Loving My Sister and My Mother

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My mother is a very hard worker. She’s a single mother and she’s a dancer. My sister and I know our mother is a stripper, but we just let her tell us that she dances for a company or whatever story she is selling that week.

Our mother is a very attractive woman. She’s five foot seven inches and weighs one hundred and twenty pounds. Our mother is very fit and she is extremely busty. I would think she is a 38D. She has very long legs and a great ass. Our mother is always wearing very skimpy clothes around the house.

My sister and I are twins. We are both eighteen years old. Our father never married our mother, but he’s always at the house screwing her. He provides for us, but they just never got married. Our mother is always wearing very short skirts and tight shirts.

Her nipples are always poking out of her shirts. Sometimes you can see her panties, if she bends over just the right way. Our mother is smoking hot. She has long blond hair, green eyes and her name is Sandy.

My name is Billy and my sister’s name is Gina. We get along really well. I know this is wrong, but my sister and I have been having sex for the last year. She’s just the prettiest thing you ever saw.

Actually, she looks just like my mother. She also has long blond hair, green eyes. My sister does not have as big of a chest as our mother, but she must have a 34C. My sister is about five foot two inches and about one hundred pounds.

About a year ago, my mother was out with our father and my sister and I were hanging out. We just started to kiss each other. One thing led to another and we started to make out.

She was very curious about my penis and I was curious about her pussy. We were both virgins and lost our virginity to each other. I’ll never forget that night as long as I live.

We were in my room and like I said we were kissing. We were both so inexperienced. Our first kiss was so romantic. We were breathing through our noses and our tongues were dancing together in each other’s mouth.

We helped each other undress and started to explore one another’s bodies. My hands were on her breasts. I was cupping them and squeezing them together. They were just perfect. She has very small areolas and her nipples are pink and when I sucked them they got hard as erasers. She liked when I touched her there.

She put her head on the pillow and got on her back. I then spread her thighs and licked her pussy. She had a pretty pussy. She had just a little hair over her cunt. Her pussy lips were pink and flimsy.

I worked my tongue up and down her pussy lips and paid attention to her clit. I had heard that the clit is very sensitive to a woman. I worked my tongue in circles over her clit. My sister was moaning ataşehir escort and holding my hands, while grinding into my face. I separated her lips with my tongue and began to tongue fuck her wet pussy.

She really started to moan and sigh as I worked my tongue faster in her cunt. After only a little bit, my sister had her first orgasm. It tasted like a sweet liquid. My face and neck were covered in her juices.

I put my head on the pillow and my sister explored my cock. She’d never seen a penis. She wrapped her hands firm around my cock and stroked me up and down. I told her to play with it and get used to it.

The more she stroked me the harder I got. She was fondling my balls and petting them and moving her fingers up and down my firm shaft. I begged her to put it into her mouth.

Gina then slid my cock into her warm mouth. She was stroking with one hand and licking and sucking the tip of my cock. It felt so damn good. I picked up her hair so I could watch my sister enjoy my hard cock. She really seemed to like it.

I noticed she put a finger or two into her wet pussy and fucked herself, while sucking and slurping my rock hard cock.

It just made me so horny to watch her. She was a good cock sucker for being a virgin. I mean I never had sex either, but I would imagine she was good at it. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, I wanted to fuck my sister.

Gina then got on her back. We shared a deep and passionate kiss. My hands were rubbing and massaging her breasts. I put a condom on my prick and slid it into my sister’s pussy.

Her pussy felt so good. She was so tight and we were working together in a good rhythm for two inexperienced virgins. My sister must have injured her hymen, either from vibrating or from horseback riding. We were both moaning and groaning.

I pulled out and took the condom off and told my sister that I wanted to cum in her throat. She opened her mouth wide and I shot my hot cum down her throat. She swallowed it all and said it was a bitter kind of a taste. My sister never complained that having sex was uncomfortable and she did not bleed. We had the best night that evening.

I know this is terrible, but my sister and I have been having sex for the last year. We always use condoms and we only have sex, when our mother is out.

My mother would not like that we were having sex, I mean it really is not right at all. We just love how it feels and we are both very close. I guess once we have boyfriends and girlfriends we won’t be having sex anymore. My sister is a hot dish and I love to fuck her.

Now back to my mother. My mother is the sexiest woman alive. She has the most amazing body avcılar escort you have ever seen. I fantasize about my mother all the time. She has the greatest tits you ever have seen. I’d just love to suck on her nipples. Man, she is one hot tasty meal. I know that is not right, but I would love to fuck my mother one day.

