Executive VP of Corporate Relations

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I knocked on the door to the now very familiar suite at the Ritz, waiting for Mr. Johnson to allow me in. I knew he would just as all the others had. I expected some mild protest, some reticence in the beginning, but I knew my night would be a success.

“Anita? What brings you here?”

I entered without invitation into the lavish suite my company always provided to potential clients. I wore my uniform as I always did on these nights. My crisp white blouse failing to hide a glimpse of my black silky lace bra, the buttons straining to keep the material closed. My short tight black skirt did little to disguise my full round firm ass and allowed my long shapely legs, clad in black stockings resting above six-inch stilettos to complete the look. My shoulder length blonde hair, styled professionally and my make up accenting my high cheekbones and directing ones gaze to my almost clear blue eyes.

“I’m here at Mr. Samuels request.”

I said as I stood close to Mr. Johnson, my body lightly abutting his as he stood in his suit pants and white shirt, sans tie and shoes. I allowed my arms to encompass his shoulders as I pulled my self into an embrace and whispered in his ear.

“I am his gift to you tonight.”

I said as my left hand found the growing bulge I’d expected to find in his crotch.

‘Anita, this is ridiculous. I’m a married man and I’m here to do business with Mr. Samuels. I think you should leave.”

His halfhearted request was so familiar. They were all like this, all the clients liked to protest and feign a degree of modesty. My hand was now stroking his growing bulge and I maintained my embrace as I whispered again. My breath hot and filling the canal of his left ear.

“I promise you you’ll enjoy me, I am very good at this Mr. Johnson. This night is for you and no one will ever know about it. I’m sure a man of your success in business has needs that are not always satisfied at home!”


My lips covered his protest and my hand moved inside his suit pants and attached itself to his now hard and hot cock. I stroked his cock as my tongue filled his mouth and when his arms circled me and embraced me I knew I’d be successful once again.

I continued to work as he returned my kiss, unbuckling the belt and opening his trousers allowing them to fall, followed shortly by his boxers, the two garments now puddled on his stocking clad feet. I broke the kiss and whispered again in his left ear.

“Step out of your clothes Mr. Johnson and let’s find the bed.”

Like a robot Mr. Johnson stepped from the puddle of his pants and allowed me to lead him to the bed. I sat him on the edge then dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth. No preliminaries, I engulfed him whole allowing a false gag to encourage him.

“cough, uggggg.”

I let the sound of my pretend gagging stir him further as I took his cock back in and used my hands to remove my own blouse, bra and skirt. I left the stilettos on I wanted the slut look. I knew he’d expect it. Clad now in only my shoes, stocking and a silk lacey garter my framed pussy would be on display as soon as I’d finished with his cock.

“Oh my that’s very good Anita, yes suck my cock. Yes that’s so good.”

I let my mouth dwell on his rigid shaft then stood and allowed his eyes to take in my naked tits and I watched his eyes open wide as he enjoyed my 36 C tits with the nipples hard and erect before those same eyes drifted lower to my bald pussy, framed by the black lace garter. Seeing he was properly enamored with the treats I had to offer I pushed him back on the bed and mounted his cock. I let it slide into me slowly as I bent over and kissed him again before once again whispering to him.

“You cock feels so good in my pussy, it fills me, and I love it Mr. Johnson.”

“Call me Carl, please Anita. You pussy feels so hot and tight.”

“Thank you Carl, I’m so happy you’re enjoying my pussy.”

I sat up and positioned my self so Carl could watch as I slid my ass up and down on his hard cock. I knew he’d enjoy seeing his cock disappear into my hot wet cunt. I brought my feet up underneath me and used my fingers to open my labia and stroke my clit, watching his eyes follow my hands. I moved slowly up and down on his shaft, not wanting him to cum, not yet, there was more I wanted to give him.

“I love the way you fill my pussy Carl but I’m sure you get enough pussy at home, I want you to have a treat tonight courtesy of Mr. Samuels. Would that be ok with you Carl?”

“Oh god yes, anything Anita. Just don’t stop. You feel so damn good, so tight, so hot.”

His eyes were now glued to my tits as they bounced a bit as I rode him. I pulled up and off of his hard cock then used my hand to direct that cock to my asshole. I watched his eyes follow my hands and they gaped open as I slid down impaling my ass with his cock.

