Desperate Times Ch. 02

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“ROB!” Lucy yelled as she pounded on the bathroom door. “Come on. I seriously need to get in there!”

Lucy pressed her ear to the door, but all she could hear was her brother’s blasting music and the spray of the shower. If Rob heard her banging, he was ignoring her. Lucy sighed and went back to her room. Her brother had been ignoring her a lot, lately.

After she’d let both her brothers fuck her last week, Lucy hadn’t been sure what to expect. Would they start knocking on her bedroom door, wanting more? Would they go back to their normal sibling relationships? She could see either option happening. What Lucy hadn’t expected, however, was the complete and utter weirdness coming from both of them.

The day after it happened, Peter declared he was going to drive cross-country to visit his girlfriend. He hadn’t seen her this entire pandemic, he’d explained, and they’d been fighting too much. If he didn’t visit her, he’d surely lose her.

Lucy knew the real reason, though. Peter had presumably felt incredibly guilty for cheating on his girlfriend with his own sister, and this was his attempt to make things right. Lucy hadn’t spoken to her brother since he left, and he was going to be gone another week.

Rob was acting just as strangely as his brother. Lucy had thought the experience brought her and Rob closer together, but he went back to treating her with mild indifference. He’d flat-out ignore her, only saying an occasional few words to her during dinner time. Lucy was confused. If Rob wasn’t interested in being intimate again, that was fine – but she at least wanted him to treat her a little nicer. She HAD let him fuck her, after all. Yet here he was, hogging the bathroom again, and just being an overall jerk.

The next night, Rob had been sitting in the living room with their parents, just watching some TV movie. Lucy came down in her pajamas and sat next to her brother on the couch. She saw him visibly tense up and turn away from her. Lucy rolled her eyes. She wanted to smack him and tell him if he didn’t stop acting weird, their parents were going to realize something was up.

Lucy reclined into the couch and propped up her long legs on the coffee table. She watched Rob’s gaze dart to them before he suddenly jumped up.

“I’m going to bed,” he mumbled and headed out of the room.

“It’s only eight, Rob,” their dad called after him. “What’s up with him?”

Lucy shrugged. “He’s just being weird and moody. As always.”

Her dad laughed at that and turned his attention back to the TV. Lucy tried not to think about Rob’s behavior too much, but she couldn’t help it. It was bothering her. A lot. It hurt that he would treat her like this after she’d let him inside her. She expected this from fuck boys at school – not her brother.

About an hour later, Lucy went upstairs as well, wanting to just brush her teeth and go to bed early. She stomped up the steps and let out a loud groan when she saw the bathroom door closed again. Music blasting.

“Are you SERIOUS?” Lucy yelled through the door. She banged on it as hard as she could, but Rob didn’t open up.

She’d officially had enough. They needed to hash this out now.

Lucy stormed to her room and rooted around in her drawers until she produced a bobby pin. She returned to the bathroom door and jammed the pin inside the lock, fiddling around, cursing under her breath. She wasn’t sure if this would work. But after about a minute, she heard a click. Lucy dropped the bobby pin and opened the door very slowly so it wouldn’t creak. She was hit with a blast of steam as she cautiously entered the bathroom. Lucy closed and locked the door behind her.

She stopped and stared at the shower curtain. Because of the music, Rob still hadn’t noticed Lucy barged in. She took a deep breath before suddenly ripping back the curtain. A naked Rob jumped and quickly spun around.

“FUCK, Lucy, what the hell?” He yelled, his eyes wide. His shock quickly turned to embarrassment, and Lucy finally noticed why. Her eyes moved down her brother’s body and saw his cock – incredibly hard and soaped up. Rob still had a hand grasping it. Ah. He’d been jerking off.

Ignoring that for now, Lucy crossed her arms and met his gaze. “You’ve been acting like such an asshole lately,” she informed him.

Rob groaned. antalya escort “Can we talk about this later? Get out!”

