Enjoying the Drive Ch. 07

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Dani and I stayed cuddled together, spooning on the bed, my cock still buried deeply in her ass. I had tried to pull out at first, but she reached back and stopped me, gripping my hip and pulling me back against her, my cock just hard enough to push back in all the way. We watched TV for a while like that, with my balls pressed against her perfect little cheeks, my shaft deep inside her relaxed, tight little butthole. Laying there like that, with my arms wrapped around her, crossed in front of chest, cupping her little breasts, gently caressing them, her fingers toying with the backs of my hands felt incredible. Like we were a couple, almost.

It still felt like she was my sister, but my lover as well. It’s hard to explain those feelings when they’re experienced together. It’s the closeness of family, the knowledge that no matter what, she would always be my sister, always be someone I loved and cared for deeply despite our once-constant fighting coupled with a deep desire, a yearning for the physical and romantic closeness of a girlfriend and being given it against all rules and odds.

I knew that things between us would be different, probably for the rest of our lives. I didn’t know if we would continue our new relationship forever, or even beyond the limits of this trip, but I knew that we would be closer, more loving, from then on. If nothing else, we would always have the memory of our passionate, unbridled sex, and I felt very strongly that even if things fell apart we would be able to continue on as, at least, friendly siblings.

I also knew that I wanted more than that. I could accept a simply friendly relationship with my sister, and knew it would be fulfilling and wonderful to have her in my life that way. But I wanted more. The realization that I never wanted to give up what had started just a few days before came suddenly, and was a fantastically warm, joyous thought.

Falling in love with my sister wasn’t something I had ever planned, or really thought about. We had been at each other’s throats most of our lives. Up until we started fooling around, we had barely spoken to each other with the exception of the times we just yelled insults back and forth. I knew then, curled up naked against her, inside her, with the top of her head tucked under my chin, our hands rubbing softly, our legs intertwined, that I wanted to keep doing this, wanted to have my sister not just as my friend and sibling but as a woman, until I died.

Reality was something that I felt we could bend to our desires. Practically, we would have to make sacrifices. I understood that our parents would never accept it, and that neither of us would want to cut them out of our lives. We would have to figure out how to maintain appearances, most likely. Relationships with other people would have to happen. A girlfriend for me, a boyfriend for her to start. I wondered if we could possibly get lucky enough to ever not have to lie to our hypothetical future partners. I wondered if I could ever trust someone enough to tell them that I was in love with my sister and not have them tell everyone they knew, let alone stick around.

I wondered if I could stomach the idea of Dani with someone else.

“Sharing you is going to be so hard.” Dani’s words broke into my thoughts and pulled me out of the silent planning. I realized that her thoughts had mirrored my own.

“I was just thinking that. I don’t want to ever stop doing this, and I know Mom and Dad would flip.”

“No kidding! Can you imagine? ‘Mom, Dad, I love you guys. Also, the best orgasm I’ve ever had was from Greg cumming in my pussy. Pass the potatoes.'” I laughed out loud, Dani barely making it through her sentence before she started giggling. Her laughter caused her ass to squeeze my cock in time with her sweet, high mirth.

“First off, they’re gonna think you’re lying if you call me ‘Greg,'” I said. “That’s the first time I’ve heard you use my actual name in like ten years.” Dani turned her head on the pillow and smacked my hip lightly, grinning.

She laughed words against my lips. “Fuck you!”

“You are,” I fired back, kissing her smiling lips.

My sexy sister moaned against my mouth, her lips parting, her tongue flicking against my teeth. “And I really couldn’t be happier about it,” she said. I smiled and darted my tongue out, tickling it against hers.

“Not to sound stupid,” I whispered, “But I’m pretty fucking excited about it myself.” Dani moaned as I flexed my cock.

“I can tell.” The words came out as barely a breath against my face.

Dani rolled away suddenly, my now-throbbing shaft pulling quickly out of her ass. I felt cool air on my cock for the first time in an hour and immediately missed being inside her. My sister rolled quickly and pushed on my shoulder, shoving me onto my back and settling between my legs, her tongue instantly dragging from my balls to the purplish head of my painfully hard cock before she plunged down, burying my entire cock in bahçelievler escort her throat before sealing her lips around my base and slowly pulling back. Her nimble little tongue bathed the underside of my shaft, her wet lips dragging along my entire length. When her lips reached the head, I felt her tongue swirl around it, completely bathing it quickly before she sank back down to the base and repeated the process. This time, she pulled all the way off, my glistening cock popping audibly out of her mouth as she locked eyes with me and crawled up my body, her tiny frame moving with a sensuality I’d never seen on another woman.

