Coitus, Interrupted

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She smiled and cranked up the volume. The speakers in her shitty old car buzzed, but she didn’t care; she was enjoying the song. It had been a slow day at work, and she’d only just collected the car from the garage. She was going to have to find something else, she couldn’t rely on this thing much longer. Never mind though, she was on the way home at last. Still.. that had been funny. The mechanic had been friendly. In fact, outright flirty. Or perhaps she was just hoping that’d been the case – it had been so bloody long since anyone had really given her a second glance that it was probably all in her head.

He tidied up, putting stuff back where it ought to be. Scrubbed his hands. Hunted for the keys.

Flicked off the lights, locked the door.

He smiled to himself. Bloody car was a wreck, but she wasn’t bad at all. Straight from work, office dress and heels, and god, those tits.. She’d just smiled nervously when he’d made some crack about her long day at work. He wished he’d been a bit braver, or a bit bolder. There was something about her that made him think she wasn’t all sweetness and light – maybe the way that the conservative office attire was offset with that plunging neckline. He imagined the weight of her tits in his hands. Running his thumbs over her nipples. Bending his head to suck on them.

He shook his head to clear it, and made for the car.

She was pretty sure it had been nothing. Must have been imagining it. But who cared? She had a damn good imagination! She’d imagined what was under those overalls… and she’d imagined a

ridiculous scenario of “oops, forgot the cash, how else can I pay?”. In fact, once she’d seen a video clip where a couple of german mechanics had made creative use of a car ramp and assorted tools, making their little submissive girl scream

until they stuffed her panties in her mouth to keep her quiet.

She wriggled in the driver’s seat thinking about that one. The idea of being exposed, helpless, vulnerable to someone who wanted her enough to simply take her – well, that got her going. She fantasised, imagining herself kneeling on a workshop floor, being told to remove her dress, being told to open wide.

It was getting hard to concentrate on driving. It was dark, and a miserable night – not throwing it down exactly, but grim enough to make for tough going, especially when distracted. She fidgeted, the seatbelt pressing on her tits. Everything seemed to be a bit over-sensitive. Fucking typical, really. Getting off on little things like that because the hidden, scarier bits of her brain dictated it. She’d managed to squash That Stuff down for a few years now, trying to be all

respectable. But every now and again her attention would wander, and she’d find herself watching the kind of porn that most people would turn away from, or reading stories of submission, reluctance, bondage… She’d tried. She was doing

really well at being normal. She *was*!

She fidgeted. She pushed the palm of one hand into her lap. Bit her lip.

He’d hit the dual carraigeway, wipers slashing the raindrops from the windscreen. He’d taken a customer’s car as his ride home – it needed a test drive, an intermittent fault that the owner hadn’t got the wits to describe was refusing to replicate itself.

Until now.

Ah, shit. Bloody thing lit up like a christmas tree, every warning light on the dash glowing.

She pulled off into a layby. A few metres away an HGV had drawn up, its cab illuminated from within. No one else around though. She left the headlights on – no one could see into her car, the traffic was too quick on the road to be watching, and the HGV driver was probably watching TV anyway. And if he caught a glimpse? Ah well. She rather liked the idea of that.

She dragged off her tights and knickers frantically, tossing the bundle into the footwell. Hitched up the skirt of her dress. Ran a finger up herself, spreading the lips of her pussy apart. She was frustrated to fuck – she wished she’d got one of her toys with her. It was damned hard to get any kind of result without a vibrator, but just maybe she might quell this urge until she got home. She spread wetness over her clit and groaned at the sensation. She rummaged in her handbag, in case there was anything in there she could misappropriate for the occasion. Ah. That might help..

She grabbed the small wooden hairbrush and pushed the curved handle slowly into herself. She sighed… the hardness somehow felt better than her own fingers. She moved it in and out, pinching her clit. Her breathing became heavier. Jesus – she was getting wetter than normal. She wondered if the lorry driver could see her… Nah. Even if he walked past, he wouldn’t bother looking. The hairbrush handle seemed to touch a sensitive spot inside, and a small gush of warm fluid seeped between her thighs. Fucking hell, how did that happen? She wanted something more. She cast her eyes over the inside of the car, searching for canlı bahis something. Drinks bottle. Deodorant. Torch. Damnit, there had to be something. Her eyes lit on something that might just work. God, that’s a filthy idea! She grabbed a wet wipe from her glovebox.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Late home again.

