Deviations Ch. 01

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The following is a complete work of fiction. All characters are over the age of 18 and fictional. This is my first story in which I received editorial help from a close friend of mine, TheCourier. Comments are gladly accepted and will help us improve upon the upcoming chapters. Thank you for reading, and enjoy!


Carter County, in the grips of June. Here you’ll find a small town, with a population of no more than 2,000 people. It’s the kind of small town where you’ll find miles upon miles of country roads with a couple streets of Mom-n-Pop stores. For every mile that passed you’ll only see a half a dozen houses. Most of them single story. However, there’s one house which is a two story. Inside you’ll find a young man named Andrew, who’s currently 21, and has just been laid off from his job.

He worked in this local shop that worked on electronic devices. But the shop eventually had to shut down due to poor financing by the owners. So now Andrew is currently looking for another job while he stays at home with his parents.

Andrew has a sister who had just graduated from high school. Her name is Kelsey, and she had turned 18 at the start of her senior year. They had a very good relationship when they were younger, but when Andrew finished high school and Kelsey was only in her sophomore year their closeness eventually fell apart.

Unlike Andrew, Kelsey was very popular throughout high school. She eventually started hanging out with some very promiscuous girls. While Kelsey wanted to save herself for that special someone, that didn’t stop her friends from teaching her everything she needed to know.

Her brother wasn’t so lucky in this area, he barely managed to get around. By the time he turned 20, he only had three sexual partners. While he wasn’t the most experienced, this did allow him to get a little practice.

Since Andrew was going to be home more often for the time being, and Kelsey would be going off to college, she decided that now would be the perfect time to renew their bond which once dissipated long ago. She also felt something strange when she thought about Andrew, something more than just sisterly love. Something like how a woman feels towards a man who’s been by her side for 18 years, taking care of her and making sure she’s always happy. Only time will tell if her brother Andrew had similar feelings.

Chapter 1

It was almost 11am as Andrew heard a car horn from the drive way. He opened his eyes and looked outside to see his friend Mark. Andrew hadn’t really seen Mark since they graduated from high school together. Especially since Andrew went straight into work while Mark had gone off to college. “Andrew! It’s Mark!” Kelsey yelled from the downstairs living room. “I know!” Andrew shouted back.

He quickly threw on some clothes then ran downstairs and out the front door. He walked over to Mark’s car where he was leaning against the drivers side door.

“Hey man, what’s going on?” Andrew said, before putting his hand out.

Mark pushed Andrew’s hand aside then embraced him in a hug. “Only strangers shake hands, Andy.”

Andrew hugged back briefly before they took a step back from each other. They both began talking immediately for almost 30 minutes. Asking what each of them were doing, what they’re planning on doing, and finally girls.

“She’s finally grown up, huh?” Mark exclaimed, looking at the window to see Kelsey’s back.

Andrew antalya escort nodded as his friend checked out his sister. This wasn’t odd for him so he was used to it. Kelsey stood at 5’4″, had light brown hair flowed down past her shoulders. And had very pretty blue eyes. Her body size was between average and thin, and her petite breasts had grown to a reasonably sized 32 C. She’s always looked good, but more along the lines of cute like she was at the beginning of high school. Now she’s nearly drop dead gorgeous. This is something Kelsey knew, and she didn’t let anyone forget it. She was always dressing up in skimpy clothes.

It was suddenly quiet as they were both looking at Kelsey though the window. Andrew was quick to break it. “You can ask her out if you want.” Andrew said with a chuckle.

Mark rolled his eyes and looked at Andrew. “C’mon Andy. You know guys aren’t supposed to date their friends’ sisters.”

Mark continued, “Have you ever thought about her in…other ways?”

Andrew had a strange look on his face. “What do you mean ‘other ways’?”

“Like if she wasn’t your sister.” Mark said while giving a suggestive look.

“Well not really. I mean she’s hot and all, but she’s my sister.” Andrew gave a really stern look.

