Life Doesn’t End

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Life has gotten so complicated, when I was younger, things were simpler. In my day, your parents, and the parents of your intended bride would get together and arrange for the two of you to meet and eventually marry. No troubles of dating, STDs, condoms, or your wife cheating on you and surviving the experience. I turned 85 last month, and I could tell you of so many encounters that I have had in my life, but that would be what I would consider disrespectful to my beloved wife, God bless her soul. No, instead I am going to relate to you a story that happened in what I consider to be a very unholy time, a time when everyone has forgotten what morals are.

I am a gray-haired, (well, what’s left of it is gray, most of the hair on top has migrated to form a kind of incomplete halo from my sideburn around the back of my head and over to the other sideburn) man of the world. I am blessed with very clear skin, with no liver spots and even the wrinkles have managed to keep themselves away for a while longer. I have brilliant blue eyes, and although I have seen the better part of a century, being born in 1916, I look quite a bit younger. My Bella, may God keep her, passed away from me almost six years ago. However, I didn’t give up on living just because I was alone. No sir! I enjoyed my solitude, no one to tell me how to do anything, when to do anything, I was a free man after almost 60 years of marital servitude. I did love my wife and enjoyed my marriage to her, but then I was free to be anything that I wanted to be!

Back in March of this year, I discovered yet another enjoyable aspect to my fairly new freedom. Sex! Not that I was a virgin, I had very nice sexual relations with Bella, no this was something else entirely! I was out for my morning walk, about half way through the second mile, when I saw this very attractive and shapely woman out walking her dog. I smiled at her and said “Good Morning” as I continued along my way. Suddenly she called out in surprise, I stopped and turned around to see what was the matter. I almost wanted to laugh, she was lying on the grass beside the asphalt walkway, her dog’s leash wrapped around her legs. Her formerly nicely escort bahçelievler pressed brown skirt was now bunched up almost to her waist and I could see her lavender panties. The dog, which looked like a cross between a great dane and a sheepdog, had found this new position of his master exciting as well and he was attempting to mount her while she squirmed to get upright, dressed, and untangled from the leash.

I walked over to her and grabbed the dog by the tips of his ears, calming him down. I then proceeded in untangling the damsel in distress that I was playing the shining knight to. As soon as she gathered herself up, and smoothed her dress down as best as she could, she thanked me and introduced herself as Julie. She also introduced me to Max (Maximum Avalon Thieboult), the dog. I told her my name and asked her if she needed any more help. She told me that she hated to be a bother, but could she trouble me for some more assistance escorting her back to her apartment. Just in case Max got the jump on her again, she explained. I told her that it would be my pleasure.

As we walked the three blocks to her apartment, I noticed her brown eyes made her reddish blonde hair even more striking. We talked like old friends catching up on lost time as we walked. She told me that she was 22, a senior in college trying to get into management, and that she preferred more music in her music than rap or rock and roll offered. I agreed with her about the modern music and told her a little about myself. She was quite striking, breasts that defied gravity, about a 38 D, a slim waist accented by what was known in my day as “birthing hips”. I found out that she was single, and employed by a local bank. We arrived at her apartment and she asked me to come in for a soda, water, or something else to drink. I agreed to her invitation because I was thirsty and I was enjoying her company.

We entered her apartment and she excused herself after grabbing me a bottled water, so that she could change her skirt, because she couldn’t go to work in the one that Max had messed up. I told her that was alright, I would just sit and drink my escort balgat water. I was looking around her apartment and she called out to me asking me if I could bring her the light blue skirt off of the coffee table. I grabbed it and headed in the direction of her voice.

She was standing in the doorway of her bedroom dressed in a blouse that matched the skirt in my hand that covered her to mid -thigh, but I stood there like an idiot staring at her legs. In my younger years the only way to see a woman dressed like that was if you were married to her! I know times have changed, but I couldn’t help but stare.

She smiled at me and asked me how long it has been since my wife had passed away. I stammered out that it had been a few years, and she reached out and took the skirt from me brushing her hand against mine. I felt the warmth of her flesh against mine and my penis grew hard in my slacks. Julie took the skirt and threw it behind her onto a nearby dresser and then grabbed my hand and led me into her room. She guided me to her bed and I sat down.

Julie asked me if it was alright if she spent more time with me today. I said that that would be great. she turned and closed the bedroom door and turned to face me. Still smiling, she started to explain that between school and work that she didn’t have much time for a social life as she began unbuttoning her blouse. When her blouse was open enough for me to see her matching bra and panties, she walked over to her bedside stand and picked up the cordless phone there. Dialing a series of numbers, she told whoever she was calling that she wouldn’t be in to work today as something very important had come up. Then she placed the phone back in its cradle and dropped the blouse off of her shoulders.

I couldn’t believe what was happening, this girl was young enough to be my grandchild, and yet I knew that I was about to be intimate with her. She unhooked her bra, still explaining that she hadn’t had sex in over a year and that in this day and age she was trying to be careful about who she slept with. As her large nipples came into view, I started to have second thoughts about escort batıkent what was happening. Julie sat beside me on the bed and started kissing me deeply, her tongue exploring my mouth as she removed my shirt and unfastened my trousers.

I don’t think either of us said another word over the next three hours. She showed me things that my sweet Bella couldn’t have ever dreamed of. Just as soon as it was possible, she pulled my hard penis out of my boxers and lowered her head to take my manhood into her mouth. I had never in all my years felt anything so wonderful! After sucking, licking, and stroking my penis for about five minutes, I tried to warn her that I was going to climax, but she just kept going until I felt my penis swell in her mouth, then I was climaxing into her pretty mouth.

Julie stood up and removed her panties, she looked like a child, she had no hair on her vagina and the sight must have had some effect on me, because I remained stiff and erect. She gently pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me, using her hand to guild my penis into her vagina. Julie then slid herself against me slowly for well over an hour before she started shaking and dropped fully upon me, her breasts very close to my mouth. I began to suck and lick her hard nipples as she climaxed while laying on top of me.

When she finally could move again she saw that my penis was still hard and she smiled and laid beside me on the bed, pulling at my arm so I would climb on top of her she again grabbed at my manhood and helped it find its way into her. I started fucking her slowly, but my excitement took over and very soon I was slamming my pelvis into hers. Soon I couldn’t take any more and started climaxing again. We laid there in each other’s arms with me on top of her kissing for quite a while.

Suddenly she started laughing. I asked her what was so funny, feeling a little self conscious that maybe she was laughing at me. She said that she had intended to use condoms, but in her hurry to “get off” she had forgotten them, and then she looked down at my feet and added that she had forgotten to take off my socks too! I started laughing with her.

Well, that was only a couple of months ago, but Julie and I are still seeing each other, and she is everything that Bella wasn’t. Julie has taught this old dog a lot of new tricks, maybe I will have to write again and let you know about what. I figure between Julie and Bella, I have had the perfect woman!

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Kristy Ch. 02: Kristy Kissed a Girl

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Kristy Kissed a Girl – And She Liked It

By Bobbie Kaye (Cutie)

This is my second story inspired by my lovely sister Kristy. The story is fiction, but knowing Kristy, her introduction to girl-girl sex might have happened just like this!


It didn’t take Kristy Spencer long to settle into the routine of sorority life. She adored her fellow Sisters of Epsilon Nu Gamma Sorority, and they liked her as much. The sorority stressed academic achievement, and the Sisters were quick to help any one of their number who might be struggling in a given subject. Kristy had completed her freshman year with a grade point average of two-point-nine, but after joining ENG, halfway through her sophomore year she was up to three-point-one.

But so much hard work didn’t mean the Sisters were deprived of their share of fun, too. Individually or in groups, the Sisters had something going on virtually every Friday and Saturday night, and it rarely included studying.

Kristy never had any trouble attracting guys to begin with, but as a Sister of ENG, she had a date nearly every Friday, and a party to go to on most Saturdays. Regardless of her almost unlimited opportunities, though, she was extremely selective as to whom she slept with. It wasn’t that she had reservations about having sex, not at all. It was just that her standards were high, and only those guys she deemed worthy were allowed the pleasure of her body.

And a gorgeous body it was. Kristy had struggled with her weight for much of her life, fighting to keep off that extra ten to fifteen pounds. But a careful diet and endless workouts were paying off, and she had a perfect hourglass figure topped by large yet firm breasts. She had thick, straight black hair past her shoulders, a dazzling smile, high cheekbones and sparkling brown eyes. Even among her ENG Sisters, she was quite possibly the most beautiful of them all.

So when Sister Melinda, the sorority vice president, noticed that Kristy wasn’t preparing to go out one Friday evening late in the winter, she was naturally curious.

“Are you feeling all right, Kristy?” she asked, concern in her voice.

“Oh, hi, Sister Melinda.” Simply out of habit, most of the newer members of the sorority addressed the more senior girls as ‘Sister.’ “Yeah, I’m fine. My date, you know Scott? He called off this afternoon. Said his grandfather died.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Yeah,” Kristy replied bitterly. “Scott called off a date with Christina last fall, with the same excuse.”

“That’s so sad, losing both grandfathers so close together.”

“You think? He had a THIRD grandfather who died last year, when he had a date with Sister Beth.”

“Ah, I see,” said Sister Melinda, nodding. “I think I’ll ask Erica to mention that in our next newsletter. Scott… what’s his last name?”


“Thanks. Erica will get the word out, and I don’t think Scott Turner will be dating any more ENG Sisters.”

“You don’t have to do that, Sister Melinda.”

“Well, if you object…”

Kristy considered the idea for a moment. “No, I don’t object. Blackball the creep.”

“Consider it done. So, you’re just going to stay in tonight?”

“I think so. No better offers. I thought I’d give my vibrator a workout.”

Another thing Kristy loved about her sorority was the candid discussions she was able to have about sex. She was experienced with men, but still had lots of questions, and no one in the sorority ever hesitated to offer frank, open explanations. She’d completely gotten past embarrassment talking about masturbation, too. She’d been pleasuring herself since her early teens, but had always felt a sense of shame. She now understood that masturbation was completely natural, and that most young women her age did it too.

She’d even become accustomed to her occasional forays into exhibitionism, which were a mainstay of ENG traditions. Ever since the night she’d officially pledged the sorority, when she met the pizza delivery person in the nude, she’d learned to love flashing.

That night last fall, her bottom still sore from the initiation paddling she’d endured, Kristy had accepted several twenties from Darla, the sorority president, who had asked that she pay for the pizzas when they arrived. When the bell rang, Kristy started for the door, pausing when Darla asked whether she’d forgotten anything.

Kristy knew what Darla expected her to do. So she stripped naked and, scared yet incredibly excited, she struggled to push her embarrassment aside. She opened the door wide, expecting to see a nerdy young pizza boy with pimples and glasses standing there. She was surprised to find a girl instead, holding several pizza boxes. She was about Kristy’s age, with long, straight brown hair, a slender, almost boyish figure, and a pretty face with perhaps just a bit too much makeup. She didn’t seem surprised to have the door opened by a naked woman, and was unabashedly taking in every inch of Kristy’s nude form.

Kristy passed the money over, collected the pizzas, beşevler escort bayan and brought them inside, allowing the delivery girl a view of her backside that rivaled the frontal view she’d enjoyed moments earlier. Before the red-faced Kristy could close the door, the girl flashed her a brilliant smile.

“Lookin’ really, really good there, babe,” she said, blowing the naked girl an air kiss and giving her a little wink.

Kristy reflexively thanked her, then closed the door and turned to face the rest of the girls, who promptly gave her a round of applause.

“So, it looks like Ashli likes you,” grinned Melinda.

“What? You mean…”

“Ashli’s a junior,” said Darla, “working to pay for school. It looks like she has the hots for you.”

“You mean, she’s a… she’s a lesbian?”

“She’s actually quite bisexual, Kristy,” Melinda explained, biting into a slice of pepperoni. “Does that bother you?”

“No, it’s just that…” Kristy popped an icy beer and took a long swallow. “I’ve never had another girl flirting with me.”

“Well, you’re playing in the big leagues now,” Melinda smiled. “Everybody’s grown up, and most of us are open-minded.”

“I’m open-minded,” Kristy replied a bit defensively. “I’m just not… bisexual.”

Melinda had glanced over at Darla, who gave her a knowing smile.


“You’re going to go broke buying batteries for that vibrator!” Melinda laughed. “You know what? My boyfriend Phil is out of town, and I don’t really have anything to do tonight. Wanna order a pizza and watch some DVDs?”

Kristy’s face lit up. “I’d love it!” she beamed.

“Great. Tell you what, grab some DVDs from downstairs, and I’ll order the pizza. My treat.”

Kristy picked several titles from the sorority’s DVD collection, and grabbed a six-pack of beer from the fridge. Melinda suggested they watch the movies in her room, one of only two private bedrooms in the sprawling, three story sorority house, the other belonging to Darla.

The pizza soon arrived, and Melinda teased Kristy by suggesting if it was Ashli making the delivery, that Kristy flirt with her just a little.

Kristy hesitated. “What if she thinks I’m hitting on her?”

“What if she does?”

“Well, you know, I’m not into girls at all. I wouldn’t want to lead her on or anything.”

“Dare you!”

Kristy smiled. She was a sucker for a good dare, and Melinda knew it. Still, it was completely against her nature to flirt with another woman. “Okay, I’ll try,” she offered.

When the bell rang, Kristy automatically stripped, then ran naked to open the door. It was indeed Ashli standing there, holding the pizza.

“Hi Kristy,” she beamed, flashing a smile. “Lookin’ hot as usual!”

“Hi Ashli,” Kristy responded with a nervous grin. She could feel her face heating up as she said “You’re lookin’ pretty good yourself.”

Ashli’s smile grew brighter. “So, Kristy, you… uh… you wanna hang out some time?”

Kristy had been afraid of that. But she wanted to be polite, so she said “Um… sure, we’ll… um… we’ll make plans.”

Giving the naked girl a long look and an approving smile, Ashli blew her a kiss, then departed.

Kristy put her clothes back on, and brought the pizza upstairs to Melinda’s room. “Sister Melinda, that was kinda cruel, don’t you think?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I did kinda lead Ashli on. There’s no way I’d be interested in her, not the way she thinks.”

“Don’t worry about it, Kristy. We all flirt with Ashli from time to time.”

“But nobody’s ever gone out with her, right?”

Melinda didn’t respond, she just grabbed a DVD and popped it in the machine. They thoroughly enjoyed the film, a Sandra Bullock romantic comedy, as they munched pizza and sipped cold beer. When it was over, Melinda offered to mix up a pitcher of margaritas to enjoy during the next film. She also put some popcorn in the microwave, and they were soon watching the next movie, a film called “Wild Things.” It wasn’t one of those that Kristy had chosen, but was from Melinda’s own collection.

Sipping a margarita, Kristy was soon engrossed in the rapidly developing, and fairly convoluted, plot. When it got to the scene where Kevin Bacon instructed Denise Richards and Neve Campbell to kiss each other, her eyes were glued to the screen. Melinda didn’t miss her reaction.

When the film was over, Melinda asked Kristy how she liked it.

“It was great,” she smiled, finishing off the last of the popcorn. “I sure didn’t expect it to end like that, though.”

