Daughter with My Friends Ch. 05

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NOTE: This story characters are all above 18 and college going. This story is of incest and gang bang. Anyone offended are please warned not to read any further. Further I am not here to prove my literature or grammar abilities. I am just portraying some incidents, which are true, and others, which are fiction, based on truth. So please forgive the grammar errors and enjoy the theme.

This is the 5th part of Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped) posted in Literotica.

I have written such that each story stands alone.

This is a story of a father who sees his daughter being groped and gets on a fantasy to see his daughter groped and begins creating incidents for her to be groped. Soon he wishes to grope and feel the young soft body. The problems he faces and how he does and the aftermath is the outline of the story. I have divided it into parts with headings to give an idea of what is inside.

Happy reading!


Story so far: –

Part I {Daughter with my friends I (Jasmine groped)} – A father party with his friends and goes to the bathroom to wash off spilled Whisky and sees his daughter being groped and used. The father begins to see his daughter in a new angle and create incidents for her to be groped.

Part II {Daughter with my friends II (Jasmine in bus)}- A young boy groping his daughter in the bus excites him more and he decides it’s high time for him to know the softness of his own daughter.

Part III {Daughter with my friends III (Afternoon with Jasmine)} – One day getting a chance he gropes her. His desire to grope her naked is fulfilled when he sees her sleeping in his bed. Undressing her, he gropes her in her sleep.

Part IV {Daughter with my friends IV (Massaging Jasmine)} – He brings ‘Babu’ to massage her and tease her which he watches secretly, but it doesn’t end in tease. The father gets a blowjob unknown to the daughter and decides its high time he came to know his own daughter and decides its high time to know his own daughter.

One day I heard mom saying to my wife that Jasmine had grown big and she must be constantly watched. She shouldn’t leave her even with her father. I knew the earlier incident when my mom had caught me, would be in her mind (Part III) and she was warning my wife. My wife laughed at this, saying that I was her father but my mother was adamant. As the talk continued, I sensed that my wife was having second thoughts.

I was careful after that, never giving a chance of doubt, even though I was frustrated with her watching me and suddenly appearing when I was alone with my daughter. I patiently waited and got my chance when her mom fell ill and we went to look after her for a week.

It took a one daylong drive to reach there and we all were dead tired. We slept antalya escort like dead logs. The next day also we were sleeping not because of tiredness but because of boredom. After 3 days we were getting restless simply walking around and watching TV. It was her mom who suggested me to take Jasmine back and come after 2 days. I said jokingly I was not supposed to take my daughter out alone, as she has grown up. My mother-in-law was surprised.

“Why? Who said that?” she asked.

I pointed smilingly to my wife who had reddened. She began to stammer and said it was nothing of that sort and it was only her mother-in-law’s foolish laws, which she obeyed to make her happy. We all laughed, but I remembered her sneaking on me when I sat near Jasmine or when I embraced her. I had always acted as if I didn’t know. Now seeing her say she never doubted me made me laugh but I told her I knew she never doubted me.

“Only fools or those who don’t know me will doubt- my pretty wife would never doubt me”, before that statement was over I had packed and was off with Jasmine. But I knew once I reached home my mom wouldn’t leave Jasmine from her sight. So I decided to detour – to Robin’s house. I phoned him and told him that we were coming and might stay there. I could feel the lust in his voice as he said he would arrange everything and call the rest of the gang.

But plans don’t always work out as planned. The car broke down. I phoned my wife, I could hear the doubt creeping to her voice. I was planning to stay in a lodge but again my plans were foiled as my mother-in-law directed us to a near by relatives house.

On the way I stopped to buy a bottle of brandy and hid it in my pocket. I also bought 2 Family ice cream pack packed separately. We reached there by 8. After the formal greetings, I gave one pack to them and asked if I could keep the other in the freezer. They said sure and kept it for me. By 10.45pm we were ready to sleep. We had the guest room to ourselves. Before going I slowly set the freezer to defrost.

By 11.05 pm everyone had retired to their rooms. I slowly crept up to the freezer and mixed the brandy in the ice cream. I let it set and took it to our room. Jasmine looked as I extended the pack. When she saw it was ice cream she set forth to finishing it as I eagerly watched.

“It tastes different.” She said

“That’s the new one they are introducing it – the Brandy flavor” I replied casually

She finished it and we sat to watch TV. I talked to her at times to see if there were any changes. After some time I was beginning to feel that my plan wouldn’t work when she said she was feeling sleepy in a slurry tone. I began to get a hard-on. I told her to freshen up before sleep. She got up slowly as if drunk and moved to the bathroom

“Don’t alanya escort lock the door, the lock’s rusty. I will hold it for you.” I said

I held the door closed as she went in. As soon as I heard the tap open, I peeped in. She was raising her skirt and began to pull her panties down. She squat down and began to pee. I watched eagerly as the golden water sprinkle out to the last drop. She got up with her panties still at her knees and skirt still held high. She turned around giving me a magnificent view of her ass making my dick spring up as she pulled up the panties. As she finished I closed the door. She came out and fell on the bed saying she was dead tired.