“I’m gonna go before I start barking up the wrong tree.” Mark said before laughing quietly.

They both gave each other another hug before saying their goodbyes, leaving Andrew standing in his drive way waving at Mark as he drove off.

Andrew then made his way back towards the front door, kicking a couple rocks along the way. As he walked through the door he glanced into the living room to see Kelsey sitting on the couch. She was wearing some short shorts and a loose fitting t-shirt watching television.

He continued on and ran up the stairs skipping the last step and finally getting back to his room. He sat down as his computer and began playing the campaign on Call of Duty. After about fifteen minutes or so, there was a knock at his door. “How’s Mark doing?” he heard his sister ask.

Andrew didn’t look away from his monitor. After a couple more kills he paused it then turned around to face Kelsey. She was leaning against the doorway, playing with the ends of her hair. Her shorts had ridden up a bit revealing to top of her thighs, which Andrew spent awhile staring at looking her up and down. After he realized it was obvious he cleared his throat and adverted his eyes to the other side of the room.

“He’s doing alright. Visiting his parents for the day before going back to college for summer classes.”

Kelsey smiled seeing her brother check her out, which Andrew failed to notice since he was looking elsewhere.

“Which reminds me, are you taking any summer classes?” Andrew looked back at his sister in the eyes.

Kelsey smiled again. “I’m not. I wanted to spend some quality time with everyone before leaving in the fall.”

She then walked over to Andrew, sitting in his lap with her legs off to the side. “Even with you, Andy.” She said, giving him a kiss on the cheek wrapping her arms around him.

Andrew hugged her back, looking down back at her legs. Her shorts rode up a little higher than usual, and he could see the outline of her panties. This caused a slight twitch in his pants. He then let go and finally saying. “Well, I’m going to play some more Call of Duty before mom and dad get home.”

“Okay, I’ll be downstairs if you need anything.” lara escort Kelsey then gave him a sisterly kiss on the lips. Just a peck and very light.

She walked out, turning back to smile at Andrew once more before closing the door behind her. Andrew has gotten turned on before from Kelsey, this time even more so. Especially since Andrew hasn’t relieved himself in a few days. After a few minutes passed of him thinking about his sister in some of the mini-skirts she likes to wear, he got up and locked the door to his room.

Andrew then went back to his desk and got comfortable. He pulled up his favorite porn site and found a clip to watch. He watched for a couple minutes before undoing his pants and boxers. Andrew then slowly started to stroke his member. Working the entire length of it as he stroked up and down then increasing the pace as the scene continued on.

Andrew let out some quiet moans as he began to lean back into his chair tightening his grip. After a few more minutes, his muscles tightened up as he reached his orgasm. His load shot up into the air and landed back down onto his stomach.

Andrew sat there for a minute as his muscles loosened up while catching his breath. He then cleaned up his mess and closed the website.

Andrew got up and unlocked his door, making his way down the hall to wash up before going back to Call of Duty.

Several hours had passed when Andrew and Kelsey’s parents got home. They came in with some take-out Chinese before calling out “Kids! Dinner’s here!”

Both Andrew and Kelsey ran to the kitchen after washing up and almost immediately began eating. Their parents soon joined them after getting their shoes off from a long day of work.

Light small talk made it’s way across the dinner table. Dad was asking Andrew if he had any luck finding a job and their mom was asking Kelsey about the college she’s going to.

“Oh, I’ll probably end up going to State but I’ll apply at a few others in case I don’t get in.” said Kelsey.

Their mom then changed the topic. “Hey kids, we’re going to the movies tomorrow night and you two can tag along if you want. You can even bring a couple friends.”

Kelsey was really happy, saying she could bring her two friends Brittany and Stacey. Those were the two who were quite the promiscuous pair. Both of them having many boyfriends, several throughout senior year.

Andrew was looking down at his food picking at it. His dad noticed and gave Andrew a light tap on the shoulder. “What’s wrong, Andrew?”

