discuss whatever little problems you’ve got?”

She was reluctant but desperate. She didn’t have time to start doing an assignment from scratch. All she could hope to do by herself was bring the one I’d given her up to a standard that might get her a pass mark, if she was lucky, and if old Eddings was feeling generous.

Cheryl was banging on my door fifteen minutes later. I let her in and she stormed past me and flung herself down on the couch, glaring at me.

I just stood there, smiling politely and waited to hear what she had to say. I took her a couple of moments to get her thoughts together and then she started.

“How could you do this to me?” she demanded, shaking the assignment in the air. “If I handed this in I’d be a laughing stock. It’s a guaranteed fail, and I’d be out of the squad maslak escort and I’d never get my place back. This thing is so bad I’d be lucky not to get kicked right out of the college.”

“Could be worse,” I pointed out.

Cheryl looked at me as though I was mad.

“Worse? How could it possibly be worse?”

“You might have handed it I without reading it.”

She looked appalled at the thought. I guess that was what she had originally decided to do before realising she should know what she’d supposedly written.

“But why? Why did you write this, this, garbage?”

“I thought you’d probably cheat, being all soft words and insinuated promises and then nothing. So in the spirit of friendly co-operation I decided that you cheat, I cheat. Fortunately, there is a way out of this situation.”

Cheryl brightened up at that. I could see her mind working. If I knew a way out she was sure that she could get it out of me.

“What way?” she asked, a sweet and gentle smile on her face. She looked absolutely stunning.

“Well, before I can give you the details, you’ll have to take your clothes off,” I calmly told her. “I can’t trust your word, now can I? So when you’re sitting their naked I’ll explain how easy it will be for you to resolve your problem.”

Cheryl stared at me in shock, mouth open.

“You expect me to take off my clothes in front of you? If you’re hoping for sex, forget it. Not going to happen. No way. I’d sooner fail.”

“I didn’t say anything about having sex. I said you had to take off your clothes before we continue discussing this. Don’t worry. I’m not a rapist. Anything that goes on will be with your full consent.”

Not necessarily her informed consent, but I skipped lightly over that.

“And you have a solution to the assignment?”

I said nothing, waiting.

“Well do you or not?”

I looked her up and down and played Brer Fox – I smiled an evil smile.

Cheryl glared at me, chewing on her lip. She needed a proper assignment and we both knew it. She finally jumped to her feet with an angry grunt. Not looking at me her dress came off, revealing a fetching figure in lacy panties and bra. She went to sit down again, stopping when I said, “Naked means naked.”

I received a killing look and she hesitated for a moment. Then panties went down and she unhooked her bra. Naked, she hurriedly sat, legs together and arms folded across her breasts, blushing.

“Well, do you have a solution or not,” she demanded.

“I do, but the first thing I want to discuss is the fact that you tried to cheat me. You may protest and argue semantics and say I read too much into what you did say, but when you get to the bottom line, you tried to cheat.”

She glared at me, but I hadn’t really left much room for a debate. We both knew the truth.

“I suppose that this means I have to go on a date with you before I get a proper assignment,” Cheryl guessed.

“No. I have no intention of coercing you into a date. When I want a date with you I’ll take my chances and ask and you’ll be free to say yes or no.”

“Then what do you want? And you’d better not say sex.”

“Well, sex would be very nice, but I won’t force the issue. No, I propose to punish a naughty little cheat the way you deserve. I’m going to spank you.

You can opt for sex if you’d rather,” I added.

“You’re not laying a finger on me,” gasped Cheryl. “You’ve got rocks in your head. What makes you think I’d agree to you spanking me?”

“One, you need the assignment. Two, you’re sitting there naked, and that shows how desperate you are.”

I strolled over to the couch and sat next to her, smiling as she cringed away a little.

“Now why don’t you be a good girl, stand up and bend over my knee.”

“How do I know you’ve got a proper assignment for me?” she hedged.

“You don’t. You’ll have to take my word for it. However, I will say that not only do I have a proper assignment but I also have some CliffNotes for it. You’ll have time to study them so that if old Eddings gives you an oral on your assignment you’ll be able to answer him. You may even learn something.”

Cheryl did some more lip chewing, obviously wondering if she could sweet-talk her way out of the fix she was in. A glance at my face seemed to persuade her that no, she couldn’t. She gave me a killing look and stood up, facing me. I gently tugged her forward and she settled across my lap like she belonged there.

“It’s almost a pity to do this,” I murmured, gently rubbing my hand over her bottom. “This is almost a work of art. Many people seen it like this?”

