Love Thy Family Ch. 02

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This story is a serial and is best read and enjoyed chapter-wise. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is pure coincidence. All characters are over eighteen years of age

Let us put Sekhar’s story on the hold for a while and move to Aruna.

I am sure you are wondering what was really wrong with Aruna and how was it possible for a love marriage to fall apart and fail so fast. Let me tell you her story.

You have already learned that being the only child of rich and indulging parents, she was thoroughly spoiled.

She did fall in love with Sekhar and wanted him for herself so badly that she maneuvered him towards an early marriage. All that was, in fact, in good faith. She thought that once married to him things would work out very well for them. But, as we know, they did not.

To understand her strange behavior, we have to go back into her past.

A few years ago, Smita’s father had to go abroad for a month on a business tour. He didn’t want his wife and daughter to be alone at home that long without him. So, he arranged for them to visit and stay with his wife’s brother Bhaskar and his family in their village. As it was vacation time, Aruna didn’t mind going there. She loved the village, the fields, the farms, the streams, the cattle and the natural beauty of the place.

Her Uncle Bhaskar was around forty five and looked after his large agricultural holdings. He was basically a farmer and loved it. Their only daughter was married off a few years back to a boy from a good family who was a software engineer working in USA. Bhaskar and his wife Gauri were naturally happy that his sister Laksmi and her daughter Aruna were visiting them after a long time.

Bhaskar’s daily routine comprised of going in the morning after breakfast to his fields and farms, supervising things and returning home by sunset. His wife Gauri sends him his lunch in a hot pack through a servant and he eats it at his small cottage in the farm. After lunch, he rests for an hour and then goes back to work again. The routine never varied.

Bhaskar was an imposing character. He was almost six feet tall and hefty. He was initially of a medium brown complexion but continuous exposure to the sun made his skin darker. He sported dark black mustache and the villagers and his workers respected and feared him. He was a good man who was known to be tough, when required.

Getting bored at home, one day, Aruna accompanied her uncle to the fields and farms. She watched her uncle at work and was impressed by his hard work and strength. When it was time for lunch, they moved to the cottage in the farm.

The cottage comprised of one large hall, a small room and a wash room. It was furnished reasonably well with a few chairs, a large table and a large single bed. After they had their lunch, her uncle lied down on the bed to relax, while she pulled up a chair and sat nearby.

“How old are you now, Aruna?” He asked her.

“I have completed eighteen two months back, uncle.” She replied.

“Stand up and let me look at you.” He sounded serious.

She was a little surprised by the commanding voice but obeyed.

Aruna was dressed in a faded blue jeans and a light lemon yellow T shirt. From his position on the bed her uncle inspected her from head to toes.

Aruna was uncomfortable and felt a bit embarrassed.

“You hardly look a girl. Where are your tits?”

Aruna couldn’t believe what she had heard and felt as if she was slapped!! Her face reddened and she felt humiliated.

“You know that your aunt has mango tits, your mother has orange sized tits. But, you girl, I can’t see any tits at all. You have a chest like a tennis court.” He laughed aloud.

Aruna was never humiliated like this by anyone! She was the one who always humiliated everyone at the slightest opportunity. This was something totally new! She now got very upset and angry and her face was a scarlet red. But, she was also scared to show her anger to her uncle here.

“You have any tits at all and any nipples there, girl?” He continued to shock her.

Shaking with anger, she kept mum.

“I asked you a question, girl. If you don’t answer I will get angry and punish you.” She was scared.

“Yes.” She mumbled.

“I don’t believe you.” He mocked at her.

Shaking like a leaf with anger, she replied, “I have tits and nipples.”

“Let me see then! Show me, girl.”

Her humiliation increased with every word of his and she was very angry too. But, she was also strangely affected by this new experience. She felt a new excitement which she had never experienced before.

“Show your tits and nipples to me, girl, now.’ Her uncle sounded angry.

Scared, she quickly removed her T shirt and stood in front of him in her black bra.

He looked at her critically, shaming her more and said,” I can’t see through that, can I? Take it off too.”

Tears welled up in her eyes. What should she so? Should she just run away from here? That would make her uncle angrier. She was kartal escort scared of him too, having heard reports of how bad was his temper. Hasn’t she seen how strong he was, just a little while ago!