“Oh damn, Oh yes, damn your cock is so big. Its so hard to take it all in. Oh damn, yes oh I love it.”

The ortaköy escort words were for him, his cock was average and I had no problem taking all of him into my ass. I enjoyed it nonetheless and after feigning a need to let my ass accommodate him, I began to raise my ass up and lower it on his throbbing cock. It would not be long now. I could only hope he’d last long enough for me to cum too, but that wasn’t my goal. I brought my hands back to my pussy and fingered myself and toyed with my clit, letting his eyes see it all. I could see he was straining to hold back, to prolong his joy of fucking my ass. But I was ruthless and moved even faster pounding down on him, filling my ass with his cock. I was rubbing my clit furiously and shoving a couple of fingers into my pussy as I began to moan and claim pending orgasm.

It was enough and soon I felt the warm jets of cum coating my asshole, filling my back door with white sticky goo.

“Oh I’m cuming – god Carl your cock is so damn good, it’s filling my ass. Oh yes! Yes! Yes!”

I allowed my body to fall gently onto his chest, his cock still buried in my ass and I kissed him over and over and thanked him. When his cock softened and fell from my ass I whimpered as it left me. Carl was exhausted and smiling.

“I’ll let you rest now Carl, I know you have an important meeting tomorrow with Mr. Samuels. He made me promise to not keep you up all night.”

I kissed Carl and gathered my clothes and left the suite naked, knowing the hall would be empty and the effect of Carl watching my naked ass sway and his cum oozing from my backdoor would be a lasting memory for him.

As I dressed in the hall I thought back to the day this life began for me. It was before Mr. Samuels took over it was back when Kevin was the CEO. It was ten years ago. I was twenty seven and married a year to one of Kevin’s VPs. I married Ed because I loved him and I’d hoped for a long and happy marriage. His job was demanding and he was the picture of a workaholic, almost never at home and after a few months our sex life had gone from always to never. It was at a corporate party that I spent some time with Kevin, as my husband Ed was too busy working the party.

Kevin sensed my troubled heart and said to me.

“Ed is a good man, but he’s not for you dear.”

“I love him. It’s just that he’s so busy here at work, we never have time.”

“Oh dear. Listen to me! Ed is not too busy with work. I know this will shock you but Ed is gay and he married you to cover his life, to make his real desires stay in his closet. I hate to be the one to tell you, you’re such a pretty young girl. I know you love him but he will never have that kind of love for you dear.”

That night I cornered Ed and eventually he confessed. He promised me anything if I’d stay and maintain his cover. I chose not to tell him he had no cover that it was all a sham, but I stayed. I stayed for the security of the house and yes the money. I should have realized then that I was being a whore, a woman who uses money to get what she wants but at that time I only saw the security of what Ed offered and the freedom to do what I wanted as long as it helped him keep his supposed secret.

At the next party I was once again in conversation with Kevin and admitted what I’d agreed to do. He laughed at that and then said something that changed my life forever.

“I’d like to offer you a job. Now I will tell you that this job may insult you, it may make you mad, but if you think on it, think it though it may appeal to you, especially in your current circumstances.”

“Kevin you’ve always been so kind to Ed and I. You know about him but let him believe you don’t. You didn’t condemn me for my decision to stay with him, to pretend to be his wife. I’d like to hear about your offer and I am prepared, believe it or not, to listen and not allow emotions to cloud my judgment.”

“You’re a very attractive young lady. You’re pretty, you have an elegance about you and you also have a damn sexy body.”

“Thank you. See I am listening and not reacting as you may have expected when you come on to me like that.”

He smiled then and nodded before continuing.

“I need someone to work for me, directly and discretely. I want a woman who is prepared to use her talents and her body for me, and the company. You’ve proven your discretion with Ed, and anyone can see you have a body. The only question is your talent.”

“If you mean by talent; sex? I enjoy sex, I am I think an erotic person with fantasies and desires that I am unable to fulfill. Before Ed I had a slew of men, and truth be told a few women too. So is that what you meant Kevin; by talent?”

“Yes it is. I am looking for, and I won’t hedge my words with you, I am looking for a corporate slut. A woman, like you with a body every man and even some women would desire. If you’re interested then come to my office tomorrow at nine, and come as the corporate slut.”

