Enough! The Move

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Lisa woke Tuesday morning with a minor hangover and feeling a bit worn out. Three straight days of hard partying and unbelievable sex would do that, she supposed.

On Saturday Lisa’s soon to be ex-husband, Hugh, had cancelled their “second honeymoon” to Hawaii so that he could go to New York to handle a client matter. Ever since Hugh had gotten into law he had become more and more distant and much less the man she married.

They had met when they were college athletes. They had to always watch their diets to compete; they could not drink all that much and the NCAA tested them for drugs so no marijuana. That left one outlet for the energy of youth; sex and they had participated in wild abandon.

When they married, they were training together for amateur bike racing. Lisa still did eat properly (mostly) and stayed in peak shape because she loved to race and compete. She also liked the admiring looks she often got, considering it a reward for hard work. And she used those looks to her advantage in business, distracting men with a flash of thigh or a bit of cleavage. Lisa liked to tease.

Hugh had gone to law school where all of his competitive drive was focused on getting the highest prestige he could in law. He became a law review editor and eventually landed a job at one of the most prestigious law firms in the world. The cost was his body, his health and now his marriage. He worked until 10 or 11 every night of the week plus every weekend. He never had time to exercise and his food was almost always take out from some local greasy spoon near his office in downtown LA.

They never spent any time together, ate a meal together and they had sex, at the most, once per month. Lisa was going through lots of batteries. As a bit of an environmentalist she switched to a plug in magic wand, for the most part, just to avoid the toxic batteries she introduced to the waste stream.

Hugh had promised “quality, not quantity” and had planned many special evenings and weekends together. He had reservations at the best, most expensive restaurants in LA. Booked weekends in the California Mountains or at romantic B & B’s on the coast. Invariably he would need to cancel at the last minute because some client matter had come up only he could handle. They had planned this trip to Hawaii as his apology for all the missed dates and he had then cancelled that trip as well.

Lisa wanted a husband, and Hugh wanted to make partner at this firm. He had made his priorities very clear and Lisa had decided then and there to call the marriage quits.

The next thing she decided to do was to make up for all the sex she had been missing for what seemed like decades. Her pent up frustrations had caused her to cheat once on a business trip to Colorado Springs but since Saturday’s announcement that she was getting divorced she had her first threesome with two guys – her neighbor’s son Colin, home from college and his friend Vinnie. Both were on their college rugby team and both were HUNKS as far as Lisa was concerned. The experience was her first threesome and her first double penetration.

And the nice thing about Colin is that he was right next door, only a few steps away from fulfilling her needs in the future… or at least while he was home from college.

On Sunday Lisa did some unexpected exploration of her sexuality. She discovered that she could be gender fluid – with a man or woman as her passions demanded when she had another threesome with Karl and Colleen. She had made a mental note that she would need to be seeing them again.

On Monday she had done the first higher risk sex since college by fucking a consultant on the conference room table. It had been incredibly naughty and incredibly hot. Michael was another person she would have liked to see again, but once was enough. Her own marriage wrecked was enough. No need to wreck Michael’s too.

All of the encounters had involved drinking and smoking a good deal of weed. Today she just felt strung out. She made her usual breakfast of a smoothie but with a major dose of caffeine then hopped on her bike for her daily work out. In this case a slower paced cruise around her Southern California town. This was supposed to be a recovery workout anyway.

She got home and changed into yoga pants and a tank top then got to the tasks of packing up Hugh’s stuff. She had arranged for a corporate apartment near his office in downtown Los Angeles. They would put the contents of his closet into some boxes, take his dresser. She gathered up all his toiletries into a bag then gathered some stuff she thought he might want and other stuff just to mock him, like his exercise equipment and bike. She was about to throw something in the trash when she noticed the used condoms from her weekend festivities.

“Didn’t think that through” Lisa muttered to herself. The idea had been to have Hugh find out about her lustful şişhane escort weekend by finding the used condoms and cum stains on the sheets. She had then gotten a court order to keep him out of the house and set up the apartment for him. Now she realized that he would never be in a position to see these items.

“No matter.” She thought. “The sex was great and that’s what counts.”

