Educating My Mother Ch. 2

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The next day, I went to school for the finals. I am not sure I do that well on the exam since my mind kept wondering picturing how my hot mother will soon become my willing sex slave. Once I am done with my exam, I went to the computer lab at campus and check out my web space account.

As my web cam is recording, every hour, the web cam file is zipped and sent to my web space account. I want to check out if last night’s programming did the trick. The first hour nothing interesting happen. My mom evidently got back to sleep once I left my apartment. She woke up 45 minutes later and went to the bathroom. The next hour started not so interesting, but then something happen right near the end of the hour. My mom was doing some vacuuming. Being a college boy, I haven’t been able to do a lot of vacuuming and since mom is a bit of a neat freak around the house, she just couldn’t resist.

When she reached right in front of the VCR, something seems to catch her eye. It was one of my porn video. It’s not labeled like most of my usual VCR. This fact seemed to interest her and got her curious. She soon decided to pop it in the VCR. She had no trouble doing that considering she watches a lot of video back home. Watching video seems to be her best lullaby. She turned on the TV and hit the play button and soon the video started showing an incest scene between mother and his son. She seemed shock, but weren’t able to look away. The file ended there, so I unzipped the next hour. My mom kept staring at the TV for about 20 minutes.

Then it got more interesting, as my mom slowly began to touch her own breast in a circular pattern. Pretty soon, my mom lifts her skirt and started to rub herself. She seemed coy at first but soon go at it like there’s no tomorrow. She kept sliding two fingers in and out of her cunt while the other hand is caressing her breast. Near the end of the file, she stopped abruptly. Apparently, the video was over. She seems to panic and look for more tapes as the file ended. I couldn’t download the next file, as it is not yet an hour since that last web cam yet. I could only imagine that my mother found some more porn and kept on masturbating as of now. I have a huge hard on as I was thinking but I didn’t really want to jack-off at school. Before I came home, I recorded a music CD which basically contains me saying the words “Rangsang.. rangsang… rangsang….. rangsang….. Puncak!” over and over again.

When I went back home, mom didn’t immediately greet me as usual, in fact I had to call her several times before she came out of the bedroom. I am guessing she kept on masturbating till I arrive. She was flushed.

“Mom, are you alright? You seemed a bit flushed.” Her fingers were even still wet as she tried to hide them from me.

“I ..I am fine dear. I.. was doing some vacuuming so I couldn’t hear you arrive.”

“Oo.. mom, I told you, you don’t need to do that! It’s your holiday.”

“Nick! You know how I can stand to let your room dirty. Besides I don’t mind!”

She came over and etiler escort kissed me in the cheeks.

“Now, go and have a shower ok? How’s the exam anyway?”

“I don’t know mom, some of the question are pretty hard. I just hope I did ok.”

“Oo what’s wrong hon? Did my being here distract your studying? I am so sorry son.”

“No! No! It’s just a hard subject and the questions are just unexpected is all. Don’t worry mom, I don’t think I’ll fail.”

“You better not!” She smiled.

After dinner I put her under the trance once again and interrogate her about today’s event.

“Mom, what else did you do today besides vacuuming?”


“Mom, let me remind you, you must tell the truth to me.”

“I…I pleasured myself…”

“You mean you masturbated?”


“How many times?”

“I…don’t know…”

“How many times did you peak?”

“I… twice….”

“Mom do you feel embarrassed?”

“..yes… I never done this before…I don’t know what came over me…”

“Mom, you will think that this is a normal post-menopause reaction, however you will always felt embarrassed, but whenever you feel embarrassed you will feel the ‘rangsang’ sensation over and over again as long as you still feel embarrassed, do you understand?”

She started to breathe heavily while nodding her head.

“Mom, do you like this sensation?”

“I…. yes, but I felt so dirty…”

“But you like it?”

“God help me… yes…I like it”

“Mom did you watch the incest video?”


“What do you think of it?”

“It’s… new. I never though of incest before, but somehow the video makes me really horny…”

I was a bit surprised. I never heard my mom us the H-word before. She was always really proper and never ever swears in front of me.

“Mom, you will be very curious about that video and any other video about incest that you could find and wanted to watch again in any chance you could, do you understand?”


“The next time you watch it, you will start to imagine me fucking you, ok?”


“Now, mom? Show me your pussy.”

She reluctantly obeyed and lifted her skirt to show her moist pussy.

“Mom, did you ever considering shaving your pubic hair?”

“uh.. no, I never needed to before.”

“Well from now on, you will shave it completely. Use this!”

I took a brand new electric razor that I bought about a month ago.

“You’ll remember bringing this from back home, and you’ll remember always shaving it off every day ok?”


“Come with me to the bathroom and let’s shave it off”

We went to the bathroom and I watch her shave her pussy clean. I had to make sure she knows how to do this, since I assume she never done this before. I watch her closely and direct her to make sure she shaves it all clean. And every time the razor got near her outer labia lips, she seems to shudder a bit and close her eyes. I am unsure if she had some fatih escort sort of min-orgasm but she seemed to enjoy herself very much.

