Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 12

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Thanks to my editor cheer_smartie526 for all the suggestions and corrections.

Let me know what you thought of this story, I am on the fence about bringing the “Amanda” Character back.


Lynn hung up the phone. She had invited Rick over with a very ambiguous offer. She wasn’t trying to be deceptive, but asking him come meet her friend that was a total prick tease did not sound like an offer he would accept. Lynn glanced at her friend, she was not much to look at, but somehow had an incredibly erotic presence.

“He is on his way,” Lynn said.

“You think he will agree to my terms?” Her friend asked.

“Yea, he tends to be very agreeable when naked women are involved. And you can be pretty persuasive,” Lynn answered, “Still just touching, no sex?”

“Just touching.”

“I don’t get you. You work for a phone sex company, but you have never been with a guy,” Lynn said.

“That means so much coming from you, the honor student that fucks like a bonobo monkey.”

“Say rabbit, nobody gets that reference,” Lynn scolded.

“You do, and I was talking to you.”

“Whatever. I’m not denying I am weird, I’m just saying you are weirder.” Lynn said.

“I will agree to that,” her friend replied.

“You know, Rick is pretty good, he could be your first,” Lynn teased.

“There’s always a chance, but it hasn’t happened yet. Guys are perverts, trust me, they prove it every day.”

“I could be your first,” Lynn said.

“I’m not a lesbian, Lynn.”

“Neither am I, but I am curious. I mean, guys do all kinds of stupid shit to get in my pants, so sex with a woman has to be pretty amazing, right?” Lynn asked.

“It’s something in their DNA, they just can’t help themselves.”

“And we are better than that?” Lynn questioned.

“Maybe, maybe not,” he friend teased back.

“I think he is here, are you ready?” Lynn inquired.

Both the women looked out the window. Lynn’s friend gasped when she saw Rick. She had played this game a few times before, but not with a physical specimen like this one. She took his features, from his broad chest and strong legs to details like the length of his fingers. She began to calculate how each of them would fit into her plan. She already felt aroused, more so than the other times she had done this. She wondered if she would be able to control him. It was a good thing she had brought something more potent than the riding crop to keep him in line. He would probably just laugh at her old toy.

“Yes, yes I am,” her friend answered.

“Hi Rick,” Lynn said as she opened the door.

“Hello Lynn,” Rick replied, stepping inside.

“I’m glad you could come over, and I think you will be too.”

“I have to admit, I am a bit intrigued by what you said on the phone.”

“This is something that will need to stay between the three of us. Is that okay?” Lynn asked.

“Do you have a mouse in your pocket? I only see the two of us.” Rick said.

“My friend wanted to be certain you were okay with what she wants before she comes out to meet you.”

“Let’s hear what she wants,” Rick said.

“She wants you tied up and naked.”

“That sounds pretty good,” Rick replied.

“But you don’t get to fuck her.”

“Is she going to be naked?” Rick asked.

“Yes, and you get to touch her. Are you in?”

Rick took a deep breath. Just talking to Lynn had him pretty aroused. He knew nothing about her friend, other than the promise she would be naked. He wondered if this was some kind of trick or joke. He looked at Lynn. She did not look like she was trying to trick him. She looked horny. Rick could see her nipples protruding through her shirt. She looked eager. Her eyes begged him to say yes.

“Okay, I’m in. When do I meet your friend?” Rick asked.

“How about now?” said a voice from behind him. Rick turned to see a thin woman walking towards him. She was just over five feet tall, wearing a T-shirt and skirt. Her brown hair hung loosely around her shoulders and just covered her tits. Just like Lynn her nipples were obviously erect. Her breasts were smaller than Lynn’s, probably an A cup. Completing her outfit was an eye mask resting on her high cheek bones.

“Hi, I’m Rick,” he said, extending his hand.

“Hello Rick,” she replied, shaking his hand.

“What’s your name?” Rick asked.

“Whatever you want it to be.”

“Rick,” Lynn interrupted, “my friend values her privacy even more than you do. She’s not from around here, and you will probably never see her again. Give her whatever name you want.”

“But choose it carefully,” Lynn’s friend added, “You may be saying it in your sleep when you dream about me.”

Rick paused. Lynn’s friend was certainly not as sexy as Lynn. He wondered what she did that warranted such a production. He looked at her again, trying to think of a suitable name. She was thin and fit, like a distance runner. She had a pleasant smile and deep blue eyes that the mask could not hide.