The movers arrived at about 2:30 and packed up Hugh’s stuff. They arranged to meet at the corporate apartment at 8:30 the next morning. Lisa noted that the driver was a young, very muscular black man with a charming and warm smile. His assistant was a white guy with the scraggly look of an extra from “Deliverance” down to the missing teeth. Any thought of a threesome at the corporate apartment vanished when the assistant opened his mouth. Lisa swore she hear banjos when he talked.

She was very pleased that the driver could not seem to keep his eyes off her butt. That’s why women wear yoga pants after all, though that had been the furthest thing from Lisa’s mind when she chose the outfit. They are comfortable too.

Later that afternoon Lisa got a call from her lawyer. Hugh had been served with the order keeping him from the house and had hired a lawyer. Hugh’s lawyer said Hugh would not be returning until Friday. Apparently his colleagues in New York were taking him out to dinner out of sympathy.

“So I can stay at the corporate place Wednesday night!” Lisa thought “And Thursday! I should get packed.”

The next day was Lisa’s usual rest day from exercise. Her coaches had always emphasized recovery. Nevertheless she still had to meet the movers at Hugh’s new apartment at the appointed hour.

Today was supposed to be a work day. She was supposed to be moving Hugh into his new apartment. The only concession she made to that was wearing sneakers. She wore a very short pair of denim cut off shorts and a blouse tied so iron flat stomach and tight belly button shoes. The blouse was unbuttoned to show off her cleavage, just a little too naughty to be professional. She was simply a 21st century LA version of Daisy Duke

“If Deliverance”, as she had begun thinking of assistant who obviously spent way more on tattoos then dental care, “is around then I think I’ll have them send up a maintenance man or go down and grab that college kid at the front desk.

The apartment was set up so two business people could share it equally. There were two master bedroom suites; each decorated the same and each with the same view of the office windows across the street. It was a typical downtown rental for people who came to LA on business for extended periods of time and did not want to take a red eye flight back east every Thursday.

When she arrived she found, to her delight that the driver was there alone, already working. He was taking Hugh’s dresser off a dolly and setting it upright by himself, having just picked a room arbitrarily, as she had instructed.

“Damn this man is strong.” Lisa thought. “And coordinated and gorgeous”.

“Hi! I know we met yesterday and I’m sorry but I’ve completely forgotten your name.” Lisa sparkled, extending a hand to shake after he had set the dresser down.

“Oh, hi. It’s Ron Sledge, so my friends call me ‘Hammer’. It’s a Marine nickname. And you’re Lisa, right?”

“And where is… The other guy… you know, Deliverance?”

Ron laughed at the reference.

“I did not get the impression you cared for him all that much” he chuckled.

“Well he worked hard.” Lisa replied, laughing. “But I really thought he was from a Deliverance remake casting call.”

Lisa was pleased to see him checking her out. Ron – or Hammer – was a dark skinned black man with the good looks of Chadwick Boseman and an infectious smile to go with it.

Lisa could not help but smile back as she thought. “Sledge hammer indeed. I hope that’s a railroad spike you’re driving”.

“Yes, that’s right. Lisa” was her reply.

There really was not much for Lisa to do, really. She certainly was not about to unpack for Hugh or make the place all homey for him. She had made sure that there was a grocery delivery so there was food around – the healthy stuff Hugh never eats anymore, Lisa thought – so she busied herself preparing some food for Hammer and herself, getting him ice water to deal with the Southern California heat and offering him both hard and soft drinks. Lisa had told them to stock the bar, more for her own needs than Hugh’s comfort. She plugged her phone into the music system and was swinging her hips to the music as she worked, taking hits of marijuana concentrate from her vape pen.

Ron would bring something up from the truck with his hand cart, drop it off then come into the kitchen to chat, exchange jokes or have Hammer tell her about some character he saw on the street outside şişli anal yapan escort the building or wild story about going on leave with his Marine friends, then have some water and check out Lisa’s body. Lisa was doing a good deal of checking of his body too, as well as revealing a bit more every few visits, another button opened on her blouse or hiking it a bit to show off her 6 pack abs, or just dancing in an erotic way when he came into the kitchen. She loved to tease after all.

