Diana’s Changing Room

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Foreplay: Although this runs on from Changing Room pt1 and 2, I decided to take a look at Diana’s life as a spin-off. If you haven’t read Changing Room all you need to know is Terry is the IT manager of a clothing website. He creates a Virtual Changing Room (VCR) where customers can electronically try on clothes by using their webcam. However, Terry uses a flaw in the programming and an implanted trojan to spy on customers, including Holly his daughter and Diana her friend (and Diana’s mother) Not only that but he’s finding new and more powerful ways to use subliminal and sub-audible hypnosis. Diana’s story includes anal, which I haven’t written about before.

If that doesn’t make sense then just imagine your own spy hole in a ladies changing room, then hypnotising them to fuck you.


The journey into town on the bus took just 15 minutes.

‘What the fuck happened there?’ thought Diana, ‘It’s so fucking hot today and I still feel horny.’ Without thinking she opened another button of her blouse, uncovering more of her breasts and allowing anyone else who cared to look a delightful view of her ample cleavage.

‘What was it about Grandbutts Ladies Wear? That stuff I was looking at was so wow, I could have bought it all. And when I was looking at it all, it was like I was really wearing it.’ She just couldn’t get it out of her head; even the music had a bass beat that made her so relaxed but also made her pussy feel red hot. A flush on her face and the heat on the bus persuaded her to unfasten yet another button.

‘Let anyone dare make a comment,’ her thoughts continued. ‘Daddy would tell me I’m right to display what God gave me.’

Hell, what was it? All the time she’d been looking at the sexiest clothes in the over 18 section of Terry’s website she’d been feeling horny. She couldn’t wait to try all of the samples in the Virtual Changing Room and, standing naked with just photos covering her body as seen by the webcam, each moment she spent gazing at her images made her even more horny.

‘And Terry, Holly’s daddy? I’d intended just a sexy kiss but when I saw his bulge, wow I just had to blow him and his cum tasted like the best honey. Hell, I hadn’t an option. He’s so nice, not interrupting us, not opening the door to sneak a peek like daddy would.’

Even thinking about it made her wet and Terry still had her panties. She shuffled uncomfortably on the hard bus seat hoping the moisture didn’t seep down and mess up her skirt or, she smiled cheekily, coat the bus seat with pheromones. She glanced around then tugged her skirt from under her butt to make sure it didn’t obstruct the route of her wetness. The thought that a trickle of her personal perfume might make it to the seat below her made her smile again. Daddy would be proud. The rough fabric of the well-used seat made sure she didn’t forget her nakedness.

Diana just had to have Terry inside her.

An elderly guy getting on the bus caught her eye. He was looking straight at her. Nothing unusual – all guys of whatever age seemed hypnotised by cleavage. Her bra, like most bras she wore, just added to what the guy could see.

‘Shit. He’s gonna sit right by me,’ thought Diana.’ Almost against her will though she turned towards him, giving him an even better view. Daddy would have liked that; the fact his princess was beautiful meant her beauty should be shared with others, even some random horny pensioner. No, strike that, ESPECIALLY a random horny pensioner. Surely he, with the wisdom of his age, would appreciate admiring her youth and … perhaps …?

“You don’t mind me sitting here, do you?” His voice was soft and warm and Diana thought he must have been well educated.

“Not at all,” she replied, smiling. She shuffled towards the window, giving her extra room to turn more towards the gentleman. She notice his eyes briefly lower to quickly take in the extent of her beauty.

“Thank you. Are you going into town?”

Diana thought for a moment. She didn’t know the man and she was a little uneasy about continuing the conversation but, hell, what was it? She was getting turned on. “Yes,” she finally answered. “Just a bit of window-shopping.”

Diana got that weird but welcome feeling as moisture began to flow again.

“You’re a really sweet girl,” the man went on, “And don’t take me the wrong way. Many girls as beautiful as you, and many others as well, would just ignore an old man like me.”

Diana visibly blushed. All she could say was “Thank you.” She glanced down as the man moved awkwardly in his seat. Old or not, Diana was certain his penis was still perfectly operational, in fact, yes, his wavery voice gave it away. Perhaps embarrassing to him, he was getting well aroused.

