Loving Family Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction, and contains boy/girl, girl/girl and some group sex. Let me know what you think.

I don’t really know how it started. I guess it has always been like this in my family, looking back on it. My eyes were opened on my 18 birthday.

I am the youngest one in a family of two girls and one boy. Being the youngest, and a girl I had always been well looked after, protected from boys and such, but I didn’t know why until April 17th, my birthday.

Being young and fit is good in California, lots of beaches to get a tan on. Playing beach volley ball keeps my tan topped up, and my 5’ 8” body fit and toned. Being from here I have long blonde hair, like all of the girls in my family. My fit body was to come in handy on that day.

I had had a good day, lots of presents and a day at the mall with all my friends. My brother Don came into my room just after I got changed, I was feeling sexy being all grown up, and I was wearing a night dress of purple silk, so thin it was almost see-through. We were a very open family so Don was not surprised, I was however when I saw the bulge grow in his trousers. I had played with some of the boys at school, and even sucked-off one of the guys in the football team, so I knew all about cocks and stuff.

“Your special present is ready for you down stairs; you don’t need to bother putting anything on.” He said as I began to get my dressing gown, I just shrugged my shoulders and went out of the door and down stairs.

The sight that greeted me in the den was one I shall never forget. My whole family was naked, together. I turned to leave but found Don behind me, with his very large dick in his hand, naked like the others.

I was a little shocked, but my pussy started twitching at the sight of the hard cock just in front of me. I walked down stairs to be greeted by my gorgeous older sister.

“What do you think?” I could not think, I am not gay but the sight of her large tits and well trimmed pussy was starting to have a funny affect on me, when Dad said “Didn’t you wonder why they never had boy or girl-friends around?”

“You see honey, they never needed them. You sister was the first we taught about being a family.”

“I will tell you about it some day.”

“Then the three of us taught your brother. Know it is your turn. The family that plays together, stays together.”

My head was beginning to spin with this news, and with lust. My dad is a very fit man, not that old. A hard body and a huge cock, 10 inches easily, Don was just a fit, but his dick was only about 8 inches. Mom was only about 40, 5”6’ with pert breasts and a flat stomach. She had shaved her pussy bare, it looked so sexy. My sister was the opposite, 6” tall, firm and a bit muscular from years of swimming and surfing, with large breasts and a small V of pubic hair, I felt I had to touch.

“Come on down sis, you have kadıköy escort the best of all our birthdays. You get all four of us, to use as you wish, all night.”

Well with that I felt I had to take the first step, I walked in to the centre of the room and told my sister to lay down. I had once seen a porno at Sarah’s house where this girl sat on a boys face while sucking another’s cock. I had been so turned on I went and wanked my self to a great climax in her bathroom. I wanted to try that. I called my brother over and slowly lowered my self on to Jane’s face. As her tongue touched my damp pussy lips it sent a stream of fire through my body. With that I grabbed his cock, it felt good throbbing in my hand, looking swollen with a little pearl of pre-cum right on the tip. I liked the taste of Bobby’s cock when I sucked him off as a reward for winning the championship, but as I wrapped my lips around Donny’s shaft I felt great. It tasted better than anything. I began to slid my lips up and down the length, getting it wetter and wetter. I had a lot of trouble finding a rhythm as my sisters tongue was sliding in and out of my hot little cunt, she sucked licked every part of pussy, and used her lips to draw in my clit, when she sucked that I felt like I was going to pass out.

“What a great little cock-sucker she is.”

“Yes, from the look of things she has practiced somewhere.”

Hearing my parents talk like that sent a shiver of fear through down my spine. I still felt like they were prudish, and would punish me for giving the football team head. I looked over briefly to see my mom and dad getting in to a 69 position and going at each other.

Getting back to Don’s lovely dick I began to feel it twitch in my mouth, I pulled it out just as he came. The gooey stuff shot out like water from a hose, hitting me on the cheek, and spilling on to my silk covered tits. With that Jane’s tongue stabbed in to me, making me scream with the force of my orgasm, as it surged through me. I was not expecting it to be so powerful, but loved it just the same.

I slid off her face and lay on the floor, panting. I looked at her face, slick with my pussy juice and lent over and gave her a very long, deep kiss.

“Could I try doing that to you, now?”

“Of course, just use your tongue and fingers. Do what you think would make you feel good.”

I slid down her body, kissing every part of her. I sucked her nipples in to my mouth, God her tits were fantastic. I ran my tongue down her stomach to the triangle of hair, moving down I gently kissed her clit and started to finger her hot, wet twat. My cunt began to quiver with delight.

“Hay, can one of you big studs come over here and shove your gorgeous dick in me. It is my birthday, and I am still a virgin.”

“Which one, honey? We are yours all night.” Asked my mom.

“Well I will let kartal escort big bro get his strength back, and anyway dads huge dick looks like it would feel great in my tight, virgin pussy. Mom, get Don hard again, but you are not allowed to fuck him, just suck him a little.”

