Confessions of a Firehouse Floozy Ch. 03

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So you’d think that I had jumped through all the hoops by now and that I should be reaping the rewards and fucking my hottie fireman on a regular basis now, right? Well, that’s certainly what I thought. But between our schedules and our spouses we hadn’t been able to manage more than a neighborly hello for the next two weeks afterwards. And the wait was damned near killing me, too.

“Good morning.” The familiar deep voice of the fireman of my fantasies greeted me as I stepped into my kitchen.

“Well, it all depends.” I stopped in front of him, seated at my table and enjoying a mug of coffee.

“On?” He asked with a sly smile, as if he already knew the answer.

“On your being here to do more than suck up my coffee.” I returned, putting my hands on my hips expectantly.

Jack laughed, his hands sliding over my hips appreciatively. “Believe me, I would love nothing more than to have a slice of pie with my coffee this morning.”

“Then why don’t you?” I know I sounded petulant, but damnit I was hot for the man.

“Because this morning we’re going to pick out flooring for your basement.”

“Good cover story.” I grinned in approval.

Jack’s hands curved over my ass to pull my torso closer and rested his chin against my pelvis. “As much as I would rather explore the delicious mysteries that await me here,” His finger rubbed along the crotch of my shorts. “I need to get some flooring down or Phil is gonna wonder what the fuck he’s paying me for.”

“To lay his wife?” I asked hopefully, slowly moving against his finger.

“No.” He laughed and swatted at my bottom. “Not quite the same as laying flooring.”

I sighed. “Okay. Whipee. Let’s go pick out tile.” I replied in a deflated monotone. Well, I might not get fucked, but at least my basement was going to look great.

Jack sat back in his chair and gave me a wicked grin. “Oh come on Ang, think of all the quality time we’re going to get to spend together.”

“And they say women are teases.” I muttered, collecting my purse and following him out of the house and over to his driveway where his truck was parked.

Damn, what was it about guys and big trucks? I wondered as he rounded the front of the truck. Well, points at least to him for opening the door and helping me up, although I suspect he did it primarily for the view of my ass. I sat looking down at the world from his F-350 wondering how I was going to gracefully climb out without embarrassing myself. Jack climbed in and winked at me before starting the engine. “Feel the power.”

I groaned. Wasn’t quite the power I had in mind. “What do you get? Seven miles to the gallon?” I rebutted, batting my eyelashes innocently.

“We’ll see how much you’re loving it when we’re bringing home your new flooring.”

“So—” I searched my brain desperately for witty conversation, but nothing was coming.

“So?” He repeated, easily maneuvering the truck into traffic.

I watched his hands on the steering wheel and remembered how easily he had brought me off in his kitchen that night. “So, uhm, the thing in the closet worked out alright for you?” Oh, now there’s an ice breaker for you.

“Oh yeah.” Jack chuckled. “Sorry about your blouse though.”

“Oh, I’m not.” I said with a grin. “Although, you should’ve seen the look on the cleaner’s face.”

“You took it to the cleaners?” He asked in surprise.

“Keeping it would’ve been entirely too ‘Lewinsky-ish.'” I teased.

“No way.” Jack shook his head. “What you did for me was so much hotter.”

“Speaking of hot, any other fantasies I can help you out with?” I asked lightly, hoping he was feeling the need to share.

Jack considered the question for a while. “Anything?”

“Well, if you look at my track record to date I’m pretty willing, don’t you think?”

He smiled and nodded appreciatively. “I have no complaints.”

“Well????” I demanded when he didn’t supply any further details.

“How do you feel about a little exhibitionism?” Jack asked with a mischievous look.

I pondered the question for a bit. “Are we talking about sex in the middle of the mall?”

“No, nothing that public.” He assured me.

“Something more like this?” I turned toward the door and lifted my shirt up to reveal my very unrestricted chest to the passing trucker in the next lane. He slowed down and did a long double take before giving a deep HONK from avcılar grup yapan escort his rig and moving on.

“Well, that wasn’t quite what I had in mind either.” Jack laughed hardily. “Although you just made his day, that’s for sure.”

Hmmmmm, not flashing, not fucking, what was it that— “Oh, I get it.” My hand slid over to his thigh and slowly made its way up his shorts. “Maybe something more like a blow job in…say…your truck?”

The insistent throbbing of his cock against my hand was enough of an affirmation for me. I eased down his straining zipper and his little fire hose all but leapt into my hand. I was very glad to see that Jack was every bit as well endowed as I had imagined, too. He kept his eyes fixed on the road, his fingers tight around the steering wheel while I eased my head into his lap, my mouth quickly covering his staff and sucking him into my mouth.

I always knew that sucking Jack off was going to be hot, but doing it in his truck while we sped down the freeway was beyond description. I very thoroughly slid up and down his length, my bobbing head fairly well concealed to passers by. My right hand slid into his shorts, gently cupping his balls and squeezing ever so softly while I used my tongue and mouth to please his raging shaft.

