Grand New Beginnings

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*This story is my first submission to a contest on here so please vote!


A gust of cold wind blew down the leaf-strewn lane; rattling fence posts and for-sale signs on either side. It was 8 o’clock in the evening on December 31st and Maria was just getting home from work. She had stopped by the grocery store for dinner and some beer on her way, staying inside as long as she could to escape the cold.

She made her way down the dark street to the last house on the right. It was a duplex handed down to her by her grandmother who had given it up to move farther south.

Maria wasn’t the typical resident of West Pinecrest Blvd. All of her neighbors were in their 80’s and enjoying retirement; calling it a night at 7 and getting up again at 5 the next morning. Unlike most people her age Maria was fine with that, she was only 22 but didn’t join in the party lifestyle. She had taken a job as a business manager for a temp service in town right after college. She had flexible hours and it was good pay; that way she had plenty of time to work on her writing.

Another gust of wind twirled around Maria causing her to pull her gray coat around her tighter. She flipped her collar up and readjusted the blue scarf around her neck. Maria quickened her pace muttering to herself about the cold. Gary must be out partying Maria thought to herself looking at the dark windows of the apartment that attached to hers. She unlocked her front door and shut it behind her shivering as the last bit of cold air escaped into the hallway.

Maria was convinced that Gary was her grandmother’s last attempt at matchmaking. She had rented the apartment to Gary a month before Maria moved in. She still didn’t know that much about him since they had only spoken once or twice beyond the awkward hello in the hallway. She knew he was an architect and working on a building in town, he didn’t have a girlfriend since he broke up with the last one about two months ago. Maria guessed he was about 27 but hadn’t seen fit to ask him personally. She had to admit that he was good looking. He was tall but not lanky, his broad shoulders filled out his shirt nicely. His hair was shaggy and fell into his green eyes.

Maria took her coat off and hung it on the peg beside the door. She glanced at herself in the mirror. She was wearing a black long sleeve shirt under a maroon vest. The vest went down to mid thigh and buckled under her breasts, boosting them up and turning the vest into more of a corset. She had on dark denim trousers and black high heels.

Running her hands over her stomach she lifted the edge of the shirt up wondering if she would ever be brave enough to wear the corset alone without anything under it. She sighed and picked her bag up. Entering her apartment she flicked the heater up and went to the kitchen to prepare her dinner.

After eating and cleaning up she made her way over to her desk and sat down to write. She stared at the screen before her rereading the sentence she had just typed. Groaning she sat back in her chair suddenly suffocating in the heat of the apartment. Maria unbuckled her vest and shrugged it off flinging it over the arm of the nearby sofa. Stretching her back she leaned forward and began to type again. A paragraph later and she was still hot and uncomfortable. In frustration she stripped off her black shirt leaving her sitting at her desk in a black silk bra and jeans, her high heals kicked off hours ago. She scrolled through the pages she had written the night before trying to figure out where the story had gone wrong. She reread the last chapter. Her characters were in the middle of an intense love making session. Her eyes roaming over the page Maria remembered how horny writing it had made her the night before. She bit her lip and her fingers innocently flickered over the top of her bra, following the deep curve of it down between her breasts. Her fingers continued down to her plump stomach stopping at her jeans. Maria considered only a moment before stripping them off as well. Her black thong and matching bra were the perfect thing for the heat of her apartment she convinced herself. Maria looked at the clock in the right hand corner of her screen; it read 11:24 pm. She sighed and pushed herself away from the computer giving up for the night. Standing up she caught her reflection in the sliding glass door that lead out to the shared back porch. She usually kept the curtains drawn but had opened them that morning bostancı escort bayan to look out at the birds sitting on the fence around the porch. She turned around looking at herself several times before looking beyond her reflection to the hot tub.

She grinned to herself and ran off to her bedroom to change into her bathing suit. Digging in the back of her drawer she pulled out the first one she could find, a teal two piece that was a little to small on her now. Shrugging she pulled her bra and thong off, caressing her skin as she did. That was the beauty of having a closed in deck. It didn’t matter because nobody could see you. She pulled on the bottoms and tied them snuggly around her hips. There was a gap where the two sides of the fabric didn’t meet but she ignored it. The top barely covered her breasts, the sides clearly visible. She would never dream about wearing it in public.

Maria grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and an ice bucket before making her way out to the porch with a towel. She set the ice bucket on the deck and plunged the beers into it. She threw her towel over a bush to keep it dry then stepped down into the hot tub. It was big enough to sit eight people comfortably. It had a lounger seat that ran the length of one wall, two bench seats, and two bucket seats in the corners that let you sink back into the water with the jets against your neck. Maria settled down into one of these seats and opened her beer taking a sip from it before turning on the jets. The water began to froth up bubbling and breaking up the surface of the water. Maria sat back and enjoyed the relaxing jets massaging her neck, the back of her thighs and her back. She closed her eyes letting one of her hands trail down to her pussy. She rubbed it through the fabric of her bathing suit. Reaching behind her back she pulled the strings of her top and untied it letting the fabric float to the top of the water. Getting braver Maria pulled it over her head and let it drop down on the porch. She smiled to herself and lay back in the water again.

