D’Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 11

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Authors Notes:

Disclaimer: Celebrity appearances in this series are in no any way to be considered realistic. They are included for the entertainment of open-minded adults only. Their thoughts, words, and deeds are in no way indicative of the real celebrity. They exist here only to build a story around.

Frank Harris had just seated himself at his radar console at Orlando International Airport when a familiar voice sounded in his headset.

“D’Orgasmic One in the queue, awaiting instructions,” Gina said into her microphone.

“Good Morning D’Orgasmic One, you’re flying early today.”

“It is going to be a long day,” Brianna smiled into her microphone. “You are coming tonight aren’t you?”

“The Mrs. would kill me if we missed it. Did you get what you promised, D’Orgasmic One?” he laughed.

“No darling, Mark was serious about sending us back to Greece,” Gina giggled. We’ll make it up to you though.”

“Careful ladies, his wife will be there,” Frank’s supervisor, Tom Reston laughed into his microphone.

“Oh, we’ll be fine Tom. From what we heard, those two are going to be all over Suzie like grease on a goose. It seems your wife is finally going to get those dances she always wanted,” Brianna grinned.

“Then promise us you’ll save a dance or two for us,” Frank said as he looked at his boss with a huge smile on his face. “D’Orgasmic One, you are cleared for take off on 23 Right. See you tonight.”

“That is a promise we plan on keeping,” Gina laughed as she pushed the throttles forward and lifted the gleaming jet off the runway.

“Suzie had better keep me out of trouble tonight,” Tom said. “Have you met those two Frank?”

“Not in person, only on the radio. I know two things though. My binoculars don’t lie and I’ve known Mark and Gary all my life. You are going to meet the most spectacular women you have ever seen in your life the next two nights. Their two pilots definitely fit in with their lifestyle. Speaking of that, don’t worry, Suzie will fill Dorothy in. She won’t be jealous no matter what,” Frank said. “Don’t you get jealous; those guys will be all over Dorothy and Suzie as well?”

“Sounds like Suzie had a thing for them in school huh?”

“Actually, I was her fourth favorite. She never got to first base with the three amigos and you’ll find out why tonight. Wait until you meet Jill. If she doesn’t harden your cock, I’ll bury you. You’ve talked to her many times on the radio.”

“Is she one of Gary’s pilots?”

“She is Gary’s right arm, best friend, lover, and soul mate. It’s complicated but yes, she is a pilot as well.”

Gina turned to Brianna, “What do you think they’ll be like when we meet them in person?”

“I think they will be fun. I want to see what the guys do to Suzie,” Brianna said. “Mark said he was going to tease the hell out of her.”

“I hope there is no friction with Jill. She won, everyone else lost.”

“Jill told me Suzie was her best friend in school. Apparently, Suzie never had a clue until the prom. She knows what they are planning and she said it was going to be good,” Brianna giggled as Gina lined up to land in Dallas.

“Make sure the cabin cameras are on. I don’t want to miss the look an Ainsley’s face when she meets our other passengers. This is going to be fantastic. Mark can’t wait to see the expression on her face.”

They taxied up to the hanger at the flight school and saw Mark’s twin-engine plane sitting on the tarmac. Ainsley was waiting and she waved as they taxied up. Brianna opened the doorway and she bounded onto the jet. She kissed both girls and stowed her bags.

“I love this jet,” she beamed. “Can I fly for a while?”

“Not today hon, Mark wants you to play hostess for this flight. He has some VIP’s flying on this trip,” Brianna said as a limo pulled up to the plane.”

Gina welcomed them at the door and took their luggage. Ainsley turned and her jaw dropped. Jerry and Gene Jones were standing there.

“Wow,” Ainsley stammered, “I’m going to kill Mark”

Gene shook her hand and laughed, “Mark was right Jerry. We blew her mind. I bet you didn’t expect this Ainsley.”

“No, not at all. Mark knows how big a fan I am. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to meet you folks,” she laughed.

Gina poured them coffee and told them to settle in. “We will be leaving just as soon as we are refueled.”

“Brianna just called. They are on final approach,” Mark said to Gary. “Let’s go.” They flew to the airport and settled down just as the girls taxied up to the hanger.

Mark and Gary walked up the steps and into the jet. “You two are in a heap of trouble,” Gene said as she kissed Mark hello.

Mark introduced Gary to them and shook hands with Jerry. “Why am I in a heap of trouble?”

“Dammit Mark, I now know the secret of your success. I knew you had smart and talented people but this woman is beyond belief,” Jerry said. “She knows more about my organization than I do. I’m serious. Not only does she know my player’s stats, she cihangir escort knows their wives and kids too. I am beyond impressed.”

