Lonely Mama

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“Shit,” she sighed as she turned the key and opened the door to the palpably empty house. It was a tough week and if she had ever needed the filial companionship of her lover, it was today. She immediately made her way to the bedroom, as he knew she would. They had lived together for the entire 18 years of his existence and her habits were not unknown to him.

As she entered the bedroom, she began to peel off her sticky work clothes. She flopped onto the bed, face down, clad only in the plain underclothes she wore when she had no-one to show her body to. She grabbed her special pillow, the one she sometimes use to prop herself up with when he fucked her from behind, and she lay there for lonely minutes that stretched into eons, breathing deeply.

Eventually, she rolled over and reached lazily for her stash box. It contained (or should have contained) about an ounce of high grade marijuana, a pack of rolling papers and a novelty lighter with a picture of a young women, naked from the waist up. Today, however, the box contained slightly less than an ounce of high-grade marijuana, the pack of rolling papers, and a note:


I hope your day at work wasn’t TOO bad! By now I’ll be at John’s for the weekend. I got into your stash yesterday before you got home from work, but please promise you won’t decide to be mad until the end of this little game. I think you’ll like it and forgive my theft. Go into the living room, you’ll find your reward there.

Your baby boy

Drawn above the signature was a small crude hand drawn heart and an even cruder hand drawn cock and balls, with several blobs of semen flying from the tip. She laughed out loud. She knew she wouldn’t be mad at him.

Still in her underclothes (but with a damp patch slowly growing in the crotch), she found her way to the living room. There she found the lighter from her stash box, a small glass of brandy in what appeared to be a dirty snifter, and the obscenely shaped bong she had bought for her son as a joke. There was also another note, and she supposed she was meant to read it, but instead she sat down and undid her full-support bra, allowing her 38-C breasts to spill from their enclosure. The cooler air felt good against her freckled and sweaty tits.

She grabbed the bong and placed it between her legs, giggling like a school girl at the large male member now sprouting proud and erect from her pubis. She caressed the pink glass head of the bong with her left hand, and the fullness of her breast and soft pink areola with her right. She picked up the second note and began to read.


The dong is filled with water, packed and ready to go. Turn the TV on and press play on the camcorder. Don’t drink the brandy until I tell you to.

Your good little boy.

She looked up. Their digital camcorder was indeed wired to the television. She turned the TV on and started the camcorder’s playback. The screen flickered black and settled on a picture of her baby boy’s bedroom. She stared intently at the TV.

Her baby boy, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt came into frame and sat on his bed, his left leg out and his right leg folded under it. He was fingering a small white object. “Hello, mama. It’s your good little boy. I know you’ve been having such a rough week at work, and I know you’ll want to play this weekend, only I can’t. I’ll be away at a sleepover. But I thought of a way that we can be together, even if we’re not.” He brought the small white object, obviously a joint to his lips, lit it and inhaled. “Go on, take a hit from that big dick while I smoke some of this.”

She did as her baby boy instructed, focusing her attention downward for just a few seconds. When she had returned her gaze to the television, he was still smoking his joint, but his t-shirt had come off. “It’s nice to get high together, isn’t it, mommy? And what is mommy wearing? Her work clothes? Poor mommy! Why don’t you take those off?”

“I’m way ahead of you, kid” she said to the TV, once again fingering her rosy nipples.

He smiled and winked at the camera as he took a couple hits from the joint, giving her time she didn’t need to take off her clothes. “Is mommy in her underwear now? Good. It’s been a hard week, so I packed enough for two hits in there. Go ahead and take the other one, the one I would have if we were together.”

Again she did as she was told, again shifting focus from the TV to the bong and back again, and again the scene had changed. Now her son was standing up, much closer to the camera. Almost the entire frame was filled with his body, with the beginnings of his still-growing happy trail around his belly button at the top of the frame and his lower thighs at the bottom. She noted with no small approval that his abs bayrampaşa escort were beginning to get some definition. She had encouraged him to start working out a year ago and the dividends were paying off quite nicely.