Ron maintained the rugged muscular good looks of a Marine. Lisa had always had a thing for guys in uniforms. He wore a pair of blue pants that showed off his round, cute butt. He was broad across the shoulders and the sweat he was working up from work had his shirt clinging to his muscles. If the man had an ounce of fat on him, Lisa could not see it. Lisa could see his bulging chest muscles and his arms rippled as he lifted and moved boxes around.

Lisa was getting more turned on by this guy as they chatted. Getting high just amplified the feeling. On his last few trips she made it a point to seem lost in the music, shaking her butt and body erotically then acting surprised when she was “caught” by him entering the apartment with a new load of stuff on his hand truck.

At last Ron was dropped his last batch of boxes. Lisa came into the bedroom as he finished with an ice water and two beers. She handed him the water and one of the beers.

“I hope you can drink one beer as a reward for hard work.” Lisa said as she handed him the craft brew.

“It’s about lunch time and I’m done for the day.” Ron replied. He chugged the water then they clinked beer bottles.

“Really?” Lisa smiled mischievously. “What were your plans for the rest of the day?”

“Study, mostly.” Ron replied. He explained he was finishing his degree in engineering on his veteran’s benefits and had a major test in something called “Fields” later that week. Apparently this was the class that would make you or break you in electrical engineering.

“Well I figured you could use some lunch so come join me.” Lisa said. She put out the food that she had prepared and they sat sipping their beers, eating and chatting. Lisa offered Ron a hit off her vape pen which he accepted.

“Nice thing about being out of the Marines is I can enjoy this again.” Ron smiled.

They chatted extensively about Ron’s school, Lisa’s impeding divorce and any other random topic that came to mind as they ate. Lisa flirted with Ron outrageously, touching his arm, letting her breasts brush against him as she moved and kicking off her sneakers and simply caressing his leg under the table with her foot.

Ron was as smooth as silk through the entire meal, though he certainly returned the flirting. He smiled, gave her a hand massage that was an incredible turn on and got her laughing with some of the more interesting pranks that go on in the Marines. He had been in combat both in Iraq and Afghanistan but he avoided those places completely. He would simply refer to the parties that happened when they got back from a deployment. Marines apparently spend a high percentage of the money they could not spend on deployment on strip clubs, Lisa gathered.

When they were finished eating Ron explained he had better get his truck back to his dispatch location. They went into the bedroom – Lisa dancing and shaking her hips in front of Ron both because she liked the beat of the music and to tease him by shaking her ass in those short denim cut-offs. Ron finished off some paperwork, which Lisa signed happily. She also reminded Ron that, as one of the executives for her real estate company, she would take care of any trouble Ron had with his boss over taking too much time.

“Well two things left.” Lisa said, turning to Ron with a look that screamed pure lust. “First I need to make sure you have your tip in your pocket.”

Lisa had planned on tipping the movers just on normal principle but she took it a step further. She took a $20 from her pocket and seductively walked towards Ron who was smiling in anticipation.

Lisa slid her hand with the money into Ron’s pants and underwear. Releasing the $20 she instead stroked his cock.

“Oops. I missed your pocket.” Lisa cooed.

Ron smiled back. “I am not complaining.”

“And I think we should make sure that the bed is in working order.” Lisa whispered as she put her other arm around Ron’s neck and kissed him deeply.

“You’re the customer. Whatever you say.” Ron replied when they came up for air.

He was incredibly gentle as he pulled Lisa to him to kiss her again. His hands massaged the small of her back and slowly progressed to Lisa’s firm butt. Lisa had let go of the $20 and was caressing his hard cock. She opened his pants and pulled it out, kissing down his stomach until she was on her knees before şişli bdsm escort him and licking up and down his shaft. She took just the head into her mouth and sucked gently as Ron moaned in pleasure and ran his hands through her hair.

Lisa was incredibly excited and wet. She was not sure if it was the fact that Ron was her first black man or she was just that turned on by the revenge sex and “forbidden fruit” aspects of doing things in her soon to ex-husband’s apartment. Either way she licked and teased with abandon.

