Maggie , Her Mom Ch. 02

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I would like to thank J for the inspiration she provided for this story. This is Part Two of this story. In order to enjoy it to the full please read Part One first!

Annie looked Maggie straight in the eyes ‘I can’t believe we’re sitting here doing this. How did I end up telling you about it?’

Maggie giggled, ‘Sometimes you’ve just got to tell someone, and I happened to be here.’

‘It’s not just that Maggie, I’m sure I wouldn’t have told Jim or your father. It’s because I thought you might understand, being a woman and all. It just felt so good and so natural’

‘So Dad doesn’t know you’ve had sex with another woman, sorry women’ Maggie corrected herself.

Her mother blushed ‘I didn’t know how he’d take it. He might get jealous’.

‘You might be surprised Mom. Most men fantasise about women having sex together, I know Jim does…’ she stopped suddenly. If she wasn’t careful Maggie was going to admit to having had sex with her brother.

Annie had registered the hesitation, ‘Go on Maggie. How do you know what Jim fantasises about?’

‘Well we do talk about stuff like that you know Mom.’

Her mother suddenly looked very interested, ‘You mean he tells you all about what gets him hot and stuff?’ Her hand had started moving over her pussy again and Maggie couldn’t help but notice how she was dribbling a stream of creamy cum onto the couch. Maybe she could admit to their nasty sex games, her Mom looked as if she’d understand anything at the moment!

‘Yeah, he tells me things and I tell him.’ She said guardedly.

‘Go on, what sort of things?’ responded Annie.

‘Well you know! The things that make us both hot.’ The thought of what she and Jim had been doing over the last few weeks made Maggie feel weak with lust. She felt her pussy filling with her creamy juices and her clit was as hard as it had ever been. Maggie looked across to her mother, busy fingering her pussy without any apparent shame for what she was doing in front of her daughter. Things seemed to be moving very fast all of a sudden. Only a yesterday, Maggie had thought it necessary to keep most of her sexual activities to herself; now she was just about to tell her mom about having sex with her brother.

Annie smiled wickedly as she started to guess where Maggie was going. She remembered when she and her own brother Jack had been 18. What had started with him and his best friend Rob spying on her as she showered one time, had quickly developed into the three of them trying every sexual experience they could think of.

She would never forget the time when Jack had positioned himself behind her as she had impaled herself on Rob’s throbbing cock. As she’d started to ride Rob and his cock had slid deep into her pussy, Jack had slipped his finger into her ass and begun stretching the sensitive hole. She knew what he was trying to do and immediately decided to let him do it. Annie had been in sexual heaven as her brother had finally lubricated her ass enough to be able to push his so hard cock deep into her body. The experience of being fucked in both holes had been incredible, and within seconds Annie had had the hardest cum of her 18 years. The thought that Maggie and Jim might be doing the same type of things was enough to tip Annie over the edge here in front of her daughter. She felt her pussy contract wildly, it was almost as if it had taken on a life of its own. She let out a cry and Maggie watched amazed as her own mom’s pussy suddenly spurted a stream of cum over her hand and wrist. Another splash followed as Annie frantically rammed her fingers into her pulsating cunt. The sofa cushion she was sitting on was getting soaked as her pussy overflowed with hot creamy cum.

Maggie couldn’t take her eyes off this amazing sight. Her pussy was producing a large quantity of its own juices now and her panties were thoroughly soaked. She pushed them off as fast as she could and slid her fingers into her desperate pussy. Maggie wanted to cum and she wanted to cum hard!

Within seconds of watching her Mom spurting cum over the sofa cushions, Maggie was reaching the same point herself. She felt her pussy contract round her fingers, followed by the sudden flooding of her hot cunt. Her clit swelled and throbbed and the next moment she let florya escort out a low moan as her whole hand was soaked in cum. She looked down at the mess she’d made and giggled as her Mom did the same. Never would she have believed that mutual masturbation with her Mom could have been so good.

The nastiness of this scenario was giving Annie a sexual thrill that she hadn’t felt for a long time. Partly because it brought back such vivid memories of her own youthful adventures, and partly because in recent months she’d had increasingly strong feelings about Maggie and her brother. They had both grown up so much, and on thinking about it her children had been much closer recently.

Annie decided to ask a direct question. ‘Maggie have you and Jim had sex?’

Maggie knew this was coming and saw no point in denying anything. She nodded her head and confirmed what her mom had suspected. ‘For about two months! Are you shocked?’

Annie smiled and shook her head. ‘I suppose I should be, but let me tell you a secret.’ She drew a deep breath and continued ‘I first met your dad when my brother Jack brought him round to our house and I caught them spying on me while I was showering.’

Maggie shifted forward and prepared herself to hear her mom’s revelation.