Every inch of my sister screamed lust. She wanted me, and I wanted her, more than I’d ever wanted anything. Her movements and her eyes told me that she knew what she was doing to me, and told me that I did the same thing to her. Finally, my sister straddled my hips, her dripping pussy held just an inch above the tip of my cock as it bobbed and pulsed, waiting. With her lips just out of reach, our noses almost touching, she looked into my eyes and asked one simple question that drove my hormones crazy.

“Will you kiss me? Will you kiss me after I’ve sucked my ass off my brother’s big hard cock?”

My response was simple. I slid my hand behind her head and pulled her down, plunging my tongue into her mouth, exploring the inside of her mouth and re-learning the texture of her tongue on mine. Dani groaned into the kiss and reached between us, guiding gently with her small, soft hand.

She sank down on me, her cunt embracing me wetly, tightly, lovingly. She took her time, slowly lowering herself inch-by-inch, savoring the feeling of me filling her completely. When I bottomed out and my hips pressed against her ass, her clit swollen and mashed against my pubic hair, she sighed and began to rock ever so slowly. She moved forward and back, grinding against me with my cock buried inside her, reaching back with one little hand and lightly running her fingernails across my balls.

We worked against each other, in no hurry. I helped my sister build her orgasm, flexing my hips, pushing up into her as she gently rocked above me. I could feel the tip of my prick against her cervix, brushing it, bumping against it, trying to press into it. Dani moaned and whimpered softly as we fucked, her hands alternating between toying gently with my balls and running across my face and chest. My own hands explored my sister’s body leisurely, fingers trailing from her cheek to her lips, down her neck, brushing her nipples, pinching them, caressing the soft warmth of her belly, gripping her hips as I took in every inch of her. Nothing had ever been more beautiful than my sister, her eyes closed, her lips parted, long black hair swaying back and forth in front of her perky, hard little nipples as she rode my cock, her wetness seeping out and painting me from pelvis to balls as she spread herself around with her slow, incredibly sexy motion.

“Promise me something,” she whispered suddenly.

“Anything,” I responded immediately, flexing my cock as I spoke. She gasped and planted one hand in the middle of my chest, her rocking suddenly faster, more urgent as an orgasm approached.

“Fuck me on my wedding day?” Her eyes opened and bored into mine. “Promise me that I’ll get married with my brother’s cum in my pussy, running out of me when I say ‘I do.'”

Her hips were jerking now, rapid, hard little thrusts against my cock, her pussy starting to quiver around me.

“I promise,” I gasped.

“Tell me.”

“I promise that when you walk down the aisle, you’ll be smiling because your brother just fucked you, just came in your pussy and made you scream his name in a church, just pulled your white dress up and slammed his cock into you, made you cum against the door you walked through to get married. I promise, Dani.”

My sister screamed as she came, her pussy clamping down on me and rippling along my length, cumming hard through every word that spilled out of my mouth. It just kept going, tearing through her, making her twitch on top of me, collapsing against my chest as her cunt crippled her, her body completely surrendered to the implosion centered on my cock. I wrapped my hands under her knees and sat up, rolling quickly, depositing our heads on the other end of the bed as we switched roles and I settled on top of her. She never stopped cumming as I thrust into her, fucking her hard through her orgasm, determined to make this last.

“I promise that I’ll fuck you on my wedding day, too. I promise that when I kiss my wife for the first time, my cock will still be wet with your juices and my cum will be warm inside you. I promise that she’ll slide a ring onto a finger that still smells like your cunt,” I blurted words through gritting teeth, my sister cumming harder and harder as I spoke and pounded into her, straining to keep moving through her vice-like pussy.

“You- Ungh! Fuck-” bahçeşehir escort Words and grunts came from her, a mash of swearing and gasping that turned me on even more, shoving me over the edge, my cum rising, bursting from my cock as I slammed into her one last time as hard as I could. I came longer than I ever had in my life, cum spurting from me and jetting against my sister’s jumping, pulsating cervix.