The car seemed OK – no weird noises, wasn’t struggling – but he pulled into the layby just in case.

Drew up behind someone else, killed the engine, and smacked his hands against the wheel. First things first, turn it off, turn it back on again. Sounds like a basic, but it might get him home again, and he could investigate more at work tomorrow than he could in the dark, here and now.

He flipped the ignition back on. The headlights lit up the car in front. It looked familiar… hang on, he’d been looking at that car earlier. He recognised the sticker on the rear window. That’s *her* car, her.. the one with the slutty office dress! Oh great. Tonight gets better – probably a problem with the car, and he’d better go and check. He could see she was in there – there was movement inside the vehicle.

God, she must have been desperate. She couldn’t quite believe her own nerve – there were cars flying past, and the lorry parked up too, and here she was, naked from the waist down, skirt hiked up, facing the wrong way on the front seats. She put one knee onto the passenger seat and straddled the centre console. She wriggled backwards a little and – ah, better.

She stroked her pussy. She was dripping wet. She lowered herself, the gear knob pushing gently at the entrance to her cunt. God, what a slut – so desperate for something to fill her up, she was reduced to fucking the gearstick in her car!

She gasped and pushed a little harder downwards. It slipped easily up into her with a gentle pop. Jesus christ. It wasn’t small either! She let out a moan and rocked gently back and forth, working the thick knob further up herself.

She licked her fingers and flicked them over her clit. The sensation made her throw her head back – ah shit! Headlights!

Someone had parked up behind her car. Their lights streamed in through the rear windscreen. Oh well, all they would see was her silhouette… and she was enjoying herself too much to pay much mind.

She grabbed the little hairbrush again. This time she used the other side, and testingly, she spanked her own clit with the flat back of the brush. Wow. It stung, but it felt fantastic. She spanked harder.

Hm. No more engine lights. But he had better go and check on the girl with the tits. He did know her name but it didn’t matter that much, just another customer. He leaned forward. What was she up to in there? He could see her head and shoulders moving. Rhythmically moving. Now, what do people pull over in laybys for? They might be broken down, or making a phone call, or both.. or they stop for a bathroom break. She wasn’t doing any of those things.

He wondered if she was answering a different call of nature. The movements certainly suggested that. No, girls didn’t do that sort of thing in public. Unless they liked an audience, and that sort of woman surely only existed in porn films. He laughed at himself. Stupid thought. He climbed out of the car and walked towards hers. The windows did look steamed up. He paused at the rear doors, tried to peek in. In the gleam of the dashboard lights, he saw.. her mouth, open. The curves of her thighs. Jesus fucking Christ. She was, too. She really was. She must have known she was being watched, she’d seen the headlights, and she hadn’t stopped, which meant… What the hell did it mean? He acted on instinct alone.

She was working it, now, sliding up and down, the knob stretching her cunt open. Her pussy lips hung obscenely open. She was wantonly spanking her own clit, hard now, and moaning. She knew she wouldn’t be far off, and the idea suprised her – it had been a while since she’d managed to bring herself off with her own hands, no need for batteries. She’d lost herself in the glow of the headlights and hadn’t heard the gentle noise of the other car door closing.

Suddenly a fast movement and a noise made her look up – shitting hell! What the.. someone had opened the back doors and was looking down at her. Cold air rushed into the cabin making her nipples stiffen even more. Her mouth hung in a perfect, shocked “o”.

“Don’t stop on my account,” said the figure. He slid onto the back seat and closed the door.

Caught! Oh god. How embarrassing. It wasn’t like she could pretend to be doing something else. She froze. She had no idea what to do. A small voice in the back of her mind was laughing. “You wanted the audience! Now you’ve got one!” it cackled gleefully. Fucking hell.

“Um… I… Shit…”. She was mortified. She couldn’t meet his eyes.

“I can see what you were doing”.

She looked up. Oh. Jesus. Christ.

No. No way. Not him.

She felt a blush wash over her, from her cheeks bahis siteleri down through the rest of her torso. It was followed by a horrible, cold chill. She’d been thinking about what was under those bloody overalls and that was what had got her into this mess to begin with! He couldn’t have known she’d be there. Could he? No. No way. She ran through her options mentally, rattling off what-ifs in a fraction of a second.