Annie continued ‘I pretended I hadn’t noticed them at first, and I’m afraid I put on quite a show for them. You know the kind of thing, I directed the showerhead at my breasts first and got my nipples all stimulated and hard, and then I moved it down to my pussy and ran it up and down over my clit. And while I did that I pulled and pinched on my nipples. They both got really excited peering through the top of the window and one of them fell off. It was only then that I thought I’d be best off letting them know I’d heard them. So I screamed. It was quite funny really, they both ran round to the bathroom door and banged on it, pretending that they were trying to find out if I was all right.

‘At that moment I suddenly realised that our mom and dad were out, so I didn’t need to put on a show of outrage. I’d really enjoyed showing myself off to them and I wanted to see the effect. So I opened the door with just a towel wrapped round me and wriggled my hips at them as I turned. I heard Rob, your dad, gasp and I quickly turned to see that he hadn’t done up his pants and his cock was standing right out of his pants. Jack was laughing at his friend’s embarrassment, but I just stood with my mouth wide open, admiring his manhood. I’d got myself so turned on with my show for them, that I now wanted to touch his cock more than anything in the world. It didn’t take long for the both of them to see my interest with Rob’s cock, and instead of pushing it back inside his pants, like he’d been trying to do before, he put his hand around it and almost offered it to me. I looked at Jack and he just nodded with a big smile on his face. So I stepped forward and reached out for Rob.

‘I remember how it felt as I grasped his hot cock. An electric thrill ran right through my body and I could feel my pussy getting so wet that my juices were dribbling down my thighs. Rob let go of his cock and left my hand wrapped around it, and Jack stood and watched as I started to run my fingers up and down Rob’s shaft. Then my brother suddenly pulled his cock out and started pulling on it himself.

‘I felt like such a slut Maggie. I wanted Jack’s cock in my hand as well so I reached out and took hold of him. My towel fell to the floor and I felt both cocks swell even more as the boys looked me up and down. My nipples were standing out so hard I could feel them throbbing, and as for my pussy! It was so wet by now that I could swear there was a puddle of my juices on the bathroom floor.

‘It was my brother who first asked me if I wanted to suck his cock, but Rob quickly joined in; so I got down on my knees and took first Jack and then Rob into my mouth. They tasted so delicious I wanted to bite them. I tried it on Rob’s cock first; I let my teeth bite his hard flesh and although he flinched at first it seemed to send him crazy, he grabbed my hair and pushed his cock really hard into my mouth, so far that I had to swallow him to make room. I was choking on his cock göztepe escort but my pussy was flooding. Jack got a bit concerned and told Rob to stop, but I shook my head and gasped out that I was loving it. It didn’t take long before Rob suddenly stopped his pushing and his cock swelled in my throat, and the next minute I felt a hot stream of his cum pouring down my throat. Jack wanted to try it naturally enough, and by this time I couldn’t care less that he was my brother. I let go of Rob’s cock and immediately took Jack’s down my throat. He did the same as Rob; it was almost as if they were taken over by some power; as soon as their cocks were deep in my mouth they both wanted to fuck me hard and rough. But before he came Jack pulled out of my mouth and told me to bend over the bathtub. I’d have done anything for him at that moment. I leaned right over the tub and he parted by ass cheeks and then with one thrust he’d embedded his cock deep into my pussy. My own brother was fucking me Maggie, and I was loving it.

‘I looked up and Rob was watching my brother fuck me while he was working on his cock again. It only took a few minutes before he was hard again. I think the sight of me being fucked with my tits hanging over the edge of the tub was all he needed. I certainly found that seeing him jacking off right beside me, and Jack pounding his cock into my pussy was bringing me to the brink. I reached between my legs and started to rub my clit and within seconds my legs felt like they were giving way. I’d never made myself cum this hard Maggie; Jack pulled back and rammed his cock back into me and I orgasmed in a torrent of cum. I felt it running down my legs I was producing so much of it.

‘Jack’s balls were drenched and I think the sensation of my juices cascading over him made him cum. He suddenly grabbed my hips and dug his fingers into my side and then I felt a jet of white hot cum hit the top of my vagina. He must have spurted eight or nine times before he relaxed. In that time I came again and a mess of both our juices was pouring from my pussy.

‘I was exhausted by now, but Rob was ready to fuck me now and I didn’t want to disappoint him. So I told him to wait a second while I lay on the floor, then I opened my legs and told him to climb on. He immediately got down on his hands and knees, but instead of pushing his cock into my pussy, he started to lick me. He was cleaning up the mix of Jack’s and my cum! He seemed so hungry Maggie, he licked and sucked until I was going crazy. I started to buck my hips as he sucked on my clit and even though I was so tired by now I came in another rush of juices. His face was covered when he came up and started kissing me. I could taste everything and it was sooo good, I wanted to swallow cum forever. As I was licking around his mouth Rob suddenly rammed his cock into me. I came almost instantly and he was only seconds after. My cunt and his cock were drenched in the creamy mess.

