Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 09

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Chapter 9 (Coming Home)

**The difference between hitting someone with a rock and a snowball is that it is harder to use a snowball as evidence.**

(It will be a bit slow in getting there, but I hope it will be worth it in the end.)

We entered the club with me wearing nothing special — a comfortable dress jacket that I had worn throughout college, a grey sleeveless shirt, and black jeans. My shoes were designed for ease of removal (and putting back on). Danielle was awesome in my opinion. She had on heeled thigh boots, a short black skirt with crotch-less mesh panties on. Up top she had on a black bolero jacket kept in place by a single gold chain over the breast. She had no bra on. I liked her breast to hang free. I was making sure that Danielle felt as inspired by them as I was.

I was looking forward to spending some time working with Danielle and a few other peoples I knew she would enjoy, be they passionate or frightening.

“Wet already?” I whispered into her ear as I stood behind her, “Maybe I should make you a statue tonight while I have a little fun. Would you like that?” Danielle shook her head in the negative. I spanked her once, “that is your punishment for denying me,” and another spank again, “and that is your reward for honesty.”

“Stop,” she whispered invoking our safe word so that only I could hear. We each made a half turn of our bodies so that we were no face to face. She drew her arms folded up against her chest between us. My arms were on the outside pinning her in. I didn’t have to hear what she wanted. I dove in and kissed her slowly, languidly and fully. When I finally broke the lip-embrace I smiled warmly down at her. She rolled her hips against mine, feeling my hardness against her lower stomach.

“You really like being in control, don’t you?” I teased her. Embarrassed, Danielle looked down. “Go get me a riding crop and be quick about it. As she turned to go, I put a hand on her shoulder, stopping her. I put my hand down to her ass and pushed a line down the back of her panties along the crack of her ass. I traveled lower pushing one finger inside her and moving it around. Danielle gave this tiny little moan that I found to be such a turn on. I pulled the finger out and traced the line back up. I wiggled the finger round her anus and played with putting it in. Finally Danielle tried to back up on it, but I anticipated her move and withdrew. She looked over her shoulder at me confused and hungry. Then she looked past me.

I followed that gaze and saw two security types coming in my general direction.

“Go,” I urged Danielle.” She hesitated so I spanked her hard. She yelped and hurried away to find the riding crop.

“Sir, please come with us.” It sounded like a courtesy, but it was clearly a command. I walked with them, uncertain as to how I’d fucked up.

They took me past the private rooms that were designed to fulfill all kinds of desires. I had to admire the sound proofing. We came to an L in the hall and we went up a set of stairs to what must have been the third level of the warehouse the club was a part of. The two security guys stopped at a door.

“Go in,” the talkative one told me. I considered him talkative because his partner didn’t seem to have a passing acquaintance with the English language, so that man who’d spoken two sentences earned the top billing. I went in. It was a large executive office space with a fish tank fitted into one wall and a large cherry wood desk which was clear save for the one computer monitor on it. The occupant of the high-backed chair had turned away from me. There were three other chairs in front of the desk that looked suspiciously comfortable.

“Please have a seat, Mr. Cullen,” a female voice said. It was strong and assertive, sounding like that of a forty to fifty year old non-smoker. I took a seat and the woman turned around. It took me a moment to place her because I don’t normally read political blogs or the local papers. She was the councilwoman from my district. She’d spoke at my High School when I was seventeen. The subject of that talk and her very presence here was a dichotomy. Rebecca Lawson was anti-crime, anti-drug and a bastion of high moral thought. She lectured to us on abstinence being the only way a good boy or girl could get by in life. She had made a name for herself in curbing prostitution throughout the city. Now all of that made more sense. She was the biggest Madame in town.

She was also attractive, looking forty when I knew she was almost sixty. Her hair was white with a hint of silver. She wore a white silk jacket with a bone colored dress beneath it. The strands of pearls on her necklace were a nice touch to the ensemble. It was hard to say what her dimensions were, sitting behind that desk, but her complexion was clean and the lines of her face clearly defined, almost hawk-like. I guessed she was a woman who took care of herself. I also got the impression that she ate punks like me for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a şişli escort side order of humiliation for the unlucky.