I could feel his thigh muscles tightening in response, so I picked up the pace and shortened the stroke to quick, deep jabs at his cock. God how I wanted to match the pace with my own fingers on my clit, but this was all about Jack right now. I sucked a little harder, stepping up the tempo of the blow job. I knew I would be rewarded for my efforts when his hand tangled in my hair and pushed my head down to take the first shot of his cum deep in my throat. I felt a lurch or two as he struggled to keep the truck under control wile he filed my mouth with Jack Juice. Only after he was done did I clean him up and let him slide from my mouth.

My head came up and I peeked out the window at the car in the next lane, smiling at the elderly woman looking up at us. I licked a drop of cum from the corner of my mouth and her eyes widened in alarm. She turned and said something to the driver who accelerated the car, eager to get as far away from us as possible.

“Oh fuck.” Jack breathed heavily, pulling the car toward the off ramp. “You could’ve killed us, you know.”

“I had every confidence in your abilities.” I chuckled and eased him back into his shorts, ensuring the zipper didn’t catch anything important. “Besides, I don’t remember you telling me to stop at any point.”

“Stop something that feels that incredible?!?!” He looked at me like I had just gotten off a space ship. “Are you out of your mind?!?!”

I was starting to wonder that myself.


I tossed my keys on the kitchen counter and sighed heavily. What were the odds of today happening again anytime soon? My parents had offered to pick up our youngest son from kindergarten in order to take him to lunch and a movie this afternoon and Phil was out of the country again on business, leaving me to my own devices until I had to pick up our older son much later this afternoon. I had delicious visions of finally having my wicked way with Jack, but to my abject disappointment his truck was parked at the firehouse when I drove by this morning, which meant that he was on duty and unavailable.

I flipped on the stereo and put on one of my feel good CDs, cranking up the volume to an ear splitting ‘home alone’ level before heading to the bathroom for a long, hot shower. After that, who knows? Maybe I’d get a pedicure…go shopping…reline the shelves in the kitchen. The endless possibilities of how I could spend my day yawned depressingly in front of me, making me want to eat a gallon of chocolate ice cream direct from the carton.

I let the music and the water put me in a better state of mind and by the time I was finished I was feeling more like my normal self. I wrapped the towel around myself and danced into the bedroom, singing along with Pink, when a motion in the doorway caught my eye. Jack was leaning against the door frame, grinning broadly. “Now if you had told me that a show comes with the meal…”

I tried to glare at him haughtily, but it looses something when you’re standing there in a towel. “What are you doing here? I thought you were working today?”

“Why would you think avcılar masöz escort that?” He asked in amusement.

“I drove past the firehouse and—” I trailed off, not liking that I sounded like a stalker.

Jack chuckled. “Kenny’s using my truck to pick up a load of lumber later.”

“So, uhm…” Oh hell, I really hated being caught with my hand in the proverbial cookie jar. “Are you working on the basement today?”

“Nope.” Jack slowly advanced into the room.

I swallowed hard. Damn he was fine. And the look in his eyes as he reached for my towel was enough to open the flood gates between my legs. “And we don’t need to pick out paint chips or any other nonsense like that?” I added breathlessly. I wanted to be very sure that what I thought was going to happen was finally happening.

Jack shook his head. “I’ve had only one thing on my mind since our little trip to the flooring store last week.”

“Laying tile?” I guessed.

“Not even close.” He had me backed up against the bed. Just a little nudge with his knee and I fell back onto the sheets, pulling my towel off as I went down. He took his time and looked me over thoroughly, his eyes warm with appreciation. “How do you want it, Ang?” Jack put a knee on either side of me and pulled my hands up over my head, holding them in place.

Oh god he felt great! Warm, solid, and hard where it counted. “I don’t suppose you brought your uniform?” I asked with a playful wink.

Jack chuckled, using one hand to hold me in place while the other slid down cup my breast. “I’ll be sure to bring it next time.”

I arched my back some, pushing my breast up into his calloused hand. “Next time? We haven’t even gotten through this time yet.” He rolled my nipple between his fingers and I gasped softly.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Jack responded, covering my mouth with his.

Jack was a truly masterful kisser. His tongue knew all the right places to go. He knew when to suck, when to nibble, when to all out assault. While his lips were devouring me his hand had made its way down to my clit and was teasing me with feather light strokes. He could tell when I’d get close to the edge and back off, not letting me cum quite yet. And it was really starting to piss me off.

“Stop it.” I hissed, pushing my pelvis up in a futile attempt at release.

“Stop what?” He asked, seizing on my nipple and sucking my breast into his mouth.

I had to force myself to think. Why in the world would I want him to stop? What he was doing felt so incredible. If he would only— “Let me cum.” I panted, trying to pull my hands free and ease my need with my own fingers.

“As much as you’ve teased me the past few weeks?” Jack grinned evilly at me before switching his attention to my other tit. “Not a chance babe.”

“But…but…” Oh he was just plain cruel. “But you came last week.” I protested weakly, trying to bring my legs up and wrap around him but finding I was very thoroughly restrained.

“That was the biggest tease of them all.” He shifted some and slid his free hand to his pants. I could feel his belt come undone, and thought that maybe he was going to bring us both off at the same time. “I couldn’t enjoy you the way that I wanted to and keep the truck on the road at the same time.”