“How about anadolu yakası escort Lorraine?” Rick said

“No,” Lynn interjected,” That is to classy. How about Amanda?”

“You are such a dirty little slut Amanda, now get on your knees,” her friend said, almost spitting the works out, “I like that. Let’s go with it.”

“So what are we going to do, Amanda?” Rick asked.

“You are going to take off your clothes and put this on,” she said holding up a leather collar.

“Then what?” Rick asked

“Then I am going to attach a steel cable to the collar with a padlock. I’m a bit of a control freak. It is very important that you do what I tell you, and only what I tell you.”

“You aren’t going to piss on me, or anything freaky like that are you? “Rick asked.

“No, nothing like that,” Amanda assured him.

“Then what?”

“I can tell you what you are not going to do. You are not going to fuck me. Now follow me down to the basement so we can get started,” Amanda said.

“Is Lynn going to join us?” Rick asked

“She can accompany us and watch, but I don’t think she will join in.”

“How about it Lynn, do you want to watch this spectacle?” Rick inquired.

“Oh, I would not miss this for the world,” Lynn answered.

Rick followed Lynn and Amanda down the stairs. He noticed that Amanda did not have much of an ass either. He began to wonder if this was some sort of prank again. He decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and continued to play along. In the middle of the room was a low padded bench up against narrow column. A steel cable was wrapped around the column.

“Take off your clothes and sit there,” Amanda said, pointing to the bench.

Rick slowly removed his clothes. When he slipped his shorts off his erect cock sprang into view. Both girls smiled as they looked at his dick. Rick folded his clothes and set them on the ground then took a seat on the bench. Amanda walked behind him. He felt the collar on his neck, and heard the padlock latch shut.

“The collar has a steel cable in it, the only way you are getting out is with either the combination or bolt cutters. I have both, but you won’t get them until after I am gone.” Amanda said.

“Good to know,” Rick replied.

“And, if you don’t behave”, Amanda said, holding up a black box, “I have this.”

She pressed a button and bolt of electricity crackled between the two terminals of the stun gun.

“I used to have a riding crop, but that only encouraged bad behavior. Some guys are just freaks,” she said with a grin.

“I can only imagine,” Rick replied.

“I assure you this is not enjoyable,” she said sternly, “although thirty thousand volts does have a way of clearing your mind,”

“I think I can behave”, Rick replied, wondering what he was in for. He considered calling her bluff, knowing that if he was touching her the shock would travel through his body to hers. Rick decided to play along and remained quiet.

Amanda pulled her shirt over her head. Her skin was a uniform dark tan. Swollen pink nipples stood out from her cone shaped breasts. Her areolas were puffy and slightly larger than a quarter. Rick watched as she slid her skirt to the ground. She stood in front of him wearing only a black thong. She put her hands on her breasts and began tugging on her nipples.

Out of the corner of his eye Rick noticed Lynn was removing her clothes as well, but keeping her distance. He continued to watch Lorraine as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her thong. Slowly she slid it down her legs, revealing a small strip of hair above an otherwise bald pussy.

“I’m going to sit in your lap with my ass against your cock,” Amanda said matter of factly, “and you are going to finger me until I cum. If you please me I will turn around and grind against your cock until I am done with you. Any mess you make will have to be cleaned up before I leave. Do you understand?” she said, lifting her eyebrow to punctuate her question.

“Yes Ma’am”, Rick said sarcastically.

Rick regarded the woman in front of him. Her appearance was unremarkable. He would not give her a second look in a club or at the beach. But now, here, he wanted her. He wanted to bend her over and drive his cock into her until he exploded. Something about the way she talked made her unbelievably sexy.

She slowly walked towards him. When she was directly in front of him she slowly turned and sat down. She was on the edge of the bench, right between his legs. She moved back until her firm ass pressed against his engorged cock.

“Okay, you can touch me now,” she whispered.

Rick put his left hand on her hip. She was so thin that his thumb reached past the center of her back and his fingers rested on the inside of her thigh. He reached around her with his right hand, gently stroking the neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair. He felt her ass press against his erection. Rick moved his right hand down, spreading her legs apart with arnavutköy escort his fingers. He ran the tip of his index finger over her clitoris, causing her to moan. With his thumb and pinky he slowly stroked the inside of her thighs. Finally his index finger slipped between her swollen labia. She felt hot and wet. The two fingers that were between her legs were completely soaked. Rick pressed the tip of his finger inside her.

