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Group Sex

This story is of course fiction and none of the characters are real but like any good story there is some truth within each layer of the life of each character. I would like to introduce you to the all-American Duluth family, Ed 44, Maggie 38, Amy 20 and her brother Teddy 18.

I would like to thank Chantel for her guidance and criticism on my first submission.

“Daddy, you’ve got to stop or I’m going to have an accident!” I laughed without shame as my father held me down on his lap and diddled my pussy. He had two fingers up my cunt and he was driving me crazy. But I had a problem, a big one. I had to go to the bathroom. I was so mad at myself but I couldn’t help it if I had to pee. If we had been inside it might not have been such a big deal but we were out in the back yard and the bathroom was so far away. If I left now it would definitely ruin the mood. Twice now I’d told him about my predicament but he either didn’t believe me or didn’t care because he wasn’t letting me up. “I’m serious daddy, I really have to go!” I warned him as I unsuccessfully tired to control my own laughter. He was laughing just as hard as I was as he ran his long finger in and out of my pussy, trying to get me off for the third time this morning. I know I should have just gotten up but whenever anyone, especially my father, plays with my cunt I go brain dead and my pussy takes over. It wants what it wants and it wanted to cum one more time.

“Come on honey, one more time. Let daddy help you have one more orgasm.” My father said as he worked his magic on my pussy. He had his thumb on my clitty and maybe two fingers inside of me and didn’t seem to be worried at all that I had to go to the bathroom. “If you weren’t such a bad little girl daddy wouldn’t have to punish you so often,” He laughed merrily at my discomfort.

I’m 20 and I am a bad little girl, daddy’s bad little girl. I kind of like thinking of myself as his slut. This little morning game we were playing started years ago. Daddy insisted on checking out what I was wearing to class each morning and when he discovered I wasn’t wearing panties to class….well one thing led to another and I ended up loosing or maybe I should best describe it as letting him take my virginity. Making love with my father was something I had been fantasizing about for months and when the opportunity came I had willing gone along with my father’s seduction. I knew what we were doing was called incest and was probably wrong for most families but not ours. My mother was very much a part of my indoctrination into family sex and was thrilled to death when she found my father and me naked in the living room about to have sex. She was right there helping me as daddy struggled to get his big hard cock up my tight little pussy. Since that day my family, including my younger brother Teddy, has been blissfully fucking whenever we could!

This morning, like so many other mornings in the past started out the same way as that first day. I had dutifully gone to my father and asked him if the outfit I was wearing was ok and did he approve. “I hope I look ok daddy,” I said as I stood innocently before him. I was wearing a pretty short summer dress and of course I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Why would I?

Daddy looked me over and then calmly told me to lift my dress. My body shook uncontrollably with excitement as I slowly lifted the hem of my dress up and exposed myself to him. My pussy was dripping with desire as daddy’s eyes feasted on my naked cunt. Daddy pretended to be very disappointed in me as he reached out and ran his fingers between my little wet pussy lips. “I see my little girl has forgotten something again,” He said as he easily pushed one thick finger up my cunt and fucked me as I stood in front of him. He methodically worked his finger in and out of me as he admonished me for being so slutty. “Do you want people to think you’re a nasty little whore?” He asked me as I sank down on his fingers and brought myself off. “Only bad little girls go around without panties. You shouldn’t be showing off your cute ass and your hot little pussy to everyone,” He said as he continued fingering me. Sometimes we only had time for a few minutes of play but today we had been at it for over a half hour and I was dying to cum again. I hadn’t planned on leaving until I got my father to fuck me at least once but now my silly bladder decided it was full. I loved getting off this way each morning and no matter what people might say about incest, I thought it was awesome. A few of my girl friends knew that daddy fucked me and were very jealous. Besides, a little finger fucking and hot sex with my father always put a smile on my face.

“Stop daddy!” I shrieked with delight, holding in my laughter as best I could as my handsome father continued to finger fucked me. “I told you I have to pee!” He made me laugh even harder when he changed tactics and attacked my ribs. “I really do daddy, honest. I have to pee!” I said, trying to sound as serious as I could. I desperately tried to get up off of his lap before I wet myself but he held ümraniye masöz escort me tight. I was clenching my bladder as tight as I could but I wasn’t sure I could hold it even if he let me up right then. The combination of his finger inside my pussy and my own laughter was making my situation impossible.