“That’s a good mommy. But you’re also a naughty mommy, aren’t you? You have to be naughty to have such a huge collection of porn movies and magazines. You have to be naughty to smoke as much weed as you do. And you have to be really, really naughty to fuck your own son, don’t you mommy?”

She nodded, flushed. She was naughty, and she had always been naughty.

On screen he hitched this thumbs into the belt loops of his shorts. The added weight brought them ever so slightly lower, revealing now not just his happy trail, but also the first tangles of his orange pubic hair.

“And do you know what naughty mommies get? They get spanked! Now, I’m not there to spank you, so you’re going to have to do it yourself. On the honor system.” As he spoke he pulled the waist of his pants up and down, around and around, revealing and covering up more of that beautiful red nest of hair. “What I want you to do, mommy, is to get on your hands and knees right there on the couch, lengthwise so that you can turn your head and keep on watching the TV. Put your chest and head down so that your tits are rubbing the couch cushions and your ass is as high in the air as it can be.”

She folded herself into the required position.

“Now, I want you to take your hand, reach back and start caressing your ass cheek.” She took her right hand and slowly caressed her right ass cheek over her panties. “Now, push your panties down just enough to expose your asshole to the air.” She moaned. She loved hearing her baby boy talk filthy to her. “That’s a naughty mommy. Now give yourself a nice slap.”


She slapped her right hand against her right ass cheek, letting her hand linger for a moment and pulling her right cheek, spreading her ass cheeks, exposing her asshole even more and ever so slightly pulling her pussy lips apart.

“Mmm…how did that feel? Did it sting, mommy?”

“Yes it did, baby boy,” she whispered.

“I hope it did. That’s what bad mommies get. Keep on spanking yourself. Don’t go easy, you are a very naughty mommy.”


It was true, she was a naughty mommy.


Even as a girl, her own son’s age, she had been a naughty girl.


And now here she was, fucking her son regularly.


And when she couldn’t fuck him, she was dreaming about his cock.


“But you know what I think?” he asked, as he started to unbutton his pants. “I think that, until that first day that we were together as mama and baby boy, that you were TRYING to be a good mommy.” He unzipped his fly. The gyrating of his hips and thumbs, now tucked into the waistband of his boxers was growing even wilder. Now on the upswing it didn’t even cover his pubic hair, and on the downswing revealed the entire patch of his pubic hair. “I think that you smelled the pot and came into my room to give me a serious talking to. Is that right, mama?”

She nodded to the TV, her right hand still smacking, pulling and spreading her ass cheeks, her left arm now curled under her, between her tits and her neck, her left thumb popped into her mouth.

“But something made you stop, didn’t it?” By now his shorts, loosed when he unbuttoned and unzipped them, had fallen loosely around his knees. His gyration had increased, and now the base of the shaft of his cock was being revealed on the down swing, and on a few occasions she caught tantalizing glimpses of the crimson mushroom head through the slit in his boxers. “I wonder what that was…” he said in a playful tone of voice and pushed his boxers and shorts down to the floor. His 8″ sprang free and she gasped. His fully erect cock bobbled slightly as he stepped out of his pants and kicked them aside.

He formed a small circle with his right thumb and forefinger, as if signaling “OK.” He pushed this small circle over the head of his penis, and asked lowly, huskily, “It was this, wasn’t it? I’m not wearing anything, why don’t you go ahead and pull those panties all the way down.” She dutifully followed orders. “Why don’t you sit back down on the couch, spreading your legs wide,” he said as he continued to slowly tease the shaft of his cock with the small hole formed by his thumb and forefinger. “Mmm, I wish I could be there, kneeling between those heavenly thighs. I’d lick your lips, I’d slowly trace circles around your clit with my tongue, I’d stick my middle finger up inside your cunt, massaging you from the inside.”

She moaned, the fingers beşiktaş escort of her right hand had formed an upside-down-V that was now rubbing her pussy lips together, indirectly rubbing her clit. This gave a low, sweet tingle to her vulva, and her juices started to really flow.