“What do you mean by that crack,” came the wrathful query, “and will you stop patting me.”

“Well, I’m assuming you’re not a virgin, I’ll admit, and I was just wondering how many lucky men there have been,” I said blandly. “You are a non-virgin, aren’t you? And I’m just rubbing to get a feel for my spanking target.”

“It’s none of your business mecidiyeköy escort bayan whether I’m a virgin or not. Stop feeling me. If you’re going to spank me, just do it.”

“You’re saying you are a virgin? I hadn’t expected that. It’s a downright shame no-one has played with these with serious intent.”

The ‘these’ I referred to was a soft and shapely breast which I cupped with my free hand. Cheryl started to rear up away from my hand, hastily subsiding when she found that this was causing the hand rubbing her bottom to slip around towards forbidden territory.

“I didn’t say I was a virgin,” she said, sounding as though she was speaking through clenched teeth. “Will you stop touching me and start the spanking.”

“Oh, right,” I said, lifted my hand and brought it firmly down on her bottom.

Cheryl gave a yelp, and then another as another spank landed. I’d thoughtlessly overlooked the request to take my hands off her, with the result that her breast was still cupped in my hand. I became very much aware of it as Cheryl wriggled, rubbing it against me. Not that I was objecting, mind you.

After a couple more firm spanks I decided to continue the conversation.

“I’m confused,” I said, with a firm spank. “First you insinuate that you are a virgin, and then you suggest that you’re not. Which is it?”

I emphasised the important words with a nice little spank for each of them. Cheryl was squealing and protesting, but not physically trying to stop me. I paused for a moment, hand resting on her bottom, fingers idly drumming against her pussy. (Hey, if she didn’t want me to touch her there she should keep her legs together.)

“I’m not telling you either way,” she snapped at me. “It’s none of your business. And will you stop groping me and just do the damn spanking. Shouldn’t it be over now?”

“Oops. Sorry,” I said, stopping the pussy drumming. The spanking resumed.

“Your other hand. Will you please move it?” squealed Cheryl.

“This one?” I asked, gently rubbing her breast, feeling the nipple harden against my palm. Or had it already been hard? “Sorry,” I added, and reluctantly moved it until it rested on her back.

Cheryl’s had pulled her legs together after I stopped drumming on her pussy, apparently aware of her vulnerability in that area. Now, unfortunately, they had drifted apart again, leaving her pussy exposed again.

When the first spank land on her pussy, Cheryl screamed. A scream that was out of all proportion to the power of the spank. I mean, it was a relatively gentle spank, even if it had covered her pussy. When she screamed again at the second one I decided I should mention it.

Leaving my hand resting comfortably on her pussy I raised the question.

“What on earth is your problem? There’s no need to scream like that. Those last two spanks were relatively mild.”

“Maybe,” she snarled, “but that’s not my bottom you’re spanking. Don’t touch me there. Move your hand.”

“Oh. Sorry again,” I said. “It’s just when you spread your legs like that I thought you wanted me to spank you here.”

All consideration, I rubbed my hand back and forth to show her where I meant.

“Why would I want to be spanked there? Just move your hand.”

“Some women get excited by it,” I said. Moving my hand away I could see that Cheryl was one of those women. Her lips were flushed and swollen, and had flowered slightly revealing her inner lips puffy softness.

“Well I don’t,” gasped Cheryl. “Just finish it would you.”

“OK. We’ll call it quits,” I said generously. “Are you sure you don’t enjoy it though. You look all hot and flushed and wet. Especially just here.”

‘Here’ was pointed out by a finger probing gently against those puffy inner lips, sliding into her when they yielded. Hot and wet was right.

Cheryl seemed to shudder slightly and shut up. I could feel her pussy closing firmly around my finger. I gently cupped her breast again while gently massaging inside her. The condition of her hymen answered the virginity question for me. It would seem not, which I was grateful for.

“Please stop doing that,” Cheryl finally managed to say.

Reluctantly I withdrew my hands, casually resting one on her bottom and the other on her back.

“Are you going to make me have sex now?” she asked, resignation plain in her voice.

“No,” I replied.

“You’re not?” she demanded. “Why not?”

“Because I told you earlier that I wasn’t going to demand sex. While I’m sure I’d enjoy it I’m not going to coerce you into having it. The spanking will suffice.”

Cheryl gave a little, “Oh,” and I couldn’t tell if she was relieved or disappointed.

I swung her to her feet and stood up. I started undoing my belt.

Cheryl’s eyes opened wide as she looked at me.