“Oh nothing.” Andrew said. He then continued “Pretty much all of my friends had moved out of town and are in college so I won’t be inviting anyone.” The disappointment in his voice was very clear.

“That’s alright!” Kelsey pitched in. “You can hang out with me and my friends. They don’t bite.” Kelsey said with a smile.

“Like Andrew would want to hang out with three teenage girls.” Their mom said as she took another bite of her food.

“I suppose I could. It’d get me out of the house at least.” Andrew went back to picking at his food.

“Good. Glad that’s settled!” Their dad said.

Everyone finished up their meals before watching some TV for the rest of the evening. Mom and dad had gone up to bed early since they still had work in the morning. However Andrew and Kelsey stayed down in the living room still watching TV. They were both sitting on the couch when Kelsey suggested they side escort could watch a movie.

“Sure, what you wanna watch?” asked Andrew.

Kelsey went over and picked out a horror movie and brought it over to Andrew. “How about this?”

Andrew agreed and put it into the DVD player and started the movie. Horror movies didn’t bother Andrew, but they did bother Kelsey. So it wasn’t odd for Kelsey to get snuggled up close to Andrew while under a blanket to hide from all the scary parts.

About half way through the movie Andrew found himself with Kelsey laying her head in his lap. His hand was on her shoulder since he didn’t have any where else to put it. Kelsey didn’t mind, as it comforted her during the movie. A few seconds later Kelsey jumped as the killer came into screen. Doing this, Andrew’s hand came off her shoulder and fell onto one of her breasts. Andrew didn’t notice at first, but when he did. He could feel the softness of them and realized Kelsey wasn’t wearing a bra. And he could feel her nipples start to harden underneath the shirt.

Andrew drew his hand back quickly and Kelsey blushed.

“Shit, sorry!” Andrew exclaimed as he brought his hand back.

Kelsey leaned up and kissed Andrew on the cheek. “No it’s fine, Andy. My fault anyways since I jumped.” she said smiling.

She laid back onto his lap, putting a hand under her head with her fingers inches away from Andrew’s member. He noticed almost immediately. His breathing began to quicken as he started to think to himself. “Don’t get hard. Don’t get hard. Don’t get hard.” He was practically in agony trying to fight off the coming erection. Then he started thinking about his sister’s breasts again. And what Mark had said earlier. “If she wasn’t your sister..”

Andrew then had a full blown erection and it was almost in contact with Kelsey’s hand still underneath her head. Andrew wanted to get up and relieve himself of the problem, but at the same time he didn’t want to leave his sister. Thinking it might upset her if he got up and left after what had just happened.

That’s when Kelsey adjusted herself to where her hand was completely on top of it. Andrew’s heart stopped momentarily. He continued to watch the movie, hoping Kelsey wouldn’t think to notice it with all the scary scenes. As a few scary scenes began to pass, Andrew noticed that Kelsey wasn’t jumping at any of them or hiding at all.

Kelsey had been waiting for this moment the whole time as Andrew looked down at her. She looked up at him with her eyes glowing from the light of the TV as she began to bite her lower lip. While doing so, she leaned up and gave him a firm kiss on the lips. She then pulled back to look at Andrew.

Andrew’s throat was dry and his face flushed red, but he still managed to ask quietly, “What are you doing?”

Kelsey didn’t say anything. She leaned in once more and kissed him again. Andrew was speechless now as he sat there. Kelsey was now starting to rub her hand along the length of his member. Andrew began to kiss back ever so slightly, feeling a little more relaxed yet still very confused. He could feel her tongue slowly work it’s way into his mouth, as if she was searching for something.

Kelsey then took her hand off of Andrew, and pulled back. Her eyes watered up as a tear ran down her cheek. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” Kelsey said as she stood up and backed away. She wiped the tears from her face before leaving the living room, quickly making her way up to her room.

Andrew was left all alone on the couch in total shock and confusion. With his erection subsiding, the glow of the TV showed him looking up at the stairs, trying to comprehend what had just happened.

End Chapter 1

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