Daddy threw his head back and laughed. “I heard you honey,” He said as he eased his finger from inside my juicy cunt and ran it over my hard clit. “And your old dad thinks that sounds kind of sexy,” He said and gave me one of his wickedly father smiles. His eyes twinkled with mischief as he continued to excite my pussy and clitty.

“Sexy? Really?” I was intrigued but misunderstood his meaning. “You want to watch me pee daddy?” I thought that was pretty kinky.

Dad gave me a mischievous smile and said, “Well…. I’d like to do more than just watch honey,” He said cryptically as he continued fingering me.

I gave him a sly smile as I thought about what he was suggesting. “I’m not sure what you’re asking daddy,” I innocently told him as I not so innocently ground my pussy onto his finger. If he was suggesting what I thought he was, I wanted to hear him say it aloud. He and I had done lots of kinky things together over the years but he had never suggested anything like this before. The idea both intrigued and excited me.

“Well, as long as you have to go….and you’re sitting right here on my lap and no one can see you…why bother running all the way back to the house?” Daddy asked and gave me a devilish grin.

I gave him a crooked little smile and silently thought about it. This could be fun I thought. It wasn’t like I was turned off by the idea; it was just that he caught me by surprise. I’ve always been open for new and sexy games with him. I looked nervously around even though I knew our backyard was very private. A large hedge hid our yard on one side and the privacy fence kept any one from spying on us from the other side, so why not? Who would know? I decided to go along with him. My summer sundress was already bunched up around my waist and my pussy rested directly over his crotch. I didn’t even need to move to do what he was suggesting. The head of his cock had worked itself up several inches past his suit and the idea of peeing on him really made me hot. I saw a clear bubble of cum ooze from his pee slit and I reached down and ran my finger through it and seductively brought to my lips and sucked it off. I wondered what cum and pee mixed together would taste like. “If I do what your suggesting daddy, it will go all over your…big thing.” I told him, child like. I reached down between us and playfully rubbed the head of his shinny cock with my thumb. It made me smile to see how excited he got when I did that.

Daddy’s breathing grew shallower as I played with his cock. It became short and labored and it sounded as if he was venting the passion built up in his cock out through his lungs. “My thing?” He snorted as he thumbed my clit. “I thought I’d taught my little girl to call it my cock?” His passionate voice soothed me as his finger teased my clit. “Have you forgotten what I asked you to call it young lady?” He asked softly. His hand left my pussy and traveled up over my stomach and stopped at my breasts. Daddy surrounded each one and massaging their fullness through the thin material of my disheveled dress. “My baby has such nice boobs,” He told me as he made love to them with his hands.

I heard myself suck in my breath as he found my excited nipples and rolled them between his fingers, getting them to jump out and beg for more attention. I of course wasn’t wearing a bra and the thin material of my dress scarcely protected them from his tormenting fingers. “I’m glad you like them daddy,” I mewed with obvious pleasure at the attention he was giving them. “And I didn’t forget what to call it daddy. It’s your cock. Your big hard cock,” I laughed softly. I was having fun pretending to be his little girl. “I was just teasing you daddy,” I told him as I momentarily forgot that I had to pee. I slipped my hand down between us and wrapped it around his shaft and expertly jacked him off through his swimsuit. “I never forgotten anything about daddy’s cock,” I laughed softly and pressed my tits into his big hands. My head swayed back and forth and my long honey brown hair sweep across his face. I drew my head back and kissed him, letting my tongue quickly flick across his lips before I pulled away. Daddy abandoned my nipples and cupped my breasts again, mashing them against the palms of his hands. My body shook with excitement. I let go of his cock and held his hands to my tits and told him, “Daddy you know how much that turns me on but I still have to pee!” If he really wanted me to do what he suggested then it was going to have to happen….now! If I didn’t get up immediately and go to the bathroom, I was going to pee all over him.

The wild and hungry look on my father’s face told me all I needed to know. “I want that baby. I want you to go ahead and just pee all over me. I want ümraniye olgun escort to feel your hot piss all over my cock.” His eyes locked onto mine and challenged me to be his nasty little girl. “Come on baby, you can do it. Pee all over your father’s cock,” He said as he brought his lips to mine and kissed me tenderly.