“Oh that feels good,” Amanda moaned.

“I want you,” Rick replied.

“You want your cock inside me, don’t you?” she asked.

“I just want you to cum,” Rick answered.

Rick gently pushed her forward with his left hand. Her ass felt a lot better than he thought it would, and he wanted to make sure he lasted until she turned around. Rick felt her lean back and put her head on his shoulder, giving him an unobstructed view of her breasts. He licked his lips as he stared at her puffy dark nipples. The swollen rosebuds stood out from her firm pointy tits. Rick was pretty sure he could fit her entire breast in his mouth. He longed to find out.

Amanda moaned as Rick pushed his finger inside her about an inch. He arched his finger, deliberately avoiding her clit. He could feel her contracting around him, almost like she was trying to suck him in. Rick moved his digit back and forth, slowly penetrating her over and over. He continued to stroke her thighs with his finger and thumb.

“Does my tight little pussy feel good?” Amanda whispered in his ear.

“So good,” Rick replied.

“I’m wet and horny for you. I want you to fill me up. I may look small, but I can take all you have,” she said.

“Oh really?” Rick asked.

“Lynn told me what you two did. Is that what you want to do to me? Do you want to fuck me with your big hard cock?”

Rick paused. Lynn was supposed to be sworn to secrecy about their encounter. He wondered if Amanda was bluffing, if this was just part of her dirty talk. Rick glanced over at Lynn. She had one hand between her legs and the other tugging on her nipple. Her eyes were focused on Amanda. Rick looked back at the puffy pink pebbles on Amanda’s tits.

“You want me on my back with my legs wrapped around you, just like Lynn. You want to ram your cock into my tight little hole don’t you? I want you to come all over my tits, just like you did to Lynn.” Amanda whispered in his ear.

Rick felt a sense of relief. It sounded like she was just talking dirty, that Lynn had not betrayed his confidence. Rick began to enjoy her monologue now that his concerns were set aside. He thrust his finger deep into her and pressed down on her clit with the heel of his hands. Rick heard Amanda gasp as he moved his finger in and out of her sex. She felt incredibly tight.

Amanda pushed back, forcing herself against Rick’s cock. Her quick movement caught Rick by surprise. Amanda was much stronger than she appeared She was grinding her ass against his erection and Rick felt his orgasm slowly building. Rick knew the race was on now. He had to bring her to orgasm before she did the same to him. He craned his head forward. Rick pursed his lips and blew onto her breast. He saw goose bumps appear where his cool breath hit her sweaty skin. At the same time he pushed two fingers deep inside her. She moaned in response, and then squeezed his cock with her ass.

“Are you thinking of shoving your big hard cock in my boney little ass? I bet you would like that. I bet you would like to ass fuck poor little Amanda until you cum,” she hissed. She looked to her right. Lynn was laid out on the sofa. Her legs were spread wide and she was shoving two fingers in and out of her pussy. Her other hand was in her mouth. Amanda was a bit stunned when she saw Lynn take her hand out of her pussy and put it into her mouth. Lynn’s other hand when from between her lips to between her legs.

Rick focused on what he was doing to her, trying not to think about what she was saying.

Rick felt her start thrusting her hips towards his hand. She felt tight around his fingers. He knew that he was pulling ahead in the race. They both heard Lynn moan from across the room. Rick remained focused on what he was doing. He knew that seeing Lynn finger herself to orgasm would not help him at all.

When Amanda saw Lynn she gasped and her body stiffened. Suddenly Rick felt his fingers getting drenched as Amanda’s pussy gripped him tightly. He felt Amanda’s breathing begin to slow down. She reached around and stroked his cock with her hand.

“It looks like you made it to round two,” she said as she stood up and turned around.

Rick took a moment to look at Amanda again. Her lithe body was covered in sheen of perspiration, pasting her brown hair to her breasts. Her lips parted to reveal a bright smile. Rick glanced down to see that her labia looked slightly puffy and very wet. He felt his cock ache at the sight. Rick knew there was no chance he was going to withstand her rubbing his erection. She had told him that ataköy escort any mess would have to be cleaned up. He wondered exactly what that meant.

Rick noticed Lynn walking towards them, dragging a chair behind her.

“I’m getting a front row seat for this show,” she said, settling into the chair.

“You can look but don’t touch,” Amanda replied.