“Oh, sorry,” he said. Diana hadn’t spoken for a minute or two. “I hope I didn’t embarrass you but you are quite beautiful. I lost my wife last year and my only daughter lives so far away.” His eyes betrayed him again antalya escort as they darted quickly downwards, hoping Diana hadn’t noticed.

Diana smiled. She imagined a damp patch on the seat below. “It’s fine. Most girls like compliments. She touched his leg, very briefly, far too near where his pants now showed a bulge. “Anyhow I need to get off here. Bye.”

“Bye, my dear, and thank you for brightening my day.”

As the bus slowed, Diana rose, quickly brushing her hand against his bulge. She didn’t look back, leaving the bus and walking briskly away towards the shops.

The damp patch would soon dry.

The following week passed too slowly. Finally Saturday came and the day to pick up her stuff from Terry. The urge to fuck him had subsided. She just needed the chance to browse more of those lovely sexy outfits, bra/panties sets and bikinis. It was becoming a compulsion, though she didn’t know why.

The following morning, Sunday – so no need to rush, Diana woke and yawned, stretched her arms and sensed that her butt hole was a little sore. At least it was a soreness that she could bear and she knew that it would ease as the day went on. It was, in a way, a pleasant soreness. It was a soreness that would remind her, probably for much of the day, of the evening before.

She had returned from Holly’s house Saturday afternoon, having stopped off again in town. Daddy would have driven over to collect her but Diana preferred to take the bus even if it meant carrying several bags. Daddy always meant well, but sometimes she liked her independence. He was generous, thoughtful and kind but he could also be controlling.

The day had been warm again, more so than usual given the north Britain average. She’d decided to try on a bikini, one of her purchases from Terry’s new Grandbutts website that she’d collected just a short while before. Diana knew that not only would it draw admiring looks on the beach but it would have her daddy’s full approval too. Little more than a g-string and two triangles that only just covered her nipples, she knew daddy would insist she wore it whenever it was possible.

Their garden was private, hedged in by tall but well cared for conifers and a fence high enough to guarantee privacy but allow full sun for most of the day. Diana also knew that it wasn’t totally peep-proof though. Oh no, if an enthusiastic voyeur such as their neighbour cared to peep through a small gap in the fence he could see her. Sometimes of her own choosing she would be naked, and he, their neighbour, would be spying. It really turned her on.

She had spent the rest of Saturday afternoon on the sun lounger, wearing the minimal bikini.

“Diana, wow,” said her daddy, bringing her an ice cold can. “Where did you get that?”

“It’s from Grandbutts, they’re an online fashion retailer. Terry, Holly’s daddy, has just updated it. You can now see the clothes on your own body through your laptop cam.”

“Sounds interesting; now don’t move just listen. I’ve just been upstairs and I saw Ricky next door sneaking a peep on you. You won’t disappoint him, will you?”

Diana was sure she needed a piss and she made every movement she could to convey that to her voyeur neighbour. She twisted, turned, poked and prodded, rubbed and pulled the tiny piece of fabric covering the entrance to her secret cave. She even let a dribble of piss darken the g-string bikini she’d just bought. Finally she dashed into the house in mock alarm that she couldn’t wait any more.

Her daddy had watched Ricky getting off on the show, finally returning to his house to relieve his visible erection.

That was just the start.

“Thanks sweetheart,” he told Diana. “You’re a born actress. You’ve made daddy hard and you know what that means don’t you?”

Diana just smiled and nodded. They would fuck before the evening was out.

Her daddy already had an excuse. “Let’s go and check out this website on your laptop.”

After 15 or 20 minutes Diana gave up. There was the old range of bras, panties and other not so exciting lingerie, but no sign of the new exciting stuff. No background music either, no VCR and no feeling of elation, arousal or difficulty dragging themselves away, as if the screen had a hold on them.

“Sorry, daddy. I can’t get this to work. I’ll have to ring Holly tomorrow.”

“OK sweetheart,” he replied. I guess I’ll have to check out what you’ve bought.”

Roll on another hour or so. Daddy stayed watching while she stripped naked before trying on each item she’d bought.

“Another good choice. You do realise what this is doing to me?”

Diana nodded. She knew only too well.

“Put everything away,” he said. Diana obliged, leaving her naked again. “Come here.” He had been sitting on edge of her bed but now he stood, cupping both breasts in his hands, feeling their weight, warmth and smoothness.

