First Time as One

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It was Saturday morning when the first rays of sunshine crept into his bedroom. She peeped her eyes open to look for his naked body underneath the warm covers. Realizing the lack of body heat beside her she opened her eyes completely to search the room. She frowned to herself wishing she could have woken up with him beside her. He walked back into the room just in time to see the pout on her face.

“What’s the matter? Wasn’t last night good enough for you?”

He was half naked, gorgeous in his boxers.

“Oh, it was. Don’t you remember me screaming for more? I was just disappointed you weren’t here when I woke up.” She rolled over pulling the sheet over her breasts smiling up at him.

“Jul you better get up, we both slept through the alarm. It is 3pm and I set it for 11am and I was letting you sleep because of last night .”

The prior night was a night to remember: hot, passionate, gentle and yet at the same time rough. It was the best they had ever had. So uninhibited and it all started with an innocent kiss, a little peck the on the lips, a little fondling of her breasts, the semi hard dick rubbing against her ass through our clothes, her hand against his crotch, his lips on her nipples and finally ended up with each piece of clothing being removed slowly, each body part kissed as pendik escort new skin was revealed, the smell of her perfume, the smell of his cologne mixed. Musky yet sweet, the natural pheromones of a man and women attracted to each other.

It was their first time together, wasn’t planned or was it?

She knew what she wanted to do to him since they began to get to know each other. She wanted to know what a real man was like in bed, after failed past relationships, she was more than terrified about the past repeating itself, She let things go there natural course with him. Even though a few weeks together felt like they have known each other their hole lives, always searching for each other and finally found what they were both searching for, each other.

As she woke up more, showered, brushed her teeth and was bending over drying her hair she felt something or someone poking in her ass.

Startled she screamed “Hey! what do you think your doing!” He replied “Admiring the view, just couldn’t help myself.”

He grabbed her hips and ground into her ass. A smirk went across his face as she removed her panties and hopped into his arms. “Fuck Me? please?” were the words that escaped her full lips. He carried her into the bedroom in his arms, more than happy sefaköy escort to fulfill her request. Gently laid her on the bed, went into the kitchen to get a cup of ice. She glared at him oddly as he replied “For later.”

Winked playfully in her direction, knowing what ideas he had from the numerous night of long conversations. Odd he thought as he saw her on her reach into her bag and reveal a tube.” This is for now.” she said playfully.

She reached up and grabbed him, raping his mouth with her tongue, she broke the kiss: “Fuck my ass, please?” she reached above her head and grabbed the tube, “Anal ease so you don’t rip me up.” He replied, “You always carry that with you?” A witty remark escaped from her lips. “Only since I met you.”

“Tease!” was the only word able to escape from his lips.

Opening the lube she generously lube herself and him. He slowly entered here sweetness, her cunt was so hot, He could feel her spot, every time he entered her she would moan and push back, this continued until she climaxed strongly. He was doing everything he could to maintain myself, I had other ideas.

He got her on her knees and stood behind , gave a playful smack on the ass and began. As he began to push, she tried to move forward to get away from the silivri escort intruder, that was trying to impale her. Grabbing her hips, He held her from moving and slowly entered her ass, slowly so as not to hurt her, she finally began to relax, soon he had his dick buried to the hilt in her ass. He knew once he got it in it wouldn’t be long and they would orgasm. He wanted it to last knowing it was their first time. His muscle control got weak and he shot deeply into her ass. As he began to lose his erection, a slight pop was heard as I fell from her ass.

A moan was heard from her, as her orgasm was still ripping through her from the experience.

“Now we both need a shower!” she said as they kissed.

He quickly ran in and started the water and yelled for her to join him. He assisted her into the tub and began to wash her. ” I don’t think so.” she said. “That’s my job!” she washed his penis first then let the water finish her task.

She went to her knees and looked up at him. She took his shaft into her mouth and watch as her eyes opened wide as she watched his length bounce in front of her. She placed her lips around the tip running her tongue along the shaft for stimulation. She moved her mouth up and down almost choking herself in her haste to pacify his beast-like flesh. Sucking, licking the entire mass, yet again was the right combination for his massive orgasm. He pumped cum down her throat forcing her to either swallow or choke. Once finished, he wiped his still stiff cock on her face leaving traces of white stickiness.

All he could say was : ” What a wonderful day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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