I otele gelen escort told him I’d think it over and if I appeared at nine, I would come as the slut, the whore he was looking for. Then I went home and left Ed to his own party, knowing he’d be out most of the night. I knew when I left the building that night that I’d be walking back in the next morning. Before bed I searched my closet and found what I’d need. Happy for the first night in a long time I fell into bed and slept easily. The next morning I woke early and showered, then shaved my legs and pussy, leaving only a thin strip of closely shaved pubic hair. I styled my hair and put on my make up, not more then usual, not like a street whore but that of an attractive housewife.

I put on a black lace garter and slipped on a pair of black hose. I chose to skip panties and donned a thin sliver of a lace bra that did little more then support my tits. My nipples were not encased in the bra and stood erect ultimately protruding thought the light weight white blouse that snuggled tight to my chest. I then wiggled into a too tight short black skirt and stepped into a pair of six inch black stilettos, I’d purchased to seduce Ed. Looking in the mirror I saw an elegant woman who verged on slut, but did not look like a complete whore.

As the click of my stilettos echoed off the marble foyer of the company, heads turned and I felt the eyes following me to the elevator. I rode up alone and stepped out onto the executive floor and bee lined it to Kevin’s office, the noise of my heels reverberating behind me, heads swiveling as I passed, my eyes only on the door to Kevin’s spacious suite. His secretary never looked up as I strode to his door and walked in, closing but not locking the door behind me. I stood in front of Kevin’s desk and placed my hands down forcing my body to bend forward.

“I think it best Kevin if you ask your girl to hold your calls.”

His eyes found the gap in my blouse and enjoyed the bit of cleavage I’d offered as he picked up his phone and repeated my request to his secretary. As I made my way around behind his desk he slid his chair back and without any words I dropped to my knees and worked his pants open and found his cock.

“You will enjoy this Kevin, this first task in my new position as your corporate whore.”

Then I engulfed his semi hard cock and worked it. I wanted to enjoy him but I focused on his pleasure, using my tongue to swirl under his meat, my lips to provide suction and my throat to take his cock deep. I fondled his balls and tickled his anus as I sucked and licked his now hard cock till he came. I looked up at him as he came and opened my mouth to let him watch his seed filling my mouth, than I swallowed what was there and again opened up as his cock continued to spew its load on my tongue. The second load was smaller and I swallowed it slowly, letting him see me enjoying the taste of him. Then I licked his cock clean and replaced it in his shorts and stood. I moved back to the other side of his desk and sat.

“I’d like a title and a significant salary with the necessary perks.”

Kevin smiled and slid a contract over to me. It had my name already typed in and the salary was double what I was prepared to demand. Full benefits, no defined work hours, guaranteed minimum bonus with the promise of more if I was successful in my position of VP of Corporate Relations. I signed my name and then said to him.

“Shall I use my real name or do you have one you’d think more suited to the position?”

“I think I will call you Anita. Anita Jones.”

I laughed with him understanding the pun “I need a Jones or I need my Jones taken care of. A lot of my previous lovers had referred to their cock as Jones or bones or even their Johnson.”

“I like to show you what else I can do Kevin, do you have the time?”

“I’ve got you penciled in for one o’clock Anita. Go check out your office.”

For the next ten years I worked as Kevin’s slut. I fucked him in his office, on business trips and in my office. He loved to fill my pussy and really enjoyed my ass. But that was just the base line of my job; most of what I did concerned his clients and his competition. The company owned the suite in the Ritz and everything that happened there was recorded on video and audio. If necessary Kevin used the recordings to ‘convince’ a client or a competitor that his idea, his offer was the best, but most of the time I was just a ‘thank you’. Then Kevin retired and before he did he told me that no one really knew what I did and if I wanted to retire as well I could. He said that Mr. Samuels, the man who was replacing him knew nothing of this and if I wanted to continue to do my job, I would need to convince him, like I’d convinced Kevin.

I met Mr. Samuels at Kevin’s retirement party and after telling him I was his Executive VP for Corporate Relations, made an appointment with him the next morning for nine. Once again dressed in my standard otele gelen escort slut uniform, I let my stilettos announce my presence in the foyer and again on the walk to the CEO’s office. As I passed Kevin’s old secretary she said to me.