“No,” she said simply. “You’ve been horrible to me.”

“How have I been horrible?” Rob asked. “I haven’t even talked to you.”

“Exactly!” Lucy exclaimed. “After what I let you do, the least you could do is say good morning sometimes.”

“Sorry, Luce, but I don’t exactly know the protocol for what happens after you fuck your sister,” he replied, eyes narrowing.

“Maybe just be a decent human being?” Lucy shot back. “And not hog the bathroom for hours on end?”

Rob let out a humorless laugh. “You know why I’m in here so much, Luce?” He asked. Rob gestured towards his erection. “This. You. I can barely stand to be around you without getting hard. The second you came down in those little shorts I had to bail before mom and dad noticed.”

Lucy blinked and looked down at her pajamas, which were a bit skimpy, but not sexy in the least. She couldn’t comprehend the fact that her brother had wanted her so badly, he’d been forced to ice her out.

“Oh,” Lucy finally said, her anger melting away.

“Now can you get out please?” Rob asked, voice desperate.

“Well, wait,” Lucy said with a frown. “If you still wanted me, why didn’t you just say something? Why did you assume I wouldn’t want it to happen again?”

Rob groaned. “Come on, Luce, you know this is a bad idea. I was trying to figure out my own way to deal with it. And it’s not like you were sneaking into MY room, either.”

Huh. It hadn’t occurred to Lucy to make a move on her brother. She hadn’t even been sure she wanted that…until now. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of her brother’s impressive, hard manhood. She remembered how good he’d made her feel last week – how she’d surprisingly enjoyed Rob more than Peter.

“Do you want help with that?” Lucy asked, gesturing towards Rob’s stiff cock.


Before he could tell her to get out again, Lucy pulled up the hem of her tank top and dropped it to the bathroom floor. She watched her brother’s eyes widen at the sight of her bare breasts. She shimmied out of her shorts and underwear too, and stood there in the steamy bathroom, letting her brother get a good look. Eyes still glued to his sister’s naked body, Rob slowly grabbed a hold of his cock again and started to pump.

Lucy felt a thrill of excitement go through her as her brother began to pleasure himself. Wanting to give him something of a show, she ran her hands over her breasts, pushing them together, playing with her nipples. They soon hardened. Lucy slowly turned and let her brother admire her ass, bending slightly and sticking it out. She heard Rob curse under his breath.

“Spread your cheeks, Luce,” he commanded softly. She did as he asked, putting her pink pussy and tight tiny asshole on display. After a few moments, Lucy stood and turned around, moving closer to the shower. She took a step inside, the hot water streaming against her back, soaking her hair. Rob remained still, but continued to stroke himself. Lucy wasn’t entirely sure what he wanted – just to look? Should she touch her brother? Would they take things all the way, like before? It would seem strange to do it without Peter – much more intimate.

Lucy moved closer to Rob and placed her hands on his chest as he jacked off, her touch causing him to let out a deep moan. The sound echoed in the shower stall, and Lucy prayed the music would drown out any noise. She felt up her brother’s muscular chest as he used his free hand to cup her breast.

“I’ve wanted to have you. Without Peter,” Rob murmured, his fingers tweaking Lucy’s nipple. She ran her hands down towards his stomach, getting closer to his hard cock.

“Between you and me,” Lucy replied, “you were better than Peter.”

Rob let out a chuckle, and dropped his shaft so Lucy could grab a hold of it.

“Glad I’m finally better than him at something,” he replied, voice low. Lucy wrapped her small hand around his massive member and stroked him. Rob grabbed both of Lucy’s tits and leaned forward, bringing his mouth to his sister’s. He backed her against the wet tile wall as his tongue pushed into her mouth, all the while, her hand moving back and forth across his cock. When her thumb brushed against alanya escort his tip, Rob let out a muffled moan against her lips. Lucy could feel how wet she was getting, and she tried to guide Rob’s cock towards her opening, but he stopped her.