I fell against her, her arms somehow finding the strength to wrap around me though her whole body was shaking. I could feel the muscles of her legs and arms vibrating as they clung to me, my own legs shaking, my chest muscles jumping as I struggled not to crush her. Dani’s breath came in short gasps, almost yelps of air, her chest heaving under mine as her pussy spasmed little aftershocks of her orgasm around my torturously sensitive cock.

“I love you,” she gasped, her eyes just barely focusing on mine.

“I love you.” I meant it in ways I couldn’t begin to describe to her, but that my face told her all about. She smiled softly, her shaking arms squeezing around my neck and we kissed, our breath still shooting out in short gasps, splashing across each other’s cheeks.

Slowly, the shaking subsided. Or, more accurately, we collapsed in slow motion, relaxing every part of our bodies until we were limp, orgasmic lumps curled around each other on the bed. I ended up with my arm draped over Dani, lying on my stomach at her side, close enough that our bodies were touching lightly. Her legs lay over mine, one of her hands cupped my forearm, the other lightly toyed with my hair as I rested my head on her arm.

“So, what do you think we should do?” my sister asked. Her eyes were half-closed, just small, shining slits behind her long lashes.

“Probably shower, once I can get my legs working again,” I said. Dani laughed, really just a half-awake grunt accompanied by a smile.

“I mean about this,” she squeezed my arm to emphasize her thought. “What do we do about this?”

“Well,” I pulled my head up with some effort and readjusted myself so that I was looking down at my beautiful sister’s contented face. “I think that, at least for the duration of this trip, we should do this at every available opportunity. I want my our vacation to be a blur of orgasms and you naked.” Dani grinned and slapped my arm lightly.

“I mean after, Fucker. What are we going to do when we get home?” I could tell that there was more she wanted to add, but she didn’t. She was waiting for me to say what I thought before she gave away her own opinion. It was sudden shyness after everything that had happened, and I thought it was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. I grinned at her.

“Have sex in every room in the house for the rest of the summer,” I laughed.

“Mmm,” Dani cooed. “I like the sound of that.”

“After the summer, I don’t want to stop,” I ventured. “I already told you that I don’t ever want to stop, and I meant it. I want to let this grow for the rest of our lives, even if it’ll be hard.”

Dani’s eyes opened fully and her lips parted in a happy, excited smile. Her head came up and she pressed her lips to mine, kissing me softly. I returned her kiss, gently rubbing her lips with mine, letting my tongue slide out and caress her full bottom lip, cupping her cheek in my hand.

“I have an idea,” Dani whispered.

“I need a few more minutes before I can go again,” I said. My sister laughed out loud and squeezed my arm, her perfect little breasts bouncing up and down.

“I’m impressed that you’ll be up for anything else tonight, Fucker, but that’s not what I meant. Put on your trunks. I wanna go soak in the hot tub!”

I laughed and kissed her before standing and walking shakily to my bag. I rummaged around, finding my suit just in time to turn around and see Dani’s first attempt at standing up. I snorted a little laugh as she gripped the side of the bed for support, her shaky legs barely up to the task of holding up her tiny frame.

“Shut up!” she hollered at me, her mock anger betrayed by the happy grin on her face. “This is your fault! You and that gorgeous cock of yours fucked my legs stupid.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I shot back, walking over and smacking her lightly on the butt.

I watched Dani get dressed, admiring the way that her slender, smooth legs moved when she stepped into her bikini bottoms, a little sad when her top covered her perfect little breasts. When she was finished, I grabbed a couple of towels from the room’s closet and held my hand out to her. Her grin was infectious as she twined her fingers into mine and we walked out the door hand-in-hand.

The hotel Dad had picked had an indoor pool, a fairly large one, with a twelve person hot tub in one corner of the room. When my sister and I walked in, we noticed right away that we weren’t the only people present. A couple of younger teenagers were splashing around in the pool, a boy, bakırköy escort probably around fourteen, and a girl around the same age. We made our way to the hot tub, and saw that there was an older couple already in it.

