Fulfilling Her Fantasies Ch. 01

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This is my first ever submission. It is the first of series of short, to the point, sex filled stories. This story is based upon real fantasies that my girlfriend and I have come up with and written while spending time apart.


You lie on the bed, naked, helpless. I’ve stripped you. And tied you. The view in front of me turns me on like crazy, makes my cock ache from hardness. I can’t believe you suggested this. We’re playing out your dirty fantasy. Your hands, raised above your head tied together at the wrist with a silk tie to the headboard. Your hair, a mess around your face. A face that’s staring at me with such lust, fire and curiosity, just imagining all the dirty things to follow. Your lips painted a blood red, provocating me, calling to me. Your bare chest rising and falling rapidly, already breathing hard. Your nipples are so hard, begging to be sucked, to be bitten. Your white body bare, legs spread, pink pussy visibly wet, leaking juices onto the sheets. I am not going to be gentle, I am not going to be sweet. This I know, is your wish. “How am I going to use my slut first..” I whisper out loud.

“No…”, you say, “not use, Abuse…” .

Fuck, you’re going to get exactly what you want.

I bring my crotch over your face and lower myself slowly. Till my balls are touching your forehead. I slowly drag them down your face, over your nose, to your lips. You’re waiting for this. You immediately open your lips and stick out your tongue, licking my balls. Trying to suck them into your mouth. That’s a good girl.. Suck on my balls. Make them wet with your saliva, as I rub my crotch in your face. My hard dick hitting your nose and your cheeks. You lift your head, and I rub my cock against your lips. You take the swollen head in, sucking it off, before I slide more of my hard dick in. You keep taking it as it goes in, till I reach the back of your mouth.

Your tongue swirling around the veiny shaft. There’s still a couple of inches of cock to go. I grab a hold of your hair to steady your head. “Open wide..” And I slowly begin to push against your throat. You gag and choke. I pull out. You spit on my cock, and I slide it back in to your waiting bostancı escort mouth. Pushing further in. Coaxing your throat open, my soft head filling you. You gag again. Again I slide out and in. And again. Using your hair as a handle, I’m fucking your mouth. You gag and choke and moan your approval. Loud moans and mumbles “MMM.. Ahmmm.. Aghhh..”, the only sounds you manage to make around my cock. It’s too much for me, I need release so bad.

But you don’t like the taste of cum.

And you never swallow. Which is why this is the perfect opportunity. I slide my dick out and start to jerk off with one hand, right in front of your face. I’m so close, right on the edge.

“No don’t..” You protest.

“Hush. You want my cum. You’re gonna take my cum and you’re gonna swallow it. And you’re gonna enjoy it.”

With my other hand, I hold your face, pressing your cheeks, opening your mouth.

And just as I explode, I put my cock head between your lips. Squirting rope after rope of hot fresh cum into your mouth. Filling your mouth with my gooey white load.

I slide my still hard cock into your mouth again before you have time to swallow everything, pushing into your throat again. Now you gag on cock and cum. Cum oozes out of your mouth, down your face and neck. Into your hair. I thrust in a couple of more times and then pull my softening dick out of your mouth. You’re licking your lips and trying to regain your breath. It’s as if you were drowning.

I drink in the site in front of me. Cum all over your face, a slight red colour from your smeared lipstick, your face wet from sweat and you fighting for breath. Arms still helplessly pinned above your head, wrists red from chafing. You’re smiling. Horny and wanting more. “Fuck yeah, gimme more. Treat me like the dirty whore I am. Fill me up with your hot tasty cum”.

Oh I plan to.

I move down between your legs. Your pussy still visibly swollen, used and open from before. I push one of your legs up from the knee, over my shoulder, and push my cock into your open waiting pussy. I turn your body sideways, stretching your legs apart, forcing your back and arms büyükçekmece escort to stretch. It must be a very uncomfortable position for you. I don’t care, knowing how much you associate pleasure with pain. I push into you again and again, Going in hard and fucking mercilessly. You want this.

