He Remains a Mystery

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I found him through a dating app. I had shared some pictures of my girlfriend and told him about our fantasy. He replied enthusiastically and looked the part, a friendly face paired with an athletic body. My girlfriend didn’t participate in the selection process, and we had agreed he would remain anonymous to her. However, I did update her on ‘the hunt’ from time to time so she wouldn’t be entirely in the dark.

After getting to know each other a little better through the app and sharing a bunch of pictures, some very explicit, we set up to meet in a local bar. We had a lovely conversation. He seemed genuinely interested in both my and my girlfriend’s interests and came across as very relaxed. He shared that he was bi-curious and felt this was an excellent way to explore his feelings. We shared what we would be comfortable with and what we felt were our boundaries to explore.

I called my girlfriend and asked her if she was ready. She told me she had put on a sexy outfit and asked me if I wanted to go through with this. I told her I was ready and asked her to put on her blindfold and wait for us upstairs.

Once we got upstairs, we found my girlfriend waiting for us on our bed. She was wearing a black set of almost see-through panties with a matching bra that accentuated the size of her breasts. Her chest was moving up and down, revealing she was anxious.

I asked him to get comfortable in the chair we had placed for him in the corner of our bedroom. He would have a nice view from there. I joined my girlfriend in our bed and kissed her; my familiar touch relaxed her a little. As I gently touched her body, I eryaman escort felt the excitement running through it.

I took off my clothes, slid her panties off, and pulled her on top of my body. Her buttocks were pushing against my pelvis and her shoulders against my chest. I opened up her legs so our guest could get a nice view of her pussy. I ran my fingers between her lips and felt both her heat and her silky fluid. She was horny and wet, craving for it.

Our friend, watching us, had already taken off his clothes. He was stroking a firm erection.

“Are you ready?” I asked her, “yes, baby,” she replied. I placed my fingers on her lips and spread her pussy then I asked our friend to join us. He took position on the bed kneeling between my girlfriend’s legs, pointing his cock towards her pussy. He touched her legs, spreading them out a bit more; I felt her tremble.

He followed by placing the tip of his cock against her lips, moving it up and down a couple of times. I could feel her body tense up from excitement. Then he pushed himself inside; I felt her lips spread out as he filled her with his cock. Her buttocks pressed up against me more firmly under the weight of his push. Finally, his belly rubbed against the back of my hand, meaning his entire cock was now inside my girl.

She let out a sigh and relaxed her body. She probably felt a bit relieved feeling his first thrust, knowing now what to expect. He pulled back, slowed down, and pushed again. He was now officially fucking my girlfriend. I felt his rhythm through my girlfriend, her body tensing and relaxing with every push, her weight shifting back escort ankara and forth. Her breathing intensified; I felt her excitement, her arousal, her enjoyment.

She told me beforehand that she feared I would back out as soon as I noticed she enjoyed being fucked by another man. I reassured her by pulling her in for a kiss; she reciprocated passionately. I then found her clit and started slowly massaging it with my fingers, she broke away from the kiss to let out another moan, and she arched her back, pushing her shoulders into me. I whispered in her ear, “You seem to be enjoying yourself?”, “Yes, baby,” she replied.

I gave her a bit of relief by pulling my hand away; this freed our friend to make his thrusts a bit longer and more robust. Next, I used my arm to hold my girl firmly against me, giving our friend even more freedom to thrust. Slowly his movements became a bit more erratic, I knew what that meant, but I wasn’t ready for this to stop yet.

I pushed softly against his stomach, stopping his thrusts. As he pulled out, my girlfriend moaned. She wanted him inside again. As I turned her over, I made sure to place myself beneath her again. From this 69 position, I had the perfect view of her dripping wet pussy. Our friend now pushed his cock in my girlfriend again, giving me a nice view of her pussy opening up around him.

I felt his balls press up against my forehead, I tilted my head backward, and they landed in my mouth. He pressed his pelvis firmly against my girlfriend, filling her with his cock while allowing me to suck on his balls. They tasted familiar; it must be my girlfriend’s sincan escort juices spread all over them.

As he pulled back again, I felt my girlfriend taking my cock in her mouth. I returned the favor; there was just enough room for me to lick her clit while his cock was moving back and forth. I stopped and pulled back a bit to look at his cock fucking my girlfriend’s pussy. I never imagined this sight to be so erotic.

He upped his tempo, his balls now slapping against my forehead. My girlfriend was still sucking my cock, but she had to stop a couple of times to catch her breath. Our friend was now fucking her hard. Her senses were wild, getting fucked and sucked at the same time. She could probably feel his cock getting harder inside her, which meant he was close, “please fill me, please cum” she moaned.

As he did, he slowed his thrusts. I saw how his cock twitched as he came, the convulsions matching his thrusts. My girlfriend moaned; she loved the feeling of a man cumming inside her, filling her with semen. As he pulled out, a gulp of semen dropped straight into my mouth. I was eager to receive and swallowed his seed. I then pulled my girlfriend’s pussy close to my mouth as more of their juices seeped out for me to clean.

Not only had I accepted her getting fucked by another man, but I also seemed to enjoy it. It turned her on tremendously that I was now cleaning her dirty, fucked pussy. I could feel her starting to get close to her peek; her legs started shaking as she moaned loudly. Her orgasm was intense. She finally couldn’t bear me licking her anymore and rolled over on her back. Again, her body was shaking as I slowly caressed her.

She tried to reach for her blindfold, but I stopped her. Our friend was still getting dressed, and I wanted him to remain a mystery to her. As he walked out, he kissed her on her neck and thanked her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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