Don’t Piss Off My Sister Ch. 01

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Now to be honest I have always had a thing for Jamie, my younger sister. Occasionally I would get a quick peek at here gorgeous B cups as she would come out of the shower which just so happened to be right across from my room. But nothing ever really became of this mostly just wet dreams and good wank. This was the case until my parents went away for their anniversary leaving me, My sister, and our younger brother Jeremy alone for the weekend.

My girl friend and I had gotten into a big fight at school that day so my plans for Friday night were cashed. I figured that I would just stay at home and find some soft porn on Skin-a-max and that would be my night. When I got home there was a note from Jeremy saying that he was going to stay over a friends house and that he would be back around 4 p.m. tomorrow. That is when I heard the shower going in the bathroom. The door to the bathroom was open, as Jamie knew Jeremy was gone and wasn’t expecting me to be coming home. Now believe me, what I saw was a lot better that any soft porn on cable. Jamie’s small firm breasts glistened from the water and her hard little ass just let the water pour off of it. Her hands were massaging her wet cunt while her head was bobbing in ecstasy. I couldn’t help myself, I just pulled out my cock and started to whack off right there. Big mistake! As I started to moan Jamie heard me. That was it. She screamed at me, “You Fucking pervert, I’m your damn sister.”

With that I raced to my room a shut the do. I was ashamed, more that I’d been caught than what I was doing was wrong. I still had a raging hard on though. I had to relive it so I started to masturbate. Right as I was climaxing Jamie burst into my room. She screamed, “you sick fuck, we’ll talk in the morning but right now I’m not staying in the same house as you.” All of a sudden a thought crossed my mind. How in the hell am I going karşıyaka escort bayan to explain this to my parents? This though tormented me for the next couple hours. I finally decided just to go to bed and I find out what it would cost me in the morning. Little did I know?

When I woke up the next morning, I found that I was tied spread eagle on my bed with all of my covers removed from the bed. I heard a laugh coming from the doorway. I knew it was my sister but I couldn’t lift my head as it too was tied down. How in the hell was she able to do all this to me with out waking up, I wondered. When Jamie came over to the bed I could see that she was wearing a black leather bra and panties and a pair of stiletto healed boots. In her right hand was a red backpack that I had seen before under her bed but I never knew what it was. In her left hand was bottle of some sort and a white rag. “Chloroform?” I said realizing why I didn’t wake up when she was tying me down.

“Very good big brother, you are a sound sleeper but I didn’t want to take any chances yet. You are a very sick little boy though. Watching you sister in the shower like that, what would mom and dad say.”

“Please don’t tell them,” I begged, “I’ll do anything you want.”

“First off I know you will and secondly you don’t really have much say in what I am going to do!” she laughed. She set the chloroform on the nightstand next to the bed and told me that if I were good she wouldn’t have to use it any more. I just nodded my head too stunned to talk. She set here bag down on the floor, took off her panties and proceeded stroke her pussy. “Why am I doing this when I got you?” she said. With that she climbed up on the bed straddled my head and sat down on my face. “I sure that you have masturbated while you were dreaming about eating my sweet pussy, dear brother, well escort karşıyaka now you better eat me like your life depends on it… because it does.” She said with a evil tone.

I licked with abandon maneuvering my tongue in and out of her hole and around her clit, until finally she moaned and pressing her cunt hard into my face she covered me with her hot juices. “Not bad” she said “at least you do things right in your dreams”

But this time my still cock was about to explode. I told her that I needed to jack off or I would explode. With that she reached into her bag and pulled out a long knife and then proceeded to cut off the tee shirt and boxers that I was wearing. Now my unrestrained cock sprang to attention. “It looks like your right” she laughed “too bad I’m not here to help you.”

“I’ll do anything but you got to let me get off” I pleaded.

She replied, “I can only think of one way for you to relieve yourself, because I don’t trust you enough to untie your hands and I’m not going to get you off.”

Stupidly I replied, “Anything I’m going to explode.” With that she untied my feet. I didn’t understand what was happening until my feet were over my head and tied to my wrists. With my dick hanging right in my face I now knew what she had it mind.

“Well,” she demanded, “I answered your demands you better start sucking.” What else was I to do, I was in no position to argue and my balls were aching. I started to suck myself and found that I rather enjoyed it. I was however dreading what I knew was going to be happening very shortly. Then it happened I started cuming. I didn’t know what else to do so I started swallowing, but I could get it all so I began to choke. Sperm was shooting all over my face. It was amazing, my head was swimming, and I couldn’t believe what I had just done. It seemed like the lights were karşıyaka escort flashing, then I heard Jamie laugh again. That’s when I realized that the flashing was our parent’s digital camera.

“Now I have all the evidence I need to get you to do anything that I want.” She gloated, “So I guess that I could let you go… for now.”

“Awe what the hell while you’re in that position I can’t resist.” She reached into her backpack and pulled out a large strap-on. She walked up to my face and told me to open up. I did as I was told and my spit and cum covered the huge dildo. Then she took a finger and scooped up some of the cum off of my face. She proceeded to then wipe her finger on my unprotected asshole. This was not an option that I had considered and fear shot though me. She pulled on her strap-on and crawled up onto the bed right behind my exposed ass. With our hesitating she plunged straight into my hole up to the hilt. I screamed in excruciating pain. She stopped, still fully in my ass reached around my body and stuffed my once again hardening cock into my mouth. “That ought to keep you quite,” she said.

Then she began her assault on my ass in earnest. She was pumping in and out of my previously virgin ass with the speed of a locomotive. The only thing that I could do to keep my mind off of the pain was to suck my rock hard cock until she stopped or I came. Which ever happened first. Two minutes later I was drinking my cum again. The pain in my ass had stopped and had now become pleasure. I begged Jamie to fuck me harder. With that she stopped, stepped out of her harness, leaving the dildo in my ass. She snapped a couple more pictures. Then she said that she had to go to the store. She went over my dresser and grabbed my wallet and emptied it of its cash. I said, “You can have the money just untie me, please!”

“Thanks for the Cash, see you in a while.” She laughed. I was now in fear. I screamed for her to untie me, but it was too late I heard the front door slam. How was I going to get out of this? I looked at the clock on my dresser 2:00. I had two hours to get out of this before Jeremy returned, if Jamie didn’t come home sooner.

More to Come

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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