“Mrs. Lawson,” I said by way of a greeting. I tried to remain nonchalant, but deep down I was terrified because now I knew exactly why I was here.

“Do you know why you are here?”

“I have good idea,” I replied.

“Good for you. I want twenty-five percent.” She was referring to the new business I was setting up involving the high-class ladies and prostitution under my family’s control — family being myself, Danielle (my Lover), Mom, and April.

“Deal,” I replied instantly. There was no reason to even bargain. I knew where I was on the food chain.

“Well, you were very quick of to agree,” Lawson smiled.

“You hold all the cards. You have the political influence that can crush me or protect me. You have the client lists and have a better idea of what certain people will need than I do — for now. There is also the small matter of me being in your club, with your security at the door. You said twenty-five percent when you could have said fifty, so I’ll take the better offer while it is still on the table.

Mrs. Lawson laughed at that. “She says you area a very smart boy, in some ways. How would you like to keep more of your money?”

“I would.”

“I want you to take on and train someone important to me. I want you to take them under your wing and hold them close in all things. You will keep her, hold her and protect her over all others. Do we have a deal?”


“No? You haven’t even heard the rest of the offer. You are looking at increasing your wealth by a hundred thousand dollars a year,” Lawson stated.

“Not worth it. I have two people I hold close and protect. I can’t do it three times and I won’t give up either of the women I am currently with.

“Two? I thought there was only one?” she said keenly interested.

“Danielle and my Sister April; I love them in different ways, but I won’t give up either one for money, or anything else that I can imagine.”

“What if the woman was very beautiful and devoted to you already?”

“If she is devoted to me then she knows what my answer is and will be. I have to say no to your generous offer.”

Mrs. Rebecca Lawson laughed a deep sound that spread over the room. I figured I was about to die, or I had done something right. This woman was a renowned hard-ass after all.

“She told me you would say that; almost those exact words in fact.”

“One last offer, but this is a good one. How would you like to start being seen with my youngest daughter? She has avoided the spotlight the rest of my brood has enjoyed, but she is showing some desire to step up now. This would open all kinds of doors for you. You would become part of my family and under my direct protection. Opportunities in politics and business would be open to you,” Lawson offered.

“Thank you, but no.”

“She is very attractive. I am sure she would be a good lover to you, honest and obedient,” the councilwoman added.

“I am sure she is a wonderful, fantastic girl, but I am ecstatic where I am. Tell her I’m sorry?”

“So there is nothing I can do that would make you abandon your Lover and Sister? What if I exposed your entire scheme? It would ruin you all. You would lose everything. Would you throw away it all away?”

“What would I be losing? A few years of my life and I’d rebuild somewhere else. With my Sister and Danielle, I would end up okay.”

“Are you sure they would sacrifice everything for you?” Lawson warned.

“I can’t say. I can only say what I’ll do.”

“Aren’t you even going to bother counter-threatening me? You could at least try that,” she persisted.

“To what end? I’ve got nothing on you. There are some people that I can lie to but you aren’t one of them. I’ll save my wind for the prison choir.”

“What about Seven? Would you sacrifice her?” Lawson threatened.

“She’s not a part of this and nothing can be tied back to her. She’s free and clear so you’ll have to cook up something dirty if you want to get at her.”

“If I did? If I destroyed her?” Lawson pondered.

“She could join me in my rebuilding efforts once we got away from your influence. She’s a friend. It is foolish of me to say I can protect anyone from you. I don’t think you will kill us and if you don’t then we will get away from you and start up somewhere else.”

“So, you would risk yourself for Seven? You barely know the girl. Why? What is so special about her? She’s not your lover, nor is she your business partner.”

“She’s a friend and she did me a kindness once when she didn’t have to. That is all the reason I need. I don’t have a clue as to why she agreed to help me, if that is what you are looking for?”

“So even threats of physical violence against people around you, or against yourself, won’t make you change your mind?” Lawson wondered out loud.

“Bones knit, skin heals, suadiye escort I can get by with one eye or one kidney, and the rest of the damage tends to be fatal, so I can’t say I’m really all that worried about you having my ass kicked.”

“Do you for a moment think I won’t hurt you if I feel it is in my own best interest?” she threatened.