On screen, her son was now pressing the head of his cock up into his belly, the head of his cock completely obscuring his naval from the camera. The fingers of his right hand were gently tapping on the bulbous vein on the underside of his shaft that carried his cum from his balls to the tip of his penis. She found this sight incredibly erotic and she began to slowly circle her fully engorged clit directly with her fingers.

“I knew something was different that day, almost immediately. I didn’t recognize that expression as lust, as young and naïve as I was, but I knew something happened when you caught sight of this cock, greased up with my spit and pumping in and out of my closed fist. I was nervous when you told me not to stop, and even more so when you began to undress, acting like you were going to force me to indulge my vices like a parent who makes their child smoke a whole pack of cigarettes when they find a casually discarded butt. But that wasn’t it, was it, mommy? You just wanted that big dick, and didn’t even care who it belonged to.”

On screen, he moved back to the bed, with his back resting against the headboard. He was propped up by pillows, and his legs were spread obscenely wide, his knees bent at an angle that allowed his feet to lay flat on the bed. His entire naked body now filled the frame, from the shoulder length curls on his head, to his clear, young Irish features, to his upper body, where his working out combined with the adolescent surge of testosterone had increased his muscle mass substantially. Finally, she fixed her graze on his crotch, where his erect penis stood proudly at attention without any help from his hands, which were occupied rubbing and tugging at his testicles.

He pulled out a bottle of lube and greased up his left hand. He slowly worked his cock with that fist, and soon the head of his cock was gleaming as it would slowly reveal itself with each down stroke. “And of course, it’s not just boys, or boy parts. You love girls, don’t you, you naughty mommy. You love to touch a girls tits, big or small. You love cunt, shaved or hairy. You love to lick them, finger them, even fuck them with that big strap-on of yours, don’t you?” On screen he closed his eyes, as if conjuring up an image in his mind. He increased the pace of his pumping left fist slightly. He opened his eyes and looked directly into the camera.

“I bet you wish you had something to stick in your pussy. I bet it’s feeling a little empty right now. Why don’t you reach down and feel between the right and center couch cushion.” Curiously, she did so, and almost immediately felt the familiar texture of sex toy grade silicone. She pulled out the object and gasped. “Does it look familiar?” he asked, momentarily stopping his masturbation to display his cock to the camera.

“Yes, it’s my baby’s…my baby boy’s…”

“I molded it from a kit I ordered from the internet. I used your credit card, mommy.”

“Don’t worry, baby boy,” she murmured. “Mama’s more than happy to pay for this.”

“I’ll stick this bottle of lube in there too, so go on and grease your baby’s shaft up.”

She fished in the couch, despairing for a minute that he had forgotten the lube, that she would have to pause the video and frantically search for another bottle, but after a few moments she felt it and pulled it out. Her son was still pumping his left fist over his cock. She took the silicone copy of the dick onscreen, clutched it between her legs, copying his movements exactly in order to lube up the the dildo. She then began to push it in and out of her cunt with her left hand, playing with her clit with the right.

“I remember the first time I saw you eat pussy mommy. My friend Kara was over. As you licked her cute little innie, your breasts weighed heavily against her moistening pussy.” Kara had been so sweet and young, with a nearly shaved pussy. She had only a tuft of dirty blond hair, the small patch of carpet matching the drapes exquisitely. She had kissed down from Kara’s belly button to that tuft of hair, enjoying the contrasting roughness of her pubic hair before reaching the sweet, smooth slit that had covered her cleavage in girl juice. Girl juice, she remembered with a shiver, that her son had greedily lapped off her tits.

Her son’s cock on the TV was now turning a deeper red, almost purple at the tip. He was leaking pre-cum, and his testicles had tightened. His left hand was working beylikdüzü escort his shaft ever more quickly, and his right was now stroking the narrow crevice between his right thigh and balls. She knew that he was not going to be able to hold his orgasm off much longer, so in turn she quickened the pace at which she was both rubbing her clit and fucking herself with the copy of her son’s cock.