“You should see your face,” he said. “I told you not to stop.”

He knew right there and then, knew that she’d comply. Most women would have screamed. Mind you, most women wouldn’t be fucking a gearstick in a darkened layby.

He reached out, hooked a strand of hair back behind her ear.

“I was watching, and you knew i was watching. And I know you were having fun. I know I surprised you. But the way I see this, you could stop, and tidy yourself up, and go home unsatisfied. Or, you could carry on and see what happens. I’m enjoying the show. I’m being practical about this – you should be too, yeah?”

She nodded dumbly. He ran his thumb over her bottom lip.

“Saw you looking, earlier, too.”

She smiled, faintly.

“Tell you what, this might make you feel better,” he grinned at her – damn, what a grin. If she hadn’t already been impaled on her own fucking gear knob, that would have been a knicker-dampening grin for sure – and yanked off his top. He sat back, smiling, legs spread. Cocky bastard.

She couldn’t help herself. She ran her eyes over his body. Well, that was better than she’d daydreamed about. The thought of those daydreams made her pussy clench involuntarily, and she squeaked aloud.

“Like it, then?”

She moistened her lips. “Um.. Yes,”

“Well I was enjoying you, too. Come on… I want to see more of that!”

He reached forward and before she could gather her wits, he grabbed her dress, dragging it up over her head. “Mmm, nice, but I want more than that,” he murmured appreciatively. He got closer to her, unclasped her bra, and removed it – not especially gently either. Her tits exposed, nipples hard in the air, she just watched him.

“Now that’s nice,” he smiled. “I’ve been thinking a lot about those gorgeous tits. I’d like to see them bouncing up and down.”

They were gorgeous, too – natural, teardrop shaped, pink puffy nipples. He’d fantasised about them – about this. He reached out to touch, pinched a nipple, pulled, listened to her hiss of breath. His cock was straining against his shorts.

He leaned forwards, moving his hand to the back of her head, twisting his fingers into her hair, and crushed his mouth against hers. She moaned against his lips and his cock jumped. He pushed his tongue deeper into her mouth, and the image of doing the same thing to her cunt flashed through his mind. He pulled harder on her nipple and she made a sound in her throat.

“Oh, someone likes it a bit rougher there, hmm?” he pinched harder, until she yelped, then smothered the nipple with his mouth, sucking at it, biting gently. He felt her shudder.

She couldn’t help it. She’d idly wondered what he’d be like, and then holy fuck, there he was. It was just too fucking unbelievable. She wanted him so damn badly, and it was clear he wanted her too. Her pussy was throbbing and she moved her hips, trying to find the rhythm she’d had before she had been so rudely – and delightfully – interrupted. He was leaning back, watching her, and she decided to give him the show of a lifetime. She let her eyes wander down his body and saw that his hand was squeezing his cock outside his trousers. Inwardly she grinned in triumph.

He watched her moving, gradually getting a little more urgent. Her tits bounced gently and she was biting her lip – fuck, she looked amazing. What a horny little slut she must be, to get so hot and bothered that she’d have to fuck herself like this! He saw something in the seat pocket and grinned wickedly. Oh, that would test her!

“I want to see you move… But I want to see everything,” he said. “No hiding yourself, and no playing with your clit – I’m gonna decide when you come, and I want a damn good view of your wet cunt before you do.”

He grabbed the elastic bungee from the seat pocket. “Hands on the headrests, arms out… Good girl,”.

He secured one hand to the headrest of each front seat. She could still steady herself, but she couldn’t touch her clit – fuck, that was going to be frustrating! She’d let him do it though, no complaint… She’d always wondered how it would feel to be tied up, and when he’d said he was deciding when she’d come – jesus. That was fucking hot.

“Now move,” he commanded. “Fuck yourself silly, you dirty bitch,”

He dragged his trousers and shorts over his hips and began to stroke his own cock, right there in front of her. She gaped at it for a moment. It was nothing short of amazing.

“Holy shit…” she breathed. She stared at his dick longingly – thick, and the head was gleaming in the half-light.

“Come bahis şirketleri on! I told you, I want to see those tits bounce.”

She did as she was told. Fuck, that felt good. A moan escaped her lips, and she wasn’t taking her eyes off that cock for a second. He rolled a bead of pre-cum over the tip with his thumb. She worked her hips up and down, beginning to really fuck herself on the gearstick now.