“No, not at all; I’m counting on the whole ‘own best interest’ to keep me going. I’m trying not to give you a reason to find me a liability.” Lawson laughed again.

“Do you want to see my daughter, the one you turned away?” Lawson inquired.

“If you insist.”

The door closest to the desk opened and a strikingly familiar woman walked in. I stood up because it was the polite thing to do. She had on suede calf boots, a pleated dark plaid skirt that went to her knees, a white blouse and a vest that was dark plaid in the front and black in the back. Her hair was long, and flowed freely around her as she glided into the room.

“Seven?” I boggled. “Your youngest daughter is Seven? Don’t I feel like such an idiot now?”

“I will allow you this mistake,” she laughed softly. “Do you regret your choice now?”

“About choosing Danielle over you? No. Besides, if I was the type of man who would dump one woman to advance myself with another, would you even give me the time of day?”

“We certainly wouldn’t be here,” Seven nodded. “What now?”

“How about we collect Danielle and go someplace and talk things over?”

“Does she need to know about us — me and my Mother?” Seven asked.

“No, I won’t give her knowledge that would harm her, but she will know of the deal in general and I think she will respect my wishes on not revealing all of the details,” I responded.

“Dinner?” Seven inquired.

“Michael’s sounds good and they stay open to one, in case we feel like a long talk.”

“You two may leave my office now,” Mrs. Lawson dismissed us both. Once outside, Seven sent a security guy to retrieve Danni.

“So, what in the hell did I ever do to you?” I quipped.

“You gave a woman a hug when she desperately needed one and didn’t even know how to act. It is one thing to have empathy but it is a very rare person who acts on it. You didn’t know her, but you made it your purpose to find out what she needed. So many people here find out a person’s weaknesses and use that against them. Some people like being treated that way. She secretly wanted to be saved so you saved her. That’s rare indeed.”

“You make it sound like some fairy tale story. I still punish her when she misbehaves.”

“I didn’t say you two didn’t have some kink in your relationship,” Seven chuckled. “I wish you had a twin brother.”

I looked at her for a long time.

“I wish I did too.”

“So Seven is a partner too now?” Danni questioned.

“We can’t really do it without her and we both think that her branching out will be good for each of us,” I tried to assure Danielle.

“Don’t worry,” Seven grinned softly, “I gave him a very good offer to leave you for me and he didn’t even flinch. You two have something special. Maybe I can find that magic for myself.”

Danielle looked to me for verification and I gave it. Deep wounds take a long time to heal, as do deep betrayals. Danni trusted me; in due time she would trust me completely. Seven was a different story. I kept catching the way she looked at me. Either she was waiting to find a chink in my armor, proving I was like every other man she’d known, or she was waiting for a chance to displace Danielle in my life. I feared both possibilities. I almost missed what Danielle said.

“Damien needs to go home now. He’s got a busy day ahead of him,” she lied. I had tomorrow off and she knew it.

“You two should start living together,” Seven smiled. “Most relationships are tested in the first six months of cohabitation.”

“I need to keep up with matters at home, until I know what my Sister is doing for college. I don’t feel safe leaving her there with Mom and Dad. Mom may be on our side, but she’s still Mom. At some point I’m going to have to deal with Dad and that’s going to get ugly,” I promised.

“Go home. Get some sleep and you can meet again for lunch and plan out who our first victim will be. Seven can choose the lunch venue,” Danielle said. I was getting the feeling I was being expelled from the table. Danni promised to pay my tab so I graciously left after planting a few kisses.

The ride home was filled with a mixture of fatigue and relief. The whole episode with Lawson had put me off dinner. Standing up to her (sort of) and then learning that Seven was her baby girl had worn my mind down so that I knew I wasn’t at the top of my game. I needed to be thinking clearly tomorrow so I was looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

I entered my apartment quietly. I checked and April was in my bed. I thought about the sofa but was too damn tired so I stripped down to my underwear taksim escort and slid into bed with her. She turned over and snuggled into me.

“Hey,” she whispered. I should have known she’d been faking sleep.

“Hey April, you should be asleep.”

“There is something I have to ask you and I need an honest answer.”

