Completing the Act

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Brrrrrr it was a cold damp morning when he awoke. The kind that begs you to stay right there wrapped up in that warm cocoon you have created from wrapping the blankets tight around you the night before.

How hard is it to break out and morph the mottling wrap and free yourself from the warm safe confines of your bed.? Bzzzzzzzzzz the alarm breaks thru that hazy state between consciousness and sleep and the eyes are forced open turning the brain back on much like a computer’s ram memory does when it is turned on and begins to call up and access the sleeping hard drive initiating the commands to bring forth life in cyber space.

How much is taken for granted? The mere act of waking. Of course who could choose between sleep versus wake. Which is the preferred state? Without one how would we have the other? All of this is of course is inconsequential to the story at hand but some things are so natural and well what we are about to learn things that appear so natural and like the perfect fit hmmmmm sometimes do not seem to work out. Or do they?

Tony had been having his dream sequence for more than a decade as best as he could recall. He realized that his dream began to reoccur sometime in the mid nineties, about the time that he had completed his training and was given a sales assignment.

His dream never was able to come to completion before he awoke and that, more than anything, bothered him the most. If only he thought, he could just sleep thru to the conclusion then would he not have to live/sleep thru another night of THE dream.

Oh it wasn’t that the dream was scary or anything not a nightmare by any stretch of the imagination or the kind that should frighten you, on the contrary it was erotic and exciting

……it always began with him noticing a beautiful brunette woman whom he would pursue and she would tease him up to the point of well you know. Harmless enough type dream but he never seemed to get to the climax so to speak … if you know what I mean?,

and well up he’d be and the following night he would awake to the same circumstance. Night after night after night it had gone on for pretty near a decade now the same dazzling beautiful lady with those long shapely legs and alluring and inviting smile.

Of course Tony knew the roots of his dream, for everyone knows that dreams are really just a release from the frustrations we deal with in our everyday lives. And Tony had been frustrated. For it was about the same time that he began to have his repeating dream that Gwen was assigned to work with him.

She was a beautiful brunette. The same beautiful brunette that Tony dreamt of night after night after night. Life can be so cruel.

Those ataköy escort who believe in love……true love the kind that has soulmates and chemistry and paranormal attraction……. will know of the love that Tony and Gwen shared for each other or in their case could not share. For you see Gwen had already taken on a lover a kind of lover that she was not fond of but the kind of lover that made it impossible for her to free herself from his bonds.

Thus was Tony’s fate to be destined to be with his one true love the one who had been made and destined to be his mate but he was unable to enjoy the pleasures of being true lovers in the ultimate sense.

Ohhhhh sure they had let their feelings get the better of them and had on more than one occasion let their passion juices flow to the point of that they found themselves beginning to undress one another throwing all caution to the wind but at each instance they would somehow pull back to their senses and stop both embarrassed by the forces that had caused them to stir and act like this.

On these nights the dreams would have such intensity…brilliant colors would emerge….he could hear the sounds of beautiful music and the smell of flowers so strong that if awakened at this juncture he would describe it as being sensory overload. A state that couldn’t be explained but only described as some type of utopia whereby all the senses would undergo the ultimate response and everything was pleasurable -sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. But he would wake before the inevitable thereby canceling the inevitable.

He did not reveal his problem to her for fear that she would think that he had passed that fine line between sanity and insanity…. for who is to know what state the human mind really is in and what it is capable of doing?

Sometimes the dream seemed to last the entire night and other times it would be a mere blip, but always he would awake before it was complete.

In his dreams she would be able to complete her enjoyment of the act that they always seemed to undertake but just as he was about to realize his pleasure he would find himself awake.

Typically it would begin with a kiss and a dance between their tongues as his hands were left to explore the curves that made her a woman. Often he found her breasts to be so sensitive to his touch that she could become aroused and in a state of excitement just by his wandering hand on her breast.

Of course he would invariably work his way down between her legs and always he would admire the silkiness feel of her skin along her inner thigh, the womanly scent and how much pleasure she would have when he finally parted her moist swollen ataköy eve gelen escort lips and began to explore her with his tongue. She seemed to delight in having his tongue lap against the base of the hood shielding her erect love button while his fingers would work in and out rubbing up along the insides of the slippery canal where he someday hoped to be able to place his erect manhood and spew forth his seed.