I let her lie down for some time, and then woke her up. By now she was dead drunk. I told her to sit up.

“You ok?” I asked

“Yeah, fine just sleepy.” She replied

“Can you help me with my zip? Its not opening.” I said in a trembling voice.

I let her fumble with my zip for some time to know the depth of her senses, then I pulled down my pants. I took her hand and placed it on the string of my underwear.

“Pull it down.”

Before her senses registered the consequences of her act she had pulled it down. My dick sprang up. As if reaction she grabbed it. I told her to rub it to & fro. She began to move my dick forward and backward. I felt the pleasure rise in me as my daughter hand fucked me. I enjoyed my daughter’s hand job.

“Now put it in your mouth and suck it.”

“No way that thing is going to my mouth.” She said in a slurred tone.

But before she had completed her sentence I pushed my dick into her mouth. She looked at me and before she could react I was fucking her mouth. I pushed my dick towards her face and rubbed it on her lips and slowly forwarded it to her mouth, letting only the tip in. She sucked the tip like an expert. I slowly pushed in enjoying every movement, till the whole dick was in her mouth, and then repeated the process till I almost ejaculated.

My hands moved to squeeze her boobs. I teased her nipples as they began to grow and point out. Telling her to stand up I opened her shirt, turned her around and pressed my dick on her sweet ass. I felt my dick sink into her. I slowly moved my hands under her skirt and glided over her thighs, rubbing her pussy over her panties tracing the lines and then slowly pulled it down.

She stood like an erotic figure in her open shirt with pointing nipples and carved figure naked.

I made her bend forward and parted her legs a little, giving a glimpse of her sweet small pussy. I pushed her on the bed.

I felt the lust rise in me as I planted my dick on her huge ass. Squeezing her breast I rocked my dick to & fro. I felt her huge ass engulf my dick as I pressed onto her alanya rus escort ass. I took my dick and teased her pussy, then made her on all fours. I parted her ass cheeks and tongued her asshole as it began to contrast accordingly. My tongue entered her asshole. Her asshole contracted, sucking my tongue in. I felt as if her asshole was holding my tongue. I widened her asshole with my fingers and placed my dick on it. I felt the heat on my dick and pushed slowly till the tip of my dick was in her asshole, then I began the to & fro motion.

She was mumbling ‘Mmmm yea mm. OOOO aaaah’

Within seconds I felt the cum rising like a huge wave. I pushed my dick deeper and held as she began to wriggle; I exploded in her ass hole, as the tip of the dick was buried in her asshole, I felt it getting big as I exploded one after another. She fell down tired and sleepy as I collapsed on her still exploding.

After some time I got up and inserted my dick in her mouth, ordering her to suck. She sucked it dry. I began to feel my dick rise again. I pulled out my dick and slowly moved it from her face to her breasts teasing her nipples, to her stomach, passing her waist to her lump. Lifting her leg up I slowly glided my dick into her pussy. It was tight and took some time for me to enter. Once entered it glided in smoothly. I moved to rocking position spreading her eagle. My hands moved over to her breast, squeezing them as if for the first time. I moved in harder and deeper. It took me a while as I began to sweating but soon I felt the pleasure rise, I pulled her down as I drove my dick deeper exploding in her small pussy.

Before the eruption was over I got up and pushed my dick into her mouth and erupting the balance in her mouth. As she began to suck I felt myself ejaculating again in her mouth. I pushed her head deeper into me as I drove the cock deep into her mouth.

I don’t know when I stopped erupting or when I went to sleep. I woke later in the night and found my dick on her face and the lights on. I got up to off the lights. I looked at her cute body, naked on the bed. I knew time was limited before she woke up. Once again I led my dick to her mouth and holding her head began to fuck her mouth.

That night she slept, while I was still fucking all over her from mouth, pussy, ass and even her thighs back till it was morning. I was like a man possessed.

In the morning she woke up with a headache, confused of the last night if real or not.

“Gosh, I got a split headache,” she said then as if remembering something she looked at her dress. She had her dress on.

” Well I had a dream, Come to think of it – it was a nightmare.”

“Ya,” I said “Cum to think of it.”

What she didn’t know that it was just a second earlier that I had dressed her. Had I been late, I would have been in trouble. She was worried over her dream. I encouraged her to believe it was only a dream.

By noon the car was ready and we left- to Robin’s house. I had phoned them that we were coming.

We were off to the last and best episode of our adventures.

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