Looking down, she unhooked her bra and removed it, baring her chest. She held the black bra in her hands.

“Give that bra to me girl.”

Oh my God!!!Will this ever end!!! Tears were welling up faster now!! Meekly, she handed it over to him. He looked at the bra closely and felt the interior of the cups. Aruna looked on now, strangely fascinated and upset at the same time.

“Ha! I thought so! A padded bra! To make them look bigger!” He laughed out loud again.

She never felt more humiliated than this and wished he would fall dead or the earth would open up and swallow her. Tears started flowing down her cheeks.

“Hey, girl, come here and sit. Don’t cry. Uncle will help you.”

She walked to the bed and sat next to him. With his big right hand he gently wiped away her tears from her cheeks.

“You are eighteen and you cry like a baby! Stop it, now.” He commanded.

He looked at her very small tits and the rosy pink nipples from very close. Her nipples and her aureole looked much bigger in proportion to her tits.

With his big right palm he cupped her small right tit and squeezed it gently. Aruna loved the feel of her uncle’s rough hand on her tit.

“Now watch how I make it bigger for you, girl.” So, saying, he just tugged at her tit, as if pulling it out.

Pain shot through her and she cried out.

As if to compensate, he left her mauled tit and moved to the other. His fingers played and teased her nipple gently. The feeling was exquisite for her.

“There you see, girl, how your nipple is getting bigger in my fingers? You like it, I know. You must learn to take the pain and pleasure together.”

Aruna was mesmerized by his words. Yes, what he said was true. After the pain in her right tit, she liked the pleasure in her left tit so much.

Still lying down, he said, “Here, girl, sit closer to me so that you can have both tits fondled at the same time. You want that, don’t you?”

She felt the humiliation taking over again. Why is he so bent on demeaning her and making her feel cheap.

“Answer me when I ask you a question.” He slapped her cheek gently but his hand was so rough that even the light slap hurt.

“Yes Uncle.”

“Respect, where is the respect?” He slapped her a trifle harder now.

“Yes, uncle, please!”

With that he started fondling both her small tits, pain in one and pleasure in the other, alternating. His big, rough and hairy hands loved and abused her little treasures in a way that was totally unknown to her. Aruna felt wetness in her pussy and a churning. She felt a weakness in her knees.

Suddenly he stopped and pushed her away from the bed.

“Get dressed quickly and go sit there in that corner. I want to have a nap.”

Meekly she collected her bra and T shirt, went to the washroom and looked at herself in the mirror there. Her face was tear streaked and her cheeks reddish where they were slapped. She examined her tits and found they were bruised. She felt strangely excited though! She washed her face and dressed. Back in the room, she quietly walked to a corner and sat on a chair there.

Her uncle was already asleep. Hesitantly, she looked at his sleeping form. What a man! So rough and animal like. Treating her like a slut, yes, that is what he did! Humiliated her in an unimaginable way! So strong and dominant! His hands, so rough! She felt her juices flowing but was scared to do anything.

As they walked towards their home that evening, he said, “Hey, girl, if you breathe a word to anyone, I would kill you.” She was really scared with the way he said it.

Her mother and aunt were a little concerned when they found her a little subdued.

“She had a tiring day in the fields,” her uncle said and they were satisfied.

That night in the privacy of her bed, Aruna recapitulated the day’s exciting events while fingering her horny cunt. She fantasized for a minute about her uncle’s rough hand mauling her pussy and climaxed with a shudder.

Next morning, she woke up and got ready well in time to accompany her uncle. Her mother was a little surprised at this show of interest in farming by her daughter.

“Let her enjoy a change,” said her aunt Gauri. Her uncle was silent.

Once on their way he said lewdly, “So, you like it girl and want more, don’t you?”

Her face reddened and he laughed.

They had a quiet lunch at the usual time. After lunch, he got on to the bed. But, instead of lying down, he sat on it.

“So, girl, what did you do in bed last night?”

Aruna was shocked beyond words and her face colored cherry red. She kept quiet.

“I asked you a question, girl.” He sounded angry.

“I slept.” She mumbled.

“Before that you were naughty, weren’t you? You were a bad girl in bed.” He sounded kurtköy escort very angry.

Aruna was scared and excited.

“Yes Uncle. I was a bad girl in bed.” She said slowly.

“What did you do? Tell me.”

