Good Ol’ Boy

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Sadie was young, pretty, and ready to have fun. She’d spent all Spring working hard to get her degree from her local junior college and wanted to spend her Summer doing wild and crazy things before she had to buckle down for grad school in the Fall. All of Sadie’s friends were headed to a bonfire tonight and she had every intention of shaking her ass to some country while getting a little tipsy.

Sadie dressed up in her favorite white tank top with lace trim, cut-offs, and worn-out dancing boots. Her girlfriends showed up and they started the party with a little SoCo and Coke. After the girls had a nice buzz going, they went outside to wait for the Redneck taxi.

Levi was a strong, rough-and-tumble, good ol’ boy. He was always designated driver whenever his best buddy, Corbin, threw a barn-burner. Levi had gotten in some trouble with the law a few years back for DWI and had since given up most drinking. Sometimes he had a beer with the guys after a long, hard day of working on the rig, but he was pretty much clean and sober. No liquor since the night he smacked into a stop sign after one too many shots of Patron.

Levi didn’t mind being designated driver, anyway. His truck was always full of pretty girls. Most of them had boyfriends, but he always got an eye-full whenever the party ended. Country girls were rowdy and dressed skimpy, more than once had he witnessed a “wardrobe malfunction.”

As all the girls piled into the bed of his truck, he spied a pretty brunette with sweet tits and a perfect ass. She bent over to help her friends in and he could see the bottom of her ass cheeks and just a little pussy lip peeking through her hot pink g-string. She didn’t seem to notice the little show she was putting on.

Sadie had never met Levi, but had heard he was ruggedly sexy. Ever since she and her previous boyfriend had split, she had been needing a little attention from a man. Eric had turned out to be an asshole who loved porn and gave his laptop most of his attention. She wanted to be stared at, she wanted to be lusted over. It had been bostancı escort awhile since she had fucked. Long before Eric had come into the picture. So she bent over a little too far when giving her friends a hand into Levi’s lifted Chevy. She caught his eye as she turned around to sit down. He had definitely been staring.

Shit. Busted. Levi adjusted his growing erection as it strained against his Wranglers. Once the girls were seated and the tailgate was up, Levi took off down the dirt road toward Corbin’s house.

It was only 3 acres, but it was surrounded by trees and far enough in the country that no one was bothered by the noise. Corbin’s house was a small trailer house off in one corner of the land. He had two outdoor refrigerators on his enormous porch, one with a keg tap in the door. He threw parties at least once a month, always with a bonfire using nuisance dead trees he had uprooted at various houses around town. Everyone knew he was the guy to call if you wanted a tree removed or needed to party.

Corbin greeted Levi with a Dr. Pepper and a slap on the back. Levi took a swig then walked around back to help the tipsy girls climb out without breaking their necks. One by one they hopped out. Last was Sadie. Levi grabbed her hand, let her get her feet on the ground, and steadied her as she swayed a little.

Sadie tried desperately to contain herself, but the alcohol had already gotten to her. She was warm and fuzzy, and more than a little horny. She held onto Levi’s hand for support. He was lean and muscular, and had strong, calloused hands. He obviously worked hard for a living. Once she regained composure, she took off with her friends, already starting to dance to the blaring music.

Levi watched her dance all night. He was trying not to make it obvious, but he met her gaze more than once. She would smile and half-wave, and he thought she winked at him once but he didn’t have the balls to wink back. He was so hard that he thought about hiding in the truck and rubbing one out, but figured he better not. ümraniye escort bayan Finally he decided she needed a beer. He brought her over a cup of whatever was in the keg, and she pulled away from her friends.

“Thanks. I was working up a thirst out there,” she said as she took a long drink. “I’m Sadie, by the way.”

He took her extended hand. “Levi. I’ve never seen you at one of Corbin’s party, and I see everyone that comes. Where have you been hiding?”

“Ugh. In textbooks since I graduated high school, it seems like. I just got my degree so I’m home-free for a few months.” Sadie tried to ignore the growing desire in her panties. She crossed her legs a little so nothing would drip.

They talked for awhile, and Sadie started to sober up. The more her head cleared, the more attracted to Levi she became. He had light brown hair, a camo hat, green eyes, and a handsome face. She was reminded of every hot country singer when she looked at him

Levi could tell she was interested in him. And he was sure he had made it obvious how much he liked her. When an awkward silence came up in their conversation, he leaned in to give her a small kiss. Much to Levi’s surprise, Sadie kissed him back furiously.

Levi led Sadie back to his truck and leaned her up against the driver’s side door. Sadie reached for Levi’s shirt and pulled it over his head. She had been dying to see his chest all night. He had abs to die for and was sculpted like most country boys she knew. She rubbed her hand down his stomach and played with his happy trail. Levi grabbed her ass and slipped a finger close to her pussy. She was dripping wet. Her barely-there g-string did nothing to protect him from entering her and finger fucking her.

Sadie moaned and leaned into his strong fingers. His pumping felt amazing. She could hear the bass in the distance and the muffled noise of people partying. This was the sexiest, riskiest thing she had ever done. Levi continued to finger her as he kissed her neck and massaged one of her tits. Right before she came, kartal escort Sadie closed her legs. She wanted to hold it as long as possible.

Levi pulled his fingers from Sadie’s pussy. She stepped aside and he opened the truck door. He watched as Sadie slowly pulled her panties down her long, tan legs. She twirled them around her finger and tossed them into the trees. She was teasing him mercilessly. She grabbed the button on his Wranglers and pulled with deft fingers. The fly popped open as his erection sprang free.

Sadie looked at Levi’s extremely hard dick. It was gorgeous. Perfectly long and thick, but not too big. She sucked it into her mouth and lubed it up with her tongue.

As Sadie sucked, Levi moaned. He watched her beautiful lips envelope his cock, and it was a beautiful sight. She was so good, and he was so fucking horny. His balls tightened and she stopped not a second too late. Tease.

Sadie leaned in to Levi and said “fuck me.”

It was so hot and so unexpected. He never had a girl talk so dirty. His dick twitched at the thought. He guided himself toward her slit as she laid down and arched her back a little. She looked so glorious in the moon light. Her nipples were tight in her thin, white shirt and her pussy glistened. At the last minute, he decided to go down on her.

Sadie was shocked to feel a warm tongue on her clit. She moaned loudly as Levi circled her nub over and over. He continued to lick and suck lightly until she came hard. Her legs clamped on his head, begging him to stop, as she convulsed through her orgasm.

Levi continued to lick and suck despite the vice Sadie had on his head. He could feel another orgasm building in her. Her clit throbbed, begging for more. He wiped his mouth and used her juices to slick his penis. Slowly he entered her- they both moaned.

Sadie was being fucked like never before. He was everywhere. One hand pinching her nipple through her shirt, one massaging her tender clit, and his hard cock pounding into her. She gripped the seat of his truck and let her second orgasm overcome her. She bucked and moaned.

Levi came shortly after. He had never felt anything so amazing. Spurt after spurt of hot cum spilled from his dick and leaked from her pussy.

They cleaned up, got dressed, and walked back to the party hand-in-hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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