Hearing the passion in his voice excited me to do what he asked. I was going to do it and make him happy. He wanted me to do something nasty and I wanted to show him I would do anything he asked. “Daddy you’re so terrible but I love you so much for letting me be naughty.” I knew people did stuff like this but it was all so new to me. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was supposed to do first so I just leaned back against his knees and spread my legs further apart. I knew I wouldn’t have to concentrate very long or hard to get my bladder to cooperate.

“I love you too baby,” my father said as he spread my cunt lips and ran his finger through them, hoping that that might help me start to pee all the quicker. He slowly ran his finger over my little button and drove me crazy. “Go ahead honey, pee on daddy. You’ll love it too once you see how hot it is,” He urged me. And then he used my little trigger word. “Beside, only a little slut would do this for her father.”

That got me; I was over the edge now. Any time he really wanted to get fire my pussy up, all he had to do was call me his slut. I giggled foolishly as I thought about what I was about to do. “Ok daddy, you did it now,” I told him. “Get ready; your slutty little daughter is going to pee all over you!” I closed my eyes and concentrated and within seconds my bladder opened up with the force of a fire hose and sprayed all over him. I couldn’t believe it; I was peeing on my father. I looked down and watched a dazzling stream of day-glow yellow piss hit the front of his shorts. “Oh!” I said amazed and excited about what I was seeing. I was only able to control the first couple of squirts before my bladder opened completely and it went everywhere. My long hard stream of warm pee shot out of me and soaked the two of us. The hot, pungent piss splashed back against my inner thighs as well as daddy’s crotch. It was a fabulous feeling, one I’ll never forget. I felt so dirty and naughty and horny all at the same time. “I’m doing it daddy. I’m peeing on you!” I shouted as I did my best to aim my stream right at the head of his cock. For several seconds my urine shot out and covered it. His light blue trunks turned dark wherever my pee hit it and soon it was totally soaked. It was amazing to watch my hot torrent of piss hit the head of his cock and then run down through his thick pubic hair before disappeared between his legs. What a turn on!

The grin on daddy’s face told me everything I needed to know. He loved it. I was peeing on him and it was driving him crazy. My warm piss continued to wash over his exposed cock with such force and it soaked both of us. I was wet from my stomach to my knees with my own pee. His shorts were soaked and the outline of his cock protruded prominently against the wet material. “Wonderful baby. I love it!” He told me as he frantically worked his suit down far enough so that the rest of his cock was exposed to my hosing. His prick stood tall as a soldier in the rain as I showered him. I could only hope that as soon as I was finished peeing, he would shove his hard cock up my cunt and give me the fucking I desperately needed. “All over it, pee all over my cock baby, pee all over daddy’s cock,” He urged me.

It was difficult to see where all of my pee was landing but I knew most of it was falling right where he wanted it, all over his cock and balls. I was having a ball and I could see us doing this again, maybe him peeing on me next time. I could definitely get into doing that. I didn’t think I was every going to stop urinating but sadly I finally did. I watched the last of it slowly dribble from between my lips and fall onto the head of his cock. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen or done. “Oh daddy, that was so hot,” I told him as I used my finger to catch the few drops of pee that clung to my pussy lips and then rubbed it over the head of his cock. The warm tangy aroma of urine reached my nose and filled my pussy with desire, a desire to fuck my father and fuck him hard.

“It is hot isn’t it baby!” Daddy said as pushed his butt off the chair and shoved his suit down over his hips. His hard cock, free from the confines of his wet suit, waved hard and intimidating in the warm morning sunshine. Small droplets of pee clung to his foreskin. “Daddy loved having his little Amy pee all over him,” He told me as he held his stiff bone upright and pulled me down to it. My wet and juicy cunt lips enveloped him like a sandwich. He pushed his cock back and forth through my wet lips and drove my clit crazy. “Daddy wants his cock inside of you honey,” He said as he worked the mushroom head towards my waiting hole. My cunt lips parted and daddy worked his slick dick past them. “Fuck me little girl. Fuck daddy ümraniye ucuz escort while we both smell of your pee.”