“You were paying pretty close attention when the girls were making out,” Melinda pointed out. “With the guy, and then later alone in the pool. It was pretty hot, didn’t you think?”

“Um… well… yeah, it actually was.”

“Two beautiful women making out like that,” sighed Melinda. “Tell you the truth, it kinda gets my motor running.”

Kristy’s eyes opened wide as she stared at her beautiful blond companion. “You mean, watching balgat escort bayan girls kissing turns you on?”

“Sure, especially such sexy women as those two.”

“But, you’ve got a boyfriend, Sister Melinda. You like men, right?”

“I adore men,” Melinda replied. “But…”

Kristy just stared, not sure what to say. Several moments of uncomfortable silence passed before she asked “Do you mean that you…” She didn’t know quite how to ask the question.

Melinda smiled again. “Let’s just say that I’m… flexible.”

Kristy sat in stunned silence, trying to sort out her thoughts. Finally, she bluntly asked “Have you had sex with other women?”

“Does that shock you, Kristy?”

“Well, yeah, a little.” A long pause. “So, what’s it like? I mean, being with another woman… like that?”

“I didn’t know you were so curious,” Melinda teased, and Kristy’s face turned red. “Haven’t you ever kissed another woman, Kristy?”

“No, never.”

“And you’ve never thought about it?”

“Not really.”

“Are you thinking about it now?”

Kristy stared at the floor. “Um…”

“Do you think another woman could turn you on?” Melinda coaxed.

Another pause. “I’ve never thought about it before.”

“Are you a little curious?”

“Don’t tell anybody?”

“Not a word.”

“Maybe just a little.”

“Are you willing to try an experiment?”

Kristy glanced nervously at the older girl. “What… what kind of experiment?”

“Look at me, Kristy. Really look at me.”

Kristy took a good look at her friend. Melinda’s lithe form, dressed in pink silk pajama tops, was the envy of many women. Her long legs were crossed beneath her, a glimpse of pink panties showing. She had thick blond curls that fell around her shoulders, and piercing blue eyes. She’s truly beautiful, thought Kristy.

“Do you think I’m attractive?”

“Oh, Sister Melinda, you’re totally gorgeous.”

“An experiment. Will you let me touch you, anywhere and any way I want to, for two minutes?”

Kristy took a deep breath. She was definitely enjoying the effects of the margaritas. She was also feeling a bit less inhibited, and more than a little curious. She silently gave Melinda a nod.

Melinda had Kristy position herself at the foot of the bed, hands on her lap, feet on the floor. She asked Kristy to close her eyes, then bent down and lightly brushed her cheek with her lips. Melinda sat down beside the other girl then, kissing her lightly on the neck.

Kristy let out an involuntary moan when she felt Melinda’s tongue tickling her ear. Time seemed to stand still as Melinda drew her mouth close to Kristy’s, lips pressing against lips. Any resistance quickly melted away when she felt Melinda’s tongue snaking its way into her mouth.

Kristy, tipsy and lost in a fantasy world, eagerly returned the kiss. She wasn’t thinking about whom she was kissing, she was simply lost in the pleasure of the moment.

That moment ended abruptly as Melinda pulled away. Kristy opened her eyes, which were now filled with desire, with passion. She gazed longingly at the older girl, but said nothing, made no move.

“So, what did you think, Kristy?” Melinda asked.

Kristy had to catch her breath. “It wasn’t what… it was…” She tried to find the words. “I didn’t expect…”

“Would you like some more?” Kristy nodded eagerly. “Do you trust me?”

“Trust between Epsilon Sisters is absolute,” Kristy quoted from the sorority bylaws.

“Will you do exactly as I say?”

“Yes, Sister Melinda.”

“I’d like you to get undressed, Kristy.”

Without hesitation, Kristy pulled the T-shirt over her head, revealing large breasts sitting high and proud on her chest, nipples fully erect. Her sweatpants came off next, followed by her white cotton panties. She stood fully nude before her friend, neither ashamed nor embarrassed, anxiously awaiting further instructions.

Melinda lay on the bed, and motioned for Kristy to join her. Melinda put her hand behind Kristy’s neck, pulling her close, and they began to kiss. Still dressed in her pajama tops and panties, Melinda started to explore her companion’s body. She began by caressing the smooth skin of Kristy’s back, then moved to her bottom, inches away from her secret treasure, which by then was soaking wet.

They kissed deeply, passionately, while the older girl caressed Kristy’s round breasts, lightly pinching erect nipples, enjoying the little moans her actions were eliciting. She noticed that Kristy’s legs were slowly parting, instinctively affording easy access to her pleasure zone. Melinda brought her fingers lightly down to Kristy’s vagina, stroking very gently, bringing her companion to the edge of ecstasy, but skillfully holding back from allowing her to climax.

Melinda abruptly stood up then, leaving Kristy panting and wanting more. Kristy gazed expectantly at the older girl, who made no further moves.

“Stand up please, Kristy,” said Melinda, watching as batıkent escort bayan Kristy obeyed. “You’ve had a lot to drink tonight, and I know you’re feeling it. We’re not going to do anything you’ll regret in the morning.”

“Sister Melinda, I… I want to… I want you to…”

“We can continue this tomorrow evening… if you still want to. For now, I want you to get dressed and go back to your room now.”

“But Sister Melinda…”

“Tomorrow night, if you still want to, we’ll pick up where we left off.”

Kristy stood dejected, wondering whether she’d done anything wrong. Under Melinda’s watchful eye, she pulled her panties, sweats, and T-shirt on, then started for the door.

“Sister Melinda?” she said, pausing. “Can I kiss you goodnight?”

Melinda smiled, taking Kristy in both arms, meeting her waiting lips and tongue. Kristy eagerly explored the other girl’s mouth, completely lost in the moment. Melinda knew she had to end the kiss, for her own sake. She needed to maintain control over herself, and she wanted Kristy’s mind clear before they went any further. After a couple of minutes, she gently pushed the younger girl away.

“If you still want to do this tomorrow night, we will. But no alcohol. I want your head clear, so that you won’t be making any impaired decisions.”

Longing in her eyes, Kristy turned to leave.

“One more thing.”

“What’s that, Sister Melinda?”

“If you really, really want to continue tomorrow night, I strongly suggest you don’t masturbate tonight. You’ll be twice as horny, and enjoy yourself that much more.”

It was extremely difficult not touching herself as Kristy lay alone in her own bed, but she followed the advice she’d been given, and sleep eventually found her. Dreams of beautiful Melinda filled her head.


Kristy dragged herself downstairs to the kitchen at about eleven the next morning, nursing a slight hangover and desperate for some coffee. The house was bustling, typical for that time on a Saturday morning. Several of the Sisters were engaged in regular Saturday cleaning duties, vacuuming the floors, dusting, washing windows, the usual chores that rotated from Sister to Sister each week. Others were doing homework, laundry, or cooking, while on the television a tennis match held the interest of a couple of the girls.

Melinda, running the vacuum cleaner back and forth across the living room carpet, glanced nonchalantly at Kristy, offering no acknowledgement of what they’d shared the night before. She still had on the same pink silk pajama tops she’d worn the previous night, and every time she bent over, Kristy couldn’t help but notice her white satin panties.

Kristy realized she was looking at the older girl in a new light. Never before had she felt so drawn, so compelled to admire Melinda’s long legs, her alabaster skin, her full lips that just last night had been pressed so intimately against her own.

Kristy felt no regrets over what they’d done the night before, other than being denied the climax she so desperately craved. But she knew Melinda was right, that if she wanted to continue the experiment, as she thought of it, she needed to be fully aroused. Despite the headache, she was already off to a good start.

“You finally awake, Sleepyhead?”

Kristy looked up to see Stella standing expectantly before her. She’d forgotten that they’d made plans to spend some time in the language laboratory that day to work on their conversational Spanish for a class they shared. She wasn’t feeling her best yet, waiting for the Tylenol to kick in, but she couldn’t let Stella down.

Stella was about the sweetest girl she’d ever known, the kind of person who would do anything for you. She was lots of fun to be around, pretty much the life of any party she attended. Everybody adored Stella, who was the epitome of self-confidence.

That self-confidence might have surprised some people, though. Just to look at her, Stella probably fell somewhere between plain and homely. She was neither tall nor short, she had shoulder length medium brown hair, and her body was very average. Her face lacked the features that generally defined beauty, such as high cheekbones, arching eyebrows, and full lips. Physically, she was entirely unremarkable.

But there was something about her, a kind of indescribable charisma that everyone just loved. Men and women alike were drawn to Stella, and she never lacked for a date. She could have been held up as an example of what self-confidence could do for any woman.

The girls spent a couple of hours in the lab practicing their Spanish, then headed, not coincidentally, for Taco Bell for a late lunch. They tried to speak Spanish during lunch, but still lacked the vocabulary to say much.

Stella excitedly told Kristy, in English, about her plans for that evening. She was going to a frat party with Ted Powers, star quarterback for the school football team. He was a junior, and rumor had it that he’d likely be a first round pick when the NFL held its draft next year.

And Stella had a date with him!

Kristy smiled, shaking her head. “You get the cutest guys,” she said, a little enviously.

Stella looked down, blushing. As she usually did, she tried to redirect the conversation away from herself. “How’d it go with Scott last night? He’s pretty cute, too.”

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Punishing the Mother

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I waited until Wednesday before I texted “I want to see your jewel.” to Jenny’s phone. I knew she was at school so I didn’t expect a reply right away. However, it wasn’t ten minutes later that I received a nice picture of the heart-shaped jewel of the anal plug buried deep inside her ass. I texted “Good girl!” back to her along with “Now play with yourself a little and show me your fingers.”

“Yes Miss Reynolds,” came Jenny’s reply. A couple of minutes later, another picture, this time of Jenny’s fingers coated in her juices, appeared on my phone. I replied that I was so proud of her. A heart emoji was her reply.

That night, while Kimmy was visiting her father, I waited until it was near closing time at Marge’s shop before driving over to visit her. Ever since the last time I’d been there with Jenny, it was hard to keep Marge out of my mind. I literally arrived just as she was locking the front door.

When Marge saw me walking up, she smiled and opened the door before, letting me enter before locking the door and switching the sign to “closed”. I was about to say “Hello” when Marge pulled me into an embrace and kissed me hard on the lips. I returned the kiss with much enthusiasm, my hands roaming over her ample breasts.

“Damn. Been wanting to do that for a while,” Marge said when we broke the kiss. She was still holding me in her arms and I could feel her tits pressing into mine.

I began to toy with the buttons on her flannel shirt, slowly popping each one open. “Yeah, me too,” I said as her cleavage came into view. We kissed again as I slipped my hand into her shirt, fondling her right breast, feeling the thick nipple harden under my touch. Marge reached down, grabbing my ass cheeks and kneaded them in her hands.

Soon, we were both breathing heavy into each other’s mouth as I removed my hand and, as quickly as I could, unbuttoned the rest of Marge’s shirt, pushing it off her shoulders. Reaching behind her, I undid the clasps on her bra. Marge stopped groping my ass long enough so that both garments fell onto the floor.

Marge took me by the hand and led me to the back room where we had fun with Jenny less than a week earlier. We looked each other in the eyes as Marge unbuttoned her jeans and kicked off her shoes and I began to disrobe, pulling off my shirt and bra.

Marge sat down in her chair, her legs spread, exposing the moist, pink interior of her pussy. She rubbed herself as she watched me finish taking off my clothes. I decided to put on a little show for her.

Turning around, I unbuttoned my jeans and slowly, sensuously lowered them down my legs. Bending over at the waist, I pointed my panty-covered ass at Marge as I removed my shoes and then my pants. Standing back up, I turned around to face her. My mouth watered at the sight of Marge’s pussy, now glistening with her juices. Running my finger across the fabric covering my pussy,I showed her how wet I was before circling my tongue around the digit, collecting all my yummy fluids.

Finally, when I removed my panties, I knelt between Marge’s legs and began to feast. She gasped, then let out a moan as I ran my tongue up and down her slit, flicking her clit. She grabbed the back of my head, pulling me in tight as she spread her legs wider. In no time, Marge let out a scream and flooded my mouth with her fluids. I kept lapping up her cum as fast as her pussy produced it.

I relented my assault on my lover’s vagina when Marge let go of my head, her arms hanging limply at her side. I licked her clean one last time, then rose up and kissed her hard on her mouth, pushing my goo covered tongued past her lips, letting her taste herself. Standing up, I smiled down at her, enjoying the look of satisfaction on the face of the older woman.

When she was able to move, Marge rose off the chair, then surprised me a bit when she gathered my clothes and used them as a pillow to cradle her head as she laid down on the floor. No words were spoken as I knelt down, my dripping pussy covering her mouth, my ass resting on her tits.

Marge showed me what magic an experienced cunt licker could perform. I soon felt the orgasm that had been slowly building up since Jenny had sent me those pictures start to boil over. I ground my pussy against Marge’s mouth, her tongue inserted deep inside me. Holding my breath, I clenched down and sprayed my fluids all over her pretty face.

She didn’t stop, quickly bringing me to another orgasm. I saw stars flashing before my eyes as I came again. It was too much for me so I rolled off of her, laying there on the dirty floor, trying to catch my breath.

“Fuck!” I whispered. “Now that’s what I call great customer service.” Marge let out a laugh and pulled herself up, sitting down on her chair again. She rubbed my leg with her foot as I laid there, my chest rising as I took in huge breaths. After I was able to move, I donned my clothes and sat down on the other chair that was meant for clients.

“So, how’s it going with bahçelievler escort bayan that little pet of yours?” Marge asked after a while. I told her of what had occurred when we left the shop and even showed her the pictures of Jenny. “Damn bitch, you’d better stop talking or I’m gonna need your mouth again.” I laughed as I took back the phone but then an idea popped in my head.

“Well, how about the next time I have Jenny over, you drop by so that we can both have some fun with her?” I asked.

“Really?” Marge said, her eyes opening wide. “Hell yeah! Just name the time.” I told her that it was going to be not this Saturday but next. I didn’t want to push it too much or her parents would find out. “Yeah, I can see that. Since you’re doing me a solid, I’ll bring something from the shop that I always wanted to try out.” I smiled as we both stood up. One long, sensual kiss where I felt up Marge’s magnificent tits later, and I exited the store.

The next day, I texted Jenny my order that she would be coming over not this Saturday but next and she not only replied “yes Miss Reynolds” but sent me a picture of her hairless pussy and jeweled ass. I sent the “women kissing” emoji back and enjoyed my cup of coffee.

After dropping Kim off at daycare, I decided to go out shopping for some lingerie. It always turned me on; beautiful salesgirls helping you as you wandered through such intimate clothing. It was then I received a text from the last person I thought would text me, besides my ex. Denise, Jenny’s mother, asked if it was alright if she could stop by as she had something she wanted to talk about. I replied that it was fine around two o’clock. Instead of being nervous, I was intrigued. There was only one thing that this could be pertaining to and I wanted to see how Denise would broach her daughter being a lesbian slut-slave.

I decided on a couple of teddies, a matching bra and panty set, as well as a silken robe. Just as I was about to leave the store, I spotted a lacy thong that I thought would be wonderful for my little pet to wear so I bought it as a present for her following my orders so good.