“You’re beautiful,” he continued, stroking her kemer escort nipples with his thumbs. He took each nipple in his thumb and first finger, pulled them towards him and squeezed lightly. Letting them go he saw they had enlarged from his touch, swelling, filling with blood. He took each in his mouth, drew them outwards, let them go. They were now swollen hard and, he knew, very sensitive.

“Daddy, careful,” said Diana, well aware that her vaginal juices had started to flow. Daddy listened for once and switched his attention to her regularly shaven smooth mound, fingering her in such a way that she soon forgot her sore nipples.

“Bend over.”

He unscrewed the cap of a tube taken from her bedside table, put on a glove and lubed up his finger as he’d done many times before. It always had been his finger first, almost always in a vinyl glove; perhaps it was to be certain Diana was ready for what was to follow. There had been the training, the understanding how Diana felt. After the toys, butt plugs, fingers and anything else (such as the neck of a beer bottle) that was easily to hand, Diana’s butt hole was well accustomed to rigid objects. Daddy was rigid too as he thrust his sheathed weapon inside her.

The feeling was good, especially when daddy gently rubbed her clit.

That day was different. Diana had peed her g-string bikini, her brand new bikini. It had been bought by daddy’s well earned money. He needed pleasure, she needed pleasure but a lesson had to be learned.

He began as normal, slowly drawing in and out, savouring the pleasure that her tight tube was giving him. Then suddenly he forced his hard, sheathed, lubed cock inside her with great force, taking out all his stress, his diluted anger, his frustrations, all in long hard strokes. This continued, the sheath and lube absorbing some of the friction. Again and again he thrust hard, Diana clenching her teeth until the hard, speedy rhythms brought a climax she’d never experienced before. Daddy came with a grunt, filling the condom. The session was over. Diana was sore but happy.

On top of her luxurious mattress Diana stretched again. Given the warmth of the night, Diana had slept naked, the bed covers thrown aside in an attempt to keep her cool and she wondered if daddy had been in the room while she slept. She traced her hands lazily over parts of her she knew would give the sweetest response. Her bladder ached too and, like she had done for many years, she rubbed the area required to keep the urgent feeling at bay.

One of the first decisions of her day was choosing which of her favourite shower gels to use from the row of designer labels, then similarly the correct shampoo to match her mood. When it came to body care, beautifying lotions and make-up nothing was too expensive for daddy’s budget. Whatever Diana wanted, she got, and this included her own en-suite bathroom.

She let the cold water run through the shower head, then warm, then hot before stepping in. The shower cabinet was also, of course, top of the range: the water could fall as soft as rain or invigorating, jets to soothe or massage, gold plated, no expense spared. That’s how it was and that’s how it had always been; Diana, only child, spoiled rotten. She picked up the large round sponge, tilted the body wash and soaped her perfect globes, her best assets which daddy cherished the most. Spreading the foam, eyes closed, letting the perfumed lather caress her breasts, her flat tummy, her back, her mildly throbbing butt and her long, long legs. Next she checked out any stubble on her mound. Daddy had a silk handkerchief which he occasionally brushed against her mound. If there was even a trace of a tug from stubble, even just one hair there or in her groove, daddy would punish by spanking her bare butt, either by hand or with a paddle.

The razor, her own personal powered razor, buzzed quietly as she steered the multi blades across her mound. Parting the two sides of her groove she tentatively and carefully allowed the blades to clear away any stubble that had grown over the past 24 hours. It was a daily task, but never a chore as the rapidly vibrating blades did their work. Underneath, inside the lips, she dare not miss even the tiniest hair should it snag daddy’s silk. Satisfied she had done her best, she pushed the release button and removed the blades. This just left a small stub from the razor body which now vibrated on its own. The tiny, but important plastic was now guided around her clit. She teased herself for several minutes, moving the buzzing razor body away from then over, across, round and round her pleasure button, stopping short of making herself cum. Still she was bursting to pee, still she held off.

Body cleaned, hair shampooed, Diana unhooked the shower head, twisted the control to jet, leaned back, parted her long, long legs and directed the powerful stream of warm water fully against her clit. She knew she should konyaaltı escort have taken a piss first, her bladder aching to be relieved. She also knew the tension there – the urgency to piss – would make her attentions feel extra specially nice.

