Loving My Aunt

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The following story is entirely fiction. It is the result of my overactive imagination. This is the first story I’ve ever submitted to be published. I do accept constructive criticism. I hope you like it.

* * * * *

When we got to her apartment, Marlene fell semi-conscious onto the fold-out couch in the living room. Marlene is my aunt, and I was spending the weekend at her place for the family reunion.

My mother’s sister is nothing at all like my mom. Where my mom is miserable, Aunt Marlene is always cheerful. My mom is short and, well to put it nicely, unattractive. Marlene is taller, and much more attractive. I’ve always had a crush on my aunt, and ever since I was old enough to masturbate, I fantasized about having sex with her.

Aunt Marlene has salt and pepper hair, cut short. with piercing green eyes. She has enormous breasts, tapering down to a somewhat slim waist, flaring out to full hips. Not wide, but anadolu yakası escort just right. One time I accidentally walked in on her as she was getting out of the shower, and it took years to get the image out of my mind.

Today, we were at the reunion, and I left at about 6pm. Marlene said she’d stay awhile, and promised to call me if she couldn’t drive. At about 9:00, I had just folded out the couch and was getting ready for bed when the phone rang. It was Marlene, sounding pretty drunk needing a ride home. So here we were.

She was now passed-out cold on the pull-out. I remove her shoes, setting them on the floor. I gaze at her for a moment, the decide to remove the belt from her dress. That should be more comfortable.

Mmm, I wonder…

“Marlene? Can you here me?” She doesn’t even stir.

I cautiously lean over her and kiss her lips. She moans softly, and I ataşehir escort jump back. But then she is still. My hand caresses her cheek, then moves down her neck to her deep cleavage. I undo a couple of buttons on her dress, and gently pull it open, exposing her magnificent breasts. My hand caresses one, lightly brushing the nipple with my palm.

My aunt gasps and arches her back, pushing her breast against my hand. Her nipples are now hard, begging for attention. I kiss one, then gently tug on it with my lips. Marlene is breathing heavier now, her fingers stroking my hair. Her hand guides my head to her other breast, and I pay the same attention to that one. My hands go to her legs, stroking them, moving up to the hem of her dress. I push the material up to her waist, hooking my fingers on the waist of her panties, and pull them down and off.

I can’t wait any longer. I take off my clothes, tossing bağdat caddesi escort them aside. I position myself between my aunt’s spread legs, and rub my hard-on up and down her moist entrance. I grip her shoulders, then Aunt Marlene cries out with pleasure as I push forward, sinking deep inside her. The feeling is incredible. She is so hot! And tight, I never knew a 50 year old woman could feel so tight! I pull almost all the way out, then thrust into her again and again. My aunt cries out with each thrust. Her enormous breasts are rolling to the rhythm of my thrusts.

Marlene’s hands are on my ass, pulling me hard against her, and her thighs grip my hips as our bodies make slapping sounds when they meet. Just when I think I can’t hold back another second, I feel my aunt’s muscles contract around my cock, and her cries become higher pitched. Her body bucks in orgasm beneath me. I reach under her and grip her ass, slipping one finger into her tight ass, causing her to come again, harder this time.

I cry out her name, thrusting hard into her, and pump my seed deep inside her. The pleasure is so intense, that I pass out.

I awaken in the morning to Aunt Marlene exclaiming, “OH MY GOD! What’ve I done?!”

To Be Continued, Maybe…

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