She’s caught me on a number of times jerking off in her panties. A few times I went into the hamper just to smell them. My mother’s pussy smells so delightful.

I took her dirty panties and watched a porn tape and wrapped her panties around my cock and jerked off. I never came so hard in my life. I then took a pair of her clean panties for a trophy. When I am jerking off, I like to smell my mother’s panties.

I love to fantasize about licking my mother’s cunt and feeling those big breasts. Just thinking about it gives me a hard on. Well this one particular night my sister was out with friends and my mother came home.

She was in the sluttiest outfit I ever saw. It was black and so tight. She wasn’t wearing a bra or her panties. She had on these 5 inch heels and her hair was down. She looked amazing. She had a few drinks and put on a sheer nightgown and fell asleep on the couch.

Well I decided tonight would be the night I would explore my mother’s body. She was wearing this peach shear night gown. She was not wearing any panties. The nightie had a string that she tied in a bow.

Once she was asleep, I untied the bow and the nightie fell off her body. She of course was not wearing any panties. I kneeled down and lightly began to suckle on my mother’s nipples. She didn’t even move. Then I spread my mother’s thighs and licked her sweet bald pussy.

Her cunt tasted better than my sisters. It was kind of a nutty musky scent. I worked my tongue all over her clit and began to tongue fuck my mother’s wet cunt. She started to move around a little.

She must have liked what I was doing because she was grinding her pussy into my face. She was moaning. “Oh Robert, lick me faster.” Robert is my father’s name. She thought it was our father licking her pussy. I licked my mother’s pussy until she came.

She squirt her pussy juices into my mouth. My sister never did that, but my mother sure as hell did. It was the sexiest thing I ever saw and the best thing I ever tasted. I then got on top of my mother and slid my cock into her wet cunt. Oh her pussy felt so good to fuck.

I fucked my mother for a good forty five minutes. She was moaning and groaning and digging her nails into my back. She started to kiss me deep and passionately. When she finally opened her eyes. She pushed me off her and said, “Oh My God, Billy get the avrupa yakası escort fuck off of me.”

She said, “We can’t fuck, I’m your mother.”

“The way you dress and walk around this house for all these years. You know you want it mother dear.” I replied.

She didn’t know what to say, but then said, “What the hell.”

She told me to finish fucking her. I got on top of her again and slid my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. We both came together. My mother said I was a good fuck. My mother reminded me not to share this news with my sister or my father.

My mother got on her knees and gave me the best blow job I ever had. I always thought my sister did the best cock sucking but my mother was even better than her. She sucked and slurped on my balls and kissed and licked my shaft in an upwards motion.

She gave my tip of my cock a slow sensual suck and lots of kisses and licks going to down my prick. I was pinching and playing with my mother’s huge tits. Her tits were so big and firm. Her nipples were so hard and erect. My mother deep throated my cock into her mouth. She was sucking and slurping and gagging on my eight inch prick.

My mother told me she wanted to fuck me. I got on my back. My mother put my cock into her wet cunt and rode me cowgirl position. I sat up, so I could play with her huge jugs. Her tits were so perfect. They were so firm and her nipples got so hard like stiff erasers.

I pinched and twisted them as my mother rode my hard cock. I could tell my mother loved fucking me. Her pussy was so wet and she moved her pussy up and down over my hard cock. She was moaning and groaning.

My mother said she wanted me to fuck her anally. She got up, put some lube on her ass and put my cock into her tight ass and rode me reverse cow girl position. I had my hands on her waist and pounded and thrust into her tight asshole. She loved to get fucked in her ass. I had never done that before.

She worked her ass up and down over my cock, while she fingered her wet pussy. My cock felt so good in her ass. It was very tight feeling. The more I fucked her the bigger her asshole expanded. She was moaning and screaming and then said she was going to cum on her fingers. She got up and told me to get on my back and she would ride my face.

She grinded her pussy over my face, while I ate her sloppy messy cunt. I licked and slurped, while her juices were running out of her soaking wet pussy.

My mother was a real whore that night. She made all my fantasies come true. She said that she really liked fucking me and having me eat her wet snatch. Mom said, whenever my sister was out she wanted me to fuck her. I was pretty happy that she was going to let this happen again.

After fucking my mother I wanted to fuck her all the time. She was very wild in bed. Her tits were the best thing to play with, while you were fucking that wet hot cunt.

I mean my sister is fun to fuck, but my mother is a true whore. Who knows, maybe soon I will fuck my mother and my sister. We will see what happens in the coming weeks.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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