I Help My Aunt Move to Her New House

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I arrived at my aunt’s Friday evening. I had been sent here by my mother to help my aunt move into her new house. My aunt is the mother of three girls and she is no longer married. So I wasn’t surprised when she asked my mother if she could borrow me for the weekend. I being 18 and pretty strong was perfect for the task. She wanted me to help her move some of her heavier items. I was looking forward to the visit, given the fact that my aunt has always been like a second mother to me. My aunt isn’t the tallest or biggest woman,she’s only 5’4 and weighs about a 125lbs. However, her tits were a thing of beauty. I had been lucky enough to see her naked once when I was very young. They were the first set of tits I had ever seen and I greatly appreciated her accidental indiscretion she had committed so long ago.

I soon found out that my three cousins were going to a special church retreat that weekend so I would have to be doing all the heavy lifting all by myself. I actually could care less, because with all honesty I found them quite annoying. Even from a young age they always teased me about my looks and how handsome I was. Having grown to a stature of 6’1 and having gained an athletic body through soccer, it soon became too much to bear every time I visited. Not that they were ugly or anything but I just wasn’t interested in my cousins.

Usually my aunt’s house was very clean and tidy. My mother says its because she doesn’t have any boys in the house and I tend to agree. Today however, her house was in disarray. Boxes were scattered everywhere and her living room was cluttered with household items. “We’ll get started early tomorrow morning” she said.

“You’re going to have to forgive me baby. I think you might have to sleep in my room tonight honey.” She said sadly.

“We’ve already taken the beds out to the garage and I only have my mattress in my room.” She was packing something into a box in the kitchen when she said this so I didn’t think twice before saying,

“That’s no problem aunt; I can sleep on the floor.”

“Don’t be silly baby. The floor is really dirty,” She replied. I wasn’t going to argue with her over this. The house was indeed quite old and it was one of the reasons she was finally moving to something bigger and better.

“Very well then, I guess it can’t be helped.” I had just finished this sentence when I realized what we were really talking about. I would be sleeping in the same bed with my beloved aunt.

“I’m going to take a shower,” she yawned “But you better turn in soon, we have an early day tomorrow.” She said it in a tone of authority that my mother used to use when I was still young.

Her room was for the most part empty except for her mattress and a night stand. I hadn’t brought any extra clothes because I thought I would be sleeping on the couch or in my cousin’s room somewhere. So, here I was debating on whether I should just sleep with my clothes on. I was embarrassed by both thoughts of having my clothes off or having my clothes on. Finally, without further deliberation I decided to sleep with my undershirt and jeans still on. I tucked into the far side of the bed and turned over to face the wall. I wanted to create the illusion that I was already asleep when she returned. As I lay there I could feel my dick beginning to get hard. I hadn’t even seen her yet but my dick was already preparing for the female that would soon arrive.

“Baby… are you asleep already?” she whispered.

“No not yet…” I replied.

“Do you think tomorrow we can move this old, heavy cabinet out of here?” she asked.

I rolled over to see what cabinet she was referring too. She was wrapped in towel and was drying her hair. Her legs and arms were gleaming in the light.

“Yeah I’m sure we can manage” I choked.

“Good,” she smiled. “I thought it would be too heavy.” She said.

“Now turn around you little perv, while I put something on.” She said jokingly.

After a couple of seconds I felt her slide into bed finally. I was already starting to breathe pretty hard when I heard,

“Baby are you still wearing your jeans?” She asked quiet confused.

“umm yeah…” I replied a little embarrassed.

“That’s not going to do baby… I won’t be able to sleep with you having those on,” she stated.

“Go ahead and take those off.” She said commanded more then asked.

My mind started racing. Sure I could take them off but what about my raging topkapı escort hard on? ‘Fuck it’ I thought to myself. I got up and began to strip. The light from the hallway gave my aunt a nice spot light as I removed all my clothes except for my underwear. My cock was at full mast and must have made a nice silhouette because I heard my aunt gasp a little. I jumped back into bed a little closer to my aunt then before. We only had two pillows and she had stacked them up on her side.

“You stole my pillow” I whispered.

“Its okay we can share” She whispered back.

I made my way over to her and wrapped my arm around her waist. Her shirt was very thin and could tell she was still moist and fresh from her shower. I was spooning with my aunt. We laid there for a couple of minutes without moving much. I made sure not to press too close into her; I was still scared of having her jump out of bed, if she felt my rock hard 7 inch cock right behind her. However, after a couple of anxious minutes she began to back up on her own. I didn’t have to read the writing on the wall. She wanted to feel her nephew’s dick on her ass. I pushed forward and rested my cock right between her as cheeks. She purred as she wiggled her little soft ass harder into me.