On the way home, I contacted my mother-in-law to see if she could pick up Kimmy from daycare to which she readily agreed. It was just about two when I arrived home so I put on a fresh pot of tea and waited for Denise to show up.

Right as the clock showed two, Denise knocked on my door. I smiled warmly and invited her inside. It was easy to see where Jenny got her looks from. Denise still had an amazing figure in her late thirties; with bigger tits and a gorgeous ass that was accentuated by the summer dress she was wearing. I could easily tell that something was bothering her.

After graciously accepting the tea that I’d offered, Denise took a sip, then reached into her purse and withdrew the dildo that I’d given Jenny. “I, um, found this in my daughter’s room last night,” Denise said, blushing furiously. She was holding the plastic prick like it was a pipe bomb that could explode any minute.

“Well,” I replied, trying my best to not laugh. “That is disturbing.”

Denise took a deep breath before speaking. “Yes, it is. I have to ask. Do you know anything about it?”

“Of course,” I replied without hesitation. “I helped her get it.” The look on Denise’s face was priceless. “I’m going to have to spank her good for not hiding it properly the next time she comes over.”

Denise literally gaped like a fish, her eyes bugging out at my statement. “WHAT?”

“Oh yeah, that’s the dildo that I took Jenny’s virginity with.” I kept my voice calm and matter-of-factily.

“How dare you touch my daughter, you bitch!” Denise rose up, her hand clenched in rage. “You’re lucky I don’t call the cops right now!”

I had to laugh when she said that. “And say what? Two consenting adults had sex?” Denise’s mouth opened and closed as she tried to find the words to refute me. “Oh, and I’m sure it will go over really well in the press. Isn’t your husband trying to run for state senate? I wonder what the papers would say if it got out that his precious daughter is a lesbian?”

Denise practically shook with impotent rage. I just sat there calmly, sipping my tea. “But she’s just a little girl,” she finally said.

“No, Jenny’s eighteen,” I replied. “If she were any younger, I would never have touched her.” Denise reached down and grabbed her purse, obviously getting ready to leave. “Oh, please make sure to give Jenny back the dildo. She still needs to practice her knee bends for when she comes over next.”

“You think I’m letting her come back?” Denise asked, her voice rising again.

“Sure. As I said, I’m sure it would be bad for your family if it leaked to the press about Jenny’s sexuality.” Denise stood stock still, trying to take in what I’d just said. Actually, I was totally bluffing. If she walked out and forbade Jenny from ever coming over, I would have lost balgat escort bayan my pet. “Unless…”

Denise’s eyes rose in hope when I said that. “Unless what?” she said. She looked like a drowning woman desperately clutching for the lifesaver that I’d just tossed out.

I put my cup onto the end table and folded my hands on my lap before saying “I promise that I will not say a word to anyone in the press about Jenny ever on one condition. That, just for this afternoon, you take her place.”

Denise stood there in silence for a minute. I could almost hear the gears turning in her head. Then, her shoulders slumped and her purse made a thunk as it hit the floor. She was doing her best not to break down as her lips quivered when she asked “What do you want me to do?”

“Remove your dress,” I said after sipping some tea. Denise closed her eyes, took a deep breath and removed her dress. Her face was beet red with embarrassment and she used her arms to cover her breasts and crotch from my sight. “Hands at your side,” I said from behind my cup to which she slowly complied. Her undergarments surprised me a bit. I was expecting granny panties and a bra that prevented any immodesty but instead, they were white, satiny and lacy.

I put down my tea again before ordering Denise to remove her bra. Her hands were trembling as she unfastened it and let it fall from her body. My mouth began to water at the pair of breasts presented to me. They were full and ripe, with pointed nipples. I fought the urge to jump up and savage them. Instead, with a smile on my face, I ordered Denise to remove her panties and bring them to me.

A look of resolve on her face, Denise lowered her panties off her body and walked over to me, dropping them in my lap. Up close, I had a wonderful view of her snatch. I could tell that she groomed regularly. “Don’t move,” I said as I reached out and ran my finger between her legs, confirming what I thought. Denise was getting wet. I smirked as I removed my finger; holding it up so that Denise could see the juices glistening in the sunlight. She hung her head in shame as I inserted my finger in my mouth and licked it clean.

“These are mine,” I said, holding up Denise’s panties. She nodded, too embarrassed to speak. I brought them to my nose, inhaling the scent before setting them aside. I felt like a kid in a candy store, trying to decide on which sweet treat to select first. Wanting to feast my eyes on every inch of her, I had Denise do a slow turn. Just as I’d hoped for, her ass was amazing, almost begging for me to spank it.

“Denise, bring me your daughter’s dildo,” I said. I had a smile on my face that would do the Cheshire Cat proud as she walked over and gingerly picked the plastic prick up and brought it to me. “Do you ever blow your husband?” I asked, taking the dildo from her hand. She just nodded, looking ashamed. My hand shot out and slapped her hard on her hip. Denise let out a gasp and rubbed the red mark that appeared on her lily-white skin. “Please answer ‘Yes, Miss Reynolds’ or ‘No, Miss Reynolds’. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Reynolds,” Denise replied, trying hard to not sound bitter.

I laid the dildo on the end table, not even bothering to stand as I shucked off my clothes. Spreading my legs wide, I took Jenny’s toy and teased myself with it; rubbing the tip up and down my moist slit before plunging it into my pussy, making sure it was well coated with my juices. The dildo was glistening with cum when I removed it and pressed the base against my crotch. “You said you’ve sucked your husband off. Prove it.”

The look in Denise’s eyes were that of loathing but, instead of acting on those impulses, she knelt between my legs, wrapped her lips around the head and started lightly bobbing her head. It was such a pathetic attempt that I angrily grabbed a handful of her hair and forced half of it down her throat. She let out a muffled squeal and gagged as the tip hit the back of her throat. Her eyes were screwed shut and I could see tears running down her cheeks as, with one hand, I moved her head up and down the shaft and with the other, I surreptitiously used my phone to video her pathetic attempts.

After a few minutes of this, I became frustrated. “Damn, bitch,” I said angrily, “You fucking suck at this.” Letting go of her hair, I used my foot to push her away. Denise landed on her ass, a shocked look on her tear-stained face. “Let’s hope you do a better job getting yourself off,” I said, tossing her a pillow. “Lay down on your back, Denise. You have five minutes to get yourself off. Hell, I’ll be nice and let you use your daughter’s dildo.” Getting up, I knelt between Denise’s spread legs, used my fingers to pry open her pussy which was nice and wet by this point and shoved the toy in to the base.

Denise let out a gasp at the intrusion into her most sensitive area. Rising to my feet, I ran to the kitchen and retrieved what I’d dubbed “the spank batıkent escort bayan spoon.” She was laying there, gripping the dildo by the balls. “This is the same thing I use on Jenny when I first spanked her,” I said, brandishing the wooden spoon like a sword. “If you haven’t gotten off to my satisfaction when the clock hits zero, I’m gonna blister your white ass good. Understand?”

“Yes, Miss Reynolds,” Denise replied as she let out a choking sob. Sitting back down on the couch, I laid the spoon on the end table and picked up my phone. Very deliberately, I told Siri to start counting down five minutes. “You’d better start, Denise. Countdown has begun.”

I watched as Denise closed her eyes and began to slowly move the dildo in a fucking motion, her other hand busily rubbing her clit. Again, as she put on her show, I picked up my phone and videoed this prim and proper lady acting as a wanton slut. I wasn’t sure what was going through her mind but I wanted Denise to be fantasizing about women; mainly Jenny and myself.

“You should have seen your daughter laying exactly in the same spot you are, Denise,” I said. I couldn’t help myself as I moistened my finger with my mouth and rubbed my slit at the sight before me. “I couldn’t believe that Jenny fucked herself to the hilt. It must have felt like a baseball bat to her tight pussy.”

Denise let out a sob as her hips bucked, her motions getting faster. “When you called me that one time, your daughter was between my legs, eating me out.” I knew it was mean of me but I smiled devilishly as I said it. “Jenny’s becoming such a good little lezzie cunt licker.”

There was about a minute left when Denise slammed the dildo into her pussy, cried out and sprayed her juices. She didn’t stop fingering her clitty and just as the timer ended, she orgasmed once more before collapsing. Denise laid there on the floor, her gorgeous tits rising and falling as she breathed deep, coming off her orgasmic high, her painted lips in the form of an O.

I stood up and walked over, withdrawing the toy from Denise’s sopping wet cunt. It was thoroughly coated with her fluids. Kneeling down, I inserted the dildo into her mouth, ordering Denise to clean it off. “Just think,” I said as she moved it in and out, “this was in Jenny’s pussy last night.”

After a minute or so, I removed the dildo from Denise’s mouth. Getting up, I tossed the dildo on the couch and retrieved my phone. “You did it, Denise. I’m proud of you.” Actually, I was proud of her. She put on a great show. “Answer me truthfully. Have you ever had sex with another woman?”

After a few moments as the question pierced the fog in her brain, Denise answered “No, Miss Reynolds.”

“Well, I’m truly honored to be your first.” Denise’s eyes widened and I thought for a minute that she was about to bolt but instead, she laid there. “I’m pretty worked up so I’m only giving you four minutes this time to get me off.”

I knelt down, my pussy covering Denise’s mouth and ordered Siri to countdown four minutes. Bless her heart, Denise definitely tried but I was working hard to maintain composure. I kept thinking how much I wanting to spank her ass. Truth be told, Denise did a commendable job. I almost didn’t make it but, thankfully, soon the clock showed zeroes.

“Damn Denise, your daughter is a better pussy licker than you,” I said as angrily as I could. “I told you what would happen if you didn’t get me off.”

Denise, her face covered in my fluids, looked mortified. “Yes, Miss Reynolds,” she said almost in a whisper.

“What? What did I say I would do?”

“You said that you would spank me,” came Denise’s reply.

“You’re fucking right!” I said, sitting on the couch and picking up the spank spoon. “Get your ass over my knees. I’m about to turn it red.”

Denise got to her feet and just stood there, frozen. For a moment, I thought that she would bolt but instead, she walked over and draped herself over my knees like a good little girl. I paused, just admiring the ass that I was about to punish before saying “Denise, do you know why you’re being punished?”

“Because you didn’t orgasm,” came her reply.

“That and the fact that you have been naughty today, haven’t you?” Denise let out a sob in response. “You’ve stripped naked, sucked on a rubber cock that was in your daughter’s pussy, got yourself off with that same toy and even attempted to orally pleasure another woman.” I was smiling as I rattled off the list of transgressions, enjoying humiliating her thoroughly. “I would say that’s pretty naughty, wouldn’t you?” Denise nodded in response so I spanked her with the spoon just once, causing her to let out a squeak of surprise. “I want to hear you say it, little girl. Do you think what you’ve done is naughty?”

“Yes, Miss Reynolds, I’ve been a naughty girl,” Denise said, her voice quiet. The red mark that I had just given her was already showing up nicely on her creamy white skin.

Without replying, I started spanking Denise. I didn’t do it as hard as I’d could, not really wanting to hurt her but I didn’t go easy either. She tried to remain stoic but by number six, I could see tears beginning to drip down her face and by number fifteen, Denise was openly sobbing. I was impressed that she didn’t once try to get off my lap.

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Korina’s Conclusions

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Korina’s Conclusions

Chapter One- A New Role

The door was locked. Why on earth was the door locked? Kevin’s car is in the driveway. He never locks the door. What the hell?

(Knock, knock, knock). “Kevin?”

The door opened and there stood Kevin with a huge grin on his face, a clipboard in his hand, dressed in a suit and tie with glasses on.

“Good evening. Korina, right?” Kevin asked.

“Yesss,” I responded unsure of myself or of what was going on.

“Hi. Nice to finally meet you. We spoke on the phone about your interest in purchasing the house. I’m Kev,” he ‘introduced’ himself as he held out his hand to shake.

Ah. I could see where this was going. I always enjoyed the spontaneity. Plus I was horny. It had been three days since we had sex. Perhaps he was building up for this. I was immediately eager to play along.

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” I returned.

As soon as I walked into the foyer I could see that Kevin had spent quite some effort cleaning up the house. He went the extra mile in the real estate agent detail. The house was spotless just as if he were actually showing it to potential buyers.

Kevin started walking me around, room to room, going through the standard litany of selling points. He discussed the number of rooms, the materials, the square footage, the heating and cooling systems, acreage, everything any normal realtor would have pointed out. As we walked back to the front of the house he asked, “So, what do you think? Is this house something you may be interested in?”

“Definitely,” I played along. “This is exactly what I was looking for.”

“Great! So, I guess we should discuss price,” he exclaimed. “I think that fair market value for this house and this property is about four hundred thousand.”

“Four hundred thousand dollars?!” I responded with shock. “That sounds like a hundred thousand too much,” I insisted.

“A hundred thousand dollars too much, you say?” he asked. “I’ll tell you what. Is there a Mr. Korina, Ms. Korina?”

“Excuse me?” I pretended to be appalled. “What exactly are you suggesting?”

“I don’t want to beat around the bush. You are a very attractive woman. I think we could work something out,” he attempted.

“If you’re saying what I assume you’re saying, yes, there is a Mr. Korina,” I snapped.

“So, is a hundred thousand dollars enough for you to forget about the Mr. for a couple hours?” he suggested matter-of-factly.

“A couple hours? Ha,” I replied. “You seem awfully comfortable bringing up this suggestion. I assume you’ve grown pretty comfortable attempting to extort women for real estate bargains.”

“Is that a yes?” he pressed.

“Let me get this straight. If I have sex with you, you’ll knock a hundred thousand dollars off the list price?” I asked.

“That’s right,” he replied.

“And you’ll draw up the paperwork as such?” I continued.

“Before you leave,” he confirmed.

“You’re disgusting. Fine. Let’s get this over with,” I continued to improvise. “How do you want to do this?”

“Unbutton your blouse,” he instructed.

“And the bra,” he added.

He reached down into his pants with his left hand and began fondling himself as I stripped. I played along. I stripped in a very matter-of-fact way. There was no slow, teasing, erotic removal of my clothes. Kevin had clearly thought about this scenario and I was going to help him play it out. I started to remove my skirt but he stopped me abruptly, “No. Don’t take off the skirt. It turns me on.”

“Okay. Now what?” I asked as I put my hands on my hips.

“Grab a pillow from the bed and put it on the floor,” he ordered. I did so.

“Now why don’t you hop down there and take my dick out,” he continued to direct.

The direction and assertiveness was actually making me pretty wet. It was rather difficult acting like I was perturbed by the scenario.

I got down onto me knees, placing them on the pillow and began unbuttoning his dress pants. I unzipped his fly and gave him a few rubs on his cock over top of his briefs. He was very erect. I had a bit of an idea at this point. Normally I would have slid his briefs all the way down to be able to play with his whole package. He liked the occasional ball play. Instead I decided to fenagle his hard cock through the front “pocket” of his briefs to take away just a little bit of his length. I could use that to contribute to the scenario in a way that would add extra arousal for him. I didn’t make any comments. I just pulled it through the pocket and started giving him head.