“Okay, what is it. I’ve always tried to be honest with you,” I told her.

“Are we ever going to sleep together?” she asked cautiously. I had to think that over for a few seconds.

“No April; I don’t think I can bring myself to change that part of our relationship. I guess I am a coward that way.”

“Damien, I want you to be my first,” she said, dropping those words on me. I found my chest tightening.

“I would need to think it over,” I hesitated. April propped herself up on her elbow so that she was looking down on me. Her hair looked like a silky waterfall encasing her wonderful face.

“You would need to ask Danielle, wouldn’t you?” she sighed. That was the real crux of the matter. I wanted my Sister and I wanted her to be happy and I was finding it harder to meet both goals.

“Yes I would,” I explained. April smiled a devilish grin and I knew something’s up.

“I already asked her and she says it is okay,” she beamed. “That is why she sent you home tonight, so that we could have all tonight and tomorrow together. Isn’t she wonderful?”

I felt wonderfully screwed. All I was left with was my own fear and the fear of disappointing my Sister and making those gorgeous eyes fill with tears.

“I’ll be gentle,” I said as I put my hand to the side of her head, teasing the earlobe then slowly lowering her lips down to mine.

“I trust you,” she breathed into me.

“I’m glad at least one of us does,” I grinned back. That earned a wondrous giggle from April.

“The first time tonight is going to be quick, to get some of the discomfort out of the way. We’ll move on to the love-making when you feel ready to let me explore your body and eat you up. April nodded. I reached down between her thighs to see how much work I was looking forward to. She was sopping wet.

“I’ve been getting ready for you ever since you left the restaurant. Danielle gave me the call and wished me luck. Oh, I’m supposed to give you back more or less intact” she giggled again.

“I think someone is going to get a spanking tomorrow night,” I grimaced. “I don’t like getting played.” I studied the guarded look April gave me. “Okay, I don’t mind too much when it is the people I love, but … someone should have trusted me to do the right thing.”

“Can I make it up to you?” April said in a coquettish voice.

“No,” I responded with love in my eyes. “Tonight is all you. I want the next twenty-four hours to be as perfect as I can make it.” I said the right thing because April descended on me like an impassioned warrior leaping into their first battle. I had a hard time getting my other hand into play. It takes some effort to get her to spread her legs and give me greater access. It took me another minute to maneuver her where I wanted her, straddling my stomach. April was resisting.

“Pin me down, Damien, make me yours. Tie me up and restrain me. Make me your … your … your bitch.”

That was not what I expected hear. I began to think she’d been having long talks with Danielle. April tries to roll off, but I shift around and don’t let her. Instead I bring both hands together and pin her wrists above my chest. She struggles to break free, but I’m far stronger than she is. Her eyes became a mixture of fear and lust. She moved forward as I yank her arms to my head.

I clamped her wrists in one hand. She could have escaped then if she really wanted to, but it would have been painful as she twisted free. She learned this and her struggles lessened. With my now-free hand I moved down her breasts and stomach until I touched her now visible clit. I pulled on it lightly and she shivered. My hand moved down her thigh until my palm touched my penis. I brought it up until it touched her vaginal opening.

“Lower yourself,” I told her. She looked fearful and confused. “Lower yourself,” I commanded. Now she seemed to know what I was doing and she gulped and closed her eyes. I slowly pushed up with my binding hand so that she was more upright. Tentatively she tested my member expanding the walls to her vagina. She hesitated then pushed a little further. I felt it when she felt the obstruction and made that momentous decision.

She looked down at me, panting slightly. “I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you too, now more than ever,” I responded. She lowered herself down further. I feel the pressure building up on my penis head and then it pushes free. A look of pain crossed her face but the sound coming out of her lips was, “aaahhh”.

A tear rolled down from her right eye. I reached up and brushed it away. She purred to my touch. Her steady downward progress accelerated now that much of her fear of the unknown had evaporated. I had no doubt that she hurt, but she was the master of that pain. It wasn’t something inflicted on her. When she was finally able to take all of me in and pushed down on the pelvic bone she gave me a smile to die for.

“I did it,” she panted. She leaned down to kiss me but I blocked her with her own arms.

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