Lisa took his whole shaft down her throat and moaned. Ron was not huge – about average actually – so she was able to take it all in. Ron was moaning about how great she sucked dick but Lisa decided it was her turn. She pushed him onto the bed and dropped her shorts and panties. For now she did not care about her blouse or bra, she just wanted to straddle his face and ride his tongue.

“Lick my pussy!” she commanded as she lowered herself onto his face. “Make me cum!”

They went into a 69 as Lisa continued to suck and grind down on Ron’s mouth. He sucked and licked her clit while sliding one finger into her pussy and another into her ass. She moaned and cried with pleasure. She was unable to suck Ron’s cock as the gasps and moans increased so she stroked with her hands until she was about to go over the edge.

“Oh just like that! Oh fuck you’re gonna make me cum!” then finally screaming, “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!” it was coming out as just one word as Lisa clamped her legs around Ron’s head and shuddered with her orgasm.

Panting as she finished her climax she turned and said. “I need this cock inside me now!”

“I like a woman who knows what she wants” Ron answered.

Lisa turned and quickly placed a condom over Ron’s hardness then straddled him cow girl style. She fucked him slowly at first but soon it was Ron’s turn to lose control. He thrust into her hard, fast and deep while grabbing her ass and holding her against him. It felt fantastic to Lisa and soon she was crying out and moaning with pleasure.

“Oh yes!” she gasped. “Oh yes! Deeper! Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Gonna cum again! FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!”

Lisa’s pussy clamped on Ron’s cock, milking it as she came. This sent Ron over the edge to and he thrust up into her deeply and cried out as he came, shooting his load into the latex barrier.

They lay and caught their breath.

“Well that’s one test.” Lisa smiled as they lay together. “Think you can do another?”

Soon they were completely naked, removing what clothing they had as Lisa sucked Ron back to hardness. He recovered quickly Lisa was glad to see.

“Do you want to get on top this time?” Lisa asked between licks of his shaft.

She took it all into her mouth again the asked “Do you want to put this cock into me? Fuck me hard? Pound me into this bed and use me for your pleasure?”

“Oh fuck yes” Ron answered between his own moans.

“Only if you let me suck the cum out of you when you are ready. Is that a deal?”


Ron went into take charge mode. He flipped Lisa onto her back and threw her legs over his shoulders, slowly sliding his latex covered cock in deep. He thrust in and out slowly, moving from side to side once fully into her so she could feel him against her G spot.

Oh yes! Harder! Please harder!” Lisa pleaded.

Ron picked up his pace, thrusting into her fast and hard while Lisa rubbed her pussy.

“Fuck me! YES! OMIGOD! AHHHHHHH!” she cried as she came again. Her pussy squeezed and milked Ron’s cock and she thrust into him trying to get him as deep into her as possible.

Lisa lay panting and recovering as Ron positioned himself to feed her his cock.

“Suck me!” he commanded. “Make me spurt all over.”

Lisa gladly complied. She sucked and stroked him as he thrust forward. He did not last long under Lisa’s most excellent ministrations and with a groan he was soon shooting a second, very large load onto the sheets and bed spread. Coincidently, that was exactly how Lisa wanted Ron to find the bed, used condoms in the trash and another man’s spunk on the sheets and covers.

They lay in each other’s arms, avoiding the wet spots, to the extent possible, while they basked in the pleasure of fantastic sex.

“Listen.” Said Ron. “I really need to get the truck back to the yard, but I can come straight back and we can have some more fun. I don’t need to leave for classes until four.”

That would give them several more hours of fun certainly so Lisa agreed, telling him to meet her by the pool when he returned.

“No use turning down a chance to cock tease” she thought.

Ron found her at the pool win a very scanty bikini wearing a hot pair of sandals with 4 inch heels. She was pleased to see Ron was wearing just swim trunks, showing off his fit, Marine Corp. body. They had a cocktail then adjourned back to the apartment to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Lisa made sure Ron had her phone number when he left for school. She was certainly not ready for any sort of relationship but she sure was not going to pass on the opportunities offered by a very smart hunk of a man who was this fantastic is the sack.

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