Drunken Family Reunion

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Big Tits

Author’s Note: The following story contains elements of incest. If that is not your bag, you’d do well to read something else. All characters in the following story are 18 or older.


My Uncle Dave had clearly had a lot to drink. He didn’t try to hide his arousal as he openly stared at my tits all night long. But it wasn’t until he asked me to dance, that I realized just how turned on he was. I let him take liberties with my body as he cupped my ass cheeks on the dance floor right in front of the rest of the family. I could see the disapproving looks as he kissed my neck. I could hear the gasps as he openly squeezed my ass and humped his hard bulging cock against my thigh. And I couldn’t help but think of what would be happening if my uncle and I were not surrounded by family on that dance floor.

“Oh my god Dani,” my uncle groaned into my neck. “I want you so bad.”

As the song came to an end, my uncle still did not want to release me. I saw my mom talking to my dad and pointing at us. She obviously wanted my dad to come break up what his drunk brother was doing to his daughter. I took my uncle’s hand and told him to come with me. We hurriedly left the hotel ballroom and headed to the elevator. Once inside, Uncle Dave’s hands were instantly under my skirt, mauling my ass cheeks. When the door opened again, we basically ran to my room. I fumbled with my room key as my uncle pressed against my ass, his fingers reaching around me and pulling open the buttons on my blouse.

As soon as we stumbled into the room, my blouse was ripped open and his hands were inside my bra, scooping my tits out of the cups. My skirt was pulled over my waist and I could feel my uncle’s huge cock pressing between my ass cheeks. I think his pants might have been pulled down while we were still in the hallway. That’s how excited he was. He pushed me forward until I was bent over the bed and yanked my panties to the side. I screamed as my uncle slammed his cock deep inside me. Then haramidere escort there was a knock at the door.

“Dani are you in there?” It was my father.

“Yes daddy,” I yelled louder than I needed to as my uncle pounded his dick into my wet hole over and over.

“Are you okay?” my father asked through the door. “Is my brother in there with you?”

I opened my mouth to respond but all that came out were my shouts of ecstasy. “Yes! Yes! Oh my god, fuck me Uncle Dave!”

My uncle fucked me hard, slamming me down into the bed with every violent thrust of his hips. I could hear my dad outside fumbling with the doorknob as his brother announced his impending orgasm.

As soon as I felt the first spurt of cum shooting inside me, my own orgasm took over. My whole body shook as Uncle Dave buried the full length of his shaft in me and held it there.

“Yes!” I screamed as I felt my uncle’s balls tighten and his fuck meat pulse deep within me, sending loads of his creamy jizz shooting into my core. “Yes Uncle Dave! Cum inside your brother’s dirty little daughter!”

Suddenly his cock was yanked from my still quivering cunt. I spun on the bed onto my back to see my drunken naked Uncle Dave being thrown onto the ground. I looked up and there stood my father.

“Oh Dani,” he said disapprovingly as he looked over my naked body. I followed his stare to my gaping freshly fucked pussy. He shook his head as I could feel my Uncle Dave’s cum flowing out of me and dripping down the crack of my ass. “How could you? He’s your own uncle! My brother! He’s your family!”

His words stung me. He was disappointed in me. And I hated that feeling. Suddenly I felt more ashamed and naked than ever. I began to close my legs and reach for the blanket to cover myself.

But then it happened. My father reached down and adjusted the front of his pants. I hadn’t seen it before, but my daddy had a hard on. as he stood there ikitelli escort staring at his daughter’s naked sweaty body. I tossed the blanket to the side and opened my legs wide again. My pouty face was replaced by a sly grin.

My father cleared his throat as he watched me cup one of my tits with one hand and reach down to rub my clit with the other. I saw the outline of his cock bulge slowly grow and extend down the leg of his pants until it reached midway to his knee.

“Oh daddy,” I said in my best little girl voice. “I can see you are much bigger than your brother.” I heard Uncle Dave grunt on the floor where he was passed out.

“What are you doing Dani?” he halfheartedly asked as he watched me use his brother’s cum to finger my gooey gaping pussy right in front of him. He blinked, unable to believe the wanton display of lewdness displayed by his perfect little princess. “I think you should cover yourself.” He adjusted his long thick cock in his pant leg again.

“Nothing that you don’t want me to do, daddy,” I said as I knelt on the floor and brazenly reached out to grab the hard slab of steel through the thin fabric of his pants.

“Dani,” he whispered as he took a step toward me. “We shouldn’t.”

My father did nothing to stop me as I unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants and underwear to his ankles. It was my turn to stare as his impressive tool stood straight out in front of him, proudly oozing pre-cum just inches before my salivating mouth.

“You’re right daddy,” I mocked as I licked my lips and curled my fingers delicately around the base of his cock. “We shouldn’t.” And with that, I parted my lips and slowly guided the twitching head of my father’s cock between them.

“No baby,” his words were betrayed by his actions as his fingers tangled in my hair, pulling my face toward him. “This is so wrong.” His shaft slid smoothly past my gullet and into my throat as my lips finally reached the istanbul escort root of his prick. He held my head there and moaned deeply, relishing the feeling of his daughter gagging on his massive fuck meat.

He released my head as I slid his cock out until I was kissing the head. “Yes daddy,” I gently nibbled the crown with my teeth. “So very wrong.” I slid backwards onto the bed and spread my legs obscenely wide for him. “Fuck me daddy. Fuck your little girl.”

I giggled like a child as my father hurriedly removed the rest of his clothes and climbed onto the bed between his daughter’s thighs. I reached down and guided his throbbing member home. Despite the fact that my tight little cunt had just been pounded hard by his brother’s substantially large cock and flooded with his brother’s copious amount of cum, my pussy still felt like it was being entered for the first time. That’s how big my daddy’s dick was.

I moaned like a whore as my father slowly fucked me, pushing more and more of his horse cock into my depths with each thrust. Finally he hit bottom and still had about an inch and a half left.

“I want it all daddy,” I whimpered as I wrapped my legs around his back, gripped his ass in my hands and pulled him hard between my legs, forcing his cock head past my cervix and into my womb. I screamed out loud as my daddy began fucking me in earnest. Pounding his cock into my young body as far as it would go.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh FUCK! Fuck your little whore daughter, daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK MEEEEE!” I was out of control as my body succumbed to the most earth shaking, bone rattling orgasm I had ever had. My whole body shook and quivered, my pussy tightened around the girth of his tool, gripping him like a glove that was two sizes too small.

It was too much for my father to take as he buried his cock inside me to the hilt one last time, shooting load after load of potent daddy cum directly into my young fertile womb. I held onto him tightly long after both of our orgasms had subsided, basking in the feeling of my daddy’s cock still twitching deep within me.

“That was so fucking hot!” my Uncle Dave struggled to stand next to the bed. His cock was hard again as he stroked it. “Is it my turn again?”

I giggled into my father’s ear. This was going to be a long fun night.

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