I was using two fingers to stroke his shortened shaft as I sucked him about halfway down his shaft repetitively, giving a sort of mock effort blowjob.

“Look up here at me. I want to see those sexy eyes,” he instructed.

I looked up at him while trying to seem insincere.

“Yeah,” he moaned in pleasure.

“Can you go all the way down?” he asked as I continued giving him eye contact.

I didn’t respond, I beşevler escort just went all the way down to where my lips met his briefs. I gave him a pointed stare as I kept my mouth all the way down. I wanted the look to suggest ease.

“Yeah, right there,” he moaned again.

“Does your husband have a big cock?” he asked me directly.

“No,” I stated outright.

“No? Who’s dick is bigger? Mine or your husband’s?” he asked.

“My husband’s is bigger,” I replied.

“Bend over the bed and pull your skirt up,” he commanded.

I did so. He stepped behind me without even removing his pants and slid my panties down gently. I jerked my head around quickly and said, “Do you have a condom?”

“Yes,” he said as he pulled one out of his back pocket. He had given great thought to the details of his scenario.

He rolled the condom on and inserted himself into me from behind. I was already very wet so he had no trouble getting inside me. He took his time. He started slowly and kept the thrusts slow and steady for quite some time. After a few minutes he asked me if it felt good. “I just want you to finish,” I played along.

“Ha, your pussy is awfully wet for you to seem so ready to be done,” he taunted.

“I’ve got a hard dick inside me. Of course I’m going to be wet,” I returned.

“Whatever. It must feel pretty good,” he convinced himself.

“I can barely feel you dude. Just hurry up and finish,” I taunted back.

Kevin grabbed my hips upon that comment and began picking up the pace. I assumed that one would get him going. I have to say though, I fucking hate condoms. It took him several more minutes before he finally came. My legs were getting weak from trying to hold myself up in that position even though I was able to mostly lie on the bed. After he came neither of us ever broke character. He pulled off the condom and flushed it down the toilet and buttoned himself back up as I pulled my panties back up under my skirt and began putting my bra and blouse back on. I tucked my shirt back in and went over to him with his clipboard, signed on the imaginary line and finally broke character.

I tugged him towards me by his collar and kissed him on the lips firmly and said, “That was really fucking hot. I love you.”

Chapter Two- Sadness and Memories

Sometimes we are all reminded that life happens. I got a pretty random phone call from my Dad one evening. It was random because we lived close enough that we saw him fairly regularly. We didn’t like to intrude and stay at my parents’ house too often or go burden them by impeding on their dinner plans, but I would have lunch with them, or Kevin and I would invite them for dinner at a restaurant somewhere between our houses pretty regularly. We only lived about forty-five minutes from them, so it was easy to stay in touch. This phone call was to let us know that Karen’s father had passed away.

Karen wasn’t my biological mother, but she was certainly my mother. Though we never really discussed her relationship with her parents, mostly because they lived several states away, Karen was obviously a family person. She cared deeply about those closest to her. She never hesitated to provide for me or for my father. I just assumed that she would be in particular disarray given her standard emotional state of always being happy. If she was ever truly upset or angered at anything she was the best actress in the history of the world. I had trouble imagining what her emotional state would be when we saw her.

I got the call from my Dad on a Tuesday evening. Kevin and I took the following Friday and Monday off to go and be with the family for an extended weekend.

We woke up Friday morning already packed for the long weekend and headed out early. When we got to my parents’ house my Dad was predictably waiting for us on the front deck. He hugged me tight. It was a warm, welcomed and prolonged embrace. After our embrace he reached out his hand and shook Kevin’s hand as he pulled him in to give him a quick hug as well.

“Karen’s flight comes back in this evening,” he informed us. “She wanted to fly out with Mark and Kris and be with that side of her family during the funeral and visitation. She says she’s fine. You know how she is. But she’s clearly hurting from the news.”

“Why don’t you two go ahead and unload your stuff. Your room is cleaned. Make yourselves at home,” he added.

We unloaded all of our stuff and went back into the living area to sit down with Dad. We talked for quite some time. Around six o’clock that evening he got up and headed to the airport (which was nearly two hours away) to wait on the arrival of Karen’s flight. I assumed that Kris and Mark would be with her, but we never discussed it. Her flight wasn’t scheduled to arrive until nine o’clock that night and with another two hour drive back home I knew that Kevin and I would have some time alone. I had only ended my monthly lady stuff the day before, so it had been several days since we had sex. “Hornball” balgat escort here was ready for some lake lovin’.

I had always enjoyed being nude in nature for some reason. I was typically drunk or high during the few times that I had exposed myself in front of anybody, but that wasn’t so much my thing as opposed to just feeling the wind on my nipples and knowing that there was a weird sense of freedom associated with baring it all under the moonlit sky. It was sensual. It was erotic. It was also about having that voyeuristic “fear” of getting caught. I didn’t seek to get caught exposed, but the thought of it happening accidentally was thrilling in itself.

I suddenly found myself sort of squeezing my legs together in a weird attempt to prevent myself from masturbating right then and there. It seems that my mind was not immune from changing any more than any other sexual creature I dealt with as a part of my daily business. I would still most assuredly have to have alcohol or maybe another joint, “blunt!” I mean, before being willing to become sexual in front of anybody else on purpose. But I did find myself losing care about being seen.

The anxiety that was building inside me to take Kevin to my lake spot and fuck him by the fire under the night sky, was on the verge of orgasmic explosion.

We needed to get moving. Darkness would be arriving shortly and I wasn’t very interested in being patient.

I made Kevin gather up a few logs of firewood and a couple beers. We hopped in the car and drove out to my high school lake spot which was only about four or five minutes from my parents’ house. By the time we had gotten the chairs set up around the fire pit and the beer and firewood unloaded from the car it was completely dark. We readied the wood (no, not that wood…yet) and lit the fire (hey, two puns in one sentence).

As soon as the fire was burning on its own I began shedding my clothes. Kevin raised an eyebrow at my promptness. “What? I’m horny,” I said as I pulled my top over my head.

“Well. Are you coming?” I asked as I slid my panties off.

“Not yet,” Kevin remarked.

“Well if you want to ‘cum’ you better start shedding those layers!” I quipped.

He started stripping. I was already frolicking down to the lakeshore. I went in slowly because it was still pretty cool in the evenings. I knew the lake would be a bit of a shock to the system at first. I made my way in and went ahead and put my head under to get the whole body submersed and used to the temperature. Kevin was walking towards the shore when I brought my head out of the water and threw my hair back. He was clearly chilly and using both hands to cover his junk. As he was standing on the shoreline waiting in dread to enter the cold water I made a comment, “Embarrassed or afraid?”

“It’s freakin’ cool out here. That water has to be frigid,” he complained.

“Ah, you’ll be fine. Plus there’s no reason to be embarrassed sweetie. This is the spot where I had my first tiny penis experience,” I teased.

Kevin removed his hands, thrust his pelvis towards me to show me his flaccid penis and said, “Hey, I thought you said I was quite a bit bigger than that guy,” jokingly.

“Well. Let’s just say you’re much more of a grower than he was,” I continued to tease him.

He made his way gingerly into the water and embraced me as he gave me a peck on the lips. “I’m a grower, huh?”

“Much more so than the other small guy,” I stated.

“So you’re saying we are the same size when we’re soft?” he asked.

“Pretty close,” I answered.

“You know you called him tiny,” he said as he began to kiss me.

I laughed. “He was tiny when he was hard. But yeah, you are pretty small when you’re soft babe,” I pressed on.

He had developed a “cool lake” boner that was now poking my thigh under the water. It was obviously not fully engorged. It must have been pretty difficult to get blood to flow in these temperatures. I reached down to play with his package as we continued to make out in the shallow waters.

I pulled away and ended the make-out session. I needed cock. I grabbed his hand and started walking back towards the fire. You could feel the warmth from several feet away. We stood a few feet from the fire and I turned to let my ass hold up his hard cock and pulled his arms around me. His hands went straight for my tits. I suppose it was an interesting parallel. He absolutely loved my tits but I had always felt they were too small. It is a much different phenomenon than being self-conscious about having a small penis just because I understand that the penis is the actual sexual organ being used to provide pleasure as opposed to breasts, which are more an aesthetic and playful part of the sexual experience, but still, it at least gave me a sense of what Kevin felt.

I let him play with my nipples for a couple minutes just to satiate him, but I was wet and ready. I guided his hand down to give my clit a few rubs before I bent over and braced myself on the arms of one of batıkent escort the chairs. I reached under, between my legs and gently pulled the head of his cock into me. He was still not as fully distended as he usually got due to the cool of the water and night air.

He gave me a few slow, sensual thrusts and grabbed my arms to pull me up to him so that he could kiss my neck. “Does that feel good babe?” he asked softly in my ear.

“Mmm hmm,” I moaned lightly. “But you better be careful in this position. Your cock is smaller than normal. You’re gonna fall out if I don’t bend back over,” I teased him again.

He chuckled. “Am I still bigger than your other small guy?” he pressed.

“You want me to check so you can feel reassured?” I smiled looking back at him.

“What do you mean check?” he asked.

“Here,” I started. I pulled myself off of his cock and turned around to squat down in front of him to give him head. I put his dick all the way into my mouth for one slow deepthroat. I looked up at him and grinned. I used one hand to angle his cock a little bit so he could see what I was doing. I used my index finger and thumb to show him on his own cock how the other guy compared to him. My fingers were spread from the base of his shaft to just below the head of his cock. “He was about like that,” I indicated. “And he was thinner than you,” I added.

“Feel better?” I asked as I stood back up and turned back around to put his cock back inside me.

“That was kinda hot,” he replied as his cock slipped back inside me.

“Yeah? How about this: You feel really small right now,” I said honestly.

He moaned and gave a couple of more forceful thrusts into me before picking up the pace entirely. “No need to overcompensate babe. I didn’t say it didn’t still feel really good.”

His cock stayed in that not-quite-fully-inflated state for the duration just because it was pretty chilly even by the fire. Regardless, we fucked for the next hour. I eventually got weak legs from trying to stand while he fucked me from behind so we moved over to the chair. I rode him and grinded my clit on his pelvic bone for a long time, both facing him and facing away from his so he could watch my ass go up and down on him. I don’t know how many times I came, but it was at least half a dozen.

When we finally finished we sat down in our chairs, still naked and cracked open a couple of our beers to wind down by the fire. Neither of us could talk. We were both out of breath. We must have sat there drinking for another hour before it dawned on me that it was approaching the point at which my Dad would be returning with Karen, Mark and Kris. We got our clothes back on and put the chairs back into the car and made sure the fire was out before we headed back.

When we pulled into the driveway I could see that they had beaten us home. I’m guessing that my Dad was wondering where we were. I guessed Karen was not.

I walked straight to Karen when I entered the house and gave her a tight hug. Kevin came over and gave her a quick hug as well. She seemed like she was okay. She looked more exhausted than anything.

Mark and Kris each took the time to shake Kevin’s hand and say hello. The only other time they had met was at our wedding, which was very brief. It was a bit different seeing them both for the first time in several years. Mark had grown a beard. Kris had gotten much taller.

(I know it’s a little bit weird but given my first real visual experience with a penis, I couldn’t help but wonder when a guy’s dick stopped growing. Kris was something like six foot five now. When I walked in on his little session all those years ago he was probably five foot nine. Depending on how that phenomenon worked in male adolescence he may well be packing like ten inches.)

At any rate. It was after eleven o’clock now. Everybody was tired. Kevin said he wanted to go to bed. Mark and Kris had gone to bed almost as soon as they arrived. Karen was still sitting at the dining room table having a glass of red wine. I wasn’t particularly tired and still felt like I should be offering her a shoulder to cry on or something. I told Kevin that I was going to stay up and have a glass of wine with Karen. He kissed me goodnight and went off to bed.

I sat down across from Karen. She poured me a big glass of her wine and placed her hand on top of mine. “I’m fine sweetheart,” she confirmed. I suppose she could see the concern in my eyes.

There was a moment of silence as we sipped our wine.

Karen sat her glass back down on the table and gave it a few gentle swirls. She looked back up at me with a bit of a sly grin and asked, “So? How was it?”

“How was what?” I returned.

“Oh, come on. I know you guys got here a long time ago. You went down to the lake and had sex. So. How was it?” she asked again.

I laughed out loud. “It’s always great with Kevin,” I replied.

I must have been giving her some sort of stink eye or something still. After another pause in our conversation she reiterated, “Korina, I really am okay. Please stop looking at me like I am a wounded animal. It was his time. He has been suffering from lung cancer for a couple years now. I loved him. I will miss him like any daughter would miss her father. But I knew it was coming sweetie. I have come to terms with it.”

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Kinky Black Love in Our World

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Sliding my dildo into my boyfriend Arnold Pierre’s asshole, I couldn’t help but smile. My favourite big and tall Black stud, face down and ass up while getting fucked by me. We used to do this the other way around. Well, this is technically his fault. And he’s got to deal with it. What do I mean by it? The dangerous, strap-on wielding Haitian Dominatrix that he turned me into. One month ago he told me about his whole strap-on dildo fetish. I found it odd but decided to give it a try. Now I’m addicted. My name is Jennifer Aurelius. I’m a young Black woman of Haitian descent living in the city of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. And I approve this message.

Well, you could say that Arnold literally asked for it. That’s what I tell him as I ram the seven-inch strap-on dildo up his ass. I didn’t use to whine this much when he used to stick his dick up my ass. I hold his hips tightly and ram the dildo deep into his well-lubricated asshole. Arnold screams as I fuck him roughly. I tell him to stop being a little bitch and take his punishment like a man. He bites his lip. I thrust the dildo deeper into his ass. Arnold screams again. How I love that sound. I sigh with pleasure and finger my own pussy, which is extremely wet at this point. Hard to believe that a month ago, our sex life was quite boring and stale.

I met Arnold during a visit to the library of the Carleton University campus in the city of Ottawa. I was looking for this calculus tome that no library in town had. The University of Ottawa, which I attend, sells the most expensive textbooks in Province of Ontario. Needless to say that I’d rather borrow the book than to buy it. So I went to Carleton University’s library, to try my luck. That’s bahçelievler escort when I noticed this six-foot-three, ruggedly handsome Black guy sitting alone. I admired this beefcake from afar and licked my lips. He looked yummy. Several sisters were eyeing him, along with a couple of White chicks. I beat them to the punch and approached him. He smiled at me, I smiled at him and we started talking. A year later, we’re living together.

I love Arnold. He’s good-looking, smart and sexy. And he’s really good to me. I lucked out. Most of the young Black women at Ontario provincial schools like Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, York University, La Cite Collegiale, Algonquin College and the University of Toronto aren’t lucky enough to find a sexy, smart brother to share their lives with. That’s because most Black men living in the province of Ontario chase White women like their lives depend on it. And since most of the sisters aren’t interested in men of other races, we end up alone. Or we find that we have to travel to the United States of America to find eligible Black men. Such a sad state of the affairs, isn’t it? Well, I didn’t despair and I found myself a good-looking, educated and hard-working Black man. Unfortunately, things aren’t always great in the sack.