Her mother’s story had Maggie on the edge of another orgasm. Her fingers were soaked and she desperately wanted to be filled. She looked frantically around for something she could use to fill her pulsating pussy. Annie shifted forward on the sofa and decided the time had come for her to help Maggie out. She gently pulled Maggie’s hand away from her pussy and replaced it with her own. Then Maggie watched wide-eyed as her mother started to stretch and pull at her pussy lips until she had four fingers inside her daughter. She slipped her hand in and out a few times before easing her thumb inside as well. Maggie couldn’t believe it; her mom was fisting her!

Her whole cunt was filled and Annie kept on moving her hand inside her daughter. She brought her other hand to Maggie’s engorged clitoris and pressed the delicate nub of flesh as her fingers did the same inside. Maggie’s hips rose high off the sofa as the sensation of her mom’s fisting sent waves of pleasure and pain through her whole body. Then she felt a tremendous rush of juice filling her cunt, before an equally strong urge to pee. The feeling was so intense that she could hardly breath. She humped her hips up and down frantically, trying to get away from her mother’s hands but at the same time desperate to experience more halkalı escort of this. Annie held on to Maggie tight though. She was determined that her daughter was going to experience the hardest orgasm she’d ever experienced.

She wasn’t to be disappointed. Within seconds Maggie let out a scream and her pussy forcefully ejected a fountain of liquid. Annie looked at her arm and saw to her delight a mess of creamy cum dribbling down to her wrist. Maggie was panting desperately as she came down from her experience. She looked like a rag doll splayed out half on the sofa half on the floor. Annie smiled contentedly to herself, wondering if Jim could ever manage to make Maggie feel that good!

Maggie couldn’t stop thinking about what her Mom, Annie had done for her. Yes she’d had sex with Lottie and would continue to do so, she’d fucked her brother more than once and always yearned for him when he wasn’t around, but the experience with her Mom was unique. Not only had she learned about her mother’s parallel life with her uncle Jack, but also her mom had given her something more; Annie had given her one of the most powerful gifts any mother could give. In helping her daughter to reach the ultimate in sexual pleasure, through fisting her, Maggie realised that their relationship of mother and daughter had been taken to another, more adult level. What she’d received was the gift of total sexual liberation. From this moment on Maggie knew that she could search the world for erotic experience, but nothing could compare to having her mother’s caring hand stretching her pussy to the full and bringing her to an earth shattering orgasm.

In the minutes that followed her very wet cum, Maggie had lain panting and exhausted in her mother’s gentle arms. Annie had stroked her daughter’s hair and murmured words of love and affection into Maggie’s ear. As she came round Annie asked all about her and Jim, and Maggie told her the full story. She felt her mom’s body shifting beneath her as she became more and more aroused at the tale. Eventually, Annie let out a soft moan and asked Maggie if she would help her to cum.

Maggie would have done anything for her mom at that moment and readily agreed. ‘What do you want me to do Mom? I’ll do what ever you want!’

Annie moved her body from beneath Maggie and asked her daughter to lie down on the sofa. Then she lifted her leg over her daughter’s breasts and positioned herself astride the teenager. Maggie felt the soft folds of her mom’s pussy flesh brushing across her body as Annie raised herself until her soaking slit was poised right above the girl’s face. Maggie looked up and couldn’t help but admire the wet, pink and shiny pussy so close to her mouth. She knew what to do, sticking out her tongue as far as she could she pushed the tip onto her mom’s hard and exposed clitoris. Annie let out a gasp of pleasure as her legs gave way and the whole weight of her body pressed her pussy hard against Maggie’s mouth. With frantic movements up and down the older woman began to fuck her daughter’s eager tongue. Her juices dribbled uncontrollably over the girl’s chin and cheeks as Maggie licked and sucked for all she was worth. Her mom’s cunt was the most delicious she’d yet tasted, and her own pussy started to tingle and pulse as she feasted on the flood of juices that squelched around her chin and lips as Annie moved up and down.

The two women became so engrossed in their activities that neither noticed that they were now well into the afternoon, and both Jim and Maggie’s father would be returning home within the next few minutes. It was only as she heard a car pull up in the driveway that Maggie suddenly realised that they were in danger of being caught in the act. This was something she wanted to avoid at the moment. True, her mother’s description of how she and her husband had met had intrigued and excited Maggie, more than she would have believed. She had no doubt that sight of her father’s cock would be exciting, but she wanted to see it in her own time not as she was recovering from this very long session with her mother. Annie felt the same; intrigued by Maggie’s involvement with Jim, she was not yet ready to contemplate letting him see her in this state of sexual arousal and undress!

In one movement the two women jumped up from the couch and quickly pulled on their clothes. At the same time moving cum stained cushions around until the room looked reasonably innocent. The only real evidence that they had been doing anything other than chatting was the lingering aroma of wet pussy so just as the men came into the room Annie opened the windows.

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