“Wait,” he said, breathless. “There’s something I want to try first. Consider it an apology for my behavior.”

Lucy was about to ask him what he meant, but Rob quickly sunk to his knees and pushed her thighs apart. Lucy felt a rush of heat in her belly as she realized what was happening. She’d never had a guy go down on her before – they all thought it was gross.

Rob gave Lucy’s wet slit an experimental lick before swirling his tongue up around her clit.

“OOHHHH,” Lucy couldn’t help but cry out, louder than she’d intended. Rob hooked her right leg over his shoulder, giving him better access, before burying his face in his sister’s pussy.

“Uhhhhhhh,” Lucy said, a bit quieter this time, as her brother’s mouth moved against her lower lips. His tongue occasionally darted inside her, but the pressure of his face moving against her clit was insanely tantalizing. Lucy felt the pleasure building inside her, and she inadvertently began bucking her hips against Rob’s head, grinding her hot pussy against his mouth. Rob squeezed her ass hard as he continued to eat her out, not bothered by Lucy practically suffocating him with her snatch.

“Oh, YES, Rob,” she panted as she humped his face. She propped her other foot against the side of the tub to give herself more leverage as she did this. Lucy’s breathing was ragged and the moans were unstoppable. And when Rob’s tongue slid across her swollen clit again, Lucy felt herself fly over the edge, a powerful orgasm wracking her body.

“UHHHHHNNN,” she moaned, still thrusting against her brother, trying to get every ounce of pleasure out of this. Unfortunately, Lucy was so wrapped up in the orgasm, she forgot how delicate her current position was. But then her foot on the side of the tub slipped and she lost her balance, pitching to the right, and falling down into the tub.

“SHIT,” Rob said, attempting to catch his sister. He managed to slightly break her fall, but she still landed with a giant thud. He knelt over her, concern on his face.

“You okay?”

“Yeah…” Lucy said slowly. She hadn’t hit her head, but she’d likely badly bruised her arm.

Before either of them could get up, a loud knock sounded on the door.

“Rob?!” Their mother called over the music. “Did you fall? Are you okay?”

“Oh God!” Lucy whispered. She had visions of their frantic mother bursting into the bathroom to check on her son, and finding her children naked together instead.

“Shh,” Rob whispered, placing a hand over Lucy’s mouth. “Yeah, I’m fine!” Rob yelled loudly.

“Are you sure?” Their mother pressed. “Did you get hurt?”

“MOM, I’M FINE!” Rob yelled even louder. They waited in agonizing silence, but eventually, their mom must’ve left. They stayed frozen, Lucy on her back in the tub, Rob kneeling over her, the hot water pounding against them.

“God, that was close,” Lucy said when Rob finally removed his hand.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah,” she replied. She smiled. “The orgasm was worth it.”

Rob smiled and lowered himself slowly on top of his sister. It was an extremely tight fit, the two of them wedged together in this tub, Rob’s hard cock trapped between them.

“I think we should stay close to the ground now,” he said.

“Agreed.” Lucy parted her legs as much as she could, her right calf dangling over the side of the tub. “Well, okay then, what are you waiting for? Put it in me.”

Rob, laughing, reached for his cock and guided it towards Lucy’s opening. Despite how aroused she was, Rob still met some resistance as he entered his sister. It took three or four thrusts before Rob was able to bury himself completely inside her.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, writhing under her brother as she got used to his size again. He remained still and stared in Lucy’s eyes, stroking her wet hair.

“You feel so amazing,” he murmured, planting a light kiss on her lips. Lucy wrapped her arms around Rob as he slowly began to move inside of her.

“OHHHH shit,” Rob grunted as he fucked his sister, her pussy’s belek escort grip on him so tight he could barely move.

“You’re so big,” Lucy whimpered beneath him, her brother’s cock and the heat from the pounding water overwhelming her. She’d spent so many steamy showers with her dildo – being in this environment with her huge-dicked brother on top of her was unbelievable.