Afterward, I inspect her closely and put one hand softly petting her inner thigh and her very wet pussy. She seems to enjoy this but I didn’t do anything further and told her to go to sleep. I didn’t want to overload her with new information. I was planning to train her some more the next day as my last exam is two days later. It’s an easy subject so I don’t really have to study too much for it. Before going to bed, I jack off my load.

The next day I put her under trance all day. I told her to get naked and do nothing but lie in the bed and hear the new CD I made yesterday. She soon moan loudly and kept on cumming again and again. I made several photos of this training session. Basically I wanted her to be addicted to fucking. I only stopped her when it is lunch and dinner time. I bought some junk food and told her to eat. Afterwards I made her listen to the tape again and again. She cum herself to sleep several times, but I only let her sleep about 20 minutes before waking her up and let resume this condition. You could actually see how inflamed her cunt was and how wet it was. I just couldn’t resist but to jack off at the scene. My mom just kept on moaning loudly. I was initially a little worried about the neighbors complaining, but right now my mind is a bit preoccupied. When I am about to reach my peak, I told mom to come near me and open her mouth. Some came to her mouth but mostly were all over her face. I told her to lick the cum off her surrounding mouth and lick my dick off.

“Mom, the next time you taste this taste, you will think it tasted so good, you can’t help to want to have more and more, do you understand?”

My mom weakly nodded her head. Cumming all day has made mom really exhausted. But I continue programming her for tomorrow’s event before I let her rest and have a long sleep.

The next day, I went to school for exam. Afterwards, I once again visit the computer lab to see how my mother was doing when I am not at home. This time, right after I left, mom immediately pop in my porn movies and watch it. Pretty soon she started to masturbate. The sight of her pumping in and out her two fingers to her clean-shaved pussy gave me a big hard-on. After the first two movie was over, she seem to panic and went to search some more. Since I’ve put several more stack of porn nearby, she easily found them and watch some more and continue her lewd activity.

I soon made my way home. My mom was once again pretty flushed out. The day went by with nothing special. After dinner, my mom was unusually quiet.

“Mom, are you ok?”

“Hhmm.. oo I am fine dear.”

“Are you sure? You seem awfully quiet tonight.”

“I guess I am just a bit tired. Maybe I should turn in early.”

“Are you sure mom? Sure you’re not coming down with a flu or something?”

“Don’t worry hon. I think a good night sleep is what I fındıkzade escort need.”

No matter how hard I try mom didn’t tell me what’s going on, so I decided to put her in a trance and ask her.

“Mom, why are you so quiet tonight?”

“I… it’s my bra…”

“What’s wrong with your bra?”

“I’m not sure but it didn’t fit anymore so it kinda hurt my breast.”

“I see. Let’s open them and show me.”

Soon she strip naked from the waist above and showed me her breast. I didn’t see any increase in size, I guess it’s a bit subtle. Well good news is those breast enhancer drug is working so I’ll get my money’s worth. I can’t help myself but started to fondle mom’ breast. She seemed a bit embarrassed by this, but her nipples were soon erect.

“Mom, if it hurts then don’t wear the bra anymore. In fact don’t wear any underwear at all. It will make it easier for you to masturbate anyway, right mom?”

“I… I guess.”

“Now, mom? Before you sleep, you will execute what I told you yesterday, ok?


“Afterwards, right before you sleep, you will masturbate again, ok?”


Soon I went to bed. Unfortunately I couldn’t sleep knowing what is about to happen, but I have to pretend to sleep so I won’t raise any suspicion.

An hour later, the bedroom’s door opens slowly. I continue to pretend to sleep but occasionally I peek to see what my mother is doing. She slowly and quietly moves closer to my bed. Very carefully she removed the blanket that’s covering me. Every time I move, she stopped for a few minutes before continuing. Soon she started to remove my pants very slowly. She dragged my pants up until my knees then she seemed to stop for a little while. She slowly touches my dick slowly with her hands. I think I felt my mom trembling a bit. She was just holding my now semi-erect dick. She then started to make the pump motion slowly for a little while.

Soon she began to kiss the tip of my dick. She licks it from the tip down the shaft. After licking my balls, she came back to the tip, this time; she tried to put it in her mouth. Inside her mouth, she licks the tip of my dick thoroughly. She sucks it a little a bit then tried to put as much of my dick as possible. She slowly pulls out until the tip then pulls back in again and again. Slowly but surely she picks up the pace and keep doing it faster and faster while her hand is holding to the base of my penis. I tried my best to savor the moment so I tried to think of other things while my mother is giving my blowjob. Yet in the end, my efforts are of no avail as squirt my seed down mom’s throat. My mom was shocked by this and weren’t able to adapt and swallow that quickly so she gag and coughs and spat out some of it. I couldn’t help to take a peek and saw that my mother actually licks some of my cum that drops to the bed sheet. She sucks my dick clean and pretty soon she started from the start and once again sucks my dick. This time it took a little while before my dick is rock solid and a little longer for me to cum. But my mother still has a hard time to cope when I cum and spilled some of my cum all over.

After she savored the taste of my cum, she quietly pull my pants back up, tug me in with the blanket and walk quietly out. I took one last peek and could see how confuse my mother seemed to be.

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