“I can still see you, sucking her cunt. The lips on your face meeting the lips between her legs. The was her clit became so big when you licked it, the way her vulva swelled and bulged as you stuck your fingers in it. I can still see her face as she began to cum for you, I can hear your sighs and coos of encouragement as you lapped up her nectar. I can smell the two of you, the two different tangy aromas of your excitement…” His face was flushed now, and his hand was pumping furiously. “I’m going to cum soon, mommy, and I know you like to cum with your little boy. But don’t today, hold off until after. I have one last surprise that I think is going to send you over the moon.”

She pouted. He was right, she did want to cum with him. But he hadn’t led her astray yet, and she reluctantly slowed her rubbing and fucking.

“Do you remember, mommy, how we laid Kara down on her back? You straddled her face as if to 69 with her, but instead I got behind you and fucked you doggy style.” His face was really beginning to flush now, his breathing had become ragged, sultry. “Your breasts – oh god! – your tits rubbing against her firm, young belly. We made her watch us fuck, your juices dripping down my balls onto her face. God! You came, I made you cum, your baby boy made you cum so good, and it coated my thighs, her face, Oh! Oh!” He hissed a sharp inhale, and continued. “And then you told me to cum, and I did, your baby boy filling your hot cunt with my cum. And then I pulled out of you, and you sat your pussy down on Kara’s face, surprising her. But, she made you cum again, made my mommy cum again, even though you had just came, and when you came you pushed my cum into her mouth, and she ate it all up, oh, mommy! Mommy! I’m going to cum!”

Lightning quick he grabbed a glass that had apparently been just out of frame the entire time. He spread his legs wide, holding the glass down below his cock, the tip of the cock pointing down into the glass. He began to cum in the glass, screaming “Oh, god, Mommy, yes!” After five big spurts, the glass was half full and he was regaining his composure, slowly rubbing the last pleasurable waves out of his cock, before it became too sensitive to touch. Despite her instructions she almost came watching the dirty scene, and she almost came once again upon realizing that the glass he came in was the brandy snifter he had left on the coffee table for her.

“OK, mommy, I hope you’re ready to cum.” She nodded at the TV again. On screen he pulled out the glass bong and a spoon. He scooped some of the cum into each chamber of the bong. “There. Now the big dick has some actual cum in it.” He then took the spoon, scooped up some more of his cum and drizzled it on the weed. “Mmm…yummy, cummy pot for my yummy, cummy mommy,” he said, giggling. He packed the slide of the bong with the obscenely garnished marijuana.

“Oh, God,” she thought. “I smoked my son’s cum! The smoke was filtered through his cum too!” She began to fuck herself furiously.

“And last, but not least,” he continued, fingering the cum in the brandy snifter. He rubbed the cum in the glass, spreading it all over, making sure that the glass was rimmed with his cum like a margarita glass is rimmed with salt. “Drink the brandy, mommy.”

She didn’t hesitate to oblige. She licked the glass, cloudy with his dried cum, and took the measure of brandy in one go. “Does it taste good, mommy? Does it feel good to drink your baby boy’s cum as you get fucked by your baby boy’s cock?”

That was it, he continued to talk dirty on the TV, but she was over the edge. Her pussy clamped onto the dildo with such force it shot from her pussy and fell to the floor with a wet thud. She supposed she was screaming but the blood rushing in her ears prevented her from being sure of that. She was aware that her legs were wetter than usual, but it wasn’t until she recovered and opened her eyes, seeing the soaked couch cushion, floor and coffee table that she realized she had squirted. When she finally returned her focus to the TV, her son had shifted positions again. Now he was lying on his belly, his face pressed up close to the camera. He had his hands placed beneath his chin, his legs up in the air, playfully kicking back and forth. He had a smile that spread from ear to ear and his eyes were sparkling.

“I hope that was good, mommy. I’ll see you Sunday afternoon. I hope my little replica will keep you from being too lonely. I love you.” He blew her a kiss, and with that the video stopped.

She picked up the dildo and lay back down on the couch. She slowly rubbed the shaft of the replica dildo. She was no longer intensely lonely, stressed or worn out, but Sunday afternoon could not come soon enough.

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