I bent over on my hands and knees, showing a firm round ass to daddy, with a set of red puffy lips in the middle, and began to finger and suck Jane’s twat again. She tasted so sweet, like runny honey. As I was lapping at her juices I felt hands on my hips, I tensed my self for the invasion of dads huge prick in to my cunt. I thought he would have to push quite hard, but I was so wet from Jane’s tongue and my own juices he slid right in, sighing as he plunged his tool into me. I had broken my hymen when I was sixteen, with a dildo I had found in Aunty Carol’s bed room one summer. I had spent all summer at her house fucking that plastic dick again and again. It had felt so good, all hard inside me, filling my teenage cunt so well I was sorry to leave for school that year.

However, it was nothing compared to the feeling of 10 inches of real flesh being forced in to me. He pushed in right up to the hilt, I felt the tip hit my womb and his heavy balls slapped my aching clit, that sent me over the edge again and I screamed in to Jane’s sopping twat. He left his cock there for a second, until my orgasm subsided, and then began to pump in and out of me, my little cunt was so hot and wet it stretched around his girth easily.

“God, you twat is so tight, I love fucking young virgins, I am going to come soon. Can in come in your cunt baby, please, can I?”

“Yes daddy, I am on the pill. Come in me please.”

All this filthy talk got to Jane, she grabbed head and ground her cunt in to my face, coming hard and smearing my face with her cum juice.

“Yes, fuck I am going to come right in your twat. Are you ready baby, ready for daddy’s spunk in your tight cunt.”

“Yes, daddy, please. I need your spunk, please.” I was sobbing with the feelings by know, I needed his cum in me. With that he let out a great scream and I felt his cock jerk and splatter my womb with his hot sperm. That triggered another orgasm in me, and left us both locked together, sweating and panting. As he pulled out of me I felt my cunt gapping in the air. Just as it began to close a felt a mouth close over the lips. Looking over my shoulder I saw mom as she began to suck his cum out of me.

Jane said “She loves doing that. Freshly fucked pussy, mixed with spunk, she can’t get enough.”

We all lay on the floor for about half an hour, kissing and exploring each other when Don sat up and said “I haven’t been fucked yet. You told mom not to fuck me, do I get to fuck you?”

“I had forgotten about that. Well, when I was at Sarah’s house one time we watched porno were one girl gets fucked by two kurtköy escort men at once. One is lay down on his back, fucking her pussy, the other leaned over and fucked her ass. I would like to try that. Dad has the bigger cock, so I would like his up my ass, and you dear brother get the pussy.”

“That is a good idea, and a family favourite.” Said dad. “It can hurt a bit though. If you want to try it, Don should go in your ass first, to help stretch it a bit, then we can swap over.”

“Great.” With that I through daddy on the ground, I was wet again after all our playing, and still stretched from the last, great fuck so I slid on to my daddy’s cock easily. I lent forward over him and gave him long, deep kiss, during which Don spread a lot of lubricant over my ass, and even squirted some of the cold stuff right in to me. It felt so good I began to get even wetter, and started to slid up and down on daddy’s cock. Mom and Jane began playing with my tits and each other at that point. I was getting a good rhythm going when I felt a weight on top of me, slowly I felt the tip of Don’s dick push against my tight ring. I relaxed, it seemed the right thing to do, and felt the large head pop in to me. He slowly slid the whole, wonderful length up my ass. Being filled with cock meat felt so incredible.

“Fuck, dad she’s a natural. You would have no problem getting you big dick in her.”

“Lets swap then.” He said. As they both pulled their dicks out of me, I felt empty, I hated that feeling, and vowed there and then to fuck these two beautiful men as often as I could.

“Right, sis. You just slide that achingly beautiful, hot, wet twat on to me and hang on. This is going to be some ride.”

I gently pushed my lips over the head of his dick, taking it slowly. I teased him with my lips and cunt for a couple of minuets until he groaned and pulled my hips down on to him with a squelch. With my cunt full daddy started to ease his huge dick up my ass. It felt even better than Don’s. I screamed and came before he was half way in, at that he plunged the whole length in to my ass. As we got settled in to a good swing I looked up and saw my mom and sister in an incredibly hot 69, licking and fingering each others twats and ass’s.

My brother and daddy kept up a good head of steam for five minutes before Don rammed his cock into my cunt and let go a flood of cum with a great scream.

“Yessss! I am cummming, right in your twat.”

That set off another orgasm from me, and set daddy to even harder pounding up my ass. With Don’s cock still buried in my hot slit my daddy shot a load of cum right up my ass. The feeling was unbelievable, right in the middle of my cum, extending it.

“Argh, I love your ass, I want to fuck it forever.”

“Yes, fuck my ass, and my cunt forever. Please.”

With the haze wearing off the two men slid out of me and a lay on the floor, heaved and sigh of content. The boys were not finished yet though, as I sat on the sofa and played with my pussy Don fucked mom and Jane got the fucking of her life from dad.

That was when it started. Later Jane and some friends come over, but that is another story.

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