“Please Uncle!” Aruna mumbled with shame.

“If you don’t tell me, I will get very angry” His voice was very intimidating.

Aruna was very scared and very excited too!

“I played with myself.” She mumbled now.

“How did you play, tell me.” He slapped her now, none too gently.

It hurt. It was a stinging slap.

“I put my fingers there and played.” She whispered now.

“It is called a cunt. So, you played with your cunt?” His voice sounded harsh.

“Yes! Uncle! I played with my cunt.” She shivered as she said that.

“I put my finger inside and played.” She felt her young pussy leaking.

“I am going to punish you for that. Bad girls deserve punishment, don’t they?”

“Yes uncle.” She was shivering with apprehension and anticipation.

“Come here girl and stand in front of me.”

She obeyed instantly.

“Take off your T shirt and drop your lousy pants now.” He commanded.

Tears welling up, she meekly obeyed him.

“Turn around.”

She now had only her white panties and a white bra on her.

He examined her panties closely.

“Not bad, they are clean or I would have thrashed you.” He sounded very harsh and she was scared.

“Bad girls need to be punished. The more bad they are, the more they deserve to be punished.”

Aruna was very excited and equally scared.

Next minute his huge hands held her by her slender waist, lifted her off the floor and put her across his lap. He unhooked her bra and let it drop. She now lay across his lap, her head to his left, her legs on his right, her crotch against his bulge and her back facing him.

His right hand moved gently over her panties clad small buttocks and ass.

“Your aunt has melons here and so does your mother. Your buttocks are boyish and small. Is your ass tight, girl?”

Her tears flowed freely now with fear and anticipation. In one quick move, he pulled her panties away and threw them. His rough right palm massaged her buttocks. Aruna felt heavenly.

Next minute he struck. He spanked her smooth bottom hard with his hand and she cried out as intense pain shot through her. Tears flowed as the stinging pain made her cry. There was no respite! In quick succession, he smacked her buttocks, alternately. Every time he smacked her, her ass jumped and her young pussy hit the bulge in his dhoti. Then, suddenly, the spanking stopped.

Aruna felt as if her bottom was on fire. The searing pain dulled a bit. But, she was now more aware of an intense pleasure in her young pussy. Her pussy was now pressed against the very big bulge in her uncle’s dhoti. Her cunt lips were open and it was very wet. The continuous spanking ensured that her pussy rubbed itself and humped that bulge.

Intense pain and intense pleasure! She remembered her uncle’s words. The stoppage of all activity gave her the time and opportunity to think about the pain/pleasure pattern of her uncle’s punishment. She waited with bated breath his next actions.

Suddenly, she felt him lifting her off his lap. Next minute, she was deposited, none too gently on the bed. At the first contact of her bruised buttocks with the bed, she cried out in pain. He just lifted her legs and slipped a soft pillow under her ass. Instantly, that lessened her pain.

He now sat on her side and stroked her small tits and hardened nipples with his left hand. His right hand cupped her virgin pussy. Her small pussy with its black thatch of trimmed pubic hair fitted nicely in his big palm. His hands were rough and their backs were covered with black, coarse hairs.

Her uncle’s rough hand squeezed her young pussy once and she cried out…half in pain and half in pleasure. He just massaged her tits, nipples and pussy for a few seconds and she experienced a big orgasm that shook her little body in spasms.

“Liking it much, girl, aren’t you? You are a little slut, getting it from uncle.” He leered at her, even as his fingers played with her young pussy.

“Beg me and you will come again,” he gave her that hideous grin.

‘Please uncle…more.” She whimpered.

It was then that he slapped her on her face, gently by his standards. Aruna cried out in pain.

Next instant, he slipped a long, thick finger into her sizzling cunt and stroked her. As the orgasm commenced again, she clamped her thighs shut around his hand. It was all pleasure now and she forgot the pain totally and drifted into semi consciousness.

After a few minutes she became aware of her surroundings. Her uncle was seated on the chair next to the bed looking at her nude body. Slowly, she became conscious of the pain in her bruised buttocks, whimpered and turned on her side. He got up and walked to the cupboard and returned with a bottle of some colored lotion.

He poured maltepe escort a little of that lotion into his cupped palm and gently rubbed it on her bruised bum. It felt cool and soothing and her pain started receding instantly. His hands felt tender, for a change and her eyes closed.

