David Comes Home Ch. 01

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My son David recently moved back home after a dismal failure in his first semester of college. He’s nineteen now but he’s still struggling to make it on his own, what with going to school and only having time for a part-time job. But he’s our only child and we want to see him succeed so we allowed him come back home and stay without having to worry about rent.

Since David has been gone I have started to become accustomed to being more carefree around the house as far as clothes go, which my husband Jim doesn’t seem to mind at all. I enjoy being naked and I enjoy the freedom of being able to walk from my bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen wearing a pair of socks and nothing else if I feel like it. Now that he is back home I have to be more careful about just how carefree I am these days.

When David was young, up until he was about ten years old, he was not shy at all. He made no fuss about nudity at all, he would get dressed with his bedroom door open and walk around the house in his underwear often and not seem embarrassed at all about it. Later on however, once he hit his teens, he changed dramatically. He was much more reserved, was easily embarrassed and would never be caught without clothes on. I guess this isn’t antalya escort unusual for teenagers, their bodies are developing and changing rapidly and they feel awkward even amongst family because of it. I’m sure I felt the same way when I was a teenager, although I don’t recall ever being that shy.

One morning after Jim had gone to work, I got up and headed for the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. I had slept in only panties and that was all I was wearing as I walked from my bedroom. I hadn’t realized that David was watching TV in the living room, in fact I’d almost completely forgotten he was home. I froze as I rounded the corner and saw him sitting on the couch, his back was to me and he apparently didn’t realize I was there, he didn’t turn around. There was a slight lump in my throat as I considered my options: retreat to my bedroom and get dressed, or continue to the kitchen and be seen. There was no way I could get passed him unnoticed.

I decided I wasn’t going to me ashamed of myself in my own house. I quietly walked towards the kitchen, passing David without acknowledging him and proceeded to make my coffee. I stood there topless in my blue cotton panties, wondering what David was thinking and what he might kemer escort say when I walked back to my room. I’d be facing the couch as I left the kitchen and he’d see me for sure, there was no way to avoid it. My pulse quickened, my mouth went dry.

After pouring my coffee and taking my time adding cream and sugar, I’d stalled long enough, it was time to make the walk back to my bedroom. I took a deep breath and headed for the living room. David was still there on the couch in front of the TV. He looked at me for a brief second as I entered the room and then he looked away quickly, his eyes wide and his mouth open. He was obviously surprised that I had just walked past him twice almost totally naked. To be honest, I was surprised too, I didn’t think I had the courage to make the return trip. Neither one of us said a word and I made it back to my room without fainting.

Once I got back to my room and closed the door, I finally started to breath again, and once I regained my composure I realized that not only was I feeling slightly embarrassed, but also very turned on. The rush of adrenalin had me very aroused and I could already feel my nipples hardening and my vagina moist. I put my coffee konyaaltı escort down, peeled off my panties and leaned against my bedroom door, rubbing my pussy lips and pinching my nipples. I wasn’t in the mood for a soft, slow masturbation session either, I needed to get off hard and fast. I reached into my nightstand and found one of my favorite toys, a nine inch purple vibrator. I laid back on my bed, spread myself wide and wasted no time jamming the fake cock into my wet pussy.

It didn’t take much before I was close to coming, the adrenalin still in my veins doing more for my state of arousal than the sex toy. I felt myself tensing around the plastic cock and couldn’t help let out a not-so-quiet moan as I climaxed, gushing all over my purple friend and my flowery bedspread. I laid there, out of breath, with my toy still inside me as I wondered what my son must be thinking. Surely he had heard my moan, the TV wasn’t very loud and the living room wasn’t far away.

Ten minutes passed before I got up and put the toy away. I listened for any indication that David had heard me, or was even still in the living room for that matter. I could barely make out the sounds of a football game coming from the TV, I figured if there was a game on he’d still be there, on the couch watching it. I was beginning to calm down and relax after my flood of excitement wore off, feeling more at ease and finding a new bold streak in me. I decided to go find out if David had heard me playing.

To be continued…

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