“I told you, Ainsley is the biggest Dallas Cowboy fan alive today. She is a sweetheart.”

Bags were transferred to the helicopter and on the flight back to Windermere, Brianna flew over the center. Gary and Mark showed them from the air.

“There is a lot of media equipment down there,” Jerry laughed. “You’re stealing my thunder Mark.”

“Jerry, I learn from the best.”

Mark and Jerry had a meeting while Gary took Gene on a tour. He introduced her to Tammy and her girls and told her if she needed anything at all to just ask Tammy.

Gina hung up and told Brianna that Jack and Alan were getting into the queue. They fired up the chopper and headed back to the airport.

Michelle was first off the helicopter and she ran into Mark’s arms. She kissed him warmly and lovingly. Lori was right behind.

“I’ve missed you,” Mark said.

“We’ve missed you too. I’m glad you’re coming home next week. We need you,” Lori said as she kissed him deeply.

The rest of the Las Vegas crew deplaned and ran to say hello. Time was short and they had to get ready.

Gina and Brianna were off again. Loretta’s plane was arriving. It would take two trips to the helipad Jill had constructed on the roof of the club. When the last trip landed, the girls learned that Beyoncé’s entertainers were arriving. It was a busy day.

Gary saw Tammy scurrying about. “Do you have everything you need?

“Yeppers baby. We are good to go. Jeremy’s suite is gorgeous. I’m sure Loretta will be comfortable,” Tammy smiled. “You had better get ready. Brenda just called me. The girls are picking them up and bring them back here to get changed for the red carpet. We are thrilled; we’ve never been to anything like this. Shannon made us the most beautiful gowns. Ohmigod Gary, I’ve never worn anything like this before. I feel gorgeous in it. Now go, before I rape you,” she giggled as she kissed him.

“Darling, you’re always gorgeous to me,” he said as he kissed her again.

Jill and Karen walked up to the bar. Mark and Gary were having a drink with Holly who was, uncharacteristically, nervous as hell.

“I have your press schedules,” Karen said as she handed each of them a folder. “You are going to be interviewed by all the mainstream press so I want you two on your best behavior. The same goes for the cable outlets too. I mean this, no bullshit out of either of you.”

Mark looked at the schedule, “How long for each interview?”

“You are scheduled for six minutes with reporters,” Karen told them.

“That is not going to cut it,” Holly laughed. “Courtney Friel is on this list.”

“What?” Mark said.

“Ohmigod!” Gary exclaimed, “Ohmigod!”

“Is this a problem?” Karen exclaimed.

“Honey, I was giving Gary a blowjob one night as he was watching Red Eye. She was on. His cock got harder and bigger than I think I’ve ever seen it. Let’s just say, he likes her a lot!”

“Well, her husband is going to be here too,” Karen, said.

“Carter is going to be here?” Mark said. “I met him last year. He is a great person. He interviewed me and I told him he was one of the luckiest men on earth.”

“Make sure they are invited back here after the opening,” Gary told Jill. “I would love to meet them too. When do we interview with them?”

“Tomorrow, most of the interviews are tomorrow morning. I wanted everyone to experience tonight first. I thought it would make for better interviews. Cherry and Ronnie are being interviewed by GAC, TMZ, and MTV.”

“How did Cherry receive that information?” Mark asked.

“She is excited. I worried about that too but she is actually anxious to do it. So is Ronnie.”

“That is good to hear. Actually, that makes me happier than anything else.”

“Me too,” Gary grinned. “Me too.”

“Now go, get ready,” Jill said as she heard her chopper approaching. “We are going to blow the music and fashion industries collective minds tonight.”

“What time are we supposed to arrive?” Gary asked.

“People will be arriving starting at 4:30pm. Lori, Michelle, and Dani arrive at 5:15pm. You, Mark, Cherry and the girls will arrive at 5:30pm. The fashion show starts at 6pm. Loretta will start the Country Girl show at 7:30pm and Beyoncé will start the Velvet Glove at 8pm. Don’t worry, everything is being filmed and Pierre has his production staff in the booths. We are filming everything and we will be handing out press copies too. You won’t miss a thing,” Karen told them.

Lindsay took one more look around the center. She was happy with everything she saw. It had been a lot of work but she knew they would be proud of everything. She called Hank, Marv, Vicki, Don, and Ann and asked them to come to her office.

“Marv, are you ready?” she asked.

“Absolutely hon. I am very happy.”

“How bout you big boy?” she grinned at Hank.

“Me too. Everything is esenyurt escort done,” he grinned.