“Sleep, girl and rest.” She heard him say and a little later heard the cottage door closing behind him.

That night she applied more of the lotion on her behind before going to bed (uncle was kind enough to give her the precious bottle). She slept like a log that night and woke up very late. Her uncle had left by then and she was secretly relieved. Her ass still burned a little and she wanted to rest that day.

Next day she got up early and ready but she could not go.

“You can’t come every day. I have lots of work today. You stay at home with the others. I will tell you when you can come again.” He said before he left. She meekly obeyed him.

Day after day, she waited vainly to accompany him again. Every day, she thought of that cottage, the things he did to her body and masturbated. Her uncle was incredible. He was rough, cruel and humiliated her. But she adored him and his acts. Her body lusted for him. As the days passed by, that lust kept on increasing.

It was a full week before he let her accompany him to the farm again. As they walked to the fields, he looked at her and said, “I bet you are all horny and wet, girl!” The leer on his face mocked her. She flushed deep red and replied, “Yes, uncle,” softly.

“Think of the things I could do, girl.” The tease continued.

And, she did spend the hours till noon putting her power of imagination to work. She did try and visualize her uncle taking her in many ways; keeping the balance of pain and pleasure. By the time they finished their lunch she was like a jelly.

He sat on the bed and looked at her, as if contemplating what to do. Aruna felt excitement mounting in her and her cunt churning.

“Close the door and remove all your clothes, girl! Not a stitch!”

She obeyed and walked closer to him. He didn’t touch her.

Looking at her small clean shaven pussy, he asked,” Your little cunt is all horny and ready, girl?”

“Yes uncle! Please touch it.” She said desperately.

He slapped her, none too gently. “You telling me what to do, you little slut?” he sounded angry.

Tears welled up in her eyes and she said,” No uncle! I am sorry.”

“Look here,” he said, pointing to the big bulge in the dhoti(a male equivalent of sari).

Aruna looked at his huge bulge and went weak in her knees with fear and lust.

“Sit on your knees on the floor in front of me.” He commanded and she obeyed.

With his left hand he lifted her chin and with his right he mauled her small tits. She cried out.

“Do you want to see how big your uncle is, girl?” His hand mauled her tits.

“Yes uncle. Very much, please!” she whimpered.

“What are you waiting for, girl? Go under my dhoti and see.”

She moved slightly forward and her eager hands went under the folds of his dhoti covering the bulge. With one hand he gripped her head and with the other he pulled down his striped drawers. Pulling her hand close to his huge cock, he covered her head completely under his dhoti.

Aruna was scared and shocked as his dhoti covered her head. It took her a few seconds to adjust and he let go off her head.

The first thing she felt was the strong, offensive and pungent smell of his genitals. Instantly it was nauseating and her mind revolted. But she was strongly fascinated by the first visual contact with his huge penis and its proximity.

It was indeed a very big penis, slowly lengthening further, like an unwinding serpent. It was dark brown in color and thick and the conical tip was pinkish red. Her first thoughts were that if it is so big already, how much bigger would it get when fully erect! How could any cunt take in this huge monster, let alone her small virginal pussy! She would simply get killed!! The very thought scared her.

She felt her uncle hold her head by her hair in one hand and then his cock moved all over her face, guided by his other hand. By then, she not only got used to the smell of it; she even liked it a little.

“Time you know how a good cock tastes, girl,” her uncle said, moving the dhoti away.

His hand guided her head roughly to the pink, conical crown that had a small slit from which small drops of white, viscous liquid oozed. Instinctively, she licked it with her tongue. It was virtually tasteless.

As she opened her mouth wide, he pushed his hard cock into it. She took in a couple of inches and clamped her mouth shut. She sucked it.

“Yes! Girl! You are a big girl and this is your lollipop. If you suck it well, uncle will touch your pussy. You want that badly, don’t you, little slut?”

She nodded and sucked more vigorously. She felt herself lifted and moved around roughly like a doll and repositioned…his cock in her mouth all the while. She was on her knees on the bed now and his right hand fondled her buttocks.

“Suck it good, bitch,” he shouted as he smacked her buttocks. It was a stinging smack and pain shot through her. As she tried to cry out, he pushed more cock in. She hated him for all the pain he happily inflicted on her! But, she loved him too for letting her taste such great pleasure!

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