“Oh, that’s it… Let me see how bad you want to be fucked.” His voice was catching in his throat. He stopped wanking his cock for a second, and…

“Argh!” She squealed as he slapped her tit. She wanted to protect herself but of course, couldn’t move her hands. SMACK!

Straight on her sensitive nipple. She groaned. It stung, but shit, that was nice. It just made her feel even sluttier.

“Mmm, work faster, you little slut, or I’ll spank you harder,” he murmured. She was sorely tempted to slow down, just to see how nasty he could be, but her thighs were starting to burn, and the gearknob was rubbing the most sensitive spot deep in her pussy. She knew she was utterly soaking wet. She fucked it harder. “Ooohh… God…”

He laughed. “You nasty, kinky bitch! Look at you – fucking yourself crazy, where anyone can see you, right in front of me! Hands tied and you still can’t help yourself!”

He had to stop stroking himself soon – she looked so amazing, and he didn’t want to waste this, didn’t want to just cum over his own hand. He wriggled about, feet in one footwell, and leaned in to her. He was now eye level with her dripping cunt. The smell of her filled his nostrils. He could hear her, too – she was that wet. He wrapped one arm around her hips and fastened his mouth over her clit.

“Jesus christ!” she almost yelled. God! That felt amazing. His tongue flicked her swollen clit, exactly what she’d been aching for. She stilled her movements to indulge in the sensation. He sucked at her, tasting her juices, nibbling at the tender hot flesh. Heat flooded her… Fuck, he was going to make her come! He really was… She couldn’t believe it. Her cunt clenched and she gasped. “Please…”

“Mmm,” he chuckled, his hot breath delicious on her pussy. Now she was sliding up and down the shaft of the gearstick, pulling herself up so that the rounded knob almost withdrew from her cunthole. She was loving the way it spread her open.

He couldn’t hang onto her clit now, and simply let her grind her clit against his tongue with each thrust. He knew she wasn’t far off, from the sounds she was making. She was a noisy bitch!

Shit. She was going to come, and from the building feelings in her pussy, it was going to be a big one. Not just big, but messy. She ought to warn him. Still… He’d climbed into her fucking car, interrupted her fucking moment… Her cunt clenched and as he sucked hard on her clit, she couldn’t help but scream.

“Fuuuuuck!” she yelled out. “I’m gonna cuuuum!”

Oh yes… Dirty girl was going to come for him. She ground her clit against his tongue and he could feel her cunt pulsating. A scream ripped from her mouth and she let go, totally. She wailed as her pussy spasmed, hot girl cum squirting over his face. He didn’t move, didn’t turn away, simply allowed her to carry on rubbing her clit on his tongue, letting her juice run into his mouth. Her stomach muscles clenched and she sagged against the seat, whispering to herself. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”

He raised his head. She was going to be in trouble for that, wasn’t she? Ah well. It was worth it.

“Oh, you are such a bad girl,” he smiled at her. She looked confused. “Now… my turn.”

He unbound her hands and helped her forwards, into the rear seats. He leaned up against one of the doors, stretching out, stroking his still-steel-hard cock. Her eyes gleamed. God, that cock was unbelievable. She leaned forwards, breathing in the scent of him. She licked her lips as she met his gaze and he twitched in anticipation.

She ran her tongue up the length of his dick, root to tip. The skin under her tongue was searing hot and he was hard, so hard… She’d wanted to prolong this, and then remembered where they were. Her control slipped away and she hungrily closed her mouth around the head of his cock, swirling her tongue over it, tasting the most sensitive parts of him, loving the way he filled her mouth. He pushed his hips upwards, urging her to take more. Oh, she’d take it alright, but he wanted to see her choose to do it, to watch her give herself over to him again.

Her hand wrapped around the base of his cock, she leaned further down, sucking him all in. He cupped a hand around the back of her head, twisting fingers into her hair.

“Ohhh yes,” he breathed. “Suck it all in for me. Get it down your throat… Good girl.”

She moaned as his cock pushed into her throat, and the sensation made him shudder. She pulled back, and his dick came free of her wet mouth with a slurping noise. He watched her grin. He resisted the urge to drag her into his lap, slide into her doubtless still-twitching cunt, and fuck her til she screamed for mercy. He only hoped he’d get the chance to do just that. There was plenty more he wanted to do with her, this willing, dirty, horny slut.

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