Diana was ever eager to cum. The last time had been the night before, daddy’s insubstantial rod buried as deep as he was able into her nether region, her back hole. He had the length, well, perhaps only average length, for Diana had wanked better endowed boys in return for a cigarette or, occasionally, a shared joint. The shower head water pressure made it so easy, so delightful. The urgency to let her piss flow in a yellow stream combined to guarantee a special cum. The pleasure ripples took away, just for a few moments, the nagging soreness in her butt. Unable to hold it any more she let the yellow stream force its way out on to the shower tray beneath her, letting the shower water wash the yellow clean away. The pressure relieved, she shivered again.

“Good morning daddy, mummy,” she greeted them as usual, every Sunday, the only morning they were all home together.

“Good morning,” replied her mother, her father lost in the sports pages of the Sunday newspaper. He just grunted. Best not disturb.

Diana grabbed two thick slices of bread and poured herself a black coffee. Always a light breakfast every Sunday morning, always a carvery lunch at The Inebriated Parson pub, just two minutes walk from the parish church. She could always get daddy involved in conversation after two pints of Merry Bishop ale, a strong beer brewed locally. Always, that is, after he’d spent some time talking to the barmaid while gazing down her ample cleavage.

The conversation followed much the same as it did every Sunday, usually about the top-end motors he sold, with great success, bringing him huge commissions and bonuses. The dealership was renowned for tailor-made fast or luxurious cars and he had been top salesman for many months, able to sell ice to an Eskimo and sand to an Arab. Away from work Simon’s conversational skills were limited but that had never stopped him engaging in extramarital sex.

Carolyne, mummy to Diana, had learned to live with his infidelity, but recently they had come to an agreement. Diana, their only child, had always adored her daddy, but after reaching her 11th birthday she became an ugly duckling. Hormones raged, Diana sulked and argued, her complexion suffered with the junk food she ate, her carefully brushed hair somehow became always knotted and greasy, she wore a brace on her teeth, she was targeted by bullies and then, 5 years later, almost overnight she morphed into a beautiful swan.

By sixteen Carolyne noticed Simon was giving his adoring daughter more looks, more smiles and more attention. By seventeen he was lavishing money on her and after her eighteenth birthday Carolyne became aware that he was no longer looking outside the house for female attention. Within a matter of weeks, Diana was walking around the house half naked and sunbathing on the terrace sometimes full naked. Simon was greeting Diana with meaningful kisses and he was spending time with her alone in her room.

Back home, Diana picked up her phone from her bedside table. There was a message from Holly – ‘Ring me.’ The phone had logged three missed calls. Usually Diana rarely left the house without it.

“Hi Holly, how’s things?”

“Just wanted to know how you got on yesterday.”

“Oh great but daddy hasn’t had chance to see it all yet. He wanted to look on the website to see what else was there.”


“Couldn’t find any of the new stuff there. “

“You need to have an account and an active credit card.”

“Could Terry fix it for me?”

“I don’t know. I’ll ask him. Can’t your daddy open an account for you, just to look?”

Diana laughed, “And let them have his platinum charge card details? No way!”

“OK. I’ll see what I can do.”

Diana omitted to say that her daddy had asked her to model what she’d bought, watching even as she changed underwear and finally making her put them all away, leaving her naked. He had worked hard all week and wanted to relax, chill out, spend some quality time with his daughter. Quality time usually included her ass being fucked. At first, Diana had thought this a no-no, but with patience, plenty of lube and a finger or two hitting just the right spot, Diana became more relaxed and began to enjoy new sensations. This progressed little by little until daddy invaded her butt hole with his long but thin sperm cannon.

For daddy this was bliss. Just one woman had allowed him to do that, a woman he’d met in a bar in a town far from home. It had cost him £60, but at last his thin member had been gripped tightly. Carolyne had told him firmly, after he’d broached the subject, that if he tried to fuck her up the butt it would be the end of their marriage.

Diana was just 16 when the idea came to him that someday he might try her. It was well after her 18th that he’d plied her with booze before gently persuading her to give it a try. Eventually he won her over. He’d regularly fucked her up the butt ever since, giving both of them untold pleasures.

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