Rob tried to speed up his thrusts, his shaft penetrating his sister more easily now. He began fucking her at a steady pace, the sound of her ass slapping against the bottom of the tub filling the bathroom.

“Oh, Rob,” Lucy murmured, holding him more tightly and burying her face into his shoulder as he pounded into her. Shallow water began pooling around their bodies and in between them, making it trickier to hold onto each other. Rob increased his speed even more, and his right hand squeezed Lucy’s tit.

“Harder,” she commanded. Rob’s thick shaft was already making her sore, but she didn’t care. She felt her pleasure starting to build again, and she’d do anything to go over the edge.

Rob complied and started thrusting so hard he grunted with each movement. Lucy watched his arm muscles tense up as he braced himself against the bottom of the tub, giving himself more leverage to pound into his sister.

“Perfect,” Lucy murmured as she began thrusting her own hips upwards, grinding against Rob. She bucked against him, each thrust stimulating her clit even more. She dug her nails into her brother’s shoulders and tensed up against him as she came for the second time.

“OHHHhhhhh,” she cried out quietly.

“Fuck,” Rob growled as he felt Lucy’s pussy squeeze him tightly.

“Don’t cum yet,” she said quickly. “Let’s switch. I want to be on top.”

Rob cocked an eyebrow and gave her a grin before wrapping his arms around Lucy and slowly rolling them. They got stuck on their sides, wedged together in the tub, Rob’s shaft still firmly inside Lucy. Neither could move.

“Uh oh,” Rob said. He wiggled his hips, able to move his cock only an inch or two. He humped his sister as best as he could, his thrusts short and frantic, clearly desperate to cum.

“You’re so impatient,” Lucy chided him. She started wiggling her ass against the slippery side of the tub until she got unstuck. Rob continued rolling them until, finally, Lucy was lying on top of her brother. He sat up, his back against the edge of the tub, and Lucy slowly rose too, sitting on top of Rob’s massive cock.

“Damn, you look sexy like this,” Rob remarked, eyes back on her shapely tits. The warm water sprayed against her back. Between that and her recent orgasm, she couldn’t have felt more relaxed. Lucy put her hands on Rob’s shoulders and slowly moved her hips, sliding her pussy up and down her brother’s length.

“Ohhhhh god,” Rob murmured, closing his eyes and leaning his head back as his sister began to ride him. Lucy knew he was dying to cum inside her, so she picked up her pace right away, relishing the wet sound of her ass hitting her brother’s thighs.

While Lucy continued her bouncing, Rob reached out and grabbed a hold of her tits again, which had been bouncing along with her.

“I love these,” Rob whispered, giving her breasts an appreciative squeeze.

“And I love this cock,” Lucy responded as she repeatedly impaled herself. Rob’s was the biggest dick she’d ever ridden and it felt like he was practically in her stomach, but his deep moans spurred her on. Lucy was determined to give him a fantastic fuck.

“I’m gonna cum,” Rob said, his face already twisting in pleasure.

“Cum for me, Rob,” Lucy whispered, leaning forward and bringing her lips to his ear as her hips still slammed down onto him. Rob wrapped his arms around her tightly and began to meet Lucy’s hips, thrusting up into her as she bounced on his cock. Finally, he let out a strangled grunt.

“UHHHNNNNN,” he growled, giving his sister one last powerful thrust as he erupted inside her. Lucy let out a moan herself as she felt her brother’s seed fill her up. Rob grabbed her face and kissed her, hard.

“God, Luce, that was incredible,” he panted out.

“Just so you know, Rob,” Lucy said, “you don’t have to jack off in the shower anymore. Anytime you’re feeling horny, just let me know.”

He kissed her again. “I love you, Luce.”

Lucy rested his head against her brother’s shoulder as the water continued to wash over them. “I love you, too.”

And while Lucy was trying to enjoy the moment, she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen when Peter returned home.

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