“What are you doing?” she asked, seeming all nervous again.

“I’m getting undressed,” I pointed out. “If you are still naked when I’ve taken off my merter escort clothes I am going to lie you down on that couch and make love to you.”

“You said you weren’t going to make me have sex,” she protested.

“Then you’d better hurry up and get dressed hadn’t you.”

I took off my shirt. Cheryl was standing there as though paralysed, not even reaching for her clothes. I was down to my underpants before she finally moved and grabbed for her panties.

“Ah, Cheryl,” I said, as she scrabbled to start putting her panties on. “This is just a suggestion but instead of putting those on, why don’t you take these off?”

I plucked at the side of my underpants. It was blatantly obvious what was under them.

“I don’t have to,” she said. “You can’t make me.”

I just gave her my most evil smile and waited. She stood there, looking at me, clutching her panties to her, her eyes twitching down to where my erection pressed against my trousers and then looking away. I figured the chances were very much in my favour. She was aroused and naked. It was going to take her more effort to say no than it would to yield.

I was right. I saw her swallow and then she dropped her panties. Then she dropped my shorts. She knelt in front of me and drew them down, watching intently as my erection came free. I stepped out my shorts, and then put a hand gently on top of her head before she could rise.

“It will go in more easily if it’s nice and wet,” I murmured.

She flicked a red-faced glance up at me, and then lightly took hold of my cock. Her head moved over it and I could feel her mouth engulfing me. I wanted to shout “YES”, and had to bite my tongue to restrain myself. Then Cheryl’s head started bobbing as she worked on my cock.

I had one thing in common with Cheryl. I wasn’t a virgin. I’ve had and used erections in the past and expect to do so in the future. But I’ll swear I’ve never had an erection like the one that Cheryl was forcing on me. Now I know why they call them blow jobs. They cause your cock to blow up like a balloon. I could feel myself swelling to bursting point. It was an act of sheer desperation when I lifted Cheryl’s head away from me.

She saw the look on my face as I lifted her and twisted so that she was flat on her back on the couch, and the look on her face was the triumphant look of a cat that had got both the cream and a canary as a side dish. Smug doesn’t even start to cover it.

She remained smug as I moved over her, preparing to take her. Then she glanced down at my erection and I was relieved to see that she looked just a tiny bit apprehensive. I pushed one leg off the couch and then I was coming down towards her. I was rough, I admit it. I sensed that Cheryl didn’t mind, actually relishing being treated roughly. Spreading her lips I pushed between them.

I paused for a moment after that initial entry, flicking a glance towards her face. A waste of time. She was staring hard at where I was joined to her, a look of anticipation on her face. So I drove in hard.

Cheryl shrieked, lifting her legs high, helping me to fill her. Then her legs closed around my waist. And I mean around my waist. Not around my legs or my thighs or my buttocks. Her legs came lifting up, and around my waist they went, holding me deep within her.

My hands closed over her breasts. There was no gentleness in me at the moment and Cheryl wanted none. Her hands dug into my shoulders and I was mighty glad that cheerleaders had to have short nails. Long nails would have scratched me so deeply I’d have been hospitalised.

We took each other, starting hard and fast and continuing that way. I mauled her breasts while thrusting hard into her. Cheryl raked her nails down my back while energetically responding to my thrusting need, meeting my needs with her own.

We gasped and panted and pounded. Cheryl was noisy, squealing when I drove in hard, moaning and tossing her head from side to side as we went at it. We bucked hard against each other, two wild creatures come together for a vigorous mating.

I took her, pounding her as hard as I could for as long as I could and she stayed with me every step of the way. They say it takes time to adjust to a new lover. In our case the time was the time it took for that first thrust. We just seemed to fit.

We made love violently on that couch, each ravishing the other and taking enjoyment from it. When my release came I thought I was dying. From the sobbing scream Cheryl gave I also thought that she had died.

Afterwards I dug out the assignment and the notes that went with it and gave them to Cheryl. I also advised her that if she didn’t both read the assignment carefully and study the notes, she’d be an idiot. She solemnly swore that she would. She was halfway to the front door, clutching the assignment before I suggested that she might like to get dressed before she stepped outside.

– – –

“Hey, Cheryl, did you get your assignment done?” Jenny asked me at our next practice.

“Of course,” I said. “Simon was a great help.”

“I bet he was, poor fool. And did you make the grade? I hear that old Eddings can be a rough marker.”

“I passed with flying colours. He suggested that I had help and I admitted that I had been given some assistance by a friend. He insisted on giving me an oral on the assignment and I passed without any problems.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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