I found myself trying all kinds of things to spice up this relationship. Unfortunately, Arnold didn’t seem too interested in what I had to offer. Sometimes he would come home to find me naked on the floor, face down and ass up. What man wouldn’t be happy to find his woman waiting for him like this when he comes home? It’s like asking if there’s a man out there who doesn’t like sex. balgat escort I doubt such a man exists. Well, I was starting to think that I was the unlucky woman who got with the only man on the planet who isn’t interested in sex. At all.

I found myself questioning myself. I stand five feet eleven inches tall, with dark brown skin, a chubby body, wide hips, thick thighs and a big round ass. I am a dark-skinned, chubby Black woman of Haitian descent living in the Confederation of Canada. The Whitest country outside of Europe, next to Australia and New Zealand, of course. I’m a curvy Black woman in a land that worships skinny White chicks. The same skinny White chicks who routinely steal the Black men that we Black women love so much. Yeah, I was questioning myself when the man I loved stopped showing any interest in me sexually.

Luckily, I did some investigating. I found that Arnold had been going online a lot, and looking at porn. Well, that’s not a surprise. Most men look at porn. Lots of women look at porn too. Hell, I look at porn sometimes. When I checked Arnold’s computer history files, I found something really interesting. For months he had been going to this website featuring dominant women fucking men in the ass with strap-on dildos. Wow. I didn’t see that one coming, folks. Arnold is a big and tall, macho Haitian guy. He’s captain of the Black Mongoose, the toughest team in the Ontario-based Afro-Caribbean Rugby Football Alliance. Yeah, I couldn’t imagine my macho Haitian boyfriend into this sort of thing. Shows you how little I knew him.

Well, I confronted him with what I discovered. And he confessed the truth. I decided to experiment with him. And batıkent escort amazingly, his fetish brought us closer together. Which is how we ended up here. With him face down and ass up, and my dildo buried deep inside his asshole. Wow. I remember the good old days when sex meant I would get naked and jump into bed with him. We would kiss and then I would suck his dick. How I loved sucking his eight-inch, uncircumcised Black rod of power. I loved sucking his hairy balls and giving his big dick a long lick. And I loved spreading my thick legs for him. Arnold would give my pussy a good licking. He loves licking my pussy. He’s good at it too. With those magic fingers and that wicked tongue of his, he would tease my pussy until I came.

My man knew how to rock my world. Then I would climb on top of him and ride that big cock of his. Sometimes he bent me over, spread my big butt cheeks wide open and slid his cock into my asshole. Holding my wide hips tightly, Arnold would slam his cock into my asshole. And I absolutely loved it. I love the feel of his dick up my ass. Well, now things have changed. It’s my turn to fuck him in the ass. And fuck him I did. With my trusty strap-on dildo, I fuck him happily. I bury my dildo so deep in his ass that I’m surprised it doesn’t come out of his mouth. And his screams are music to my ears. Abruptly I pull my dildo out of his ass. Arnold gasps in surprise. I lean down, wrap my arms lovingly around him and kiss him.

Arnold rolls onto his back, and I leap onto him. I take his hard cock and insert it in my pussy. At the same time, I remove the strap-on dildo’s harness from my hips and throw it away. I want my man to fuck me the regular way, like a normal woman. And he does. Happily he slams his cock into my pussy. He wraps his arms around me and looks into my eyes as he fucks me. I smile. I am one happy Black woman. The Black man I love is making love to me. I feel like the world is mine. With my King by my side, I can do anything. For I am his Queen.

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Studs Ch. 03

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Katie lay naked, her legs spread wide, on the large bed in the Stud compound. Tony knelt between her slender thighs, looking up at her. “Are you ready?” He asked.

Katie was panting, thrusting her hips towards him. Over the past hour he had kissed, undressed, caressed until she was limp and helpless in his hands. He ran his fingers delicately over her hips as she cried out, “Yes! Yes!”

Gently, he parted her lips and found her clit. “Katie,” have you ever touched yourself down here? Do you know what this is?” his tongue gently flicked against it. His touch was like a shock traveling through her body. “Oooh, oh my gosh, what is that?”

“That’s your clit, sweetheart, the most beautiful part of a woman. Let me show you.” He was amazed that she had never explored her own body, never learned what pleasure it could deliver. But there would be time for that later. Now, he would show her what her body could do.

Slowly, gracefully, his tongue circled her clit, lightly dancing across her inner labia. His hands wandered up to caress her breasts, the nipples standing erect, and she shuddered. “What…what IS that?” she breathed. But Tony didn’t answer. Instead, his tongue worked more insistently, more rhythmically, flicking at her clit, which grew larger, more erect at the touch of his tongue. Her hips began to writhe and he steadied her with his hands as his lips encircled the bud of her pleasure and he began to suck gently but firmly on it.

“Ah!’ Katie cried out, her breath coming faster. “Oh, Tony! It’s amazing! I…” but then she found she could no longer speak. She moaned incoherently as she felt something strong, something sweet, building in her. The gentle, rhythmic sucking of her clit continued as made her fuck his mouth with her clit, building to a climax, crying out, “Oh! Oh!’ until her orgasm washed over her body. His insistent torture of her clit continued until he brought her to another climax, her body shuddering again escort beşevler and again until she was spent and lay back on the bed, trembling.

Tony sat up, smiling into her eyes. She looked back at him adoringly. “You didn’t even take off your clothes.”

He smiled, “Not yet. I didn’t want to overwhelm you just yet.”

He had led her from the table to the bed after she had asked him to teach her. He had initiated both young men and young women into pleasure, but he didn’t think he had ever met one as sweet as Katie. She had stepped out of her dress, and shown herself to be naked beneath it. She was shy and bold at the same time, somehow. After that, it had been easy to lay her back on the bed, running his fingers gently over her face and body, kissing and caressing her until she was sighing, moaning and finally climaxing under his ministrations.

She sat up, cross-legged on the bed. “I’ve never seen a naked man before.”

“I assumed that,” he said to her. “I wanted to start with something simple.”

Katie shook her head. “Simple? Was that simple?”

“Yes. And you can feel that way any time you want, all by yourself. You don’t need another person. Just touch yourself down there. Play with your clit. You can use your fingers, or toys, whatever you like.”

Katie suddenly understood why her parents had hired Tony for her. They had wanted her to feel special, as special as he made her feel. They had wanted her to learn to please herself, to be pleased by someone else, to know how good it could be. That’s what Studs were for.

“I’ll show you how to take care of yourself when you’re alone,” he told her.

“But I’m not alone right now. Are you going to teach me more?”

“Of course I am,” he replied. “Would you like to see a naked man now?”

Katie nodded. “I’m very curious,” she smiled.

Without hesitation or pretence, Tony slipped off his shirt, his trousers and escort balgat his underwear. He stood before her, his body taut and firm, his cock partially erect. Katie couldn’t stop staring – he was beautiful, from his muscular legs to his broad shoulders to his chest with the dark hair covering it, to…that…

Tony, like all Studs, had masterful control of his cock. He could stay hard, without cumming, for hours, stroking, playing, showing himself off for the people who appreciated him. He remembered the hours of training, often wearing a cock ring or a special strap to keep him erect, or keep himself painfully lowered and in check, depending on the circumstances. He remembered stroking himself for the doctors, for the trainers, for the men and women who watched him, his erect penis thrusting forward as he showed it off. This was where they got the name “Studs.”

He touched it now, gently. “Would you like to touch it?” he asked Katie.

She reached out. As she stroked it awkwardly, she felt it grow harder, thicker. “And you put that inside me?” she asked,

“If you like.”

“Does it hurt?”

Tony shook his head. “Not at all.” Her hand continued to caress him.

“How did you learn to be a Stud?” she asked. “How did you learn all this?”

“I had to train for months,” he answered, “Learn a lot and be tested. The training is four years at least.”

“Like college,” Katie giggled as her hand explored his shaft, his balls, his belly.

Tony nodded and kissed her again.

“Are there final exams?” she asked, half-jokingly as he slid his arms around her and kissed her.

“There sure are,” he replied before the kiss deepened and he felt her press herself against him. She was almost ready for the next step.

“Tell me about the finals,” she sighed as they lay down together and her fingers boldly explored his body.

“Well, each one is slightly different,” Tony explained. escort batıkent “My friend Rex, he had to get up in front of a room full of women, all cheering and shouting for him.”

Rex, blond, slender and muscled, had stood in the glare of the lights, his body oiled, his cock erect, as they bid for the chance to be his first fuck as a Stud. Women of all ages offered extravagant sums of money as Rex slowly stroked himself. Finally, an older lady, the wealthy widow of one of the state’s powerful politicians, outbid the others. She came forward, smiling, as the room watched. Rex wasted no time but caught her up in his arms, kissing her deeply as he wrapped his arms around her.

He laid her down on the bench that had been prepared and raised her skirt, stripping off her shoes and expensive panty hose. Her eyes glittered with anticipation as Rex wasted no time, but positioned himself at the opening between her thighs. Slowly, carefully, he inched his huge cock into her as she groaned in pleasure. The crowd went silent suddenly – they wanted to hear every sound.

Rex began to fuck her, burying his cock into her, all the way to the hilt. He pulled out slowly, then pushed in again, only partway this time. She began to pant as he rhythmically thrust, slowly, then quickly, pushing his cock into her with expertise.

Tony watched from the side of the stage. They had both been training for this for years – fucking the plastic dummies, the rubber cunts, doing endless hours of sit ups, push ups, until their stomach muscles rippled.

Rex was unstoppable. He fucked the woman until she came, and came again. His thumb found her clit and massaged it as she jerked and twitched in his arms. Finally she collapsed and cried out, “Enough! I can’t take any more, sonny!”

Katie laughed as Tony related the story to her. “Did she really call him sonny?”

“That she did. She got her money’s worth that night.” And a lot of other nights after that, when she hired Rex as her personal stud, for her own pleasure and the pleasure of her daughters.

“Are you going to do that to me?” asked Katie.

“If I do,” he replied, “promise you won’t call me sonny, okay?”

She pulled his head down to her and kissed him.

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Special Gift for Dominick

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Anal Beads

Dominick was finally going to be able to take those technical courses he had wanted to take for a couple of years. His real surprise though was when he went to register for the classes and found so many beautiful ladies taking courses there. One in particular, was a young nursing student by the name of Jackie. She was a cute 23 year old brunette with a knockout figure, who had only started her course two weeks prior to his registration.

Last night, she had agreed to go on her first date with him. She looked lovely in her halter top and tight shorts. Throughout dinner and the first half of the movie at the local theater it looked as though it would only be a platonic date.

Things changed though when about half way through the show, he grabbed her hand and held it until the end of the show. He loved playing with her fingers because they felt so soft. At times, he lost track of the show just focusing in on what he was doing with her hand. He wondered if his actions were having the same effect on her but every time he looked up into her face he found her staring at the screen. But if you had asked either one how the show ended it is likely that neither Dominick nor Jackie would really be able to say.

After watching the movie, they just looked at their joined hands for a couple of minutes while everyone else left the theater. On the way back to the car, Dominick made his first real move on her. Though surprised, she had been waiting for this gesture throughout the entire evening. He first stopped in the middle of the parking lot to kiss the fingers and palm on the hand he had been holding for the last half-hour or so. It was a quick gesture but pronounced enough to have her watching Dominick rather than the way back to the car.

You could hear her eyes lamenting, “Oh, Dominick.”

Once they got back to the car, Dominick took her other hand also and kissed the wrist and her arm all the way to inside of her shoulder as he watched her dreamy looking sultry eyes. She could only sigh and beg him to continue. So he did, until he reached one of his favorite parts, her armpits, which he licked.

“Mmmm,” he verbalized. Even they tasted delicious.

Then he stopped to look into her captivating eyes, which seemed to beg for more. He longed to caress them too but her lips were the most inviting. They were full and moist when he touched them with his fingertips. And as he did, she sucked his finger into her mouth. Dominick imagined her lips felt like a freshly peeled plum. Juicy, firm and tasty. So he tried them out. He was right. She loved every bit of affection she was receiving but was a bit shy at the aspect of being ogled by other theater patrons returning to their cars while they cuddled outside their own vehicle.

“Dominick, let’s go inside your car. I am feeling cold,” she exaggerated. He hugged her to warm her up and led her into the car. Once inside, she started the kissing back up before he could decide it was time to leave. Not long afterward, a group of guys drove by, stopping long enough to egg them on.

“Yeah, man do it. Go for it, man. Fuck her. Give her pussy a pounding,” they shouted.

“Ignore them,” Dominick told Jackie. Jackie agreed but really did desire to engage in a rip-roaring fuck with Dominick. After a long period of petting, Dominick drove her home but once they arrived in her parking lot it started up all over again. Following several minutes of passionate kissing, she finally needed to know if they were going to do as the guys had suggested earlier at the theater parking escort bahçelievler lot.

“Dominick, honey, let’s do as those guys at the theater suggested earlier,” Jackie wantonly requested. He was not prepared for things to get this far. He did not have the cash for a hotel room nor for rubbers, so he instead brushed it off as respect to her.

“Jackie, let’s just stick to kissing for now. I don’t want to destroy your reputation.”

“Don’t worry about that. I want to feel you inside me. Please!”

Dominick did not want to come off as being cheap and did not realize that the problems he had in mind were already taken car of in Jackie’s mind and in her apartment.

To avoid his true reasoning he replied, “Let’s just allow our relationship to develop some more to the point that I feel comfortable to do that with you.”

At the same time, he was thinking, “I want to also, but I am going to have to remember to carry some extra money and a supply of condoms.”

With that they continued kissing though the night until they fell asleep in each other’s arms in the parked car. When they finally awoke, Jackie kissed Dominick one more time and they made plans to meet for lunch break at school. Then she went up to her apartment and changed for classes while Dominick rushed home to do the same.

At lunch, something did not seem quite right with the way Dominick approached her.

“What’s the matter, Dominick? Do you feel all-right this morning?” Jackie asked as she greeted him with a hug.

“I was thinking about what you asked last night. I was taken off guard, but I really want to at this point,” he grinned.

“Oh, you naughty hunk,” she whispered in his ear as she brushed her leg against his crotch, “You want to get in my pants, don’t you?”

“Girl, do I ever,” he excitedly replied.

“Then let’s do it,” she giggled, “We can skip the rest of the day.” Looking out into the parking lot and searching around, “Where’s your car? Let’s head to my place. It’s the closest.”

“All right!” Dominick silently cheered so at not to let anyone other than Jackie hear the response.

They rushed to the car where they locked themselves in a long French kiss before Dominick let Jackie into the car. When they got into the car, she placed her hand on the inside of his thigh and began stroking his leg and caressing his crotch as she brushed her hand passed it. As soon as he started the engine, she started pulling his zipper down to get a good hold on his raging boner.

“Slow down, honey, I don’t want a major hardon when I go into the drugstore to pick up some condoms,” Dominick panted.

“Don’t sweat it, sweetheart, I have some at home. Now let’s get going. You drive and I’ll suck this beautiful dick of yours to a nice big, inflamed rod to fuck me with when we get to my place,” beamed the girl.