The lights in Gary’s apartment turned on and before Maria could move he was opening the porch door. He had on a pair of swimming trunks and had a towel in his hands. He smiled at her. “I thought I heard you out here.” He walked closer and if he noticed her lack of a bathing suit top he didn’t say anything. “May I join you?”

Maria nodded her head not knowing what else to do and moved over to the far corner. Her mind was racing. Should she get out, should she apologize and put her top back on, should she make some excuse? In the end she decided not to make a big deal of it and hoped he wouldn’t say anything. Gary stepped into the water and came to sit down next to her.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you out here.” He commented.

Maria smiled. “Once or twice, but I usually don’t have the time. Sorry if I woke you up. I didn’t think you were home.”

“Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t asleep.” He told her shrugging.

“You didn’t go out tonight?” she asked him lamely, not knowing what to say. She felt his hand brush against her thigh and shuddered.

“Nah, not really my thing anymore. I’ve decided to ring in the New Year differently this year.”

Maria smiled at him and leaned around him. She took another beer from the ice bucket and held it up to him. He took it with a thank you and settled back into his seat. Maria settled down next to him again nervously. She could feel his eyes on her breasts and pretended not to notice.

“Maria can I tell you something without you freaking out at me?” Gary asked her seriously. Maria nodded her head yes. He looked her in the eyes. “You have the most amazing breasts I have ever seen.” Maria stared back at him.

“I’m sorry?” she asked confused.

“I can’t help it. They are just perfect. And your body, it’s…it’s amazing.”

Maria looked into his eyes blushing. “Does that line work on all the girls you find topless in their hot tubs?”

Gary sat back dejected. “I didn’t mean anything by it. But it’s the truth. Finding you here like this is just a bonus.” He lifted his hand out of the water and rubbed at his eyes. “To be honest I was just about to go over to your apartment to ask you if you wanted to watch the ball drop with me when I saw you at your computer. You looked amazing.”

What the hell, Maria thought throwing caution out the window. She drew in a rattling ümraniye escort breath. “Do you want to touch them?” she asked him gently resting her hand in his lap under the water.

Gary looked at her and smiled, then moved in front of her leaning her against the back of the spa. Maria looked up at him breathless and watched as he reached out with his right hand and cupped her breast. He massaged it gently, feeling its weight in his hand. Gary’s thumb trailed across her nipple making Maria shudder. She looked into Gary’s intense face, as he was mesmerized with her breasts. His eyes were filled with greed and want; causing Maria to draw in a shaky breathe and stifle a small moan of her own. Gary brought his other hand to her left breast and mirrored his movements on the two. He paid close attention to Maria’s breathing and the small almost unheard moans she tried to cover up. Maria groaned out loud when he began rolling her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Gary grinned and repeated the movements until Maria was panting.

Gary knelt down in the water and let his hands travel down Maria’s sides to her hips. He rested them there, playing with the strings of her bikini bottom. Maria looked down at him, her stomach fluttering with nerves. Gary let his fingers trace the line of the fabric until they were between Maria’s legs caressing the lips of her pussy through the fabric. Maria lifted her hips off of the bench trying to give Gary the hint that she wanted more.

Gary let out a chuckle, “Not yet.”

He stood up and took Maria’s hand forcing her to stand with him. He moved her so that she was sitting on the lounger seat. Then grabbing her hips he moved her so that a jet of water was spurting up directly in front of her pussy. She could feel a slight sensation on her clit much like her vibrator only not intense at all. Gary moved her forward only an inch and the waterspout was almost directly in contact with her pussy.

Maria whimpered and felt her body flush with pleasure. “Shit, Gary!” she cried out between raged breaths.

Gary smiled down at her. “I thought you’d like that.”

He moved in front of her, and leaned in, this time taking her breast into his mouth playing with the nipple of the other. Maria put her hands on his shoulders trying to steady her self in the water. She caught sight of her reflection in the glass door and lost her breath. Never in a million years did she think she would be doing something like this. And another million before she thought she would enjoy it so much.

“Gary,” Maria gasped. “I’m going to cum.” Gary looked up at her letting her nipple fall from his mouth.

“No you’re not, not yet at least.” He told her. Maria looked at him confused. She didn’t think that if she stayed the way she was right now that she would be able to stop it from happening. Maria looked into Gary’s eyes and instantly knew that she would try as hard as she could to not cum. She took a deep breath and tried to control herself. Gary smiled at her sudden change and moved on to her other breast. He continued to suck on it, harder now, using his teeth to pull at her flesh then soothing the bites with his tongue and lips. Maria controlled her breathing and tried to concentrate on the new feelings Gary was showing her. She had never had anyone bite at her breasts before. She had never had anyone tell her she couldn’t let the pleasure of an orgasm rush over her, she wasn’t sure yet how far she was willing to take this but she had to admit, it seemed Gary knew what she needed more than she did.