We were headed down a slippery slope and I could care less. I reached up to squeeze her tits, the same tits I had fantasized before. They were soft and malleable under my hand. I however wanted to feel her skin so I tucked my hand down and underneath her shirt. At last, I had her one of her tits firmly in my hand. I could feel the button of her nipple hard against my hand as I squeezed it over and over again. I was almost expecting milk to come out. She reached back behind her and slid her hand down across my stomach and under the elastic band of my underwear. The tip of my dick was already about to break free and it didn’t take her much effort to release him from his confines. Her small hand seemed even smaller as she took a hold of my pulsating cock.

“Oh God… its so big… and so hard” she gasped. With my one free hand I pulled my underwear off completely, as she still had a grip on my dick. It seemed she wasn’t going to let go anytime soon. I had just taken my underwear off when she pointed my dick downwards between her ass cheeks. I was under the notion that she had panties on but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn’t the case. Sure she had put “some” clothes on. She had just forgotten the panties. The tip of my cock pushed into one of her ass cheeks. I could care less, that I was nowhere near the mark. I just wanted to feel her body with my cock. I pushed forward letting the precum of my dick smear all over her ass cheeks and back. She wanted to guide my dick between her ass cheeks but I was too excited and too impatient. Suddenly she squeezed hard… very hard. It didn’t hurt, not in the least; my solid cock was just stopped momentarily as she whispered,

“Wait baby.”

She held me in place as she maneuvered herself in position for my cock to enter her mature but neglected 40 year old pussy. She had gotten divorced before I was even born and I doubt she had gotten any fresh dick ever since. Lucky her, her sister had given her a testosterone pumped eighteen year old with a nice big cock to please her. She leaned forward a little to give me a better angle and then pushed her ass back. My dick could feel the folds of her pussy and a couple of times I felt I could finally penetrate. However, the juices from her pussy kept my dick sliding forward or backwards but never deep center. My left hand that had spent most of the time fondling her breasts headed downwards now, to assists my cock to the task at hand. I could feel the hair of her pussy and it was soft and wet. I found the entrance to her pussy and used two fingers to hold the lips open. From the other side I pressed my cock forward until I finally got my tip inside her. She whimpered and sighed,

“God I’ve missed this feeling so much.”

I squeezed forward and was ready to impale her then and there but I noticed there was too much resistance. Either, she was squeezing me out or her pussy was too small. When I attempted to dive my cock all the way inside her, she pulled away from my grasp.

“ow, ow, ow, ow….” She painfully cried.

“You’re too thick baby…” She giggled as she resettled herself.

Perhaps it was the fact that had been tuzla escort not been penetrated for far too long. Perhaps it was because she was just too small. Perhaps it was a combination of the two. She turned around to face me. We hadn’t seen each other’s faces since it all began and now I could see her depraved and cock starving plea that painted her face. My aunt, the one who was like my second mother, was laying here hungry for my cock and I was dying to give it to her.

“I think I know how we can do this.” She offered.

She stood up and scurried to turn the lights on. Her shirt did very little to cover anything. Her ass was plump and my cock ached at the seductive movement of my aunt walking gingerly towards me. She pulled the sheets away leaving me stark naked on the bed. She gazed hungrily at my cock that was pulsated with the rhythm of my heart. She moved my legs together and straddled me, her pussy landing on one of my knees. I lifted my leg higher to feel the soft treasure she had between her legs. After a short while she smiled and came forward like a mother lioness. I came up to meet her kiss and our tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths. Her ample tits softly settled on my chest and my cock kept grazing her pussy as we tasted each other. Finally she went down to inspect my cock.

“God no wonder it didn’t just slide in… look how thick it is…” she said amazed.

“It’s your fault tha…” I trailed off as I saw her wrap her mouth around my dick.

I had gotten my dick sucked before and I had seen countless of pornos where girls suck the life force out of men. This however was different. My aunt wasn’t sucking my dick… she was eating it. She let her saliva slide down my shaft and she hustled to swallow as much as she could. She would then take it out of her mouth only to inspect it again. She would then lick the sides until finally my dick was completely shiny with the natural lubrication of her mouth. Once she was satisfied with her work she lifted herself off my legs and quickly made her way up to my cock. I could only stare in amazement as she did all the work.

“Watch this…” she said seductively.

My right hand held my cock at its base and pointed him upwards. She on the other hand grabbed my cock from the top and led him into her pussy. This time my cock slid more easily through her lips. I watched my aunt gradually drop all her weight on to my throbbing spear. Slowly, my cock started to disappear into her, until finally she got all 7 inches into her womanhood.

It was hot inside her.

She rocked back in forth slowly, letting my dick feel the inside of her glorious pussy. I enjoyed seeing her tits sway back in forth. As she got more comfortable with me inside her she rose a little and we both looked down to see our copulation. It was fucking beautiful. Her neglected pussy had covered me completely in her juice and the veins on my cock shined in the light coming from the hallway.