“Fuck yes! Harder! More! Fuck me, FUCK ME.” Youre screaming at me. I turn my head to the leg over my shoulder and sink my teeth into the flesh of your calf. “AAAAHHH you bastard. Fuckkk. YES. Fuck mee!”.

I thrust harder, now with reckless abandon.

Suddenly, your free leg finds my chest and kicks me back. Your other leg falls from my shoulder and kicks me again. I slip out of you as I’m forced back.

“Is that all you got?! I want you to FUCK ME, to HURT ME, to ABUSE ME like your dirty fucking slut.”

I grab hold of your legs, push them apart, and take my place between them again. Pushing my hardness into your wet cunt without warning.

“Aaaahhh” you moan so loud.

I grab your legs, bring your feet together behind my back and tie your ankles together with another silk tie. Now I’m buried deep inside your hot, wet pussy and we’re staying this way. No escape till I let you go.

I lean over you, reaching out to the table by the bed. I pick up one of the colourful scented candles we’ve lit.

“You’re gonna enjoy this, baby”

You’re watching me with wide eyes now.

As I thrust into you, I tip the candle and hot liquid wax drips into your tummy.

“FUCKKKK. AAAAHHH”. You’re screaming at the top of your voice. But the tone.. It’s not pain, its not disapproval. Instead, its a deep cry of pleasure.. Pain and pleasure are mixing in your mind, overloading your nerves with sensations of euphoria, of carnal need.

Again I thrust. And drip wax between your beautiful big breasts, down your cleavage. I hear it singe your skin, instantly turning it red, solidifying on your body.

“fuck oh FUCK YESS!. Aahhh DON’T STOP! Pleasure mee!”

I fuck you harder and harder as I drop wax on your sensitive skin again. Your arousal heightens with every drop of molten wax and the feeling of çapa escort a hard cock in your pussy multiplies a hundred times.

Letting the candle drop, my hands go up above your head and untie your hands, giving you freedom.

“Aren’t you mad at me for using you, for hurting you? Is that any way to treat my girlfriend?!” I’m taunting you, trying to draw out more passion, “Aren’t you mad I tied you up, used you, fucked you, made you my bitch?!” I say as my cock throbs deep in your cunt.

Your hand comes down across my face, slapping me hard.

“How dare you do that to me!”

I thrust into her defiantly, till my balls hit her pussy. You slap me again, harder. “You bastard. You fucking son of a bitch”. I thrust into her again and again. Our bodies jerking with each push.

Your hands go to my sweaty back. Your long nails sink into my flesh as you gouge my skin, scratching deep. I grunt from the effort and the pain.

“How dare you fucking go easy on me?! “

I’m thrusting out of sheer carnal lust, our insatiable desire wanting yet more. I wrap my arms around your body, yours going around my neck and I lift you up and throw you back. Your back hits the wall and my body hits yours. Hard. Impaling you against the wall. Your legs tied around my waist not letting my cock escape. I fuck you against the wall like an animal. You’re screaming and panting with each thrust, matched by my moaning and grunting as we go so fucking hard.

You pull me tighter against you, your face going to my neck. I feel a sharp pain as I feel teeth close down on the skin of my neck. It only makes me shout and thrust harder, as hard as I can.

You bite me again, teeth going into my shoulder. I fuck harder. You bite my collarbone, I grab you by the ass, digging in my nails and thrust into your cunt with all my strength.

Suddenly her legs tighten around him, her nails dig harder into his back and she lets out a long animal scream. Her body shudders and lets go. He explodes with her, letting all the built up cum blow deep into her swollen pussy. Spurt after spurt. Moan after moan. Pant after pant. Two animals still fucking, releasing together. Heads spinning from the crazy climax. Losing track of time, numb to all other feelings save for the pleasure pumping through their bodies with each loud heartbeat. That’s all they feel and hear. Eyes shut tight, seeing flashes of red behind the brilliant stars. Finally spent. They collapse, the two lovers into each other’s arms.

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