Maria let her hands roam over Gary’s back and through his hair trying to forget the jet of water tingling her pussy. Soon she was aware of a new sensation. Gary had let his hands fall to her hips again, this time pulling the strings of her bikini bottom until they were untied. He let the material float away as he pulled her hips to the surface of the water, letting Maria float in front of him. He pulled her legs apart and massaged her pussy lips with his fingers, never touching her clit or her slit. Maria gripped the edge of the spa to stay in one spot and looked down between her breasts at Gary. He was looking up at her his face controlled except for the lust and humor in his eyes. Maria shivered and couldn’t quite place the feelings she was detecting in her own head. Ignoring them she tilted her head back and looked at the stars above them. The sky was clear and the moon gone from the sky but kartal escort for a small thumbnail sliver hovering in the dark. Maria sighed at the perfectness of the moment then let out a small yelp as Gary’s lips replaced his fingers. He kissed and sucked at her pussy lips and inner thighs greedily. Lifting her ears above the water Maria listened to Gary’s moans of enjoyment and let out a small giggle. Gary flicked his eyes at her and smiled then let his tongue flick her hard clit.

“God.” Maria sucked in air and couldn’t control the tremble in her body.

“Don’t forget your not allowed to cum.” Gary reminded her before licking her slit from bottom to top. Maria groaned in frustration, gripping the wooden edge of the spa in her hands tighter. Gary continued to gently lick her slit avoiding her clit for the moment. Maria listened to his moaning and smiled to herself loving how much he was enjoying the taste of her. I wonder how he taste’s Maria caught herself thinking. The image of his erect cock made her tremble even harder. Gary gripped her hips and pulled them harder against his mouth moving his attention directly to her clit. Maria was barely holding back, her moans grew louder and louder drowning out Gary’s.

“Please, Gary.” She panted. “Ughh, I’m going to cum, I can’t help it.”

Gary removed his mouth from her pussy and looked up at her breathing hard himself. He took in her flushed face, her nipples that poked from her large firm breasts, her clean-shaven pussy, and the bite marks on her stomach and inner thighs. When did I do that, he thought to himself realizing he had gotten carried away. “I want you to count slowly and loudly to 100. When you get there ask me again if you may cum. If I think you rushed the counting I won’t let you and will make you start again until you get it right. You will know when you got it right if I push a finger into your pussy.”

Maria looked at him speechless. She sat up slowly in the water and reached for his swimming trunks. Gary didn’t move only watched her as she untied them and pulled them down. He stepped out of them and threw them onto the deck as Maria was lying back in the water. She reached her hands behind her and held onto the wood paneling and began counting. By the time she had reached ten Gary’s tongue was flicking at her clit again. He let his lips wrap around it and sucked on it gently rolling it around with his tongue at the same time.

Maria reached 100 quickly and she knew it was too quick right away. She wasn’t surprised that when she asked if she could cum she didn’t feel Gary’s finger enter her. She began again, making sure to take deep breathes between the numbers. Some number threatened to be replaced by groans but Maria continued on in a steady pace. This time when she reached 100 she took a deep breath before asking.

“Gary, may I please cum?” Maria waited for what felt to her minutes but was barely seconds. Without taking any attention away from Maria’s clit Gary pushed a finger into her pussy hole. Maria didn’t realize just how much tension she was holding when she groaned loudly and let herself be totally taken away by the pleasures Gary was providing her. Breathing heavily she pushed her hips towards his fingers trying to get him to move faster. She felt a change in his lips around her pussy and knew that he must be smiling.

Maria could feel the tell tale signs of an amazing orgasm. Her pussy started to tingle and she could feel every movement made by Gary’s tongue and fingers times five. She moaned out his name as she came her whole body jerking in the water. Gary slid his hands to her back holding her up and continued to suck on her clit throughout the orgasm. He lifted her hips out of the water and began to lap at her entire pussy, tasting the orgasm that she was still riding the last waves of.

“Gary.” Maria panted, the word coming out in a gasp. Gary let her fall back into the water gently and pulled her into a sitting position. Maria’s limbs were like jelly. Gary sat down pulling her to sit on his lap in the spa. Maria let her head rest on his shoulder until she caught her breath. It took her a moment to realize Gary was talking.

“I’m sorry. I guess I got a little carried away.” He was mumbling. Maria felt a blush cover her neck and up to her cheeks.

She put a hand on Gary’s chest. “Don’t be.” She didn’t look up at him. “It was amazing.” Gary laughed and leaned his head down to kiss her mouth firmly. Maria turned to straddle his lap and felt his hard cock pressing against her stomach. “So since you made my year end in the best possible way…” she trailed off looking up and him and rubbing the tip of his cock with a finger. “How about we make your year start off the same?”

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