She was still looking down at what was left of my cock when I buried back inside her. She immediately threw her head back, taken aback by the force behind my thrust. I had been patient until now. My aunt had lubricated me well enough and she was already in ecstasy, no longer concerned with my size. I sat up and wrapped one arm around her while keeping the other one behind me to offer support. I began to fuck her at a sustained rhythm, fucking her upwards from that position. Her legs were draped to either side of me and her arms were draped around my neck. Although the position didn’t allow my cock to come out very far I could still feel the walls of her wet warm pussy as my cock came in and out of her.

The smell of her hair was intoxicating. It was the soft feminine scent my aunt always had. This unlocked another sudden burst of urgency… this is my aunt I’m fucking. I laid her on her back less softly then I had hoped. My dick popped out of her pussy and was already eager to plunge back inside her warm pussy. She reached up to me and said

“Come to me baby.”

Like a mother asking her baby to walk towards her, when he’s still learning his first steps. Little encouragement was needed however. She had just finished saying “baby” when I stabbed my piston back inside her.

“I’ll show you baby…” I said loudly.

My thrusts were becoming more full in there length. I could pull almost all my dick out and impale her all over again ümraniye escort from this position. There was nothing to impede my progress any longer, as my balls slammed into her. The smacking sounds after ever penetration filled the empty room. I was sucking on her tits when she yelled out,

“Oh God I’m cuming baby.”

Indeed she was. I could feel her pussy throbbing and her juices spilled all over me as I paused to see the beautiful display. She squirmed with my cock still inside her as she had a full body orgasm. I dropped my head again to suck on her tits as she kept cuming onto my dick. Slowly, I began to propel my dick into her again. But suddenly I go the urge to have her suck my dick so I pulled out of her and brought it to her awaiting mouth. She gargled it down and I fucked her face with the same determination I had just fucked her pussy.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing to my aunt. This was the same aunt who used to shower me with presents every Christmas and every birthday. This was the same aunt who raised my mother when she was still young. This was the same aunt who hosted every Thanks Giving dinner for us, and here I was towering over her with my cock deep inside her mouth. A couple times I grabbed her by the hair and slapped my dick on her face. She only giggled and said

“what are you doing baby… let me suck it already…”

After having received my ointment from her once again I went back down to her pussy. I realized that I had not given her the same attention she had given me so I dove my tongue and mouth onto her pussy. Like a savage wolf trying to eat her pussy. She tasted like heaven and I licked her until my jaw got tired. I was going to take a look at her face when I felt her hand on the back of my head. She wanted me to continue eating her out. I couldn’t complain and instead wanted to grant her, her wish. I buried my mouth between her pussy and licked inside. I could here her coo in pleasure and I couldn’t help but grab my dick and play with it as I ate her out. Finally she let me back up and said passionately,

“I want you to fuck me hard baby. Fuck me like an animal.”

My dick was drying out from being out too long. That quickly changed however, as her pussy lubricated me once again. I fucked her roughly trying to reach deeper insider her womb. I wanted to fill her insides; I wanted to fuck up everything inside her. She lifted her legs off the bed as I in pumped downwards, crushing her body deeper into her mattress. My thrusts then turned from being rough to outright violent. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and rammed her pussy until her head was dangling of the side of the mattress. I didn’t care if she slid onto the floor as long as her pussy stayed with me. In time she did slide off and only her ass was on the bed, the rest of her body dangled down to the floor, her head resting against the carpet. I had my way with her from this position for a good while until she pleaded to me to let her turn around. She was crawling back onto the bed when I jumped her. Like a confused bitch she turned back to see me preparing to assault her doggy style.

She bent down letting her tits fall onto the bed and at last I had a perfect view of her pussy. It was light pink inside with white creamy foam around the edges. I still hadn’t come inside her but the precum and her wet pussy had made a nice mixture inside her pussy. I once again led my dick into her pussy this time with less force but with more speed. I fucked her with the eagerness that only a young stud could provide. My dick slid into her ready to release its load. I could see her ass wiggling in response to the dizzying speed of my thrusts. Eventually I had to slow down as I could feel my cock preparing to fire.

Unlike my previous ejaculations this one came deep from within me. My balls tensed and my dick got even harder. My aunt sensed what was happening and she reached back and began fondling my balls, my dick still deep inside her.

“Cum for me baby… Cum…” she pleaded. ..

And with that I injected a hot, white, milky, stream inside her. Filling her up like a jelly doughnut. My dick pumped and pumped my sperm inside her. I didn’t move… I couldn’t… It was as if I had become paralyzed. She slowly brought her hips and ass down to the bed…taking me with her. I laid on top of her with my cock now covered in our mess. I could feel her breathing hard underneath me. I somehow managed to get up to inspect my work. I gently persuaded her to open her legs a little. Cum oozed out of her…

I rolled over and laid beside her… she then reached down and grabbed my now semi hard cock….

“Good boy… now go to sleep” she whispered.

I dozed to sleep with my limp cock inside my aunt’s hand.

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