Dominick put the car into gear and started off as Jackie pulled out his 6″ cock, lowered her face to the shiny knob and flicked her tongue out and against the tiny slit on the end of her indulgence. Then she parted her lips and took in the entire cockhead. He gasped as he peeked down while she started to slide the shaft in and out of her engorged mouth. The combination of seeing his gorgeous friend suck him off and the feeling of her taking his prick deeper and deeper down her throat was too much for him. If he didn’t stop her soon, he would shoot his load down her throat.

“Jackie, honey, if you don’t slow down, I’m going to be at a point escort balgat where I will not be able to avoid cumming in your mouth,” Dominick shouted.

As the horny cocksucker continued to stroke his dick, she took it out of her mouth only long enough to state in her excited manner, “That’s what I want! It’s soooo delicious! Please cum! I want a nice big mouthful of your delicious cream! Cum, honey, cum! I want you to fill my mouth with your juices!”

“All right then, you beautiful slut, take it all in that gorgeous cocksucking mouth of yours then and prepare for your just dessert,” he spurred on.

With that, she began to lick his balls. She could not remember a time when she experienced such pleasure going down on a guy, and certainly not as much as she was enjoying the lustful act now. She licked her way up the shaft, then around it, continuing back up and finally taking it back in her mouth. She continued to lick the shaft even as it was embedded in her mouth. She coated it with saliva knowing it would soon return the favor with a coating of its own liquid. Even as this occurred, she could feel her cunt start to juice. It would be just a matter of time before her panties would be soaked.

“Mmmm,” she moaned in anticipation and enjoyment.

As she sucked more of his cock, she also began to fondle his balls. With an intensity, she proceeded to slide her soft juicy lips up and down his growing prick, completely filling her mouth until it nudged at the back of her throat. She knew he was about to climax when he started to jump and jerk in her mouth. The thrill was stupendous.

Her swirling tongue lapped with a profound eagerness as her mouth soared up and down the saliva-soaked cock. The feeling in his crotch was ecstatic. Dominick wished he didn’t have to focus so much on his driving. He knew that after they fucked he would have to experience her lovely mouth on him again so he could enjoy the sight as much as he was presently enjoying the feel of her lips sliding up and down on his shaft. As they entered her parking lot his balls began to churn in anticipation.

“Oh, baby, I’m almost there! Keep suckin’, honey! My fuck cream is on the way! Suck my cock, baby, suck!” he gasped.

Just as he parked his car at her apartment, his cock started to explode in torrents of hot juicy cum. Jackie didn’t miss a drop but continued until she had drawn to last tasty drop of jism from his cock. Then she licked him clean.

“Jackie, you sure are one fantastic cocksucker,” Dominick complimented and then warned, “But, baby, you spent me dry. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it back up.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ve just started to show you what I can do with hunk like you. You’ll get hard again, real soon, with me in your arms. And I can tell, you will be one of the best fucks I have ever had!” Jackie replied, “Now, honey, I want you to feel what’s in store for you.”

She then put his hand on her tit. Even through her clothes he could tell her nipples were erect. Then she pulled his hand down between her legs. He automatically started to rub his hand against her covered crotch.

“You seem to be damp down there,” he grinned.

“Yeah, the treats and gifts are ready for you to try,” she giggled. She gave him a quick kiss and then begged, “Now let’s go on in and fuck. I need to feel you inside me.”

With that, Dominick got out of the car and went around to let Jackie out. They grabbed each other by the waist, resting their hands on each other’s ass. They escort batıkent enjoyed what they felt so much. After getting inside, they got into some heavy petting. With his arms wrapped around Jackie and their tongues in a heated battle, Dominick started to slide his hands down into the seat of her pants. He continued to wiggle his fingers inside of her panties. He then grabbed as much of her butt cheeks as possible and pulled her closer. As he ground their torsos together, his prick started to lurch forward, bringing Jackie to new heights.

“Dominick, I can feel that big, beautiful cock trying to drill through both of our pants to get inside of my pussy. It feels so marvelous. If I wasn’t so horny I’d eat the zipper right off to get that tasty lollipop back in my mouth. But I need to feel you inside of me. Please fuck me now!” she begged, “Let’s take off each other’s clothes and do it right here!”

“Yes, baby, yes,” he comforted, having a hard time taking his hands off her ass long enough to strip her.

Before he had her topless, Jackie had ripped off the last shred of his clothes. She was burning for heavy course of sex. Her tongue was going wild in his mouth, her hands were hot on his ass with one finger already trying to find its way into his asshole and her pussy quivering and wet.

“O Dominick, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!” she shouted.

Dominick finally pulled down her pants and found a cunt juice soaked pair of panties.

“Aah, yessss! You found my gifts to you. My panties to keep, my juice to drink and my pussy to sniff, lick and fuck,” Jackie moaned happily.

He took in the aroma and used his teeth to pull off her panties. As he did, he noticed her pussy wrapped inside a cream covered, neatly trimmed, heart-shaped package of pubic hair. He didn’t need any coaxing to taste the cream. Its taste was as sweet as the girl that was offering it. By the time he finished, it was the cleanest dish ever offered to him.

“Jackie, you sure are luscious. Do you have any more left for me? I could lick you for hours,” Dominick pressed on.

“Sure, baby, but I need to feel your big gun up my target. Let’s get to the main course,” she begged.

“All right, my little vixen. Go stand in front of your table there,” he pointed in request, “Now bend over and rest your pretty head on the table.”

With that he walked up behind her and thrust his cock up her cunt to the hilt.

“Uh-h-h,” she gasped then screamed, “Yeah! Fuck me, uh, fuck me, fuck me harder.”

Grabbing on to her 42D tits, he thrust his hard shaft in and out of her. Her squeezing cunt felt great around his pulsating cock.

“Yes, Jackie you feel great. Squeeze that cunt around my dick. Keep talking dirty, my little fuck slut. You’re a great fuck. I want to feel your delicious juice on my cock,” he continued, “Boy, does it feel great doing this with you.”

“Yes, yes! Cum, baby, cum. Shoot it inside me, damn it. I want to feel you send your cream into me.”

“I have an idea. Let’s change positions. I want to see you riding on my fuck stick.”

Dominick then went and sat on the floor pulling Jackie along with him. He then had her straddle his lap facing him. This proved to be his favorite position, because he can kiss her or suck on her tits at the same time or just lay back watch her ride. He was really happy to that they were fucking like this. He knew he would soon cum and he had no intention of pulling out.

It was like a dream. It was truly memorable! It was fantastic!! It was a prize winning fuck!!!

Jackie wanted him to explode up her love canal and she soon got her wish.

“You were great! Do you want to do it again?” he asked.

“Do I? We’ve only just begun!” she exclaimed and with that, she crawled down between his legs to suck him to yet another major hard-on.

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Sumaya’s First Gang Bang Experience

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Hi, please note that this is a fictional story but the plot itself involves characters over the age of 18 years even though I refer to them as boys in the story for more emphasis. Please enjoy…


Sumaya leans against the backyard wall of her parents house. She’s eavesdropping on a conversation between a group of college boys on the other side of the fence. Sumayas parents house is right next door to a community public park and the only thing separating her from having access to the park is a low fence. Sumaya listens to the boys talking about exams, and about their teachers, and she realizes they’re college students. Sumaya is able to distinguish five different voices, and she instinctively begins to tingle with excitement. The boys have sexy, husky voices, and Sumaya closes her eyes for a moment, forming a description of them in her minds eye.

Sumaya begins to quiver with anticipation as she imagines all five of them fucking her against the park fence. Good God! The thought alone makes Sumaya horny. Sumaya makes up her mind through reasoning with herself that these boys would be delighted with her proposal, especially after seeing her, because Sumaya knows she’s extremely attractive and has the body and face that’s good enough for professional photography. Sumaya also hopes these young studs were into mature older women. Sumaya is a 35 year old, newly divorced Muslim woman, who’s extremely frustrated and needs to spice up her sex life.

Sumaya has a curvaceous pear shaped body. Her tits are firm, round and natural. She’s proud of her 36C cup sized breasts. Her ass is round and firm to the touch. She has olive skin, sparkling hazel green eyes, and ebony black hair that cascades in glossy waves down her back. It’s naturally thick and glossy. She wears her hair up in a bun and dons the traditional Muslim headscarf. Sumaya always hides her curves by wearing black traditional cloaks. What people don’t know, is that Sumaya wears lace thongs and push up bra’s underneath her cloaks. It’s the rebel in her, and she loves this secret, which is only known to her. Everyone around her has no idea…Sumaya loves this naughty, kinky side, but keeps it cleverly hidden, and only exposes it to those who will appreciate it.

Sumaya was married for the last 7 years to a man who had no clue how to please a woman in the bedroom. She and her husband had stopped having sex in the last two years of their marriage. Sumaya loved sex, and was forced to resort to quietly watching hours of pornography on the internet, and she had to learn the art of pleasuring herself through masturbation. She had become quite innovative when it came to masturbation, but she still yearned for the feel of a real male body against hers. She had never had the guts to cheat on her husband with another man, in the conventional sense anyway. But Sumaya had ended up making a career online by becoming a professional webcam model. She earned extra cash masturbating online for men. The men who watched her always made her feel like a goddess. She’d accumulated a decent fan base and was considered a professional model in the webcam business. Men paid ridiculous amounts of money just to watch her strip and pleasure herself in all kinds of ways. Her husband had never found out, and he’d never bothered to ask her where all her extra cash came from.

Finally, the financial problems, coupled with the obvious lack of intimacy, and them not yet having children, had been the end to their married life. Sumaya mustered up the courage to ask for a divorce, and her husband had readily obliged, not giving it another thought.

When a Muslim woman, who has no children, gets a divorce, she’s automatically expected to return to her parents home, and wait until a new suitable candidate can be found. Sumaya never really cared for the religious doctrines, and she only agreed to these religious rules for the sake of her parents. If her parents caught even a whiff of her unorthodox housewife profession, they’d probably disown her. She lied and pretended to be a professional online blogger. It sounded fancy, and since her parents were never really computer literate, they simply accepted the little white lie without batting an eyelash.

So here she was, in her parents backyard, having some alone time and enjoying the cool night breeze. Sumaya realises she’s sexually frustrated as hell and this makes her loins tingle.

Sumaya is wearing black thigh high fishnet stockings, and black 6 inch stilleto heels. She’s short, and stilletos make her feel taller and somehow thinner. She has no panties on, and she’s not wearing a bra underneath her thin black satin cloak. Her cloak ties around her waist with a black sash and easily opens up if the sash is untied. Her hair is wrapped up into a bun on top of her head, and she’s wearing a black rectangular chiffon headscarf. Sumaya’s eyes are accentuated by black traditional kohl and it makes her look sexily exotic. Sumaya’s gorgeous and she knows it! She also knows that she carries her age well. At first glance, Sumaya could be mistaken for being in her mid twenties, and she loves using this to her advantage. Sumaya also bahçelievler escort bayan has a fetish for younger men, and she’s becoming more and more excited at the thought of meeting these boys in the park.

Sumaya’s desire is apparent. She’s so horny, her pussy is moist with want. Her nipples harden, and protrude seductively through the thin fabric of her satin cloak. She needs to get fucked by these boys. Her mind keeps replaying a scene where she’s being fucked hard by all 5 of them. She wants them to fuck her so hard, that she won’t be able to walk straight. She wants her pussy to feel sore once they’re done with her. The more she thinks about it, the more excited she becomes.

Sumaya has an idea. She giggles quietly to herself as she removes her headscarf, unties her bun and lets her long hair cascade down her back. She then folds the headscarf into a headband which she dons, leaving a little piece hanging loose on the side of her head. With this piece of the scarf, she covers her face like a belly dancer. The only thing that is visible is her mesmerizing green eyes, while her beautiful black hair cascades down her back.

Sumaya springs into immediate action. She doesn’t want to lose her nerve. She grabs hold of the garden chair and drags it to the edge of the low fence. She stands up on the chair and slowly climbs over the fence, taking care not to rip her billowing cloak. She lands lightly on her feet in the lush, slightly damp grass and feels momentarily disoriented. Once her eyes adjust to the dark, she looks to her left and sees them.

Sumaya focuses on the red coal emanating from a cigarette in one of the boy’s mouths. They quickly straighten up in surprise when she unexpectedly climbed over the fence and they regard her suspiciously. Sumaya counts 5 silhouettes in total, and notices with childish delight that they are all tall and well built. She also realizes they’re all over 18 years of age. As she walks over, she tries to guess the ages of these boys, and they are without a doubt, boys who look they’re over the ages of 18 years of age and no older than 23 years old. All 5 of them are muscular, fit and handsome. They’re clean shaven, and the only hair they seem to possess, are black spiked hairdos. All of the boys are Indian and all of them are Muslim, because when they realize she’s wearing the Muslim Hijab, they greet her using the Islamic greeting.

The chiffon scarf she wears is transparent, but it’s enough to obscure her identity in the darkness. These boys would eventually find out who she was, because she blatantly climbed over the fence. They’d find out that she lived next door to the park. Right now, however, Sumaya didn’t care to dwell much on these unpleasant thoughts. Thoughts of being pounded hard by these hunky boys consumed every fibre of her being.

Sumaya sits seductively on the bench right in front of her audience and crosses her legs, lifting the hem of her cloak up to her knees so they can see the thigh high fishnets she’s wearing. All of them whistle, gawking at her. She silences them with a sexy smile and whispers huskily:

“I want to know only three things from you boys?”

The boys nod ferociously, never taking their eyes off her. She continues in a loud whisper:

“I need to know if any of you have had sex before? I need to know if any of you have girlfriends and if you’re faithful to them? And lastly, I need to know if any of you would like to fuck me right here, right now, no strings attached?”

To emphasize the seriousness of her question, she stands up and unties the sash at her waist, allowing the cloak to fall back like a gown. She’s clean shaven and can already feel how wet the inside of her upper thighs are. Sumaya is so horny, she can hardly think straight…

All 5 boys begin to talk at once, and she once again lifts her finger to her lips to silence them. She asks the boy standing closest to her for an answer. He says that he’s a virgin, but he wants her to have his virginity. The rest of the boys aren’t virgin’s, but they don’t have girlfriends and they don’t object to having some scandalous fun. Sumaya giggles, and wants to know if they’ve ever witnessed a gang bang. All 5 boys shake their heads vehemently.


Says Sumaya,

“Consider this the first gang bang experience for all of us! I don’t want to know your names and don’t ask me what’s my name. I will however, tell you that I’m 35 years old and I’m recently divorced…”

Sumaya requests that her parda stay on, but tells them to take everything else off.