But for now he knew that he would awake before that would happen. Sometimes he got to the point where he had placed his erect member at the entrance to her and had just teasingly been allowed to feel the warmth of the outside of her. But there upon he had awakened more frustrated than ever.

So it came to be a time when one day they found themselves left alone in the office. No one around and none to be expected that day.

It was with a bit of trepidation that he went to her office. It began with some small talk….the weather, a news item, they had always shared such a unique way between them. They never seemed to tire of being near each other and their conversations were always so stimulating to each other. Each would listen to the other mesmerized and there was always the eye contact between them that often seem to transfix them together.

It was a state that few if any couples could achieve but here was a couple who could not partake in the normal pleasures that couples are so apt to partake in yet their attraction to each other was infinitely stronger even without the glue that binds most couples together.

But it was inevitable and it began he asked her to dance and took her close to him. Arms around her waist they moved together as one. He lowered his head to nuzzle her neck and she brushed her hair back as if to offer it to him. He kissed the back of her ear and moved his hand across her back. He held her head in his hands and brushed back her hair to kiss her. As their lips met they both could feel the electricity run thru them and she shivered.

As their lips parted their tongues began their embrace and soon they were left to exploring the insides of each others moths. They danced their way to the small leather couch in the corner of her office and they sat still holding each other. His hand found the zipper on the back of her dress and soon he had it all the way down. She lay back and he began to massage her shoulders as he lowered his head to her chest. He was able to lift the dress over her head and almost in the same motion to unsnap her bra whereupon he took her right breast into his mouth and began to run his tongue over and around her nipple gently sucking on her while using his other hand to ataköy grup yapan escort massage her left breast.

Slowly he replaced his hand with his mouth and soon she had two very erect nipples. Kissing his way down her he paused to play with her belly and inserted his tongue into her navel as she squirmed underneath him.

He knelt on the carpeted floor in front of her. His hand moved to the top of her mound and rested there momentarily as his tongue traced down her left leg and then back up her right. Pulling her panties off he blew gently across her pubic hairs.

He rose and pulled off his shirt and pants and positioned himself between her legs and inserting his tongue between her in much the same manner he had for years in his uncompleted dreams.

Her love juices flowed onto his chin as his tongue swirled around her lapping up and down and all over the area between her swollen lips. She placed her hands to his head as if to hold him there and he reached up for her her and massaged her right bight breast. His other hand found its way beside his tongue and he was able to glide first one finger than two inside her.

Working his tongue along the outside and his fingers on the inside she soon began to heave her hips up against him. The contractions on his fingers seemed to pull him and hold him in place one then two three four she seemed to be cumming over and over as the waves of pleasure passed over her.

He did not let go of her but rather shifted his attention as she soon became sensitive to his touch. Much as he slowed she seemed to re-compose herself and he was then able to unleash his tongue back onto her and carry her to a new wave.

Soon he paused and she laid on the floor her legs bent up and spread inviting him in. He rose up over her and allowed his raging hardon to rest at her entrance. She reached down to it and held it and guided it forth into her.

Slowly he pushed until his head popped inside her and then the length of his shaft glided to fill her up. His movements in her began slowly until he was all the way inside her.

Pressed against her he began to glide in and out. His strokes picked up speed and soon he was moving in and out over her and she reached up to hold him as he lowered his head to nuzzle her neck.

His hips grinding down onto hers. She pulled him over and in an instant she was atop him moving her hips in time to his.

He could feel it build inside him and he grabbed at her ass to hold her in place petrified that soon he would awake and she would be gone as had happened night after lonely night.

But alas as she came down on his hard length he could not hold back any longer and he unleashed himself into her with such great fury.

He pulled her close to him not believing that he had finally ended his ghost of his sleep with one deafening bang. Together they lay in each others arms and for a time dosed but while his dreams were of her he never awoke unfulfilled thereafter.

Hope you have enjoyed this! The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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