I guided his cock past my lips and into my cunt. He easily slid deep up into me and filled me. He let me control how far and how fast we fucked. It took but a few strokes of his engorged cock up my hot cunt to get me moaning and begging for all of him. “Fuck me daddy, fuck me with that wonderful cock!” I let my body go and took all of him in me and I rode him with my eyes closed. I was in my own little world as I rode my father’s cock towards my own climax.


A small smile formed across Maggie Duluth’s face as she looked out her kitchen window. She couldn’t quite make out what her husband and daughter were doing but from the way Amy’s dress was bunched up around her waist and the way she was sitting she figured her daughter was probably fucking her father. Good for them she thought. It made her cunt drip with excitement knowing the two of them were screwing. She knew they had a very special routine that played itself out most morning. Since that first day years ago, Ed would wait until Amy came to him to get approval for what she was wearing. It didn’t matter what she had on they always ended up fucking and Maggie never tired of watching her husband fuck their daughter. Amy had innocently confided to her that she loved walking around campus with her father’s cum oozing out of her pussy. Maggie could hardly blame her. As a young girl her own father had often left her in the same condition.

I reluctantly tore my eyes from the window and turned my attention to my son Teddy. “Make sure you say goodbye to your father before you leave today,” I told my 18-year-old son. “He likes it when you do,” I casually said over my shoulder. The silk robe I had thrown on earlier was pulled well up above my waist; exposing my naked ass. Teddy was also naked; his shorts lay tangled around one foot. He held me by the waist and fucked me from behind.

“I will mom, just as soon as we finish,” He panted heavily as he continued to fuck me. Teddy pressed his clean-shaven youthful face to my chestnut brown hair and inhaled deeply. To Teddy, my hairs scent was an intoxicating perfume. I knew he could pick up hints of sweat, cigarettes, booze and an ever-present suggestion of my tangy sexual secretions. He often told me how he could close his eyes and see my naked body through just by smelling me. A small satisfied smile came over my face when he cupped my breasts. My full 36D breasts sagged a little but he told me they made him hard just thinking about them. I slowly moved my ass back against him as he fucked me. I loved it when he told me how much he loved my ass. It was full and round, not like girls his age but that of a mature woman. I guess that’s why he often fucked me from behind. Teddy worked his cock easily between my hot ass cheeks, slowly filling my cunt with cock and I knew he would soon be filling me with his cum. Teddy made me feel so good about myself when he made such a big deal about how lucky he was to know my body so intimately. That’s why these mornings together were so special. I’m just sorry they didn’t happen more often.

“Please do honey,” I panted. I arched my back and reached around and wrapped an arm around my son’s naked body, pulling him tighter into me. My long hair momentarily covered his face as I whipped my head about as small orgasms shook my body. My gown fell away; my excited breasts hung free, the nipples excited to a tight firmness. I loved my son and even more, I loved how he fucked me. Ever since that first day when he had discovered his sister fucking his father, the two of us had formed a special bond. It had taken a few days for Teddy to get use to the idea that his sister was actually being allowed to fuck her father but when I let him know that he and I could now have sex together, all his jealousy vanished. I let him know that my body was his to use and explore and from the very first our lovemaking had been wild and passionate. I was overjoyed to discover that he enjoyed sex as rough and raw as I did. Ed and my dream of involving the children in incest had finally become a reality.

“Harder honey,” I urged my son. I loved the way he used my body and my cunt and how he fucked me with such abandon. Teddy was young and strong and he was always horny, it amazed me how he could cum and then would be hard again within such a short time. Sometimes he would jack off on my face and then fuck me even before his cum had dried. This morning my body ached for him, despite having worked last night and being very tired, I still wanted him. I worked from 9:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. but I was never too tired for my son’s cock. I normally got home after Teddy left for class so this morning was a bonus for both of us.

Teddy had been excited to find me standing in the kitchen and I let him surprise me as I stood watching his sister and father in the backyard. I was leaning over the sink and he had just naturally walked up behind me and pulled up my gown and started to roughly finger my pussy from behind. “Hi sexy,” He greeted me with a kiss on my bare neck. “I love it when you get home early mom,” He said as he quickly worked his middle finger up my already wet snatch. He knew I wouldn’t resist when he wedged his hard cock between my cheeks and pressed it against my asshole. That always made me hot for him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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