“No, not everything,” Lindsay purred. “I’m nervous as hell. If you don’t do me before this opening, I’ll be a mess.”

“Thank God, I’m not alone,” Ann, grinned. She pulled Don toward her and jumped onto his lips.

Vicki and Marv joined in while Lindsay knelt in front of Hank.

“Feed me that cock,” she purred as she looked up into his face. Her fingers stroked the front of his trousers and she felt the fabulous bulge building. She unzipped him and his black cock sprang into view. “Mmm, you know I love this cock,” she cooed. Her hands grasp his mighty shaft and she felt him grow stronger and harder. He reached down and pulled her top off revealing her perfect breasts.

Ann lay spread-eagled on the sofa with Don’s face buried between her thighs. He loved fucking her but he could eat her pussy forever. She wasn’t about to stop him either.

Vicki was riding Marv’s long black cock for all she was worth. Until she hired on to run the D’Orgasmic store, she had never known that sex could be so complete. This operation was full of the sexiest and most caring people. There wasn’t a one of them she didn’t just adore. Marv was no exception. He was funny and he was sexy. He treated her like an angel from day one and she loved his cock inside her. He was tall, lean, and handsome. His cock on the other hand was long, broad, and sculptured. With each lovely stroke, she could feel his ridges and veins as he cored into her tight body.

Lindsay’s lips stretched wide as Hanks long cock penetrated her alabaster face. The contrast of flesh excited her as this missile of his massaged her throat. She held his enormous sac in her hands as he drove himself deep into her. Her tongue glided along the underside of his cock deliciously. She brushed her finger over his ass and he moaned deeply. She pressed into him and his knees wobbled. He held her head and told her she was better than ever. A broad smile flashed across his cock at his words.

She didn’t want him to cum yet. She wanted that cock, hard and fully loaded for a while longer. She stepped out of her skirt and sat on the edge of her desk.

Ann stepped out of her skirt and threw off her blouse. She rolled Don over and inhaled his cock with an amazing hunger. This former Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader was giving Don every man’s fantasy right there in Lindsay’s office. Her fabulous face wrapped around his cock and she was moaning and sucking greedily. Her breasts dangled perfectly from her fabulous body. Don was in heaven. Her hands caressed his lanky frame, playing with his nipples and teasing him wonderfully. Her fingers rose to his lips and he sucked her fingers with the same love and attention she was displaying on his long cock.

Hank was fucking Lindsay fiercely. He slammed into her. She moaned deliciously as he bottomed out repeatedly. Her body was cumming non-stop. He loved how she clamped herself onto him. His power-fucking took her right through several exquisite orgasms. His expansive balls slapped her ass with each stroke. Lindsay was in heaven.

Vicki’s sweet pussy was on Marv’s lips as her head rose and fell onto his cock. Marv had learned a lot from the guys and Vicki was cumming massively. He drank her down with glee. “If I could put this on the menu, I’d be a zillionaiire,” he thought.

She came one more time and moved to take his cock in her hands. She turned to face him. She straddled him and placed that stiff pole against her tight, hot ass. She looked into his strong happy face, “You love my ass don’t you? Fuck my hot ass Marv. Shove that cock inside me. Make me cum some more.” She sat on him and opened easily. As she slid down, he played with her nipples and she moaned. She sank all the way and he pinched those nipples. Vicki screamed.

She began to grind herself onto his hard cock. The grinding became bouncing. She was thrilled with the feel of him inside her. He held her tits in his hands and she bounced harder and faster. Each stroke was as deep as possible and she loved it. “I can’t tell you how much I needed this right now. Fuck my ass Marv, cum in my ass baby. I want to feel you splashing me with your hot, wet load.”

His fingers fell to her clit. He began to stroke her as he filled her asshole. Vicki went wild, screaming and thrashing. Marv felt it coming and he grabbed her hips and held her tight. She inhaled and her eyes widened as his cock swelled inside her. She felt it. First a twitch, then a stronger one. His breath stopped and he arched into her. His massive eruption warmed her and she felt burst after burst of his hot semen flooding her tight ass.

“Oh baby, Oh baby, yes,” she purred as she fell onto his chest. Their lips locked in a wonderful kiss, his cock softening inside her.

“Fuck my ass Hank. Harder babydoll, fuck my ass. I’m cumming,” Lindsay yelled as Hank unleashed inside her too.

Ann was cumming hard as well. Don was smiling broadly. “Girl, you are amazing,” etiler escort Don smiled as he kissed her.

“Well, I think we all deserved that,” Lindsay laughed.