“You seemed to enjoy it well enough.” I defended. “And the closet…”

“Again, hotter than I could’ve fucking imagined, but not anywhere near satisfying.” His hand slid smoothly up my arms and before I realized what he was doing my hands were secured with his belt. “I had to watch Kenny do you instead.” Jack fastened the belt to the headboard and then sat back to study his handy work. “And he did it all wrong.”

I was somewhere between slightly alarmed and very aroused. “What did he do wrong?”

“He went way too fast.” Jack slid down to the foot of the bed and spread my legs apart. “Kenny got in, hosed down and got out.” His finger rested just at the entrance, smiling at the moisture pooling there. “What he failed to do though is slowly, carefully, thoroughly inspect the entire structure for flash points.”

And with that Jack went to work…seemingly over every square inch of my body. Licking, blowing, kissing, sucking, tickling. I was ready to scream, beg, claw his eyes out by the time his exploratory mission finally found its way to the heart of the fire. avcılar otele gelen escort “I think I found the source of your problem here.” His tongue lapped over my clit and I almost bounded off the bed. “See, ready to go off at any second.”

“Jack, I swear to god if you don’t let me—”

He tsked and I could feel his warm breath against my pink pocket. “Ang, I don’t think you’re in any position to make demands.”

I closed my eyes and mentally chided myself. Of course. This was why I was tied up. He wanted to be in charge of the game today. And now he was going to make it even more excruciating. I know if the roles were reversed I sure as hell would make him suffer. But I still had one ace in the hole— “Remember, I still have to pick up Sam from school.”

Jack smiled wickedly. Oh, shit. Somehow he knew. “Thanks for reminding me. Your mom was leaving a message on the machine when I came in. She said they would take Sam to the movies and then they’d all pick Tyler up after school and take both boys to dinner. They just didn’t feel right about leaving Ty out of it all.” His tongue dipped into her navel. “Nice try though.”

“Well, Carla and the girls…”

“Have a girl scout meeting after school.” He finished for me. He stood up and pulled his t-shirt off and I stared at the luscious expanse of his chest hungrily. “The way I figure it we’ve got a good five hours or so left.” He pushed off his shorts and his cock gratefully jumped free of its confines. “And we are gonna spend every minute fucking.”

Five hours? Oh yeah. “But do I have to spend the entire time tied up?”

“We’ll see.” He said with a wink before repositioning himself between my legs and diving into my pussy with gusto.

Where Jack made me wait before he showed no mercy now, licking and finger fucking until I didn’t think I stand it anymore. “Uncle!” I finally proclaimed, thrashing wildly.

“What’s that?” He asked, looking up with a smirk.

“Uncle.” I repeated very succinctly. “I Give. You Win.” I don’t think I’ve ever come that much. I desperately needed a break from his onslaught. “Whatever it is you’re trying to prove, you’ve proved it already.”

Jack stood up and his dick strained almost painfully in my direction. “Not quite yet.” He repositioned my feet onto his shoulders and slowly sunk that straining member deep into my pussy. “Now that is much better.” He announced, slowly pulling back and sinking into me with more force.

I was now officially envious of Carla. If my husband was this much of a sex god I would never let him out of my sight. Phil was fine when he was home, but ohmigod Jack was a lover of mythic proportions. I cannot say in all honesty that I ever have been, or expect ever to be, fucked quite so thoroughly. Every stroke into me was sheer poetry.

But I didn’t want poetry. I wanted Jack to come already damnit. Hard, fast and very very deep inside of me. “Is that the best you’ve got, Hun? Cuz I can always call Kenny—” Oh but I was a naughty, naughty girl.

Jack took the bait as anticipated and pounded into me with such force that I was sure the belt around my wrists would leave marks. “You can’t take my best, Babe.” He assured, his fingers digging into my hips.

“Oh yeah?” I wrapped my hands around the bedpost and held on for dear life. “Try me.”

Jack did not disappoint. For a while there I was sure I had pushed him too far and was going to get fucked into next Tuesday, but the wild pumping was almost more than he could stand as well. I could tell he was close and played my final card. “Hell, the police department was better than this.”

“Not a chance.” Jack’s thumb returned to my clit and I exploded into about a gazillion pieces. Only once he was certain that I was thoroughly satisfied did he finally let go and explode deep in my cunt, shot after fantastic shot.

“Okay, maybe as good as the cops.” I conceded when he collapsed on top of me.

“You’re a bad liar.” He said, kissing me thoroughly before rolling over onto the bed next to me.

“It worked, didn’t it?” I said with a shrug, trying to curl up to that sexy fireman chest of his. “What do you say we lose the ties that bind here, huh?”

Jack chuckled and reached up to unhook his belt from the head board. “But if you so much as even think about doing that to me you’ll be sorry.” Jack promised, his hand falling over my chest possessively.

“As long as you can promise me this wasn’t a single-alarm fire.”

“Not by a long shot.” He promised with a wink. “Just give the old pumper there some time to refill—”

I giggled. “Then we’ll see what other firemen euphemisms we can act out?”

“I’ve got a million of them.” Jack assured me.

Oh good…and I couldn’t wait to try every one of them.

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