“I have you penciled in again at one! I assumed you’d treat Mr. Samuels the same was you treated Kevin.”

She never looked at me but her tone told me she knew but that she also approved. I thought as I entered the office that I would need to see to her needs now and again. She was good.

I walked into Mr. Samuel’s office and said nothing, merely went behind the desk, rolled his chair out and knelt down between his legs. He was stunned and quiet as I opened his suit pants and pulled his cock free before sliding it in my mouth. He was bigger then Kevin but seemed to get hard too fast. I let him slip out but held his cock with my hand and said.

“I’m Anita Jones and under my fancy title of Executive VP of Corporate Relations I am the corporate whore, company slut.”

Then I gave a still speechless Mr. Samuels the best bow job he’s ever had. His moans and groans accompanied by his hands pulling my head to his cock told me he was mine. I knew my time was short he was too ready so I pulled off again and said.

“I fuck for the company, I fuck the CEO and I fuck his clients and his competition and I do this at your command so that you may use me to take advantage of my talents.”

Then I finished him off, sucking and letting his see me swallow his seed. As I got up and turned to leave I spun back to him and said pointing to his appointment book.

“I’m back at one, but I’d like to be back at four too, I’ve a lot to show you.”

I bent over with my back to him, pretending to pick something off the floor but in reality to show him my naked ass, framed by my garter belt. I stayed down long enough for him to see all of me then left the office. On the way out I stopped to tell Sharon, Kevin’s old secretary.

“I’ve got him at four too, but I’d love to have you at five? Are you available?”

Sharon nodded and smiled. I retuned to my office feeling secure. At one I returned to Mr. Samuels who had found his voice.

“Anita, tell me more!”

“”First I want to fuck you Mr. Samuels then I’ll tell you everything.”

I again pulled his cock from his pants and hiked up my skirt planting my wet pussy on his long hard cock and taking him all in.

“I fuck for the company. I will fuck whomever you want me to. The company owns a suite at the Ritz…”

I was riding his cock and not sure if he was listening to me, his face was frozen in a smile and his hips were riding up to meet me as I fucked him.

“…It has the capability to record everything that goes on and if needed that information can be used to persuade your clients or competition of the rightness of your plans….”

God his cock felt so good to me, he was stretching my pussy and hitting areas rarely touched and I was for once losing control.

“…You’ll see my contract in the top drawer and I’d like it to be renewed by you with consideration of the inflationary times we are now living….

Shit I didn’t need the money I had tons of it all well invested off shore with Kevin’s help, I loved my job though and right now I was going to cum and cum hard on Mr. Samuels cock. I held back till I felt his dick pulse inside me and then let go.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss Oh my that feels so fucking goooooooodddd.”

I let myself enjoy the feelings then slipped off his wet soft cock and bent over to clean it for him, licking our combined juices before stuffing it back. As I walked out I said.

“I’d like that cock in my ass at four, Mr. Samuels.”

I winked at Sharon as I left and smiled at her when I came back at four. When I went in to his office I didn’t notice that Sharon followed me in. Sharon is my age and very pretty too, she’s slight in build with smallish tits but a round if small butt, with long thin legs. Her brunette hair is usually tied in a bun but that afternoon it was hanging down to her shoulders and with her glasses on she looked like the schoolteacher I had many fantasy about in high school.

“Anita, please remove your clothes. Then I’d like you to remove Sharon’s clothing too.”

This was certainly different but I asked no questions, instead I enjoyed seeing Sharon’s as she slowly became naked in front of me. She was gorgeous if small, her tits were full but tiny, maybe an A or at best a B minus, but it was all proportionate and she was very desirable and I licked my lips in anticipation but then Mr. Samuels interrupted.

“Anita, over here lay across my desk! Sharon! Sit on the desk and spread your legs, allow Anita access to your pussy.”

I positioned my mouth so close to Sharon’s pussy I was able to enjoy the aroma of her sex and see her juices form droplets on her labia. I felt Mr. Samuels hands spreading my ass and then his hard cock begin to penetrate my back door, oh god he felt so big and so damn good.

“Business has grown and what you’ve done Anita has been good. But business is changing too, with more women in charge and Sharon here, a self admitted lesbian has asked to work with you. Try her pussy Anita, it’s delicious.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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