The boys readily agree and guide her to the far corner of the park, where a huge tree obscures them from view. Sumaya leans against the fence, and opens the front of her cloak. All 5 boys simultaneously unbutton their shirts, and Sumaya sucks in her breath. They’re all hairless and have sinew muscles. 2 of the boys sport six packs, while the rest of them are blessed with flat, well toned stomachs. Sumaya can’t believe her luck. She feels as if she’s in a dream. She’d become so used to being ogled by men. But the men on the other side of the balgat escort bayan webcam were old, hairy, fat, bald and just plain ugly. These boys were young, virile, beautiful Indian boys who took care of their bodies. Sumaya couldn’t wait to see their cocks. Her mouth begins to salivate just thinking about it…

Sumaya finally stops teasing them and parts her cloak, slipping it off her shoulders and letting it fall down to the grass. The light from the moon bathes her naked body, and she’s an exotic vision in her thigh high fishnet stockings, black high heeled shoes and the thin film of chiffon obscuring her face. Her green eyes gleam with untold desire, and she already smells of sweet sex. She parts her legs slightly, and the boys can see the wetness on her inner thighs. It glistens like oil, and when she turns to face the wall, she bends forward, spreads her legs even wider, and reaches around with both hands to spread her ass cheeks. Her pussy is tight and deliciously wet. Her asshole is even tighter. It’s the most beautiful sight these boys have ever witnessed. All of them begin to stroke the hardening bulges growing in their shorts. Sumaya can hear how hard they’re breathing and she continues to tease them a little while longer. She takes her middle finger and starts to stroke her already soaking wet pussy. Her wetness easily coats her asshole. When it’s wet enough, she slowly slips her middle finger into her asshole, cooing softly at the intruding pleasure. Sumaya works her middle finger all the way inside, and begins to fuck her tight hole, while rocking her buttocks back and forth. Fuck! It feels so good and Sumaya is so horny, she’s going to cum from her ass with just a few more strokes. Abruptly, she stops and reminds herself that 5 cocks are waiting to pound her in both her holes. She swings around to face the boys, and notices the growing bulges in their shorts.

“I want to be with the virgin boy first!”

Commands Sumaya as she gets down onto her knees and waits. The virgin boy steps forward and unzips his shorts, freeing his huge, long, throbbing cock. He’s so horny, his tip is dripping with precum, and Sumaya coos with delight. She lifts her veil just enough to take the tip of his cock into her mouth and sucks on it. He’s shaking as he looks down at her, resting both his hands on either side of her head for support.

The boy croaks sexily,

“This is my first blowjob, and I have to see your face, and what you look like with my cock in your mouth!”

With that, he rips the veil from her face and shoves his cock deep into her mouth, preventing her from objecting. Sumaya is taken by surprise, and realizes she kind of likes being controlled by this gorgeous virgin boy. It has never happened to her before, because she always taken firm control. This was something different. It was sort of kinky, and it made her even more horny. She gags on his cock, savoring the saltiness of his hot precum going down her throat. Sumaya looks up at the boy. Her kajol stained eyes begin to water and the kohl smudges, running down her cheeks. The virgin boy looks down at her in total awe, and begins to fuck her mouth slow and deep, each time keeping his cock down her throat a little longer until she’s choking and coughing, letting her saliva generously coat his shaft, making it slide easily down her throat.

Tears are streaming down her face, and her make-up is completely smudged. The virgin boy keeps telling her how beautiful she is. Sumaya hadn’t expected to be complimented in any way, but she was loving every second of it…The handsome young boy was making Sumaya choke and gag on his delicious cock, and she couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed being treated like his dirty slut. Sumaya liked it so much that she had never felt hornier in her entire 35 years of existence! Sumaya feels the gorgeous hunk stiffen in her mouth, and realizes he’s going to cum hard. She grabs his firm buttocks, holding him in place, and he erupts, covering his mouth with his palm to stop his groans, and fills her mouth with his hot, salty cum. Sumaya swallows every last drop eagerly, and continues to milk his cock in her mouth, sucking him until she feels his cock get limp in her mouth.

Sumaya looks up at the boy, and asks him with a sexy smile:

“So? Virgin boy? Did you enjoy your first blowjob?”

The boy bends down, lifts her off her knees and kisses her, tasting his cum, and he smiles.

“That…My sexy Vixen…Was the most amazing experience of my life!”

Sumaya then turns her attention to the remaining 4 boys and pouts. In one dark moment of absolute clarity, Sumaya becomes aware of her exposed face, but she sees how gorgeous and eager they are, and her lust completely overpowers any judgement and she acts on pure instinct. She’s suddenly a bitch in heat needing to be filled with cum, to quench the raging thirst coursing through every fibre of her being. Sumaya needs to get fucked right now and she’s beyond caring about anything else.

One of the boys moan softly as he strokes his cock, and Sumayas eyes glaze over with raw, animal lust. She begins to stroke batıkent escort bayan her soaking wet pussy, spreading her legs wider apart so the sexy boys can see the wetness running down the insides of her thighs. Sumaya had unexpectedly orgasmed while she had sucked the virgin boy, and she hadn’t even touched herself. She’s so horny right now, the first orgasm was only the beginning of an untold animal hunger raging deep within her. She needs release now, she needs to relieve the exquisite animalistic hunger emanating delicious hotness from deep within her pussy. Clit orgasms would only intensify the need for satisfaction. It wouldn’t be enough. The only thing that can snuff out this fire was a deep penetrative orgasm. She needs her g-spot to be assaulted, and only then, might she be satisfied. She needs to cum hard from deep inside her hot, soaking wet pussy. Usually, that kind of satisfaction took hours of self pleasuring to accomplish, but, being here with these boys, Sumaya has a good feeling they will give her an orgasm without much effort.

One of the boys lies down on the lush green grass, his buttocks resting on his shirt. He motions for Sumaya to straddle him. She obligingly lowers herself onto his waiting cock, and gasps with sheer delight. Her pussy is so wet, his cock slips inside of her easily. His cock is so big for her tight pussy, she feels him inside her abdomen. Sumaya instinctively sucks in her breath, and slowly adjusts her hips to accommodate him better. For only a fraction of a second, her pussy lips feel as if it’s tearing and she whimpers painfully. Sumaya leans her body forward and rests her hands on the boys gorgeous, glistening chest.

Fuck! He’s so big, and she panics. Sumaya is motionless for a moment and the boy notices her green eyes darkening with fear.

He groans appreciatively as he cups her tits gently,

“Fuck! You’re so tight, so so tight…And your pussy is so fucking hot!”

He begins to tweak her nipples with his thumb and forefinger, until they’re throbbing, hardened peaks. Sumaya doesn’t notice her whimpering. She starts to rock slowly back and forth on the boys hard cock. Fuck! It feels amazing. The pain has dissipated, and all she feels is pure, unadulterated pleasure. Once her pussy lips stretch out enough to accommodate the boys huge cock, the pleasure she experiences is incomprehensible. Sumaya whimpers louder and louder, until the sexy hunk covers her mouth with his hand to silence her. Sumaya can’t control herself, and she bends down to kiss her lover long and deep, moving her mouth to his earlobe, her ragged breathing sending delicious waves of tingles down his neck and spine.

Sumaya asks him softly to gag her before she ends up screaming out loud. He ignores her request, but she persists, begging him, pleading with him like some naughty school girl who knows she’s being bad. It makes her look so vulnerable and so compliant, the boy struggles to control himself. Her pleas are such a turn on, he feels like cumming just by watching her. It’s too soon though, and he agrees to her request, only because it slows down the action for a moment.

One of the other boys has already collected Sumayas abandoned headscarf from the grass and ties it securely around her mouth. Sumaya continues to moan, but her moans are muffled nicely by the gag and her deep guttural purrs are loud enough only to be heard by her immediate audience. One of the other boys takes his shirt, grabs Sumayas hands and ties them securely behind her back. Lack of support forces her to lean backwards. Her hair is pulled down, making her head jerk back, and she can’t move a muscle. The simple knowledge of being completely helpless, stirs untold excitement deep inside of her. Sumaya can only watch the blinking diamonds overhead as the rest of her senses focus on what’s being done to her.

Someone’s mouth sucks on her one nipple, so slowly, so gently. It hardens in the boys hot mouth and the pleasure becomes too much. Sumayas other tit is in another boys mouth, and he’s also sucking on it gently. Both her nipples become so sensitive, and delicious, wet hot tongues flick over her hardening peaks. Sumaya is delirious with pleasure, squirming uncontrollably by the torture of so many hands and mouths on her body and the gorgeous cock that’s buried deep inside her hot pussy. Just when Sumaya believes this is all she can handle, she feels her swollen clit being stroked, and she shudders hard. Her entire body is alive and on fire. Every part of her body crackles with electric tingles, and she’s consumed by delicious ecstasy.

Fuck! It’s the ultimate pleasure overload, and Sumaya wonders if too much pleasure can be disastrous, because she’s never felt anything like this before. Her entire body is reacting in ways she’s not equipped to handle. Tingles course through her, rushing to her head, and she loses focus. Stars blur her vision, and she succumbs to the delicious, sweet, hot, mind numbing high. It’s too much, and Sumaya begins to quiver as her pussy contracts violently around the boys gorgeous cock, and she starts cumming. Her breasts heave, her breathing is harsh and ragged. Her eyes water, her damp hair clings to her cheeks, and her vision blurs. Sumaya feels pins and needles all over her body and she’s totally powerless to it all. The boys continue to kiss, suck and caress her body. They take their rock hard cocks, and lightly slap her tits, leaving drops of hot precum on her taut, sensitive nipples.

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Kavita In Lust Ch. 02

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The readers are encouraged to read Kavita in Lust to understand the background and characters in this story.


After coming home and ravaging her husband Raj, Kavita stayed up all night replaying the events with Arun in her head. The images of Arun’s naked body, the feeling of being helpless to his lust, the unwelcome pleasure he gave her continued to send thrills through her body the whole night. For the next several days she continued to re-live those erotic moments until she couldn’t take it any more. With each passing moment her desire and want for pleasure of that magnitude became a need and one day she found herself picking up the phone and contacting Arun at work. After exchanging pleasantries, she called him over to her place while Raj was out of town again under the pretence of wanting to chat. Arun accepted her invitation for the afternoon.

When Arun came over, Kavita opened the door and welcomed him in. At first glance, we noticed that even in her simple outfit of pants and top, Kavita looked stunning. He also noticed that she was avoiding eye contact. An interesting sign he thought to himself.

“Thanks for coming over” Kavita said.

“Always a pleasure to see you.” Arun replied cordially.

They made their way to the couch and Kavita served him a cup of hot tea she had brewing. Both sat in silence for a while sipping their drink. Arun didn’t say anything to break the silence and simply looked at Kavita. He knew what was on Kavita’s mind; he was experienced with women enough to know that, but he didn’t want to push her away when she was so close. Soon she kicked off her shoes and planted her bare feet on the coffee table. Arun did the same, but as he did Kavita noticed his eyes wandering up her bare legs to her canter pants, and white t-shirt. She had called him over for a purpose and rather than expressing her desire out loud, did what any normal yet outwardly conservative woman would do. Kavita hadn’t worn a bra and knew that her dark nipples would be visible through the fabric of her white shirt as soon as she took off her open summer windbreaker. She waited for Arun to finish his tea then proceeded to do just that. The anticipation of the events to come had increased her arousal to the point that her nipples had hardened to tingly points, poking her thin fabric of her shirt.

That was all the invitation Arun needed. Before she knew it his lips had closed over hers and his tongue snaked its way into her mouth. She loved the feel of his soft kisses, but nothing compared to the urgency he was attacking her with now. She felt his hand on her thigh, kneading and stroking the flesh there, then traveling up across her hip, to her ribcage, until he was cupping her breast. His thumb began a slow dance across her nipple and even through the fabric jolts of electricity coursed through her body.

Kavita’s breathing became heavier, shallower. Yes this is what she was craving. The roughness, the manly desires that Arun had for her had become her aphrodisiac. Immediately he was pulling her shirt over her head and pressing her onto her back. He ran his hands up her sides to her chest and before she knew it he had one hard nipple in his mouth while he pinched and pulled the other. His hands squeezed her firm breasts together and he used their closeness to ravish each nipple equally, nibbling, sucking and circling his tongue around them.

“Ohh!” Kavita gasped.

Kavita felt her pussy get hot and wet and the need for contact become overwhelming. She ground her pelvis against his stomach in frantic movements and couldn’t stop the sighs escaping from her mouth.

“Get up,” Arun said suddenly, in the tone reminiscent of their last time.


“Get up; I want you in the bedroom, naked, now!”

He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet, stopping long enough to explore her mouth with his tongue one more time before leading her to the bedroom.

“Those aren’t the lips I want to taste right now,” he said as he grasped the waist of her pants and panties and slid them to the ground in one move.

She stood there naked before him and as he knelt, he looked her up and down. Kavita closed her eyes just as she felt his tongue softly press against the front of her pussy. Automatically her thighs relaxed and opened, giving him better access to her folds. She looked down her body, past her heaving breasts and flat stomach to her trimmed pussy and the Arun’s head pressed there.

Arun began a slow invasion of her pussy, spreading her lips apart, running his tongue along the sides, the top, and the bottom, working it into her hole; pulling up the hood of her engorged clit and exposing the throbbing button nestled there. Her legs began to shake as he ran circles around her clit and Kavita couldn’t stop herself from falling back onto the bed. She immediately spread her legs wide, bringing her heels up to rest right at her ass and grasping her knees with her hands pulling them up and open as far as they could go. He scooted himself up to the bahçelievler escort bayan side of the bed, her pussy lay there, completely open and sopping wet. She felt his fingers working her wetness around, slipping from her hole to her clit and back down again. He pressed one, then two fingers into her and she melted with the invasion. He hooked his fingers in a come hither motion and began rubbing her g-spot. While he tickled her insides he attacked her outsides once again. Kavita was already loosing herself in sexual splendor and couldn’t stop herself from tugging at her own nipples, the intensity coursing through her was making her whole body quiver and she felt warmth spreading from her chest to her groin.

“Oh yes!” She moaned. “Take it, it’s all yours, do what you want!”

Kavita’s hips began to buck and wiggle, aching to fuck the fingers assaulting her and as she found her rhythm, Arun mirrored it on her clit, sucking it into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue in time with her thrusts.

She couldn’t believe it was happening so fast, her body was boiling and her toes were on the verge of cramping. She arched her head up, she had to see this; she had to watch this gorgeous man get her off. That was all it took, when she saw her own puffy lips stretched around is mouth and he looked up at her with those eyes she was done. Kavita grabbed his head and rode his face with abandon, not caring if he could breath or even if she might be hurting him; she was cumming harder than she had in so long and she couldn’t bear for it to stop. Arun never faltered for a moment, sucking and finger fucking her like no other. She could see her juices coating his face and the sight of it made it even better, her pussy contracted and released around his fingers, her legs clamped around his head.

Arun got up from between Kavita’s legs and pulled her to him. Kavita leaned in all the way and kisses his pussy juice coated lips. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and she could still taste her on own juices mixed with his saliva. The combination accentuated her arousal and need for more.

“Now undo my belt and pants and take my cock out,” Arun told her.

With fingers trembling in anticipation Kavita did as she was instructed. She pulled his pants and his briefs down and his semi hard cock gently sprang up. She instinctively leaned down to start sucking him and pump his semi-hard cock in her mouth.

“Not so fast.” He said. “You are going to suck me as I tell you to.”

Arun was going to make sure that Kavita didn’t forget who was in charge here and smiled as he saw her confidence turned into hesitation. She looked down at his cock, the head moist with wetness, her hand wrapped around the base. All she could think of was sucking him, filling her mouth with his dick but waited for Arun’s instructions.