“That’s going to be a challenge,” Lynn said, looking right at Amanda’s puffy nipples and licking her lips.

Rick remained silent, taking note of the fact that Lynn was still looking at Amanda. She had not so much has glanced at him. His mind pictured Amanda and Lynn together, and he felt his cock ache again. He wondered if he should tell Amanda that he was going to cum all over her. He hoped she would not be mad.

Slowly Amanda climbed onto Rick’s lap. She draped her legs over his thighs and wrapped her arms around his neck. She still had the stun gun in her hand. Rick put one arm behind Amanda’s back with his hand on her neck. He stroked her hair with his other hand.

“Can I touch your breasts?” Rick asked.

“Not with your hands and not with your mouth. You will have to be creative,” Amanda replied.

Rick felt Amanda move forward in his lap. Her pussy felt like liquid fire as she pressed her body against his. Rick watched as his erection cleaved her labia apart. It felt like she was melting as she ground herself against him. Rick gathered her hair in his hand. Rick snapped his wrist and whipped the bundle of hair against her nipple. A grin spread across his face when she moaned in response. Rick tightened his grip on her neck as she squirmed in his lap.

“Just say the word and I will fuck your brains out,” Rick moaned.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” she replied.

“Oh, you would like it to. You know you want to ride my big hard cock”, Rick whispered to her.

“I’ve got to admit, it is tempting”, she replied, “but it is so much more fun to tease you.”

Rick flailed her hair against her tits again. In return she took her hand off his neck used her fingers to smear her wetness over the head of his cock. Rick clenched his jaw and tightened his muscles, trying to hold back his orgasm. He looked her directly in the eye. She stared back at him with a combination of lust and determination. Rick let go of her neck and moved his hand down to her ass. He expected her to fall backwards when he stopped supporting her, but she did not waiver. Amanda anchored herself to Rick by wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. Slowly she leaned back until she was horizontal. She raised her hip and her pussy slid along the length of his cock until her labia was pressed against the crown of his dick. Then just as slowly she sat up straight

“I’m impressed,” Rick said.

“That’s just the tip of the iceberg, I can do things you can’t possibly imagine”, Amanda replied.

“I don’t know I can imagine an awful lot”

Rick put his hand back on her neck and pulled her tight against his body. He felt her nipples dig into his chest. Rick cupped her ass in his other hand, extending his fingers between her cheeks. He heard her gasp as he did. Slowly he began to move her up and down, rubbing her swollen nipples across his sweat soaked skin. He pressed her clit against his cock, causing her to moan again.

“That’s it, make me cum. Make me cum all over your dick. You feel so good. You feel so hard”, Amanda moaned.

“Give it to me. Show me how wet you can get”, Rick responded. He knew it was going to be close. Holding back his orgasm was taking most of his strength.

Amanda cried out as she climaxed. Rick continued to slide her body against his own as she squirmed in his arms. When he felt her go limp he leaned her away from his body. Then his own orgasm erupted, a thick stream of cum arced through the air in front of Amanda’s face then splashed onto her breast. A second stream followed the same path, but landed right on her navel. The rest bubbled out of Rick’s cock and coated the head of his penis.

“What a fucking mess!” Amanda said excitedly as she looked at her body.

“I think it looks good on you”, Rick replied with a smile.

“I’m not leaving until this mess gets cleaned up,” Amanda said insistently.

“Who says I want you to leave?” Rick asked.

“I’d like to help”, Lynn interjected, taking the stun gun from Lorraine and pulling her from Rick’s lap.

Rick sat in stunned silence at the two women standing in front of him. He watched Lynn slowly bend over towards Amanda. She put her hands on Amanda’s shoulders and lowered her head towards Amanda’s breast. Lynn hesitated, looking up at her friend, wordlessly asking permission to continue. Amanda nodded slightly, and Lynn pressed her lips to Amanda’s cum soaked breast. Rick watched as Lynn licked the puffy pink nipple with her tongue. He sat motionless as Lynn’s tongue scooped his cum off of Amanda’s body into her own mouth. He felt his cock ache as Lynn engulfed Amanda’s petite breasts. Slowly Lynn’s mouth worked its way down Lorraine’s body, following the rivulets of semen that had spread across her ribs, down her belly and between her legs. When Lynn’s tongue lapped up the cum between Amanda’s legs Rick heard a low moan. He was not sure which of the women had made the noise, he only knew that it turned him on.

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