They were probably in their sixties, the woman still beautiful in a way that told me that when she was younger, she could’ve given the old-time movie stars a run for their money. The man looked to be still quite fit, less loose skin than most his age, with a close-cropped silver beard and bright, intelligent eyes. The sat nestled into each other, his arm around her slender shoulders, their heads resting against each other.

As Dani and I got into the tub, my sister waited for me to sit and then surprised me by sitting across my lap, draping her arms around my neck. I smiled at her, the couple across from us momentarily forgotten as I wrapped her in my arms and squeezed her to me. We kissed lightly, letting the warmth of the hot tub soak in and relax our tired muscles. When the kiss broke, I noticed the older couple looking over at us, their faces fixed in the small smiles that only happen when someone sees a younger person do something that they remember fondly.

The woman caught me looking back, and her smile widened.

“You two are adorable,” she said, somehow immediately putting me at ease.

“Thank you,” my sister answered with a wide grin. “I’m Dani, and this is my boyfriend, Greg.” I squeezed Dani’s thigh as she told the little lie, and felt her hand on my neck squeeze back. Not a warning, not reassurance, just acknowledgment and a little thrill at playing the part.

We sat and chatted with the old couple for a while, probably about half an hour. The man, Jim, was a retired college professor and his wife, Jenny, a former high school teacher. They were traveling the country in their retirement, wanting to see everything they could. Talking to them was fantastic, hearing stories of their travels, watching the two of them interact as they played off each other and encouraged each other.

After a bit, Jim and Jenny excused themselves and got out of the hot tub, walking away hand-in-hand. I felt Dani’s hand reach out and take mine, squeezing my fingers as we watched them leave.

“Let’s go to our room,” Dani whispered. “I want you to hold me close and make love to me.”

My cock stirred at her words, not just lust this time. I didn’t say a word, I just curled my arms under her and stood, lifting her out of the water and carrying her away. My sister’s eyes never left my face as I walked with her in my arms. She studied me, taking in the curve of my jaw, my hair, my eyes. Her hand brushed against my chest, fingers lightly caressing the muscles, tracing lines from my chin to my nipples. When we reached the door to our room, she curled her hand behind my head and kissed me, softly teasing my lips with hers.

Nimble little fingers fished the key out of my pocket, and she opened the door from her perch, her little feet kicking a little as she shifted around in my grasp. I pushed the door wide with my foot and stepped in, walking slowly into the room as Dani wriggle in my arms. I smile as she pulled her top away, her hard little nipples coming into view, the bikini top making a wet sound as it fell to the floor and her fingers pulled at the ties of her bottom. I moved to set her down but Dani stopped me with a shake of her head as she succeeded in separating the ties and pulling her undone bottoms out from between her legs.

My sister hooked her arm behind my head and reached low with her free hand, her fingers finding the drawstring of my trunks and pulling, undoing the knot and loosening the waistband in one smooth motion.The trunks barely made it down, my cock stiffening as they fell, nearly catching them, but they cleared it and puddled on the floor at me feet. My right arm slid lower on Dani’s back as she clasped her hands behind my head and pulled herself up to kiss me, her tongue swirling into my mouth. I dropped my left arm from under her legs and felt her swing them down and around, never touching the ground as I wrapped both arms around her waist and lifted her up. My sexy sister wrapped her legs high around my body, clinging to me as we kissed, my cock throbbing just below her.

“I love you,” Dani whispered against my lips.

“I love you, too,” I said.

“Show me.”

I stepped to the bed and crawled onto it, one arm still wrapped around my sister, still kissing her as I laid her gently on her back and settled between her legs. My cock knew where it wanted to be, where it needed to be, and my tip brushed against her lips, finding them open, wanton and wet. I didn’t stop until my cock was buried completely inside her, her eyes open wide, her lips parted, breath held in her chest as I bottomed out.

“Oh, God,” my sister moaned. Her hands squeezed the back of my neck and we kissed, our mouths melding together, like completing a circuit of sexuality. We made love, then. Slow, unhurried movements. Our bodies worked together, softly rocking and gently grinding as our mouths explored each other. Dani’s arms wrapped tightly around my neck as I clung to her, my elbows nearly touching the tops of her knees, her heels gently pressing into my buttocks, urging me into her without hurry.

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