“Lick my shaft first and then all over the head” He said in a gruff voice. “Do it nice and slow. Use the tip of your tongue. I was to see how talented you really are.”

Kavita gently pulled back his skin and licked his shaft gently. The moment his cock touched her tongue she loved the way it tasted, her mouth watering. She felt him swell against her tongue. She licked up the shaft then rolled her tongue all over her bulbous head. She kissed the tip and gently sucked his pre-cum.

“Oh yea, that’s the right way to do it.” Arun moaned encouragingly, running his fingers through her hair.

“Now lick down one side and up the other,” he said, watching her carefully to make sure she did just that, pushing her hair out of her face so he could see.

“Now take it all in.” He said, his voice rough. “I want to see my whole cock disappear in your mouth!”

Arun ran his finger thought her hair and pulled her into his cock. While she slid him deeper and deeper he looked down her body, admiring the curve of her back and her ass in the air. Arun let out a groan as Kavita took his cock in all the way to the base.

Kavita felt his cock swell up more in her mouth. The smell of his cock arousing her even more. This was exactly what she needed, even though she didn’t know it. She Her tongue licking the base of his cock, as it slid deeper and deeper. Fighting off the gag reflex when the head of his cock touched her throat, Kavita took a deep breath and inhaled his pubic smell. The musky sent aroused her so much she felt her pussy twitch and squeeze out her pussy juices down her leg. She loved every second of this; Feeling the veins of his shaft fill with blood in her mouth; his cock dribbing pre-cum down her throat. Arun was her kind of man!

“Now suck my cock fast and hard, let me see just how a cock hungry slut sucks cock,” he told her.

Kavita wasted no time pumping and stroking him in her mouth, making him wet, moaning as she sucked. Her enthusiasm and arousal were evident with the slurping sounds her mouth and lips were making. She paused a moment to lick his balls before swallowing the whole cock again. She was becoming balgat escort bayan more and more intoxicated with the taste and smell of his body. She picked up speed, pumping his cock with her hand and sucking his cock at the same time. His cock felt rock hard and all she could think about was climbing on top of him and riding his hard dick to orgasm.

But Arun had other plans. He told her to stop and took out his cock and began slapping his hard cock all over her lips, rubbing it all over her face. She imagined how good it would feel to have his warm, creamy cum all over her face as she teased him, using her tongue, lips, and smooth cheeks.

“Now turn around and get on your hands and knees.” Arun told her

Surprised at his command, Kavita looked into his eyes and reluctantly turned around. She looked back with lusty eyes and saw Arun standing with his hard dripping cock pointing to her ass.

“Push your ass back for me,” he told her and when she didn’t push it back far enough he slapped her ass hard.

“More,” he said, “Spread your legs apart. I want to see your pussy from behind.”

Kavita closed her eyes at the sting of the slap but loved being under Arun’s control. She pulled her ass back as far as she could and spread her knees wider, opening her pussy, preparing herself mentally for the ravaging she was about to get.

“Just as lovely and sexy as I remember it” Arun said with a smile.

When Kavita was bent over, legs spread apart he teased her wet, swollen pussy with the head of his cock. When he pushed deep inside her she felt a rush of pleasure fill her. With every inch, she was taken back to the ravaging she had felt the first night. All her inhibitions had been torn apart. To the point where she wanted to be ravaged, no fucked by him again and again. He had completely own her that night and that’s what she wanted again.

The heat of Kavita’s pussy was driving Arun insane. He had loved fucking this woman then and today he was loving it more since today, even she wanted him even!

Kavita felt his whole cock enter her pussy and could feel his head pushing her cervix back. She felt his cock inch out slowly and then felt it ram back in hard.

“Aaahhhh” Kavita gasped with a mixture of the pain and pleasure.

Arun looked down at the sexy woman. He held her around her waist and rammed her again. He saw the ripples of her impact go through her sexy ass. He squeezed her ass again and gave it another slap as he rammed her hole to his delight. Pulling one leg on the bed, Arun planted his foot for support and picked up speed. He saw that Kavita pussy juices had formed a ring of white frothy cum at the base of his cock. The sight gave his arousal an even bigger boost and she started thrusting her even harder.

“Ohh ohh ohh” was all the sound Kavita would make at the onslaught.

Arun didn’t slow down. He just kept fucking and pounding her, slapping her ass, holding her arm up over her head, forcing her to take all of his cock. Kavita could feel herself dripping all over his cock and balls, loving every second of it. He was riding her like a king and she was his conquest.

She used her free hand to brace herself against the bed, pushing back into the hard deep thrusts. She was getting closer, clinching the bed sheet in ecstasy and getting close to exploding. As he picked up speed of his ramming, her pussy began to spasm and she moaned out that she was cumming.

“That’s it, cum for me,” he said through gritted teeth as her fucked her harder than before. He was breathing heavily with the effort. He felt her pussy squeeze and milk his cock as her orgasm ripped through her and slowed down his thrusts as her body recovered from her heights of pleasure.

Arun was getting hotter and more turned on by Kavita by the second. As he looked down her spent body, his mind went into overdrive and decided that he was going to fuck the only hole still virgin to him. He dipped a finger into her wet pussy and then pressed it into her asshole up to the first knuckle. He felt her muscle tighten convulsively around his finger and relax, and then he pushed it in some more. Kavita started moaning louder and her moaning was music to him; his pussy juice covered cock was dripping a constant stream of precum in anticipation.

When his finger was all the way inside her asshole, he gently began to work it in and out. Watching his finger disappear into Kavita’s heretofore off-limits asshole made him tremble with desire.

“You like my finger fucking your asshole?” He asked hoarsely.

Kavita closed her eyes, feeling his thick finger in her asshole, fucking it. She was surprised at how good it felt. Different from anything else. She was moaning softly almost constantly now and had to think to answer him.

“Yes” She whispered back fighting a sudden wave of embarrassment.

“Do you want me to stop?” Arun asked, pulling his finger out a little and then pushing it back into the forbidden orifice.

Kavita batıkent escort bayan moaned, pushing her ass back towards his invading finger, wanting to feel more. “No, don’t stop!” She whispered again.

Smiling, Arun said, “Good, I’m not stopping till I fill your tight luscious asshole with my cock! I’m going to stretch your asshole as I fuck it raw and make you beg for more.”

His finger fucked her asshole a few more times. Then he pulled all the way out. Wetting another finger, he prepared to push two fingers into Kavita’s asshole. He watched the tight bud twitching, clenching in front of him.

Kavita groaned, feeling Arun rubbing his fingertips in her warming asshole. Then she felt him put his fingers against her asshole, pushing. She knew he was using more than one finger and felt frightened. But as she felt both fingers slip into her asshole, there was only a discomfort from the invasion not the pain she was expecting. Unconsciously, wiggling her ass, she helped him push them all the way deep inside.

Breathing heavy, Arun licked dry lips and said; “You like this don’t you? You like my fingers in your ass.” He heard her moan and didn’t really expect an answer. Gently, he massaged the inside of her hot ass tunnel, rubbing the walls and stretching them. He felt her tight sphincter relaxing little by little until he could pump his two thick fingers in and out of her ass without any problem. He kept finger fucking his wife’s friend’s ass and with the other hand, he began to rub her pussy. Her clit was swollen, ripe as a berry, and he stroked, patted and rubbed it until he heard Kavita’s telltale signs of cumming. Having her asshole and pussy stimulated at the same time was a complete new experience for Kavita and the intensity of the pleasure brought her to her orgasm faster than she anticipated. Biting her lips, she shuddered again as the waves rippled up and down her spine. Once again, her warm pussy juice coated Arun’s fingers and trickled down her thighs.

Whimpering softly, Kavita lay spent. Arun slowly pulled his fingers out of her and licked her pussy and asshole. She was so compliant and relaxed now that he knew she was ready. Kneeling behind his fuck, her tight sexy ass just begging to be fucked, he gripped both her ass cheeks and spread them apart. He positioned the head of his cock right at the entrance to her tight, virgin asshole.

The head of his cock pressed against the puckered outside of her asshole. He felt her tense up but kept pressing harder until the tip of his glistening cock was inside her. Groaning, Arun concentrated on his cock head invading Kavita’s virgin asshole. He had lubed her up pretty well, but his cock was now dry, and the friction of him forcing his way into that tight orifice was maddening. His precum coated the tip a little and he was able to push inside Kavita’s butt. Watching the tip of his cock disappear into her asshole was a sight that made his cock swell even more.

Kavita all but screamed when the head pushed unceremoniously into her most private hole. Her shoulders immediately fell to the bed and her face buried in the pillow that she had laid down. She moaned into it loudly enough that Arun could tell it wasn’t a moan of pleasure, but he still held her ass firmly in the air. Kavita screamed silently into the pillow, her entire body tense and rigid beyond belief. Arun stopped for a second in amazement, and then withdrew almost his entire length. She seemed to relax, and the relief in her body became clear until he pushed himself firmly back into place, not a hard shove, but a steady advance. When Kavita looked up this time, Arun saw her beautiful eyes were full of tears and her cute round innocent face was cringing in pain.

Kavita was shaking her head now. Finally finding her voice and much too loudly she said between gasping breaths, “STOP, stop, stop, stop, it burns… I can’t do this.”

After that final push Arun began to pull back out as she was saying that. Arun became somewhat angry, as she felt so incredibly good, he pushed in again and she tried to pull away. “I can’t! Stop please. I can’t do this.”

Arun wasn’t about to stop, so he just kept still allowing Kavita more time to relax. Then he decided on an idea and slowly pulled out. After commanding her to not move, Arun returned a moment later with an ice cube. He slowly rubbed the ice on the new red rim of her asshole, gently cooling it. The coldness felt amazing to Kavita after the terrible burn of a few moments ago.

“Thank you,” she mumbled.

Arun replied by sliding his finger into her asshole again while still rubbing the ice on numb hole. He slipped his second finger and eased her asshole open. Sensing she was ready for the real thing again, he pulled his fingers in and rubbed his still hard cock on her ice cold hole.

Kavita felt her lover’s big cock ready to fuck her asshole. She concentrated for a moment but didn’t feel any pain as he entered her asshole a little. Once again, she was surprised at how good it felt this time. The pain had turned into threads of pleasure. All of a sudden, she wanted him to fuck her ass hard. She wanted his big cock inside her tight asshole, stretching her, filling her. She felt ready to explode just thinking about it. She had this incredible urge to push her bottom back, impaling herself with her lover’s cock.

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Sucking Her Lover’s Cock

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One evening I came home from the bar to find that my wife Barbara had a friend over and they were naked in the hot tube. I thought it was odd that she had a naked man in our hot tub but I didn’t say anything.

Barbara introduced him and asked me to join them so I quickly took off my clothes and slid into the bubbling hot water with them. Once in there I noticed that my wife’s friend Bruce was sporting a tremendous erection. I tried not to look but never having much time in gyms I’d never really seen a cock this close before. I was so taken by the sight that I couldn’t look away.

My wife Barbara noticed right away. She moved closer to Bruce and whispered in his ear causing him to smile. Then Bruce moved up on the edge of the tub and spread his legs displaying his rock hard cock even better. Barbara then asked, “Do you like what you see?” and then stopped short when she noticed that my cock was growing bigger and harder. Seeing that she said to Bruce, “I think my hubby is getting turned on by your cock?”

He agreed then grabbed his cock and teasingly stroked it a few times.

Then Barbara said, “If you like it so much, why don’t you suck it for him?” Shocked, I looked at her like she was crazy. Undaunted, she grabbed me by the hair and guided me over in front of Bruce. Then she said, “Suck it like the bitch you are,” as she pushed my head toward his big dick.

Her bahçelievler escort hand still on the back of my head, she held his cock and guided it up to my face. Pushing my head down over his lap, Barbara grabbed my balls and started to squeeze them very hard all the while demanding that I suck his cock. When I opened my mouth to wince from pain, Barbara stuck his dick in it. Then pushing and tugging on my hair she forced me to bob my mouth up and down on Bruce’s long hard cock. My own cock was by now so fucking hard I could hardly stand it.

Barbara called me a whore and told me I was to suck him off before the two of them fucked me in my little asshole. When I didn’t move my mouth fast enough, she reached up on the bank and picked up a strap on with a ten inch ass fucking dildo and strapped it in place. I noticed it was one of those double ended dildos where when she put it on one end went inside her. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw her lubed it up before slid it into my tight ass.

Meanwhile, Bruce had grabbed me by the hair and was forcing me to suck his huge cock while my wife proceeded to penetrate my tight ass. In no time she was fucking my ass as deep as she could and Bruce was forcing me to deep throat his massive dick.

Strangely enough I started to enjoy the feel of his cock in my mouth so I gave in and did as I was told. balgat escort Tightening my lips around his thick hard shaft I started bobbing and sucking. From his moans of, “Ooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock,” and the look on his face I must have been doing it right. After about ten minutes of loud slurping and sucking and ass fucking Bruce was starting to tense up. Barbara could tell he was going to cum any time now so as she kept fucking me, she pushed down on my head all the while telling me I was to suck off Bruce and swallow his hot sticky load.

And there it was. All at once Bruce moaned, “Oh shit, here it is. I’m cumming. Ohmigod, I’m cumming,” he screamed but it was more of announcement than a warning. Then like an explosion he started to shoot his hot gooey cum deep into my throat and all over my mouth. I obeyed the demands to swallow his cum and kept swallowing over and over until Bruce stopped cumming. And then like most men he was ultra-sensitive after cumming so he pushed me off his dick.

After a couple of minutes had passed, Barbara told me to put his cock back into my mouth and suck on it until it was hard again. When I took it in my mouth it was still sticky with cum. I didn’t mind though I kinda liked the taste. Once in my mouth it wasn’t long before Bruce was hard again.

Then laughing, Barbara told me, “Now you’re going to batıkent escort get fucked by a real cock.”

She told me I was getting looser after all of her fucking and then she pulled me off of Bruce’s cock and bent me face first over the edge of the bank. When Bruce moved back in the water, Barbara wrapped her fingers around his thick cock and stroke it a few times before she guided his big hard dick into my well lubricated ass.

Over my shoulder I saw Bruce turn towards the house and motion for someone to come out and join the party. It turned out to be his wife Cassandra who was already wearing a strap-on. Barbara helped her onto the edge of the tub. Once down, Barbara moved her hand up to Cassandra’s chin and lifted her face. It seemed like an eon before their lips finally touched. Barbara broke the kiss off almost as soon as it started but I could tell by the look on her face that Barbara could have stayed in that moment forever.

Barbara slowly pulled away from her and then forced me to start sucking Cassandra’s strap-on while her husband Bruce energetically fucked my ass.

As I was being pounded from both ends, Barbara was laughing and taunting me even more calling me a bitch and a nasty whore cocksucker and ass fucker.

I felt Bruce start to pump me harder and then with a roar of, “I’m cumming. Here it is. I’m cumming, OOHHHHHH God I’m cumming,” his cum started to fill my tight asshole. It was the first time I ever sucked a real cock or let a man fuck me and cum up my ass. And thanks to Barbara it wasn’t the last.

After that she was always bring home strange men for me to suck before they fucked her. Who could ask for a better wife…

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