“I just love that fresh fucked hairdo,” Vicki giggled.

“I love yours too,” Lindsay smirked. “Okay, time to clean up, get into makeup, and let’s get this show on the road. I love you guys.”

“We love you too Lindsay,” Hank said as he kissed her on his way out.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” Reba said.

Loretta smiled, “Me either. These people are the real deal. They have put a lot of thought into every aspect of this club.”

“They certainly didn’t spare any expense. I feel like I am at the MGM Grand. The sound system is as good as any I’ve ever used. This is going to be a fun couple of nights. Are you sure they have no idea who is here?”

“These men are smart but their women are smarter. They have no idea. Beyoncé and I have been discrete. She is so wound up about this,” Loretta told her.

“I think this is wonderful. Beyoncé finds a long, lost family and it is all over these fabulous baked beans. Now that is a story for the ages,” Reba said as she took another mouthful.

“Isn’t that a hoot?” Loretta grinned. “Speaking of hoots, make sure you watch Luke’s face during “Country Girl’. He is about to have the shock of his life.”

“I guess we had better get ready,” Reba grinned.

Gary’s phone rang and he took the call. “That’s great Henry. There is a limo waiting for you when you land. Bring them to the center. Thanks buddy.”

The media had assembled in full force. All major media and most of the major Florida media had a presence as well. The cable news networks and the entertainment reporters were on hand as well. GAC, MTV, VH1, and TMZ were out in force.

The parking lot was full of spectators looking to see their favorite stars and entertainers.

Mark and Gary had donned their tuxedos and were waiting at the Tiki Bar. Michelle walked out wearing a stunning evening gown. She walked to the bar and was handed a chilled snakebite.

“You look wonderful,” Mark said, as he looked into his stunning business partners eyes. “In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look lovelier.”

All heads turned to the massive French doors, “Well, would you look at that,” Mark grinned.

Cherry, Ronnie, Jill, Rose, Debbie, Holly, Ainsley, Lori, Diane, and Wendy walked towards the bar in a single line. Each woman dressed to kill sporting Shannon’s finest creations.

“Where is Pierre when I need him? That is the cover of next season’s high fashion catalog,” Gary smiled.

“Wow,” Mark gasped. “I’m speechless. If you don’t give Shannon a raise, I will.”

Ten striking women broke into broad smiles. “I have to admit, we do look pretty awesome,” Cherry giggled.

“Don’t count us out of that club,” Kono said as she walked up on Daniel’s arm. Daniel’s grin was huge as both of his arms were occupied.

Cherry looked and screamed. She ran over and kissed Aleka warmly. “Hi baby, I am so glad you could make it.”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the world,” she said as she kissed Mark deeply and passionately. She turned and kissed Gary too, stepping back and looking at both of them in their tuxedos. “You guys clean up real well. Look out girls, Miss Hawaii is hungry for these two.”

“Why do you think we love you so much?” Rose smiled. Only the twinkle in her eye betrayed her demur Asian countenance she tried desperately to maintain. “Girls, we had better keep an eye on this one.”

Wendy burst out laughing. “We’ll keep our eyes on her. We know where your lips will be.”

“Do you have a point to make?” Rose giggled.

A motorcade of limousines arrived at the gate and onto the property. Tammy had a clipboard and she was sending them out according to the schedule Karen had given her.

“Would you look at this? Debbie exclaimed as she saw a massive traffic backup ahead of them.

“How many helicopters are overhead?” Debbie asked. “This is exciting.”

The red carpet was full of celebrities. Aleka was being interviewed, as were Lori and Michele.

They stepped into a frantic, seemingly unending assault of flashes as the paparazzo’s motordrives went into high gear.

Cherry held Mark’s arm tightly. “I can’t see a thing.”

“You are not alone,” he smiled as they stood before the assembled masses.

The trip down the red carpet took a full twenty minutes. Every reporter from the news, fashion and the entertainment worlds wanted a sound bite and they were not disappointed.

They walked into the center and Cherry turned to Mark and kissed him. “I’ll see you later my love. We’ve got to go,” she said as she grabbed Ronnie’s hand.

“I love you,” Mark told her. “I can’t wait to see what this night brings.”

She kissed him again and they walked away.

“I’m glad he’s back to full strength,” Ronnie grinned. “I wouldn’t want either of them to stroke out on us. They are going to lose their minds.”

Jill and the girls immediately left and headed into the store, which was packed with people. The massive lobby had been configured for the fashion show, which would start in just a few minutes.

“This sucks,” Gary said as he looked at Mark. “We arrive with the most beautiful women and within thirty seconds, we’re alone.”

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